Congregational Church
1784-1912 list of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
Dorset & East Rupert, Bennington Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Pastors Ordained Installed Dismissed  
Still, Elijah   1784 1789  
Kent, Dan Sept 5, 1792 1789 1790  
Williston, Seth June 7, 1797 1795 1796  
Jackson, William Sept 27, 1796 1796 1842  
Jones, Ezra Dec 12, 1838 1838 1841  
Gilbert, James J.        
Searle, Moses C.   1845 1846  
Hudson, Cyrus 1829 1847 1855  
Pratt, Parsons S. Sept 29, 1847 Jan 1856 June 30, 1896  
Walker, William S.   Sept 1, 1896 Sept 1, 1900  
Carhart, Charles L. July 1, 1890 Dec 1, 1900 Sept 5, 1910  
Hunt, Eugene F. Nov 18, 1884 April 1911    
Deacons Began Service Service Ended  
Manley, John Mar 31, 1785 Died Nov 29, 1803  
Kent, Cephas Mar 31, 1785 Died Dec 5, 1809  
Bostwick, Israel Apr 24, 1794 Died May 11, 1826  
Robinson, Moses Nov 17, 1797 Moved to Burlington, VT 1804  
Morse, Ebenezer      
Kent, John   Died June 4, 1849  
Martindale, Stephen      
Prescott, Kinnie      
Gray, Paddock Apr 17, 1832 Died Apr 24, 1858  
Manley, Martin Sept 14, 1832    
Manley, Emmons May 1, 1839    
Kent, Laurens Sept 14, 1832    
Kellogg, William M. May 1841 Died Feb 28, 1902  
Sykes, Gilbert M. Jan 25, 1861    
Williams, George H. Jan 15, 1889 Resigned Nov 15, 1889  
Gilbert, Charles B. Jan 15, 1889    
Sykes, Rollin Jan 4, 1893    
Simmons, Eugene Jan 2, 1903    
Dorset, Sept 22nd, 1784, a church being formed in the town of Dorset, the church made choice of Elijah Sill, formerly of Newfairfield, for their moderator for the time being. This only extant record of the organization gives no names of founders except of Mr. Sill. But the first eleven names in this list, from their early mention in following records, may be regarded as wholly, or in part, probably founders.
Member Date of Removal   Date of Removal Manner of removal
Sill, Rev. Elijah Sept 22, 1784      
Manley, John Sept 22, 1784   1803 Death
Manley, Mary Sept 22, 1784   1792  
Kent, Cephas Sept 22, 1784   1809  
Kent, Hannah Sept 22, 1784   1821  
Gray, John Sept 22, 1784   1814  
Wheeler, Nathan Sept 22, 1784   1801  
Wheeler, Betsey Sept 22, 1784      
Bostwick, Israel Sept 22, 1784   1826  
Smith, Seth Sept 22, 1784      
Holcomb, Noah Sept 22, 1784      
Harmon, Asahel Nov 7, 1784      
Moss, Ebenezer Nov 7, 1784      
Kent, John Nov 7, 1784   1849  
Kent, Cephas, Jr. Nov 7, 1784   1813  
Kent, Dan Nov 7, 1784   1835  
Holbrook, Dr. Silas Nov 7, 1784      
Martindale, Stephen Nov 7, 1784   1845  
Bloomer, Susanna Nov 7, 1784      
Gray, Susanna Nov 7, 1784   1838  
Kent, Lucy Nov 7, 1784   1813  
Kent, Lydia Nov 7, 1784   1846  
Kent, Abigail Nov 7, 1784   1792 Death
Manley, Mary     1808  
Holbrook, Trizah        
Brown, Timothy Dec 11, 1784      
Brown, Mrs. Timothy        
Mills, Mary        
Manley, Hannah Jan 9, 1785      
Wood, Mrs. John        
Manley, John Jr. Apr 30, 1786      
Manley, Jerusha        
Collins, Hannah May 7, 1786 Letter    
Martindale, Mrs. Aug 1786      
Harmon, Enos        
Harmon, Esther Post        
Kent, Mercy        
Fuller, Noah Sept 11, 1791      
Martindale, Gershom Sept 18, 1791      
Martindale, Mrs. Gershom        
Cheesbrough, Silvester        
Martindale, Huldah        
Paddock, Damson Sept 18, 1791      
Bostwick, Elizabeth        
Kent, Moses Oct 9, 1791      
Harmon, Reuben June 17, 1792      
Collins, Solomon Sept 2, 1792      
Sykes, Mary Oct 28, 1792      
Dunning, Miriam        
Pulford, Comfort        
Field, Amos Dec 27, 1792      
Field, Zerniah        
Cheney, Cynthia        
Scott, Eunice        
Baldwin, Elizabeth        
Farnsworth, Anna June 29, 1794      
Cook, Mrs. Shubael        
Richardson, Nathan Sept 27, 1795      
Richardson, Andrew        
Rose, Mrs. Benjamin Dec 11, 1795      
Hodge, Abel Dec 13, 1795      
Church, Jonathan        
