First Congregational Church
1876 list of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
Newbury, Orange Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Pastors Installed Dismissed or Died
Powers, Rev. Peter appx 1764 Dis. appx 1782
Wood, Rev. Jacob Jan 9, 1788 died Feb 10, 1790
Lambert, Rev. Nathaniel Nov 17, 1790 Dis. April 4, 1809
Jewett, Rev. Luther Feb 28, 1821 Dis. Feb 19, 1828
Perry, Rev. Clark June 4, 1828 Dis. June 15, 1835
Campbell, Rev. George W. Jan 27, 1836 Dis. July 9, 1851
Dean, Rev. Artemas Jr. July 9, 1851 Dis. March 31, 1857
Burton, Rev. Horatio N. Dec 31, 1857 Dis. April 3, 1869
Bates, Rev. Samuel L. Jan 16, 1872  
Membership Date Joined Notes
Powers, Peter Original Member  
Powers, Mrs. Peter Original Member  
Bayley, Jacob Original Member  
Bayley, Mrs. Jacob Original Member  
Kent, Jacob Original Member  
Kent, Mrs. Jacob Original Member  
Smith, Gideon Original Member  
Smith, Mrs. Gideon Original Member  
Watson, Pelatiah Original Member  
Watson, Mrs. Pelatiah Original Member  
Goddard, Nathan Original Member  
Goddard, Mrs. Nathan Original Member  
Chamberlin, Asher Original Member  
Chamberlin, Moses Original Member  
Chamberlin, Mrs. Moses Original Member  
Chamberlin, Mrs. Richard Original Member  
Fowler, Jacob Original Member  
Hunkins, Robert Original Member of Moretown (now Bradford)
Hunkins, Mrs. Robert Original Member of Moretown (now Bradford)
Hall, Mrs. Martha Original Member  
White, Mrs. Ebenezer Original Member  
Barnard, Mrs. Samuel Original Member  
Fish, Amos Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Johnson, Charles Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Johnson, Mrs. Charles Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Woodard, James Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Woodard, Mrs. James Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Weston, Ephraim Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Weston, Mrs. Ephraim Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Locke, Elisha Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Carleton, Osgood Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Carleton, Mrs. Osgood Early Member of Haverhill, NH
Way, John Early Member of Bath, NH
Way, Mrs. John Early Member of Bath, NH
Bailey, Edward Early Member of Bath, NH
Titus, Samuel Early Member of Landaff, NH
Titus, Mrs. Samuel Early Member of Landaff, NH
Elkins, Jonathan Early Member of Peacham
Bailey, James Early Member of Peacham
Bailey, James Jr. Early Member of Peacham
Way, John Early Member of Peacham
Abbott, James Early Member of Peacham
Present Members 1876 Year Admitted Notes
Johnston, Finette Chamberlin 1819 widow of James B.
Burroughs, Louisa Ruggles 1819 widow of Thomas
Blodgett, Esther Robinson 1826 widow of Benj[amin]
Ladd, Peabody W. 1828  
Ladd, Elizabeth L. Johnson 1828 wife of Peabody
Barnet, Gilman 1828  
Barnet, Mary Burroughs 1828 wife of Gilman
Bagley, Persis Barnet 1828 widow of Ephraim
Johnson, Hanes 1829  
Atkinson, Joseph 1831  
Webber, Susan Leet 1831 wife of Charles
Johnson, Phebe Hazeltine 1831 wife of Hanes
Keyes, Emmeline Jewett 1831 widow of Dea. Freeman
Robinson, Sarah A. White 1831 widow of H. J.
Webster, Charlotte Coburn 1831 widow of James
Boynton, Jeremiah 1832  
Douse, Esther Coburn 1832 wife of John R.
Powers, Betsey Powers 1832 widow of John
Kent, Relief 1833  
Leslie, Mehitabel Williams 1834 wife of George
Lindsay, Justin 1835  
Larnard, Philinda Leet 1835 (letter) wife of Franklin
Wells, Betsey Willis 1835 (letter) widow of John
Hunter, Thomas 1838  
Chamberlin, Mary Bayley 1838 (letter) widow of Moody
Bailey, Harry C. 1842  
Leslie, George W. 1842  
Clark, Sarah A. Coburn 1842 wife of Joseph
Brock, Miranda Lovewell 1842 widow of Horatio
Wells, Charlotte 1842  
McKeith, Eleanor F. Johnston 1842 widow of Duncan
Bayley, Ruth 1842  
Kendrick, John 1843  
Jewell, David 1843  
Douse, John R. 1843  
Heath, Amos K. 1843  
Heath, Lutheria Childs 1843 wife of Amos
Lindsay, Amy Meserve 1843 wife of Justin S.
