Congregational Church
1788-1877, 1880 & 1913
Rutland, Rutland Co., Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

A special thanks goes to
Jeanne Spaulding
for her help.


Members - from 1788 to 1797  
Pastors Start Date End Date  
Rev. Samuel Williams, LL. D. Acting Jan. 1789 Oct 1795  
Rev. Herman Ball, D. D. 1 Feb 1797 Died 17 Dec 1821  
Rev. Charles Walker, D. D. 1 Jan 1823 Dismissed 13 Mar 1833  
Rev. William Mitchell 14 March 1833 Dismissed 2 Jun 1846  
Rev. Silas Aiken, D. D. 29 March 1849 Dismissed 1 Jul 1863  
Rev. Norman Seaver, D. D. 28 Aug 1860 Dismissed 4 Nov 1868  
Rev. Jas. Gibson Johnson 21 April 1870    
Deacons Start Date End Date  
Samuel Williams ?? Died 28 Feb 1800  
William Barr 16 Jan 1800 Died 4 Apr 1813  
Israel Harris 27 Aug 1800 Died 28 Nov 1836  
Matthew Fenton 18 Apr 1811 Died 24 Jan 1813  
Asa Hale 29 Apr 1813 Died 2 Dec 1843  
Luther Shaw 29 Apr 1813 Died 7 Apr 1841  
William Page 15 Apr 1829 Died 14 Feb 1850  
Robert Barney 15 Apr 1829 Died 10 Sep 1868  
Philo Curtis 21 Apr 1844 Died 26 Feb 1852  
Silas H. Hodges 21 Apr 1844 Dismissed 25 Oct 1865  
James Barrett 22 Oct 1852 Died 18 Oct 1875  
Moses Curtis 22 Oct 1852 Died 20 Jan 1861  
E. V. N. Harwood Feb 1861    
John H. Bowman Feb 1861 Absent  
John B. Page 2 Jan 1871    
Joel M. Haven 2 Jan 1871    
Henry F. Field 2 Jan 1871    
Original Members - from 1788 to 1797  
Reuben Harmon, Died Eunice Risley, Died Samuel Williams, Died  
Eunice Harmon, Died Sarah Cook, Died Miles Baldwin, Died  
Mary Cushman, Died Mary Andrews, Died Eben. Andrews, Died  
Charles Cushman, Died Jehial Andrews, Died Sarah Andrews, Died  
Abner Lewis, Died Silas Wyllys, Died Mary Barr, Died  
Oliver Harmon, Died Roswell Post, Died Anna Baldwin, Died  
William Post, Died Moses Sargeant, Died Thankful Himes, Died  
John Andrews, Died Israel Harris, Died Mabel Andrews, Died  
Benjamin Risley, Died William Barr, Died Rachel Cook, Died  
Mrs. Claghorn, Died William Barnes, Died Sarah Harris, Died  
Chaziah Post, Died Issachar Reed, Died Sarah Sargeant, Died  
Azubah Lewis, Died Thomas Hale, Died Mrs. Wyllys, Died  
Polly Williams   Died  
Sarah Hooker May Died  
Mrs. E. Post Sep Died  
Judith Shaw Mar Died  
John Shaw Apr Died  
Typhena Shaw Apr    
William Storer Sep Died  
Deborah Storer Sep Died  
Patty Stuart Oct Died  
Simeon Post Nov Died  
Mary Post Nov Died  
Susa Bell May Died  
Isabella Warren May Died  
Rebecca Smith May Died  
Seth Wyllys Aug Died  
Solomon Smith Apr Died  
Zenas Montague Apr Died  
Rebecca Freeman Apr Died  
David Strong May Died  
Dinah Strong May Died  
Sally Hale May Died  
Moses Hale Jul Died  
Marcy Hale Jul Died  
Daniel Squire Jul Died  
Drusilla Squire Jul Died  
Lydia Smith Jul Died  
Lydia Shaw Sep Died  
Bartholomew Pearson Nov Died  
Elizabeth Pearson Nov Died  
Martha Fenton Mar Dismissed  
Polly Dow Apr Died  
Rhoda Strong Apr Died  
Betsey Freeman Jun Died  
Sarah Lacy Jun Dismissed  
Moses Bailey Jun Dismissed  
Patty Bailey Jun Died  
Mary Stephens Nov Died  
Asa Porter Nov Dismissed  
Mary Butman Feb Died  
Marcy Swaddle Mar Died  
Luther Shaw Mar Died  
Daniel Squire Mar Dismissed  
Levi Long Mar Died  
Abigail Long Mar Died  
Allen Beebe Apr Died  
Polly Beebe Apr Died  
Sally Cheney May Died  
Electra Strong May Died  
Experience Hale Jul Died  
Eunice Kingsley Jul Died  
Matthew Fenton Aug Died  
Hannah Fenton Aug Died  
Silas Wyllys Aug Dismissed  
Phineas Kingsley Aug Died  
Diadema Brewster Aug Died  
Martha Osgood Aug Died  
Adam Wyllys Aug Died  
Anna Wyllys Aug Died  
Lavina Graves Aug Died  
Jane Keeler Aug Excommunicated  
John McFarland Aug Died  
Eliakim Cheney Aug Died  
Oliver Greeno Nov Dismissed  
Asenath Curtis Nov Died  
Mary Shedd Nov Died  
Charlotte Pearson Nov Died  
Jennet Fenton Nov Died  
Lucy Graves Nov Dismissed  
Polly Brophey Nov Died  
Betsey Hawkes Nov Died  
Rhoda Andrews June Died  
Abigail Beaman Sep Dismissed  
Electa Webber Sep Died  
Josiah Hart Sep Died  
Elizabeth Hart Sep Died  
Daniel Greeno Oct Died  
Susannah Smith Nov Died  
David Osgood Dec Died  
Timothy Harris Dec Died  
Cheever Felch Mar Dismissed  
John Prentiss May Died  
Anna Prentiss May Died  
Eli Ripley May Died  
Sarah Ripley May Died  
Marcy Hale Jul Died  
Mary Hale Jul Dismissed  
Jane Graham Jul Dismissed  
Asa Hale Aug Died  
Ethiel Cushman Aug Died  
Anna Cushman Aug Died  
Sylvester Grennell Aug Died  
Dorcas Hale Aug Died  
Sally Cornell Aug Died  
Patty Strong Aug Died  
Jemima Strong Aug Dismissed  
Lucy Dewing Aug Died  
Olive Staples Aug Died  
Olive Beebe Aug Died  
Lucretia Oatman Aug Died  
Asenath Tinkham Nov Died  
Asa Staples, Jr. Nov Dismissed  
Naomi Meacham Nov Died  
Ruth Stearns Nov Died  
Levi Long, Jr. Jan Died  
Benjamin Cheney Sept Died  
Betsey Basset Oct Died  
Sampson Freeman Apr Died  
Susannah Paige May Died  
Polly Ford May Dismissed  
Chloe Barney May Died  
Phineas Kingsley, Jr. May Died  
Betsey Wyllys May Died  
Jerusha Aiken May Died  
Pamela Long May Dismissed  
Sally Hale May Died  
Sally Cushman May Dismissed  
Abijah Pratt Jul Died  
Phebe Pratt Jul Died  
James Butman Jul Died  
Seth Warren Jul Died  
Chloe Page Jul Died  
Ruth Sullings Jul Died  
Phebe Sullings Jul Dismissed  
Lavina Fenton Nov Dismissed  
Mabel Strong Nov Dismissed  
Joseph B. Long May Died  
Stephen M. Wheelock May Died  
Polly S. Reed Sept Died  
Maria Graham Sept Dismissed  
Eliza Merriam Sept Died  
Jane Osgood Oct Died  
William Page Nov Died  
Thankful Wheelock Nov Died  
Eunice Ramsdell Nov Died  
Lucinda Squier Nov Dismissed  
Jared Long Nov    
Asa Hale, Jr. Nov Dismissed  
Nahum Goddard Dec Dismissed  
Robert Barney Dec Dismissed  
Polly Smith Dec Died  
Lucy Maria Strong Dec Died  
Hepzibah Porter Dec Died  
Fanny A. Smith Dec Died  
Anner Randall Dec Dismissed  
Sally Grennell Dec Died  
Sarah Hale Dec Died  
Betsey Cook Mar Died  
Melinda Curtis Mar Died  
Eleazer Smith Mar Died  
Stephen Clark May Died  
Rachel Clark May Died  
Cephas Curtis May Died  
Mary Knight Aug Dismissed  
Roxanna Freeman (Mrs. Doucett) Aug Dismissed  
James D. Butler Feb Died  
Rachel Butler Feb Died  
Melinda Barr Feb Dismissed  
Henry G. Walker Feb Dismissed  
David Kirkaldie Apr Died  
Mary Eayres Apr Died  
Sophia W. Neal Apr Dismissed  
Harriett L. Chipman Apr Died  
Catherine McKinzie Jan Died  
Cynthia Page May Died  
Silence Woods May Dismissed  
Mary Cheney Sept Died  
John B. Shaw Nov Died  
Martha Long (Mrs. Jared) Mar Dismissed  
Sarah Long Aug Died  
Nancy Reynolds Mar Died  
Clark Long Jun Died  
Rhoda Long Jun Died  
Ora Pearson Nov Dismissed  
Henry S. Curtis Nov Dismissed  
Charlotte Ormsbee Nov Excommunicated  
Polly Weatherbe Nov Died  
Luna Hall Jan Died  
Sally Goddard Jan Dismissed  
Clarissa Gould Jan Died  
Amy Brown Jan Died  
Hannah Hale Jan Died  
Betsey Hooker Jan Dismissed  
Asenath Curtis Jan Died  
Isaac Cushman Jan Died  
Harvey Long Jan Died  
Henry Post Jan Dismissed  
Polly Ramsdell Mar Died  
Lydia Brewster Mar Died  
Lois Cushman Mar Dismissed  
Jane Cushman Mar Dismissed  
Dulcina Fenton Mar Died  
Joanna T. Fenton Mar Dismissed  
Mary Barnes (Mrs. Tenney) Mar Died  
Betsey M. R. Hawkes Mar Died  
Rossy Tenney Mar Dismissed  
Rockylena Shaw Mar Dismissed  
Jerusha Shaw Mar Died  
Luther Shaw, 2nd Mar Died  
Philo Curtis May Died  
Philo Curtis, Jr. May Died  
John Ramsdell May Excommunicated  
Lyman Long May Excommunicated  
Esther Butman May Died  
Huldah Himes May Died  
Clarissa Walker May Dismissed  
Patience P. Walker May Died  
Anna M. Walker May Dismissed  
James Ledget May Died  
Esther Ledget May Died  
Abigail Pierpont May Died  
Nahum Green Sept Died  
Anna Shaw Sept Dismissed  
Caroline M. Keeler Sept Died  
Patty S. Keeler Sept Died  
Lucy Green Oct Died  
William Eayres Nov Died  
Joseph F. Cushman Jul Died  
Rebecca Cushman Jul Died  
Amy Needham Jul Died  
Sarah Squier Jul Died  
Philena Hawley Jul Died  
Silence Fenton Mar Died  
Charlotte Burditt Mar Dismissed  
Lydia Richardson May Died  
Charity Russell Jan Died  
Laura Pratt Jul Died  
Maria Brown Oct Died  
Eunice A. Wilson Nov Dismissed  
Lorinda Goddard Nov Dismissed  
Mary Curtis (Cheney) Nov Died  
Louisa Shaw Nov Died  
Nancy Stone Nov Died  
Sophia W. Storer Nov Dismissed  
Clarinda Chapman Nov Dismissed  
Eunice J. Eggleston Nov Nov  
Minerva Long Nov Nov  
Rev. Henry B. Hooker Jul Absent  
Fanny Lord Jul Died  
Charity Goddard Jul Dismissed  
Charity Freeman (Mrs. Taylor) Jul    
Columbus Evans Jan Dismissed  
Chloe Hale Mar Died  
Ruth Merriam May Dismissed  
Jared C. Burdick Jul Died  
Lucy S. Burdick (Mrs. Paige) Jul Died  
Elizabeth Cheney Sept Died  
Medad Sheldon Sept Dismissed  
Lucy Sheldon Sept Died  
Eliza Post Sept Dismissed  
Lavina Billings Sept Dismissed  
Edmond Alvord Nov Dismissed  
Lucy Carruth (Hagar) Nov    
Adeline Randall Nov Dismissed  
Lucy Fargo Jan Died  
Betsey M. Strong (Mrs. Luther Daniels) Jan    
David P. Ford Jan Excommunicated  
Matthew Leffingwell Mar Dismissed  
Mary A. Smith Mar Dismissed  
William Wright Jul Died  
Fanny Wright Jul Died  
Fanny Wridle (Mrs. Wheeler) Jul    
Martha Tuttle Sept Died  
Hannah M. Shedd Sept Died  
Clementine Osgood Sept Died  
Mary Patrick Sept Absent  
Leonard Fargo Sept Excommunicated  
Eunice Strong Jan Died  
Phebe E. Spofford Jan Died  
Aurilla Stratton Mar Died  
Louisa Case May Dismissed  
Anna Hayden May Died  
Mary Barney Jul Dismissed  
Lucretia A. Walker (Mrs. Chas.) Sept Dismissed  
Lucy Alvord Sept Died  
Laura Hale Nov Died  
Nancy Nailor Jan Died  
Maria C. Pratt Jan Died  
Alzina Adams Jan Dismissed  
William Alvord Feb Died  
Peter Nailor Feb Died  
Joseph W. Turner Feb Dismissed  
Moses M. Strong Feb Excommunicated  
Damaris Sheldon Feb Dismissed  
Caroline Sheldon Feb Dismissed  
Benjamin Lord Mar Dismissed  
Robert Pierpont Mar Died  
Ambrose L. Brown Mar Died  
Lewis Meacham Mar Died  
James Meacham Mar Died  
Thaddeus Curtis Mar Died  
Alphonzo Bent Mar Dismissed  
Abigail M'Connell Mar Died  
Abigail M'Connell (Mrs. Whitcomb) Mar Dismissed  
Mary Ann Fenton Mar Dismissed  
Maria Graham Mar Died  
Laura Alvord Mar Dismissed  
Hannah H. Chapman Mar Dismissed  
Susannah Green May Died  
John Ruggles May Died  
Sally Ruggles May Died  
Percival W. Sage May Dismissed  
James Eayres May Died  
John W. Hooker May Died  
Peter Blanchard May Died  
Ebenezer Littlefield May Dismissed  
Bigelow C. Fenton May Dismissed  
William Bland May Died  
Ephraim P. Parsons May Excommunicated  
Joel Hayden May Died  
William H. Bailey May Excommunicated  
John P. Merriam May Dismissed  
Lamson Miner May Died  
Levi Wood May Dismissed  
Betsey Wood May Dismissed  
Lucy Hayden May Died  
Rachel Fuller May Died  
Sarah Barnes May Died  
Laura Barnes May Dismissed  
Jerusha Hinckley May Died  
Julia S. Ruggles May Died  
Adeline Osgood May Died  
Priscilla Meacham May Died  
Amelia Whiting May Dismissed  
Sarah Whiting May Dismissed  
Melinda Taylor May Absent  
Lucinda Barker (Mrs. Rufus Beebe) May    
James E. Cheney Jul Died  
Caroline Cheney Jul Dismissed  
Mary Post (Mrs. A. H. ) Jul    
Priscilla W. Gould Jul Dismissed  
Rheumma Abbott (Mrs. Fenton) Jul Absent  
Howard Willis Sept Absent  
Benjamin Alvord Sept Dismissed  
Adeline Sheldon Sept Absent  
Hannah Hale (Mrs. Stratton) Sept Absent  
Nancy Wood Sept Dismissed  
Sarah Shaw Sept Dismissed  
Laura Gleason Jan Died  
Electa Orcutt Jan Dismissed  
Nahum E. Green Jan Died  
Sybil Towslee May Dismissed  
Mary C. Felch Sept Dismissed  
Joel Green Jan Died  
Ephraim Jackson Mar Died  
Lucina Emmons Mar Dismissed  
Sally Farmer Nov Died  