Robinson, Moses Dec 13, 1795      
Gray, Chauncey        
Robinson, Mary        
Kellogg, Titus        
Southwell, Jacob        
Southwell, Mrs. Jacob        
Towsley, Mrs. Hezekiah        
Thomas, Mrs. David        
Gray, Abigail        
Gray, Elizabeth        
Manley, George Feb 28, 1796      
Dunton, William        
Stannard, Chauncey        
Pulford, Elisha        
Gray, Daniel        
Gray, Mrs. Daniel        
Farwell, Mrs. Asa        
Spencer, Agnes        
Dunning, Abigail        
Morse, Alpheus        
Thomas, David        
Worden, Mrs. Jesse        
Robinson, Eliab        
Robinson, Mrs. Eliab        
Ramsdale, Content        
Rust, Joanna Wilson        
Gray, Polly        
Manley, Salome        
Sheldon, Lydia        
Farnsworth, William 1803-4      
Barrows, Huldah        
Dimmock, Jemima        
Manley, William        
Morse, Rachel        
Robinson, Ralph        
Robinson, Lucy        
Ham, Sarah        
Manley, Abigail        
Raymond, Hannah        
Paddock, Joseph        
Paddock, Anna        
Kent, Moses Jr. 1803-4      
Jackson, Susanna 1803-4      
Sikes, Anna 1803-4      
Sikes, Almira 1803-4      
Richardson, Humphrey 1803-4      
Richardson, Margaret 1803-4      
Rose, Jane 1803-4      
Manley, Ira 1803-4      
Edy, John 1803-4      
Sheldon, Oliver 1803-4      
Huggins, Adolphus 1803-4      
Martindale, Truman 1803-4      
Dunton, Asa 1803-4      
Sikes, Susanna 1803-4      
Stannard, Miranda 1803-4      
Richardson, Zernvia 1803-4      
Weston, James 1803-4      
Livingston, Marsena 1803-4      
Sikes, Eunice 1803-4      
Kent, Abigail 1803-4      
Kent, Martin 1803-4      
Robinson, Cephas 1803-4      
Slocum, John 1803-4      
Slocum, Mrs. John 1803-4      
Farnsworth, Holden 1803-4      
Nash, Sarah 1803-4      
Nicholson, Clarissa 1803-4      
Manley, Eunice 1803-4      
Reed, Samuel 1803-4      
Weston, Mrs. James 1803-4      
Kellogg, Moses 1803-4      
Kellogg, Mrs. Titus 1803-4      
Gray, Edward 1803-4      
Wells, Abner 1803-4      
Towsley, Molly 1803-4      
Ingersol, Ruth 1803-4      
Stannard, Margaret 1803-4      
Manley, Elizabeth 1803-4      
Farnsworth, Lydia 1803-4      
Farnsworth, Anna 1803-4      
Robinson, Polly 1803-4      
Field, Zerniah        
Manley, Elizabeth        
Stannard, Christian        
Fuller, Lucy        
Kent, Abigail        
Reed, Mrs. Daniel        
Loggan, Mrs. Hugh        
Kent, Sheldon        
Grenold, John        
Soper, Mrs. Samuel        
Harmon, Hannah        
Livingston, James        
Livingston, Silvia        
Richardson, John        
Fenton, Lydia        
Huggins, Milly        
Sheldon, Anna        
Martindale, Polly        
Huggins, Thankful        
Stannard, Chauncy        
Sheldon, Ruth        
Kent, Alexander        
Gray, Polly 1807      
Gray, Elizabeth 1817      
Cable, Rhoda        
Hudson, Cyrus        
Kent, Brainard        
Kent, Dan        
Kent, Sophronia        
Field, Alfred        
Field, Hannah        
Belden, John        
Farnsworth, Alva        
Belden, Hannah        
Fuller, Sarah        
Fuller, Eunice P.        
Holley, Justus        
Holley, Electa        
Holley, Martha        
Kent, Waity 1817      
Kent, Juba        
Kent, Chester        
Kent, Marcira        
March, Polly        
Morse, Maria        
Morse, Ralza        
Morse, Eliza        
Nash, Alva        
Farwell, Electa        
Sykes, Aurelia        
Sykes, Tirza        
Smith, Roxcena        
Kellogg, Huldah        
Hodge, Lucy        
Williams, Oliver        
Williams, Abigail        
Moore, John 1819      
Underhill, Delia        
Manley, William        
Farnsworth, Jeduthan        
Kent, Laura 1821      
Holley, Almeda        
Field, Sophronia        
Fuller, Orson 1824      
Manley, Martin        
Manley, Patty        
Morse, Jemima        
Kellogg, William M.        
Williams, Eliza        
Smith, Phineas F.        
