Congregational Church
1803 to 1890

List of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
East Hardwick, Caledonia Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Items listed in blue are hand written in the booklet
Pastors Ordained or Installed Dismissed or Died  
Rawson, Nathaniel O Feb 13, 1811 Dis May 30, 1817  
Loomis, Jacob N. O Jan 2, 1822 Dis Jan 1830  
Page, Robert I Sept 25, 1833 Dis June 1835  
Wright, Chester I June 15, 1837 Died April 1840  
Hubbard, Austin O. I July 7, 1841 Dis May 1, 1843  
Underwood, Joseph I Dec 9, 1846 Dis Feb 2, 1858  
Torrey, Joseph Jr. O May 30, 1860 Dis Feb 1, 1875  
Gordon, Charles E. I June 19, 1878 Dis June 30, 1882  
Rogers, Edwin E. I Sept 1, 1886 Dis Dec 8, 1887  
Deacons Elected Dismissed or Died  
Fuller, Thomas Elected July 29, 1803 Died Dec 1, 1823  
Bailey, Charles Elected April 26, 1811 Died Aug 21, 1839  
Pierce, Ebenezer Elected May 16, 1811 Dis Oct 27, 1816  
Whipple, Joel Elected June 28, 1821 Died June 12, 1827  
Strong, Elnathan Elected 1826 Died June 19, 1843  
French, Daniel Elected June 29, 1837 Died March 3, 1863  
Bell, James D. Elected June 29, 1837 Died Dec 6, 1880  
Stevens, Joseph M. Elected Mar 25, 1859 Died Aug 11, 1887  
Bailey, Charles M. Elected Feb 25, 1877 Dis (Dec) 26, 1902  
Adgate, Luther W. Elected Mar 1, 1884 Dis Dec 1901  
Bell, Charles J. Elected June 11, 1889 Dis 1897  
DeFord, Henry Elected June 11, 1889    
Weeks, Walter Elected Dec 27, 1901    
Goodrich, Drury Elected Dec 27, 1901    
Farrington, Charles Elected Dec 26, 1902    
Members date joined Joined by  
Whipple, Francis July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Hall, Elias July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Cobb, Lemuel July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Goodrich, Levi July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Fuller, Thomas July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Nay, John July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Curtis, Jonathan July 29, 1803 Charter Member  
Whipple, Mrs. Priscilla July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Hall, Mrs. Judith July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Adams, Mrs. Betsey July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Bell, Mrs. Lucy July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Bailey, Mrs. Abigail July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Cheever, Mrs. Zeruah July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Curtis, Mrs. Eunice July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Fuller, Mrs. Lydia July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Nay, Mrs. John July 31, 1803 Charter Member  
Bundy, James 1805 Profession  
Bailey, Martha 1805 Profession  
Fuller, Melinda 1806 Profession  
Thomas, Mrs. Jerusha 1807 or 1808 Profession  
Goss, John 1807 or 1808 Letter  
Goss, Mrs. Catharine 1807 or 1808 Letter  
French, Mrs. Lydia 1807 or 1808 Letter  
Fuller, Mrs. Letitia 1807 or 1808 Letter  
French, Daniel 1809 Profession  
French, Mrs. Sarah 1809 Profession  
Chamberlin, Mrs. Lydia 1809 Letter  
Chandler, Mrs. Mercy 1810 Letter  
Town, Green 1810 Letter  
Town, Mrs. Lucy 1810 Letter  
Whipple, Mrs. Patty 1810 Letter  
Cobb, Mrs. Abigail 1810 Profession  
Hibbard, Mrs. Mary 1810 Profession  
Bailey, Mrs. Judith 1810 Profession  
Shedd, Abijah 1810 Profession  
Shedd, Mrs. Catharine 1810 Profession  
Eaton, Jeduthun 1810 Profession  
Thomas, William 1810 Profession  
Eddy, Anna 1810 Profession  
Curtis, Alice 1810 Profession  
Smith, Peres 1810 Profession  
Smith, Mrs. Sally 1810 Profession  
Cobb, Mrs. Lucina 1810 Profession  
Clark, William 1810 Profession, Excommunicated  
Joslyn, Henry 1810 Letter  
Joslyn, Mrs. Sally 1810 Letter  
Cobb, Lemuel Jr. 1810 Profession  
Strong, Elnathan 1810 Profession  
Edwards, Avery 1810 Profession  
Edwards, Mrs. Augusta 1810 Profession  
Bailey, Mira 1810 Profession  
Cobb, Sally 1810 Profession  
Cobb, Nabby 1810 Profession  
Cate, Polly 1810 Profession  
Chamberlin, William 1810 Profession  
Chamberlin, Daniel 1810 Letter  
Chamberlin, Webster 1810    
Chamberlin, Moses 1810 Profession  
Chamberlin, Mrs. Mary 1810 Profession  
Stevens, Samuel 1810 Profession  
Stevens, Mrs. Puah 1810 Profession  
Stevens, Julia 1810 Profession  
Davis, Emily 1810 Profession  
Weeks, Mrs. Mary 1810    
Pierce, Ebenezer 1810 Profession  
Pierce, Mrs. Julia 1810 Profession  
Bailey, Charles Jr. 1810 Profession  
Bailey, Mrs. Polly 1810 Profession  
Warner, Samuel 1810 Profession  
Clark, Mrs. Elizabeth 1810 Profession  
Whipple, Joel 1810 Profession  
Whipple, Mrs. Martha 1810 Profession  
Cheever, William 1810 Profession  
Brown, Bethcar 1810    
Bailey, Charles 1810 Profession  
Collyer, Mrs. Nancy 1810 Profession  
Denny, Harriet 1810 Profession  
Brown, John 1810 Letter  
Brown, Mrs. Betsey 1810 Letter  
Estabrooks, Heraldus 1810 Letter  
Warner, Alpha 1811 Profession  
Ruggles, Benjamin 1811 Profession  
Ruggles, Mrs. Susannah 1811 Profession  
Chamberlin, Lydia 1811    
Weeks, Lemuel 1811 Profession  
Giffin, Mrs. Betsey 1811 Profession  
Goodrich, Asahel 1811 Profession  
Paige, Reid 1811 Profession  
Davis, Mrs. Mary 1811 Profession  
Fuller, Timothy P. 1811 Profession  
Hale, Nabby 1811 Letter  
French, Mrs. Catherine 1811 Letter  
Rawson, Mrs. Betsey 1811 Letter  
Swett, Valentine 1812 Profession  
Swett, Mrs. Sophia 1812 Profession  
West, Mrs. Sarah 1812    
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah 1812 Profession  
Fuller, Mrs. Mary 1814 Letter  
Conant, Abel 1816 Letter  
Conant, Mrs. Lydia 1816 Letter  
Davis, Samuel 1816 Profession  
Bundy, Mrs. 1816 Letter  
Ewell, Isaac 1816 Profession  
Stevens, Mary 1817 Letter  
Foster, Enoch 1817 Profession  
Foster, Mrs. Susannah 1817 Profession  