Isaac Merriam Jan Dismissed  
William T. Knowlton Mar Dismissed  
Lois Butler Sept Died  
Melissa Judd (Mrs. Ethan) Mar Dismissed  
Harriett McLellan Mar Dismissed  
Thaddeus Terrill May Dismissed  
Franklin Henry May Dismissed  
Mary Foster Jul Dismissed  
Mary F. Gookin Nov Died  
Jonathan Dike Jan Dismissed  
Mary Hunt Jan Dismissed  
Roxana Cheney Mar Died  
Thankful Buck Mar Died  
Daniel Sumner Mar Died  
Joseph W. Littlefield Mar Dismissed  
Betsey Bailey May Excommunicated  
Lucy Maria Strong May Died  
Caroline R. Cheney May Died  
Loraine L. Fay May Dismissed  
Horace Green May Died  
Silas H. Hodges May Dismissed  
Gershom C. Ruggles May    
Henry B. Ruggles May Excommunicated  
Henry Hall May Dismissed  
Rhoana Knowlton Jul Dismissed  
Jerusha Hooker Jul Dismissed  
William Butman Jul Died  
Betsey Butman Jul Died  
Royal H. Waller Jul Dismissed  
Frances Waller Jul Died  
Orel Cook Jul    
Luther Daniels Jul    
Frances Lord Jul Dismissed  
Mary S. Green Jul Died  
Miranda Littlefield Jul    
William Barnes Jul Died  
Daniel Gleason, Jr. Jul Died  
Frederick W. Hopkins Jul Died  
William P. Sage Jul Dismissed  
Albert Knowlton Jul Excommunicated  
Lucius Bragg Jul Dismissed  
William Kilburn Jul Dismissed  
Eliza Kilburn Jul Dismissed  
Thomas Fisk Jul Died  
Susanna Fisk Jul Died  
Betsey Spofford Jul Died  
Eliza Avery Jul Dismissed  
Freelove Barnes Sept Died  
Sarah Barnes (Mrs. Aaron) Sept    
Jane A. Osgood Sept Died  
Caroline K. Bradbury Sept Died  
Clarissa E. Gould Sept Dismissed  
Clariss U. Fenton Sept Dismissed  
Moses Curtis Sept Died  
Andrew Moore Sept Dismissed  
William Andrus Sept Dismissed  
Anthony Willis Sept Dismissed  
Charity Hathaway (Mrs. E. H. Squire) Sept    
Luke H. Whitcomb Sept Dismissed  
Oramel C. Barnes Sept Absent  
Daniel Sanders Sept Died  
Eleazer H. Squire Sept    
Mary M. Goddard Sept Dismissed  
Clarissa Greeno Sept Died  
Lucy Osgood Sept Died  
Sally M. Hoyt Sept Died  
Lydia Terrill Sept Dismissed  
Mary T. McMurphy Sept Dismissed  
Sarah P. Neil Sept Died  
Lucy Barney Sept Dismissed  
Nancy W. Maynard Sept Died  
Maria C. Greeno Sept Died  
James A. Tenney Sept Dismissed  
Henry Page Sept Dismissed  
Robert E. Patterson Sept    
Jane Eayres Sept Dismissed  
Elizabeth Gaut Sept Died  
Diana Cole Sept Absent  
Mary B. Page (Mrs. William Barnes) Sept Dismissed  
Celinda Wood (Mrs. James Butman) Sept Dismissed  
Betsey Longley Sept Dismissed  
Adeline Reed Sept Dismissed  
Chloe Perry Sept Died  
Sophia Flagg Sept Dismissed  
Harriet Mallard Sept Dismissed  
Nancy L. Buck Sept Dismissed  
Rozina L. Cheney (Mrs. Moses Curtis) Sept Absent  
Lucy C. Green (Mrs. Cephas Alvord) Sept    
Julia A. Burdick Sept Died  
Abel Page Sept Dismissed  
Eleanor S. Page Sept Dismissed  
Narcissa O. Gould Sept Dismissed  
Electra E. Strong Sept Died  
Stillman Kellogg Sept Died  
Horace T. White Sept Died  
John Maynard Sept Died  
Patty Bliss Sept Died  
Betsey Hale Sept Died  
Electa Hutchinson Sept Died  
Fanny Hale (Mrs. James Durkee) Sept Died  
Sophia Moore Nov Died  
Sophronia Littlefield Nov Died  
Luna F. Hall Nov Dismissed  
Lucinda Thomas Nov Dismissed  
Susan E. Whitcomb Nov Dismissed  
Julia A. Hooker (Mrs. F. W. Hopkins) Nov Died  
Lucy Ann Rowe (Mrs. McCloud) Nov Dismissed  
Maria P. Cook Nov    
Levi Littlefield Nov    
Thomas Greer Nov Absent  
George W. Buck Nov Dismissed  
Caroline Keith Jan Died  
Mary M. Henry Jan Absent  
James Barrett Jan Died  
Miriam Barrett (Mrs. James) Jan    
Mary Mallard Jan Dismissed  
Agnes H. Strong Jan Dismissed  
Roger Ladd Mar Died  
Noah Grennell Mar Died  
Truman Moulthrop Mar Excommunicated  
James Leget Mar    
Noah Foster Mar Died  
Louisa Foster Mar Died  
Alpha H. Post Mar Died  
Martha Foster Mar Dismissed  
Roxanna Blanchard (Mrs. Peter) Mar    
Betsey Ladd Mar Died  
Gershom Cheney Mar Died  
Nathaniel Gould Mar Died  
Chloe Long (Mrs. Levi) Mar Died  
Julia Ann Hodges (Mrs. S. H.) Mar Dismissed  
Mary S. Bliss (Mrs. S. Capron) Mar Absent  
Caroline Bliss Mar Died  
Elmina Hale Mar Died  
Lydia Ann Worthing May Dismissed  
Olive Ford May Died  
Gardener Hunt May Dismissed  
Mary P. Hunt May Dismissed  
John F. Willis May Absent  
Harriett Long May Dismissed  
Julia Ann Bliss May Dismissed  
Jemima Kimball May Dismissed  
Ann Eayres Mar Died  
John Holbrook Jul Died  
Alvan Tenney Jan Died  
Sarah B. Mitchell Jan Dismissed  
Catherine Simmons May Absent  
Othaniel Williams Jul    
Anna Williams (Mrs. O.) Jul    
Marion B. Porter (Mrs. H. W.) Nov Died  
Susan Fisk May Died  
Hannah A. Harris May Dismissed  
Calvin Frink May Dismissed  
Lydia L. Frink May Dismissed  
Elizabeth A. Waller Jul Died  
Ira Parsons Jul Died  
Theodosia Parsons Jul Died  
Lovisa Richardson Jul Dismissed  
David Hale Jul Dismissed  
William A. Dana Jul Dismissed  
Charles A. Peck Jul Died  
Sarah D. Patterson Jul Died  
Sarah J. Barrett (Mrs. E. Pierpont) Jul    
Julia A. Towslee Jul Dismissed  
Ann Page (Mrs. A. G. Pease) Jul Dismissed  
Sarah Harkness Jul Died  
Betsey Rathbone Sept Died  
Dudley Fuller Sept Died  
John Cook Sept Dismissed  
Loraine Cook Sept Died  
Sarah A. Packard Sept Excommunicated  
Emily Fenton Sept Dismissed  
Ann B. Felch Sept Dismissed  
Charlotte E. Green Sept Died  
Elizabeth B. Brown (Mrs. Dr. Parmelee) Sept Dismissed  
Thomas R. Bailey Sept Dismissed  
Charles W. Towslee Sept Died  
Emily Hall (Mrs. James Esty) Sept Dismissed  
Jane Smith Sept Dismissed  
Sarah H. Knowlton Jan Dismissed  
Robert Goddard Mar Dismissed  
Calvin R. Davis Mar Dismissed  
Sophoronia Ladd Mar Dismissed  
Daniel P. Bell May Dismissed  
Asahel Cleveland May    
Abigail Long May Died  
Susan Long May Died  
Jane Fenton May Excommunicated  
Melissa Greeno May Died  
Phebe Spofford May Dismissed  
Aaron Hagar Jul Died  
Phila Bliss (Mrs. Jenner) Jul Absent  
Helen A. Fay (Mrs. Robinson) Sept Dismissed  
Jerome B. Towslee Dec Died  
Daniel S. Squire Mar Dismissed  
Richard Elkins Mar Dismissed  
Henry S. Ford Mar Dismissed  
Robert Patterson Mar Died  
Edward Burnham Mar Dismissed  
Moses Gilbert Mar Dismissed  
Orra Draper Mar Dismissed  
Henry Martin Mar Dismissed  
James Nichols Mar Absent  
Robert R. Pierpont Mar Died  
William A. Towslee Mar Dismissed  
Jemima Littlefield Mar Died  
Rosalie Harris Mar Absent  
Lucy L. Porter Mar Died  
Mary Littlefield Mar    
Sarah R. Green Mar Dismissed  
Louisa Mussey (Mrs. Charles) Mar Dismissed  
Mary E. Frink Mar Dismissed  
Caroline Bragg Mar Died  
Sophia E. Moore (Mrs. T. Bailey) Mar Dismissed  
Mary A. Fuller Mar Died  
Helen M. Gould (Mrs. E. Avery) Mar Dismissed  
Harriett Lent Mar Absent  
Mary C. Ruggles (Mrs. G. C.) Mar    
George Ware Mar    
Mary Ware Mar    
Asenath Hale Mar Absent  
Joseph Taylor Mar Died  
G. W. Robertson Mar Dismissed  
Samuel Towslee Apr Dismissed  
Juliana Deland Apr Dismissed  
Benjamin Cheney May Died  
William B. Moore May Absent  
Lorin Barnes May Dismissed  
Horace Barnes May Dismissed  
James B. Kirkaldie May Dismissed  
William Wood May Dismissed  
Nathan Nichols May Absent  
Israel Cook May Excommunicated  
Josiah D. Green May Excommunicated  
Samuel M. Patterson May Absent  
John Osgood May Died  
William Harkness May Excommunicated  
Nathan E. Hayes May Dismissed  
Irene Hayes May Died  
Emily D. Cook (Mrs. J. D. Green) May Absent  
Lydia E. Burdick (Mrs. Jno Price) May Dismissed  
Malvina Ramsdell (Mrs. A. Greeno) May    
Azuba Wood May Died  
Eliza A. Shaw May Dismissed  
Laura W. Shaw May Dismissed  
Almira A. Allen (Mrs. Geo Eayres) May Dismissed  
Clara Squire May Dismissed  
Harriett P. Moore (Mrs. Adkins) May Dismissed  
Loraine M. Knight May Dismissed  
Eliza A. Frink May Dismissed  
Mary A. Long May Dismissed  
Fanny E. Hall May Died  
Sarah J. Cheney (Mrs. B. R. Greeno) May    
Mary A. Longley May Dismissed  
Luseba Longley May Dismissed  
Abigail Osgood May Died  
Lucy J. Osgood (Mrs. J. M. Allen) May    
Arethusa Sanders May Died  
Mary A. Gilbert May Dismissed  
Bethiah Gilbert May Absent  
Sarah H. Fisk (Mrs. Hubbard) May    
Harriet S. Hale May Absent  
Mary Rollins May Dismissed  
Roxana W. Strong (Mrs. Keyes) May Died  
Susan Kimball (Mrs. Rufus Long) Jun    
Emily J. Bliss Jun Dismissed  
Agnes M. Long Jun Dismissed  
Frances Stevens Aug Dismissed  
Robert McCormick Sept Died  
Jerusha A. McCormick Sept Died  
Ethan Judd Sept Dismissed  
Martin H. Freeman Sept Dismissed  
Elizabeth Page (Mrs. S. D. Winslow) Sept Dismissed  
Hannibal Porter Jan Died  
Oliver Allen Jan Died  
Olivia Allen Jan Died  
Henrietta French Jan Died  
Emily Fay (Mrs. S. Foot) Jul Died  
Ann H. Berry Aug Dismissed  
Lorinda Rice (Mrs. Ira Ormsbee) Oct Dismissed  
Moses Perkins Dec Died  
Huldah Perkins Dec Died  
Samuel Clark Dec Died  
Arosina Clark (Mrs. Samuel) Dec    
Mary Curtis Jan Died  
Moses Curtis May Died  
Henry W. Porter Jul    
Hannah Freeman Jul Died  
Stephen Fenn Sept Died  
Betsey Fenn Sept Died  
Sarah A. Fenn (Mrs. Charles Long) Sept Dismissed  
Martha Long Sept Received a Second Time  
Lucy Randall Jan Died  
Harriet A. Everson Apr Died  
Lucinda Pratt Nov Died  
George F. Ruggles Dec Dismissed  
Betsey P. Wheelock Dec Absent  
Abigail Gibson (Mrs. T. O.) Dec    
Ellen C. Barrett Jan Dismissed  
B. Franklin Long Mar Dismissed  
Rhoda Long Mar Dismissed  
Mary Harkness Mar Died  
Lucius C. Wright May Dismissed  
Naomi Wright May Dismissed  
Samuel Brewer May Excommunicated  
Elizabeth French May Died  
Julia A. Cleveland (Mrs. Asahel) May    
Mary Ann Post (Mrs. L. A. Bebee) May    
Simeon D. Post May Died  
Alfred Long May Dismissed  
Helen Strong (Mrs. Gleason) May    
Rebecca Williams (Mrs. I. M. Southwick) Jul Died  
Susan S. Pierpont Nov    
Robert Hopkins Dec Excommunicated  
Electa Greeno (Mrs. Eli Farmer) Feb Died  
Moses King Mar Dismissed  
Eunice King Mar Dismissed  
Julia Page (Mrs. Newton Kellogg) May    
Francis Bow Dec Died  
Sarah Hale Dec Dismissed  
Sarah B. Ruggles (Mrs. F. Bradley) Jul Dismissed  
Eliakim Cheney Aug Died  
Rosina Cheney Aug Died  
Roswell E. Allen Apr    
Mrs. Violetta Terrill Dec    
Susan Edgerton (Mrs. Edwin) Dec Died  
Mrs. Anna Hodges Mar Died  
Mary Ann Foot (Mrs. S.) Mar    
Eliza Foot (Mrs. Collins) Apr    
Charles E. Barnes Apr Dismissed  
Charles Page Apr Dismissed  
Campbell H. King Apr Dismissed  
George Brown Apr Dismissed  
George H. Cheney Apr    
Cynthia F. Page (Mrs. J. B. Hollister) Apr Dismissed  
Isabella M. Brown Apr    
Jane M. Royce (Mrs. E. A. Morse) Apr    
Huldah P. Clark (Mrs. H. Blanchard) Apr    
Malintha A. Clark (Mrs. George Mussy) Apr Dismissed  
Louisa M. Judd Apr Died  
Laura Gould Apr    
Henry Hayward Jul    
Susan Hayward (Mrs. Henry) Jul    
Lafayette Dikeman Jul Died  
Clement L. Curtis Jul Died  
Julia Pierpont Jul    
Elizabeth H. Cook (Mrs. Caswell) May Dismissed  
Orrick L. Robbins Jul    
Harriet Glynn (Mrs. James E.) Jul    
Henry O. Perkins Aug    
M. E. Perkins (Mrs. H. O.) Aug    
Rev. Silas Aiken, D. D. Oct Died  
Sophia P. Aiken (Mrs. Silas) Oct    
Susan E. Aiken Nov    
Jonathan Stedman Nov Dismissed  
Mary L. Stedman Nov Dismissed  
Edwin R. Fay Feb Dismissed  
Gilbert C. Metcalf Feb Dismissed  
Almira Metcalf Feb Dismissed  
Robert B. Barney Mar Dismissed  
Joseph B. Barney Mar Dismissed  
Lewis M. Curtis Mar Dismissed  
Sarah J. Himes Mar Died  
Mary A. Cheney Mar Died  
Mary R. Page (Mrs. J. B.) May Died  
Sarah E. Farmer May    
Ellen L. Osgood (Mrs. P. K.) Jun    
Sophia Perkins (Mrs. M. J.) Jul    
Frances Hall (Mrs. Henry) Sept    
Asa Keith Sept Dismissed  
Mrs. Asa Keith Sept Dismissed  
Lawrence E. Rivard Mar Dismissed  