Sheldon, Julius K.        
Sheldon, Harriet        
March, Thomas        
Matson, Lucy        
Nash, P. B.        
Nash, Mary        
Nash, Lucy        
Cook, Sarah        
Cushman, John        
Dunton, Sarah 1824      
Cushman, Anna        
Bowie, James        
Bowie, Sarah        
Dimmick, Esther        
Farwell, Elizabeth        
Fuller, Lucy        
Gray, Lucy        
Grenold, Jonathan        
Grenold, Mrs. Jonathan        
Hazelton, Polly        
Hinman, Harriet        
Jackson, Margaret        
Kent, Jerusha        
Kent, Marie        
Kent, Mercy        
Kent, Fanny        
Lane, Emma        
Nicholson, John        
Selden, Chloe        
Selden, Elizabeth        
Shumway, Mrs. Anson        
Underhill, Lucena        
Underhill, Phebe        
Ormsby, John May 19, 1830      
Ormsby, Lora        
Southworth, Franklin        
Southworth, Sarah W.        
Underhill, Isaac        
Manley, Zadoc W.        
Ormsby, Lyman L.        
Manley, Lyman        
Farwell, Asa        
Gray, Alonson        
Farnsworth, Hannah        
Manley, Sarah        
Farwell, Louise Chloe        
Baldwin, Lorette Esther        
Manley, Sophronia        
Kellogg, Rosetta        
Sawyer, Mehitable        
Dunton, Chloe        
Ormsby, Emma Aug 8, 1830      
Fuller, Mehitable        
Farwell, Dolly        
Gray, Pamelia        
Merrick, Mary        
Gray, Oliver        
Kent, Russell        
Manley, I. Emmons        
Wooster, Dorothy M.        
Moore, Laura        
Manley, Mary Rosetta        
Blackmer, Amanda        
Moore, Sarah        
Stannard, Chauncey        
Sykes, Lavinia        
Hinman, Timothy A.        
Woodward, Elizabeth 1831      
Hudson, Hannah 1832      
Sheldon, Aaron Feb 5, 1832      
Sheldon, Lydia        
Moore, Eliza        
Merrick, Newton        
Swan, James        
Blackmer, Maria        
Smith, Elizabeth        
Holley, Harvey        
Holley, Emeline        
Holley, George        
Gray, Paddock        
Manley, Isaac        
Manley, Lucy        
Manley, Mary A.        
Sykes, Newton        
Sykes, Diana        
Farwell, George        
Morse, Percy        
Kent, Harriet M.        
Kent, Marietta C.        
Grenold, Abel Feb 5, 1832      
Kellogg, Moses        
Hodge, Joseph H. C.        
Moore, Ruth        
Kent, Uriel S.        
Kent, Lucretia        
Manley, Thomas       Death
Kent, Addison J.        
Moore, Grove Jr.        
Moore, Darius        
Bliss, Rhoda        
Harmon, Enos        
Sykes, Maria March 24, 1832      
Kent, Lauren        
Moore, Aurelia        
Noble, Patty        
Kent, Lydia Jan 6, 1833      
Parkhurst, Susanna        
Hurd, Richard April 23, 18____      
Williams, William   1878 Death
Smith, Asahel        
Manley, Anna        
Baldwin, Chloe        
Baldwin, Julia Ann        
Baldwin, Olive        
Batchelder, Clarissa     1888 Death
Jackson, Henrietta H. L.        
Wilson, Joanna Sept 29, 1833 Letter    
Bostwick, Rhoda   Conf. 1863 Death
Kent, Fayette Sept 7, 1834 Conf.    
Morse, Laura   Conf.    
Kent, Chester   Letter 1856 Death
Kent, Martha        
Armstrong, Samantha   Conf.    
Chapin, Henry   Letter    
Chapin, Charles 1835      
Sargent, Delight        
Gray, Oliver        
Gray, Lucy        
Parker, Pamelia        
Southworth, Caroline Nov 1836      
Farnsworth, Adelia        
Gray, Juliette        
Baldwin, Elizabeth W. May 5, 1839 Conf.    
Cochran, Ira        
Cochran, Sarah        
Kent, Mehitable   Letter    
Dimmick, Gordon May 5, 1839 Letter    
Wilson, Betsy        
Wilson, Sarah T.        
Manley, Marcia       Death
Jones, Cynthia R.        
Hanks, Abigail Nov 3, 1839 Conf. Jan 7, 1897  
Underhill, Mary        
Moore, Silas        
Underhill, Betsy   Letter    
Hodge, Benjamin Sept 5, 1840      
Hodge, Minerva        
Broughton, Lois        
Manley, Mahala        
Farwell, Isaac March 1841 Conf. May 23, 1882 Death
Farnsworth, Henry H.        
Field, Charles     1886 Death
Fuller, Mary J.        
