First Congregational Church - 1906
List of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
Bethel, Windsor Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Pastors Installed Died or Dismissed
Davis, Joel occasionally prior to 1822  
Nichols, Ammi once a month for 3 yrs, and less regularly thereafter beginning in 1822
Swift, Warren acting pastor, 1831-2  
Hulburt, Salmon preached nine months  
Whiting, Francis L. acting pastor, 1833-6  
Abbott, Benjamin 1836, installed 1837 dismissed 1842
Kingman, Matthew 1842, installed 1845 dismissed 1854
Higbee, E. E. 1855, installed 1855 dismissed 1858
Hubbard, T. S. 1849 to 1862 dismissed 1858
Johnson, T. H. 1862 1868
Lewis, E. E. 3 years 1868
Caldwell, James 1 year 1868
Gerry, Elbridge acting pastor 1872 to 1882 1868
Bugbee, R. G. 1 year 6 mos 1868
Fiske, Elisha S. 1884 1887
Dutton, Charles June 1, 1887 1888
Crawford, Albert 2 years 1888
Wright, G. W. Dec 1890 April 1892
Blackman, V. W. Oct 1, 1893 1896
Warner, W. A. Jan 1897 Jan 1903
Long, J. Hall May 1, 1903 Jan 1903
Putnam, Ezra Fisher, Edwin Miller, G. M.
Flinn, Michael Tolles, David Parker, George
Weston, Daniel Emery, Alonzo Davison, F. P.
Paige, Cyrus Newcomb, F. W. Dinsmore, H. H.
Howe, Alpheas Dunham, S. C. Sargent, J. G.
Present Deacons
Emery, Alonzo Parker, George Sargent, J. G.
Miller, G. M. Dinsmore, H. H Sargent, J. G.
Garven, James Lewis, E. E. Miller, Mrs. C. M.
Morris, Ephraim Horton, L. D. Messer, E.
Flinn, A. C. Janes, R. S. Dinsmore, H. H.
Kingman, Matthew Miller, G. M. Miller, Mrs. Eliza F.
Higbee, E. E.   Miller, Mrs. Eliza F.
Members Date Joined   Reason Left
Putnam, Ezra Original Member 1817   died
Putnam, Mrs. Rebekah Original Member 1817   died
Wheeler, Minot Original Member 1817   died
Wheeler, Mrs. Minot Original Member 1817   died
Putnam, William Original Member 1817   died
Lathrop, Mrs. Simon Original Member 1817   died
Banister, Mrs. Artemas Original Member 1817   died
Wilson, Mrs. Samuel Original Member 1817   died
Cleveland, Susan Original Member 1817   died
Putnam, Charlotte Original Member 1817   died
Putnam, Lucinda Original Member 1817   died
Garven, James Original Member 1817   died
Garven, Mrs. James Original Member 1817   died
Morris, Mrs. Ephraim 1822   died
McIntosh, William 1822 P died
McIntosh, Mrs. William 1822 P died
Wiat, William 1822 P died
Wiat, Mrs. William 1822 P died
Prince, John 1822 P died
Prince, Mrs. John 1822 P died
Morris, Ephraim 1822 P died
Flinn, Michael 1822 P dismissed
Flinn, Mrs. Michael 1822 P dismissed
Putnam, Daniel 1823 P dismissed
Putnam, Mrs. Daniel 1823 P dismissed
Putnam, Simeon D. 1823 P dismissed
Chapman, Ruth 1824 P died
Flinn, Fanny 1824 P dismissed
Sawyer, Mrs. Ezra 1825 L died
Weston, Mrs. Daniel 1825 L died
Webster, Mrs. Charles 1826 P dismissed
Kinstry, Lucetty 1826 P died
Austin, Hannah 1827 P died
Putnam, Mrs. Harvey 1828 P died
Smith, Esther 1828 L dismissed