Mary E. Aiken (Mrs. M. Blakely) Mar Dismissed  
Alvin F. Spencer Apr Died  
Mary E. Long May Dismissed  
Clark L. Long May    
Henry Hichcock Aug Dismissed  
Martha A. Hichcock Aug Dismissed  
Eliza G. Long Oct Died  
Simon H. Davis Nov Died  
Sarah M. Davis (Mrs. Hubbard) Nov Absent  
Miriam Huse Dec Dismissed  
Sarah A. Stewart Jan Died  
Henry Kingman Jan Dismissed  
Harriet M. Porter (Mrs. H. W.) Feb    
Chloe M. Barney Mar Dismissed  
John Cook Mar Received a Second Time  
Sarah J. Cook (Mrs. Jno.) Mar    
Sarah L. Clark (Mrs. H. G.) Sept Absent  
Harriet M. Wood Nov Dismissed  
Samuel W. Ellsworth Dec Dismissed  
Eleanor Ellsworth Dec Dismissed  
Sophia Ellsworth Dec Dismissed  
Keziah Drake Dec Died  
Rhoda Huse Mar Dismissed  
Mrs. N. E. Hayes May Dismissed  
Charles S. Adkins Jun Dismissed  
John B. Kilburn Sept    
Mrs. J. B. Kilburn Sept    
Leverett Chatterton Nov Dismissed  
Almira Brewer Nov Died  
Sarah C. Barney Mar Dismissed  
Mary C. Allen Mar Dismissed  
Emily Eggleston Mar Dismissed  
George L. Mussey Mar Excommunicated  
Sarah Penfield Nov    
Louvira Kirkaldie Nov Dismissed  
John Hutchinson Jan Excommunicated  
Phoebe Hutchinson Jan Excommunicated  
Sarah E. Brown Jan Dismissed  
Cornelia W. Canning Jan Dismissed  
Lyman Strong Mar Dismissed  
Anna Strong Mar Dismissed  
Joseph Gaskill May Died  
Daniel Kimball Jul Absent  
Harriet Daniels Aug    
Harriet Cheney Sept Died  
Aletta Cheney Nov Died  
J. H. Bowman Jan Absent  
Sarah J. Bowman (Mrs. J. H.) Jan Died  
Benning K. Abbot Jan Died  
Dr. David E. Page May Died  
Mary J. Page (Mrs. D. E.) May Dismissed  
Stephen G. Staley May Died  
Barbara A. Staley (Mrs. S. G.) May    
Elizabeth G. Cole May Dismissed  
Ellen M. Parker May Dismissed  
Abby A. Wood Jul Dismissed  
Frances D. Somers Jul    
Melissa P. Giddings Jul Dismissed  
Sidney W. Curtis Jul    
Eliza B. Curtis (Mrs. S. W.) Jul    
Susan C. Edgerton (Mrs. W. P. Aiken) Jul Dismissed  
Mary A. Taylor Jul    
Mary E. Daniels Jul    
Caroline K. Daniels (Mrs. Norman Seaver) Jul Dismissed  
Sarah S. Jewett Jul Dismissed  
Julia A. Williams Jul Died  
William H. H. Gould Sept Excommunicated  
Edson S. Hull Nov Dismissed  
Eliza P. Hull Nov Dismissed  
Newton Kellogg Nov    
Selah Thomas Nov Died  
Elizabeth S. Thomas (Mrs. Selah) Nov Died  
William P. Merriam Dec    
Armenia Merriam (Mrs. W. P.) Dec    
Martha E. Merriam (Mrs. Clark Long) Dec    
Samuel Terrill Mar    
Susan M. Terrill (Mrs. S.) Mar    
Henry E. Bostwick Jun Dismissed  
Sophia (Mrs. H. E.) Jun Dismissed  
Mary Ann Penfield (Mrs. T. McLaughlin) Jul Died  
Betsey Penfield Jul Died  
Alma Penfield Jul Died  
Benjamin Cheney Sept Died  
Mary Cheney (Mrs. B.) Sept    
Sarah S. Hastings Sept Dismissed  
Philip Edgerton Sept Died  
Mary Ann Edgerton (Mrs. P.) Sept    
Jane A. Stoddard (Mrs. Benjamin) Sept    
Harriet Patterson (Mrs. R. E.) Sept    
William E. C. Stoddard Sept Died  
John B. Reynolds Sept    
Ellen M. Reynolds (Mrs. Geo Cheney) Nov    
Lizzie L. Cheney (Mrs. Lyman) Jan    
Emma Barrett (Mrs. Spaulding) Jan Died  
E. V. N. Harwood Mar    
Hester A. Harwood (Mrs. E. V. N.) Mar    
Myron S. Clark Mar    
Marion Brown (Mrs. George) Mar Dismissed  
Eleanor T. Brown (Mrs. Z. E. Ross) Mar    
Austin C. Baldwin Apr    
Alpheus Higgins Apr Dismissed  
Rebecca Higgins Apr Dismissed  
Susan E. Hayward (Mrs. J. B. Reynolds) May    
Carrie W. Dyer (Mrs. Barker) May Dismissed  
Ellen C. Merriam May Dismissed  
Daniel W. Squire May Absent  
John B. Page May    
Henry Fillmore May Absent  
Clara J. Squire May    
Lamira Fillmore May Dismissed  
Verlina C. Terrill May    
Margaret Hutchinson (Mrs. E. N. Merriam) May    
Anna L. Hopkins (Mrs. S. E. Burnham) May Died  
Luthery Pratt (Mrs. Colton) May Absent  
Henry W. Kingsley May    
William J. Brown May Dismissed  
Alvin H. Williams May    
Oliver H. Higgins May Dismissed  
Harriet A. Higgins May Dismissed  
Catherine L. Danforth May Absent  
Sally Barney (Mrs. R. B. ) May Dismissed  
Horace G. Clark May Absent  
John W. Thomas May Absent  
Henry W. Cheney May    
Roderic D. Morehouse May Dismissed  
William A. Mussey May Dismissed  
Clara J. Williams (Mrs. Pray) May Absent  
Eliza Littlefield (Mrs. O. Brown) May    
Moses P. Kingsley May    
Edward H. Randall May Dismissed  
Clement Miner, Jr. Jun Absent  
Joel M. Haven Jun    
Harriet M. Haven (Mrs. J. M. ) Jun    
Mary S. Bagley (Mrs. J. E. ) Jun Dismissed  
Mary C. Hall (Mrs. Dr. Fenn) Jun    
Emily J. Pratt (Mrs. Marshall) Jun Died  
Phila M. Hayward (Mrs. D. W. Squier) Jun Absent  
Lydia L. Hodges (Mrs. E. P. Wheeler) Jun Absent  
Helen M. Camp Jun Dismissed  
Emma L. Edgerton Jun    
Charles E. Taylor Jun    
William C. Miller Jun Absent  
Moses Hawkes Jun Died  
James B. Miller Jun Absent  
Wyllys Hodges Jun Dismissed  
George E. Jones Jun Dismissed  
Ann J. Engrem (Mrs. John) Jun    
Elizabeth Denio Jun Died  
Ziba Terrill Jun Died  
Mary A. Haskell Jun Dismissed  
Emily Clapp Jun Died  
Edwin N. Merriam Jun    
Julia A. Merriam (Mrs. E. N.) Jun Died  
Olivia G. Hawkes (Mrs. M.) Jun Died  
Helen M. Chandler (Mrs. M. Kingsley) Jun    
Mary F. Edgerton (Mrs. Noble) Jun Dismissed  
Benjamin R. Greeno Jun    
George R. Hall Jun Absent  
William Eayres Jun    
Moses J. Perkins Jun    
Eliza L. Duncan Jun Dismissed  
Medora V. H. Greeno (Mrs. B. W. Pond) Jun    
Mira P. Fisher (Mrs. C. Miner) Jun Absent  
Ellen F. Higgins (Mrs. J. S. Adams) Jun Dismissed  
Walter R. White Jun Died  
Phineas K. Osgood Jun Died  
Mary C. Hayward Jun Died  
Seraph L. White (Mrs. L. Dawley) Jun    
Oscar Brown Sept    
Martha Brown (Mrs. Oscar) Sept Died  
James Eayres, Jr. Sept    
Elizabeth B. Chatterton (Mrs. Leverett) Nov Dismissed  
Francis P. O'Niel Nov Dismissed  
Charlotte S. Farmer (Mrs. L. Curtis) Nov Dismissed  
Helen A. Farmer (Mrs. Dike) Nov Dismissed  
John C. Thompson Jan    
Harriet Thompson (Mrs. J. C.) Jan    
Sarah M. Marsh Mar Died  
Abner E. Frink Jul    
Florella G. Frink (Mrs. A. E.) Jul    
Sally Brackett Nov Dismissed  
Mary E. Giddings (Mrs. S. P.) Dec Dismissed  
Henry C. Wood Dec Dismissed  
Jane M. Wood (Mrs. H. C.) Dec Dismissed  
Charles C. Lee Dec Absent  
Eveline A. Lee Dec Dismissed  
Charles H. Thurston Dec Dismissed  
Paul Peterson May Dismissed  
Catherine Peterson May Dismissed  
Evangeline T. Hill May Dismissed  
Cornelia L. Moore May Dismissed  
Sarah A. Mussey (Mrs. Nowers) May Dismissed  
William A. Pettis May Dismissed  
Esther P. Morse (Mrs. George) Jun Died  
Eliza Hudson Jun Dismissed  
Benjamin F. Peterson Jun Dismissed  
Julia H. Peterson Jun Dismissed  
Mary Boynton Sept    
Harriet Barrett Nov Died  
O. L. Slader   Dismissed  
Mrs. O. L. Slader   Dismissed  
Betsey Thompson May Died  
Julia A. Osgood (Mrs. D. S.) Jul    
Nancy Walters Jul Absent  
Harriet Olmstead (Mrs. Charles) Nov    
Marion H. Porter (Mrs. W. Humphrey) Nov Dismissed  
George C. Foster Nov Dismissed  
Aaron R. Fuller Jan    
Margaret J. Fuller (Mrs. A. R.) Jan    
Christopher M. Davey Mar Died  
Narcissa Davey (Mrs. C. M.) Mar    
Isabella E. Gibb (Mrs. E. W.) May Dismissed  
Charlotte Howe May Absent  
Mary U. Fish Sept Died  
Julia F. Hodges (Mrs. C. C. Dewey) Sept    
William M. Field Nov    
Minerva K. Field (Mrs. W. M.) Nov    
Mary W. Paine (Mrs. H. H.) Nov Dismissed  
James Merrill Jan Dismissed  
Josephine C. Chapin (Mrs. E. A.) Feb Dismissed  
Hannah Freeman Feb    
Chloe Long May    
William R. Page May    
Marshall Blakley Oct Dismissed  
Solomon P. Giddings Jan Dismissed  
Amanda K. Joy Jan Died  
Helen L. Cheney (Mrs. Hiram) Jan Dismissed  
Pamelia K. Fox (Mrs. George H.) Jan    
Jane E. Davey (Mrs. H. W. Cheney) Jan    
Mary Curtis (Mrs. Jones) Jul Died  
Mrs. John J. Haynes Jul Dismissed  
Maggie A. Bowman (Mrs. J. S.) Jul Absent  
Mrs. S. Trowbridge Jul    
Sarah E. Cook Jul    
Henry H. Farmer Jul    
Mrs. J. F. Stinson Sept Died  
Susan F. Bourne (Mrs. M. A.) Sept    
Henry L. Stillson Jan Dismissed  
Charles Garfield Jan Absent  
Mary H. Gibb (Mrs. Kingsley) Jan Dismissed  
Mary N. Reynolds (Mrs. N. V. Brooks) Mar Dismissed  
Edward F. Reynolds Mar Died  
Maria M. Reynolds (Mrs. E. F.) Mar Dismissed  
William H. Reynolds Mar Dismissed  
Norman Jenks Mar Absent  
Amelia Jenks Mar Absent  
John P. Page May Died  
Rest W. Perkins May Died  
Ellen D. Vaughn (Mrs. Fayette) May    
George H. Reed May Dismissed  
Sarah M. Soule (Mrs. Harrison) May Died  
Mary E. Hitt May Dismissed  
Jessie G. Robertson (Mrs. H. Soule) May Dismissed  
Jane Bloomer Jul Absent  
M. Gertrude Allen (Mrs. Dr. C. L.) Jan    
Edmund G. Mason Jan Dismissed  
Mrs. E. G. Mason Jan Dismissed  
Oril R. Pierce Jan    
Jane E. Brown (Mrs. Charles) Mar Dismissed  
Frances E. Dunn (Mrs. J. C.) Mar    
Fanny P. Goulding (Mrs. J. H.) Mar    
John H. Goulding Mar    
Hattie P. Davis (Mrs. A. F. ) Mar    
Mary A. Wood Mar Died  
Emily F. Giddings Mar Dismissed  
Francis G. Clark Mar Dismissed  
Harriet N. Clark (Mrs. F. G.) Mar Dismissed  
Harrison Soule Jul Dismissed  
Russell R. Dorr Jul Dismissed  
Cynthia H. Simons (Mrs. N. P.) Jul    
Henry F. Field Sept    
Anna L. Field (Mrs. H. F.) Sept    
Frankie M. Kingsley (Mrs. H. W.) Sept    
Eliza S. Bowman Sept Absent  
Julia P. Pease Sept    
Caroline A. Eastman (Mrs. J. A. Sheldon) Sept    
Charles W. Page Nov Absent  
Charles P. Harris Nov Dismissed  
Susan P. Harris Nov    
Amos C. Bates Nov    
Sarah Bates (Mrs. A. C.) Nov    
Ann Russell Nov    
L. Maria Eayres Nov Died  
Sidney W. Rowell Jan    
Marion B. Rowell (Mrs. S. W.) Jan    
Duane Baldwin Jan Absent  
Sarah J. Hall (Mrs. J. M.) Jan    
Caroline Long (Mrs. D. G. Burt) Mar Absent  
Caroline E. Mussey (Mrs. W. B.) Mar    
Mary C. Wilson Mar Dismissed  
Hattie P. Kingsley (Mrs. Chester) Mar Dismissed  
Salome Oster Mar    
Sarah D. Valliquette Mar Dismissed  
George A. Merrill Mar    
Caroline D. Merrill (Mrs. Geo. A.) Mar    
Mary E. Cramton Mar    
Oril K. Willis (Mrs. George) Mar    
Ruth Frost (Mrs. Rufus) Mar    
Eliza D. Nicholson (Mrs. A. A.) Mar    
Stella A. Nicholson Mar Died  
Eliza J. Ferguson (Mrs. W. L.) Mar Died  
Helen B. Pratt Mar Absent  
Sophia H. Aiken Mar    
Sarah P. Ruggles (Mrs. H. H. Pierce) Mar Absent  
Jennie M. Perkins (Mrs. Parmenter) Mar    
John A. Barney Mar    
Emmeline P. Barney (Mrs. J. A.) Mar    
Charles R. Hayward Mar Absent  
Hiram S. Uttley Mar Absent  
Louisa P. Birdsall (Mrs. Palmer) Mar Dismissed  
Anna J. Otis (Mrs. J. M.) Mar    
Anthony M. Michael Mar Dismissed  
Dunham G. Burt Mar Absent  
Edward D. Page Mar    
Mary A. Grixton (Mrs. O. W. Currier) May    
Otis W. Currier May    
Carrie Ladd (Mrs. George Russell) May Died  
Orlana R. Spaulding May Died  
Hannah M. Mead May    
Mary L. Perkins Jul    
Eliza H. Bates (Mrs. R. F. Livermore) Jul Dismissed  
Judah Dana Jul    
Marcia H. Dana (Mrs. J.) Jul    
George P. Sheldon Sept Dismissed  
John P. Mailhoit Sept Dismissed  
Mary L. Sheldon Sept    
Sherburn Hutchins Nov Dismissed  
Mrs. S. Hutchins Nov Dismissed  
A. M. Pierce (Mrs. D. C.) Nov    
Thomas McLaughlin Jan Died  
Harvey Prichard Jan    
Jerusha Prichard (Mrs. Harvey) Jan    
Lizzie Thurston (Mrs. Charles H.) Jan Dismissed  
Marietta E. Franklin (Mrs. L. N.) Mar    
Esther A. Cheney (Mrs. James) Mar    
William H. G. Dow May Died  
Fayette P. Brown May Dismissed  
Abbie W. Brown (Mrs. F. P.) May Dismissed  
Francis A. Fisher May    
Sarah L. Fisher (Mrs. F. A.) May    
Helen M. Cramton May Died  
Adda W. Bailey (Mrs. Whitmore) May    
Esther Hager May Died  
Caleb S. Hitt May Dismissed  
H. E. Adams Jul    
Mrs. H. E. Adams Jul    