Moore, Juliette        
Moore, Mary Ann        
Weaver, Harriet        
Sheldon, William E. July 4, 1841      
Williams, Julia   Letter    
Prescott, J. Kinney 1842      
Prescott, Harriet 1843 Conf.    
Roberts, Ephraim P. Jan 1846      
Gray, Susan May      
Gray, Clarissa        
Manley, Sarah July 4, 1847 Letter    
Hudson, Eliza        
Hudson, Edward P.        
Armstrong, Henrietta        
Bartlett, Henrietta Sept 5, 1847   1876  
Babbitt, Mehitable Jan 2, 1848      
Holley, Jennette Sept 3, 1848 Conf.    
Armstrong, Laurel B. Nov 5, 1848 Letter    
Armstrong, Clarissa H.        
Smith, Jane        
Sargent, Julia Ann Jan 5, 1849      
Goddard, Nathan C. July 1,      
Prescott, Z. Wright Sept 2,      
Barrows, Experience Jan 6, 1850 Conf.    
Southworth, Gurdon B. Jan 6, 1850      
Moore, Mary   Letter    
Cheney, Christiana Nov 1850      
Manley, Esther J.     March 17, 1904 Death
Underhill, Persis H.        
Sheldon, Hannah 1851      
Sykes, Gertrude May 4, 1851 Conf.    
Fuller, Charles W. July 5, 1851      
Kent, Edward P.        
Gray, Augustus        
Sykes, Gilbert M.        
Batchelder, Charlotte        
Barrows, Philetus Oct 31, 1851      
Barrows, Susan        
Barrows, Julia Ann   Letter    
Sheldon, William E. Nov 2, 1851 Conf.    
Gray, S. Maria        
Holley, Seymour J.        
Baldwin, Austin        
Richardson, Peter March 7, 1852      
Richardson, Lucinda        
Reed, Allen H.   Letter    
Cloney, Maria July 4, 1852      
Waite, Milo J.   Conf.    
Waite, Sarah Jane        
Field, Ellen 1855      
Stevens, Mary C. May 1, 1857 Letter 1875  
Pratt, Martha A. Sept 4,   1897  
Sargeant, Martha C. Sept 6, Conf.    
Root, Ophelia R. July 2, 1858 Letter    
Sykes, Norton Sept 5, Conf. 1882  
Sykes, Harriet N.     Dec 30, 1908  
Gray, Ellen M.        
Taylor, Nancy M.        
Taylor, Harriet S.        
Kellogg, George F.        
Kent, Charles B.        
Holley, Eliza A.     1892  
Kent, Maria L.     Sept 2, 1908  
Kent, Lucy E. Nov 7, 1858 April 1, 1904  
Holly, Harriet E.        
Ridout, Timothy A. March 4, 1859 Letter    
Mahurin, Mary J. March 20, 1859 Conf.    
Barrows, Isaac July 3, 1859   1894  
Long, Charles F. Nov 4, 1859 Letter    
Long, Martha        
Sykes, Lydia K. Dec 30,   1894  
Baldwin, Sarah March 2, 1860   1873  
Wiley, Samuel R. May 6, Conf.    
Wiley, Eglah A.        
Sheldon, Hannahette Jan 4, 1861 Letter 1885  
Pratt, Parsons S. Dec 25, 1860 In. pastor Apr 8, 1906  
Sheldon, Mary A. Jan 4, 1861 Letter 1873  
Williams, Harriet A.        
Williams, George H. Jan 6, Conf.    
Williams, Angeline E.        
Sheldon, Mehitable Aug 30, Letter 1881  
Gray, Pamelia Sept 1, Conf.    
Larkin, Harmon H. Jan 3, 1862 Letter 1872  
Holley, Angeline M. July 6, Conf.    
Holley, R. Maria     Dis Cong Ch., Bennington 1896  
Armstrong, Helen C.        
Sheldon, Merrit A. Sept 7,      
Richardson, George A.      
Ridout, Samuel E.        
Ridout, Abby M.        
Ridout, Cleora A.        
Fuller, William J. March 20, 1864      
West, Sarah E. April 29, Letter    
Sykes, Mary E.        
Sykes, Rollin May 1, Conf.    
Gray, Clark July 1, Letter    
Gray, Emily July 1, 1864 Letter    
Smith, Harriet P. Sept 2,      
West, William Nov 6,      
West, Alzina        
West, Henry H. May 5, 1865      
Pratt, Bethia W.        
Pratt, Carrie G. May 6, 1866 Conf.    
Pratt, Ada M.   Conf.    
Field, Frederick Aug 11, Letter    
Field, Mary H.        
Harwood, Mary C. Sept 2, 1866 Conf.    
Sykes, Aurelius March 3, 1867      
Gray, Marcia K. May 5,      
Ridout, Hannah July 5, 1867 Letter    
Ridout, Elvira H. July 7, Conf.    
Barrows, Lydia M.        
