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1817 - 1858

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Glover, Orleans Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

The book is 6 5/8 x 7 3/4 in., bound in wood covered by paper, and with a binding of leather and thread. [upside-down on the inside cover at the 'top' of the page: 5/]  
Page 1    
Sept 1819 Stephen Woods --    
Chosen Clerk    
Church formed 3    
Sacraments 4    
Names of Commincants [sic] 5    
Sisster [sic] Colburn Children 29    
Timothy Lyman Children 30    
S Woods 31    
E Wright 32    
S Beach 33    
N Cutler 34    
T Wiman 35    
T Williams X 36    
J Hurlburt 37    
Z Bliss 38    
A Percival 39    
C Page 40    
J Hurlberts Confession 69    
Abigal [sic] Bordmans [sic] Children 41    
Church meting [sic] 81    
Betsy Hood 42    
Elias C. Dutten [sic] 43    
Thomas Baker 44 [upside-down at 'top' of page: /nice or juice (?) 84 cts or 5/
Page 2    
Reckard [sic] of Revd Reubin [sic] Mason settlement    
September 1826 Curch [sic] Conference page 23    
Decission [sic] of the Chh with Thomas Williams page 82    
Rev O Pearsons call page 72    
Alonzo Dutton chosen Deacon page 85    
L W Wright chosen clerk page 85    
Church proceedings 86    
Letter of Rev O Pearsons 87    
Church meeting 94    
Rev O Pearsons dismifsed 95    
16 page names of members    
Page 3    
June 3 1817 Went to Peacham to hear preaching hired Mr Godard he came and preached the 10 July had but a few hearers
June 11 1817 had a Conference told our experiences after examination agreed to form into a Church. Mr Leland presant [sic]
June 12 1817 A preparitory [sic] lector [sic] 17 Persons Covenanted to gether [sic] 3 Males 14 Females 1 from Irasburg 4 from Barton.
June 13 1817 Sabbath day Communed to gether [sic].
June 14 1817 a lecture Preached in the School house by Mr Oens [sic] 15 at Mr Cutlares [sic] 1 Male united Chose Stephen Blifs moderator and Deacon. Loring Frost Clerk.
Sept 20, 1817 Mr Goddard with us, a preparitory [sic] lecture 16 examined united and communed 21. November 14th Mr Goddard came preached a preparitory [sic] lecture 5 examined 16 united with the Church and communed
December 14, 1817 Mr Lawton came adminestered [sic] the sacrament 3 added to the Church
Page 4    
May ~ 1818 Mr Leland Communed with us  
January 31th [sic] ~ 1819 Mr Godard [sic] Communed with us  
August 15th ~ 1819 Mr Leland Communed with us  
May ~ 1820 Mr Parker Communed with us  
July 1820 Mr Leland Communed with us  
Jan 6th 1822 Mr Leland Communed with us  
Sept 1th [sic] ~ 1822 Mr Leland Communed with us  
Aprill [sic] 6th ~ 1823 Mr Loomis communed with us  
May th [sic] 18 ~ 1823 Mr Chapen communed with us  
June the 15 ~ 1824 the Church Renued [sic] covenent [sic] and communed the Consosation [sic] met and Communed at the Same time  
March the 15 ~ 1825 Mr Loomis Communed with us  
Agust [sic] ~ 1825 Mr Mason communed with us  
November 1825 Mr Mason Communed with us  
February 1826 Mr Mason Communed with us  
May the 14 1826 had acommun [sic]  
Decem 1828 Chose Stephen Woods Deacon  
Page 5    
Died Dea. Stephen Blifs Janu [sic] 1831  
Died Sarah Blifs March 1828  
1835 Died Elizabeth Beach  
Died Alice Bingham August 1830  
Dismt Loring Frost  
Dismist Ellsworth Phelps Baptized  
Dismist Sarah Adams  
Dist Susanna Noyse [sic]  
Dismist Hannah Burton  
Dismist Eunice Kimball  
  Abigail Boardman  
died 1837 July Silence Wood of consumson [sic]  
  Irena Wright  
  Ruby Lyman  
Returned Mary Cook Died March 1835  
Returned Sarah Blifs jun  
  Samuel Cook Jun. Gone out from us the Church voted to with draw their watch and care over him Decem 1830  
  Stephen Woods Clerk  
Page 6    
First Addition to the Church Sept 17 (? day scratched out) 1817  
Died Timothy Lyman July 1836  
  Elihu Wright Baptized  
Dismist Solomon Beach Dismist  
Dismist Lydia Beach Baptized  
Died Nathan Cutlar [sic] Baptized April 17 1818  
  Martha Cutlar [sic] Baptized  
Chose Dea    
Decem 1828 Stephen Woods Baptized  
  Isaac Wyman  
  Betsy Wyman  
  Thomas Williams Baptized [X over each name]  
Dismist Talitha [sic] Williams  
[To] Page 70 John Hurlbutt [sic] Baptized [X over each word]  
  Betsy Cook Baptized  
  Mary Bliss  
Dismist Anna Bliss  
Dismist Laura Whicher (?)  
Page 7    
2 Addition  
Referd to Page 71    
Asher Percivel [sic] Baptized Died 1836  
  Ziba Bliss Chose Deac July 1832  
  Cyntha [sic] Page Moved away had atesten (?)  
died Sibbel [sic] Tempel [sic] of Recommendation  
  Loisa [sic] L Hurlbutt [sic] Baptized  
dismisd Addition  
(?) Laura Persivel [sic] Baptised  
Died 1837 Mercy Colburn Baptized  
Dismist Betsy Bingham  
May_ 1823 Addition 4  
  Emeler Cook (?) Baptised  
  Decem the 26-- 1824  
  Polly Woods united with this Church  
  August 1825 Noah Leonard [illegible]  
  Elias Dutton united (illegible)  
May th 14 1826 Thomas Baker united    
July the 14 1827 Lucy Partridge united with this Church    
Page 8    
  May the 23 1829  
To Page 71 Asa Daker Baptised and united dismist
  Salvana Belknap Baptised and united
  Sept 1829 Aded [sic]  
  Lucy Skinner Mary Mason  
June 5 1831 Addition  
  Levi Warren by letter desmist [sic]
  Ira Colburn by confession
Sept 1831 Mahala Shaw Desmist Mooved [sic] to Ohio Mary Ann Blifs [crossed out]  
  Silence Wood [name crossed out] Semantha [sic] Wright [name crossed out]  
Decem the Aded [sic] to the Church  
1st Sabbath Gridley Jay Baptised Expeld [sic]
1831 X Royal Page Referd to Page 71
  Jeremiah Norton  
Expeld from Samuel Vance Baptised the Ch 1834 (?)