Sanders, Jane C. 1829 P died
Ainsworth, Mrs. Wyman 1830 L died
Ainsworth, Mrs. Catherine 1831 L dismissed
Washburn, James 1831 P died
Lewis, Reuben 1831 P died
Washburn, Widow Eulala 1831 P died
Morris, Mary Converse 1831 P dismissed
Morris, Julia (Mrs. Weston) 1831 P died
Flinn, Asa C. 1832 P died
Flinn, Mrs. Asa C. 1832 P died
Flinn, George 1832 P dismissed
Flinn, Mrs. George 1832 P dismissed
Flinn, Mrs. Roswell 1832 P died
Putnam, Mary 1832 P dismissed
Bass, Lucinda 1832 P dismissed
Lillie, Mrs. Clarissa C. 1832 L dismissed
Flinn, Abigail 1832 P died
Flinn, Nancy 1832 P died
Chapman, Jemima 1832 P died
May, Jerusha 1832 P dismissed
Sawyer, Betsey 1832 P dismissed
Sawyer, Almira 1832 P dismissed
Sawyer, Catherine 1832 P dismissed
Weston, Daniel 1832 P died
Weston, Irvin 1832 P died
Wyat, Samuel 1832 P dismissed
Lillie, Lewis 1832 P dismissed
Sawyer, Ezra 1832 P dismissed
McIntosh, Mrs. Isaac 1832 P died
Babbit, Nelson 1833 P died
Walker, Mrs. Seth 1833 L dismissed
Whitney, Mrs. Mary 1835 L dismissed
Whitney, Mary E. 1835 L dismissed
Whitney, Jane A. 1835 L dismissed
Bedford, Hannah 1835 L dismissed
Austin, Mrs. Samuel 1835 P dismissed
Converse, Mrs. Julius 1835 P dismissed
Morris, Pamela 1835 P died
White, George 1835 P dismissed
Page, Mrs. Lucius 1835 P dismissed
Turner, Mrs. Sophia 1835 P dismissed
Hubbard, Laura 1835 P dismissed
Ross, Maria 1835 P dismissed
Parker, Nathan 1836 P died
Lathrop, Mrs. Lovel 1836 P dismissed
Washburn, Mrs. Jas. 1837 P died
Mills, Mrs. Sarah S. 1837 P L
Abbott, Mrs. Benjamin 1837 P dismissed
Smith, Mrs. Jonathan 1837 P died
Washburn, Francis F. 1839 P dismissed
Weston, James 1839 P died
Weston, Sophia 1839 P died
Austin, Mary A. 1839 P dismissed
Bean, Hannah 1839 P dismissed
Parker, Lucina 1839 R dismissed
Putnam, Sarah 1839 R dismissed
Parker, Mrs. Polly 1839 L died
Hatch, Mrs. Judah 1840 P dismissed
Flinn, Richard R. 1840 P died
Flinn, Louisa 1840 P died
Babbitt, Mrs. Simeon 1840 L died
Hatch, Judah 1840 L died
Dow, Mrs. Sarah 1840 L died
Meserve, Betsey 1840 L dismissed
Meserve, Susan 1840 L dismissed
Bowen, Mark 1841 P died
Fullam, Harriet Stearns 1841 P absent
Bowen, Mrs. Sarah L. 1841 L dismissed
Francis, Mrs. George 1842 L dismissed
Washburn, Mary M. 1843 L absent
Flinn, Eliza P. 1844 L dismissed
Davis, Samuel 1849 L died
Davis, Mrs. Samuel 1849 L died
Bain, Mrs. Hannah G. 1850 L dismissed
Burbank, Dr. Alvan 1850 L died
Burbank, Mrs. Alvan 1850 L died
Walker, Sophia 1851 P dismissed
Flinn, Mrs. Chester C. 1851 L died
Matthews, Mrs. Freeman T. 1851 L dismissed
Beedle, Moses 1851 L dismissed
Beedle, Mrs. Moses 1851 L dismissed
Parker, Mrs. Nathan Jr. 1852 L died
Chattfield, John L. 1852 L died
Chamberlain, Mrs. Frederick 1852 L dismissed
Kingman, Mrs. Matthew 1852 L died
Horton, Mrs. Mary A. 1852 P dismissed
Flinn, Sarah A. 1852 P dismissed
Horton, Mrs. Lucy A. 1852 P died
Nott, Louisa 1853 P died