Clemons, Mary J. Dec 18, Letter    
Sykes, William H. Jan 5, 1868 Conf.    
Sykes, Phedora E.     Meth. Ch., W. Gardner, MA 1896  
Sykes, Almira C. May 3,      
Sykes, Helen E.     1880  
Aiken, Dea. David April 28, 1869 Letter    
Aiken, Abigail W.        
Brooks, Margaret S. Sept 1, Conf.    
Smith, Helen E.        
Lothrop, Flora J. Nov 7,      
Bradford, Lucretia Dec 29, Letter Aug 27, 1911 Death
Sykes, Amelia        
Sykes, Ira Jan 2, 1870 Conf.    
Bradford, Loren        
Sykes, Lyman April 27, Letter    
Sykes, Eliza M.        
Comba, Theopile May 1, Conf.    
Underhill, Harriet S. July 3,   1876  
Gray, Martha L.        
Hatch, Frances E. April 7, 1871 Letter    
Kilbourn, Ellen M. May 3,      
Sykes, Seth P. July 2, Conf.    
Sykes, Mercy A.        
Blakely, Martin J. May 3, 1872 Letter    
McWayne, Delia        
Vance, Janett June 4, 1873      
Gilbert, Angie E. July 6, Conf.    
Gilbert, Hattie E.        
Wallace, Rhoda Sept 28, Letter    
Millington, John Dec 31,      
Sykes, Ella A.        
Barrows, Experience W. March 1, 1874 Conf.    
Dunning, Charles        
Gilbert, Charles B.        
Dunning, Mabel L.        
Gray, Hattie M.        
Holly, Gertrude B.   April 18, 1911 Death
Pratt, Bertha M.     Feb 4, 1904 Death
Holley, Helen W. April 29, 1874 Letter    
Gilbert, George H. July 5, Conf.    
Sykes, Lottie C.        
Underhill, Helen S. Sept 6,   Jan 5, 1902 L, 2nd Cong Ch., Bennington
Sheldon, Aaron S. March 5, 1876      
Williams, Henry     1880  
Farwell, Maria        
Gilbert, Harriet     Dec 31, 1908 Death
Barrows, Carrie        
Blakely, Mary R.        
Kent, Martha        
Sykes, Lois R.     1880  
Scott, Hattie E.        
Sykes, A. Jannette        
Sykes, Emma L.        
Armstrong, Lizzie B. May 7,      
Williams, Mary L.        
Holley, William J.        
Williams, Jennie A.        
Stearns, Olive     Oct 3, 1897 L, Cong Ch, Danby, VT
Stearns, Alvin        
Gilbert, Frederick F.        
Paddock, Henry N.        
Sykes, Waldo B.        
Ladd, Mary A.     Aug 19, 1894 L, Cong Ch, Durham, NH
Farwell, Mary A.        
Sykes, Flora A.        
Manley, Waity K.        
Batchelder, Mary A. July 2, 1876 Conf.    
Eastman, Charlotte Sept 3,      
Sykes, Laura H. Jan 11, 1877 Letter    
Barrows, Theresa C. Jan 14,      
Rideout, Mary E. Jan 2, 1878      
Sherman, Eliza May 1,      
Williams, George H. March 19, 1879      
Williams, Helen E.        
Sykes, Addie F. July 9, 1879      
Lathrop, Asa Sept 5,      
Lathrop, Susan        
Tobin, Rosa Jan 4, 1880      
Lake, William Henry May 2,      
Field, Frances Sept 4, 1881      
Gillette, Maldin March 5, 1882 Letter    
Gillette, Jennie        
Sykes, Sarah E. May 3,      
Sykes, A. Kirk July 1, 1883 Conf.    
Sykes, E. Louise        
Sykes, Anna G.     April 19, 18(8)6 Amity Bapt Ch., NYC
Holley, Harriet F.        
Bacon, Angie H.        
McWayne, Hattie F.        
Armstrong, Helen C. Sept 2,      
Holley, Caroline E.        
Ladd, Jane M. Nov 4,      
Baldwin, Charles Sept 7, 1884   April 28, 1904 Death
Baldwin, Mary E.   Letter 1889  
Willard, Eunice H. April 29, 1885   1887 Death
Sykes, G. Kimball March 2, 1886 Conf. June 21, 1889  
Holley, Fanny L.     Dec 22, 1905  
Bowen, Lucy N. Sept 1, Letter 1891 Jamestown, NY
Dunning, Marcia E. March 6, 1887 Conf. 1890 Greenwich, NY
Chapman, Laura A.        
Sykes, Bernard G.     Sept 1893 Elkhart, Ind.
Cary, Charlotte A. April 27, Letter Dec 1892  
Rhoades, Anna F. June 5,   April 20, 1890  
Baker, Albert J. May 6, 1888      
Robinson, Alice E. July 1, Conf.    