Morse, Amasa 1817 Profession  
Morse, Mrs. Abigail 1817 Profession  
Underwood, Silas 1817 Profession  
Underwood, Mrs. Lucy L. 1817 Profession  
Hall, Jonas 1817 Profession  
Hall, Mrs. Lurana 1817 Profession  
Bailey, Ward 1817 Profession  
Cobb, Mrs. Abigail B. 1817 Profession  
Goodrich, Mrs. Miriam 1817 Profession  
Bailey, Mrs. Susan 1817 Profession  
Babbitt, Mrs. Sally 1817 Profession  
Tuttle, Mrs. Harriet 1817 Profession  
Fuller, Rebecca P. 1817 Profession  
Doty, Sally W. 1817 Profession  
Morse, Almira 1817 Profession  
Goss, Eliza 1817 Profession  
Adams, Sally D. 1817 Profession  
Davis, Emeline 1817 Profession  
Farnham, Anne E. 1817 Profession  
Flint, William S. 1817 Profession  
Paige, Lucinda 1817 Profession  
Livermore, Levi 1817 Profession  
Livermore, Mrs. Lavina 1817 Profession  
Putnam, Mrs. Martha 1817 Letter  
Davis, Louisa 1817 Letter  
Conant, James 1818 Profession  
Conant, Mrs. Sarah 1818 Profession  
Holmes, Mrs. Mehitable 1818 Profession  
Conant, Rebecca 1818 Profession  
Putnam, John 1818 Letter  
Cutler, Susan 1818 Profession  
Tuttle, Mrs. Anna 1818 Profession  
Marsh, Mrs. Martha 1818 Profession  
Stevens, Ezoa 1818 Profession  
Boardman, Amos 1820 Profession  
Boardman, Mrs. Lydia 1820 Profession  
Aiken, Mary 1820 Profession  
Delano, Lewis H. 1820 Profession  
Wheatley, Ward 1820 Profession  
Conant, Thurston 1820 Profession  
Goss, Luke 1820 Profession  
Fuller, Mrs. Rebecca 1820 Profession  
Paige, Mrs. Eunice 1820 Profession  
Chandler, Rebecca 1820 Profession  
Chandler, Polly 1820 Profession  
Stevens, Mrs. Sarah 1820 Letter  
Warner, Mrs. Anna 1821 Letter  
Marsh, Thomas 1821 Letter  
Marsh, Mrs. Eliza 1821 Letter  
Farnham, Aaron 1821 Letter  
Farnham, Mrs. Florella 1821 Letter  
Spaulding, Nathan B. 1821 Letter  
Spaulding, Mrs. Sophia 1821 Letter  
Marsh, Edmund 1821 Profession  
Marsh, Mrs. Lucretia 1821 Letter  
Marsh, Samuel 1821 Profession  
Marsh, Mrs. Hannah 1821 Profession  
Hall, Asabel 1821 Profession  
Hall, Mrs. Rebecca 1821 Profession  
Clark, Mosely 1821 Letter  
Clark, Mrs. Parthena 1821 Letter  
Foster, Jonathan 1821 Letter  
Foster, Mrs. Leafy 1821 Letter  
Cushman, Mrs. Anna 1821 Letter  
Shepley, Mrs. Betsey 1821 Letter  
French, Mrs. Rebecca 1821 Letter  
Warner, Mrs. Emily 1821 Letter  
Conant, Margaret 1821 Letter  
Foster, Mrs. Rhoda 1821 Letter  
Goss, Mrs. Sophia 1821 Letter  
Loomis, Rev. Jacob N. 1822 Letter  
Loomis, Mrs. Deborah 1822 Letter  
Swett, Nancy 1822    
Paige, Paul 1822 Letter  
Stevens, Puah 1822 Profession  
Crossman, Alanson 1822 Letter  
Strong, Mrs. Jane 1822 Letter  
Flint, Mrs. Cynthia 1822 Letter  
Bell, Eliza 1822 Profession  
Putney, Ira 1823 Profession  
Brown, Samuel 1823 Profession  
Weeks, Willis L. 1823 Profession  
Stevens, Mrs. Abigail 1823 Profession  
Bailey, Abigail 1823 Profession  
Noyes, Ephraim 1824 Letter  
Ladd, James 1825 Letter  
Ladd, Mrs. Charity 1825 Letter  
Brown, Mrs. Abigail 1825 Letter  
Hancock, Mrs. Hannah 1826 Profession  
Marsh, Mrs. Achsah 1826 Letter  
Smith, Mrs. Amelia S. 1826 Profession  
Shepard, Mrs. Amanda 1826 Profession  
Shepley, Eliza 1826 Profession  
Shepley, Samuel 1826 Profession  
Livermore, Eunice 1826 Profession  
Livermore, Clarissa 1826 Profession  
Cobb, Abigail 1826 Profession  
Davis, Mary A. 1826 Profession  
Stevens, Ursula 1826 Profession  
Stevens, Simeon H. 1826 Profession  
Stevens, Emma 1826 Profession  
Stevens, Charles H. 1826 Profession  
Giffin, Hannah 1826 Profession  
Collyer, Jane F. 1826 Profession  
Doty, Deborah 1826 Profession  
Cutler, Bradley B. 1826 Profession  
Whipple, Horatio N. 1826 Profession  
Garvin, Henry 1826 Profession  
Towne, Solomon F. 1826 Profession  
Ellsworth, Oliver 1826 Profession  
Farnham, Mrs. Martha E. 1826 Letter  
Putnam, Maria 1826 Profession  
Bailey, Mary 1826 Profession  
Marsh, Washington 1827 Letter  
Marsh, Mrs. Rhoda 1827 Letter  
Ladd, Mrs. Thankful 1827 Letter  
Davis, Mrs. Roxana 1827 Letter  
Delano, Mrs. Maria 1827 Profession  
Bell, Lucy S. 1827 Profession  
Bell, Mary L. 1827 Profession  
Powers, Mary E. 1829 Profession  
Knight, Rebecca 1830 Profession  
Powers, Martha 1830 Profession  
Putnam, Mrs. Charlotte 1830 Letter  
Joslyn, Apphia 1831 Profession  
Stevens, Jonathan 1832 Profession  
Stevens, Levi O. 1832 Profession  
Bell, James 1832 Profession  
Bell, James D. 1832 Profession  
Bell, Eunice A. 1832 Profession  
Collyer, S. Marinda 1832 Profession  
Bell, Jane J. 1832 Profession  
Smith, Amelia A. 1832 Profession  
Cobb, John 1832 Profession  
Cobb, Luke 1832 Profession  
Cobb, Anson N. 1832 Profession  
Cobb, Sarah 1832 Profession  
Cobb, Lemuel 1832 Profession  
Sewell, Charles B. 1832 Profession  
Sewell, Mrs. Anna 1832 Profession  
Warner, Jonathan 1832 Profession  
Davis, Bliss N. 1832 Profession  
Davis, Alma 1832 Profession  
Davis, Abigail 1832 Profession  
Davis, George 1832 Profession  
Davis, Samuel Jr. 1832 Profession  
Tuttle, David 1832 Profession  
Tuttle, Lucy A. 1832 Profession  
Tuttle, Roxana H. 1832 Profession  
Tuttle, Mary C. 1832 Profession  
Wright, Nathan 1832 Profession  
Wright, Mrs. Ruennah 1832 Letter  
Bean, Reuben 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Mary S. 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Susan C. 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Judith 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Harriet N. 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Charles 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Whitefield 1832 Profession  
Bailey, Mrs. Fanny 1832 Letter  
Bailey, Lucy 1832 Profession  
Whipple, Charles 1832 Profession  
Marsh, William T. 1832 Profession  
Collyer, Mary A. 1832 Profession  
Collyer, William 1832 Profession  
Hancock, Melina J. 1832 Profession  
Marsh, Almira 1832 Profession  