Nott, Lucretia 1853 P dismissed
Barrett, Mrs. George 1853 L dismissed
Nott, Simeon 1853 L dismissed
Nott, Mrs. Simeon 1853 L dismissed
Nott, S. Manville 1853 L died
Goodel, Edward 1853 L dismissed
Goodel, Mrs. Edward 1853 L dismissed
Goodel, Henry S. 1853 L dismissed
Cheney, Mrs. Ann E. 1855 L died
Morgan, Mrs. Isaac T. 1855 L died
Webster, Mrs. Roda 1856 P died
Lathrop, Mary Lavinia 1856 P dismissed
Bowen, Mrs. Jonathan 1856 L died
Coolidge, Mrs. Betsey 1856 L dismissed
Coolidge, Elizabeth 1856 L dismissed
Coolidge, Augusta 1856 L dismissed
Beedle, Albert 1857 P dismissed
Weston, Sylvia (Mrs. Janes) 1857 P died
Belden, Mrs. Lois H. 1857 P died
Matthews, Freeman T. 1857 P died
Day, Joel 1857 L died
Day, Mrs. Joel 1857 L died
Gleason, Mrs. Samuel 1858 P absent
Belding, Julius 1858 P died
Paige, Harlan 1858 P dismissed
Powers, Julia 1858 P dismissed
Paige, Cyrus 1858 L died
Paige, Mrs. Cyrus 1858 P died
Francis, Sarah 1859 P dismissed
Anderson, F. W. 1860 L dismissed
Anderson, Mrs. F. W. 1860 L dismissed
Tolles, David 1861 L died
Tolles, Mrs. Parthena 1861 L died
Howe, Alpheas 1861 L dismissed
Howe, Mrs. Alpheas 1861 L dismissed
Bowen, Caroline Francis 1861 P dismissed
Goodale, Lucinda 1862 L dismissed
Johnson, Mrs. Martha A. 1863 L dismissed
Goodell, Mrs. Rosamond R. 1864 P dismissed
Belding, Mrs. Adeline Maria 1864 P died
Dunham, Mrs. Lucy Ann 1864 P died
Van Deusen, Mrs. Celia 1865 L dismissed
Pike, Mrs. Rosela 1865 L died
Pike, Mrs. George N. 1866 L died
Tupper, Mrs. Martha R. 1866 L died
Van Deusen, Dr. George H. 1867 P dismissed
Horton, Leland D. 1867 P dismissed
Belding, Mrs. Ann Olivia 1867 P dismissed
Elliott, Ann M. 1867 P dismissed
Stearns, Mrs. Edith 1867 L dismissed
Graham, Mrs. Martha 1868 L resident
Kegwin, John H. 1868 L dismissed
Kegwin, Mrs. John H. 1868 L dismissed
Janes, Sumner 1868 P dismissed
Fisher, Edwin 1872 L died
Fisher, Mrs. Edwin 1872 L resident
Sparhawk, Mrs. Laura F. 1872 L died
Bugbee, Hattie R. 1873 P dismissed
Ellison, Mrs. Nelson 1873 P resident
Barrett, Mrs. Luthera 1873 L dismissed
Flynn, Laura M. 1873 L dismissed
Webster, Mrs. Isabelle 1873 L died
Bliss, Mrs. Cornelia 1873 P died
Nelson, Mrs. Laura A. (Mrs. Davis) 1873 P dismissed
Brown, H. W. 1873 L dismissed
Janes, Mary L. 1874 P dismissed
Janes, Sophia W. 1874 P dismissed
Emery, Mrs. Janette L. 1874 L died
Parker, Sophia R. (Mrs. Harding) 1875 P resident
Aldrich, Mrs. Ella 1875 P absent
Dunham, Henry C. 1875 P dismissed
Terry, Mrs. Jenny L. 1875 P died
Morse, Mrs. Amna L. 1875 P resident
Parker, Mrs. Eliza M. 1875 P resident
Bugbee, Jennie M. 1875 P dismissed
Dunham, Julia (Mrs. Foster) 1875 P dismissed
Fisher, Kate C. 1875 P dismissed
Fisher, Abbie M. 1875 P dismissed
Bugbee, Mrs. Maria 1875 P died
Morse, Myron 1875 P resident
Emery, Alonzo 1875 P resident
Fuller, Katie L. 1875 P dismissed
Tolles, Almon D. 1875 P dismissed
Tolles, Edna P. 1875 P died