Goodwin, Phebe 1843  
Swasey, Louisa R. Lang 1846 (letter) wife of George
Corliss, Martha D. Lindsay 1848 (letter) wife of Thomas
Farnham, Evelyn H. 1850 (letter)
Farnham, Martha Ellsworth 1850 (letter) wife of Evelyn
Johnson, Henry E. 1851  
Johnson, Ruth J. Bailey 1851 wife of Henry
McDole, Sarah Butler 1851 widow of William
Farnham, Julia M. 1851  
Swasey, George 1852  
Atkinson, Frances Farrington 1852 (letter) wife of Joseph
Boyce, Harriet Avery 1852 wife of Henry
Tenney, Sophia Hazen 1853 (letter) widow of Dr.
Meserve, Henry 1854  
Bailey, Harriet Merrill 1854 wife of H. W.
Bailey, Sarah A. Jewett 1856 (letter) wife of Harry C.
Jenny, Abby A. Doe 1856 wife of Stillman
Farnham, Flora S. 1856  
Kendrick, Mary E. Barnet 1856 wife of John
Southworth, Caroline E. Adams 1856 wife of James
Parker, Olive W. Robinson 1856 wife of Henry M.
Robinson, Ellen 1856  
Brock, Adeline 1857  
Eastman, Augusta Burroughs 1857 wife of Samuel
Wilcox, Edwin A. 1858  
Avery, Sarah M. Hayes 1858 wife of Austin
Avery, Persis A. Wilson 1858 wife of Bailey
Cobleigh, Jane Leslie 1858 widow of Edwin
Watkins, E. Virgil 1858 (letter)
Burroughs, George 1858  
Burroughs, Mary Sawyer 1858 wife of George
Chamberlin, Olive A. Hazeltine 1858 wife of Johnston
Brock, Sophia L. Taplin 1858 wife of Wallace
Buchanan, Susan D. Tuttle 1858 wife of Walter
Tenney, Lois 1858  
Douse, Harriet 1858  
Farnham, Evelyn H. Jr. 1858  
Clark, Joseph Q. 1858  
Abbott, Araminta A. 1858  
Gibson, Charlotte N. 1858  
Bailey, Abigail Eaton 1859 wife of William U.
Titus, Mary A. Bailey 1859 wife of Harmon
Chamberlin, Lemira S. Titus 1859 (letter) widow of H. N.
Gould, Adeline Hurlburt 1859 (letter) widow of Allen
Bailey, Parker 1859 (letter)
Bailey, Eliza Ward 1859 (letter) wife of Parker
Kimball, Mary J. Chamberlin 1859 wife of Hiram
Weed, Angelline Renfrew 1860 (letter) wife of John
Bailey, Eliza A. Barnet 1860 wife of Nelson
Whitman, Elvira S. Woods 1860 wife of Shephard
Keyes, Emma F. Pierce 1861 (letter) widow of Henry
Chamberlin, Elizabeth Bailey 1861 wife of E. B.
Waldron, Laura McAllister 1861 widow of Benj[amin]
Ransom, Mary B. 1862  
Deming, Henry H. 1863 (letter)
Deming, Laura Vail 1863 (letter) wife of Henry
Boynton, Jane Renfrew 1863 wife of Jeremiah
Ross, Jane Kinnard 1863 (letter) wife of James
Ritchie, Elmira L. 1863 wife of W[illia]m
Carbee, Susan M. Bailey 1864 wife of George E.
Bailey, Mary H. Hazeltine 1864 wife of Milo
Laurie, Sarah A. Chamberlin 1864 wife of James B.