  Elihu Wright Jun  
Page 9    
  Elonzo [sic] Dutton  
desmist Amanda Norton Baptised
  Amy Jay  
  Abigail Bean  
  Polly Mason  
  Mary Waterman Baptised
  Eliza Lyman  
March the Added to the Church  
1 Sabbath Henery [sic] Strong died
1832 Doct Daniel Bates Desmist gave them Letter
  Mrs Bates  
  Bryn Bean Baptised
  Wells Bean Baptised
  Ruth Bean Baptised
desmist Mrs Warren  
  John Cutler Expeld [sic]
  Elias Wood  
Page 10    
  Lucy ann Cook Baptised
  John Boardman  
Died oct 1838 Calvin Cook    
  Samuel Cook  
  Lydia Cook Baptised
  Stephen Blifs  
  Mrs Sarah Joy Dismist
June the 1st Adition [sic]  
1832 Hezekiah Crosby  
desmist and Mrs Crosby  
Recommend George McClalin Baptised
Octo 1832 Betsy Daker Baptised Desmist
Novm 1833 Prudence Baxter Baptised and united with the Church
March 1834 Judith G Spaldin [sic]  
Decm 1837 Daniel Fuller united by letter
  Edwin Hatch united by letter and
  Silence Hatch Desmist by letter both of them
Page 11    
Adition [sic] Aprill [sic] 1838    
  Luis [sic] Wright  
  Susin [sic] Wright  
  Lora Wright  
  Emela Busel has received a letter of dismission  
Desmist Elmira Hoyt  
  Benjamin Bean  
  Sephrona [sic] Bean  
  Emela Baker  
Sept 1831 Addition  
  Maryann Bliss  
  Silence Woods Desmist
Died Nov 1838 Semantha [sic] Wright of consumpsion [sic] [X over first name]    
Octob 1838 Mrs Matilda Sisco united movd
Page 12    
    January 1st 1840
Members now in the Church    
Dea Stephen Woods Died July 31st 1844 see page 127 [-written by new hand]
Dea Ziba Bliss  
  Abigal [sic] Boardman  
  Irena Wright  
  Ruby Lyman  
  Elihu Wright  
  Martha Cutler  
  Isaac Wyman  
Died March    
1840 Betsy Wyman  
  Betsy Hood  
  Mary Bliss  
April 1840 Loisa [sic] L Hurlbutt [sic]  
  Lawra [sic] Bean  
  Polly Baxter  
  Noah Leonard  
Aprill 1840 Mrs Leonard  
  Elias P Dutten [sic] Dismissed by letter [- written by new hand as above]
  Thomas Baker  
  Lucy Patrige [sic] Died July 1842 [- different hand]
  Lucy Skinner  
  Ira Colburn Jr  
  Jeremiah Norton  
  Elihu Wright Jr  
  Elonzo [sic] Dutton  
  Amy Jay  
  Mary Strong  
Page 13    
  Abigal [sic] Bean [crossed out]
  Polly Mason  
  Eliza Clark  
Died July 1843 Henery Strong    
  Bryn Bean [crossed out]
  Jacob W Bean [crossed out]
  Ruth Wright  
  Lucyann [sic] Phillips  
  John Boardman  
  Saml Cook  
  Lidia [sic] Cook  
  Stephen Bliss  
  Hezekiah Crosby  
Died Novm    
1840 Mrs Crosby  
  Prudence Baxter  
  Judith G Spalding  
  Daniel Fuller  
  Luis [sic] Wright  
  Susin [sic] Wright  
  Lora Wright  
March 1840 Emela Buzel dismist
Desmist Elmira Hoyt  
  James Hoyt  
  Bryn Bean Jr [crossed out]
  Sephrona [sic] Bean [crossed out]
  Emela Baker  
  Maryann Dutton  
  Matilda Sisco  
  John Hurlbutt  
  Ester [sic] Johnson  
Page 14    
March 1840. Aded [sic] by Letter  
  Hiram Sisco By confession  
  Mr. Blanchard  
  Hulda Blanchard Both Baptised
Novm the 11    
1841 Leonard Waldo by Letter  
Aded Jan 1842    
  E B Simonds by Letter  
  Mrs Simonds  
  Dorothy Wyman  
February 1842 aded by profession    
  E D Conant  
  Mrs Conant Baptised
  Betsy Wyman  
March the 10    
1842 Aded by Letter    
  Mark Nutter  
  Mary H Nutter Died Feb 10th 1843
  [Starting here Sanford Atherton M.D. upon his death bed by profession, & died Feb 1 1843 bottom of page cut away]
Page 15    
Aded by confession    
June 1842 Elexander [sic] O'Harra [sic]  
Oct 27th 20 Lewis Barber by letter from Westfield  
Recapitulation April 1845 [two columns - 46 members]  
Ziba Blifs John Boardman Abigail Boardman died
Sam F Cook Irena Wright Lydia Cook
Ruby Lyman Stephen Blifs Elihu Wright
Martha Cutler Hezekiah Crosby Isaac Wyman
-------- [erased] Betsey Hood Prudence Baxter
Mary Blifs L. W. Wright Polly Baxter
Susan Wright Noah Leonard Died Dec 16th 1848 Emily Baker
Thomas Baker Died Oct 27th 1850 Hiram Sisco Lucy Skinner
Lora Wright Ira Cobourn [sic] jr Mary Ann Dutton
Jeremiah Norton Matilda Sisco Elihu Wright jr
John Hurlbut [sic] Alonzo Dutton Esther Johnson
Amy Cook Mr Nathan H Blanchard Mary H Strong
Huleta [sic] Blanchard    
Leonard B Waldo (Dismissed & recommend [sic] to Methuen, ms Sep 2 1849  
Polly Mason E.B. Simonds Eliza Clark
Mrs Simonds Ruth Wright Dorothy Wyman
E. D. Conant Lucyann [sic] Phillips Mrs B. L. Conant
Page 16    
Betsy Wyman Mark Nutter Alaxander [sic] H. O'Harra [sic]
Lewis Barber Judith G Spalding  
Added by Letter March 24th 1848    
Mrs Lydia H Stone John Farr Mrs Tryphena M Farr
Mrs. Fanny Telarh (?) added by Letter Nov 15th 1848
Mrs Betsey A O Hara admitted by Letter Feby 16th 1849
Mrs Mary Ann Webber by Letter Aug 4th 1849
Added by Letter Jany 1st 1851 Mrs Mary Wright
admitted by Proffession [sic] Mrs Irena Owen & Miss Eleanor Garfield Jany 1st 1851
By Letter Mrs Martha French Apl 25th 1851
By proffession [sic] Mrs Nancy Cutler
do [ditto] Mrs Miranda Bliss May 7 1851
Page 17    
Glover June 7th 1851 [original in two columns - 78 members]  
1. Ziba Bliss 2. Irena Wright 3. Ruby Lyman
4. Elihu Wright 5. Martha Cutler Died Apl 17 1853 6. Isaac Wyman X
7. Betsy Hood X 8. Polly Baxter 9. Lucy Skinner
10. Ira Colburn jr 11. Jeremiah Norton X 12. Elihue [sic] Wright jr
13. Alonzo Dutton 14. Amy Cook 15. Mary H. Strong
16. Polly Mason dec'd 17. Eliza Clark 18. Ruth Wright
19. Lucy Ann Phillips 20. Alexander H. O'Hara 21. Lewis Barber
22. Judith G Spalding 23. Mrs Lydia H Stone 24. Mrs Fanny Clark
25. Mrs Betsey A. O'Hara 26. John Boardman X Died July 4th 1851 27. Samuel F. Cook
