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(1877) Short History and
List of Ministers, Officers & Members
Stowe, Lamoille Co., Vermont

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Church History
It appears from tradition, that a Congregational church of seven members, was organized in this town during the early part of the present century (perhaps as early as 1802 or 1803) by some missionaries who came "into this region". Among these was a Mr. Fish from Conn, who, it is supposed, assisted in this organization. The membership of this church was never large, and by deaths, removals and apostasies it appears to have become extinct before the organization of the present church. When only one male and two or three female members remained. The present Congregational Church was organized at a meeting held in the "New School House at the centre of the town" Nov. 21st, 1818. Nathaniel Rawson minister of the Gospel at Waterbury presided at this meeting. On this occasion the following persons assented to the Articles of Faith and the Covenant viz: - Daniel B. Dutton, Joseph Savage, Abner Fuller, Rachel Dutton, Lorania Dutton and Esther Savage. The only record preserved, of a church meeting for eight years, is one dated March 13th, 1819. At this meeting D. B. Dutton, was chosen Deacon, Joseph Savage, Clerk and Rev. Chester Wright, of Montpelier, "Standing Moderator of the Church". On the 26 of July 1823, a Society was formed under the name of The First Congregational Society, in the town of Stowe, for the purpose of supporting a minister of the Gospel. Measures were taken to secure Rev. Daniel Rockwell to preach the "coming year". There is no record of the action of the church in this matter, though it appears from tradition that Mr. Rockwell did, for a time minister to this church, and as he resided in Morristown he is supposed to have preached at both places. For some reasons, not now apparent, the Society was re-organized June 21st 1826. The next day the society voted to give Mr. Ralden A. Watkins a call to settle in the Ministry for the term of three years. The call having been extended, and accepted, Mr. Watkins came to Stowe and sometime during the year was ordained and settled as Pastor of this church. By his settlement as pastor, Mr. Watkins came into possession of the lands granted by the Charter of the town to its first settled Minister. Finding however that this arrangement had given rise to a feeling of dissatisfaction among the other religious organizations of Stowe, Mr. Watkins, though entitled to hold this property and appropriate it for his own private benefit, magnanimously waived this right, and transferred the lands to the Select men of the town, to be by them held in trust and rented. It was furthermore stipulated in the deed, that the annual rental thence derived should be divided among the several denominations of Christians in town, and used, in accordance with certain regulations specified, for the support of the Gospel Ministry.
At the present time (1876) the annual rental amounts to $59.50. The amount received by this church has varied being from seven to over twenty dollars a year. Under the ministry of Mr. Watkins, in 1827, the first Sunday School in town was organized. The pastorate of Mr. Watkins closed June 15, 1830. The next year Guy C. Sampson was acting Pastor for a number of months. During the years 1834 and 1835 B. B. Cutler, an Evangelist, was employed about twelve months. At about this time the church adopted the articles of Faith and the Covenant and Rules of the Congregational Church in Montpelier. Hiram Carleton was called to the pastorate of the Church in 1837, and in the following year, Jan 4, 1838, was ordained and installed. In August, of the same year, the Church applied for aid to the Home Missionary Society, and received $300 per annum from this source. The church pledged herself to raise $200 a year for the support of preaching, but so difficult was it to raise even this sum, that in 1841 there was a deficiency of one hundred and eleven dollars. By dint of extraordinary effort on the part of the people, and a generous consideration on the part of the pastor, the debt was at length cancelled. Hitherto the church owned no house or Worship. There was in the village one Union Meeting House which the Congregational Church was entitled to occupy a share of the time. But as this arrangement was attended with some inconvenience, the church had been accustomed to hold its meetings in the village school house. The need of a House of Worship had long been felt, and soon after the settlement of Mr. Carleton the church took hold of the matter in such good earnest, that in the following year a site was secured and a Church Edifice erected upon it. A part of the necessary funds was realized by the sale of the pews. The debt remaining was assumed by five of the brethren, who cheerfully carried this