Berkshire's Freemans List
(1820 - 1853)
Berkshire, Vermont
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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, Vt

The term "Freeman" in Colonial days had nothing to do with servitude or bondsmen. Simply it meant you were a full citizen of the Colony. Under the first Massachusetts charter, only Freemen had the right to hold public office or vote in town meetings. Indentured servants and bonded servant were not eligible. To be admitted a freeman you must first fulfill the requirements. - Must of Sworn Allegiance to the Crown - Must be a Male over 21 years of age - Membership in a duly recognized church - Own personal property generally valued at 40 pounds or 40 shillings per year - Must be of a quiet and peaceful manner - Other Freemen in the area endorsed him. If all of the requirements are met then they were allowed to take the Freemen's Oath at a meeting of the town's selectmen. Being a Freeman brought certain duties and rights among others - The right to vote in town meetings - The right to hold public office - The right to elect deputies to the General Assembly - Required to pay taxes - The r Today, to register to vote in Vermont, you must be a U.S. citizen, be a resident of Vermont, and at least 18 years of age, and have taken the Freeman's Oath. On September 2, 1794, St. Johnsbury was administering its first Freemanís Oaths. According to the Vermont Constitution, every man 21 years or older who had resided in Vermont for one year and was a respectful citizen could take the Freemenís Oath and become an equal Vermont citizen. And so on this day, eleven men took the oath in St. Johnsbury, promising to take part in Vermont affairs with each agreeing to vote their conscience in the best interest of the state and her people.

Freeman's Oath
I, __________, being by God's providence an inhabitant and freeman within the jurisdiction of this Commonwealth, do freely acknowledge myself to be subject to the government thereof, and therefore do here swear ... that I will be true and faithful to the same.... Moreover, I do solemnly bind myself in the sight of God, that when I shall be called to give my voice touching any matter of the State ... I will give my vote and suffrage, as I shall judge in mine own conscience may best conduce and tend to the public weal of the body without respect of persons or favor of any man. So help me God...
Although modified slightly, todayís Freemanís Oath can be taken by men and women at 18 years of age. The current Vermont "Voter's Oath" echoes these sentiments in plainer language:
[I] solemnly swear ... that whenever [I] give [my] vote or suffrage, touching any matter that concerns the state of Vermont, [I] will do it so as in [my] conscience [I] shall judge will most conduce to the best good of the [state]
The following Berkshire freeman lists are located at the Vermont Historical Society in Barre, Vermont Call numbers MSA 156 (4 & 5 & 6) In attempting to translate the old handwriting I have compared the names to each other, the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Federal census            
Berkshire, VT 1820 Federal Census Head of household only List of persons names who ________________ representation to the assembly Sept 5th, 1826 Berkshire, VT 1830 Federal Census Head of household only A list of persons names who voted for a Representative to the Congrefs of the U.S. of the 6th day of Dec. AD 1830. Berkshire, VT 1840 Federal Census Head of household only At a freemans meeting legally warned and holden at Berkshire Nov 7th, 1848 the following persons had the numbers of votes annexed to their names respectively for the offices mentioned for representatives to Congress. At a freemans meeting legally warned and holden at Berkshire Sept 8th, 1851 the following persons voted for representation to the General Assembly of the State of Vermont. At a freemans meeting legally warned and holden at Berkshire in the State of Vermont on the 7th day of Sept. AD 1852 voted for a representative to represent this town in the General Assemlby of the State of Vermont. At a freemans meeting legally warned and holden at Berkshire in the State of Vermont on the 7th day of Sept. AD 1852 the following persons voted for a representative to represent this state in the Congress of the United States. At a meeting legally warned and holden at Berkshire on the second Tuesday of Nov 1852 the following persons voted for a representative to represent this state in the Congress of the United States. Berkshire February 2nd Tuesday, 1853 At a town meeting legally warned and holdon at Berkshire, the following persons gave their vote for and against the liquor law. Anson Hull Moderator
____ps, Cromwell juintly?? Geo. Adams, Darius Adams, Darius Adams, Chas. L. Abell, I. H. Abell, I. H. (costy), L. M. C. Carty? Adams, C. S. Adams, C. S. Anderson, I.
Adams, Darius Adams, Darius Ames, Calvin Anderson, Robert Allen, Henry Algar, J. Adams, C. S. Adams, C. S. Algar, Jerome Allen, C. Anderson, J. P.
Anderson, Robert Adams, Joseph Anderson, Seth P. Andros, Harden Amel, Francis Allen, C. Alger, J. Alger, J. Allen, Charles Anderson, L. Anderson, R. S.
Austin, Benj Andres, James Andrews, Hardie Andrus, Arza Anderson, Ira Ames, W. Allen, C. Allen, C. Anderson, G. S. Anderson, P. Andrus, J. B.
Austin, Oliver Andrews, H. Andrews, Josiah Austin, Benjamin Anderson, Seth Anderson, S. P. Anderson, I. Ames, W. Anderson, Ira Anderson, S. B. Arms, W.
Austin, Raymond Austin, B. Armstrong, Edward Austin, Raymond Andrus, Asa Anderson. I. Anderson, R. Anderson, I. Anderson, R. Anderson, W. W. Armstrong, G.
Bailey, Nathan Austin, Oliver Austin, Benjamin Babcock, Elias Jr. Andrus, Harden Andrus, H. Anderson, R. S. Anderson, I. S. Anderson, S. P. Andras, J. B. Austin, B.
Bingham, Daniel M. B(rown), D. (Bowen?) Austin, Oliver Bayley, Phinehas Armstrong, Robert Andrus, J. B. Anderson, S. P. Anderson, R. Anderson, Stephen Andras, W. Austin, H. N.
Bond, Nero Babcock, Elias, Jr. Austin, Raymond Beard, Elijah Austin, Apollos Austin, B. Anderson, W. W. Anderson, S. P. Anderson, W[illia]m W. Arms, W. Austin, H. P.
Bradley, Brainard Barber, Caleb Babcock, Elias Blakely, D. B. Austin, Benjamin Austin, H. N. Andrus, J. B. Anderson, S. R. Andrus, J. B. Armstrong, G. Austin, N. C.