Emeroy C. Giddings (Mrs. S. P.) Jul Dismissed  
Seneca M. Dorr Jul    
Julia C. R. Dorr (Mrs. S. M.) Jul    
Charles C. Dewey Sept Died  
Zulma DeLacy Dorr (Mrs. W. H. Steele) Sept Dismissed  
Jennie A. Norton Sept Dismissed  
Mrs. Elizabeth Huntoon Sept    
N. V. Brooks Jan Dismissed  
Elizabeth Orms Jan Dismissed  
E. R. Farrar Jan    
Mrs. E. R. Farrar Jan    
Elizabeth A. Waller Jan Died  
Barzillai Davenport Jul Died  
Rev. A. G. Pease Nov    
Ann P. Pease (Mrs. A. G.) Nov Received a Second Time  
Mary S. Holcomb (Mrs. S. T.) May    
Mrs. Betsey Bates May    
Harriet Sheldon (Mrs. Charles) May    
Mary J. McDaniels (Mrs. M. Hilliard) May    
Mrs. Laura P. Flack May    
Belle S. Edgerton (Mrs. E. M.) Jun    
Laura J. Stewart (Mrs. G. W.) Jun    
Edward H. Green Jun Dismissed  
Frank E. Adams Jun Dismissed  
Mark W. Adams Jun Dismissed  
Frank A. Haven Jun Dismissed  
Helen L. Page Jun    
Mary E. Page Jun Dismissed  
Audrus B. Engrem Jun    
David B. Higgins Jun Dismissed  
John P. Spaulding Jun    
Anna C. Simons Jun    
Maggie B. Richards Jun Died  
Carrie L. Willis (Mrs. F. Gary) Jun    
Frances M. Eastman Jun    
Ella S. Olmstead Jun    
Hannah L. Allen (Mrs. R. E.) Jun    
Catherine A. Quin (Mrs. M.) Jun    
Hattie I. Barney Sept    
Clara J. Ruggles Sept    
Priscilla P. Putnam (Mrs. S. G.) Sept    
Sophia R. Putnam Sept    
Celia V. Read Sept Absent  
Wilbur F. Parker Sept Dismissed  
Julia R. Parker (Mrs. W. F.) Sept Dismissed  
Thomas Ross Sept    
Mrs. Thomas Ross Sept    
Emma G. Harwood (Mrs. E. V. N.) Nov    
Mary S. Coburn Nov Dismissed  
Mary H. Cheney (Mrs. Gershom) Nov    
Ellen A. Field (Mrs. G. D. Millington) Nov    
Mary E. Ripley Nov    
Caroline D. Fisher (Mrs. J. N. Woodfin) Nov    
Mary L. Pease Nov    
Jennie A. Drew (Mrs. J. W. Raymond Nov Dismissed  
John D. Stanley Jan    
Mrs. J. D. Stanley Jan    
Walter H. Parmenter Jan Died  
Dr. John A. Mead Mar    
Dr. George H. Fox Mar    
Sarah M. Farmer (Mrs. B. F.) Mar    
Mary R. Johnson (Mrs. J. G.) Mar    
Ella J. Osgood (Mrs. W. Wilson) May Dismissed  
J. D. Allen Jul    
Mrs. J. D. Allen Jul    
Ashley D. Francisco Sept    
Julia Francisco (Mrs. A. D.) Sept    
Mrs. E. P. Brewster Sept    
Harriet M. Spooner (Mrs. W. B.) Sept    
Susan B. Lease (Mrs. W. H.) Nov    
Annis B. Remington (Mrs. J. H.) Nov    
Martin Spaulding Nov    
Mrs. Martin Spaulding Nov Died  
Sophia L. Freeman Jan Dismissed  
Alice E. Stewart May    
Charles W. Mussey Jul    
George H. McLean Sept Absent  
Abbie L. Osgood Sept    
Mattie V. Harris Sept    
John C. Pease Nov    
Jessie Dewey Nov    
Helen L. Dewey Nov Absent  
Mrs. W. H. Dunton Jan    
Susan C. Aiken (Mrs. W. P.) Jan Received a 2nd Time- Dismissed  
Mary H. Spaulding (Mrs. J. P.) Jan    
J. M. Winn Jan    
Mrs. J. M. Winn Jan    
M. A. Bourne Jan    
Nellie E. Lord Jan    
Addie L. Dunton Jan    
Edwin E. Aiken Jan Dismissed  
Susie C. Aiken Jan Dismissed  
Annie F. Green (Mrs. Geo. W. Rhoades) Jan Absent  
Frederick R. Bailey Jan    
Mrs. L. E. Roys Jan    
Mrs. E. L. Foster Jan    
Leonard N. Franklin Jan    
Catherine R. Merrill (Mrs. L. W. Redington) Jan    
Edward M. Edgerton Jan    
Arthur R. Slader Jan Dismissed  
Henry H. Paine Mar Dismissed  
Birdsall D. Paine Mar Dismissed  
George H. Paine Mar Dismissed  
Mina P. Paine Mar Dismissed  
Frederick E. Cheney Mar    
William S. Terrill Mar    
Guy H. Reynolds Mar    
Jessie E. Osgood Jul    
Hiland R. Blakely Jul    
Mrs. H. H. Blakely Jul Died  
Martha L. Curtis (Mrs. Philo) Nov    
Mary S. Mead (Mrs. Dr. J. A.) Nov    
Charlotte A. Kilburn Nov    
Mary A. Russell Jan Dismissed  
Jessie W. Engrem (Mrs. A. B.) Jan    
Hattie W. Allen Jan    
L. Elizabeth Crossman Mar    
M. Wardwell (Mrs. G. J.) Mar    
Lizzie O. Wardwell (Mrs. Thomas Mound) Mar    
Martha M. Fox Mar Absent  
William H. Trowbridge Mar    
Harvey F. Reynolds May    
Mrs. H. F. Reynolds May    
Helen B. Smith (Mrs. W. H.) May    
Norman W. Smith May    
Horace L. Clark May Absent  
Mary E. Fox May    
Martha Gilmore Jul    
Sarah W. Powell Jul    
John Lindsey Sept    
Mrs. J. E. Bagley Sept Received a Second Time  
Jane M. Miner Sept    
Jerome P. Weller Sept    
Mary C. Weller (Mrs. J. P.) Sept    
Aldace F. Walker Nov    
Katie S. Walker (Mrs. A. F.) Nov    
Henry A. Hall Nov    
Mrs. Mary J. Burnham Jan Absent  
Mary A. Burnham Jan Absent  
Sarah L. Burnham Jan Absent  
Mrs. Joseph Hascall Jan    
Charles R. Hascall Jan    
Thomas Mound Jan    
Lewis C. Needham Jan    
Frederick B. Barrett Jan Dismissed  
Louise S. Frink Jan    
Emma A. Frink Jan    
Thomas R. Bailey Jan Received a Second Time  
Sophia E. Bailey (Mrs. T. R.) Jan Received a Second Time  
Frances R. Burrage (Mrs. W. T.) Mar    
Julia C. Griggs (Mrs. Grafton) Mar    
Maria M. Reynolds Mar Received a Second Time  
Louise F. Allen (Mrs. E. D. Page) May    
Charles P Harris May Received a Second Time  
Adelaide H. Kingsley (Mrs. N. P.) Jul    
Elhanan W. Clifford Jul    
Ella J. Clifford (Mrs. E W.) Jul    
Mrs. Jennie D. Capron Jul    
Mary O. White (Mrs. George F.) Jul    
Henrietta F. Weller Sept    
Charles L. Cheney Sept    
Perley A. Griswold Sept    
Harriet E. Page (Mrs. J. B.) Nov    
Nelson Brown Jan    
Nancy V. Brown (Mrs. N.) Jan    
Ella Brown Jan    
Julia L. Clark Jan    
David B. Higgins Jan Received a Second Time  
James F. Herrick Jan    
Mary E. Jerdo (Mrs. Gustafson) Jan    
Elizabeth Jerdo Jan Absent  
Fred A. Field Jan    
Lillie C. Field (Mrs. F. A.) Jan    
Lyman E. Roys Jan    
Louise Campbell Jan    
H. Leida Harlow Jan    
Effie A. Perkins Jan    
Samuel B. Pettingill Mar    
Harriet M. Dunton Mar    
Caleb A. Bosworth May    
Salome H. Bosworth (Mrs. C. A.) May    
Mattie C. Burnham May Absent  
Anna B. Lord May Absent  
Jennie M. Lord May Absent  
Henry Hall May Received a Second Time  
Clara T. Hall May    
John G. Williams May    
J. Azro Gould May    
Samuel H. Kellogg Jul    
John N. Kellogg Jul    
Cornelia A. Ripley (Mrs. W. Y. W.) Jul    
William T. Ripley Jul    
Walter H. Foster Jul    
Carrie L. Foster Jul    
Nellie Wolcott Jul    
Matie E. Barney Sept    
Benjamin W. Pennock Nov    
George W. Stewart Jan    
George A. Mietzke Jan    
Carrie E. Griswold Jan    
Lizzie T. Cleveland Jan    
Frederick L. Farwell Jan    
Witta G. Burnham (Mrs. S. E.) Jan    
Frank Rogers Jan    
Mrs. Frank Rogers Jan    
Mrs. Stella L. Cleveland Jan    
Walter I. Brown Jan    
Ellen C. Flack (Mrs. M. P.) Mar Died  
James Mark Mar    
James H. Dyer Mar    
Attie C. Dyer (Mrs. J. H.) Mar    
Ida F. Ross (Mrs. W. E.) Mar    
Marcellus L. Pierce Mar    
Marshall Blakley May Received a Second Time  
Mary E. Blakley (Mrs. M.) May Received a Second Time  
Perley D. Hutchinson May    
Mrs. M. H. Chatterton Jul    
S. J. Johnson (Mrs. W. H.) Jul    
Edmun G. Mason Jul Received a Second Time  
Anna Gordon Jul    
Adams, Hiram E.   Hilliard, Mary J. (Mrs. M.)  
Adams, Mrs. H. E.   Holcomb, Mary S. (Mrs. S. T.)  
Aiken, Sophia P. (Mrs. Silas)   Howe, Charlotte Absent
Aiken, Susan E.   Hubbard, Mrs. Sarah H.  
Aiken, Sophia H.   Hubbard, Mrs. Sarah M. Absent
Allen, Roswell E.   Huntoon, Mrs. Elizabeth  
Allen, Hannah S. (Mrs. R. E.)   Hutchinson, Perley D.  
Allen, Lucy J. (Mrs. J. M.)   Jenks, Norman Absent
Allen, Gertrude M. (Mrs. C. L.)   Jenks, Amelia (Mrs. N.) Absent
Allen, Hattie W.   Jenner, Mrs. Phila B. Absent
Allen, J. D.   Jerdo, Elizabeth Absent
Allen, Mrs. J. D.   Johnson, Mary R. (Mrs. J. G.)
Alvord, Lucy C. (Mrs. Cephas)   Johnson, S. J. (Mrs. W. H.)  
Bagley, Mary S. (Mrs. J. E.)   Kellogg, Newton  
Bailey, Thomas R.   Kellogg, Julia P. (Mrs. N.)  
Bailey, Sophia E. (Mrs. T. R.)   Kellogg, Samuel H.  
Bailey, Frederick R.   Kellogg, John N.  
Baldwin, Austin C. Absent Kilburn, John B.  
Baldwin, Duane Absent Kilburn, Mrs. J. B.  
Barnes, Sarah (Mrs. Aaron)   Kilburn, Charlotte A.  
Barney, John A.   Kimball, Daniel  
Barney, Emmeline P. (Mrs. J. A.)   Kingsley, Moses P.  
Barney, Hattie I.   Kingsley, Helen M. (Mrs. M. P.)  
Barney, Matie E.   Kingsley, Henry W.  
Barrett, Miriam (Mrs. James)   Kingsley, Frank M. (Mrs. H. W.)  
Barrett, Ellen C.   Kingsley, Adelaide H. (Mrs. N. P.)  
Bates, Amos C.   Lease, Susan B. (Mrs. W. H.)  
Bates, Sarah (Mrs. A. C.)   Ledget, James  
Bates, Mrs. Betsey   Lee, Charles C. Absent
Beebe, Mary A. (Mrs. Lewis)   Lent, Harriet Absent
Beebe, Lucinda (Mrs. Rufus)   Lindsey, John  
Benjamin, Mrs. Jane S.   Littlefield, Levi  
Blakley, Hiland H.   Littlefield, Miranda  
Blakley, Marshall   Littlefield, Mary  
Blakley, Mary E. (Mrs. M.)   Long, Jared  
Blanchard, Roxana (Mrs. Peter)   Long, Martha (Mrs. J.)  
Blanchard, Huldah P. (Mrs. Henry)   Long, Clark L.  
Bloomer, Jane Absent Long, Martha E. (Mrs. C. L.)  
Bosworth, Caleb A.   Long, Susan K. (Mrs. Rufus)  
Bosworth, Salome H. (Mrs. C. A.)   Long, Chloe  
Bourne, M. A.   Lord, Nellie E.  
Bourne, Susan F. (Mrs. M. A.)   Lord, Anna B. Absent
Bowman, John H. Absent Lord, Jennie M. Absent
Bowman, Eliza S. Absent Mark, James  
Bowman, Maggie A. (Mrs. J. S.) Absent Mason, Edmund G.  
Boynton, Mrs. Mary   Mather, Susan P. (Mrs. George) Absent
Brewster, Mrs. E. P.   McLean, George H. Absent
Brown, Oscar   Mead, Hannah M. (Mrs. G. V.)  
Brown, Eliza (Mrs. O.)   Mead, Dr. John A.  
Brown, Isabella M.   Mead, Mary S. (Mrs. J. A.)  
Brown, Nelson   Merriam, William P.  
Brown, Mrs. Nelson   Merriam, Armenia (Mrs. W. P.)  
Brown, Ella   Merriam, Edwin N.  
Brown, Walter I.   Merriam, Margaret S. (Mrs. E. N.)  
Burnham, Mrs. Mary J. Absent Merrill, George A.  
Burnham, Mary A. Absent Merrill, Caroline D. (Mrs. Geo. A.)  
Burnham, Sarah L. Absent Mietzke, George A.  
Burnham, Mattie C. Absent Miller, James B. Absent
Burnham, Witta G. (Mrs. S. E.) Miller, William C. Absent
Burns, Oramel Absent Millington, Ellen A. (Mrs. G. D.)  
Burrage, Frances L. (Mrs. W. T.)   Miner, Clement Absent
Burt, Dunham G. Absent Miner, Mira P. (Mrs. C) Absent
Burt, Caroline L. (Mrs. D. G.) Absent Miner, Mrs. Jane M.  
Campbell, Louise   Moore, William B. Absent
Capron, Mary S. (Mrs. S.) Absent Morse, Jane M. (Mrs. E. A.)  
Capron, Mrs. Jennie D.   Mound, Thomas  
Chatterton, Mrs. M. H.   Mound, Lizzie O. (Mrs. Thos.)  
Cheney, George H.   Mussey, Caroline E. (Mrs. W. B.)  
Cheney, Ellen M. (Mrs. Geo. H.)   Mussey, Charles W.  
Cheney, Frederick E.   Needham, Lewis C.  
Cheney, Henry W.   Nichols, James Absent
Cheney, Jane D. (Mrs. H. W.)   Nichols, Nathan Absent
Cheney, Esther A. (Mrs. James)   Nicholson, Eliza D. (Mrs. A. A.)  
Cheney, Mary (Mrs. Benjamin)   Olmstead, Harriet (Mrs. Chas.)  
Cheney, Lizzie L. (Mrs. Lyman)   Olmstead, Ella S.  
Cheney, Charles L.   Osgood, Julia A. (Mrs. D. S.)  
Cheney, Mary H. (Mrs. Gershom)   Osgood, Ellen L. (Mrs. P. K.)  
Clark, Arosina (Mrs. Samuel)   Osgood, Abbie L.  
Clark, Myron S. Absent Osgood, Jessie E.  
Clark, Horace G. Absent Oster, Mrs. Salome  
Clark, Sarah L. (Mrs. H. G.) Absent Otis, Anna J. (Mrs. J. M.)  
Clark, Horace L. Absent Page, John B.  
Clark, Mrs. Julia L.   Page, Harriet E. (Mrs. J. B.)  
Cleveland, Asahel   Page, William R.  
Cleveland, Julia A. (Mrs. Asahel)   Page, Edward D.  
Cleveland, Mrs. Stella L.   Page, Louise F. (Mrs. E. D.)  
Cleveland, Lizzie T.   Page, Helen L.  
Clifford, Elhanan   Page, Charles W. Absent
Clifford, Ella J. (Mrs. Elhanan)   Parmenter, Jennie (Mrs. Chester)  
Cole, Diana Absent Patrick, Mary Absent
Collins, Mrs. Eliza   Patterson, Samuel M. Absent
Colton, Luthery P. Absent Patterson, Robert E.  
Cook, John   Patterson, Harriet (Mrs. R. E.)  
Cook, Sarah J. (Mrs. John)   Pease, Rev. A. G.  
Cook, Sarah E.   Pease, Ann P. (Mrs. A. G.)  