Stevens, Samuel F. 1832 Profession  
Morse, Nathan W. 1832 Profession  
Giffin, Lydia 1832 Profession  
Cotes, Peres P. 1832 Profession  
Cotes, Mrs. Florella 1832 Profession  
Farnham, Laura 1832 Profession  
Farnham, Harriet 1832 Profession  
Livermore, Levi W. 1832 Profession  
Crossman, Eliza 1832    
Stevens, Augusta 1832 Profession  
Wells, Truman 1833 Letter  
Wells, Mrs. Wealthy 1833 Letter  
Wells, Melinda N. 1833 Letter  
Jordan, Mrs. Laura 1833 Letter  
Shepley, Daniel 1834 Profession  
Whipple, Lucy M. 1834 Profession  
Page, Mrs. Oliva A. 1834 Profession  
Shepley, James 1836 Profession  
Stevens, Mrs. Cynthia W. 1836 Profession  
Bell, Mrs. Caroline W. 1837    
Wright, Mrs. Charlotte C. 1837 Letter  
Stuart, Job 1837 Letter  
Stuart, Mrs. Mary 1837 Letter  
Stevens, Joseph M. 1837 Profession  
Marsh, Mehitable 1837 Profession  
Cobb, Mrs. Arabella W. 1838 Profession  
French, Caroline 1838 Profession  
Cobb, Eliza N. 1838 Profession  
Mason, Benjamin 1838 Letter  
Morse, Samuel 1838 Letter  
Snow, Harriet E. 1838 Profession  
Strong, Harriet E. 1839 Profession  
Smith, Laura E. 1839 Profession  
Clark, Betsey L. 1839 Profession  
Cheever, Mrs. Adeline 1839 Letter  
Smith, Albert R. 1839 Profession  
Burbank, Mrs. Emily C. 1839 Letter  
Wright, Eliza M. 1839 Profession  
Sanborn, Mrs. Abigail 1839 Letter  
Sanborn, Abigail G. 1839 Letter  
Morey, Ephraim N. 1839 Profession  
Foss, Mrs. Roxana 1839 Letter  
Crosby, Polly 1840 Letter  
Sanborn, Caroline E. 1840 Letter  
Phelps, Julius 1840 Profession  
Phelps, Mrs. Cynthia 1840 Profession  
Bailey, Enoch H. M. 1840 Profession  
Cotes, Sarah A. 1840 Profession  
Farnham, Martha E. 1840 Profession  
Wright, Helen 1840 Profession  
Morse, Mrs. Malvina 1841 Letter  
Hubbard, Mrs. Julia A. 1841 Letter  
Marsh, Mary F. 1841 Profession  
Noyes, Charles C. 1841 Profession  
Underwood, Mrs. Betsey 1842 Letter  
Nutting, Mrs. Helena 1842 Letter  
Warner, Adeline 1842 Letter  
Warner, Mary J. R. 1842 Letter  
Walker, Moses T. 1842 Letter  
Gage, James W. 1842 Letter  
Sanborn, Mrs. S. Percy 1842 Letter  
Burbank, Lyman 1842 Profession  
Goodrich, Louisa 1842 Profession  
Jordan, Ammon H. 1846 Letter  
Jordan, C. Louisa 1846 Letter  
Blake, Henry Jr. 1846 Letter  
Blake, Mrs. Rosanna 1846 Profession  
Underwood, Lucy A. 1846 Profession  
Delano, Mrs. Eliza W. 1847 Profession  
Kellogg, Erastus 1848 Letter  
Kellogg, Mrs. Judith 1848 Letter  
Delano, Lydia M. 1848 Profession  
Aiken, Mrs. Susan R. 1848 Letter  
Smiley, Mrs. Sarah 1848 Letter  
Chamberlin, Peaslee B. 1849 Letter  
Smith, Charles S. 1849 Letter  
French, Mrs. Susan H. 1850 Letter  
Underwood, Silas Jr. 1850 Letter, Excommunicated  
Noyes, Edwin N. 1850 Profession  
Stevens, Joshua 1850 Letter  
Stevens, Mrs. Abigail 1850 Profession  
Pope, John L. 1850 Letter  
Pope, Mrs. Eliza B. 1850 Letter  
Underwood, Mrs. L. W. 1850 Letter  
Porter, Mrs. Judith B. 1850 Profession  
French, Alfred 1851 Profession  
Delano, Elizabeth D. 1851 Profession  
Phelps, Emeline E. 1851 Profession  
Phelps, John F. 1851 Profession  
Delano, Mrs. Jane V. 1851 Profession  
Bell, Caroline M. 1851 Profession  
Cole, Charlotte B. 1851 Profession  
Kellogg, Orrin 1851 Profession  
Delano, Lewis W. 1851 Letter  
Giffin, Almira R. 1851 Profession  
Aiken, Frederick A. 1851 Profession  
Bailey, John G. 1851 Profession  
Marsh, Thomas E. 1851 Profession  
Marsh, Lois E. 1851 Profession  
Crosby, Seraphine J. 1852 Profession  
Delano, Mrs. Charlotte 1852 Profession  
Crosby, Mrs. Lucy J. 1852 Profession  
Brock, Mrs. Sabra S. 1853 Profession  
Delano, Joseph R. 1853 Profession  
Bailey, Ward S. 1853 Profession  
Lowell, Diana L. 1853 Profession  
Lowell, Carolina M. 1853 Profession  
Cheever, Nathan 1853 Letter  
Giffin, Mrs. Ursula 1853 Letter  
Kellogg, Mrs. Harriet A. 1853 Profession  
Albee, Ariel 1853 Letter  
Albee, Mrs. Mary 1853 Letter  
Fuller, Francis E. 1853    
Goodrich, Almira 1853    
Goodrich, Lucinda 1853    
Hancock, Mrs. Sarah 1853 Letter  
Montgomery, John S. 1853 Profession  
Rublee, Hiram W. 1853 Letter  
Lowell, Susan 1854 Profession  
Smith, S. Elizabeth 1854 Profession  
Taylor, Cephas R. 1855 Profession  
Taylor, Mrs. Maria R. 1855 Letter  
Stafford, J. Curtis 1855 Profession  
Ellis, Timothy 1855 Letter  
Ellis, Mrs. Judith 1855 Letter  
Ellis, Stephen T. 1855 Profession  
Ellis, Mrs. Elizabeth N. 1855 Profession  
Dow, Mrs. Susan 1855 Letter  
Bailey, Mrs. Mary K. 1855 Letter  
Spencer, Harriet U. 1856 Profession  
Montgomery, Mary D. 1856 Profession  
Houston, Sarah C. 1856 Profession  
Fuller, Mrs. Eunice A. 1858 Profession  
Blake, Flora S. 1858 Profession  
Hubbard, Mrs. Harriet C. 1858 Letter  
Hovey, Frederick 1858 Letter  
Whitcher, Andrew 1858 Letter  
Morse, Mrs. Elexia 1858 Letter  
Stevens, John C. 1858 Profession  
Rogers, Cynthia 1858 Profession  
Whitcher, Mrs. Elizabeth 1858 Profession  
Albee, Phebe T. 1858 Profession  
Albee, Lucina S. 1858 Profession  
Jordan, Mary P. C. 1858 Profession  
Spencer, Caroline E. 1858 Profession  
Houston, Mrs. Mary W. 1858 Letter  
Fay, Ezra 1858 Letter  
Fay, Mrs. Joanna 1858 Letter  
Fay, Calista M. 1858 Letter  
Paine, Orrin 1859 Profession  
Paine, Mrs. Abigail 1859 Letter  
Cobb, Chester W. 1859 Profession  
Cobb, W. Elizabeth 1859 Profession  
Spencer, Aurilla 1859 Profession  
Bell, Eliza 1859 Profession  
Montgomery, Ira 1859 Letter  
Montgomery, Mrs. A. F. 1859 Letter  
Sawyer, Philander 1859 Letter  
Sawyer, Mrs. Cusiah 1859 Letter  
Chase, Mrs. Eleanor 1859 Letter  
Stevens, Martha E. 1859 Profession  
Montgomery, Hannah C. 1861 Letter  
Currier, Maryetta C. 1861 Profession  
Owen, Silas W. 1861 Profession  
Torrey, Mrs. Maria T. 1862 Letter  
Montgomery, Verona R. 1862 Profession  
Cheever, Julia H. 1862 Profession  
Lord, Mrs. Laura E. (2) 1862 Letter  
