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1858 list of Pastors, Deacons & Parishioners
Stockbridge, Vermont

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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Original Members  
Allen, Dea. Elijah deceased
Allen, Mrs. Anna dismissed
Averill, Mrs. Fanny deceased
Baker, Mrs. Azubah deceased
Collins, Joseph deceased
Durkee, Mrs. Jemima  
Fay, Dr. Timothy P.  
Howe, Jeremiah deceased
Howe, Luther deceased
Howe, Mrs. Lucy E. dismissed
Howe, Mrs. Nabby  
Knowlton, Jacob  
Knowlton, Stephen S. dismissed
Knowlton, Mrs. Rosette deceased
Mills, Miss Polly C. dismissed
Nott, Solomon dismissed
Nott, Mrs. Nabby deceased
Rice, Mrs. Lucy  
Sawyer, Edmund dismissed
Sawyer, Mrs. Jane dismissed
Taggart, John deceased
Taggart, Mrs. Lydia deceased
Thayer, Samuel  
Thayer, Miss Elizabeth deceased
Whitcomb, Nathaniel deceased
Whitcomb, Mrs. Betsey deceased
Wilson, Mrs. Ann deceased
Current Members
Abbott, Mrs. Lucy L. Lyon, Chester
Baker, Elijah McCollum, Dea. Ezra
Belcher, Miss Augusta McCollum, Mrs. Fanny N.
Belcher, Miss Mary J. (Mann - crossed out), Miss Lucy
Blackburn, Miss Nancy A. Jones, Miss Lucy (replaced Mann)
Brooks, Mrs. Jennett W. Moore, Daniel
Burnham, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, Mrs. Naomi
Campbell, Miss Agnes Moore, Miss Susan
Campbell, Miss Margaret Morgan, Mrs. Sally
Carroll, Mrs. Lois Nye, Ira
Chandler, Enos Pachard, Mrs. Lydia
Chandler, Mrs. Mary Rice, Mrs. Lucy
Chase, Mrs. Mary A. Rogers, Hiram
Conant, Mrs. Cynthia T. Rogers, Mrs. Lowry
Cornell, Miss Charlotte S. Rogers, Miss Marilla
Cornell, Mrs. Lepha Russ, Mrs. Laura M.
Dean, Miss Julia Russ, Mrs. Viana
DeBoise, Mrs. Luceba J. Roundy, Mrs. Lucretia
Dole, Miss Mary E. Sawyer, Cephas W.
Dole, Mrs. Sarepta Sawyer, Mrs. Anna
Durkee, Mrs. Jemima Smith, Milton E.
Everett, David Smith, Mrs. Eunice P.
Everett, Mrs. Lydia Smith, Miss Phebe M.
Fay, Dr. Timothy P. Taggart, Bartlett
Greenbank, Mrs. Maria Taggart, Isaac
Greenbank, Miss Mary E. Taggart, Mrs. Betsey
Griffith, Ashbell Taggart, Joseph
Howe, Miss Abagail Taggart, Mrs. Philia R.
Howe, Mrs. Nabby Taggart, Miss Jane S.
Howe, Miss Olive R. Taggart, Miss Nancy
Hubbard, Rev. Thomas S. Thayer, Samuel
Hubbard, Mrs. Mary F. Tenny, James M.
Jones, Dea. Isaac Tenny, Mrs. Paulina
Jones, Mrs. Deborah Tenny, Miss Almina
Jones, Mrs. Martha Tilden, Mrs. Eunice F.
Knowlton, Dea. Jacob Whitcomb, Miss L. Ellen
Knowlton, Mrs. Nabby Whitcomb, Miss F. Emeline
Knowlton, Dea. Emmaus Whitcomb, Miss Elizabeth
Knowlton, Mrs. Harriet T. Whitcomb, Mrs. Eliza
Knowlton, Miss Nabby Whitcomb, Mrs. Isabel
Knowlton, Miss Rosette  
Items in blue are handwritten notes.
Omissions of the print
Beckwith, Mrs. Mary C.  
Durkee, Mrs. Abby E.  
Morgan, Mrs. Emily F.  
Nye, Mrs. Lydia W.  
Terry, Lorin  
Terry, Mrs. Polly  
Wilson, Mrs. Orinda  
Added Nov 1858  
Fowler, Edwin  
Fowler, Miss Lucinda M.  
Fowler, Mrs. Cynthia  
Whitcomb, Miss Julana A.  
Cornell, Miss Emma F.  
Smith, Lyman  
Smith, Mrs. Anna A.  

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