28. Lydia Cook 29. Stephen Bliss 30. Hezekiah Crosby Decd
31. Prudence Baker 32. L.W. Wright X 33. Susan Wright
34. Emily Blanchard 35. Lora Wright Died 36. Mary Ann Dutton
37. Hiram Sisco X 38. Matilda Sisco X 39. Ester [sic] Johnson
40. Nathan A. Blanchard 41. Hulda Blanchard 42. E. B. Simonds
43. Mrs Lorane [sic] Simonds 44. Dorathy [sic] Wyman 45. E.D. Conant X
46. Mrs B.L. Conant X 47. Betsey Blodget [sic] X 48. Mark Nutter X
49. Mrs May Ann Webber 50. Mrs Mary Wright X 51. Irena (?) Owen
52. Miss Eleanor Garfield X Died June 1855    
Page 18 June 7th 1851  
53. Mrs Martha French 54. Mrs Nancy Cutter 55. Mrs Miranda Bliss
56. Mrs Wm Hibberd 57. Cyrus Bemus Excummunicated [sic] 58. Mrs Cyrus Bemus Dead
59. Oliver O'Hara admitted By Proffession Sept 4th 1853 (?) 60. Mary O'Hara By Letter 61. Caroline R. Damon By Profession
62. Mary L. Webber By Profession 63. Alma Webber By Profession 64. Ann E. Strong By Profession
65. Martha A Dutton profession 1857 July 66. Azubah Barber letter 67. Ruby Barber profession
68. Martha C. Cook profession 69. Emily Lewis profession 70. Sophronia Cheney profession
71. Celestia Cheney profession 72. Mrs E.L. Gilman profession 1858 Jany 17 73. Hannah French by letter 1857 Nov. 13th
Page 19    
74. Cyntha [sic] L. Strong By prof. 75. Ellen J. Strong By prof. 76. Angiline [sic] Randal [sic] By prof. Dismissed
77. Mary C. Phillips 78. Julia E. Foster  
[Nos. 5, 16, 23, 26, 30, 35, 52, & 58 all were deceased and their names have rectangles around them. Nos. 6, 7, 11, 26, 32, 37, 38, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 52, 57, 61, & 62 (16) all have X's at one or both ends of their names, indicating, perhaps, that they had gone against church doctrines in some way].
Pages 20-21 Blank    
Page 22    
February the 1 - 1826    
The Chh [sic] voted to give Revd Reubin [sic] Mason a call to settle and be our minister Atest [sic] Stephen Woods Church Clerk
March Revd Rubin [sic] Mason was ReanStated [sic] and became our minister
th ?   Attest Stephen Woods Ch Clerk
August Mr Mason was Desmist by Mutual Counsel Stephen Woods Clerk  
Page 23  
Sept 1826 at a curch [sic] conference the Church voted to have a church Conference the Last wensday [sic] in Every month and if any Neglect to attend it shall be the duty of the Church to en___ the Reason
  Attest Stephen Woods Chh Clerk
Pages 24-28 Blank
Page 29 [All children's names are listed single-file under their parents' names]
  The Children of Sister Mercy Colburn
  Ira Betsy Amanda Luther Wood Rosamond Wood Mercy Samuel Chamberlin
Page 30  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Timothy and Ruby Lyman
  Timothy Ruby Elizabeth George Sarah Mary
Page 31  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Stephen and Silence Woods
  Daniel Emerson Stephen Charles
Page 32  
  The Children of Elihu and Irena Wright
  Elihu Elisha Samantha Susan Lewis Warren Lora Alonzo
Page 33  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Solomon and Lydia Beach
  Chloe Hall Lorenzo Benjamin Strong Solomon Emaly [sic] Strong
  Elsworth Phelps William Cyres yemmans (?)
Page 34  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Nathan and Martha Cutler
  Sophia Huntington Henry Charle [sic] John Blanchard Martha Mary
Page 35  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Isaac and Betsy Wyman
  Lucretia Isaac Thomas Calvin C [name crossed out] Betsy A William
Page 36  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Thomas and Tabithy (?) Williams
  Samuel Rust Royal King Joseph Kingsbury Tabitha French Betsena Vienna
Page 37  
  The Children of Brother and Sister John and Loisa [sic] Hurlbutt
  Jerusha Lawson Volny John Lawton Thomas Baker Amos Charles H Elisa A Boardman
Page 38  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Ziba and Mary Blifs
  Mary ann Stephen Griswould [sic]
Page 39  
  The Children of Brother and Sister Asher and Lawra [sic] Persaval [sic]
  Daphne Orsan Orpha Spalding Phinetta Lucy Delight Solen Gates
Page 40  
  The Children of Sister C Page
  Royal Cyntha [sic] Calista Matilda Eunice Almira Samuel Whitney Hannah Adams
March 13  
1825 Isaac Franklin Baptised
Page 41  
  The Children of Sister Abigal [sic] Bordman [sic]
  Abigal [sic] Dutton Eliza ann
Page 42  
  Names of Sister Floods Children
  Calvin C Philup [sic]
Page 43  
  Children of Brother and Sister Elias & Sarah C Dutton
  John Stephen [crossed out] Bliss David Thomas Baker
Page 44  
  Names of Brother Bakers Children
  Emily Sarah Hale Thomas David Henery [sic]
Page 45  
  Names of Brother Royal Page Children
  Cintha [sic]
Page 46  
  Children of Doct Bates and wife
  Sarah Baptised Daniel Baptised
Page 47  
  June the 3 - 1837
  Sister Polly Baxter son was Baptised Stephen Woods
Page 48  
  The 1st Tuesday of Otober [sic]
  the Children of Brother and Sister (Edwin)? Hatch
  Edgar Elias
Page 49  
February Brother and Sister Alonzo & Maryann Dutton child was Baptised Martha Annette  
Feb 21 1845 Their son was baptised & called, Sanford Alonzo
Pages 50-68 Blank  
Pages 69  
Glover April the 27 1818  
Brethren being made to feel my dependance [sic] on God and knowing him to be a present help in trouble and distress I acknowledge him to be my God and portion forever feeling my dependance on [word started but erased and not finished] for all the blessings of this life. To him would I look and to him would I acknowledge and Confess my Sins.
