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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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A special thanks goes to Jeanne Spaulding for her help.


Walden, John H. June 1836 to Sept 1836
Hodge, Hiram D. June 1839 to Feb 1840
Safford, Hiram Aug 1840 to July 1844
Parker, H. I. Jan 1845 to Nov 1852
Tracy, Leonard March 1853 to Feb 1855
Burrington, H. H. Aug 1855 to Aug 1857
Foster, N. P. Jan 1858 to Jan 1866
Willcox, Monson A. Feb 1867 to present
Benns, Charles Sept 1834 to Jan 1845
Stearns, Daniel Dec 1839 to 1841
Lee, Azariah Aug 1844 to death Feb 1851
Hawkins, William April 1845 to June 1854
Austin, Isaac April 1847 to Jan 1849
Fuller, Milo Feb 1854 to Mar 1854
Fuller, Eliashib A. June 1854 to Chicago Oct 1871 *
Fletcher, Dandy June 1854 to Feb 1856
Duncan, George June 1856 to July 1857
Davis, Mial March 1861 to Dec 1878
Tennant, John Dec 1867 to death March 1868
Fuller, Eliashib A. Feb 1873 to *
Barnes, Lawrence March 1871 to
Bigwood, Samuel March 1871 to
Barbour, Volney G. March 1871 to May 1873
Members now in the ministry  
Ryder, Frank W. Sept 4, 1873 (now at Belfast, ME)
Smith, Gaylord B. Aug 13, 1874 (now at Plainfield, NH)
Nichols, Samuel W. Aug 13, 1874 (now at Madras, India)
Bracq, John C. April 8, 1880 (student at McGill Univ.)
Current Membership list:
Alcott, Brainard T. Major, Mrs. Andrew
Allen, Mrs. Lucia Manor, Paul
Amblo, Mrs. Mary Marks, Mrs. John
Arcand, G. Marks, Miss Mary
Arcand, Mrs. G. Martin, Mrs. John
Arcand, Miss Mary Martin, Mrs. James
Arcand, Miss Josie Martin, Miss Sarah
Arms, Rev. G. W. Martin, Miss Susie
Arms, Mrs. G. W. Mathews, Mrs. J. M.
Atherton, Miss E. Mathews, Miss Jennie M.
Bailey, H. J. E. Mayo, Mrs. Henry
Bailey, Mrs. H. J. E. Mayo, Miss Lucy
Bagley, J. T. Mayo, Henry
Bagley, Mrs. J. T. McAllister, Miss Mary
Baker, A. F. McCollom, Robert, Jr.
Baker, Mrs. A. F. McCuen, C. Edwin
Barbour, V. G. McGill, William
Barbour, Mrs. V. G. McGill, Mrs. William
Barbour, Miss Addie McGill, Charles
Barber, Mrs. H. Mead McGill, Samuel
Barnes, Dea. Lawrence McKean, Samuel D.
Barnes, Mrs. Lucinda McKean, Mrs. Mary F.
Barnes, Lawrence K. McNeil, Mrs. Julia Durgan
Barnes, Mrs. Mattie J. Mead, Miss Ellen
Barnes, Miss Jennie M. Mears, Mrs. S. McLennan
Barnes, Miss Louisa Melaney, Mrs. Eliza
Beckwith, Edward Melaney, Mrs. Edna
Beckwith, Miss Hannah Melaney, James C.
Bigwood, Dea. S. Miller, Miss Kate
Bigwood, Mrs. S. Miller, Miss Jennie
Bigwood, William Miller, William J.
Bigwood, Frank Millington, Mrs. Elizabeth
Blake, Mrs. E. B. Millington, Miss Lizzie
Blodgett, Frank Mitchell, Mrs. H. M.
Boyd, Mrs. W. H. Morgan, Mrs. James
Boyd, Miss Sarah E. Morrison, Mrs. William
Bracq, John Morrow, Miss Annie
Bradley, James Morse, Mrs. G. Jones
Bragg, Mrs. Mary Morse, George
Brink, Mrs. Alvira H. Morse, Mrs. George
Brink, Miss Hattie Morse, Mrs. John
Brooks, Mrs. Mary Murdock, Henry
Brooks, Miss Kate Neal, Alfred
Brown, Edmund Neal, Mrs. Alfred
Brown, Mrs. Fanny Newton, Mrs. E. T.