heavy burden, much to the relief and advantage of the church. In the year 1846 Mr. Carleton asked the church to unite with him in calling a Council to advise in regard to the dissolution of the pastoral relation. The Council convened but advised no change. In the Spring of 1852, owing to illness, Mr. Carleton requested to be released from the oversight of the Church. In the hope that a rest and change might effect a restoration of health, the brethren granted their pastor a leave of absence for one year. But the beneficial results for which they hoped were not realized, and at the request of Mr. Carleton a Mutual Council was called Aug 5, 1853, to again advise upon the expediency of dissolving the pastoral relationship. As a result of this Council the resignation of Mr. Carleton was accepted, and his pastorate closed. During the absence of Mr. Carleton in 1852 and 1853, the church employed Rev. Mr. Riggs for about six moths. From Nov 1, 1853 to Sept. 24, 1854, J. A. Bent was its Acting Pastor. In consequence of the death of Dea. Delano and the removal from the town of Dea. Fuller, this office was for a while vacant. It was filled in 1854 by the election of Randolph Washburn and R. A. Savage as Deacons. Mr. Bent was succeeded by Charles C. Torrey, who was acting pastor for a few months. In 1855, Edwin Wheelock and Rev. Daniel Warren were employed as acting pastors. In Oct. 1856 Jas. T. Ford, became its minister, and Sept 19, 1857, received a call to become its pastor. The call was accepted and a Council convened Nov. 24, 1857. The next day Mr. Ford, was ordained and installed pastor of the church with a salary of $500., per annum. The house of worship was enlarged and very much improved in 1864. An extension of twenty feet was made to its rear, the building was raised, a vestry finished in the basement, the gallery was lowered and the audience room newly plastered and carpeted. Its re-dedication took place Dec. 4, 1864, the pastor preaching a most appropriate sermon from Haggai II; 9. Not long afterward measures were undertaken by the church and society which in 1866 resulted in securing a parsonage. For this purpose twenty-nine individuals contributed the sum of $1410.00 while J. G. Stimpson, of Waterbury donated $50.00 more. In Oct. of this year the Church voted to ask no more aid of the V. D. M. Soc. Through its pastor the Church conveyed to the Society an expression of its gratitude for the aid hitherto furnished. The total amount received from this source since 1827 - according to the exhibit of the Secretary, Rev. C. S. Smith, appears to have been $4,547.00. In 1867 the pastor's salary was increased, one hundred dollars. Mr. Ford, tendered his resignation as pastor July 18, 1869, and on the 17th of Aug., a dissolution of the pastoral relation was advised by a mutual Council. The Church accepted the advice of the Council and on the 5th of Sept. Mr. Ford closed his long and useful pastorate with this Church. In March 1870, Rev. B. F. Perkins, became the Acting Pastor, with a salary of $800.00 and use of Parsonage. Subsequently the Church extended a call to Mr. Perkins, to become its pastor, but after due consideration the invitation was declined. Mr. Perkins resigned his position as acting pastor Dec. 1873, and closed his labors here not many weeks after. In the spring of 1874, D. W. Hardy, was engaged to supply the pulpit one year, at a salary of $800.00 and use of parsonage. In Sept. he accepted an invitation to become pastor of the Church, and Oct. 20, was ordained and installed to that office.

Ministers Served
Rockwell, Rev. Daniel supply a short time in 1823 and 1824
Watkins, Rev. R. A. Pastor 1826 to 1830
Sampson, Rev. Guy C. supply in 1831
Cutler, Rev. B. B. supply in 1834
Carleton, Rev. Hiram Pastor, 1837 to 1853
Riggs, Rev. Mr. supply six months, 1853
Bent, J. A. supply, 1853 to 1854
Torrey, C. C. supply, 1854 to 1855
Wheelock, Edwin supply, 1855 to 1856
Warren, Rev. Daniel supply, 1855 to 1856
Ford, James T. supply 1856 to 1857, pastor 1857 to 1869
Perkins, Rev. B. F. supply, 1870 to 1873
Hardy, Rev. D. W. March 1874, ordained Oct 20, 1874
The following is a list of the Deacons of the Church since the organization,
with the date of their election:
Dutton, Daniel B. March 13, 1819
Delano, Phillip P. September 25, 1829
Alger, Isaac S. February 1834
Fuller, Abner December 18, 1845
Washburn, Randolph September 24, 1854
Savage, Reuben A. September 24, 1854
Officers for 1877
Hardy, D. W. Pastor
Washburn, Randolph Deacon
Savage, R. A. Deacon
Cheney, E. R. Superintendent of Sunday School
Boynton, J. J. Asst. Superintendent of Sunday School
Hodge, D. W. Clerk
Washburn, Dea. R. Treasurer
McAllaster, Harvey Committee of Supply
Porter, J. C. Committee of Supply
Warren, Albie A. Committee of Supply
Fuller, Mrs. Elizabeth Committee of Supply
Members of the Congregational Church of Stowe, Vermont
From it's organization to the present time.