Robinson, Ella Louise     April 4, 1896 L. Epis Ch, Manchester Ctr, VT
Harrington, Elisba C. Aug 29, Letter April 30, 1907 L, Meth Epis, W. Rutland
Harrington, Pluma        
Hatch, Martha A. Sept 2, Conf.    
Paddock, Mary Luella March 3, 1889   July 13, 1902 L, Cong Ch, Pawlet, VT
Kellogg, Lucinda   Letter Oct 1889 Death
Holley, Eliza M.   Conf.    
Nichols, Ezra        
Robinson, James L.        
Robinson, Lizzie P.        
Harwood, Charles F.        
Stone, John     1911 Death
Stone, Mary        
Stone, Emily     Sept 6, 1903 L Cong Ch, Pawlet, VT
Sykes, Elizabeth G.        
Kinnie, Minnie J.        
Fisher, John        
Tobin, William March 3, 1889 Conf.    
Derby, Martha April 7, Letter April 6, 1902 L Meth Epis, Manchester Ctr, Vt
Harwood, Marian        
Barber, Benjamin   Conf.    
Crandall, Lyman     March 7, 1896  
Crandall, Ellen     March 28, 1895  
Danforth, Florence     Aug 23, 1891  
Eastman, Flora     Feb 23, 1896 L Bapt Ch, Granville, NY
Edgerton, George E.        
Harwood, Wayne     Dec 31, 1910 L Cong Ch, Rupert, VT
Jones, Charles        
Jones, Laura        
Jones, Charles L.        
Kent, Clifton P.     April 2, 1901 L Meth Epis, Rensselau, NY
Kent, Helen M.     April 1901  
Lillie, George W.        
Lillie, Minna M.        
Ladd, Barzillai        
Ladd, Ellen        
Ladd, Lizzie        
Manley, Ellen B.        
Manley, Thomas B.     Feb 5, 1905 L State St Pres, Albany, NY
Peck, Nellie        
Paddock, John F.        
Reed, James H. I.     Dec 20, 1910 L 1st Bapt, Bennington
Reed, Alice M.        
Roberts, Allen A.        
Roberts, Charles A.        
Simmons, Eugene April 7, 1889 Conf.    
Simmons, Mary        
Simmons, Maude E.     Aug 20, 1905 Death
Stone, William J.     Nov 12, L Cong Ch, E. Dorset, VT
Brown, J. Alanson May 5,      
Brown, Alma L.        
Batchelder, John S.        
Chapman, Margaret     1899 Death
Chapman, George        
Kent, Harold W.       L M. E. Ch, Schenectady, NY
McWayne, Della M.        
Scott, Julia O.        
Stevens, Perlie S.     1910 Death
Stone, Mark July 7,      
Towsley, M. Elizabeth        
Wade, Melissa        
Wade, William       Excluded
Brown, Abigail        
Harwood, Burr        
Ladd, Wilson     1893 Death
Phelps, Mary     May 20, 1909  
Roberts, George E.        
Manley, William   Restored Nov 1899 Death
Martindale, Mary Elizabeth Sept 1, Conf. Feb 6, 1898 Bapt Ch, Granville, NY
Wyman, Effie E.        
Kellogg, Henry M. Nov 3,   Dec 23, 1909 Death
Martindale, E. Worth        
Wyman, Leroy C.        
Wyman, Charles H. Nov 3, 1889 Conf.    
Baldwin, Sarah B. March 2, 1890 Letter Nov 25, 1900 Death
Sexton, George E.        
Sexton, Nellie W.        
Hammond, H. Clarence   Conf.    
Wade, Irving E. May 3, 1891   Nov 7, 1897 L 1st M.E. Ch, Greenfield, MA
Preston, Walter C. Sept 6,   May 3, 1896 L Cong Ch, Wallingford, VT
Preston, Minnie Ann        
Towsley, Charles A.        
Wade, Marietta May 7, 1893      
Wade, Henrietta      
Hilliard, Hattie R. Jan 13, 1895   Jan 6, 1907 L Cong Ch, Rutland, VT
Hilliard, John R.        
Gilbert, Alfred H.     Aug 23, 1910 L 2nd Pres Ch, Lexington, KY
Obermaier, Emma J. April 30, Letter    
Obermaier, Clara E.        
Phelps, Demis H. Sept 1, Conf.    
Simmons, Fay Alton Nov 3,      
Roberts, Isabel        
Danforth, Jennie M.     Dec 18, 1904 L Ctr Cong Ch, Brattleboro, VT
Brown, Grace E.     Nov 1, 1899 L Shawmut Cong, Boston, MA
Sherman, Ada P. Jan 3, 1896 Letter June 21, 1898  
Gilbert, Huntington P. Jan 5, Conf.    
Gilbert, Oliver B.        
Williams, Elizabeth J.        
Fisher, Nelly V.        