Cook, Maria P.   Pease, Julia P.  
Cook, Orel   Pease, Mary L.  
Cramton, Mary E.   Pease, John C.  
Crossman, L. Elizabeth   Penfield, Sarah  
Currier, Otis W.   Pennock, Benjamin W.  
Currier, Mary A. (Mrs. O. W.)   Perkins, Moses J.  
Curtis, Rozina L. (Mrs. Moses) Absent Perkins, Sophia (Mrs. M. J.)  
Curtis, Martha L. (Mrs. Philo)   Perkins, Henry O.  
Curtis, Sidney W.   Perkins, M. E. (Mrs. H. O.)  
Curtis, Eliza B. (Mrs. S. W.)   Perkins, Mary E.  
Dana, Judah   Perkins, Effie A.  
Dana, Marcia H. (Mrs. J.)   Pettengill, Samuel B.  
Danforth, Catherine L. Absent Pierce, A. M. (Mrs. D. C.)  
Daniels, Luther   Pierce, Mrs. Oril R  
Daniels, Betsey M. (Mrs. L)   Pierce, Sarah P. (Mrs. H. H.) Absent
Daniels, Harriet   Pierce, Marcelius M.  
Daniels, Mary E.   Pierpont, Julia  
Davey, Narcissa (Mrs. C. M.)   Pierpont, Susan S.  
Davis, Hattie P. (Mrs. A. F.)   Pierpont, Sarah J. (Mrs. Evelyn)  
Dawley, Seraph L. (Mrs. L.)   Pond, Medora V. H. (Mrs. B. W.)  
Dewey, Julia F. (Mrs. C. C.)   Porter, Henry W.  
Dewey, Jessie   Porter, Harriet M. (Mrs. H. W.)  
Dewey, Helen L. Absent Post, Mary (Mrs. A. H.)  
Dike, Mrs. Helen A.   Powell, Mrs. Sarah W.  
Dorr, Seneca M.   Pratt, Helen B. Absent
Dorr, Julia C. R. (Mrs. S. M.)   Pray, Mrs. Clara J. Absent
Dunn, Frances E. (Mrs. J. C.)   Pritchard, Harvey  
Dunton, Mrs. W. H.   Pritchard, Jerusha (Mrs. H.)  
Dunton, Harriet M.   Putnam, Priscilla P. (Mrs. S. G.)  
Dunton, Addie L.   Quin, Catherine A. (Mrs. M.)  
Dyer, James H.   Read, Mrs. Celia V. Absent
Dyer, Attie C. (Mrs. J. H.)   Redington, Catherine (Mrs. L. W.)  
Eastman, Frances M.   Remington, Annis B. (Mrs. J. H.)  
Eayres, James   Reynolds, Maria M. (Mrs. E. F.)  
Eayres, William   Reynolds, Harvey F.  
Edgerton, Mary Ann (Mrs. Philip)   Reynolds, Mrs. H. F.  
Edgerton, Emma L.   Reynolds, John B.  
Edgerton, Edward M.   Reynolds, Susan E. (Mrs. J. B.)  
Edgerton, Belle S. (Mrs. E. M.)   Reynolds, Guy H.  
Engrem, Ann J. (Mrs. John)   Rhoades, Mrs. Annie F. Absent
Engrem, Andrus B.   Ripley, Cornella A. (Mrs. W. Y. W.)  
Engrem, Jessie W. (Mrs. A. B.)   Ripley, Mary E.  
Farmer, Sarah E.   Ripley, William T.  
Farmer, Henry H.   Robbins, Orrick L.  
Farmer, Sarah M. (Mrs. B. F.)   Rogers, Frank  
Farrar, Ezra R.   Rogers, Mrs. Frank  
Farrar, Mrs. E. R.   Ross, Eleanor T. (Mrs. Z. E.)  
Farwell, Frederick L.   Ross, Thomas  
Fenton, Rheumma A. Absent Ross, Mrs. Thomas  
Field, William M.   Ross, Ida M. (Mrs. W. E.)  
Field, Minerva K. (Mrs. W. M.)   Rowell, Sidney W.  
Field, Henry F.   Rowell, Marion B. (Mrs. S. W.)  
Field, Anna L. (Mrs. H. F.)   Roys, Lyman E.  
Field, Fred A.   Roys, L. O. (Mrs. L. E.)  
Field, Lillie C. (Mrs. F. A.)   Ruggles, Gershom C.  
Fisher, Francis A.   Ruggles, Mary C. (Mrs. G. C.)  
Fisher, Sarah L. (Mrs. F. A.)   Ruggles, Clara J.  
Flack, Mrs. Laura P.   Russell, Ann  
Foot, Mary Ann (Mrs. Solomon)   Sheldon, Adeline Absent
Foster, D. S. (Mrs. E. L.)   Sheldon, Mary L.  
Foster, Walter H.   Sheldon, Harriet (Mrs. Charles)  
Foster, Carrie L.   Sheldon, Caroline A. (Mrs. J. A.)  
Fox, Dr. George H.   Simmons, Catherine Absent
Fox, Pamelia (Mrs. G. H.)   Simons, Cynthia H. (Mrs. N. P.)  
Fox, Mary E.   Simons, Anna C.  
Fox, Martha M. Absent Smith, Helen B. (Mrs. W. H.)  
Francisco, Ashley D.   Smith, Norman W.  
Francisco, Julia (Mrs. A. D.)   Somers, Frances D.  
Franklin, Leonard N.   Spaulding, Martin  
Franklin, Marietta E. (Mrs. L. N.)   Spaulding, John P.  
Freeman, Mrs. Hannah   Spaulding, Mary H. (Mrs. John P.)  
Frink, Abner E.   Spooner, Harriet M. (Mrs. W. B.)  
Frink, Florella G. (Mrs. A. E.)   Squier, Eleazer H.  
Frink, Louise S.   Squier, Charity H. (Mrs. E. H.)  
Frink, Emma A.   Squier, Daniel W. Absent
Frost, Ruth (Mrs. Rufus)   Squier, Phila M. (Mrs. D. W.) Absent
Fuller, Aaron R. Absent Squier, Clara J.  
Fuller, Margaret (Mrs. A. R.) Absent Staley, Barbara A. (Mrs. S. G.)  
Garfield, Charles Absent Stanley, John D.  
Gary, Carrie L. (Mrs. F.)   Stanley, Mrs. J. D.  
Gibson, Abigail (Mrs. T. O.)   Stewart, George W.  
Gilbert, Bethiah Absent Stewart, Laura J. (Mrs. G. W.)  
Gilmore, Mrs. Martha Stewart, Alice E.  
Gleason, Mrs. Helen S.   Stratton, Mrs. Hannah A. Absent
Glynn, Harriet E. (Mrs. J. E.)   Taylor, Charity (Mrs. Joseph)  
Gordon, Anna   Taylor, Charles E.  
Gould, Mrs. Laura   Taylor, Mary A.  
Gould, J. Azro   Taylor, Melinda Absent
Goulding, Joseph H.   Terrill, Mrs. Violetta  
Goulding, Fanny P. (Mrs. J. H.)   Terrill, Verlina  
Green, Emily D. (Mrs. J. D.) Absent Terrill, Samuel  
Greeno, Benjamin R.   Terrill, Susan M. (Mrs. S.)  
Greeno, Sarah J. (Mrs. B. R.)   Terrill, William S.  
Greeno, Malvina (Mrs. A. A.)   Thomas, John W. Absent
Greer, Thomas Absent Thompson, John C.  
Griggs, Julia C. (Mrs. Grafton)   Thompson, Harriet (Mrs. J. C.)  
Griswold, Perley A.   Trowbridge, Mrs. Stephen  
Griswold, Carrie E.   Trowbridge, William H.  
Gustafson, Mary E. (Mrs. S. P.)   Uttley, Hiram S. Absent
Hager, Lucy C. (Mrs. Aaron)   Vaughn, Ellen D. (Mrs. Fayette)  
Hale, Asenath Absent Walker, Aldace F.  
Hale, Harriet S. Absent Walker, Kate S. (Mrs. A. F.)  
Hall, Henry   Walters, Nancy Absent
Hall, Frances (Mrs. Henry)   Wardwell, M. (Mrs. G. J.)  
Hall, Clara T.   Ware, George  
Hall, George R. Absent Ware, Mary (Mrs. G.)  
Hall, Sarah J. (Mrs. J. M.)   Weller, Jerome P.  
Hall, Henry A.   Weller, Mary C. (Mrs. J. P.)  
Harlow, H. Leida   Weller, Henrietta F.  
Harris, Charles P.   Whitmore, Mrs. Adda W.  
Harris, Mattie V.   Wheeler, Fanny (Mrs. Jonah)  
Harris, Rosalie Absent Wheeler, Lydia L. (Mrs. E. P.) Absent
Harwood, E. V. N.   Wheelock, Betsey P. Absent
Harwood, Emma G. (Mrs. E. V. N.)   White, Mary O. (Mrs. George F.)  
Hascall, Mrs. Joseph   Williams, Othniel  
Hascall, Charles R.   Williams, Anna (Mrs. O.)  
Haven, Joel M.   Williams, Alvin H.  
Haven, Harriet M. (Mrs. J. M.)   Williams, John G.  
Hayward, Henry   Willis, Howard Absent
Hayward, Susan (Mrs. Henry)   Willis, John F. Absent
Hayward, Charles R. Absent Willis, Oril K. (Mrs. George)  
Henry, Mary M. Absent Winn, J. M.  
Herrick, James F.   Winn, T. A. (Mrs. J. M.)  
Higgins, David B. Absent Wolcott, Nellie  
Hooker, Rev. Henry B. Absent Woodfin, Caroline D. (Mrs. J. N.)  
Johnson, Rev. Jas. Gibson      
Member Address    
Aiken, Mrs. Dr. & family 71 Main St.    
Aiken, Rev. W. P. & family Woodstock Ave.    
Allen, R. E. & family 3 Nickwackett St.    
Allen, John M. & family North    
Allen, Dr. C. L. & family 86 Main St.    
Alvord, Mrs. L. C. 16 Elm St.    
Atwood, Lorin & family 26 West St.    
Austin, Mrs. John Main St.    
Alvord, Mrs. G. B. & family Elm St.    
Atwood, Oscar Bates House    
Auld, Joseph Herald Office    
Averill, Isaiah & family 94 Main St.    
Armstrong, Miss 14 Cottage    
Barrett, Mrs. James & family 116 Main St.    
Barrett, Rockwood 116 Main St.    
Barnes, Mrs. A. North    
Bates, A. C. & family 35 Grove St.    
Bates, H. M. & family 27 Grove St.    
Barney, J. A. & family 45 Grove St.    
Bailey, T. R. & family 32 West St.    
Beebe, L. A. & family North    
Bissell, A. G. & family East    
Blanchard, Henry L. & family South    
Blanchard, George W. & family South    
Blakeley, H. H. & family West    
Bourne, M. A. & family 17 Washington St.    
Bosworth, C. A. & family Pearl St.    
Bowtell, S. E. & family 4 Williams St.    
Bowtell, Edward & family 40 Washington St.    
Boynton, Mrs. M. Church St.    
Bates, Mrs. B. 5 Church St.    
Brown, O. & family 25 West St.    
Brown, Nelson & family 60 West St.    
Brown, Miss I. M. 16 West St.    
Beals, Henry & family Jackson Ave.    
Burrage, W. T. & family West    
Bell, Mrs. & family Main St.    
Bell, M. B. & family 29 Grove St.    
Beach, M. M. & family Plain St.    
Burnham, S. E. & family 46 Washington St.    
Bagley, L. G. & family 25 Perkins Ave.    
Babcock, C. L. & family 10 Church St.    
Benjamin, Mrs. J. A. & family 127 Main St.    
Baker, G. M. & family 69 Grove St.    
Boynton, David & family 76 West St.    
Blakely, M. & family West St.    
Blossom, George E. & family North    
Brown, F. G. 8 Cottage St.    
Barrett, Jas. C. & family 55 Main St.    
Barr, George H. South    
Burlingame, Cyrus & family 15 Perkins Ave.    
Bragg, William & family 45 Forest St.    
Bagley, Mrs. J. E. & family 40 Grove St.    
Babbitt, George D. 19 Cottage St.    
Ballance, Mrs. J. B. & family 62 West St.    
Blaisdell, Mrs. Alonzo & family 13 Grant Ave.    
Bryant, W. H. 69 Main St.    
Burke, Arthur 6 Prospect St.    
Bailey, Wayne Merchant's Row    
Bristol, C. W. Merchant's Row    
Barnes, Mrs. Mary B. & family 109 Main St.    
Cheney, George H. & family 78 Main St.    
Cheney, Henry W. & family 6 Pleasant St.    
Cheney, Lyman S. & family North    
Cheney, Jas. A. & family North    
Cheney, Gershom & family 146 Main St.    
Cady, G. I. & family Woodstock Ave.    
Cleveland, A. & family North    
Cook, John & family 4 Chestnut Ave.    
Cook, Orel 96 Main St.    
Crandall, J. L. 14 Howe St.    
Cramton, John W. Bardwell House    
Cramton, Miss E. Bardwell House    
Cramton, A. S. & family South    
Curtis, S. W. & family North    
Currier, O. W. & family East St.    
Crossman, Miss L. E. Grant Ave.    
Chaplin, G. W. & family 144 Main St.    
Clark, George E. & family 53 Main St.    
Chittenden, Daniel & family 15 Prospect St.    
Capron, J. D. & family East    
Clifford, E. W. & family North    
Clark, Mrs. Julia L. 7 Chestnut Ave.    
Chatterton, Mrs. M. H. Suth. Falls Road    
Chatterton, Rev. G. H. & family Suth. Falls Road    
Connor, Mrs. Henry A. & family Pine St.    
Clark, Mrs. Samuel at H. Blanchard's    
Campbell, A. B. & family 5 Spring St.    
Crowley, Dr. G. J. & family 74 West St.    
Caswell, Mrs. E. C. & family 96 Main St.    
Cleveland, Mrs. S. L. & family 7 Cottage St.    
Chalmers, George E. 9 Pleasant St.    
Cogswell, Lyman H. & family 1 Merchant's Row    
Chaplin, George W. Jr. & family 33 West St.    
Colburn, Mr. & family at Alvin Johnson's, North    
Colcord, Mrs. E. F. 9 Summer St.    
Cleveland, George Woodstock Ave.    
Copeland, J. C. & family Summer St.    
Cook, Miss Maria 96 Main St.    
Chaffee, Frederick & family South    
Curtis, Mrs. M. L. North    
Daniels, Luther & family 74 Main St.    
Daniels, Warren & family 1 Pleasant St.    
Davis, A. F. & family 2 Prospect St.    
Davey, Mrs. C. M. 6 Pleasant St.    
Dawley, Mrs. L. & family 9 Perkins Ave.    
Dorr, S. M. & family Center Rutland    
Dunton, W. C. & family Washington St.    
Dunton, W. H. & family 18 Grove St.    
Dunn, J. C. & family 3 Cottage St.    
Dyer, Jas. H. & family 139 Main St.    
Douglass, H. B. & family 9 Howe St.    
Davis, Miss Flora J. 3 Nickwackett St.    
Dexter, Mrs. Woodstock Ave.    
Davies, Richard N. Center Rutland    
Dana, Edward 5 Pleasant St.    
Dearborn, O. B. Center St.    
Dennis, George E. & family 37 Grove St.    
Dunn, C. C. & family near Mr. Dorr's    
Durant, Rolla 14 Cottage St.    
Edgerton, Mrs. P. & family 20 West St.    
Edgerton, Edwin Woodstock Ave.    
Engrem, John & family South    
Engrem, A. B. & family North    
Edson, Jas. A. & family 1 Madison St.    
Eayres, William & family North    
Eayres, George N. & family Workhouse    
Ellsworth, J. D. & family 2 Grove St.    
Eddy, W. F. 20 Madison St.    
Farmer, Eli & family North    
Ferguson, W. L. & family 12 Cottage St.    
Field, William M. & family 83 Center St.    
Field, H. F. & family 82 Main St.    
Field, F. A. & family 86 Main St.    
Field, W. H. 10 Chestnut Ave.    
Foot, Mrs. S. 8 West St.    
Fisher, Mrs. F. A. 4 Pleasant St.    
Flack, Mrs. L. P. 36 Grove St.    
Foster, E. L. & family 13 Meadow St.    
Fox, Dr. G. H. & family 2 Cottage St.    
Francisco, A. D. & family 8 Church St.    
Frink, A. E. & family 10 Prospect St.    
Freeman, Mrs. H. South    
Frost, R. & family 12 Grove St.    