O Lord I have sined [sic] before the [sic] and done Evil in thy sight by breaking the Laws and Commandments I have made a breach in the 8th Commandment by taking that which was not my own. And feeling the wound which I have brought on Christ and his Church and the wound I have made upon my profession I desire therefore to be humble for my misconduct and ask the forgivness [sic] of this Church and of those that I have injured I am hartily [sic] sorry for what I have done and know not how to make amends for it I ask the forgivness [sic] of this Congregation and society I ask all of your Prayers that my sins and errors may be forgiven of God and that I
Page 70  
may have a Heart and wisdom to walk in future as the Gospel requires and not be left to wound the Cause of Christ or bring reproach on Religion or give occasion for Brethren to Complain or the enemy to speak Reproachfully. John Hurlbutt
February 1830
There was a labour taken up with John Hurlbutt and continued till January 1831 when by avote [sic] of the Church he was cut of [sic] from all Church privilege for Neglect of Duty
ttst {sic] Stephen Woods Clerk
Page 71  
July 1832 the Church voted to withdraw fellowship from Royal Page for abreach [sic] of Church Covanant [sic] Stephen Woods Clerk
July 1832 Church voted to withdraw all fellowship from Salvina Bellnap [sic] for the crime of Adultry [sic] Nevertheless they will willingly Review testamony [sic] in her favor at any time
Atst Stephen Woods Clerk
July 1832 Church voted to withdraw fellowship from Asher Percivel [sic] till such time as he wants A reconsileation [sic] for Neglecting Duty Atst Stephen Woods Clerk
  in 1833 Asher Percivel Recevd (?) in fellowship with the Church
Died August 1834 Stephen Woods Clerk
Page 72  
Novem 4th 1839  
  at aregular [sic] Chh meeting E B Simonds moderator it was voted to give the Rev
  O Pearson a call to become our minister and Brothers E B Simonds and John Hurlbert were chosen a committee for that purpose - united with Barton Church in giving the call
  Stephen Woods Clerk
Barton Decem 31 - 1839  
  In accordance with Letters from the Chhs [sic] in Barton & Glover on Ecleastical [sic] Council Convend [sic] at the House of Rev Ora Pearson in Barton the following [cite as two (crossed out)] Delegation from the Chhs were present viz
From the Chh in Shearbrook [sic]
  Rev James Robertson Pastor
From the Chh in Compton
  Rev I Wells & L H Gildson [sic] delegates
From the Chh in Stansted [sic] L.C.
  Rev Robert Hall Pastor
  Dea Pomray [sic] delegate
From the Chh in Derby
  Rev S M Wheelock Minister
From the Chh in Covetry [sic]
  Rev L S French Minister
  Br Asahel Gray delegate
From the Chh in Craftsbury
  Br Lemuel French delegate
Page 73  
From the Chh in albany
  R R(P?)ilby a Licentale
From the Chh in Danville
  Rev A C _________ a Licentale
From the Chh in Greensboro  
  Rev Wm A Chapin Minister
  Dea Lemuel Baker Delegate
  The Council was organised [sic] by appointing Rev James Johnson Moderator & Rev Wm A Chapin Scribe Prayer was offerd [sic] By the Moderator there were Laid before the Council a coppy [sic] of the Call that was presented to the Rev Ora Pearson by the Congregational Chh's and societes [sic] in barton & glover to become there [sic] Pastor & Teacher & a statement of the Provision they Have Made For his temporal support and his answer accepting the Call also a coppy [sic] of the Minutes of the Council who Desired him from his Pastoral Charge over Chh in Kingston NH One of the Bertheren [sic] of the Clercal [sic] Association in Canada to which he has Recently belonged stated verbaly [sic] that he has bin [sic] and is highly Esteemed by them as an able and faithfull [sic] Minister of the Lord Jesus Christ the way being then prosperous in view of the Council they proceeded to hear from the
Page 74  
  Candidate statement of his view the Doctrens [sic] and duties of the Christain [sic] Religion they obtain entire satisfaction as to his theological view of this Chrstain [sic] Ministeral [sic] charrecter [sic] believeing [sic] him a scribe well instructed in the the [sic] Council being by them selves [sic] for a consultation voted that the candidate gave entire Satisfaction in his examination one fully satisfactory and that the way is now prepared to proceed to his installation of the Candidate: that we proceed the public excercieses [sic] to morow [sic] at 11 oclock AM at the Meeting House at glover village voted that the several parts of the public excersses [sic] be performed as follows-viz that the Rev L S French Crave a blessing & read aportion [sic] of Scripture: Rev Robertson offer prayer and preach the sermon Br Hubbard offer the instaling [sic] prayer Br Johnson give the charge to the Pastor Br Chapin express the fellowship to the pastor Br Hall give the charge to the people; Br Pilby (?) off
Wensday [sic] Jan 1 1840  
  the Council convened according to adjournment at the House Br E B Simonds in Glover after prayers the Council prceeded [sic] to the
Page 75  
  Meting [sic] House house [sic] where the several parts of the installating [sic] services were performed according to previous appointments. The Rev Ora Pearson was Reguley [sic] Constituted the Pastor of the Congregational Chhs in Glover and Barton
  Attest Wm d [sic] Chapin scribe James Johnson Mod Stephen Woods Clerk
Page 76  
Glover Novm th 13 - 1841  
  As a professed Dissiple [sic] of Christ and a member of this Church I feel it to be my duty to confess to this Church and Congregation that I have not lived and Set Such Example before the world as I should have done and ask for givness [sic] of the same hopeing [sic] that through the grace of God I shall be Enabled to sho [sic] to the world that I am a disciple of Christ
  Stephen G. Bliss
Novm 11 1841  
  the Chh voted to Restore the Sd Stephen G Bliss to their fellowship
  Stephen Woods Chh Clerk
Page 77  
Novm 11 1841  
  at achurch [sic] meeting it was voted to withdraw fellowship from Bryn Bean Abigal [sic] Bean Jacob W Bean Bryn Bean Jr and Sephrona [sic] Bean for neglect of duty and unchristain [sic] like Conduct alabour [sic] having bin taken agreable [sic] to Math [Matthew] 18th and no Sattisfaction [sic] given they were acordingly [sic] expeld [sic] from the Chh Stephen Woods Ch Clerk
Pages 79-80 Blank  
Page 81  
June the 8 - 1821  
  at achurch [sic] meting [sic] it was found that John Hurlbutt [sic] gilty [sic] of deception and card playing and adjourned two weeks for further concideration [sic]
  Likewise agreed to unite with the consociated (?) and Chose Timothy Lyman & Ziba Blifs to Represent the Church
June th 22 - 1821  
  at the adjourned meting [sic] it was agreed on to put up with Brother Hurlbert confesion [sic] that he had played cards but did not mean to deceiv [sic] the Brothers & sisters confesed their faults to each other and Setled [sic] all difficulties Sister Silence Woods confessed that she had [this last sentence erased and crossed out] Attest Stephen Woods Ch Clerk
Page 82  
  May 1 1823 there was alabour [sic] taken up with Thomas Williams for his Neglecting to attend meetings Neglecting the ordinance for being unkind to his family and for Stateing [sic] in aletter [sic] to Esqr Crane that he had ondone [sic] him both Soul and Body the Labour was Continued agreable [sic] to Mathew [sic] 18 till the last Wensday [sic] in October 1826 then he was cut of [sic] from the Church by avote [sic] of the Church Attest Stephen Woods Clerk
Page 83  
  The congregational Church & society are hereby requested to meet at the west meeting house in Glover on Thursday the eighth day of June next at 1, O PM To do & transact the following businefs Viz.