Bradley, Cyrus Barber, Loomis Bailey, Phinehas Bowen, Cromwell Austin, Oliver Austin, H. P. Andrus, N. Anderson, W. W. Andrus, Hardin Austin, B. Ayer, W. J.
Brewer, David Be(nson), S. F. Barber, Caleb Brewer, S. L. Austin, Powell Austin, N. Austin, B. Andres, J. B. Andrus, W[illia]m Austin, H. B. Babcock, B.
Brown, Simeon Blakesley, (L.) Barber, Job Burleson, John Austin, Raymond Austin, O. Austin, H. N. Andrus, H. Armes, W[illia]m Austin, H. N. Babcock, E.
Brown, Wm Bullen, A. Beard, Elijah Burleson, Stephen Ayres, William Austin, R. Austin, H. P. Andrus, W. H. Armstrong, Geo[rge] Austin, N. C. Barton, A. W.
Butler, Samuel S. Burlison, D. Benjamin, Dan H. Burlison, Daniel Bar(era), Gregwire Ayer, W. J. Austin, N. C. Armstrong, G. L. Armstrong, Samuel Austin, O. Bowman, H.
Cactus, Corbal Burlison, John Blakeley, David B. Butler, L. L. Babcock, Elias Babcock, E. Austin, O. Armstrong, S. Austin, Benj[amin] Ayer, W. J. Bowman, H. H.
Campbell, Joshua Burlison, S. Bowen, Cramwell Campbell, James B. Babcock, Lyman Bailey, P. Austin, O. E. Austin, B. Austin, H. N. Babcock, B. Bradley, H.
Car, Daniel Callen, M. J. Bradley, Brainard Campbell, Jno. L. Baker, Jos Barton, A. W. Ayer, W. J. Austin, H. N. Austin, H. P. Babcock, E. Brewer, S. G.
Car, Silas Campbell, G. L. Bradley, Cyrus Catlin, M. J. Baker, Leonard Beard, E. Babcock, E. Austin, H. P. Austin, O. E. Barton, A. W. Brooks, C.
Chafey, Reuben Campbell, J. B. Brazu, John Chaffee, Aaron Baptiste, Jos Bowman, H. Beard, E. Austin, N. C. Austin, Oliver Beard, E. Burlison, C.
Chaffee, Joshua Carr, Silas Brewer, David Chaffee, Jasper Barber, Ashael Jr. Bowman, H. H. Bigelow, H. Austin, O. Austin, Raymond Bigelow, P. Burlson, O.
Chaffee, Warren Chadwick, Philander Brewer, Sheldon L. Chaffee, Reuben Barber, Job Bradley, H. Bradley, H. Austin, O. E. Austin, W. C. Blake, B. Butler, S. S.
Chaffey, Comfort Chaffee, Aaron Brice, Alexandria Chaplin, Jason Barber, Loomis Bradley, H. Brewer, G. G. Austin, R. Ayers, N. J. Bowman, H. Chaffee, A.
Chaffey, John Chaffee, E. Bright, Leonard Clark, Guy Bard, Erastus Burlison, O. Brewer, R. Babcock, B. Brewer, S. S. Bowman, H. Chaffee, A. B.
Chaffey, Nathaniel Chaffee, Jasper Brooks, Antoine Clark, Harvey Bashaw, Baptiste Butler, S. D. Brewer, S. L. Babcock, E. Brewer, G. G. Bowman, H. H. Chaffee, A. S.
Chaplin, Aaron Chaffee, John Burlison, Daniel Clark, Luman Bashaw, Francis Butler, S. S. Burlson, O. Barber, G. Babcock, Br(uind) Bradley, H. Chaffee, H. S.
Chaplin, Elijah Chaffee, L. Burlison, Stephen Cobin, David Beach, Nathan Ca(flin), M. J. Butler, S. D. Barton, A. W. Babcock, Elias Brewer, S. S. Chaffee, J.
Clap, Otis Chaffee, W. Butler, Samuel Comings, Samuel Berry, Francis Carpenter, O. Butler, S. S. Beard, E. Baird, E. Burlison, C. Chaffee, Jas.
Clarke, Harvey Chaplin, Aaron Calhoon, Isaac Cook, Benjamin, Jr. Bigelow, Horace Chaffee, (G.) Chaffee, (?) Bigelow, H. Barber, G. Butler, S. L. Chaffee, S. L.
Colburn, Daniel Clap, Otis Campbell, James B. Cramton, Augustus Birge, (E.) C. Chaffee, A. Chaffee, A. Bigelow, I. W. Barton, A. W. Caltin, M. J. Chaffee, W.
Cooke, Allen Clark, Harvey Campbell, Joshua Cramton, Gurden Bradley, Brainerd Chaffee, A. S. Chaffee, A. S. Bigelow, W. H. Bigalow, J. W. Chaffee, A. B. Chaplin, A.
Crampton, Agustus Coburn, David Carpenter, Enos Crandall, Joseph Bradley, Cyrus Chaffee, H. Chaffee, H. Boswer, G. G. Bigelow, Horace Chaffee, A. S. Chaplin, G.
Crampton, Backus Cramton, Augt. Carpenter, Stephen Danforth, Jno. Brewer, Danforth Chaffee, I. S. Chaffee, J. Bowe(n), J. P. Bigelow, W. H. Chaffee, E. Clark, G.
Crampton, Judson Cramton, B. Chaffee, Aaron Dean, Levi R. Brewer, David Chaffee, J. Chaffee, Jos(h) Bowen, H. Bowen, H. Chaffee, H. Coburn, A. H.
Crane, Wm Cramton, Gordon Chaffee, Elijah Deming, Alonzo D. Brewer, Jno G. Chaffee, J. Jr. Chaffee, R. Bower, S. S. Bowen, R. Chaffee, J. Comings, A.
Cummings, Samuel Danforth, Jona. Chaffee, Jasper Dingman, John Brewer, Sheldon S. Chaffee, Jas. Chaffee, S. Bowers, A. Bradford, H. Chaffee, J. Jr. Comings, A. C.
Cuttin, (Wm?) Daw___, W[illia]m Chaffee, John Dingman, Uriah T. Brill, Alexander Chaffee, R. Chaffee, W. Bradley, H. Bradley, Homer Chaffee, Jas Cramton, B.