Brown, George Nichols, Rev. Samuel
Brown, Augustus Parker, H. M.
Butler, John Parker, Mrs. H. M.
Brownell, Mrs. Louise Parker, Mrs. Lucy
Brownell, James Peabody, Miss Laura
Brownell, Mrs. James Peck, Mrs. Theodore A.
Burnett, Miss Mary Peters, Mrs. Julia
Burns, Miss Maggie Peters, Joseph E.
Campbell, Miss Flora Phelps, H. M.
Celley, Miss Josephine Phelps, Mrs. H. M.
Chapman, Mrs. M. G. Phelps, Miss Nellie
Chiott, Mrs. L. A. Pinsonault, Theodule
Chiott, Mrs. Henry Post, Charles C.
Chase, George D. Post, Mrs. C. C.
Chase, Mrs. George D. Post, Miss Eva
Clark, George L. Post, Miss Mattie
Clark, Mrs. George L. Powell, Miss Clara
Cogswell, Arthur B. Prindle, Mrs. Mary F.
Cogswell, Mrs. Arthur B. Ray, Miss Lucia M.
Cole, Mrs. Laura Reese, Miss Lizzie A.
Collins, Mrs. C. M. Roberts, Frank
Conrey, Miss Hannah Robinson, N. W.
Crane, Willard Robinson, Mrs. N. W.
Crane, Mrs. Willard Robinson, Charles
Crane, D. G. Robinson, Fred R.
Crane, Mrs. D. G. Robinson, Miss Lizzie F.
Crane, Arthur Rose, Thomas
Crane, C. Burt Rossier, Rev. J. D.
Curtis, Abram Rossier, Mrs. Salina
Curtis, Mrs. Abram Rossier, Miss Clara
Curtis, Eugene Rossier, Gustavus
Curtis, Mrs. Eugene Rutter, Thomas
Cushman, Oscar Rutter, Mrs. Thomas
Dary, John Rutter, A. E.
Dary, Mrs. John Sager, Charles H.
Dary, Solomon Sager, Mrs. C. H.
Davis, George E. Sager, Wellington
Davis, Mrs. George E. Sager, Mrs. Wellington
Davis, Rev. Alonzo Sattley, Mrs. Harriet
Davis, Mrs. Jane W. Sattley, Robert
Davis, Eddie A. Sattley, Marshall
Davis, Charles W. Sharpley, Frank M.
Dorr, Mrs. George M. Shedd, Mrs. Harriet J.
Downer, Mrs. O. A. Shedd, Miss Eliza
Dudley, Mrs. Margaret T. Sheldon, Seymour
Duncan, George M. Sheldon, Mrs. Seymour
Duncan, Mrs. Adeline M. Sherwin, Charles E.
Duncan, Charles W. H. Sherwin, Mrs. Dorinda
Duff, Mrs. George Short, Charles E.
Dupeau, Mrs. Short, Samuel
Durgan, Miss Agnes Simonds, Fred. H.
Durgan, Miss Nelia Simonds, Mrs. Fred. H.
Durgan, Miss Julia Simonds, Mrs. Lottie
Earl, Mrs. Rachel Simonds, Miss Nellie
Eldred, Stephen Smith, Mrs. F. W.
Farmer, W. G. Smith, Mrs. Francis
Farmer, Mrs. W. G. Smith, Miss Eva
Farmer, Mrs. Alice Curtis Snow, Theodore L.
Ferguson, Rev. J. F. Spear, Mrs. George N.
Ferguson, Mrs. J. F. Spear, Mrs. Medora A.
Fisher, M. I. Steady, Allison
Fisher, Mrs. M. I. Sterns, Isaac
Fisher, Miss Jennie E. Sterns, Mrs. Isaac
Fletcher, George W. Stinson, Frank
Fletcher, Mrs. George W. Stone, Miss Honora
Foy, Mrs. G. F. Stone, Miss Mattie
Fullington, Mrs. Story, Mrs. Marion L.