  1st to chose [sic] a moderator to govern sd meeting
  2nd to chose [sic] the committee for the year ensuing
  3rd to chose [sic] a collector
  4th to see what method the church & society will take to liquidate the debt now due, against them to the Rev O Pearsons
  5th to do & transact any other businefs thought proper when met
  Given under my hand this the 27th of May AD 1843 (at Glover)
  Lewis W Wright, Ch Clerk
Page 84 Blank  
Page 85  
  The Church met agreable [sic] to previous notice on Thursday the 10th of March 1842 & choice was made by ballot of Alonzo Dutton for Deacon & presiding offiser [sic] f the Church which he declined at the time but after one month of consideration & prayer he accepted
  Choice was also made on the same day of Lewis W Wright for Clerk for the Church. Stephen Woods resigned L W. Wright Clerk
Page 86  
June 15th 1843  
  The Church have become in arrears to Mr Pearson to the amount of one or two hundred dollars which was pledged to be paid by the Church therefore the clerk called a meeting on the eighth day of June to chose [sic] officers & to see what method the church would take to pay said debt Choice was made of
  T Baker Clerk
  E B Simons Committee
  S Cook
  A Dutton Collector
  Voted that the committee notify Mr Pearsons that the society are not able to pay him the sum due: Also that the committee see if Mr Pearsons will unite with them in calling an accelsiastical [sic] council to dissolve the relation betwee [sic] pastor & people
  Attest Thomas Baker Clerk Church [Clerk] protem [sic]
  As sin hath abounded may grace so much more abound. God overrules all things for his own glory. Lewis W. Wright Clerk
Page 87  
  The proceedings of the Church being made known to Mr Pearsons through the committee they received from him the following reply.
  To the congregational church and society in Glover.
  Dear Brethren & friends,
  Your request that I would join you in calling an Ecclesiastical Council to dissolve the Pastoral relation now subsisting between myself & you, I have considered with attention to prayer. Although this request when first made known to me was altogether unexpected. I do not feel myself at liberty to make any serious objections to a compliance with it. It think it however a fit occation [sic] to state briefly my views concerning the pastoral relation in general to my own in particular with you
  1 It is a divinely appointed relation. God himself has instituted it. He is to be consulted in the formation & dissolution. The will of God - the mind of the Spirit is in a very special manner to be inquired into before entering upon or breaking up this relation.
Page 88  
  In all our ways we are to acknowledge God and seek of Him a right way, but in matters which He himself has arranged, and which relate directly to the interests of His spiritual kingdom, He is more especially to be honored, by serious and earnest application to Him for wisdom.
  Most distressing to me would be the thought of entering into, or continuing in a relation which the Head of the Church did not approve - To remain your Pastor contrary to the will of the chief Shepherd could afford me no prospect of usefulness. My desire is that the Lord by the suggestions of His word Providence & Spirit, would go before me & whisper in my ear at every step, "This is the way, walk in it" -------------------------
  If a careful observation of Divine Providence, a serious examination of the Scripture & earnest prayer have led you, to the conclusion that my Pastoral relation to you should cease I am confident that such a result
Page 89  
  will be for your welfare, as a Church and society and the general advancement of religion.
  2d I would say then secondly that weighty and eternal consequences are suspended upon the formation or dissolution of the Pastoral relation.
  The duties of this relation have to do with the soul - its weal or wo forever - Solemn - subduing and hallowed are the associations of the relationship between Pastor & People. The settlement or dismission of a Minister, must have a serious bearing upon the future and eternal destiny of the souls, with which he is connected, or from which he is separated. In either case a great change takes place, in the situation both of Pastor & People whether it is to be for better or for worse, depends on the good pleasure of God. The propriety of serious consideration & fervent prayer, on the part of those immediately concerned, previous to such an event, is manifest --------------------------- Then, I am free to say, that it is my solemn conviction, that some change in our relation, seems
Page 90  
  soon, if not immediately to be demanded, you need the entire labors of a Minister, My Efforts are now so much scattered that they seem to be nearly lost, I have often and frankly stated it as my opinion, that you ought to have a whole minister - soon after entering upon my present field of labor, I was convinced that it was to extension for me profitably to cultivate. Yet the pecuniary embarrassments of the country have led me to fear that if I should abandon my labors in either town, there would not be a willingness to support a minister all the time. This
  consideration has had weight with me in deciding _?_ to, that it was advisable to do what I could, in my present situation, And I supposed it was understood & expected in both places that the arrangement made previous to my installation, would continue, at least through the present year; as no notice to the contrary was given at its commencement, And all my worldly affairs have been conducted with reference to such expectation.
  But if the Church & society in Glover, feel prepared on their
Page 91  
  part, for a change sooner, I will not wage any considerations of a personal nature to retard your proceedings ------------
  Of my deficiencies in regard to the substantial qualifications of the christian ministry, I am most painfully sensible. Those graces of elocution, & that flowing of speech which impart a charm to the performances of some public speakers I know that I do not possess. The plain and simple statement of truth is all that I can expect to attain. Should it please God to make this effectual to the good of any soul, to Him will be the glory, If He has work for me to do in the
  gospel ministry, I trust, He will open the door for me to perform it. But, I must not force my way, I f the Lord do not incline the hearts of people to contribute to my support, I cannot, of course, long continue to labor among them,
Page 92  
  In temporal concerns, I depend upon which it may please christians and others, voluntarily to do for me - Or, rather, I consider myself entirely dependent on the Lord, who gives me my daily bread through the voluntary contributions of his people, and others who may be disposed to lend their aid.