Metcalf, Mary 1862 Letter  
Smith, Leander W. 1862 Profession  
Hubbard, Mrs. Betsy S. 1862 Letter  
Hyde, Mrs. Mary I. 1862 Letter  
Cobb, Mrs. Dorcas 1863 Letter  
Howard, Erastus 1863 Letter  
Howard, Mrs. Calista 1863 Letter  
Hyde, Welles A. 1863 Letter  
Hyde, Mrs. Arvilla 1863 Profession  
Stevens, Henry W. 1863 Profession  
Field, Mrs. Celia E. 1863 Profession  
Field, Mrs. Maria 1864 Letter  
Field, Ella 1865 Profession  
Kidder, Joseph A. 1866 Letter  
Kidder, Mrs. Electa L. 1866 Letter  
Blake, Mary J. 1866 Profession  
Paine, Helen A. 1866 Profession  
Stevens, Jennie W. 1866 Profession  
Crandall, Samuel 1866 Letter  
Noble, Mrs. Mary 1866 Letter  
Stevens, Ira G. 1866 Letter  
Stevens, Mrs. Mary 1866 Profession  
Stevens, Etta P. 1866 Profession  
Strickland, David 1867 Letter  
Strickland, Mrs. Tryphena 1867 Letter  
Giffin, Mrs. Sophia 1867 Profession  
Stevens, Mrs. Harriet C. 1867 Letter  
Cheever, Mrs. Julia 1868 Letter  
Montgomery, Charles G. 1868 Profession  
Montgomery, Mrs. Lydia A. 1868 Profession  
George, John H. 1868 Profession  
George, Mr. Ann E. 1868 Profession  
Livingston, John B. 1868 Profession  
Livingston, Mrs. Martha A. 1868 Profession  
Nelson, Miles G. 1868 Profession  
Nelson, Mrs. Sarah M. 1868 Profession  
Conant, Christopher F. 1868 Profession  
Fay, Frank A. 1868 Profession  
Goodrich, Mariam E. 1868 Profession  
Hatch, Mrs. Lydia M. 1868 Profession  
Hyde, William D. 1868 Profession  
Cheever, Alice A. 1868 Profession  
Bell, Julia A. 1868 Profession  
Noble, David 1868 Profession  
Smith, Mrs. Ellen G. 1868 Profession  
Orcutt, Louisa M. 1868 Profession  
Field, Mrs. Flora S. 1868 Letter  
Warner, Julia A. 1868 Profession  
Fulsom, William 1868 Letter  
Fulsom, Mrs. Alzina 1868 Letter  
Owen, Mrs. Lucretia F. 1868 Letter  
Nelson, Flora 1869 Profession  
Goodrich, Mrs. Hattie E. 1869 Letter  
Hyde, Dr. Andrew J. 1869 Profession  
Hyde, Mrs. Flora C. 1869 Profession  
Currier, Charles L. 1869 Profession  
Currier, Mrs. Celinda 1869 Profession  
Hill, Levi G. 1869 Profession  
Hill, Mrs. Sarah A. 1869 Profession  
Hill, Mrs. Susan T. 1869 Profession  
Croxford, William 1869 Profession  
Croxford, Mrs. Almeda H. 1869 Profession  
George, Edmund H. 1869 Profession  
George, Mrs. Vettie L. 1869 Profession  
French, Robert L. 1869 Profession  
Field, Nathan 1869 Profession  
Field, Abby L. 1869 Profession  
White, Mrs. Sarah E. 1869 Profession  
Dean, Mrs. Sabra A. 1869 Profession  
Morse, Amasa 1869 Profession  
Bell, Charles J. 1869 Profession  
Stevens, George D. 1869 Profession  
Noble, Isabel 1869 Profession  
Cobb, Mary A. 1869 Profession  
Hovey, Harriet M. 1869 Profession  
Hovey, M. Edna 1869 Profession  
Hatch, Josephine H. 1869 Profession  
Currier, Abby S. 1869 Profession  
Chase, Janet 1869 Profession  
Howard, Erdix T. 1869 Profession  
Giffin, Asahel C. 1869 Profession  
Goodrich, George A. 1869 Profession  
Batchelder, Timothy C. 1869 Profession  
Batchelder, Mrs. Alma S. 1870 Profession  
Magoon, Mrs. Eliza 1870 Profession  
Stafford, J. Curtis 1870 Letter  
Stafford, Mrs. Mary D. 1870 Letter  
Gabbie, Thomas W. 1870 Profession  
Delano, Florence M. 1870 Profession  
Bailey, Charles M. 1871 Letter  
Bailey, Mrs. Mary B. 1871 Letter  
Fay, Mrs. Deborah A. 1871 Letter  
Ward, Mrs. Sarah A. 1871 Letter  
Ward, William H. 1871 Profession  
Magoon, James G. 1871 Profession  
Magoon, Harriet E. 1871 Profession  
Goodrich, Susan L. 1871 Profession  
Davis, Ira 1871 Letter  
Davis, Mrs. Sarah 1871 Letter  
Hunt, Edgar 1872 Profession  
Hunt, Mrs. Julia E. 1872 Profession  
Bell, Mrs. M. Louise 1872 Letter  
Walbridge, John 1872 Letter  
Walbridge, Mrs. Caroline S. 1872 Letter  
Osgood, Carmi 1873 Letter  
Osgood, Mrs. Martha J. 1873 Letter  
DeFord, Henry 1873 Profession  
DeFord, Mrs. Christiana C. 1873 Profession  
Adgate, Dr. L. W. 1873 Letter  
Adgate, Mrs. L. W. 1873 Letter  
Osgood, Adele 1874 Profession  
Weeks, Mrs. Mary 1875 Profession  
Adgate, Harriet W. 1875 Profession  
Adgate, Annie C. 1875 Profession  
Adgate, Sarah 1875 Profession  
Bailey, Grace U. 1875 Profession  
Currier, James M. 1875 Profession  
Currier, Mrs. Olive H. 1875 Profession  
Currier, Flora 1875 Profession  
French, Flavius J. 1875 Profession  
Harris, Peter H. 1875 Profession  
Hubbard, Frank J. 1875 Profession  
Bailey, Lucy 1875 Profession  
Livingston, Mabel A. 1875 Profession  
Paine, Carrie A. 1875 Profession  
Porter, John O. 1875 Profession  
Whitlock, George C. 1875 Profession  
Giffin, Austin F. 1875 Profession  
Lebanon, Ira 1875 Profession  
Goodrich, Levi F. 1877 Profession  
Goss, Mrs. Mary A. 1877 Profession  
Goss, A. Sanford 1877 Profession  
Boyington, Thomas R. 1877 Profession  
Boyington, Mrs. Mary A. 1877 Profession  
Keith, Clinton 1877 Profession  
Keith, Clara 1877 Profession  
Lawrence, Mrs. Abbie M. 1877 Profession  
Davidson, Alexander 1877 Profession  
Davidson, Mrs. Sarah 1877 Profession  
Davidson, James 1877 Profession  
Underwood, Mrs. Caroline 1877 Profession  
Pope, Mrs. Augusta S. 1877 Profession  
Nelson, Inez P. 1877 Profession  
Giffin, Asahel C. (2) 1877 Letter  
Kittredge, Mrs. Anna 1877 Profession  
White, Mary A. 1877 Profession  
Ward, Mrs. Louisa M. 1877 Letter  
Gordon, Rev. C. E. 1878 Letter left
Gordon, Mrs. Amy K. 1878 Letter left
Goodrich, Ellen 1879 Profession  
Bailey, Ellen 1879 Profession  
Bailey, Charles F. 1879 Profession  
Bailey, Mrs. Ellen L. 1881 Letter  
Owen, Silas W. (2) 1881 Letter  
Owen, Mrs. Lucretia F. (2) 1881 Letter  
Beals, Ida E. 1882 Letter  
Johnson, George L. 1883 Letter  
Johnson, Mrs. Sophronia 1883 Letter  
Wilson, Charles H. 1883 Profession  
Livingston, Clara L. 1883 Profession  
Low, Mrs. Emeline 1883 Letter died
Babbitt, Henry A. 1883 Letter left
Babbitt, Mrs. Abbie M. 1883 Letter died