Farr, H. L. & family 14 Chestnut Ave.    
Franklin, N. L. & family 49 Grove St.    
Farmer, Oliver 5 Cottage St.    
Farmer, Charles G. 5 Cottage St.    
Fuller, Andrew H. & family Perkins Ave.    
Flanders, Dr. G. T. & family 66 West St.    
Fish, W. G. South    
Fuller, John C. & family North    
Fisher, O. & family Pine St.    
Farmer, H. H. North    
Gibson, Mrs. T. O. North    
Goldsmith, Dr. M. & family Berwick House    
Glynn, Jas. E. & family 23 Merchant's Row    
Greeno, Benjamin R. & family North    
Greeno, A. A. & family North    
Graves, J. S. & family 15 Howe St.    
Gleason, Mrs. South    
Gleason, Mrs. Quarter-line Road    
Gilmore, D. V. & family Center St.    
Griggs, J. G. & family Suth. Falls Road    
Griswold, Dr. S. H. & family 35 West St.    
Gary, F. W. & family Summer St.    
Gould, J. A. & family 24 West St.    
Green, Dr. J. D. & family 75 West St.    
Haven, J. M. & family 85 Main St.    
Harris, J. B. & family 75 Main St.    
Harris, C. P. & family Chestnut Ave.    
Hayward, H. & family South    
Hall, Henry & family 33 Washington St.    
Hall, J. M. & family Main St.    
Hall, Mrs. C. & family Pine St.    
Hall, Henry A. & family 34 West St.    
Hascall, Mrs. Jos. & family West St.    
Hagar, Mrs. A. 20 Pine St.    
Harwood, Dr. E. V. N. & family 30 Washington St.    
Harlow, L. W. & family Grant Ave.    
Holcomb, S. T. & family 10 Union St.    
Houghton, A. R. & family 12 Cottage St.    
Huntoon, Mrs. E. W. 120 Main St.    
Harrington, Mrs. M. B. 7 Chestnut Ave.    
Howard, Judson N. & family 6 Court St.    
Hutchinson, John & family 1 Chestnut Ave.    
Howard, Nathan G. & family 16 Elm St.    
Hoag, H. L. & family 27 Grove St.    
Hill, Mrs. W. A. 70 West St.    
Hewitt, Frank M.      
Hewitt, Robert O. & family Elm St.    
Haskell, Charles R. & family West St.    
Haven, Frank. M. 85 Main St.    
Hopkins, Mrs. A. E. & family 109 Main St.    
Hyde, C. H. Higgins' Drug Store    
Jenness, Mrs. S. D. & family Elm St.    
Johnson, Alvin & family North    
Johnson, W. H. & family Suth. Falls Road    
Jenne, A. N. & family 150 Main St.    
Jones, C. F. Strong's Ave.    
Kingsley, H. W. & family 82 Main St.    
Kingsley, M. P. & family West St.    
Kingsley, N. P. & family 38 Grove St.    
Kilburn, J. B. & family 113 Main St.    
Kelley, Mrs. W. C. 1 Merchant's Row    
Kelley, William F. & family North    
Kimball, L. W. & family 30 West St.    
Kelley, Mrs. I. D. Center St.    
Kellogg, N. & family Court St.    
Knapp, F. W. Strong's Ave.    
Knapp, Miss Ella Strong's Ave.    
Kellogg, Mrs. Caroline North    
Kellogg, O. T. 33 Main St.    
Kellogg, S. H. & family Court St.    
Littlefield, Miss Mary Main St.    
Littlefield, Miss Miranda Main St.    
Ledget, James & family North    
Lewis, E. C. & family 8 Cottage St.    
Lease, W. H. & family 17 Perkins Ave.    
Long, Miss Chloe East    
Long, Clark L. & family 21 West St.    
Long, Jared & family North    
Lester, William Henry & family North    
Lyman, Milo & family 16 Chestnut Ave.    
Lee, Harrison & family North    
Lindsay, John & family 7 Pine St.    
Merrill, George A. & family 69 Main St.    
Mansfield, George R. & family 46 West St.    
Mason, E. G. & family 6 Maple St.    
Merriam, W. P. & family 45 West St.    
Merriam, E. N. & family 45 West St.    
Mead, G. V. & family 6 Chestnut Ave.    
Mead, Dr. J. A. & family 22 Washington St.    
Mietzke, George A. & family 28 Grove St.    
Morse, E. A. & family 140 Main St.    
Mussey, W. B. & family 32 Grove St.    
Mound, Dr. Thomas & family 19 Wales St.    
Miner, Mrs. J. M. 40 Grove St.    
Maccabee, Mrs. Lorain 39 Forest St.    
McClure, E. C. 26 West St.    
McClure, M. A. & family 26 West St.    
Marshall, N. S. 1 Merchant's Row    
Merrill, M. E. Strong's Ave.    
McIntyre, John H. & family 4 Spring St.    
Miner, L. A. & family Merchant's Row    
Mellow, Frank M. & family 37 West St.    
Marshall, A. S. & family 40 Grove St.    
Mailhoit, John P. & family Green St.    
Manley, Wilbur P. Court St.    
Morehouse, C. E.      
Mercure, D. J. Prospect St.    
Nicholson, Mrs. A. A. & family 7 Cottage St.    
Nichols, George W. Madison St.    
Olmstead, Charles & family 135 Main St.    
Osgood, D. S. & family 18 Chestnut Ave.    
Orcutt, A. A. & family 6 Summer St.    
Osgood, Mrs. P. K. & family North    
Osgood, Lee K. & family North    
Otis, John M. & family 10 Prospect St.    
Page, J. B. & family 111 Main St.    
Page, William R. & family Washington St.    
Page, Edward D. & family 46 Washington St.    
Parmenter, Chester & family 15 Grove St.    
Parker, Mrs. N. R. 143 Main St.    
Parker, Mrs. S. G. 143 Main St.    
Parkhurst, C. A. & family 22 Cottage St.    
Palmer, C. E. & family 24 West St.    
Patch, R. N. & family 37 Grove St.    
Patterson, R. E. & family North    
Pease, Mrs. A. P. & family Washington St.    
Perkins, M. J. & family 18 Main St.    
Penfield, Miss 36 Grove St.    
Perkins, H. O. & family 31 West St.    
Pierpoint, E. & family 19 West St.    
Pierpoint, Miss Susan S. 18 West St.    
Pierpoint, Miss Julia 18 West St.    
Pierce, D. C. & family 26 Howe St.    
Plaisted, Mrs. C. F. 28 Grove St.    
Porter, H. W. 83 Main St.    
Porter, Miss C. 8 Church St.    
Post, Mrs. A. H. 30 West St.    
Post, James E. & family 30 West St.    
Pond, Dr. E. A. & family 114 Main St.    
Pond, B. W. & family 3 Williams St.    
Pond, Abbott S. & family 114 Main St.    
Pratt, Albert & family 10 Summer St.    
Pritchard, Harvey G. & family North    
Putnam, S. G. & family 42 Grove St.    
Powell, Mrs. S. W.      
Perry, Charles W. Bates House    
Prout, Miss Mary 9 Cottage St.    
Pease, John C. Bates House    
Paige, Wilbur F. & family Bates House    
Pratt, Moses & family Howe St.    
Pease, George F. Main St.    
Quin, M. & family 27 Washington St.    
Quow, Mrs. R. L. North    
Ripley, W. Y. W. & family 48 West St.    
Ripley, E. H. & family Center Rutland    
Reynolds, John B. & family 58 Center St.    
Richardson, M. S. & family 37 Washington St.    
Rowell, S. W. & family 64 Center St.    
Ross, Thomas & family 22 Grove St.    
Ross, Z. E. & family 16 West St.    
Ross, W. E. & family West St.    
Roys, L. E. & family 123 Main St.    
Robbins, O. L. Bardwell House    
Russell, Mrs. E. North    
Ruggles, G. C. & family 8 Evelyn St.    
Ruggles, John L. & family 2 Freight St.    
Remington, J. H. & family 16 Grove St.    
Reynolds, H. F. & family Strong's Ave.    
Ross, Mrs. William Grove St.    
Robbins, Thomas C. & family 137 Main St.    
Redington, L. W. & family Park Ave.    
Riley, Miss M. A. Main St.    
Richardson, John & family 37 Washington St.    
Sheldon, Charles & family 34 Center St.    
Sheldon, John A. & family 89 Main St.    
Sheldon, Miss M. L. Park Ave.    
Sawyer, H. A. & family 16 Washington St.    
Simons, N. P. & family 11 Cottage St.    
Smith, W. H. & family 5 Pleasant St.    
Spaulding, John P. & family 9 Pleasant St.    
Spooner, G. D. & family Williams St.    
Squier, E. H. & family 12 Woodstock Ave.    
Squier, L. C. South East    
Staley, Mrs. S. G. & family 37 Center St.    
Schwamb, Peter Bates House    
Stimson, C. L. & family 46 West St.    
Swain, Mrs. H. M. 6 Forest St.    
Stewart, George W. & family 8 Elm St.    
Stearns, J. W. & family 43 Grove St.    
Smith, James W. & family 92 Main St.    
Strong, Miss L. W. 143 Main St.    
Swinington, F. G. & family 84 Main St.    
Saunderson, William H. & family South    
Sawyer, George W. & family White & Haven's Shop    
Schryver, William H. & family 54 Washington St.    
Spaulding, Mrs. S. B. 33 Forest St.    
Stearns, N. S. & family 60 Center St.    
Smith, Fred. H.      
Stevens, Mrs. Harriet 27 Baxter St.    
Scofield, Julius West St.    
Terrill, Samuel & family 5 Terrill St.    
Tyrrell, A. T. & family 11 Summer St.    
Thompson, John C. & family North    
Townsend, C. G. & family 6 Church St.    
Temple, John C. & family 4 Williams St.    
Vaughan, F. & family 14 West St.    
Vail, C. B. & family 5 Williams St.    
Veazey, L. 6 Pleasant St.    
Wardwell, G. J. & family 19 Wales St.    
Walcott, William & family Strong's Ave.    
Weeks, N. & family 15 Cottage St.    
Ware, George & family North    
Wheeler, Mrs. F. East    
White, George F. & family 3 Summer St.    
Williams, George F. & family North    
Willis, George & family 4 Maple St.    
Williams, O. & family 68 West St.    
Williams, A. H. & family      
Woodhouse, Dr. C. & family 31 Grove St.    
Woodhouse, George W. & family 8 Summer St.    
Winn, J. M. & family 12 Perkins Ave.    
Whitmore, Albert & family 69 Grove St.    
Walker, A. F. & family 21 Cottage St.    
Ward, Henry J. & family 9 Pine St.    
Williams, John W. & family North    
Wickham, R. C. & family Wickham House    
Williams, John G. Cottage St.    
Wheeler, F. H. & family 6 Prospect St.    
Williams, Amos & family North    
Williams, Charles      
Willard, C. M. & family Center St.    
Ward, Edwin J. & family 9 Pine St.    
Wells, G. S. Strong's Ave.    
Whittaker, E. S. 23 West St.    
Williams, E. & family Main St.    
Wheeler, Miss M. A. Bardwell House    
Zottman, Guy C. & family 12 Woodstock Ave.    
Rev. Arthur H. Bradford Pastor    
Henry F. Field Deacon    
G. K. Montgomery Deacon    
D. K. Hall Deacon    
John W. Ross Deacon    
Henry A. Harman Deacon    
George E. Chalmers Deacon    
Asher Burditt Deacon    
Henry A. Hall Deacon    
Isaac Thomas Deacon    
Andrus B. Engrem Deacon    
J. R. Hoadley Deacon    
Edward S. Curtis Deacon    
G. K. Montgomery Clerk    
Henry S. Parker Treasurer    
Wilbert E. Burditt Sunday School    
Miss Sarah Thomas Choir    
Miss Clara M. Hitchcock Choir    
Mr. Lowell Kenney Choir    
Mr. Archie Stewart Choir    
Harry H. Corey Organist    
Resident Members Joined Resident Members Joined
Adams, Glen A. 1912 Jerry, Antoine O. 1907
Adams. Mae E. (Mrs. G. A.) 1912 Jerry, Cora D. (Mrs. A. O.) 1907
Adams, Ethelwin 1913 Johnson, Henry M. 1908
Adams, Irene L. 1910 Johnson, William 1911
Aldrich, Gertrude M. 1907 Johnson, Marie W. 1907
Aldrich, Katherine 1911 Johnson, Marguerite 1910
Aldrich, Lloyd E. 1911 Johnson, Miriam L. (Mrs. W. D.) 1889
Allen, Mary (Mrs. W. A.) 1900 Jones, Joseph C. 1892
Alwill, Frances M. 1907 Jones, Lawrence C. 1908
Alwill, Eleanor T. (Mrs. A. J.) 1905 Jones, George F. 1913
Badlam, Lillian N. (Mrs. G. E. L.) 1890 Kelley, Roy W. 1913
Bagley, Leon G. 1877 Kelley, Edith B. 1913
Bagley, Anna H. (Mrs. L. G.) 1881 Kellogg, John N. 1911
Bagley, Myra Anna 1902 Kellogg, James T. 1897
Bailey, Fred R. 1873 Kellogg, Carrie D. (Mrs. J. T.) 1897
Bailey, Mary L. (Mrs. Wayne) 1881 Kennedy, Edwin D. 1909
Bailey, Alice M. 1902 Kennedy, Elizabeth (Mrs. E. D.) 1909
Bailey, Marguerite R. 1906 Kennedy, Edna E. 1907
Baldwin, Abbie H. C. (Mrs. F. H.) 1909 Kenney, George W. 1896
Baldwin, Charles C. 1913 Kenney, Lovina P. (Mrs. G. W.) 1896
Ballard, Sarah E. 1911 Kenney, Lowell D. 1896
Ballou, Orris C. 1911 Kenney, George K. 1896
Barney, Emeline P. (Mrs. J. A.) 1867 Kenney, Fred B. 1896
Barrett, Anna (Mrs. C. H.) 1897 Kenney, Margaret A. M. (Mrs. F. B.) 1902
Barrett, Susan A. 1901 Kent, Mrs. Elsie A. 1903