  At your request, I undertook my labors in Glover, and as your Servent [sic] for Jesus' sake. I have thus far continued them. And now if in your mind it seems desirable that my labors among you should close- if you feel yourselves unable to minister to me in "carnal things", without imposing upon yourselves a burden to [sic] heavy to be borne, it ill becomes me to insist upon retaining my present situation, contrary to your wishes & your interest.
  Should it therefore on the review, be your deliberate conviction, that the interests of religion among you, require that my pastoral relations be immediately dissolved
Page 93  
  I am ready to join with you in calling an Ecclesiastical council, to which shall be referred the consideration & decision of the matter. Separations & changes are to be expected on earth. Pastors & People must be divided by death, if not before, All these things are ordered by the Head of the Church, To Him, I wish to submit the whole.
  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. is the prayer of your
  Sincere Friend & Pastor
  O. Pearson.
  August 11, 1843
  A True Copy Lewis. W. Wright Clerk
Page 94  
  The Church met on Thursday Feby 8th agreable [sic] to previous notice choice was made of E B Simons moderator Prayer was then offered by the Rev Mr Johnson of Irasburg. Remarks by Rev Mefsrs Johnson & French also by Mr Iiles (?) of Coventry who were chosen by the Ecclesiastical Counsal [sic] as a committee to visit the Churches in Barton & Glover. Closing Prayer by Mr French After the Committee retired the Church voted to alter to amend the first clause of the vote taken last June so that it shall read,
  1 We do not feel able to continue to pay the Rev O Pearsons the amt which we agreed to;
  2 voted that we will pay to the Rev O Pearsons all the back arrearges [sic] which is due to him from this church,
  3 voted to pay said debt by an afsefsment on their several subscriptions,
  4 chose A Dutton & L W Wright to make out sd tax
  5 That we think it expedient under the present circumstances for the counsel to dissolve the relation now existing between the Rev O Pearsons & this church
  Glover Feb 8th 1844 Attest L W Wright Clerk
Page 95  
Glover Feb 1844  
  An acclesiastial [sic] counsel met by mutual consent of the church & Rev O Pearsons on the last of Jan but not comeing [sic] to an agreement to dismifs the Rev O Pearsons they adg'd [sic] four weeks when they agreed to dissolve the pastoral relation esisting [sic] between the Rev O Pearsons & this Church Lewis W Wright Clerk
Page 96  
  The members of the Con Church of Glover are hereby notified & warned to meet at the town Hall on Thursday the tenth day of April next at 3 O clock PM to do & transact the following businefs Viz
  1 to chose [sic] a moderator to govern s.d meeting
  2 to chose [sic] officers for the year ensuing viz Clerk committee & c.
  3rd to do & transact any other businefs thought proper when met
  Given under my hand this 17th day of march 1845 Lewis W Wright Church Clerk
Page 97  
April 10th 1845  
  The Church met agreable [sic] to notice &
  1st chose E B Simonds moderator
  2d ED Conant Clerk
  3d E B Simonds N A Blanchard Thomas Baker Committee
  4 Alex H. O hara colector [sic]
  The case of Mrs Laura Bean was then calld [sic] up her news wer [sic] presented and read (see file) that all are destined to one eternal happy home in heaven & c
  Voted that the Clerk be instructed to request Mrs Laura Bean to attend a church meeting on the 2d Thursday in May at the Town Hall E. D. Conant Clerk
  May 8 1845 The Church met according to their regular apointment [sic] and the case of Mrs Laura Bean was calld [sic] up when the church voted that She be excomunicated [sic]. Church Labor having been taken with her agreable [sic] with the Gospel rules found her guilty of
Page 98  
  embracing universal Doctriny [sic] and of neglecting the 6th article in the convenant
  E.D. Conant Clerk
Westfield May 1844  
  To the Congregational Church in Glover
  In the communication which I made to you some months ago in relation to brother Lewis Barber There was one circumstance omitted which those feeling Grieved wished me to communicate it is this. At a church meeting it was remarked that the letter which had been voted to give brother Barber better be post poned [sic] till brother streeter might have an opportunity of seeing him or
  to send a letter to him The clerk of the church being absent at that meeting and ignorant of the proposal to wait longer sent the Letter
  Yours in Christian Love
  James D. Niles Pastor
  Recorded Jun 7 1845 E.D. Conant Clerk
Page 99  
  Agreable [sic] to the request of Browngton [sic] Church to the Church in Barton or Glover fo- [crossed out] a delegate to attend a council to be holden at Brownington on the 17 inst Ziba Blifs was chosen Delegate & NA Blanchard Substitute
Sept 12 1845 E. D. Conant Clerk  
  At a meeting of the Church held this day at the village meeting House the church voted to admit as members of this Church
  Mrs Lydia H Stone by Letter from the Church in Hancock NH
  John Farr & his wife ----- Tryphena M Farr by Letter from the Church in Littleton NH
  Chose John Farr Church Clerk
  Mrs _blank_ Clark sent in a letter from the Church in St. Johnsbury which was not accepted and a committee consisting of E B Simonds & Lewis Wright was chosen to see Mrs Clark and report to the Church
  Glover March 24th 1848 John Farr Clerk
Page 100  
  The committee appointed to see Mrs Clark - haveing [sic] attended to the duty assigned them and reported favourable to her reception on their (?) 15th day of November the Church voted unanimously to receive her to the fellowship & communion of this church
  Glover Nov 15th 1848 Attest John Farr Clerk
  At a meeting of the Church held this 16th day of July 1849 at the Hall of E B & I Simonds voted anommously [sic] to receive Mrs Betsey A O Hara to the fellowship & communion of this Church by Letter from the Methodist Episcopal Church -
  voted that hereafter this Church- have a communion season once in two months or as near that as is practable [sic] -
Glover Feby 16th 1849 John Farr Clerk
Page 101  
  At a meeting of the Church held this day at the Hall of E B & I Simonds Mrs Mary Ann Webber presented a Letter of Reccommendation [sic] from the Methodist E Church South Hardwick and on mater was unanimously admitted as a member of this Chuch [sic] -
  Solomon Osgood Stone & Peargo Christy Stone children of Rev Levi H [Huntoon] Stone & Charles Albert Farr son of John & Tryphena M Farr were consecrated by Baptism -
  Glover Aug 4th 1849 John Farr Clerk
  Septr 2d 1849 By unanimous vote of the church Leonard B Waldo was dismissed from this Church & reccommended [sic] to the Church in Methuen Massachusetts John Farr Clerk
Page 102  
  Glover Decr 29th 1849 By unanimous vote of the church John Farr & wife was dismissed from this church in Glover & recommended to the church in Littleton N. Hampshire
  A.H. O'Hara Clerk
  Decr 29th 1849 at A meeting of the Congl church A.H. O'Hara was chosen clerk in plase [sic] of John Farr removed to Littleton N. Hampshire
  December 18th 1850 By vote of this church A Letter of Recommendation was ordered to John Hurlbert of Hartford, Vt
also A H O'Hara Clerk
  Decr 18th 1850 at A meeting of the Congl Church in Glover Mrs. Irena Owen presented her views of religeon [sic] & requisted [sic] to become A member of said church, & was Propounded By A unaninous [sic] vote to become A member at the first communion.
