Westfield Methodist Society
1831 to 1835 list of early church records
Westfield, Orleans Co., Vermont

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Microfilm of early church records from Westfield, VT Town Clerk's office.
Microfilm available at Middlesex Vital Records office, film F1546
page 148
The inhabitants of Westfield met on the twenty second day of February in the year of 1831 organized themselves into a society called the Methodists Society and are now in regular standings in a Society . Westfield on February 22, 1831 Attest Willis H(owell) clerk
List of names belonging to Society: Stoughton, Lemuel
Simpson, (William) Read, Rodolphus
Whitney, Rufus Prescott, Joseph
Bailey, Jesse Clark, Hosia B.
Lockwood, Luther Crofford, (Z)erah
Keach, Amasa Utley, Thomas
Stebbins, Iddo Dodge, Clargdon
Lamb, Edman Atwell, Hollis
Hull, Londo Clark, (Saurty)
Atwell, Hollis  
Received for record April 20, 1831 Attest Tho Hitchcock, Town Clerk
Names of the members belonging to the Methodist Episcopal Society:
Miller, Simpson Hull, (Sow)ers
Lamb, Edmond Prescott, Joseph
page 149  
Clark, Hosea Stoughton, Lemuel
Crofard, (Ta)za Keach, Amasa
Stebbins, Iddo Lockman, Luther
Read, Rodolphus Dodge, Cozydon
Whitney, Rufus Jackman, Luther
Utley, Thomas Ward, Joseph
Atwell, Hollis Stephenson, John
Bailey, Jesse  
Attest Hollis Atwell, (S.) Clerk Westfield, May 9, 1832
Received and recorded May 15, 1832 Attest Tho Hitchcock, T. Clerk
page 150 blank  
page 151  
Constitution of the First Society of Universalists in Westfield, VT and the vicinity.
We the undersigned convened by reason and reaclation of the truth that all mankind will be finally reunited to God and consequently become holy and happy do hereby form ourselves into a religious society to be called the first Society of Universalists in Westfield and the vicinity and do hereby agree and pledge ourselves to abide by the following rules and bylaws:
1st There shall be a regular annual meeting of the members of the society on the fourth Tuesday in January at such hour and place as the Committee may appoint to choose a Committee of three and a clerk who shall continue in office one year and until others are chosen and at this meeting five shall constitute a quorum.
2nd The powers of the Committee shall be to (hold) a meeting or meetings of the Society for the transaction of business when requested by five members or when they think such meetings should be expedient.
page 152
3rd The Committee may raise subscriptions for the purpose of supporting preaching or any other purpose that may be voted for by a majority.
4th No member shall ever be taxed or required to pay except by voluntary subscription.
5th The clerk shall be Treasurer and shall make report when requested by the Committee of the reception and distribution of all monies.
6th He shall also keep a record of all business transacted by the Society in a book open to the inspection of any member and shall deposit the same with his successor.
7th Amy member who shall subscribe and not punctually pay unless he assigns reasons which the Committee shall consider satisfactory shall not be considered a member of this Society and the Committee may crofs his name from the Constitution and make a record of the same in the Clerk's Book.
8th Any member of this Society may withdraw his name from this Constitution whenever he thinks proper.
9th This constitution may be amended at annual meeting by a majority of two thirds of the members of the Society.
page 153
And be it universally known that we whose names are hereunto annexed as knowledge in spiritual matters no master but Christ we place our trust in one living and true God who is the Savior of all men.
Signers in the adjacent towns: Signers in Westfield:
  Stebbins, Jairus??
  Stoughton, Guy
  Hitchcock, Horatio
  Stebbins, Madison
  Stebbins, Morton
  Stoughton, Luke
  Stoughton, Thomas
  White, Samuel
  Stoughton, Cloud(in)
  Stoughton, George
  Brown, James
  Hitchcock, A. H.
  Chamberlin, Alvah
  C(saigan), William
  (Bull), William
Received for record March 5, 1835 and recorded. Attest: Tho. Hitchcock, Town Clerk

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