Barrett, Ellen C. 1843 Kent, Mary W. 1891
Barrett, Rush P. 1888 Kingsley, Moses P. 1858
Barton, Alta M. (Mrs. O. M.) 1884 Kingsley, Henry W. 1858
Bates, Edith B. 1902 Kingsley, Frank M. (Mrs. H. W.) 1866
Bates, John R. 1908 Kinsley, Hester M. 1913
Bates, Lizzie P. (Mrs. J. R.) 1908 Kinsman, Abbie R. (Mrs. C. C.) 1909
Bates, Russell P. 1908 Kinsman, Carroll E. 1886
Beals, Lulu K. (Mrs. R. D.) 1896 Kinsman, Fred E. 1909
Beane, Raymond 1911 Kinsman, Elizabeth (Mrs. F. E.) 1909
Beebe, Frank L. 1889 Kirk, William 1908
Beebe, Martha K. (Mrs. F. L.) 1891 Kirk, Mabel L. 1900
Beebe, Hilda K. 1913 Kirk, Jennie T. (Mrs. G. L.) 1894
Beinhower, Mary K. (Mrs. I. I.) 1889 Knapp, Mrs. Emily C. 1892
Bentley, Cordelia (Mrs. R. E.) 1891 Knapp, Frank W. 1879
Bishop, Almon S. 1901 Knapp, Anna T. (Mrs. F. W.) 1888
Bishop, Lillian J. (Mrs. A. S.) 1894 Knapp, W. Theodore 1911
Bishop, Frederick S. 1896 Knowlson, Anna S. 1907
Bishop, Alice G. (Mrs. F. S.) 1895 Landon, Mattie G. (Mrs. C. H.) 1896
Bissell, Aaron 1891 Landon, Gordon 1913
Bissell, Elmer W. 1893 Leavenworth, Lucy W. (Mrs. A. E.) 1913
Bissell, Fannie A. (Mrs. E. W.) 1893 Lee, Harrison H. 1880
Bissell, Maud H. 1902 Lee, Lucy J. (Mrs. H. H.) 1880
Bissell, Viola S. (Mrs. A. J.) 1903 Lees, Marion G. 1913
Bixby, Ida M. (Mrs. C. F.) 1894 Leffingwell, Warren C. 1892
Blakely, Nellie (Mrs. C. E.) 1895 Leffingwell, Jennie H. (Mrs. W. C.) 1892
Blakely, Ruth P. 1911 Leffingwell, Mildred C. 1905
Blanchard, Frank R. 1900 Lester, William H. 1878
Blanchard, Persis M. (Mrs. F. R.) 1900 Lester, Mary E. (Mrs. W. H.) 1895
Blanchard, Mrs. Ellen R. 1900 Lester, Henry E. 1895
Blanchard, Paul H. 1907 Littler, William 1909
Blanchard, Bertha H. (Mrs. H. L.) 1906 Littler, Nellie P. (Mrs. Wm.) 1895
Botsford, William H. 1911 Locke, David B. 1911
Botsford, Ethel P. (Mrs. W. H.) 1911 Locke, Allen W. 1910
Boutwell, Ethel A. 1911 Long, Clark L. 1857
Boyden, Emma T. (Mrs. C. A.) 1913 Long, Chloe 1863
Boynton, Flora F. (Mrs. A. J.) 1909 Lovely, John E. 1911
Boynton, Robert C. 1909 Lyman, Arthur 1890
Bradford, Mary C. 1882 Lyman, Alice P. (Mrs. Arthur) 1902
Bradford, Rev. Arthur H. 1913 Lyman, Mary P. (Mrs. C. H.) 1890
Bradford, Eugenia P. (Mrs. A. H.) 1913 Lyman, Reginald P. 1911
Bradley, Ina A. (Mrs. N. M.) 1906 McCloy, Mary E. (Mrs. G. C.) 1896
Branch, Jay E. 1913 McClure, Martha A. (Mrs. A. M.) 1883
Branch, Avis W. (Mrs. J. E.) 1913 McClure, Lottie D. (Mrs. M. A.) 1880
Brehmer, Bertram A. 1892 McClure, Samuel 1889
Brewer, Mrs. Lorenza 1891 McFarlane, Mrs. Louise R. 1896
Brigham, Sarah A. (Mrs. C. O.) 1896 MacAlees, Helen F. (Mrs. A. M.) 1913
Brigham, Lynn B. 1894 Mace, U. V. 1907
Brock, Lucy A. (Mrs. S. A.) 1892 Mace, Vangelia M. (Mrs. U. V.) 1907
Brooks, Edward M. 1907 Mace, H. Seward 1909
Brooks, Mary E. (Mrs. E. M.) 1907 MacGregor, Cornelia N. P. (Mrs. G. B.) 1891
Brown, Charlotte A. (Mrs. Burt) 1912 MacKinnon, Henrietta D. (Mrs. J. B.) 1911
Brown, Eliza L. (Mrs. Oscar) 1858 MacKinnon, Annie L. 1911
Brown, Helen E. 1878 MacMillan, Peter 1911
Brown, Isabella M. 1848 MacMillan, Mary (Mrs. Peter) 1911
Brown, Amelia E. 1887 MacMillan, Florence H. 1911
Brown, Clarence A. 1911 Manning, Arthur 1897
Brown, Lucy R. (Mrs. C. A.) 1905 Marks, Lina K. (Mrs. E. D.) 1908
Burbank, Abbie E. (Mrs. W. F.) 1908 Martin, Lizzie (Mrs. D. E.) 1903
Burbank, Dorothy E. 1911 Martin, Helen E. 1909
Burditt, Asher 1907 Martin, Maude F. 1911
Burditt, Jessie A. (Mrs. Asher) 1907 Matthews, Cora T. (Mrs. A. C.) 1895
Burditt, Margery 1907 Mead, John A. 1871
Burditt, Rollin A. 1909 Mead, Mary S. (Mrs. J. A.) 1873
Burditt, Mary E. (Mrs. W. F.) 1885 Mead, Stephen W. 1907
Burditt, Wilbert E. 1900 Mead, Caroline E. 1907
Burditt, Henrietta P. (Mrs. W. E.) 1902 Mellow, Frank E. 1902
Burditt, Wilmahetta J. (Mrs. E. D.) 1895 Mellow, Bertha H. (Mrs. F. E.) 1902
Bushey, Julia (Mrs. J. M.) 1890 Merriam, Margaret S. (Mrs. E. N.) 1858
Buxton, Mrs. Mary J. 1902 Merrill, Mrs. Laura I. 1905
Camlin, Joseph R. 1909 Montgomery, George K. 1884
Camlin, Floy (Mrs. J. R.) 1909 Montgomery, Lucy A. (Mrs. G. K.) 1884
Campbell, Charles E. 1885 Montgomery, Florence P. 1910
Campbell, Hattie L. (Mrs. C. E.) 1885 Mound, Thomas 1875
Campbell, Perle B. (Mrs. L. E.) 1892 Mound, Lizzie W. (Mrs. Thomas) 1874
Candlish, Mrs. Mary E. 1894 Newton, Laura S. (Mrs. Walter) 1881
Capron, Jennie D. (Mrs. L.) 1875 Newton, Laura M. 1907
Cardelle, Frances M. (Mrs. C. E.) 1870 Niles, Grace M. (Mrs. A. E.) 1897
Cardelle, Mrs. Mildred 1902 Olney, Carl W. 1913
Carley, Louise J. (Mrs. F. F.) 1895 Oneal, Lena L. 1908
Cassidy, Lucinda (Mrs. George) 1911 Osgood, Lee K. 1878
Cassidy, Lois 1911 Osgood, Estelle M. (Mrs. L. K.) 1878
Caverly, Charles S. 1887 Osgood, Kingsley 1905
Caverly, Mabel T. (Mrs. C. S.) 1881 Otis, Bessie M. 1890
Chalmers, George E. 1878 Owens, Donald 1913
Chalmers, Lorinda E. (Mrs. G. E.) 1889 Paige, Loville L. (Mrs. N. A.) 1892
Chalmers, Alfa T. 1901 Paige, Louise E. 1902
Chalmers, Ruth A. 1909 Paige, John N. 1892
Chamberlin, Mrs. Abbie E. 1913 Parker, Henry S. 1886
Cheney, Jane D. (Mrs. H. W.) 1864 Parker, Edith G. (Mrs. H. S.) 1894
Cheney, Lucy D. 1895 Parker, William J. 1895
Church, Ralph M. 1909 Parkhurst, Ellen W. (Mrs. C. A.) 1895
Church, Mary B. H. (Mrs. R. M.) 1909 Peabody, Mrs. Agnes S. 1909
Clark, George E. 1889 Pearsons, Fillmore A. 1888
Clark, Mrs. Mary P. 1890 Pearsons, Ada E. (Mrs. F. A.) 1888
Coates, Bessie M. (Mrs. J. M.) 1891 Pease, George F. 1878
Coates, Robert P. 1909 Pease, Alice E. (Mrs. G. F.) 1900
Coates, Hugh B. 1909 Pease, Alice P. 1901
Colton, Fannie M. (Mrs. S. S.) 1908 Pease, William P. 1911
Colton, Mrs. Hannah M. 1909 Pease, George B. 1913
Colton, Daisy R. 1909 Pelton, Paul 1913
Colton, John H. 1909 Perkins, Mary L. 1867
Cook, Emma 1864 Perkins, Cornelia C. (Mrs. C. O.) 1888
Coolidge, Marjorie B. (Mrs. Paul) 1910 Perkins, Louise C. 1898
Cooper, Charles P. 1913 Perkins, Emelie M. 1906
Cooper, Juliet B. (Mrs. C. P.) 1913 Perkins, Charles A. 1878
Cooper, Miriam 1913 Perkins, Anna W. (Mrs. C. A.) 1889
Cooper, C. Milton 1913 Perkins, Rena B. 1913
Cooper, Dorothy 1913 Perkins, Ethelynd J. 1913
Cramton, Mary E. 1867 Perkins, Gerald L. 1913
Cramton, Laura B. (Mrs. A. S.) 1890 Pierce, Dana G. 1905
Cramton, Ellen B. 1892 Pierce, Darwin C. 1878
Crane, Howard P. 1911 Pierce, Anna M. (Mrs. D. C.) 1867
Currier, Mary A. (Mrs. O. W.) 1867 Pierce, Mrs. Sarah R. 1867
Currier, Grace M. 1892 Pierce, Mary R. 1892
Curtis, Edward S. 1877 Pierce, Clara S. (Mrs. C. C.) 1891
Curtis, Viletta T. (Mrs. E. S.) 1884 Pike, Lillia M. (Mrs. Erastus) 1896
Curtis, Edward W. 1908 Pike, Viletta C. (Mrs. R. S.) 1901
Daggett, Elvira A. (Mrs. P.) 1889 Pike, Erwin C. 1909
Dana, Edward 1891 Pollard, Mrs. May 1910
Dana, Harriette M. D. (Mrs. Edward) 1876 Pollard, Merritt C. 1910
Dana, Marion 1900 Pond, William R. 1892
Dana, Constance 1913 Pond, Dorothea B. (Mrs. W. R.) 1895
Davey, Marion L. 1911 Pond, Agnes D. (Mrs. J. P.) 1890
Davis, Hattie P. (Mrs. A. F.) 1866 Post, James E. 1878
Davis, Charles E. 1892 Post, Lura A. (Mrs. J. E.) 1878
Davis, Georga H. (Mrs. C. E.) 1910 Post, Harry K. 1894
Davis, Robert V. N. 1894 Preville, Henry A. 1909
Davis, Charlotte K. (Mrs. Edgar) 1889 Preville, Philemon M. (Mrs. H. A.) 1909
Davis, Guert A. 1892 Prior, Henry M. 1895
Davis, Della L. F. (Mrs. G. A.) 1901 Prior, Mary E. (Mrs. H. M.) 1891
Davis, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. T. A.) 1884 Quinn, Katherine A. (Mrs. M. A.) 1870
Davis, Minnie E. 1900 Ranney, Izah D. 1906
Davis, Albert L. 1905 Reed, Evaletta S. (Mrs. C. D.) 1903
Davis, Nellie M. (Mrs. A. L.) 1905 Reed, Etta 1903
Davis, Irene E. 1905 Reed, Hiram H. 1906
Davis, Hattie N. 1905 Reynolds, Mrs. Jennie S. 1909
Davis, Wayne E. 1909 Reynolds, May E. 1909
Dodge, Mary S. (Mrs. E. A.) 1899 Reynolds, John B. 1857
Dodge, Albert G. 1911 Rice, Warren R. 1891
Dodge, Esther N. (Mrs. A. G.) 1913 Rice, Ida F. (Mrs. W. R.) 1895
Dunklee, Martha T. (Mrs. B. F.) 1878 Rice, Parthenia (Mrs. H. C.) 1889
Dunn, Mrs. Frances E. 1866 Rich, Martha M. (Mrs. George) 1912
Dunn, Frank C. 1892 Richards, Anna L. (Mrs. J. W.) 1881
Dunn, William H. 1892 Richards, Veda E. 1913
Dunn, James C. 1886 Richardson, Carrie A. 1886
Dunn, Lucy M. (Mrs. J. C.) 1884 Robinson, Mrs. Grace W. 1907
Dunn, Frances 1907 Robinson, Olive G. 1907
Dunn, Florence M. 1911 Robinson, Frank P. 1884
Dunton, William K. 1888 Robinson, Mary M. (Mrs. F. P.) 1891
Dunton, Miriam B. (Mrs. W. C.) 1891 Robinson, Edward D. 1902
Dunton, Edith K. 1895 Robinson, Hazel G. (Mrs. C. A.) 1905
Dunton, Mary B. 1902 Robinson, F. Robert 1912
Durgy, Herbert A. 1913 Ross, Ida F. (Mrs. W. E.) 1877
Durgy, Celia W. (Mrs. H. A.) 1913 Ross, John W. 1884
Dutton, Leon G. 1911 Ross, Mary E. K. (Mrs. J. W.) 1884
Edson, Alonzo B. 1894 Ross, Emma T. B. (Mrs. A. DeL.) 1886
Edson, Nellie E. (Mrs. A. B.) 1873 Ross, Willis M. 1893
Eggleston, Anna W. (Mrs. H. F.) 1896 Ross, Anne G. (Mrs. W. M.) 1884
Engrem, Ann J. (Mrs. John) 1857 Ross, Carroll G. 1909
Engrem, Andrus B. 1870 Ross, Malcolm 1913
Engrem, Jessie W. (Mrs. A. B.) 1874 Ruggles, Clara J. 1870
Fairfield, Whitcomb 1913 Ruggles, Eliza D. (Mrs. J. L.) 1878
Fairfield, F. Jeannette 1910 Russell, Raymond F. 1889
Farmer, Sarah E. 1850 Russell, Barbara 1911
Farmer, Henry H. 1864 Rustedt, Mabel A. 1900
Farmer, Jennie M. (Mrs. B. F.) 1867 Rustedt, Mary I. 1902
Farmer, Henry B. 1888 Sage, Grace M. 1907
Farmer, Marion H. (Mrs. H. B.) 1890 Sanderson, Maud P. (Mrs. A. L.) 1903
Farmer, Elisabeth D. 1905 Sargent, Addie A. 1895
Farmer, Jennie (Mrs. Charles) 1880 Sawyer, Miles S. 1886
Farnsworth, Jessie F. (Mrs. G. H.) 1890 Sawyer, Dorothy S. 1910
Farr, Laura J. 1913 Sawyer, Sarah T. (Mrs. George) 1890
Field, Fred A. 1876 Searles, Mrs. Lillian K. 1878
Field, Lillie C. (Mrs. F. A.) 1876 Sears, Justin 1882
Field, Fred A., Jr. 1900 Seaver, Philip H. 1889
Field, Henry F. 1866 Seaver, Sarah B. (Mrs. P. H.) 1893
Fillmore, Mrs. Harriett S. 1911 Seaver, Rev. Norman, D. D. 1912
Fillmore, Lucy H. 1911 Seaver, Ellen P. (Mrs. Norman) 1878
Fish, William G. 1878 Sexton, Maria A. (Mrs. D. B.) 1893
Flagg, Frank R. 1905 Shattuck, Donna M. (Mrs. Bert) 1911
Flagg, Eunice D. (Mrs. F. R.) 1905 Shaw, Tully D. 1891
Flagg, Elon L. 1901 Shaw, Carrie O. (Mrs. T. D.) 1878
Flagg, Russell D. 1908 Shaw, Edmund P. 1906
Fox, Mattie P. 1884 Shaw, Raymond H. 1909
Francisco, Herbert A. 1884 Sheldon, Caroline A. (Mrs. J. A.) 1866
Franklin, Marietta E. (Mrs. L. N.) 1868 Sherwood, Clinton L. 1909
Frost, Ruth S. (Mrs. Rufus) 1913 Sherwood, Matie B. (Mrs. C. L.) 1876
Fuller, Nellie R. (Mrs. C. A.) 1893 Sherwood, Donald B. 1913
Fulton, Adams B. 1912 Sherwood, Isabelle B. 1913
Fulton, Isabella B. (Mrs. A. B.) 1912 Shippey, Jennie 1912
Gale, Alice A. (Mrs. C. A.) 1878 Shippey, Augustus 1912
Gary, Frank W. 1878 Silloway, Sarah H. (Mrs. Charles) 1887
Gary, Carrie L. W. (Mrs. F. W.) 1870 Silloway, Clara M. 1887
Gary, Marion 1896 Skeeles, Nellie B. (Mrs. W. H.) 1895
Germond, Flossie L. 1907 Skeeles, Aida P. 1895
Gero, Winifred O. (Mrs. H. E.) 1905 Skeeles, Mabelle R. C. 1895
Gibson, Hattie N. 1889 Slack, Frederick F. 1909
Gilbert, George L. 1904 Slader, Arthur R. 1903
Gilbert, Fannie M. (Mrs. G. L.) 1904 Slader, Minnie C. (Mrs. A. R.) 1903