Members Date of Admission Joined by Letter or Prof. Date of Dismission
Alger, Isaac S. 1827 P 1860
Alger, Eunice 1858 P  
Alger, Oscar 1866 P  
Atkins, Orrel R. 1848 L  
Atkins, Hiram S. 1862 P  
Allen, Lucia 1868 L  
Allen, Solomon 1872 L  
Black, Polly 1836 L deceased 1836
Bingham, Stillman 1841 L 1849
Bingham, Fidelia 1841 L 1849
Bartlett, Olive 1851 L unknown
Boynton, Samuel C. 1857 P deceased 1862
Boynton, Joseph J. 1860 P  
Boynton, Maria V. 1860 P  
Boynton, Alice B. 1871 P deceased 1872
Boynton, Melinda 1861 P deceased 1868
Barnes, Abby F. 1859 P 1863
Barnes, Caroline F. 1859 P  
Barnes, Carrie F. 1866 P  
Barnes, Mary L. 1866 P  
Barnes, Oscar C. 1866 P 1876
Barnes, Isabel G. 1866 P 1876
Barnes, Susan A. 1866 P 1872
Bennett, Harriet E. 1859 P  
Brackett, Caroline 1860 P  
Brackett, Stephen R. 1861 P 1875
Black, Susan A. 1860 P  
Bicknell, Dennis H. 1862 P 1868
Bingham, Orpha R. 1866 P  
Butts, Phoebe K. 1866 P  
Brill, Francis P. 1866 P excommunicated 1873
Brill, Amanda 1869 P  
Barnes, Celia M. 1867 P 1870
Brackett, Susan J. 1869 P deceased 1869
Cutler, Mehitable 1820 P deceased 1841
Cobb, Lydia 1821 P unknown
Cobb, Abigail 1827 P deceased 1839
Camp, Lucy 1823 P deceased 1823
Carleton, Mary J. 1838 L 1853
Cheney, Olive E. 1854 P 1866
Cheney, William J. 1857 P excommunicated 1868
Cheney, Jane L. 1857 P  
Cheney, Edwin R. 1876 P  
Cheney, Grace 1876 P  
Cheney, Albert H. 1876 P  
Chapin, Florilla N. 1876 P  
Cleveland, Eldora M. 1866 P  
Crandall, Elizabeth L. 1866 P  
Dutton, Daniel B. 1818 L 1834
Dutton, Lorania 1818 L 1834
Dutton, Rachel 1818 L deceased 1828
Downer, Susan 1820 P deceased 1826
Delano, Phillip P. 1828 P deceased 1853
Delano, Ann E. 1828 P deceased 1856
Delano, Sarah A. 1851 P 1868
Delano, George E. 1859 L 1871
Delano, Louise 1859 L 1871
Delano, Narcissa B. 1862 L  
Delano, Laura A. 1866 P 1872
Delano, Susan E. 1860 P 1865
Dutton, Samuel 1828 P deceased 1835
Dutton, Eunice 1830 L  
Dutton, Ezra 1837 P excommunicated 1843
Dutton, Elvira F. 1857 P  
Dean, Lydia 1869 P  
Fuller, Abner 1818 P 1853
Fuller, Myron 1823 P 1860
Fuller, Olive 1827 P deceased 1830
Fuller, Mary 1835 L 1853
Fuller, Maria S. 1840 P deceased 1843
Fuller, Salmon T. 1866 P  
Fuller, Sarah E. 1861 P 1876
Fuller, Clarabel 1868 P  
Foster, Nathan 1854 P deceased 1875
Foster, Laura 1857 P deceased 1871
Foster, Mariette C. 1858 P  
Foster, Jenette 1858 P 1876
Foster, Leander P. 1871 P  
Ford, Sarah B. 1858 L 1870
Ford, James T. 1860 L 1870
Faunce, Horace C. 1860 P  
Faunce, Corilla H. 1860 P  
Fairbanks, Livonia S. 1865 L 1867
Fuller, Mary C. 1860 P 1873
Gibbs, William 1869 P  
Gibbs, Hannah 1869 P  
Gorton, Inez S. 1869 P  
George, Allen Parish 1862 P  
George, Persis Lorette 1869 P  
Hitchcock, Laura 1864 L deceased 1868
Hoisington, Amos 1827 P unknown
Handy, Sarah 1829 L deceased 1859
Hancock, Phoebe 1837 L deceased 1843
Holmes, Sarah 1839 L deceased 1854
Hancock, Maria 1845 L 1847
Hartshorn, Tirzah 1838 L deceased 1869
Huse, Theophilus N. 1848 L 1868