Fields, Mary 1883 Profession left
Hovey, Otis E. 1883 Profession left
Lewis, Joseph 1884 Profession  
Fort, William 1884 Profession  
McDaniels, David 1884 Profession  
McDaniels, Mrs. Flora E. 1884 Profession  
Kellogg, Harriet A. 1884 Profession  
Stevens, Katharine 1884 Profession  
Hodgdon, Lucy E. 1884 Profession  
Bailey, Harriet M. 1884 Profession  
Goodrich, Joseph A. 1884 Profession  
Goodrich, Drury E. 1884 Profession  
Hunt, Ancil B. 1884 Profession  
Stafford, Albert M. 1884 Profession  
Montgomery, Walter L. 1884 Profession  
Bailey, Katherine M. 1884 Profession  
Adgate, M. Elizabeth 1884 Profession  
Hyde, Leila M. 1884 Profession  
Chandler, Grace E. 1884 Profession  
Lewis, Nettie L. 1884 Profession Pusuifried ? (sp?)
Keith, Alice E. 1884 Profession  
Strickland, Mrs. Eliza F. 1884 Profession  
Hale, John G. 1884 Profession  
Hale, Mrs. Flora 1884 Letter  
Hancock, John E. 1884 Letter  
Hodgdon, Abigail A. 1884 Letter  
George, Harriet B. 1884 Profession  
Adgate, Almeria I. 1884 Profession  
Farrington, Charles G. 1884 Profession  
Montgomery, Franklin S. 1885 Profession  
Montgomery, Carroll S. 1885 Profession  
Kinney, William C. 1885 Profession  
Shedd, Jennie A. 1885 Profession  
Howard, Mrs. Amelia P. 1885 Letter  
Rogers, Rev. Edwin E. 1886 Letter left
Rogers, Mrs. Mary H. 1886 Letter left
DeFord, Henry (2) 1886 Letter  
DeFord, Mrs. C. C. (2) 1886 Letter  
Goodrich, Lewis H. 1886 Profession  
Bailey, Mrs. Mary C. 1886 Letter  
Farrand, H. M. 1887 Letter left
Hancock, E. Frances 1887 Profession  
DeFord, Catherine M. 1887 Profession left
Hulbert, Gertrude 1887 Letter left
Nelson, George 1887 Letter  
Nelson, Mrs. Mary F. 1887 Letter died
Frazier, Mrs. Ellen S. 1887 Profession took letter
Smith, Emily D. 1888 Profession  
Hovey, Mary E. 1888 Profession  
Stafford, Fannie E. 1888 Profession  
Gage, Mrs. Abbie J. 1889 Letter died
Curtis, Miss Mattie J. 1889 Letter left
Byington, Rev. George P. 1890 Letter Westport, MA
Byington, Mrs. Anna T. 1890 Letter Westport, MA
Byington, Martha D. 1890 Letter Westport, MA
Batten, Albion L. June 1, 1891 Profession  
Beals, C. Lillian June 1, 1891    
Fisher, Mrs. Clare L. 1891 Profession Mass
Bell, Adine M. June 1, 1891 Profession  
Eastman, Mrs. Kate E. June 1, 1891 Profession  
Field, F. Myrtie June 1, 1891 Profession Barre
Montgomery, Ann E. June 1, 1891 Profession died March 18, 1892
Hancock, Alice M. Sept 6, 1891 Letter  
Hancock, Ellen Sept 6, 1891   Dis Mass Sept 1892
Babbitt, Mrs. Ellen S. 1891 Letter North(field)
Alston, Mrs. Eliza S. Dec 6, 1891 Letter Barton ?
Beane, Mrs. Mary E. Dec 6, 1891 Profession St Johnsbury
Goodrich, Mrs. Hosette C. Dec 6, 1891 Profession (died Juy)
Voodry, Mrs. Mary M. Dec 6, 1891 Profession died Aug
DeFord, Clare I. Dec 6, 1891 Profession Montpelier
Cochran, Jennie A. Dec 6, 1891 Profession  
Delano, Walter L. Dec 6, 1891 Profession  
Underwood, Ned Dec 6, 1891 Profession  
Johnson, Leslie F. Dec 6, 1891 Profession dropped
Gage, Walter L. Dec 6, 1891 Profession Burlington
Goodrich, Mrs. Emily May 1, 1892 Profession  
Bell, Jennie May 1, 1892 Profession  
Nelson, Fred C. May 1, 1892 Profession  
French, Mrs. Junia A. July 2, 1892 Letter  
French, Mrs. Betsey M. July 2, 1892 Profession died (Nov/Mar?), 12, 1894
Wilmerson, Mrs. Ida L. 1893 Profession  
Wilmerson, Florence V. 1893 Profession died
Babbitt, Julie E. 1893 Profession Waterbury
Nelson, Helen A. 1893 Profession  
Nelson, Harry F. 1893 Profession Brattleboro
Blossom, Frederick N. H. 1893 Profession Waterbury
Stowe, Amos P. 1893 Profession  
Cole, Welsey R. 1893 Profession See Was(ting____)
Wells, Frank J. 1893 Letter  
Hovey, Abba M. 1893 Profession  
Marshall, Hattie A. 1893 Profession Wolcott
Hale, Grace D. 1893 Profession (Albany)
Babbitt, Helen S. 1893 Profession Waterbury
Haselton, Mrs. Martha A. 1893 Profession  
Blossom, Guy C. 1893 Letter Bellows Falls
Babbitt, Mrs. Abbie M. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
Babbitt, Mrs. Ellen S. between 1891 - 1893 Letter prob to MA Sept 1892
Bailey, Mrs. Almeria I. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Nichols, Mrs. M. Elizabeth between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Black, Mrs. Janet C. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Drury, Mrs. Catherine M. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
French, Mrs. Eunice A. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
George, Mrs. Vettie L. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
Giffin, Mrs. Mabel A. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Hodgdon, Mrs. Abigail A. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
Hodgdon, Lucy E. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Hunt, Edgar between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Hunt, Mrs. Julia E. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Hunt, Ancil B. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Farrand, H. M. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Kellogg, Mrs. Harriet A. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
King, Mrs. Mary F. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Kinney, Mrs. Harriet B. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Lawrence, Mrs. Abbie M. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
McDaniels, David between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
Montgomery, Ann E. between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
Paine, Mrs. Abigail between 1891 - 1893 Dismissed  
Smith, Mrs. Harriet E. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Stevens, Henry W. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Stevens, Mrs. Mary P. between 1891 - 1893 Letter  
Membership list in 1861
In the foregoing list the names of all females are given as they were when the united with the Church.