Arnold, Mrs. Jane E. (Mrs. Tolles) 1875 L resident
Wood, Orrin D. 1875 L dismissed
Blossom, Edward O. 1876 P died
Jones, Silas O. 1876 P absent
Jones, Mrs. Alice M. 1876 P died
Bunting, Rose Adella 1876 P dismissed
Gilson, Mrs. Sarah M. 1877 P absent
Miles, Mrs. Mary C. 1877 P died
Waldo, Mrs. Fannie M. 1877 P resident
Whittaker, Sylvia A. 1877 L dismissed
Hutchins, Mrs. Maggie 1880 L dismissed
Dunham, Mary Emma (Mrs. Holmes) 1882 P dismissed
Gilchrist, Mrs. Elizabeth 1882 P died
Sanders, Mrs. Harriet 1883 L resident
Fassett, Mrs. Mary E. 1884 P dismissed
Flynn, Nellie A. 1884 P resident
Bowen, Mrs. Sarah L. 1884 L died
Brooks, Mrs. Janette W. 1884 L resident
Alexander, Mrs. Harriet 1884 L died
Wheat, Mrs. George I. 1884 L resident
Southard, Mrs. Sarah E. 1884 L resident
Dunham, Mrs. Hannah 1885 P died
Dunham, Alonzo B. 1885 P died
Miles, Mary C. 1885 P absent
Hutchins, Ella L. (Mrs. Chapman) 1885 P resident
Graham, Lucy M. 1885 P resident
Janes, Thomas I. 1885 P dismissed
Rood, Mrs. Eliza 1885 L died
Dunham, S. C. 1885 P resident
Locklin, Anna D. 1885 P dismissed
Newcomb, Fred W. 1885 L resident
Chamberlain, Mrs. Roean 1885 L died
Bates, Nina L. 1886 P absent
Chadwick, Mrs. Sarah E. 1886 P died
Dunham, Maude O. 1886 P absent
Chapman, Flora B. 1886 P resident
Martin, Nellie E. (Mrs. W. J. Brooks) 1886 P resident
Setzer, Henry A. 1886 P died
Fiske, Rev. Elisha S. 1886 L dismissed
Wood, Orrin D. 1886 L died
Newcomb, H. Cornelius 1887 P died
Newcomb, Mrs. H. C. 1887 L dismissed
Thayer, Adelbert F. 1887 P died
Dunham, Mrs. Edna A. 1887 P absent
Gilson, Minnie E. (Mrs. Maynard) 1887 P absent
Fisher, Fannie M. (Mrs. Wing) 1887 P died
Pinney, Dora E. 1887 P dropped
Fassett, Fred J. 1887 P dismissed
Gilson, Carrie R. 1887 P died
Spaulding, Jessie M. 1887 P resident
Janes, Tyler W. 1887 P dismissed
Hutchins, Frank J. 1887 P dismissed
Parker, George 1887 P resident
Wheat, George Ira 1887 P resident
Davis, Burton E. 1887 P dismissed
Freeland, Frank 1887 P died
Pinney, Mrs. Lucy W. 1887 P dismissed
Martin, Mrs. Sophia L. 1887 P died
Frank, Mrs. Nora 1887 P dismissed
Davis, Clark S. 1887 P died
Davis, Mrs. Hattie 1887 P resident
Spaulding, Mrs. Malvina 1887 P absent
Spaulding, Nina E. 1887 P absent
Crawford, Rev. A. R. 1888 L dismissed
Crawford, Mrs. A. R. 1888 L dismissed
Blossom, Orville 1888 P died
Blossom, Mrs. Orville 1888 P died
Allen, Mrs. Alice Chadwick 1888 P dismissed
Sargent, Rev. James B. 1889 P dismissed
Miller, George M. 1889 L resident
Miller, Chastina M. (G. M.) 1889 L died
Miller, Annie L. (Mrs. Davis) 1889 L dismissed
Wellington, Mrs. Janette C. 1889 L resident
Abbott, Mrs. Sarah R. 1889 L dismissed
Rogers, James P. 1890 L resident
Rogers, Mrs. James P. 1890 L died
Wright, Rev. G. W. 1891 L dismissed
Wright, Mrs. G. W. 1891 L dismissed
Wright, G. W., Jr. 1891 L dismissed
Wright, W. D. 1891 L dismissed
Sargent, Ann 1891 L resident