D(orser?), Arthur Dingman, D. Chaffee, Reubin Draper, Lyman Bromley, Chancy Chaffee, Wash. Chaplin, A. Burleson, O. Brewer, J. G. Chaffee, R. Cramton, W.
Danforth, Wm Ellsworth, W[illia]m C. Chaffee, Warren Drew, Benjamin Brown, Cromwell Chaffee, Wm. Chaplin, G. Burlison, D. Brooks, C. Chaplin, A. Cramton, C.
Davis, John Ewens, Josiah Chaplin, Hosea Eastman, Saml. Burlison, C. (G.) (T.) Chaplin, (G.) Chaplin, H. Butler, S. D. Burlison, Orshan Chaplin, H. Danforth, J.
Davis, Timothy Ewens, William Chapman, Aaron Ewins, Horace Burlison, Dan[ie]l Child, J. A. Chaplin, R. Butler, S. S. Butler, S. D. Clapp, W. Darling, H.
Ellsworth, Wm C. French, A. Clapp, Otis Ewins, Lewis Burlison, Stephen Clapp, O. Clapp, W. Carr, D. Butler, S. S. Clark, G. Dingman, D.
Ewings, Josiah Fuller, Jacob Clark, Guy Ewins, William Bushee, Fred[eric]k Clark, (S.) Clark, G. Catlin, M. J. Carr, Dinsmore Clarke, H. Dingman, F. P.
Farewell, John Furnald, J. Clark, Harvey Flagg, J. Bushee, Jno Clark, H. Clark, H. Chaffee, (G.) L. Chaffee, A. B. Coburn, A. Dingman, H.
Farewell, Moses Glass, Jona Clark, Lucian Fletcher, Isaac Butler, Sam[ue]l S. Comings, S. Colcord, H. C. Chaffee, A. Chaffee, A. S. Crampton, B. Downey, W.
Fletcher, Joshua Graves, D. J. Clendenning, John Fletcher, Joseph Buzzel, Jno Comings, A. C. Collins, P. Chaffee, A. B. Chaffee, Albert Crampton, W. B. Eastman, S.
Gifford, Wm Green, Jonas Colburn, David Furnald, John Carpenter, Orson Comings, A. C. Collins, R. Chaffee, A. S. Chaffee, Elijah Cummings, A. Eastman, H.
Graves, David J. H(ar)dy, E. Cole, Peter Grant, William Chaffee, Aaron S. Comings, Wm Collins, T. Chaffee, E. Chaffee, H. S. Cummings, A. C. Ellsworth, W. C.
Gray, Isaiah Hall, F. M. Cook, Benjamin Graves, D. J. Chaffee, Elijah Cramton, B. Comings, A. Chaffee, H. Chaffee, Harmon Currier, H. Ellsworth, W. H.
Green, James Hall, Pearley Crampton, Augustus Hall, Alvin Chaffee, Jasper Cramton, C. A. Comings, A. C. Chaffee, H. S. Chaffee, J. Jr. Danforth, J. Fay, E.
Hall, Friend Hamilton, N. Crampton, Backhus Hall, F. M. Chaffee, Jno Cushman, L. L. Comins, W. A. Chaffee, Jas. Chaffee, Jasper Danforth, W. Ferand, A.
Hall, John Hoadley, Aaron Crampton, Gorden Hall, Horton Chaffee, Reuben Danforth, J. Cramton, B. Chaffee, John Chaffee, John Darling, H. Foster, J.
Hall, Perly Hinkley, W[illia]m Crandall, Joseph Hamilton, Nathan Chaffee, Reubin Jr. Danforth, Wm. Cramton, W. Chaffee, John Jr. Chaffee, John Jr. Darling, L. Foster, N.
Hamilton, Nathan Irekson, W[illia]m Crane, Anna M. Hart, Lyman M. Chaffee, Sam[ue]l Darling, H. Danforth, J. Chaffee, R. Chaffee, Rubin Davis, O. Furnald, E.
Hamilton, Wm. Jeffords, W[illia]m Cumins, Samuel Hawelly, James Chaffee, Warren Davis, O. Danforth, W. Chaffee, S. Chaffee, S. L. Davis, W. H. Furnold, J.
Haseltine, Simeon Jeffords, W[illia]m, Jr. Cumins, Sherman Hawley, James Chaffee, Washington Demars, P. Darling, H. Chaffee, War Chaffee, Stephen Dingman, A. Graham, R.
Higgins, Luk(us) Jewett, Jared D(aions), William Hill, Amasa B. Chamberlain, Hubbard Deming, A. Dingman, D. Chaffee, Wash Chaffee, Warrin Dingman, D. Green, C. K.
Higgins, Patrick Jewett, Jona. Danforth, Jonathan Hill, Daniel Chamberlin, Baptiste Dingman, D. Dingman, F. R. Chambers, J. Chaffee, Washington Dingman, J. A. Green, L. L. (or S. S.)
Howe, Alexander Jones, L. Darling, Levi Hill, E. W. Chaplin, Alvin Dingman, F. R. Dingman, J. Chaplin, A. Chambers, Jacob Downy, W. Green, N.
Hunt, John Kellogg, Enos Darling, Simeon Hill, W[illia]m Christmas, Lewis Dow, B. Dingman, J. Chaplin, G. Chaplin, A. Eastman, C. Green, T.
Jackson, Wm Larabee, G. W. Darrow, Arthur Huntington, John Clapp, Otis Draper, L. Eastman, C. Chaplin, H. Chaplin, Hosea Ellsworth, George Hall, A.
Jaquith, Josiah Larabee, W[illia]m Davis, John Jackson, William Clapp, W[illia]m Eastman, C. Eastman, S. Chaplin, R. A. Chaplin, R. A. Ellsworth, W. C. Hall, A.
Jewett, Geo Leavens, Pennuel Davis, Jonathan Jeffords, Stephen Clark, (Varnum) Eastman, J. Ewins, D. Clapp, W. Clapp, W[illia]m Elsworth, N. H. Hall, F. M.