In the following list the names of the married females are given as they now are:
Aiken, Mrs. Lucy A. Ellis, Mrs. Judith Phelps, Mrs. Cynthia  
Aiken, Mrs. Susan R. Ellis, Stephen T. Phelps, Emeline E.  
Aiken, Frederick A. Ellis, Mrs. Elizabeth N. Phelps, John F.  
Albee, Ariel Farnham, Mrs. Florella Pope, John L.  
Albee, Mrs. Mary Fay, Ezra Pope, Mrs. Eliza B.  
Albee, Phebe T. Fay, Mrs. Joanna Porter, Mrs. Judith B.  
Albee, Lucina S. Fay, Calista M. Rogers, Cynthia  
Bailey, Ward French, Daniel Rublee, Hiram W.  
Bailey, Ward S. French, Mrs. Sarah Smiley, Mrs. Sarah  
Bailey, Mrs. Mary K. French, Mrs. Susan H. Sanborn, Mrs. Abigail  
Bailey, John G. Fuller, Francis E. Sewell, Charles B.  
Bell, James D. Fuller, Mrs. Eunice A. Smith, Mrs. Amelia S.  
Bell, Mrs. Caroline W. Giffin, Mrs. Arabella Smith, Charles S.  
Bell, Caroline M. Giffin, Almira R. Smith, S. Elizabeth  
Bell, Eliza Giffin, Mrs. Ursula Spencer, Harriet U.  
Blake, Henry Goodrich, Almira Spencer, Aurilla  
Blake, Mrs. Rosanna Goodrich, Lucinda Spencer, Caroline E.  
Blake, Flora S. Goodrich, Mrs. Caroline E. Stafford, J. Curtis  
Brock, Mrs. Sabra S. Houston, Mrs. Mary W. Stevens, Puah  
Cheever, Nathan Houston, Sarah C. Stevens, Ursula  
Chase, Mrs. Eleanor Hovey, Frederick Stevens, Samuel F.  
Cobb, Mrs. Locena Jordan, Ammon Stevens, Mrs. Cynthia W.  
Cobb, John Jordan, Mrs. Laura Stevens, Joseph M.  
Cobb, Chester W. Jordan, Mary P. C. Stevens, Mrs. C. Louisa  
Cobb, Elizabeth W. Kellogg, Orrin Stevens, Augusta  
Cole, Charlotte B. Kellogg, Mrs. Harriet A. Stevens, Joshua  
Conant, Mrs. Lois M. Lowell, Susan Stevens, Mrs. Abigail  
Crosby, Mrs. Julia Lowell, Caroline M. Stevens, John S.  
Crosby, Mrs. Lucy J. Marsh, Samuel Stevens, Martha E.  
Cutler, Bradley B. Marsh, Mrs. Hannah G. Stuart, Job  
Davis, Bliss N. Montgomery, John S. Stuart, Mrs. Mary  
Davis, Mrs. Eliza Montgomery, Ira Tuttle, David  
Davis, Mrs. Mary C. Montgomery, Mrs. A. F. Underwood, Mrs. Lucy L.  
Delano, Lewis H. Montgomery, Mary D. Underwood, Lucy A.  
Delano, Mrs. Eliza W. Morse, Almira Underwood, Mrs. Mary S.  
Delano, Lewis W. Morse, Samuel F. Underwood, Mrs. Lucy W.  
Delano, Mrs. Charlotte E. Morse, Nathan W. Underwood, Mrs. Betsey  
Delano, Elizabeth D. Morse, Mrs. Elexia Whitcher, Andrew  
Ellis, Timothy Phelps, Julius Whitcher, Mrs. Elizabeth  
    Wiswell, Mrs. Seraphine J.  
List of present members - as of 1890 probably
In the foregoing Catalogue the names of all females are given as they were when they united with the Church.
In the following list the names of married females are given as they now are:
Adgate, Luther W. California Hancock, E. Frances  
Adgate, Annie C. California Harris, Peter H. died Apr 94 ?
Adgate, Sarah J.   Hatch, Josephine H.  
Adgate, M. Elizabeth California Hodgdon, Mrs. Abigail A. June 22, 1893
Adgate, Almeria I. Virginia Hodgdon, Lucy E. Whitefield, NH
Aiken, Mrs. D. W. Jan 27, 1894 Hovey, Mrs. Hannah C. died
Babbitt, Henry A. Waterbury Hovey, Mary E.  
Babbitt, Mrs. Abbie M. Aug 5, 1892 Hovey, M. Edna  
Bailey, Ward S. July 6, 189(5) Howard, Erastus died April 16, 190(1)
Bailey, Charles M. Danville ? Howard, Mrs. Amelia P. out
Bailey, Mrs. Mary C. March 20, 1900 Hubbard, Frank J.  
Bailey, Harriet M. died Hubbard, Mrs. Helen A. died (Apr 7)
Bailey, Katherine M. Mass Hunt, Edgar Waterbury
Batchelder, Timothy C. died Hunt, Mrs. Julia E. Waterbury
Beals, Ida E. Boston Hunt, Ancil B. Lebanon, NH
Bell, Mrs. John Hardwick Hyde, Mrs. Flora C.  
Bell, Julia A. Littleton, NH Hyde, William D.  
Bell, Charles J. died Hyde, Mrs. Mary I. Died June 2, 1890
Bell, Mrs. M. Louise   Hyde, Leila M. died Jan 21, 1894
Benn, Mrs. Alice C. left Johnson, George L. Littleton ??
Black, Mrs. Janet C. left Johnson, Mrs. Sophronia Littleton ??
Blake, Henry died Nov 9, 1900 Keith, Clinton  
Blake, Mrs. Rosanne died 1903 Keith, Mrs. Augusta S. Aug 23
Blake, Mary J.   Keith, Alice E.  
Byington, George P. left Kellogg, Orrin Dec 29, 18(95)
Byington, Mrs. Anna T. left Kellogg, Mrs. Harriet A. 189(2)
Byington, Martha D. left Kellogg, Harriet A.  