Sargent, Mrs. Louisa 1891 L died
Moore, Mrs. Ida 1891 L absent
Buckman, Mrs. Eliza A. 1891 P absent
Buckman, Mary A. (Mrs. Cox) 1891 P died
Terry, Nellie E. (Mrs. J. Graham) 1891 P resident
Fisher, Edward P. 1890 P dismissed
Gillette, Bertha E. (Mrs. Dean) 1891 P dismissed
Blakeley, Fanny C. 1891 P dismissed
Claflin, Emma 1891 P resident
Chadwick, Jessie (Mrs. Prentiss) 1894 P dismissed
George, Ida (Mrs. T. Dearborn) 1894 P absent
Parker, Jessie 1894 P absent
Dickey, Corolyn (Mrs. Crowell) 1894 P absent
Fisher, Mrs. Annis 1894 P dismissed
Messer, Edward 1894 P dismissed
Blackman, Rev. V. W. 1894 L dismissed
Blackman, Mrs. V. W. 1894 L dismissed
Blossom, Mrs. Edna L. B. F. 1894 L resident
Tyler, Mrs. Mary J. 1894 L dismissed
Dunbar, Maude (Mrs. Johnson) 1894 L absent
Blackman, Joel 1894 L dismissed
Veazie, George B. 1894 L dismissed
Veazie, Mrs. G. B. 1894 L dismissed
Rogers, Mrs. E. C. 1895 L dismissed
Shepard, Mrs. Estelle (Mrs. Gilson) 1895 L resident
Davison, Mrs. Emily 1895 L dismissed
Davison, Frank P. 1895 L dismissed
Arnold, Mrs. Martha P. 1895 L resident
Bigelow, Mrs. Sophia 1895 L absent
Pease, Ellen S. (Mrs. Gilman) 1896 L resident
Godell, Rollin H. 1896 P dropped
Emery, Josephine 1897 P resident
Miller, Julia R. 1897 P resident
Kimball, Elizabeth O. (Hamilton) 1897 P absent
Kimball, Mary E. (Mrs. Whitcomb) 1897 P resident
Messer, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Lyman 1897 L dismissed
Hickey, Mrs. Annie Smith 1897 L resident
Rix, Anna A. (Mrs. Gilman) 1898 L resident
Lattrell, Frederick 1898 L dismissed
Lattrell, Mrs. Inez 1898 L dismissed
Lattrell, Ella 1898 L dismissed
Kerr, Harry C. 1898 P dismissed
Kerr, Mrs. H. C. 1898 P dismissed
Savage, Roy 1900 P resident
Tyler, Alice (Mrs. Jones) 1900 P dismissed
Reed, Victor S. 1900 P dismissed
Webster, Charles 1901 P died
Miller, Eliza F. (G. M.) 1901 L resident
Buck, Lillian S. 1902 L absent
Clapp, W. W. 1902 L dismissed
Clapp, Mrs. Sadie E. 1902 L dismissed
Blossom, May 1902 P resident
Kidder, Mrs. Levi 1902 P resident
Sargent, Joseph G. 1903 P resident
Sargent, Frances M. (J. G.) 1903 P resident
Sparrell, Adelle 1903 P resident
Fish, Maria L. (W. L.) 1903 P resident
Chadwick, Mrs. Florence 1903 P resident
Fish, Willis L. 1903 L resident
Sparrell, Mrs. Jeannette W. 1903 L resident
Shaw, David W. 1903 L died
Shaw, Mrs. D. W. 1903 L absent
Dinsmore, Harry H. 1903 L resident
Dinsmore, Annie (H. H.) 1903 L resident
Long, Rev. J. Hall 1903 L resident
Cushman, Marietta (E. E.) 1904 L resident
Lane, Mrs. Josie 1904 L resident
Eaton, Frank W. 1904 L resident
Eaton, Helen (F. W.) 1904 L resident
Byers, Robert P. 1904 L resident
Miller, E. Mabel 1904 P resident
Freeman, Marion L. 1905 P absent
McKessar, James, Jr. 1905 P absent
Byers, Mabel (R. P.) 1905 L absent
Freeman, Dr. Daniel B. 1905 L absent
Mayo, Florence E. 1905 L resident

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