McCall, Emma Robinson 1864 wife of Samuel
French, Helen E. Waldron 1864 wife of Austin
Nelson, Cynthia 1864  
Chadwick, Charlotte Pierson 1864 widow of James
Childs, Elizabeth L. Ladd 1864 (letter) widow of David
Ellis, Emma Gould 1864 wife of George
Gould Mary 1864  
Blair, Eliza Farnum 1865 widow of Walter
Barnet, Amanda 1865  
Wallace, Matilda Holbrook 1865 (letter) wife of James
Corliss, Helen Martin 1865 wife of Rinaldo
Bartlett, Sarah Boyce 1865 wife of Charles P.
Olmstead, Susan Fuller 1865 (letter) wife of L. H.
Meserve, Mary Cummings 1865 (letter) wife of Henry
Burnham, Laura Johnston 1867 widow of Horatio
Garland, Eliza N. Grow 1867 wife of John P.
Kasson, Elizabeth Chamberlin 1867 (letter) wife of Marvin
Johnson, Erastus C. 1867
Tuxbury, Julia A. Corliss 1867 wife of N. B.
Kimball, Dudley C. 1867 (letter)
Kimball, Melissa A. Keyes 1867 (letter) wife of Daniel P.
Aiken, Emma A. Keyes 1867 wife of Mahew P.
Hale, Laura W. Burns 1868 (letter) wife of John
Baldwin, Ellory A. 1868  
French, Austin A. 1868 (letter)
Douse, Asa 1868  
Douse, Martha 1868  
Blair, Arthur W. 1869  
Battles, Luther 1870  
Kinney, Elisha 1870 (letter)
Kinney, Elizabeth Benton 1870 (letter) wife of Elisha
Atwood, Judith Brock 1871 (letter) wife of John
Hale, Edward 1871 (letter)
Hale, Elizabeth L. Wigglesworth 1871 (letter) wife of Edward
Bates, Samuel L. 1872 (letter)
Bates, Marion E. Walker 1872 (letter) wife of Samuel
Lang, Ellen Parker 1872 (letter) wife of James
Johnson, Mary Ford 1872 (letter) wife of Sidney
Leslie, Helen M. 1872 (letter)
Jewett, Henry M. 1872  
Dutton, Abigail Hazen 1872 (letter) widow of Jacob G.
Smillie, Susanna McAlpin 1872 (letter) wife of James
Kelton, Joanna A. Colby 1872 wife of Frank P.
Niles, Susie G. Kinney 1872 wife of W[illia]m C.
Doe, Jane H. Wallace 1873 wife of Richard
Hale, Susie 1873  
Barnet, Clara A. 1873  
Shedd, William R. 1874 (letter)
Shedd, Charlotte A. Butler 1874 (letter) wife of William R.
Shedd, Ruth A. 1874 (letter)
Doe, Lucia J. 1874 (letter)
Clark, Fred. Ezra 1874  
Clark, Sarah E. Page 1874 wife of Fred.
Johnson, Sidney 1874  
Battles, Kate McDonald 1875 wife of Luther
Douse, Cynthia R. Abbott 1875 wife of Asa
George, Frances S. Kasson 1875 wife of James L.
Heath, Mary E. 1875  
Avery, Etheline E. 1875  
Meader, Bell 1875  
Temple, Orvin C. 1875  
Temple, Mary E. Goodwin 1875 wife of Orvin
Bailey, William U. 1875  
Bayley, Nelson 1875  
Kimball, Daniel P. 1875  
Kinney, Jacob B. 1875  
Cobleigh, Herbert Eugene 1875  
Avery, Hermann A. 1875  
Kent, William H. 1875  
Kent, Charles W. 1875  
Bailey, Warren W. 1875  
English, Willie F. 1875  
Dame, Arthur K. 1875  
Dame, Henry A. 1875 (letter)
Dame, Harriet F. Moulton 1875 (letter) wife of Henry
Dame, Lucy Elizabeth 1875 (letter)
Keyes, Lucy Rhodes 1875 wife of Horace T.
Atkinson, Ella M. Hibbard 1875 wife of W[illia]m
Atkinson, Catherine M. Bartlett 1875 (letter) wife of Dr. Moses
Atkinson, Mattie W. 1875  
Watkins, Emma S. 1875  
Kimball, Carrie M. 1875  
Clark, Clarence H. 1876 (letter)
Clark, Anna Kincaid 1876 widow of Moses
Walker, Rachael Anna Rollins 1876 wife of Washington D.

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