Gilbert, Ernest L. 1908 Slader, Marjorie F. 1913
Gilbert, Mark D. 1911 Smith, E. Per Lee 1911
Gilchrist, Martha B. (Mrs. O. J.) 1882 Smith, Minnie C. (Mrs. E. Per Lee) 1911
Gilchrist, Beth B. 1894 Smith, Helen B. W. (Mrs. W. H.) 1874
Gill, John 1906 Smith, Guy L. 1884
Gill, Grace (Mrs. John) 1907 Smith, Helen B. 1883
Goddard, William A. 1898 Smith, Laura J. (Mrs. F. H.) 1881
Goddard, Harriet G. (Mrs. G. M.) 1896 Smith, Anna L. 1902
Goodwin, Martha I. (Mrs. M. S.) 1894 Smith, Jessie E. 1913
Granger, Julia B. (Mrs. Arthur) 1900 Smith, Maud N. (Mrs. Robert) 1907
Graves, Mrs. Lucy A. 1904 Spafford, Gladys C. 1913
Greaves, James R. 1895 Spaulding, Richard B. 1911
Greeno, Abbie A. T. (Mrs. B. R.) 1888 Spooner, Harriet M. (Mrs. W. B.) 1871
Grimm, Esther M. (Mrs. G. H.) 1902 Squier, Clara J. 1858
Grimm, Nella M. 1902 Squire, John F. 1913
Grinnell, Emmet R. 1894 Squire, Elizabeth E. M. (Mrs. J. F.) 1913
Grinnell, Clara E. (Mrs. E. R.) 1894 Stafford, Flora A. (Mrs. F. W.) 1889
Grinnell, Mildred J. 1905 Stafford, Fred W. 1908
Grinnell, Kathleen F. 1909 Stafford, Dorothy A. 1909
Griswold, Carrie E. 1877 Stafford, Helen G. 1912
Grover, Arthur C. 1899 Stearns, John B. 1894
Grover, Susie T. (Mrs. A. C.) 1899 Stearns, Henrietta S. (Mrs. J. B.) 1894
Grover, Newell A. 1913 Stratton, Sarah J. (Mrs. A. H.) 1909
Hall, Angie L. (Mrs. Charles) 1878 Swinnerton, Elizabeth L. (Mrs. F. G.) 1892
Hall, Henry A. 1874 Tait, John F. 1887
Hall, Flora E. (Mrs. H. A.) 1880 Temple, John C. 1878
Hall, Dan K. 1882 Temple, Mary L. (Mrs. J. C.) 1878
Hall, Martha A. (Mrs. D. K.) 1882 Temple, Dorothy C. 1905
Harman, Henry A. 1890 Temple, Alice M. (Mrs. J. R.) 1907
Harman, Jean W. (Mrs. H. A.) 1897 Terrill, Susan E. 1893
Harman, Richard J. 1902 Terrill, William S. 1873
Harman, George N. 1906 Thomas, Harvey 1905
Harris, Mary G. (Mrs. J. B.) 1877 Thomas, Julia F. (Mrs. Harvey) 1905
Harris, Charles P. 1866 Thomas, Marion E. 1910
Harris, Charlotte S. (Mrs. C. P.) 1880 Thomas, Isaac 1908
Hart, Birdie M. 1912 Thomas, Richard B. 1911
Harvey, Bessie H. (Mrs. Levi) 1906 Thomas, Ruth W. (Mrs. E. R.) 1907
Harwood, Emma G. (Mrs. E. V. N.) 1870 Thompson, Edwin J. 1880
Harwood, Mary E. 1886 Tossing, Nellie A. (Mrs. W. R.) 1907
Hascall, George M. 1908 Townsend, Stephen D. 1913
Hascall, Agnes P. (Mrs. G. M.) 1908 True, Grace I. 1912
Hascall, Buell P. 1911 Tyrrell, Ellen M. 1906
Hascall, Thomas H. 1913 Tyrrell, May P. 1909
Hathaway, Herbert H. 1913 Utley, Everett G. 1913
Hayward, Minnie K. (Mrs. E. D.) 1878 Walcott, Ida N. (Mrs. E. J.) 1913
Hayward, Emma G. (Mrs. F. W.) 1901 Ward, Oliver D. 1912
Hazelton, Mrs. Abbie S. 1884 Ward, Bessie N. (Mrs. O. D.) 1907
Hewett, David D. 1906 Wardwell, Charles H. 1909
Hewett, Martha C. (Mrs. D. D.) 1906 Warren, Daisy S. (Mrs. F. W.) 1893
Hewitt, Mrs. Electa 1883 Waterhouse, Ellen E. (Mrs. O. C.) 1895
Heyman, Lucy A. (Mrs. Jake) 1898 Webb, Cassie J. W. (Mrs. G. H.) 1891
Hill, F. C. 1893 Wellington, Mrs. Permelia S. 1889
Hill, Susan (Mrs. W. A.) 1878 Wheaton, Addie L. (Mrs. E. C.) 1909
Hilliard, Hattie R. (Mrs. J. F.) 1907 White, Mary A. (Mrs. G. F.) 1875
Hilliard, John R. 1907 White, Lizzie M. (Mrs. E. F.) 1913
Hilliard, Sarah E. 1907 White, Helen M. 1913
Hilliard, Jeanie M. 1907 White, E. Russell 1913
Hinsman, Carl B. 1902 White, S. Charles 1913
Hinsman, Mary M. (Mrs. C. B.) 1894 White, Etta L. (Mrs. A. L.) 1887
Hoadley, Justus R. 1908 Whitney, Gertrude M. (Mrs. Quinn) 1909
Hoadley, Carrie D. W. (Mrs. J. R.) 1908 Whitney, Earle L. 1909
Hoag, Elvira V. (Mrs. Wyman) 1894 Wickham, Mary D. (Mrs. R. C.) 1881
Hoag, Homer L. 1878 Wickham, Earle D. 1884
Hoag, Frances F. (Mrs. H. L.) 1882 Wickham, Mary G. (Mrs. E. D.) 1896
Hoag, Robert W. 1902 Wickham, Ruth G. 1911
Hodsdon, Anna (Mrs. W. G.) 1899 Wilkins, Lloyd P. 1905
Hollister, Ella O. (Mrs. J. B.) 1870 Williams, Alden S. 1895
Hopkins, Eames R. 1891 Williams, Pauline M. (Mrs. A. S.) 1905
Hopkins, Rose G. (Mrs. E. R.) 1891 Williams, Henry 1913
Houghton, Caroline J. (Mrs. A. R.) 1882 Wilson, Frank M. 1891
Howard, Helen A. (Mrs. J. N.) 1893 Wilson, Florence M. (Mrs. F. M.) 1891
Howard, Samuel A. 1890 Wilson, Abigail 1911
Howard, Estelle B. (Mrs. S. A.) 1892 Wilson, O. Carleton 1902
Howard, Samuel A., Jr. 1911 Wilson, Lillian G. (Mrs. O. C.) 1901
Howe, Florence L. 1907 Winslow, Frances C. (Mrs. C. L.) 1906
Huffert, Augustus V. 1910 Woodhouse, Corilla W. (Mrs. G. W.) 1878
Huffert, Margarita M. (Mrs. A. V.) 1902 Woodward, Maria L. (Mrs. W. H.) 1894
Hughes, Mary E. (Mrs. E. R.) 1901 Yarrington, Herbert H. 1913
Hughes, Raymond A. 1906 Yarrington, Zoeline S. (Mrs. H. H.) 1898
Huntoon, Mary E. C. (Mrs. L. N.) 1905 Young, Mary C. (Mrs. J. P.) 1906
Non-Resident Members Admitted Non-Resident Members Admitted
Adams, Orlando Frank 1886 Mackay, Mildred T. (Mrs. W. A.) 1892
Adams, Julia K. (Mrs. A. M.) 1890 Manning, Nathan 1897
Aiken, Edwin E. 1878 Manning, Hattie (Mrs. Nathan) 1897
Ainsworth, Lizzie (Mrs. G. W.) 1906 Marks, Minnie L. (Mrs. Charles) 1896
Allen, Jehiel D. 1871 Marshall, Nathan S. 1878
Allen, Mrs. J. D. 1871 Maranville, Clarence 1910
Austin, Mrs. Ann D. 1878 Martin, Mary P. (Mrs. Herbert) 1886
Babbitt, Anna Amelia 1907 Mason, Mary M. (Mrs. F. B.) 1902
Ballou, Herbert G. 1899 Mattison, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. Robert) 1902
Barker, Mrs. Mabel V. 1892 Merrill, Mrs. Julia D. 1857
Barnes, Sara F. 1882 Miller, Henry A. 1911
Barrett, Frederick J. 1895 Miller, Anna E. (Mrs. H. A.) 1911
Barrett, Laura C. (Mrs. J. A.) 1883 Miller, Dorothy 1912
Bennett, Mrs. Louisa S. 1864 Morgan, Ellsworth E. 1880
Bishop, Mrs. Olive Stearns 1884 Morrison, John E. 1885
Booth, Floy E. 1901 Mussey, Augusta W. (Mrs. C. W.) 1878
Booth, Ethel B. (Mrs. F. E.) 1901 Moore, Edna W. (Mrs. J. H.) 1895
Bowtell, Sarah E. (Mrs. Edward) 1878 Nelson, Kate P. (Mrs. Orin) 1878
Brown, Fred J. 1879 Norton, Helen R. 1895
Bryant, Julia McClure (Mrs. A. D.) 1908 Olsen, John Otto 1902
Buckbee, Edna V. 1910 Otis, Julia W. (Mrs. Grant) 1887
Burroughs, William H. 1899 Page, John H. 1892
Burroughs, Ellen M. (Mrs. W. H.) 1899 Page, Margaret E. 1898
Burroughs, Evelyn A. 1907 Payne, Mrs. Nettie C. 1901
Burroughs, Edna M. 1907 Pelsue, Mrs. Frankie 1891
Burt, Caroline G. (Mrs. D. G.) 1867 Perham, Addie L. 1902
Button, Beatrice E. 1901 Perkins, Gertrude L. 1902
Cady, Nellie T. (Mrs. William) 1892 Perkins, Harry V. 1902
Cady, Leverett P. 1902 Perry, Charles W. 1871
Callihan, Mrs. Sarah H. 1890 Perry, Susan A. (Mrs. C. W.) 1873
Camlin, Annie 1906 Pierce, Mrs. Harriet W. 1894
Capron, Mrs. Mary S. 1832 Pierce, Emma L. 1898
Cardelle, Ellen 1888 Pierpoint, Annie E. 1888
Carder, Thomas, Jr. 1888 Pond, Abbott S. 1902
Chaplin, Mary (Mrs. G. W.) 1895 Pratt, Mrs. Sarah G. 1897
Chittenden, Mrs. Eliza A. 1878 Pratt, Jessie H. (Mrs. G. W.) 1894
Clark, Emma M. 1904 Preston, Ellen O. (Mrs. G. L.) 1905
Collins, Rebecca M. (Mrs. G. T.) 1887 Purdy, Harry T. 1895
Conant, Charles H. 1909 Purdy, Helen T. 1895
Congdon, Ella Mary 1895 Raymond, Ruby G. (Mrs. William) 1898
Cook, Bernice S. (Mrs. Arthur) 1902 Reynolds, Pauline McD. (Mrs. Guy H.) 1878
Cragan, Silva R. (Mrs. H. S.) 1905 Reynolds, Harry B. 1904
Crosier, Mrs. Martha A. 1894 Rice, George L. 1892
Cutting, Andrew J. 1889 Rice, Jennie C. (Mrs. G. L.) 1891
Daniels, Blanche L. 1913 Ripley, Thomas E. 1882
Davey, Ralph Humphrey 1902 Ross, George W. 1885
Davidson, Eleanor S. (Mrs. J. P.) 1893 Ross, Eleanor T. (Mrs. Z. E.) 1858
Davies, Pierce 1890 Sanford, Mrs. C. L. 1899
Davies, Jennie D. (Mrs. Pierce) 1890 Schryver, Harriet K. 1905
Davies, Annie M. 1896 Sears, Ella May 1897
Davis, Eugene N. 1904 Senton, Benjamin C. 1890
Dice, Harold C. 1911 Shandof, Frederick 1896
Dickerman, Minnie McD. (Mrs. Harry) 1878 Shandof, Cora D. (Mrs. Frederick) 1896
Dodge, Lottie C. 1894 Shelburn, Harriet R. (Mrs. Geo.) 1894
Dorr, Janet R. (Mrs. H. R.) 1883 Sheldon, Charles A. 1878
Dorr, Thomas R. 1908 Sheldon, Archie McD. 1902
Douglass, Mrs. Caddie S. 1890 Sheldon, Susan P. (Mrs. C. H.) 1883
Dunton, Walter B. 1894 Sheldon, Archie C. 1904
Durfee, Mrs. Winifred H. 1894 Sheldon, Mary H. (Mrs. A. C.) 1892
Eayres, William 1857 Sherman, Minnie W. (Mrs. F. B.) 1884
Eddy, Herbert W. 1890 Silliman, Helen C. 1891
Edwards, Harry L. 1913 Slack, Frank L. 1887
Edwards, Florence E. (Mrs. H. L.) 1913 Slade, Mrs. E. S. 1906
Eggleston, Mrs. Alice Cook 1896 Spafford, Ella L. (Mrs. H. W.) 1886
Erskine, Samuel H. 1908 Spafford, Mattie E. 1887
Erskine, Amy A. (Mrs. S. H.) 1908 Spafford, Henry W. 1900
Erskine, Dorothy 1908 Spaulding, Josephine A. (Mrs. Geo.) 1906
Fenn, Frederick T. 1902 Spaulding, Caroline A. R. 1911
Field, Edward D. 1892 Squier, Daniel W. 1858
Foster, Adeline S. 1901 Stanley, Zera D. 1902
Fowlie, Belle W. 1897 Staples, Edward L. 1906
Fox, John C. 1892 Staples, Ada M. (Mrs. E. L.) 1906
Francisco, Rollo J. 1887 Staples, Mary V. 1906
Franklin, Anna B. (Mrs. E. L.) 1891 Steele, Frederic Dorr 1889
Fuller, Mrs. Julia A. 1898 Stewart, George W. 1877
Gilman, Mrs. Margaret R. 1888 Stewart, Helen A. 1884
Gilmour, Rev. George 1905 Stewart, George W., Jr. 1890
Gilmour, Allen 1904 Stillings, Mrs. Janet S. 1885
Greene, Mary W. (Mrs. W. E.) 1886 Stinson, E. R. 1906
Gregory, Annah W. (Mrs. R. H.) 1895 Stoddard, William E. 1878
Grout, Edith L. 1883 Swinnerton, Arthur A. 1902
Guernsey, Anna L. (Mrs. Willis) 1876 Swinnerton, George A. 1909
Guyette, Blanche T. (Mrs. W. N.) 1912 Tanner, Jennie E. 1909
Haley, Mary P. (Mrs. G. S.) 1904 Thomas, Julia B. 1908
Haley, Harold T. 1911 Thomas, Marion 1908
Hall, George S. 1892 Thompson, John W. 1881
Harman, Paul B. 1892 Thompson, William H. 1902
Hayes, Mrs. Mary L. 1878 Titcomb, John W. 1883
Hewitt, Frank M. 1878 Titsworth, Fanny W. (Mrs. H. H.) 1899
Hewitt, Lizzie H. (Mrs. F. M.) 1878 Tuttle, Minnie B. (Mrs. F. G.) 1878
Holden, Mrs. Alma E. 1895 Tuttle, Henry E. 1883
Holden, Katherine F. (Mrs. C. R.) 1903 Vail, Charles B. 1878
Horton, Ida B. (Mrs. G. B.) 1890 Vail, Emma (Mrs. C. B.) 1878
Huntoon, James C. 1905 Vail, Mrs. Maude G. 1896
Hutchins, Helen W. (Mrs. Charles) 1895 Vail, Marcus E. 1886
Hyde, Arunah W. 1889 Vail, Guy R. 1889
Hyde, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. A. W.) 1883 Varney, Margaret E. (Mrs. C. H.) 1907
Hyde, James K. 1889 Vaughn, Mrs. Ellen D. 1865
Johnson, Waite C. 1893 Ward, Edwin J. 1881
Johnson, Bernard 1907 Washburn, Mrs. Mabel R. 1896
Jones, Mrs. Gertrude Bosworth 1889 Washburn, Mrs. Mary E. 1897
Kellogg, Mary F. (Mrs. S. H.) 1880 Webster, Frank P. 1884
Kellogg, Theodora 1901 Wentworth, Mrs. Lena S. 1892
King, Gertrude J. 1909 Wescott, Edna B. (Mrs. Coleman) 1907
Landers, Mae 1900 Wheeler, Franklin S. 1892
Laprice, Mrs. Clara W. 1858 Wheeler, Luie M. (Mrs. F. H.) 1880
Lawrence, Mrs. Cora E. 1894 Wilkins, Ellen L. 1894
Lease, Wilber H. 1877 Williams, John H. 1909
Lease, Susan B. (Mrs. W. H.) 1871 Williams, Harley G. 1895
Lease, Fred W. 1883 Williams, George F. 1878
Long, Sarah H. (Mrs. B. G.) 1890 Williams, Helen M. (Mrs. J. W.) 1878
Lord, Mrs. Rowena R. 1896 Wilson, Frederick C. 1909
Lyman, George W. 1902 Wilson, Mary (Mrs. F. C.) 1909
Lyman, Floyd P. 1901 Wilson, Erwin 1909
Lyman, Eleanor M. 1910 Wilson, Evelyn 1909

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