Jewett, Jared Leavins, L. Deming, Alonzo Jewett, George Clark, Guy Eastman, S. Ewins, H. Clark, G. Clark, Guy Ewens, P. Hall, H. R.
Jewett, Jeremiah Leonard, Alfred Deming, Asahel Jewett, George Jr. Clark, Harvey Ellsworth, Wm Ewins, L. Colcord, H. C. Clark, H. Ewins, H. Hall, M. B.
Johnson, Abel Leonard, John Dingman, Frederick Jewett, Jared Cleaveland, Solomon P. Ellsworth, Wm H. Ewins, P. Comings, A. Col(tin), M. Fassett, O. F. Hall, M. D.
Jones, Liberty Lions, John Dingman, John Jewett, Survarnard Coburn, David Ewins, D. Ewins, W. Comings, A. C. Colcord, H. C. Fay, E. Hamilton, H.
Kendall, Seth Martin, John Dingman, Uriah Johnson, Cafsander Cota, Jeremy Ewins, H. Fay, E. Comings, H. Comings, (Woodard) Foster, H. Hamilton, N.
Kimball, James Noble, Robert Draper, Lyman Johnson, Philander Cota, Lewis Ewins, L. Ferrald, B. Comings, W. Comings, A. C. Foster, N. Hammond, J.
Knowland, John Nutting, Jefse Eastman, Samuel Lawster, Stephen Cote, Jno Ewins, Wm Ferrand, A. Cramton, B. Comings, Henry Furnald, E. Hammond, N.
Ladd, Avery Nutting, John Ellsworth, William C. Leach, Orrin Crampton, Bacchus Fay, E. Fisk, J. Cramton, W. Comings, W[illia]m Furnald, J. Haseltin, J. M.
Lamb, Silas Nutting, Nahum Emerson, Samuel Leavens, Linus Crampton, Chester A. Ford, (L.) Foster, E. S. Danforth, J. Crampton, B. Greene, N. Hawley, I.
Larabee, Wm Parson, John Evens, John Leavens, Penuel Cummings, Henry Foster, N. Foster, N. Danforth, W. Crampton, W[illia]m Hall, A. Hill, E. E.
Leavens, Reynold Paul, D. Ewins, Josiah Leavins, P. P. Cummings, Sam[ue]l Furnald, J. Furnald, E. Darling, H. Danforth, Jonathan Hall, F. M. Hogaboon, W. R.
Lewis, John Pete(rson), John S. Ewins, Lewis Lester, John Cummins, Andrew Gaines, J. Furnald, J. Davis, O. Danforth, W[illiam] Hall, M. B. Holmes, M.
Morey, Chester Phelps, E. Ewins, William Lewis, John Cushman, Levi Galusha, Wm Gaines, J. Dingman, A. Darling, H. Hall, M. D. Ingalls, D.
N(ogel), Truman Purington, Josiah Fernal[d], John Lewis, Milo Dagle, Antoine Green, S. S. Green, A. Dingman, D. Davis, O. Hart, S. M. Jenne, C. S.
Noble, Robert Rounds, R. Fletcher, Isaac Linden, David Danforth, Jon[atha]n Green, A. Green, C. K. Dingman, F. R. Davis, W[illia]m H. Harvey, C. N. Jewitt, B.
Nutting, Jesse Royce, S. Fletcher, Joseph Meeker, Cephas Darling, Hiram Green, C. K. Hall, W. Dingman, J. A. Dingman, Abner Hawley, I. Johnson, N.
Nutting, David R. Rublee, Alva Foster, Jacob Mott, Carlton Darling, Simon Gross, W. Hall, A. Dingman, U. T. Dingman, Darius Haynes, A. Johnson, W. B.
Nutting, John Rublee, F. Foster, Nathaniel Nutting, Geo. F. Darrow, Arthur Hall, F. M. Hall, F. M. Downey, W. Dingman, F. R. Hazelton, J. H. Kelly, H. N.
Parsons, John Rublee, Hiram Fuller, Jacob Nutting, John Davis, Willard Hall, H. Hall, H. Eastman, C. Dingman, J. A. Hazelton, J. M. Kendall, G. W.
Paul, Adolphus Rublee, J. B. Gallahel, Patrick Page, John Deane, Silas P. Hall, M. B. Hall, M. B. Eastman, S. Dingman, U. T. Hendrick, T. Kilburn, J.
Phelps, Elijah Rublee, M. Galusha, William Pearsons, W[illia]m DeMany, Jos Hamilton, H. Hall, M. D. Ellsworth, G. Downy, Wm Hill, E. E. Lamb, J.
Pond, Ezekiel Samson, Dennis Ganes, Joel Perley, John Deming, Ashael Hamilton, N. Hamilton, H. Ewins, G. D. Eastman, C. E. Hill, W. Larabee, G. W.
R(--)osonlly, Stephen Samson, Jona Goff, David Pond, Ezekiel Dickinson, Nancy Hart, L. M. Hamilton, N. Ewins, L. Eastman, Sam Hogaboon, W. R. Larabee, H.
Ric(---)d, Samuel B. Searle, B. Graves, David F. Pond, Theophilus P. Dingman, Fred[eric]k R. Hawley, I. Hammond, J. Fassett, O. F. Ellsworth, Geo[rge] D. Holt, A. Lawrence, S.
Richards, John R. Searle, B. B. Green, Naham Rawsley, David Dingman, Uriah Hendrick, T. A. Hart, L. M. Fay, E. Ellsworth, W. C. Hull, A. Leavins, J. W.
Richardson, John Searle, Oran Green, Nelson Rice, Thomas Eastman, Sam[ue]l Hill, E. E. Harvey, C. N. Ferrand, A. Ewans, G. D. Ingalls, D. Leavins, L.
Roun[d]s, Reubin Searles, John Hall, Alvin Rofs, Richard Elsworth, W[illia]m C. Holmes, N. W. Haseltin, H. Foster, E. S. Ewen, Horace Jakeways, W. C. Leavins, P. P.
Royce, Stephen Shaw, Charles Hall, Friend M. Rublee, Alanzo Espene(p)er, Peleg Hull, A. Hawly, I. Foster, H. Ewins, Lewis Janes, A. J. Lewis, J.