Fuller, Dea. E. A. Story, Edward H.
Fuller, Mrs. E. A. Stringer, William H.
Fuller, Myron D. Stringer, Mrs. W. H.
Francis, Watson Styles, George E.
Frederick, Mrs. Oscar Styles, Mrs. G. E.
Frederick, Mrs. Mary S. Swan, William H.
Frederick, Miss Hattie Thatcher, William
French, Miss Luella C. Thayer, Warren
Frenyear, Peter Therrien, Rev. A. L.
Frenyear, Mrs. Peter Therrien, Mrs. A. L.
Frenyear, Miss Alida M. Thomas, Harmon
Galvin, Miss Kate E. Thomas, Mrs. Harmon
Gage, Mrs. N. Brownell Thomas, Miss Nellie
Gilbert, H. C. Thompson, Edward
Gilbert, Mrs. H. C. Thompson, Mrs. Edward
Gilbert, Miss Rosa S. Thompson, Mrs. Margaret
Going, Mrs. Laura Thompson, Mrs. Emma
Goodell, Mrs. A. A. Thompson, Miss Effie
Graton, Mrs. Martha E. Thompson, Charles
Granger, Mrs. Ellen Tilson, J. D.
Guyette, Joseph Tilson, Mrs. J. D.
Guyette, Mrs. Joseph Toby, Mrs. L. H.
Guyette, Miss Alice Toby, Henry S.
Halbert, Mrs. Charlotte Towle, George
Harrington, Mrs. L. K. Towle, Mrs. Martha
Harrison, Miss Mary A. Tracy, N. R.
Haskell, F. B. Tracy, Mrs. N. R.
Hatch, Mrs. Mira Truman, Miss Abbie
Hathaway, Mrs. A. L. Truman, Malcom
Hayward, Mrs. C. R. Tyler, Willard A.
Hawley, Mrs. Jessie Hill Tyler, Mrs. Carrie
Hazen, Daniel Tyler, Edward C.
Hazen, Frederick Tyler, Mrs. E. C.
Hazen, Elmer Van Buskirk, Irving
Hazen, Miss Nellie Van Buskirk, Mrs. Martha
Henderson, Broadie Waite, Mrs. Mary F.
Higgs, Miss Sarah Wakefield, Seymour
Hill, Henry R. Wakefield, Mrs. Seymour
House, Mrs. Mary Walker, Mrs. Anna
Horner, S. Leon Walker, Mrs. Carrie
Hodge, S. D. Walker, Mrs. Josephine C.
Hodge, Mrs. S. D. Wardsworth, Miss Maria
Hyde, Harlow G. Warner, Mrs. Charles
Hyde, Mrs. Sabina Warner, Mrs. Emily E.
Hunt, Mrs. Sabina Hall Watkins, Mrs. Lizzie
Johnson, J. W. Webb, Mrs. A. S.
Johnson, Mrs. J. W. West, Miss Nora
Johnson, Miss Jane Wheelock, Timothy A.
Kelton, Mrs. Mary K. Wheelock, Mrs. Lucy
Kelton, Mrs. A. A. S. Wheelock, Mrs. Maria
Kelton, Miss Isadore Whitlock, E. L.
Kelley, Miss Martha Whitlock, Mrs. E. L.
Kingsland, Miss Carrie Wilkins, Mrs. Harriet Don
Kirk, Miss Maria Wilkinson, Emanuel
Knight, Homer W. Willcox, Rev. M. A.
L'Heureux, Mrs. D. C. Willcox, Mrs. Sarah
L'Heureux, Gustavus Williams, Mrs. Kate
L'Heureux, George H. Winters, Ira
Lawrence, Mrs. Lucy D. Woodbury, L. S.
LaRose, Mrs. Mary Woodbury, Mrs. L. S.
LaRose, Mrs. Woodbury, H. E.
Langdon, Fred S. Woodbury, Mrs. H. E.
Lane, Mrs. Sarah Sanford Woodman, Mrs. L.
Laloux, Theos Wright, George D.
Major, Andrew Wright, Mrs. George D.

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