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1876 list of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

  Ministers   Served
  Hibbard, Rev. Ithamar   Supplied on & off 1790 to 1805
  Woolage, Rev. Elijah   Pastor 1805 to 1806
  Dorman, Rev. Mr.   Supplied from 1806 to 1810
  Truair, Rev. John   Pastor 1810 to 1812
  Parmelee, Rev. Simeon   Supplied 1812 to 1818
  Robinson, Rev. Septimeus   Supplied on & off 1818 to 1824
  Avery, Rev. Royal   Pastor 1824 to 1827
  Ranslow, Rev. George   Pastor 1828 to 1832
  Woodward, Rev. John & others   Supplied on & off 1832 to 1847
  Granger, Rev. Calvin   Supplied 1847 to 1855
  Wheelock, Rev. Edwin   Pastor 1856 to 1874
  Deacons Elected died/dismissed
  Powell, Truman 1792 served til death
  Kinsley, Stephen 1792 served til death
  Montague, Samuel unknown  
  Hubbell, Bildad unknown  
  Powell, Erastus unknown  
  Montague, Solomon 1816  
  Austin, Joseph 1828 died 1856
  French, Jonathan 1855  
  Hopkins, Safford 1855 removed 1857
  Austin, Enoch 1859 dismissed 1875
  French, Mark 1875  
  Safford, Samuel M. 1876  
  Bentley, Elisha 1876  
  List of Members
  This list is imperfect. The records of the church previous to 1839 being lost. This record contains only the names of those who were members in 1839 and of those who have since united.
  u = Unknown      r = Removed
d = Deceased      w = Written in
d Read, Nathaniel r Hastings, Susan
d Austin, Joseph d Hopkins, Mrs. Harriet
d Hopkins, Frederick   Hatch, Fanny
  French, Jonathan r Faxon, Amanda
d Barron, Benj[amin] r Jordon, Zernah
r French, Christopher r Umphry, Amy
  Turner, Joseph W. r Burnham, Sarah
d Safford, John   Call, Mrs. Betsey
  Turner, Mrs. Mary C. r Montague, Caroline C.
d Austin, Mrs. Charlotte d Turner, Loraine
r Barron, Mrs. Almira   Granger, Jane
u Faxon, Mrs. Dorcas r Hopkins, C. O.
d French, Mrs. Mary d Montague, Harriet N.
d Hopkins, Mrs. Lucy   Hatch, Emily A.
  Powell, Mrs. Sally d Hopkins, Mrs. Flora
r Montague, Flora r Stickney, Mrs. Sarah
  Montague, Solomon d Hobart, Mrs. Jane
d Safford, Samuel G. r Eastman, Mrs. Luke
d Powell, Truman   Wheelock, Mrs. L. P.
  French, Mark d Butts, Mrs. M.
u Nutting, Levi Jr. d Safford, Mrs. Laura A.
d Majors, Cassius u Hawley, Mrs. Hannah
  Powell, Fernando d Frisbie, Martha A.
r Burnham, Riley u Frisbie, Sarah A.
r Eastman, Amos r Stearns, Theodore
r Faxon, John   Morgan, M. J.
  Thompson, Amasa   Southard, S. W.
d Austin, John   Eastman, Mrs. Eliza
d Wires, Martin   Brown, Mrs. Anna
u Call, Stephen G. d Cady, Hannah
d Ellesworth, Thomas d Wires, Mrs. Harriet
u Eastman, Caleb   Mason, Phebe M.
d Hopkins, Chauncey   Palmer, Emeline
r Safford, Benj[amin] W. d Majors, Mrs. Almira
u Dewitt, Samuel r Gilmore, Sophia
u Conant, Gardner d Maclure, Sarah A.
u Avery, James r Fullington, Mrs. Sarah F.
  Hopkins, Hiram u Nutting, Mrs. Persis
r Hopkins, Stephen u Nutting, Mrs. Margarett
r Austin, Enoch d Hayden, Mrs. Katharine
r Pierce, William W. r Jordon, Mary
  Safford, Madison r Hayden, Sarah
  Bentley, Elisha d Montague, W. Persis
r Gilmore, Franklin   Bentley, Mrs. Lamira
d Hatch, Alpheus d Howe, Mrs. Nancy
r Gilmore, Solomon d Dorwin, Mrs. Sila
  Hayden, James   Hopkins, Ellen A.
d Cady, Alpheus   Lyman, Ellen
d Safford, Darius D.   Morgan, Mrs. Florilla
  Chamberlin, Franklin r Abel, Mrs. Mary L.
d Hawley, Tho[mas] R.   Ellsworth, Mrs. Sophronia
r Safford, Mary   Waterhouse, Mrs. Mary
  Safford, Mrs. Charlotte r Moore, Maggie
d Safford, Mrs. Elisabeth   Hopkins, Hattie
d Montague, Mrs. Clara   Lyman, Harriet
d Brush, Mrs. Ruth r Smith, Mrs. Marilla S.
r Faxon, Mrs. Mary   Flagg, Mrs. Lucy D.
d Austin, Wealthy   Griswold, Mrs. Helen
d Phillips, Mrs. Lydia   Reynolds, Mrs. Mary M.
d Hatch, Mrs. Maria   Montague, Mrs. Mary C.
d Hatch, Mrs. Harriet   Macoy, Mrs. Eliza
d Parker, Mrs. Lucretia   Wires, Mrs. Amanda
  Read, Sophia   Reynolds, O. W.
d Warner, Mrs. Fannie   Morse, J. G.
d Read, Mrs. Anna   Wires, Harlow
r Prior, Mrs. Experience   Turner, C. W.
  French, Mrs. Samantha   Scott, Wm M.
d Austin, Mrs. Patta   Lyman, George
  French, Mrs. Persis   Holmes, B. R.
d Partlow, Lucy R.   Vaughn, Omer
r French, Mary Ann   Cady, George
  French, Martha   French, John M.
d Barron, Mrs. Alice   Carroll, Carrie P.
r Coolberth, Mrs. Maranda   Flagg, Clara E.
r Burnham, Mrs. Almira   Southard, Lelia H.
d French, Mary   Southard, Mrs. Ama
d Eastman, Dorcas   Brush, Mrs. Amy
d Thurston, Mrs. Esther   Story, Mrs. Helen S.
  Wetherby, Esther   Holmes, Mrs. Jane
  Ellesworth, Alzina   Corse, Mrs. Lucetta
r Bulkley, Charlotte L.   Hawley, Mrs. Eliza
r Montague, Clara A.   Page, Maria
  Hopkins, Cordelia   Morse, Mrs. Mary
d Austin, Mrs. Densey   Eaton, Mrs. Lucy
  Joslin, Mrs. Eunice Y.   Cady, Mrs. Dora
d Stowell, Mrs. Martha   Stinehour, Mrs. C. M.
d Conant, Dwight   Griswold, Mrs. Marion H.
d Hopkins, Safford   Melendy, Mrs. Ellen
r Stickey, Joseph   Ober, Mrs. Lucy
r Eastman, Luke   Morgan, Mrs. Sarah J.
  Wheelock, Rev. Edwin w Jones, Mrs. Mary
d Butts, Rufus w Wheelock, Mary
  Safford, Samuel M. w Morgan, Mary
r Montague, Joseph    

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