Fisher, A. Maude     June 8, 1902 L Epis Ch, Burlington, VT
Rastall, Frances E. March 2, 1897 Letter Oct 2, 1907 L Cong Ch, Manchester, VT
Walker, William S. Nov 5, 1897 Letter Oct 8, 1901 L 1st Cong, Chester, MA
Walker, Nellie G.        
Manley, Katie M. Nov 7, Conf. Dec 18, 1903 L Ctr Cong Ch, Brattleboro, VT
Gilbert, Margaret L.        
Whitney, Nancy S. July 31, 1898 Conf. Nov 5, 1899 L Cong Ch, Pawlet, VT
Whitney, Maude        
Whitney, Marion        
Edgerton, Lavinia S.        
Gilbert, Anna E.        
Gilbert, William W.     1906 L 1st Cong, Washington, DC
Burroughs, Louise E. Nov 6,      
Frost, Ida   Conf. Sept 4, 1904 L Bapt Ch, W. Wardsboro
Baker, Minerva E. Sept 4,      
Woodard, Bessie Nov 5, 1899      
Sykes, Anna K. Feb 27, 1900 Letter    
Gilbert, Gertrude M. March 3, 1901 Conf. Nov 5, 1911 L 1st Cong, Washington, DC
Humphrey, Harriette L. Nov Letter    
Humphrey, Elizabeth        
Humphrey, H. Zephine        
Williams, Mary L. Dec 29,   Aug 4, 1907 L Cong, Madison, CT
Campbell, Isabella     June 30, 1903 L Cong, Stratford, CT
Hilliard, Sarah E. Jan 2, 1902 Conf. Jan 6, 1907 L Cong, Rutland, Vt
Hilliard, Jennie M. Jan 2, 1902 Conf. Jan 6, 1907 L Cong, Rutland, Vt
Barrows, Helen April 27, Letter    
Edgerton, Manora J. Sept 5, Conf.    
Gray, Hattie M. Nov 2, Letter    
Kent, Prentiss   Conf.    
Ludd, Edward     Dec 25, 1904 L Tabernacle Bapt, Albany, NY
Harwood, Elizabeth Jan 4, 1903 Conf.    
Harwood, Helen        
Cadoret, Anna March 1, Letter May 10, 1910 L ME Ch, Manchester Ctr, VT
Ludd, Mabel   Conf.    
Campbell, Richard D.        
Barrows, William     July 7, 1907 L Pres Ch, Syracuse, NY
Gates, Carl M. April 5, Letter April 24, 1904 L Cong Ch, Saco, ME
Harwood, Vesta May 3, Conf.    
Wade, Lilly        
Chapman, Mrs. Elizabeth        
Harwood, Elmer Nov 1,      
Lee, George        
Phelon, Austin March 6, 1904      
McWayne, Charles D.        
Seymour, Gertrude C.        
Carhart, Anna G. May 1, Letter Dec 2, 1906 L Bd'way Tabernacle, NYC
Campbell, Lizzie A.        
Towsley, Henry July 3,      
Towsley, Mrs. Henry        
Van, Mrs. Mary        
Harwood, Horne Jan 1, 1905   Dec 31, 1910 L Cong Ch, Rupert, VT
Carhart, Mrs. Alfreda Post Nov 5, 1905   Aug 23, L Anglo Amer Ch, Beirut, Syria
Harwood, Amy   Conf.    
Stone, Pearl Nov 5, 1905      
Phillips, Burr        
Gilbert, Rufus        
Kellogg, Mrs. Mildred May 6, 1906 Letter    
Lillie, Louisa E.        
Harwood, Edith Vesta        
Dillingham, Mary L.        
Harwood, Henry F. Sept 2, 1906 Letter    
Harwood, Oliver Kyrle     Dec 6, 1910 L Plymouth Cong, Syracuse, NY
Sheldon, Jessie Day        
Sheldon, John Hale April 7, 1907      
Sheldon, Lillian A.        
Sheldon, Bernis B.        
Williams, Herbert N.        
Williams, Annie Isabel        
Wilkins, Angelia        
Crandall, Blanche        
Kent, Clifton P. May 5, Letter    
Kent, Rose L.        
Wilkins, Emma C. Nov 3, Conf.    
Harwood, Emma M. March 1, 1908 Letter    
Gilbert, Mabel F. July 5, 1908 Conf.    
Harwood, Anna L. Jan 3, 1909      
Harwood, Ruby C.        
Ludd, Ethel        
Wade, Lawrence A.     April 12, 1910 L Cong Ch, E Dorset, VT
Harwood, Grace Perkins May 2,   June 1, 1910 Death
Paddock, Minnie C.        
Paddock, Phebe May 2, 1909 Conf.    
Roberts, Mary E.        
Seymour, Ethel J.        
