First Congregational Church
1836-1876 list of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
Source - church printed pamphlet
Northfield, Washington Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Granger, Calvin 1836-1842    
Benton, Josiah H. 1847-1849    
Smith, Ambrose 1850-1853    
Hazen, William S. 1864-    
Acting Pastors:      
Granger, Calvin 1834-1836    
Claggett, William 1843-1845    
Tracy, Caleb B. 1853-1855    
Stone, Levi H. 1856-1863    
Hazen, William S. 1863-1864    
Washburn, Virgil 1822-1832    
Winch, Caleb 1832-1843    
Cady, Calvin 1832-1864    
Denny, Samuel 1842-1848    
Closson, Charles C. 1845-1848    
Winch, William 1848-    
Harrington, Leonard 1849-185-    
Belknap, Lorenzo 1864-    
Officers of the Church in 1876:      
Hazen, William S. Pastor    
Winch, William Deacon    
Belknap, Lorenzo Deacon    
Orcutt, Jasper H. Clerk    
Denny, Chauncey Treasurer    
Edgerton, Orvis D. Standing Committee    
Orcutt, Jasper H. Standing Committee    
Denny, Chauncey Standing Committee    
Denny, Chauncey Supt of Sunday School    
Ward, Charles H. Supt of Sunday School    
Total Members of the church is 326
Members: (Seems to be current list only)
Name Year Joined Letter or
wife or widow of:
Strong, Josiah B. Original Member    
Washburn, Virgil Original Member    
Dole, Moses R. Original Member    
Whitney, Samuel Original Member    
Houghton, Thomas Original Member    
Whitney, Lucy Original Member    
Strong, Clarissa Original Member    
Whitney, Rizpah Original Member    
Houghton, Betsey Original Member    
Houghton, Betsey Parker 1822 P wid. of Thomas
Holton, Mary Houghton 1826 L w. of Ira
Winch, William 1835 P  
Carlton, Eliza Cady 1836 P wid. of Noah
Crawford, Sarah Sweet 1836 P wid. of John
Blake, Lydia Barber 1836 L w. of Charles
Blake, Charles 1837 P  
Strong, Octa Strong 1839 P wid. of Theodore
Dodge, Harriet Gardner 1839 P w. of Samuel D.
Dodge, Samuel D. 1842 P  
Smith, Elizabeth Porter 1842 P w. of Dr. J. B.
White, M. Joanna Ainsworth 1842 P wid. of John A. S.
Crane, George H. 1842 P  
Crane, Sarah Denny 1842 P wife of George H.
Nichols, Roxana Herrick 1842 P wid. of William
Clough, Henry H. 1842 L  
Clough, Phila Woodworth 1842 L w. of Henry H.
Claggett, Catherine Emerson 1842 P w. of Dr. Clifton
Holton, Ira 1842 P  
Winch, Lydia Nye 1849 L w. of William
Nye, Aurilla Catlin 1849 P wid. of John F.
Nye, Almara 1849 P  
Strong, Lucy Ann 1849 P  
Orcutt, Jasper H. 1850 P  
Denny, Prudence Ellis 1850 L wid. of Samuel
Smith, Louisa Pope 1851 L w. of Orton
Belknap, Lorenzo 1856 L  
Blake, Nelson 1856 P  
Bowman, Sarah 1857 P  
Maxham, George W.  1858 L  
Maxham, Laura Cady 1858 L w. of George W.
Bates, Sarah K. Williams 1858 L wid. of Dr. Daniel
Metcalf, Martha Chadwick 1858 P w. of A. D.
Williams, Persis 1858 P  
McClearn, Matthew 1859 L  
McClearn, Ruth Ripley 1859 L w. of Matthew
MacGillivray, Allan 1859 P  
MacGillivray, Janet Smedley 1859 P w. of Allan
Robinson, Mary 1859 P  
Stratton, Malinda 1860 L  
Woodbury, Cornelia Stebbins 1860 P wid. of William C.
Williams, Serviah Closson 1860 P wid. of Zadoc
Williams, Charlotte Safford 1860 L wid. of Erastus P.
Edson, Aurora Dodge 1860 P wid. of George
Denny, Chauncey 1860 P  
Clough, Ellen M. 1863 P  
King, Nathaniel 1864 P  
Hazen, William S.  1864 L  
Bedford, Benjamin 1865 P  
Field, Moses L. 1866 P  
Field, Susan B. Silsby 1866 P w. of Moses L.
Winch, C. Maynard 1866 P  
Chamberlin, Jane W. Davis 1866 L wid. of Wm. E.
Hubbard, Clark P. 1866 L  
Maxham, Laura E. 1866 P  
Gilman, Morrill 1866 L  
Gilman, Harriet W. Smith 1866 L w. of Morrill
Smith, Edson D. 1867 L  
Whittemore, Harriet Denny 1867 L wid. of Rev. Luther
Edgerton, Orvis D. 1867 L  
Edgerton, Roxana Taylor 1867 L w. of Orvis
Crane, Emma T. 1868 P  
Winch, Susan E. 1868 P  
Spaulding, Thankful Salter 1868 L w. of S. B.
Jones, Harriet Dodge 1868 P w. of E. K.
Moseley, Clara A. Boynton 1869 L w. of John L.
Clough, William H. 1870 P  
King, Emma Pike 1870 P w. of Nathaniel
Somerville, Josiah G. 1871 P  
Somerville, Florence Brown 1871 P w. of Josiah G.
Crane, Lucia S. 1871 P  
Crane, S. Elizabeth 1871 P  
Williams, Laura C. 1871 P  
Gallup, Jonathan C. 1872 P  
Gallup, Laura Braley 1872 P w. of Jonathan
Crane, Alice E. 1872 P  
Whittemore, Evelyn D. 1872 P  
Flint, Helen Andrews 1872 P wid. of John
Holden, Theodora Smith 1872 L w. of Wm.
Denny, Laura Craig 1873 P w. of Joseph
Winch, Malinda Bradford 1873 P w. of C. M.
Smith, Lucy A. 1874 P  
McClearn, Mary F. 1875 P  
Pratt, Mary E. 1875 P  
Spaulding, Lena E. 1875 P  
Whittemore, Lucena P. 1875 P  
Winch, John H. 1875 P  
Whittemore, L. Denny 1875 P  
Guild, Dan 1875 L  
Guild, Lucetta Bancroft 1875 L w. of Dan
Guild, Cemina 1875 L  
Whittemore, Addie E. 1875 P  
Lovejoy, Warren J. 1876 L  
Lovejoy, Sarah Lovejoy 1876 L w. of Warren
Crawford, Emma Brown 1876 L w. of George
Bates, George D. 1876 P  
Bates, Lucy E. Perry 1876 P w. of George D.
Davis, Harriet N. Braley 1876 P wid. of Horace A.
Perkins, E. Florence 1876 P  
Pike, Angie 1876 P  
Winch, Samuel W. 1876 P  
Horner, Simon D. 1876 P  

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