Huse, Polly S. 1848 L deceased 1866
Huse, Joseph E. 1866 P 1868
Huse, Helen E. 1864 P 1868
Hodge, Clara L. 1860 L  
Hodge, Daniel W. 1876 P  
Hastings, Charles S. 1869 P  
Hardy, D. W. 1875 L  
Hardy, L. F. 1875 L  
Hodge, Augusta M. 1866 P  
Jenkins, Betsy R. 1847 L 1852
Jackson, Lucia A. 1872 L  
Kellogg, Jesse C. 1829 P 1834
Kellogg, John H. 1867 P deceased 1875
Kellam, Amander 1838 P 1849
Kellam, Mrs. 1838 P 1849
Keith, Josiah 1840 L unknown
Kimball, Emma 1868 L  
Kimball, Ellen A. 1875 P  
Luce, Lavanda A. 1860 P 1875
Luce, Lucy S. 1867 P  
Lyzotte, William P. 1871 P  
Lyzotte, Caroline L. 1871 P  
Marshall, Samuel 1823 P deceased 1867
Marshall, Hannah 1828 P deceased 1853
Marshall, Susan T. 1858 P 1869
McAllaster, Martha J. 1850 P 1867
McAllaster, Harvey 1864 P  
McAllaster, Delano 1864 P  
Munson, Reuben 1859 L 1868
Munson, Mary 1859 L 1868
Munson, Laura Amelia 1866 P 1868
Munson, Harlan P. 1867 P 1868
Munson, Ammi B. 1867 P 1868
Noble, Martha 1822   deceased 1848
Noble, Jerusha 1850   deceased 1866
Perkins, Abigail 1818 P excommunicated 1829
Pettengill, William R. 1820 P deceased 1849
Pettengill, Mehitable 1820 P deceased 1860
Parish, Maria 1866 L  
Pottle, Eunice 1866 P  
Philipps, Mary 1866 L deceased 1872
Perkins, R. L. 1849 P 1868
Perkins, Mary C. 1854 L 1868
Perkins, Nancy H. 1867 P 1868
Palmer, Luther A. 1868 L  
Palmer, Elmina R. 1868 L  
Palmer, Betsey L. 1868 L  
Porter, James C. 1868 P  
Porter, Adelaide 1868 L  
Porter, Ada Isabel 1869 P  
Pratt, Trefla C. 1869 P excommunicated 1874
Pratt, Silas N. 1869 P  
Perkins, B. F. 1870 L 1874
Perkins, Anna A. 1870 L 1874
Poor, W. H. H. 1868 P excommunicated 1870
Robinson, Chloe 1828 P deceased 1834
Rand, Mary F. 1837 P unknown
Reed, Ann Eliza 1863 L  
Richardson, Julius P. 1871 L 1875
Richardson, Clara R. 1871 L 1875
Richardson, William C. 1871 P  
Richardson, Sarah S. 1867 P  
Raymond, Charles S. 1867 P 1872
Raymond, Betsey R. 1869 P  
Russell, Phila 1856 P deceased 1867
Spicer, Samuel S. 1866 P 1868
Savage, Joseph 1818 P deceased 1838
Savage, Esther 1818 L deceased 1857
Sherwin, Seth P. 1829 P deceased 1862
Sherwin, Polly 1829 P 1866
Savage, Louise D. 1835 P deceased 1842
Savage, Almira B. 1840 P 1862
Savage, Reuben A. 1840 P  
Savage, Elizabeth D. 1844 L  
Savage, Charles A. 1865 P  
Savage, Helen M. 1865 P 1873
Savage, Harriet E. 1867 P  
Swazy, Fanny 1863 L  
Swazy, Fanny A. 1865 P deceased 1868
Sutton, Benj[amin] F. 1863 P 1874
Sutton, Fanny 1863 P 1874
Sherman, Harry M. 1866 P 1869
Simmons, Lydia A. 1869 P  
Stockwell, Mary B. 1876 P  
Sheldon, Eliza 1855 L 1864
Thompson, Thomas 1822 P deceased 1827
Thompson, Ruhama 1822 P deceased 1853
Towne, Melitta 1823 P 1861
Tracy, Phoebe P. 1829 L 1833
Towne, Luke J. 1841 L  
Towne, Eunice C. 1841 L deceased 1848
Towne, Lucy A. 1848 L deceased 1866
Towne, Elizabeth 1855 P  
Towne, Elizabeth R. 1858 P deceased 1858
Towne, Abagail 1858 P  
Towne, Ellen A. 1866 P 1875
Towne, Jane W. 1867 P  
Towne, Lizzie F. 1875 L  
Towne, George A. 1876 P  
Thomas, Priscella 1859 L deceased 1864