Royer, Elihu Shaw, C. Hall, Orton Rublee, Alavh Ewings, Horace Hurlbut, C. M. Hazeltin, J. M. Foster, J. Farrin, Andrew Janes, N. S. Lewis, S. H.
Rublee, Andrew Shaw, B. Hamilton, Nathan Rublee, Andrew Ewings, Josiah Jaqauyes, D. P. Hendrick, T. A. Furnald, E. Fassett, O. F. Jenne, C. S. Livingston, S. W.
Rublee, Francis Shaw, E. Hastins, Polly Rublee, Hiram Ewings, Lewis Jeffords, S. Hill, W. Furnald, John Fay, Edwin Jewitt, B. Lusk, H. A.
Rublee, Hiram Shepherd, Elisha Hawley, James Junr. Samson, Alanson Ewings, Sally Jenne, C. Hogaboon, W. R. Gains, J. Foster, E. S. Kendall, G. W. Marvin, G. B. S.
Rublee, John B. Shepherd, M. Hendrick, Thomas Samson, Denis Ewings, W[illia]m Jewett, J. C. Holmes, M. Galer, J. Foster, H. Kilborn, P. McCarty, S.
Sampson, Abigail Sinclear, Tho. Hill, Amasa B. Samson, E. D. Farrand, Andrew Jewett, Wm Holt, A. Galusha, W. Foster, Jacob Kindall, W. Miller, H. R.
Sampson, Dennis Smith, Almon Hill, Daniel Samson, Jno. Farrar, Stephen Johnson, L. Hull, E. E. Green, F. B. Furnald, Ezra Ladd, P. Mitchell, E. B.
Sampson, Jonathan Stone, James Hill, Francis Shane, Charles Fassett, Elisha Johnson, N. Hurlburt, C. M. Green, A. Galusha, W[illia]m Lamb, J. Mitchell, S. M.
Sampson, Rodney Stone, M. Hill, Moses Shannon, Benjamin F. Fay, Jno Jones, N. S. Ingalls, D. Green, C. K. Graham, Ro(ss) Larabee, G. W. Moore, A. A.
Searl, Benj Stetson, Anson Hoadley, Aaron Shepard, E. Fenell, Matthew Kendall, S. W. Jackson, A. Hall, A. Green, Amos Lawrance, S. Mudget, S. M.
Searl, Benjamin B. Stetson, A. Hoy, Patrick Shepard, Moses Fernald, Jno Kendall, Wm Jaques, W. C. Hall, A. Green, C. K. Leavens, L. Mudget, S. M.
Searl, Orrin Stewart, F. Hunter, John Smith, Almond Ferre(ff), Peter (Fenuff?) Kendrick, M. Jenne, C. S. Hall, F. M. Green, F. B. Leavins, J. W. Noble, W.
Shaw, Barton Stiles, S. Hunter, William Smith, Chauncy Fletcher, Isaac Kiser, H. Jenne, F. Hall, H. R. Hall, F. M. Leavins, P. P. Nutting, J.
Shaw, Elijah Stone, A. Huntington, John Junr. Smith, Doct J. Follett, Henry L? Louis???? Jerome, E. B. Hall, M. B. Hall, I. A. Lewis, J. Nutting, N.
Shepard, Elisha Stone, Silas Hurlburt, Horace Smith, Ira Foster, Nath[anie]l Ladd, P. Jones, N. S. Hall, M. D. Hall, M. B. Livingston, S. Paul, D. Jr.
Sikes, Asa Stutson, H. Jackson, William Smith, Joseph French, Freedom Lamson, E. D. Kelly, S. N. Hamilton, H. Hall, M. D. Lusk, H. Pearsons, (E.)
Simons, Seth Sweatland, P. Jaquith, Josiah Stanhope, Samuel Gaines, Joel Learned, J. Kendall, G. M. Hammond, J. Hamilton, H. McKinstry, W. Persons, J.
Smith, Ira Sykes, Asa Jaquith, Josiah Junr. Stanley, Oliver Galusha, W[illiam] Learned, J. A. Kendall, W. Hammond, N. Hammond, John Mitchel, E. B. Pitcher, J.
Stickney, John Thayer, Jona Jeffords, Stephen Stone, James Ga(udro), Julius Leavens, P. P. Kenison, S. Hart, L. M. Harmond, Nath Moore, A. A. Pollard, J.
Stone, Benj Thayer, Jona Jeffords, William Stone, James C. Goff, David Leavins, J. W. Ladd, H. Harvey, C. N. Harvey, C. N. Noble, S. A. Pond, J. F.
Stone, James Thayer, O. Jewett, George Stone, Lee Goosey, Leo Leetch, N. [Leach prob] Ladd, J. A. Haseltine, J. H. Hasilton, J. H. Noble, W. Pond, T. P.
Stone, John Thomson, F. Jewett, Jared Sykes, Asa Green, Amos Lewis, J. Ladd, P. Haseltine, J. M. Hawley, Ira Nutting, J. B. Purrington, G. W.
Stone, Silas Trowbridge, D. Jewett, Jeremiah Temple, Erastus Green, Nahum Lewis, S. H. Lamb, J. Hawley, I. Haynes, A. Ovitt, (S. or L.) H. Randall, T.
Stratton, Amos Varney, Eli Jewett, Savannah Thayer, Anson Green, Peter Livingston, J. Larabee, G. W. Haynes, A. Hendrick, Thomas Ovitt, W. C. Rogers, W. C.
Taplin, John Wheeler, A. Johnson, Braman Thayer, Jno. Green, Stephen H. Livingston, S. W. Larabee, H. Hendrick, T. A. Hewitt, L. M. Paul, D. Rublee, W. S.
Temple, Erastus Wheeler, Josiah Jones, Liberty Thayer, Timo. Greene, Nelson Lusk, A. Lawrence, T. Hill, E. E. Hill, E. E. Paul, D. Jr. Samson, W.
Thayer, Timothy Wheeler, L. H. Kent, Charles Thomas, Stephen W. Hall, Alvin Moore, A. Leach, N. Hill, W. Hill, W[illia]m Pearsons, J. Seam(ied), J.