Harwood, Rupert July 17, 1910      
Lathrop, Elizabeth Sept 4,      
Blackmer, Amy May 7, 1911      
Liddle, Frederick C. Sept 17,      
Cobb, Mrs. Harriet J.   Letter    
Hunt, Rev. Eugene F.        
Hunt, Mrs. Mary A.        
Gilbert, Dr. George H.        
Gilbert, Mrs. Flora Gates        
Gilbert, Bertha Gates        
Gilbert, George Holley Jr.        
Gilbert, Wilfred Charles        
Sherman, Mrs. Ada P. Nov 5,      
Crane, Frederick        
Crane, Mrs. Lydia H.        
Resident Members of Dorset Congregational Church April 21, 1912
Barrows, Experience W. Gilbert, Oliver B. Kent, Clifton P. Sheldon, Flora J.  
Barrows, Theresa C. Gray, Marcia K. Kent, Rose L. Sheldon, John H.  
Barrows, Helen Gray, Harriet M. Kellogg, George F. Sheldon, Lillian A.  
Batchelder, Lizzie R. Harwood, Mary A. Ladd, Barzillai Sheldon, Bernis B.  
Blackmer, Amy Harwood, Elizabeth Ladd, Ellen Seymour, Ethel J.  
Brown, Abigail Harwood, Vesta Lathrop, Susan Simmons, Eugene  
Campbell, Lizzie A. Harwood, Mariam Lathrop, Elizabeth Simmons, Mary  
Crane, Frederick Harwood, Edith Vesta Lee, Elizabeth Snyder, Helen S.  
Crane, Mrs. Lydia Hale Harwood, Henry F. Lee, George Stone, Mary  
Cobb, Mrs. Harriet J. Harwood, Lavinia E. Lillie, Mina M. Sykes, Gilbert M.  
Crandall, Blanche Harwood, Anna L. Liddle, Frederick C. Sykes, E. Louise  
Chapman, Elizabeth Harwood, Ruby C. Ludd, Ethel Sykes, Angeline G.  
Dillingham, Mary L. Harwood, Amy McWayne, Charles D. Sykes, Rollin  
Edgerton, George E. Harwood, Elmer D. McWayne, Elizabeth J. Sykes, Anna K.  
Edgerton, Emma Harwood, Emma M. McWayne, Delia Sykes, Waldo B.  
Fisher, John Hatch, Frances E. McWayne, Della Sykes, Addie F.  
Fisher, Mary A. Holley, Angeline M. Manley, Ellen B. Sherman, Ada Pratt  
Gilbert, Charles B. Holley, William J. Obermaier, Emma B. Tobin, William  
Gilbert, Carrie P. Holley, Helen W. Paddock, John F. Tobin, Rosa  
Gilbert, Huntington P. Holley, Caroline E. Paddock, Minnie C. Towsley, Elizabeth  
Gilbert, Anna E. Holley, Harriet F. Paddock, Phebe Towsley, Henry  
Gilbert, Margaret L. Hunt, Eugene F. Phelon, Austin W. Towsley, Emma  
Gilbert, Rufus S. Hunt, Mary A., Mrs. Phelps, Demis Towsley, Charles A.  
Gilbert, Frederick F. Humphrey, Elizabeth H. Phillips, Burr Towsley, Julia O.  
Gilbert, Minnie K. Humphrey, H. Zephine Phillips, Manora E. Thompson, Lily Wade  
Gilbert, Mabel F. Jones, Charles Roberts, Charles A. Vance, Janet  
Gilbert, Harriet E. Jones, Laura Roberts, George E. Wade, Melissa  
Gilbert, George H. Jones, Charles L. Roberts, Allen A. Williams, George H.  
Gilbert, Flora Gates Jones, Marietta W. Roberts, Gertrude S. Williams, Harriet A.  
Gilbert, Bertha Gates Kent, Charles B. Roberts, Mary Ellen Williams, Jennie A.  
Gilbert, George Holley Jr. Kent, Sarah E. Robinson, James L. Williams, Herbert N.  
Gilbert, Wilfred Charles Kent, Prentis H. Robinson, Alice E. Williams, Annie Isabel  
      Wilkins, Emma C.  
Non-Resident Members of Dorset Congregational Church April 21, 1912
Baker, Albert J. Caldwell, Louisa L. Harwood, Mabel L. Sexton, George  
Baker, Minnie O. Chapman, George Kellogg, Mildred Sexton, Nellie W.  
Batchelder, John S. Cloney, Maria Ludd, Jessie S. Simmons, Fay A.  
Brown, J. Alanson Gully, Almira S. Manley, Helen H. Tully, Bessie W.  
Burrows, Nellie A. Hanks, Effie W. Norton, Isabel Wyman, Charles H.  
Bush, Martha H. Harwood, Rupert Peltier, Laura Wilkins, Angelia  
Barber, Benjamin Harwood, Burr Sykes, Seth Wade, Lizzie L.  
Campbell, Richard Harwood, Pearl S.      

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