Campbell, Mrs. Cynthia R. Hardwick Kidder, Joseph A. Dec 25, 1901
Cobb, Mary A.   Kidder, Mrs. Electa L. died
Currier, Mrs. Olive H. died King, Mrs. Mary F. Greensboro
Curtis, Mattie J. NY Kinney, Mrs. Harriet B. NY
Croxford, William dropped Kittredge, Mrs. Anna  
Croxford, Mrs. Almeda H. dropped Lawrence, Mrs. Abbie M. Sept 1(0), 1892
Davidson, Alexander Franklin, MA ? Lewis, Joseph  
Davidson, Mrs. Sarah Franklin, MA ? Lewis, Nettie L. Passumpsic
Davis, Mrs. Flora C.   Livingston, John B.
Jackson, Mrs. Sabra A.   Livingston, Mrs. Martha A. died Jan 2(2 or 7), 190( )
DeFord, Henry Hardwick Lowell, Caroline M. Hardwick
DeFord, Mrs. Christiana C. Hardwick Magoon, Mrs. Eliza Hardwick
DeFord, Catherine M. Danville Magoon, Harriet E. Smith Hardwick
Delano, Florence M.   McDaniels, David Dec (6), 1892
Farrand, H. M. Barre McDaniels, Mrs. Flora E. died 1907
Farrington, Charles J. Walden Montgomery, Charles G.  
Farrington, Mrs. Ellen B. Walden Montgomery, Carroll S.  
Field, Nathan died April (2)0 Montgomery, John S. dead
Field, Mrs. Flora S.   Montgomery, Mrs. W. E.  
Fort, William died Montgomery, Franklin S.  
Frazier, Mrs. Ellen S. left Nelson, Miles G. died 1895
French, Mrs. Eunice A. died 1892 Nelson, Mrs. Sarah M.  
French, Robert L.   Nelson, George  
Fulsom, William died Nelson, Mrs. Mary P. died Sept 22, 1896
Fulsom, Mrs. Emeline L. died Noble, David  
Gage, Mrs. Abbie J. died 189(8) Owen, Silas W.  
George, John H. died Nov Owen, Mrs. Lucretia F.  
George, Mrs. Ann E. died May 4 Paine, Mrs. Abigail Feb 26, 189(3)
George, Edmund H.   Shedd, Jennie A. Bellows Falls
George, Mrs. Vettie L. Oct 31, 1891 Smith, Mrs. Ellen G.  
Giffin, Asahel C. dead Stafford, J. Curtis  
Giffin, Mrs. Mabel A. Barre Stafford, Mrs. Mary D.  
Goodrich, Mrs. Caroline E. dead Stafford, Albert M.  
Goodrich, George A. dead Stafford, Fannie E. Berkley Temple
Goodrich, Mrs. Hattie E.   Stevens, Henry W. Johnson
Goodrich, Drury E.   Stevens, Mrs. Mary P. Johnson
Goodrich, Mrs. Grace U.   Strickland, David Hardwick
Goodrich, Susan L.   Strickland, Mrs. Eliza F. Hardwick
Goodrich, S. Ellen   Underwood, Mrs. Caroline  
Goodrich, Levi F.   Warner, Mrs. Lucy A. Burlington
Goodrich, Lewis H. Jan 29, 189(8 ) Weeks, Mrs. Mary died
Hale, John G. dead White, Mrs. Sarah E. died Jan 1897
Hale, Mrs. Flora   Whitcher, Andrew died Oct (3)0, 189(5)
Hancock, John E.   Whitcher, Mrs. Elizabeth died June 1, 1898
Hancock, Mrs. Clara L. dead    
Batten, Albion L. 6/1/1891    
Beals, C. Lillian 6/1/1891    
Bell, Adine M. 6/1/1891    
Eastman, Mrs. Kate E. 6/1/1891    
Field, F. Myrtie 6/1/1891    
Montgomery, Ann E. 6/1/1891    
Hancock, Alice M. 9/6/1891 Letter  
Hancock, Ellen 9/6/1891 Letter  
Goodrich, Mrs. Hosette C. 12/6/1891  
Voodry, Mrs. Mary M. 12/6/1891  
Beane, Mrs. May 12/6/1891  
Alston, Mrs. Eliza 12/6/1891 Letter  
DeFord, Clara 12/6/1891  
Cochren, Jennie 12/6/1891    
Delano, Walter 12/6/1891    
Gage, Walter L. 12/6/1891    
Johnson, Leslie F. 12/6/1891  
Underwood, Ned 12/6/1891    
Nelson, Fred C. 5/1/1892    
Goodrich, Mrs. Emily 5/1/1892    
Bell, Jennie 5/1/1892    
Farrand, Junia 7/2/1892    
French, Mrs. Betsey M. 7/2/1892    
Wilmerson, Mrs. Ida L. 7/9/1892    
Wilmerson, Florence V. 7/9/1892    
Babbitt, Julia E. 7/9/1892    
Nelson, Helen A. 7/9/1892    
Blossom, Frederick N. H. 7/9/1892    
Nelson, Harry F. 7/9/1892    
Stowe, Amos P. 7/9/1892    
Cole, Wesley R. 7/9/1892    
Weeks, Mrs. Esther H. 1894 Letter  
Weeks, Walter H. 1894 Letter  
Johnson, Belle T. 1894 Profession  
Johnson, Emily E. 1894 Profession Littleton??
Hancock, Mrs. Eliza F. 1894 Letter died 18( )8
Lovejoy, Jacob B. 1894 Letter died March 1901
Lovejoy, Mrs. J. B. 1894 Letter  
Bailey, Helen M. 1895 Profession dropped
Balch, Harry E. 1895 Profession  
Baldwin, Leslie W. 1895 Profession Middlebury
Bonett, Horace J. 1895 Profession dropped
Bonett, Mrs. Mary J. 1895 Profession dropped
Brickett, William M. 1895 Profession (Albany)
Burbank, Arthur J. 1895 Profession  
Campbell, Mrs. Hattie J. 1895 Letter prob died May 189(6)
Campbell, Lena F. 1895 Profession  
Campbell, Clara B. 1895 Profession  
Currier, Mrs. Hattie J. 1895 Profession  
Currier, Iva B. 1895 Profession Hardwick MASS?
Curtis, Mrs. Ellen M. 1895 Profession died
Curtis, Edith E. 1895 Profession  
Davis, William H. 1895 Profession  
Davis, Mrs. Jennie M. 1895 Profession  
DeBrune, J. C. 1895 Letter  
DeBrune, Mrs. Carrie A., 1895 Letter  
Dow, Mrs. Lillian A. 1895 Profession Barre
Eastman, Frank S. 1895 Profession Hardwick
Eastman, Harry S. 1895 Profession  
Eastman, Arthur F. 1895 Profession  
Eastman, Frank W. 1895 Profession  
Eastman, Philip A. 1895 Profession  
Eldridge, Luola M. 1895 Profession  
French, Arthur C. 1895 Profession  
French, Chauncey C. 1895 Profession  
French, Maud N. 1895 Profession  
Farrand, Sobieski 1895 Profession  
Field, Walter F. 1895 Profession  
Flanders, Ernest G. 1895 Profession Hardwick
Goodrich, Justus D. 1895 Profession died Mar 19(08)
Goodrich, Stewart L. 1895 Profession Burlington
Haselton, George W. 1895 Profession Greensboro
Haselton, Morton H. 1895 Profession Enosburg
Hale, John P. 1895 Profession  
Hale, Augusta E. 1895 Profession Albany?