Thomas, Franklin Whitman, E. Kent, James Thompson, Enos Hall, Friend M. Noble, S. W. Leavens, J. W. Hoadley, A. Hoadley, Aaron Peck, G. Shepard, M.
Thompson, Joel Willoughby, A. Ladd, James Thompson, Franklin Hall, Horton Noble, S. A. Leavens, P. P. Hogaboon, W. R. Holmes, Moses Perly, E. Shuman, B. F.
Trowbridge, Daniel Wood, Benj. Lamb, Francis Thurber, Rufsel Hall, Jno. Nutting, A. B. Leonard, J. Holmes, M. Holmes, N. H. Perly, J. Sinclair, G.
Trowbridge, Stephen Woodworth, F. A. Larabee, George W. Tolk, Jno. Hall, Perley Oliver, M. Lewis, R. H. Holmes, N. W. Hall, Alvin Perly, J. S. Sinclear, T.
Trowbridge, Wm   Leach, Nathan L. Towle, Theophilus Hamilton, Hannibal Olmsted, E. H. Lewis, S. H. Holt, A. Holt, Amos Persons, A. Smith, B. B.
Wadsworth, Frederic Leicester, John Towli, Reubin Hamilton, Nathan Paul, D. Livingston, S. W. Hull, J. A. Hull, Anson Philips, P. Smith, J.
Wadsworth, Wm. S. Leonard, Alfred Waterhouse, Ira Hart, Lyman M. Paul, D. Jr. Magoon, John Hurlburt, S. (or L.) Hurlburt, (Sam) Pitcher, L. Stanhope, S.
Wells, Mehitabel Leonard, John Waterman, David Harvey, Barney Pearlis, O. (G.) Magoon, W. Ingalls, D. Jackson, Arnold Pond, A. Stevens, E. S.
Wheeler, Joseph Levings, Linus Webster, Jno. L. Haseltine, Jno Pearons, A. Miller, H. R. Jackson, A. Jaquay, W[illia]m C. Pond, J. F. Stone, B.
White, Antone Levings, Newel Wheeler, Artemas Heath, Jas Pearsons, C. Moore, A. A. Jayays, W. G. Jenna, N. Powers, S. C. Stone, J. R.
White, David Levins, John Wheeler, Josiah Hendrick, Tho[ma]s A. Pearsons, J. Morrison, H. Jenne, C. S. Jenne, B. F. Pratt, L. Stone, M. C.
Will, Moses Marvin, Frances Wheeler, L. H. Hicks, Sam[ue]l Perley, (G.) Morse, A. Jenne, F. Jenne, Charles S. Rand, J. Stone, S. A.
Willouby, Amherst McVernon, James Whitman, Edward Hill, W[illia]m Perley, E. Mudget, L. Jewett, B. Jewett, Bran Randall, T. Stone, L
Winch, Nathan Mitchell, John Willoughby, A. Hoadley, Aaron Perley, J. Mudgett, F. Jr. Johnson, H. Johnson, Homar Reynolds, S. Stutson, A.
Woodworth, John M. Moore, John Wing, John Hoffman, Jno Perley, J. H. Mudgett, F. M. Johnson, L. Johnson, Leander Ross, R. Stutson, C.
  Murphey, Thomas Wood, Benjamin C. Hurlburt, Horace Perry, J. Mudgett, O. K. Johnson, N. Johnson, Nath Royer, H. E. Stutson, H.
Noble, Robert Wood, E. Isbell, Bishop Pitcher, J. Noble, S. A. Johnson, W. Jones, N. S. Royer, L. Sykes, A.
Nutting, Fanny F. Woodruff, John Jones, Liberty Pond, T. P. Nobles, W. P. Kelly, S. N. Kelly, M. Rubee, Mi Sykes, H.
Nutting, George Woodworth, J. M. Jefford, Stephen Powers, S. Nutting, J. Kendall, W[illia]m Kendall, W[illia]m Rubin, M. Taylor, A.
Nutting, Jefsee   Jenny, Gilbert (E.) Pratt, A. Nutting, N. Keneson, H. D. Kennison, Calvin Rublee, W. L. Taylor, D.
Nutting, John Jenny, Nath[anie]l Pratt, L. Paul, D. Kenison, S. Kennison, H. D. Sagar, F. Thayer, A.
P[u]rrington, Stephen Jewett, Brasman Purington, G. W. Paul, D., Jr. Kennison, S. Kennison, Sam[ue]l Sagar, T. J. Thompson, C. N.
Page, John Jewett, George Rand, J. Peck, G. Kilburn, I. S. Kennison, Stephen Sampson, W. Thompson, F.
Paul, Adolphus Jewett, Sar(verned) Randall, T. Perley, E. Killey, B. M. Kilbourn, J. L. Sawyer, T. Thompson, J.
Pednaugh, Lewis Jewett, Nelson Ross, R. Perley, J. Ladd, P. Ladd, P. Scalls, R. B. Wallace, C. (or G.)
Pendleton, Mason Jewett, Sam[ue]l Ross, R. Philips, P. Lamb, J. Lamb, J. Schoolcraft, C. Welch, A. B.
Perley, John Jewitt, Jerod O. Royce, H. (G.) Pitcher, J. Larabee, G. W. Larabee, Geo[rge] W. Searl, E. S. Weld, C.
Perry, Allen Johnson, Leander Royee, H. E. Pollard, J. Larabee, H. A. Larabee, H. A. Searls, C. W. Wells, P.
Persons, John Jones, W[illia]m B. Rublee, M. Pond, J. F. Lawrence, S. Larned, John Shanon, M. Wheeler, H.
Phelps, Elijah Kelly, Shadrach Rublee, W. Pond, T. P. Leach, S. N. Larue, J. A. Shanon, P. Wheeler, H. E.
Pond, Ezekiel L(oveon), Jos Sagar, T. Purrington, G. W. Learned, J. A. Leach, L. N. Sheppard, M. Wheeler, L. H.
Richardson, Augustus Labor, Jos Sager, F. Rand, J. Leavens, J. W. Leavens, J. W. Sikso, A. White, J.
Roguewell, James [Rockwell prob] LaBouta, Eusta Sawyer, T. Randell, T. Leavens, P. P. Leavens, L. Smith, A. Willard, E.
