Shoreham Congregational Church
1798 list of subscribers
1805-1864 list of Pastors and Deacons
September 1801 list Members
Shoreham, Addison Co., Vermont

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  Shoreham Congregational Church Shoreham, Addison Co., Vermont Feb. 3, 1798  
  This church list was transcribed by Forrest Manning. He has generously donated this listing to the Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page.  
List of subscribers for the original building of the Congregational Church in Shoreham, Vermont. Feb. 3, 1798. The list is presented in the order in which it was written in the journal of the church. Permission for publication granted by the church. List typed by Forrest Manning with the very welcome assistance of Susan MacIntire of the Shoreham Historical Society.
Samuel Hemenway- Clerk James Forbes Luther Newcomb Andrew Simonds
Terbullus Aiken Sylvester Forbes Joseph Miller John Storrs
Thomas Barnum John Gould Philo Monroe Benson Smith
Thomas Bateman Eber Goodnow James Moore Matthew Stewart
Jonathan Bateman John M Ginnis Paul Moore. Moses Strong
Stephen Barnum Lewis Hedges Mark M Mazuzzan Aaron Townsend
Abraham Bishop Ebenzer Hawes Edmund Merchant William W. Townsend
Truman Bateman Samuel Hunt Liberty Newton Ebenezer Turrill
Phinehas Benton Joshua Healey Stephen Newel Ebenezer Rurrill, Jun.
Jabeze Barnum Jabez Healey Jeremiah Northrup Benjamin Tower
Ephraim Bennet Caleb Healey Samuel Northrup John Trent
Lauren Barnum Nathan Hand John North Daniel Turrill
Rimmon Benton Jonathan Hunter Abijah North Moses Trent
Peter Benedict Benjamin Hutchinson Nathaniel North Jacob Thomas
Jeremiah Brown Joseph Hutchinson Lemuel Newton Jonathan Treadway
Nathaniel Callender, Jr. Oliver Howe Daniel Newton Beebe Turrill
Timothy F. Chipman Philip Hemenway Thomas J Ormsbee John Townsend
Joseph Curtiss Job L Howe Ira Pond John Tracy
Robert Collins Jesse Higbey Josiah Pond Truman Turrill
Samuel M Claflin Eleazer Holbrook Nathaniel Pond Ryley Wolcott
Barzilla Cory Samuel Hand William P Bailey Dan Weller
Asa Cory William Jones George Peck Sylvester Witherell
David Cooper Asa Jones Cul Paine Joseph Witherell
Josiah Colburn Noah Jones David Russell Job Witherell
Stephen Cooper, jr. William Johnson Josiah Royce Andrew Wright
Jonathan Cooper William Jones, 2nd. Obadiah Rhoads Joseph Wright
Israel Cooper Nathan B. Johnson Charles Rich Philemon Wolcott
Eliakim Culver Elizah Kellogg Amos Stanley Samuel Wolcott
Russell Chapman George Leonard Amos Stone Jesse Wolcott
Nathaniel Callender, 3rd Nathan Landers, Jr. Stephen Stiles Titus Walker
Noah Callender Aquillah Landers Samuel Stiles David Barnum
Elisha Boscom Elisha Luther Ebenezer Stiles Joseph Bailey
Rufus Fuller John Larrabee Gideon Sisson Ebenezer Bass
  This is a list of the early Pastors & Deacons of the Shorham Congregational Church  
  Pastors:  1805-1864  
  Edward Beardsley Dec. 1805-May 1809  
  Samuel Cheever 1809-1812  
  Daniel O. Morton May 1824- Oct. 1831  
  Nathaniel Clark 1832-1833  
  Josiah T. Goodhue Nov 1833-Sept. 1857  
  A. Fleming 1857-1859  
  Edward B. Chamberlain Sept. 1859-Jan. 1864  
  Note: Daniel O. Morton was the father of Levi Morton, Vice President of the United States in the Banjamin Harrison administration.  
  Deacons: 1805-1868  
  Stephen Cooper ended May 1816  
  Nathan Hand ended May 1811  
  Joshiah Pond ended Aug 9, 1840  
  Philemon Wolcott ended Sept 1 1832  
  Stephen Barnum Sept 1816- Aug 1834  
  Stephen King Sept 1816- Aug 1842  
  James Moore Oct 1832-Aug 1862  
  Francis Hemingway Oct 1832- 1854  
  Lewis Hunt Oct 1832- March 1868  
  Almon Wolcott Oct 1832- _______  
  Royal Turrill Oct 1855- Oct 1862  
  These lists were a recent find in the old church records.  
Shoreham Congregational Church of Shoreham, Vermont Members as of September 1801
Ashlel Avery Russell Chipman Sam Hunt Levi Smith
Thomas Bateman Thomas Chipman Samuel Hemenway Eli Snow, Jr.
Thomas Barnum Barzillai Cary  Jonathan Hunter  Reuben Stiles 
Stephen Barnum Asa Carey Lewis Hodges Moses Strong
Zachheus Barnum  Barnabus Chipman Aaron Lawrence John Townshend
Joseph Bailey Josiah Colburn  Allen Marsden William Townshend
Tobey Bateman  Eliakim Culver  Abner Maynard Sheldon Tracey
Elisha Bascom  Noah Callander  James Moore Nathan Turrill
Rimmon Benton Luther Corey Noah North Ebenezar Turrill
Ephraim Bennet James Fisher Jeremiah Northrup  Daniel Turrill
Andrew Birchard Moses Gates  Samuel Northrup  Bebe Truuill 
Abraham Bishop Zebedee Goodwin  Josiah Pond Truman Turrill
Stephen Cooper David Griffiths Josiah Roice William Watson
Jonathan Cooper  William Hand Lot Sanford Sylvester Witherill
David Cooper Samuel K Hand  Davod Savage Philemon Wolcott
Lester Cooper Job Howe Andrew Simonds  Samuel Wolcott
      Andrew Wright
Compiled by Forrest Manning with the welcome assistance of Susan McIntire of the Shoreham Historical Society

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