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Alburg Alburg Cemetery Record Book List of persons who had died before 1870      
Alburg Alburg Center Cemetery Note #1 (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.27563 44.95675
Alburg (South) Alburg Tongue Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.28812 44.87772
Alburg Bush Cemetery Note #1 (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.29506 44.98584
Alburg Deuel Cemetery        
Alburg East Alburg Cemetery        
Alburg Greenwood - Sweet Cemetery (interment site) Note #1 G-map -73.24368 45.00667
Alternate site  (FindAGrave site)
Alburg Reynolds Cemetery Note #1 G-map -73.22405 44.98476
Alburg Reynolds - McGregor Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.31767 44.90696
Alburg St. Amadeus Cemetery ( Catholic ) Note #1 G-map -73.28599 44.94971
Alternate site  (FindAGrave site)
Alburg South Alburg Cemetery        
Alburg Sowles Cemetery        
Alburg West Shore Cemetery        
Grand Isle Grand Isle Cemetery Rt 2   (Note #1) (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.30291 44.71951
Grand Isle Fay Farm Cemetery        
Grand Isle Hoag Cemetery aka Grand Isle Station Cemetery (Note #1)
(FindAGrave site)
G-map -73.33382 44.69835
Grand Isle Quaker & Macomber Cemetery   G-map -73.33341 44.71275
Alternate site  (FindAGrave site)
South Hero Buck Hollow Cemetery        
South Hero Conro Farm Cemetery now Buerman Farm      
South Hero Rockwell Farm Cemetery aka Horton Farm Cemetery      
South Hero South Hero Cemetery Partial List G-map -73.30521 44.64031
Alternate site  (FindAGrave site)
South Hero West Shore Cemetery ( see Alburg )      
Isle La Motte Burying Yard Point Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.32801 44.89991
Isle La Motte North or Methodist Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.34888 44.87861
Isle La Motte South End or Old Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.34971 44.84982
Isle La Motte St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.33875 44.87847
Isle La Motte Town Cemetery        
North Hero Graveyard Point Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.28941 44.83453
North Hero Jedediah P. Ladd Cemetery        
North Hero Jerusalem School Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.25797 44.87006
North Hero Hyde - West Shore Cemetery Tudhope (interment site) G-map -73.32059 44.80618
Alternate site  (FindAGrave site)
North Hero Long Point Cemetery        
North Hero Mooney Cemetery        
North Hero North End Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.24697 44.89869
North Hero South End - South Cemetery  (FindAGrave site) G-map -73.29531 44.7814
(Gordon Landing ?)
Bell Family Cemetery  (FindAGrave site)      
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