Row(ns), Reuben [Rounds prob] Lamb, Francis Sayles, E. H. Rogers, W. C. Leonard, J. Leavens, P. P. Smith, B. B. Willard, J.
Royce, Stephen Lamb, Judson Searles, B. Royer, H. E. Lewis, S. H. Lewis, S. H. Smith, J. P. Williams, H. A.
Rublee, Alvah LaPlant, Felix Searles, E. (G.) Rublee, Milton Livingston, S. W. Livingston, S. W. Smith, O. J. Willoughby, A.
Rublee, Andrew Larabee, Cha[rle]s Sh(ane), B. Runnells, S. Lusk, H. A. Marvin, S. B. Stanhope, S. Woodard, J.
Rublee, Francis Larabee, Geo[rge] W. Shepard, M. Sager, F. Marvin, G. B. S. McCarty, Stephen Stevens, E. S. Woodworth, A. H.
Rublee, Hiram Larned, Jno Shufeldt, R. Sager, T. McKinstay, W[illia]m McKinstry, W[illia]m Stone, L. Woodworth, B.
Rublee, John W. Laughlin, Peter Shufeldt, S. Samson, E. D. Miller, H. P. Mil(es), Chester Stone, J. R. Woodworth, H. R.
Rublee, Milton Lavelett, Cha[rle]s Sinclear, G. Samson, W. Millington, J. H. Miller, H. R. Stone, M. C. Woodworth, J. H.
Samson, Alonzo Lavelett, Jno Smith, H. M. Sawyer, T. Mitchell, S. M. Millington, J. H. Stone, T. S.  
Samson, Dennis Leach, Nath[anie]l Smith, I. Sayles, E. H. Moore, A. A. Mitchell, S. M. Stone, O. H.
Samson, Erasmus D. Leadbetter, Andrew Smith, J. Sayles, P. M. Morrison, H. Moore, A. A. Stone, S.
Samson, Jonathan Leavens, Linus Stanhope, S. Searle, B. Mudget, L. Morrison, H. Studson, H.
Searle, Benjamin Leavens, P. P. Stanley, O. A. Searle, G. W. Mudget, L. Mudget, Levi Swan, P. (F.)
Searle, Benjamin B. Leavens, Penuel Stanley, S. Seven, P. (V.) Noble, W. Noble, Silas A. Taylor, A.
Searle, John L. Leicester, Jno Stevens, D. Shepard, J. Nobles, S. A. Noble, W[illia]m Taylor, D.
Searle, Orin Leonard, Romeo Stone, A. W. Shepard, M. Nutting, J. Nutting, Jesse Thayer, A. C.
Seg(ar), David M. Leros, Lewis Stone, J. R. Shufelt, R. Oliver, B. Nutting, N. Thayer, C. G.
Shannon, Moses Lewis, Jno Stone, S. Sinclear, G. Ovitt, W. C. Oliver, Benj[amin] Thayer, J. M.
Shaw, Barton Lewis, Milo Stowe, L. Skinner, B. F. Paul, D. Ovitt, W[illia]m C. Thayer, O.
Shaw, Charles Lewis, Silas H. Stutson, C. Smith, B. B. Paul, D. Jr. Paull, D., Jr. Thompson, C. N.
Shepard, Elisha Livingston, Jas Sykes, A. Smith, H. M. Pearsons, C. Pearley, E. Thompson, J. F.
Sinclair, David Livingston, Sam[ue]l W. Sykes, H. Smith, I. Peck, G. Pearley, John Towle, J. C.
Smith, Almond Lorimer, Louis D. Temple, O. Smith, J. P. Perley, E. Pearson, Charles H. Ward, A.
Smith, Ira Mafse, Jno Thayer, C. S. Stone, M. C. Perley, J. Peck, Gordin Ward, O.
Spicer, Sally Mafse, Jno Thayer, O. Stone, S. Perley, J. L. Pollard, J. Welch, A. B.
Stikes, Asa [Sykes] Maloria, Dennis Towele, J. C. Stow, O. H. Pitcher, J. Pond, A. Weld, E.
Stone, Benjamin Manause, Jno Towle, T. Stutsen, H. Pollard, J. Pond, T. P. Weld, C.
Stone, James Marchant, Dor(soy) Town, E. Stutson, C. Pond, A. Powell, D. Weld, N.
Stone, James C. Mears, Amherst Var(na), E. Sykes, A. Pond, J. F. Powell, G. N. Wheeler, E.
Stone, Mitchell Merchant, Alex[ande]r C. Weld, E. Sykes, H. Pond, T. P. Powell, I. F. Wheeler, L. H.
Stow, Silas Morey, Alex[ande]r S. Weld, N. Temple, O. Powell, G. N. Pratt, Lorenzo White, L.
Stutson, Anson Morrow, W[illia]m Wheeler, E. Thayer, A. Powell, J. F. Puffer, Benjamin Whitehead, M.
Stutson, Anson Junr. Mott, Carlton White, A. Thayer, J. Pratt, L. Purrington, G. Willey, W. F.
Swetland, Chauncy Myratt, Lewis White, J. L. Thayer, O. Puffer, B. Rand, Jasper Willis, W.
Temple, Erastus Noble, Rob[er]t Willey, W. F. Thompson, C. Purinton, G. Randall, T. Willoby, A.
Thayer, Jonathan Nutting, Geo. Willoughby, A. Thompson, F. Rand, J. Ree(d), W[illia]m C. Wires, A.
Thayer, Timothy Nutting, Jackson Wing, J. Thompson, J. Rogers, S. Richer, J. Woodworth, A. H.
Thomas, Dana Nutting, Jesse Woodworth, A. H. Towle, J. C. Rogers, W. C. Rodgers, Samuel Woodworth, H. R.
Thompson, Franklin Nutting, Nahum Woodworth, H. R. Truax, B. Royce, H. E. Rodgers, W[illia]m C. Woodworth, J. B.
Thurber, Rufsell [Russell] O'Connell, Jno Woodworth, J. B. Tyler, M. Rublee, Milton Royce, H. E.  