Haynes, George A. 1895 Profession  
Haynes, Mrs. S. Augusta 1895 Profession died (Jun 7?)
Haynes, Lewis A. 1895 Profession  
Haynes, Mrs. Maud C. 1895 Letter  
Holloway, William J. 1895 Profession  
Hovey, Frederick M. 1895 Profession died May 2, 1901
Hyde, Harry P. 1895 Profession died
Joslyn, Susie E. 1895 Profession died
Joslyn, Jennie A. 1895 Profession  
Kellogg, Amos T. 1895 Profession died
Kittredge, Herbert F. 1895 Profession Walden
Kittredge, Mrs. Jennie 1895 Profession Walden
Kingsbury, Otis D. 1895 Profession  
Kingsbury, Mrs. Mattie J. 1895 Letter died
Kingsbury, Rosa F. 1895 Profession Sand___, Mass?
Lawrence, Mrs. Maggie M. 1895 Letter  
Lawrence, Jessie A. 1895 Profession  
Little, Florence A. 1895 Profession  
Marshall, Silas E. 1895 Profession  
Marshall, Mrs. Sarah E. 1895 Profession  
Marshall, Ernest S. 1895 Profession  
Marshall, Alonzo T. 1895 Profession  
Mann, Wallace D. 1895 Profession Hardwick
Martin, Stoddard S. 1895 Profession  
McPherson, John 1895 Profession dropped
Morgan, Grace M. 1895 Profession  
Noble, David A. 1895 Profession  
Noble, Mrs. Marion J. 1895 Profession  
Nicholson, Mrs. Abbie E. 1895 Letter  
Nicholson, James N. 1895 Profession  
Nicholson, Annie J. 1895 Profession Mass
Nelson, George G. 1895 Profession  
Nelson, Mrs. Euna M. 1895 Profession  
Nelson, Sidney B. 1895 Profession  
Nelson, Mrs. Bertha J. 1895 Profession died
Patch, Jessie E. 1895 Profession Barre
Ransom, Alice Ruth 1895 Profession Hardwick
Ransom, Hattie J. 1895 Profession  
Smith, Henry A. 1895 Profession died
Smith, Herbert A. 1895 Profession  
Smith, George F. 1895 Profession  
Stevens, John A. 1895 Profession Walden
Stevens, Mrs. Alzina C. 1895 Profession Walden
Tyler, Sarah M. 1895 Profession  
Underwood, William H. 1895 Profession died
Underwood, Mrs. Ella E. 1895 Profession died
Underwood, William Lee 1895 Profession  
Wheeler, George F. 1895 Profession left
Wheeler, Katharine 1895 Profession left
Willis, Charles E. 1895 Profession  
Willis, Mrs. Carlotta M. 1895 Profession  
Willis, Mrs. Sarah A. 1895 Profession  
Wells, Archahel 1895   goes to Newport
Aiken, Mrs. D. W. 1893 - 1895    
Babbitt, Henry A. 1893 - 1895    
Babbitt, Helen S. 1893 - 1895    
Babbitt, Julia E. 1893 - 1895    
Bailey, Ward W. 1893 - 1895    
Beals, Ida E. 1893 - 1895    
Bell, Mrs. John 1893 - 1895    
Bell, Julia A. 1893 - 1895    
Blossom, Frederick N. H. 1893 - 1895    
Campbell, Mrs. Cynthia R. 1893 - 1895    
DeFord, Henry 1893 - 1895    
DeFord, Mrs. Christiana C. 1893 - 1895    
Farrand, H. M. 1893 - 1895    
French, Mrs. Betsey M. 1893 - 1895    
Gage, Walter A. 1893 - 1895    
Gage, Mrs. Abbie J. 1893 - 1895    
Goodrich, Lewis H. 1893 - 1895    
Harris, Peter H. 1893 - 1895    
Hubbard, Mrs. Helen A. 1893 - 1895    
Hyde, Leila M. 1893 - 1895    
Lowell, Caroline M. 1893 - 1895    
Magoon, Mrs. Eliza 1893 - 1895    
Nelson, Miles G. 1893 - 1895    
Strickland, David 1893 - 1895    
Strickland, Mrs. Eliza F. 1893 - 1895    
Warner, Mrs. Lucy A. 1893 - 1895    
Russell, Frank T. 1896 Faith died Jan 23, 1906
Russell, Mrs. Effie J. 1896 Faith  
Ransom, Bertha M. 1896 Faith  
Burbank, Mrs. Abbie M. 1896 Faith  
Eldridge, Mrs. Henry 1897 Letter  
Hubbard, Mrs. Frank J. 1897 Faith  
Winget, Mrs. Minnie 1897 Letter Sept 5,1897--March 1901
Farrand, Mr. Rufus M. 1897 Letter Jan 2, 1898
Farrand, Mrs. Rufus M. 1897 Letter gone to Hardwick Feb 4
Farrand, Blanch E. 1897 Faith  
Downer, Mr. George 1897 Letter  
Downer, Mrs. George 1897 Letter  
Downer, Mr. Henry 1897 Faith  
Downer, Mrs. Henry 1897 Faith  
Young, Mrs. Bertha L. 1897 Faith  
Boyce, Cassie L. 1897 Faith  
Hall, Mrs. Addie E. 1897 Faith  
Calderwood, Mr. Fred T. 1897    
Calderwood, Mrs. Ida A. 1897 Faith  
Pendleton, Mr. Louis H. 1897 Letter to Hardwick
Pendleton, Mrs. Louis H. 1897 Letter to Hardwick
Smith, Mrs. E. G. 1897 Letter 1900
Burdick, Mrs. J. J. 1897 Letter  
Burdick, Mr. J. J. 1897 Profession died Aug 18, 190(4)
Fuller, Mrs. Alice 1897   died
Marvin, Mr. year unknown Letter 1900 gone Norwich
Marvin, Mrs. year unknown Letter  
Underwood, Mrs. Ned year unknown Letter  
Weeks, Mrs. Abbie year unknown Letter  
Jameson, Dasie & Marchal year unknown Profession to Lyndonville
Hancock, Mrs. Adaline year unknown Letter died My 1909
Hays, M. Elizabeth year unknown Letter died May 11, 1909?
Alston, Nelson year unknown Profession Hardwick Feb 26, 19__
Marshal, Bertha year unknown Letter 1901
Rich, Martha year unknown Letter to Winchester
White, Stella year unknown Letter 190(2) died
White, Cora year unknown Profession  
Farrand, Jennie year unknown Profession gone to York State
Marvin, Fae year unknown Profession gone to Norwich 190(5)
Marvin, Bernice year unknown Profession  
Fay, Herman year unknown Letter  
Goodrich, Mrs. Lydia year unknown Letter July 2, 190(2 or 4)
Hall, Mr(s?). John year unknown Letter  
Ni(ckl)eson, Mrs. James year unknown Letter Sept 1904
Ransom, Charles year unknown Profession 1905
Fuller, Frank year unknown Profession 1905
Witham, Ernest year unknown Profession 1905
Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. year unknown Letter 1905
Batten or Bolton, Fred year unknown Letter Mar (3), 190(7)

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