  Attest A H O'Hara Clerk
  Jany 1st 1851 At A meeting of the church held this day at the Hall of E B & I Simonds Miss Eleanor H Garfield was propounded for admission to Become A member of this Church At the first communion By Unimous [sic] vte [sic]
  Attest A.H. O'Hara Clerk
Page 103  
  At a meeting of the church held this day at the Hall of E B & K Simonds Mrs Mary Wright presented A Letter of recommendation from the Congl Church in Craftsbury and on vote was unanimously admitted A member of this Church
Glover January 1st 1851 Attest A.H. O'Hara Clerk
  At A meeting of the Church held this day at the meeting house Mrs Martha French presented A Letter of Recommendation from the Congl church in West Hartford and on vote was unanimously admitted A member of this Church Glover April 25th 1851 Attest A.H. O'Hara Ch Clerk
  At a meeting of the Church held this day at the Meeting house at West Glovr [sic] Mrs Nancy Cutler & Mrs Mirande [sic] Blifs was propounded for admission to become members of Church at the first communion by unanimous vote Glover May 7th 1851 Attest A.H. O'Hara Clerk
Page 104  
  July 13 1851 William Haydden [sic] Son of Lewis W. Wright was Baptized [sic]
  Attest A.H. O'Hara Ch Clerk
  Sunday Nove 9th 1851 Baptized at the West Meeting House on Sunday Nove 9th 1851
  Martha Jannie & Henry Willis Children of Stephen G. Blifs
  Also Lyman & Ann, Children of Lewis Barber
  Glover Nove 14th 1851 Attest A H O'Hara Clerk
  Died in Glover Feb. 16th 1852 Mrs Lydia H. Wife of Rev L. H. Stone
  Attest A H O'Hara Clerk
  Friday Sept 3d 1852 At A meeting of this Church held at the metting [sic] [house] in Glover village Mrs Wm Hibberd Presented A [letter] of recommendation from the Congrel Church in Danville Vt & on vote was unanimously admitted A member of this Church
  Ezra Alexander O'Hara Son of A. H. & Betsey A O'Hara was Consecrated By Baptism
Glover Sept 3 A.D. 1852 Attest A. H. O'Hara Clerk
Page 105  
West Glover Nov 7th 1852  
  Baptised and Recd to the church Mrs. Olive B. Mason also David Barber Son of Lewis Barber was consecrated By Baptism Attest A H. O'Hara Clerk
Saturday Nove 6th 1852  
  at A meeting of the Congl Church held at West Glover Lewis W. Wright was appointed Committee to ascertain wither [sic] Cyrus Bemus & wife were ever members of this church by Letter from Church in Barton & report as soon as next meeting A. H. O'Hara Clerk
  Voted that the report of L W Wright Be axcepec [sic] & the names Cyrus Bemus of Barton is to be recorded among the names of the members of this Church also the name of his wife now Desceased [sic] Should also Be recorded in connection with that of Mr Bemus
  L W Wright Clerk protem [sic]
  Attest A. H. O'Hara Clerk
Page 106  
Glover Sept 2nd 1853  
  at A Preparitory [sic] Lecture at the meeting House in Glover village Mrs Mary O'Hara Presented A Letter of recommendation From the Presbeterian [sic] Church of Bricknaw Irelan [sic] & was admitted by A unamious [sic] vote of this Church Attest A. H. O'Hara Clerk
  Also at the same time & place Oliver O'Hara & Caroline R. Damon & Mary L. Webber was Propounded for admission to become members of this Church at the first communon [sic] By unamious [sic] vote Glover Sept. 2nd 1853 Attest A. H. O'Hara Clerk
  Baptized Sunday Sept 4th 1853 Caroline R. Damon also Mary Ellen Daughter of Stephen G. & Miranda Blifs Attest A. H. O'Hara Clerk
Page 107  
  Glover Nove 10 1853 Baptised Ann E. Strong & admitted to this Church By Proffession [sic]
  Attest A H O'Hara Clerk
  Admitted to this Church By Proffession [sic] Alma Webber Feb 10 1854 A. H. O'Hara Clerk
  Glover Feb 24th 1854 At A meeting of the Congl Church held at the meeting House at Glover village Reve [sic] L H. Stone Moderator the case of Cyrus Bemus & Isaac Wyman was called up & L. W. Wright presented his report which may be found in church files.
  Vote that L. W. Wright & S. F. Cook Be A comm to Confer with Mr Bemus and Mr Wyman & requist [sic] them to attend A meeting of this Cuhurch [sic] to be held at this place on next Friday March 3d 1854 at 3 oclock P.M. voted to adjourn Attest A.H. O'Hara Ch Clerk
  Glovr [sic] village March 3d 1854 Met according to adjournment & the meeting opned [sic] By Prayer the report of the committee appointed to confer with Cyrus Bemus & Isaac Wyman Called for & report prented [sic]
Page 108 Blank  
Page 109  
  May 7th 1857 Mrs Mary Wright dismifsed from this Church to the Church in Craftsbury
  May 7 1857 Mrs Alma Guild Dismissed from this Church to the Church in Irasburgh
Page 110 Blank  
Page 111  
  By request & vote of Church A Letter was given to Br E D Conant & wife Betsey L Conant to the Congl Church in Somervill Mass March 22nd 1855 Attest A.H. O'Hara Clerk
  By request & vote of the Church A Letter was given to Mrs Mary Wright to the congl Church in Craftsbury May 7th 1857 A H O'Hara Ch Clerk
  & Mrs Alma Guild to the Congl Church in Irasburgh May 7th 1857 A H O'Hara Church Clerk
  July 19 1857 Mrs Azubah Barber was this day admitted as A member of this church By Letter from congl Church in Westfield
  Admitted by Proffession [sic] [listed in one column]
  Martha A. Dutton Martha C Cook Baptised Celestia Cheeney [sic] Baptised
  Mrs Emily Lewis Baptised Mrs Sophrona [sic] Ceney [sic] Baptised Ruby Barber
  July 19 Grace Mira Daughter of S G Bliss was conscetad [sic] By Baptism at the same time.