Thomas, Harriet B. 1873 L deceased 1874
Taylor, Carrie L. 1867 P excommunicated 1874
Taylor, Frederick M. R. 1869 P 1870
Thomas, Laura C. 1875 P  
Upham, Polly 1838 L 1851
Upham, Adaline 1840 P 1856
Willard, Randall 1822 L 1830
Wilkins, Ezra 1821 P excommunicated 1829
Wilkins, Susan 1821 P deceased 1856
Wilkins, Nancy 1821 P excommunicated 1827
Willard, Rebecca 1823 L 1830
Watkins, Lucia T. 1827 L 1830
Washburn, Randolph 1837 L  
Washburn, Phoebe 1837 L deceased 1842
Washburn, Daniel 1841 L deceased 1858
Washburn, Lois 1841 L deceased 1868
Washburn, Betsy W. 1844 L  
Washburn, Royal C. 1861 L 1863
Watts, Sarah 1838 L  
Weld, Samuel 1846 L deceased 1855
Weld, Sarah 1846 L deceased 1847
Wells, Rubeny L. 1864 P  
Weeks, Ezekiel 1855 L deceased 1870
Weeks, Dolly 1855 L deceased 1870
West, Marietta 1865 L  
Wheeler, Simon 1862 L 1868
Wheeler, Mary 1862 L 1868
Wheeler, Susan B. 1866 P 1868
Warren, Albie A. 1876 P  
Catalogue of Members, December 1876
Alger, Oscar Hodge, Mrs. Clara L.
Alger, Mrs. Eunice Hodge, Mrs. Augusta M.
Allen, Solomon Jackson, Mrs. Lucia A. [non-resident]
Allen, Mrs. Lucia Kimball, Emma
Atkins, Hiram S. Kimball, Ellen A. [non-resident]
Atkins, Mrs. Orrel R. Luce, Mrs. Lucy S.
Barnes, Mrs. Caroline F. Lyzotte, William P. [non-resident]
Barnes, Carrie F. Lyzotte, Mrs. Caroline L. [non-resident]
Barnes, Mary L. McAllaster, Harvey
Bennett, Harriet E. (Small) McAllaster, Mrs. Delano
Bingham, Mrs. Orpha R. Parish, Mrs. Maria
Boynton, Joseph J. Pottle, Mrs. Eunice
Boynton, Mrs. Maria V. Palmer, Luther A.
Black, Susan A. Palmer, Mrs. Elmina R.
Brackett, Caroline (Bingham) [non-resident] Palmer, Betsey L.
Butts, Phoebe K. Porter, James C.
Brill, Amanda (Wood) Porter, Mrs. Adalaide
Cheney, Jane L. (Watts) Porter, Ada Isabel
Cheney, Edwin R. Pratt, Silas N.
Cheney, Mrs. Grace Raymond, Mrs. Betsey R.
Cheney, Albert H. Reed, Mrs. Ann Eliza
Chapin, Florilla N. Richardson, William C.
Cleaveland, Eldora M. Richardson, Mrs. Sarah S.
Crandall, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Savage, Reuben A.
Dean, Lydia Savage, Mrs. Elizabeth D.
Delana, Mrs. Narcissa B. [non-resident] Savage, Charles A.
Dutton, Mrs. Eunice [non-resident] Savage, Harriet E.
Dutton, Elvira F. (Barton) [non-resident] Simmons, Mrs. Lydia A.
Faunce, Horace C. Swazy, Mrs. Fanny [non-resident]
Faunce, Mrs. Corrilla H. Stockwell, Mrs. Mary B.
Foster, Leander P. [non-resident] Towne, Luke J.
Foster, Mariette C. [non-resident] Towne, Mrs. Jane W.
Fuller, Salmon T. Towne, Elizabeth R. (Fuller)
Fuller, Clarabel (Gould) [non-resident] Towne, Abagail (Pike)
Gibbs, William Towne, George A.
Gibbs, Mrs. Hannah Towne, Mrs. Lizzie F.
George, Allen Parish Thomas, Laura C.
George, Persis Lorette [non-resident] Washburn, Randolph
Gorton, Mrs. Inez I. Washburn, Mrs. Betsey W.
Hardy, D. W. Watts, Mrs. Sarah
Hardy, Mrs. L. F. Warren, Albie A.
Hastings, Charles S. [non-resident] Wells, Mrs. Rubeny L.
Hodge, Daniel W. West, Marietta

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