Trobridge, Daniel Oliver, Benj[amin] Woodworth, J. H. Welch, A. B. Runnells, S. Rublee, Milton
Trobridge, Stephen Ovitt, Dennis   Weld, N. Sager, F. Rublee, Miron
Varney, Ebenezer Parault, Dennis Wheeler, E. Sager, T. Rublee, W. S.
Wallace, Joshua Paul, Adolphus Wheeler, E. Samson, W. Rublee, W. S.
Wallace, Leicester Paul, Adolphus Jr. Wheeler, L. H. Sanders, J. Runnalls, J. B.
Waterhouse, Ira Pearsons, Jno White, J. Sawyer, T. Runnels, Samuel
Wead, Ezra Peck, Roswell Willard, H. Searle, B. Rusay, J. L.
Weld, Newton (Wells?) Peck, W[illia]m Willard, J. Searles, C. W. Sager, Fred
Wheeler, Artemus Per(once), E. B. Willey, B. M. Sevan??, P. A. Swan? Sager, Thomas
Wheeler, Lucius Perley, Edw[ar]d Willey, B. N. Shanon, B. F. Sampson, W[illia]m
White, Anthony Perley, Jno Willey, W. F. Shepard, M. Sanders, John
White, Perces Perry, Cyrus Willis, W. R. Shufelt, P. Sawyer, T.
Whitmore, Edward Pollard, Jno Willoughby, A. Shufelt, R. Sc(ulinng)
Willard, James Pond, Ezekiel Woodworth, A. H. Simpson, I. R. Searle, Benjamin
Willey, Benjamin (W. or M.) Pond, Thes[ ]e P. Woodworth, H. R. Sinclear, G. Searle, C. W.
Willoughby, Amherst Purinton, Josiah Woodworth, J. B. Smith, B. B. Searles, E. S.
Wing, John Rand, Jasper Woodworth, J. H. Smith, J. Shepherd, M.
Woodruff, John Raymond, Jos (G.) (T.)   Smith, J. P. Shufelt, R.
Woodruff, John M. Reynolds, Enoch Smith, O. J. Shufelt, Rob[er]t
  Reynolds, Sam[ue]l Stanhope, L. Sikes, Herman
Rice, Benedict Stevens, E. S. Simpson, J. B.
Ripley, Benj[amin] Stone, B. Sinclair, G. H.
Rogers, Sam[ue]l Stone, J. R. Smith, B. B.
Rogers, W[illia]m C. Stone, M. C. Smith, J.
Royce, Stephen Stone, T. S. Smith, J. P.
Rublee, Alonzo Stone, O. H. Smith, Joseph
Rublee, Fanny Stutson, C. Smith, O. J.
Rublee, Harmon Stutson, H. Stanhope, Samuel
Rublee, Milton Sykes, A. Stevens, E. S.
Rublee, Myron Sykes, H. Stone, L. A.
Runnels, Sam[ue]l Taylor, A. Stone, B___
Russell, Jno Taylor, D. Stone, J. R.
Safford, Silas Temple, O. Stone, J. R.
Sager, Frederick Thaler, J. Stone, M. C.
Sampson, Alanson Thayer, A. C. Stone, T. S.
Sampson, E. D. Thayer, C. G. Stutson, Charles
Sawyer, Gabriel Thayer, J. M. Stutson, Hiram
Sawyer, Tim[oth]y Thayer, O. S(wan), P. (V.)
Searle, Benj[amin] Thompson, C. N. Sykes, A.
Searle, Benj[amin] B. Thompson, F. Taylor, A. L.
Searle, Loretta Thompson, J. F. Taylor, David
Searles, Jno L. Towle, J. C. Temple, Orimel
Shannon, Benj[amin] F. Towle, T. Thayer, A. C.
Shaw, Barton Town, M. B. Thayer, C. G.
Shaw, Elisha Tyler, M. Thayer, J. M.
Sheppard, Elisha Wallace, J. Thayer, Orsin
Shetler, Francis Welch, A. B. Thompson, Frank
Shoefelt, Jno Weld, C. Thompson, P. F.
Shoefelt, Philip Weld, N. (M?) Towle, Theo
Shover, Lewis Wellington, G. B. Towles, J. C.
Shover, Newell Wellington, L. H. Town, A. B.
Sinclair, George Wheeler, C. Tyler, Major
Smith, Experience Wheeler, E. Welch, A. B.
Smith, Geo[rge] B. Wheeler, H. E. Weld, C.
Smith, Ira Whitehead, T. Weld, Morton
St John, Gabriel Willard, G. Wellington, G. B.
Stanhope, Sam[ue]l Willard, H. Wellington, N. H.
Stevens, Nathan Willard, J. Wheeler, J.
Stevens, Studman Willey, B. Wheeler, C. (M or H.)
Stone, Albert Willey, W. Wheeler, H. E.
Stone, Jas Willis, W. R. Wheeler, L. H.
Stone, Jas. C. Willoughby, A. Whitehead, Truman
Stone, Lee Woodworth, A. H. Willard, Geo[rge]
Stone, Mitchell Woodworth, H. R. Willard, James
Stowe, Silas Woodworth, J. B. Willey, B(arna) (prob Benj.)
Stowe, Silas A. Woodworth, J. H. Willey, B. M.
Studson, Anson   Willey, Harry
Studson, Anson Willey, W[illia]m
Studson, Hiram Willis, W. R.
Sweatland, Lucy Willoughby, Amherst
Sykes, Asa Woodworth, A. W.
Taylor, David Woodworth, H. R.
Thayer, Orson Woodworth, I. H.
Thomas, Cha[rle]s Woodworth, J. B.
Thomas, Corlis  
Thompson, Franklin
Thompson, Ralph
Trobridge, Daniel
Truax, Benj[amin]
Twion, Alexander
Vaughan, Carlton
Wallace, Joshua
Warren, W[illia]m
Wells, Newton
Wheeler, Lucius
White, Anthony
White, Jasper
White, Lyman
Whitmore, Edw[ar]d
Willard, Jas.
Willard, Solomon
Willey, Benj[amin]
Willoughby, Amherst
Wing, Jno
Woodworth, Harmon R.
Woodworth, Jas H.
Woodworth, Jno M.
Young, James

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