  Sept 20th 1857 Elizabeth & Adeline, children of Sister Eliza Clark were baptised.
Page 112  
  at A meeting of the ch at West Glover on Sabbath Dec 27th 1857 L. N. Woodruff on behalf of himself & W D Flagg presented a requist [sic] that the church unite with the ch in Barton by the Appointment of a committee to invite a council for the ordination of these individuals as Evangalists [sic] in connection with these Chuchs [sic].
  The ch aceded [sic] to the requist [sic] & appointed Lewis Barber & Dea A Dutton as the committee confering [sic] with a similar committee from the congl ch in Barton mamely [sic] Daniel Smith & S. F. Skinner the requsite [sic] Letters missives were addressed to the Chs in Albany Vt Brownington Charleston Coventry Craftsbury Greensboro Irasburgh & North Andover Mass
  the council assembled & acted as reported in the following copy of its minuts [sic]
Page 113  
Glover Vt Jany 6th 1858  
  Pursuant to letters missive an Exclesucstical [sic] Council convened at the congl meeting House in this place to take into considereation [sic] the expediency of ordaning [sic] L N Woodruff & Wm D Flagg as Evanglists [sic] in connection with the respected Churchs [sic] of Glover & Barton
  the Council organised [sic] with the Following members
  Albany Rev P. Bailey Dea M Person Delegate
  Brownington Rev S. R . Hall Br D. H Austin
  Coventry Rev A R Gray
  Greensboro J P Stone [James Palmer]
    Dea Saml Baker
  Irasburgh Brs M Kimball & I Guild
  N. Andover Mass Rev L. H. Cobb
  Appointed Rev S.R. Hall moderator and A. R. Gray Scribe Prayer By the moderator
  voted to invite Rev J. F. [John Fitch] Stone of Montpliar [sic] to sit as corresponding member
  the candidates presented certificates evidence of Ch membership & Literary Mamments [sic] Satisfactory to the council
Page 114  
  After Discussing the Queston [sic] as to the prperety [sic] of ordaning [sic] the candidates as Evangalists [sic] without settlement the council resolved 1st that the council hold that ordination Should be limited to cases where the pasoral [sic] relation is to be formed or where the work of an Evanglist [sic] proper is contempletad [sic] 2d that in view of all the circustances [sic] considred [sic] with the present condition of Fields where the Candidates are expected to labor it is expedient to give them ordination as Evangalists. The candidates gave a relation of thier [sic]
  personal religious experience & the Ground of thir [sic] hope thier [sic] reasons for desiring to enter the Gospel ministry Mr Woodruff read a joint communication expressive of the doctrinal views of the candidates after Some further examinations the council voted it to be Satisfactory
  voted to adjourn to the house of Mr Simonds Council met pursuant to adjourment [sic] & proceedid [sic] to assin [sic] the parts as follows, reading Scriptures & Introductory Prayer Rev P. Bailey Sermon J. P. Stone ordaning [sic] Prayer Rev S. R. Hall charge to the candidates Rev A. R. Gray R. Hand of Fellowship L. H. Cobb Charge to the people Rev J. F. Stone voted to proceed to the public excercises [sic] which were performed as arranged
  S.R. Hall Monderator [sic] A.H. O'Hara Ch Clerk
  A.R. Gray Scribe
Page 115  
Glover Jany 17th 1858  
  Elisabeth L. Gilman was admitted By Proffession [sic] & Baptised at the same time
  A. H. O'Hara Ch. clerk
  March 7th 1858 Horatio Linden, son of sister Hannah French, was baptized.
  At a regular meeting of the Congl Church holden at the East meeting [house] Sept 10th 1858 Revd Mr Perkins presiding Cintha [sic] L. Strong Ellen J Strong Angiline [sic] Randall presented themselves as candidates for admifsion to the Church a relation of thier [sic] experience and A vote taken on each as being Satisfied with then [sic] the [sic] were admitted to the Church
  Attest E.B. Simonds Clerk protem [sic]
[in pencil] United Sept. 12th  
Page 116  
  A. H. O'Hara Clerk Congl Ch Glover
  Mary C Philips & Julia E Foster examined at church meeting April 17th 1858 and approved by vote Praparatory [sic] Lecture April 30th and Recieved [sic] by profession & baptised May 2d 1858
  Attest L. Woodruff A H O'Hara Ch Clerk
Pages 117-126 Blank  
Page 127  
  Deacon Stephen Woods died on the last of July of the consumption having served the church as clerk & deacon a long time He was above 70 years of Age & died much lamented. Aug. 4th 1844
  O Lord God we will acknowledge that we have sinned gainst [sic] thee & that we are now in a low conditon [sic] but our hope is in our God revive thy work for thy great nanes [sic] sake for our enemies triumph over our fallen condition Yet O God we believe that the truth will prevail we believe that thou wilt overthrow error & build up the Church. Have mercy upon us O God or
  we perish. [Word(s) erased] we fear not to trust in thee, therefore to thy name be [word erased] all the Glory
Aug 1844 Lewis W. Wright  
Pages 128-44 Blank and numbered  
Pages 145-170 Not numbered  
Page 171 Not numbered  
  Who will uphold the church, the Lord God of Hosts. As man is totally depraved it would sink & utterly perish if if [sic] it were not for the arm of Omnipotance [sic] As the older members bye [crossed out] die Thou wilt O Lord convert the youth and children & make pillers [sic] of them. With God there is hope therefore although the church fall it shall rise again Lewis W Wright
Oct 1843  
Pages 172-176 Blank & not numbered  
This transcription is a true and accurate copy of the contents of the first and original book of the Congregational Church of Glover, Vermont, 1811-1858, with the following exceptions: 1) It has been formatted in the interests of space and to allow for easier reference. 2) Certain words are not noted as being incorrect spellings [sic], such as the abbreviations and spellings used for dismissed, baptized and church, for instance, as it would have taken too much space and created unnecessary confusion in the reading. Spelling and grammar, however, are as they were, and true to the original.
The book was found in my mother's briefcase, the contents of which were very dear to her, and also included originals of Hannah Parker's funeral sermon from 1811 and the "Discourse Preached by Rev. S.K.B. Perkins at the Semi-centennial Celebration of the First Congregational Church of Glover, Vt., July 12th, 1867." We have since learned that the documents were entrusted to my parents after a terrible fire in Glover, to be kept in the safe at my father's business which also protected her briefcase.
West Glover is an important part of my heritage and I have spent many happy times there. I am so pleased, on behalf of the Cree family, to have had the opportunity to return these documents to those who will treasure them and keep them safe for posterity and for the study of the history of the Towns of Glover and West Glover. They are now in the hands of the Orleans County Historical Society, Brownington, Vermont.
Rachel Ann Cree Sherman

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