NEKG Activation

After this activation process, the requirement of logging in with a username / password will be simplified.
This will load a small app into your browser and will preform the login for you.
Every time you open your browser and go to the NEKG, you will be automatically logged in.
To let you know that you are a logged in as a member, you will see a gold rotating star on the NEKG home page.
If you don't see it, you will need to re-activate. All you have to do is re-enter the activation code that
was sent to you. Should you choose not to activate at this time, click on "Cancel" at the bottom of the page.
Or should you at any time choose to de-activate, use the "de-activate" button and the app will be removed
If you have a question or need help, (click here).


We do not allow the use of 3rd party cookies which are associated with personalized advertising.
When you visit our website, we will use cookies & localstorage for two reasons. Our use is for 1) page counters
and 2) identifing you as a member. Neither one will contain any personal identification. Example,
when you open one of NEKG's pages, you will increment a 'page counter' and set a cookie for that page.
This will prevent this counter from being incremented again if you re-enter this page. This cookie is deleted
every midnight by your web browser. With the second reason, It will stay active, as long as you are a
member or until you de-activate the app in your web browser.
Please note, you MUST have 1st party cookies enabled in your browser for membership.
If you have any questions, use the help link above or see our privacy policy (click here).