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This compliation of various records of veterans in Orleans County, Vermont was done by
Sandra H. McKenny who has generously donated this listing to
the Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page. The data was obtained from the
Vermont Dept of Veterans, http://www.va.state.vt.us/,
that contains names of the veterans who served during a wartime period
(WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War) from each Vermont township they resided in.
Note that the Korean List was provided by the towns and some towns did not
comply and therefore are missing. The Vietnam list is mostly soldiers that were enlisted
at that time period, not necessarily ones who served in Vietnam itself.
I have indicated the veterans that actually served in Vietnam when the
town noted that fact in their list.
Please Note, the Bartonís Korean¬ís vets list is missing.

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WW I Veterans      WW II Veterans      Korean Veterans      Vietnam Veterans

Surname Givenname   Township War
Adam Beverly E.   Derby Line Korean
Adam Chester T.   Derby Line Korean
Alberghini Barbara A.   Newport Korean
Alberghini Richard A.   Newport Korean
Alexander Frederic A.   Irasburg Korean
Allard Armand E.   Newport Korean
Allard Reginald R.   Newport Korean
Allen Hahlon G.   Craftsbury Korean
Allen Kenneth W.   Troy Korean
Allen Moses W.   Charleston Korean
Allen Edward J.   Newport Korean
Anderson Billy W.   Glover Korean
Anderson Dean F.   Glover Korean
Anderson Kenneth F.   Glover Korean
Arkin Jason L.   Newport Korean
Armstrong Gilbert L.   Newport Korean
Armstrong Leonard R.   Newport Korean
Armstrong Roger G.   Newport Korean
Auger Jean C.   Glover Korean
Auger Maurice J.   Glover Korean
Auger Roland A.   Glover Korean
Aulis Philbert E.   Newport Korean
Austin Roger H.   Troy Korean
Badger Wayne I   Irasburg Korean
Bailey Bruce G.   Newport Korean
Bailey Charles P.   Craftsbury Korean
Bailey Clair E. Died in Service Troy Korean
Bailey Dean E.   Glover Korean
Baker Donald L.   Newport Korean
Baker Lawrence E.   Newport Korean
Baker Leon H.   Newport Korean
Baker Robert G.   Newport Korean
Baker Stanley D.   Craftsbury Korean
Baraw Harold W. Jr.   Newport Korean
Baraw Richard M.   Newport Korean
Barnett Earl A.   Newport Korean
Barrowman William S.   Westmore Korean
Barrup Wayne D.   Charleston Korean
Barry Richard L.   Brownington Korean
Bean Carl M.   Derby Line Korean
Bean Frank M.   Derby Line Korean
Bean Lloyd R.   Westfield Korean
Bean Niles A. L.   Newport Korean
Bean Robert H.   Newport Korean
Beaulieu Alfred N.   Newport Korean
Bedard Leon A   Lowell Korean
Beerworth Robert W.   Troy Korean
Before Gordon D.   Newport Korean
Before Richard N.   Newport Korean
Before Vincent R.   Newport Korean
Benjamin Elizabeth N.   Derby Line Korean
Benjamin Harold N.   Derby Line Korean
Bennett Sherman S. Jr.   Irasburg Korean
Benson Patrick S.   Troy Korean
Benway Bob L.   Irasburg Korean
Bergeron Lawrence H.   Coventry Korean
Bernier Paul P. Jr.   Newport Korean
Bernier Priscilla M.   Newport Korean
Bernier Raymond N.   Newport Korean
Berthiaume Louis V   Westfield Korean
Bessette Rudolph A.   Newport Korean
Bickford Carlton D.   Glover Korean
Bickford Elwood D.   Coventry Korean
Bickford Merlin J.   Coventry Korean
Bickford Willard L.   Glover Korean
Blair George R.   Newport Korean
Blair Rita G. (Kuperblatt)   Newport Korean
Blais Armand G. J.   Derby Line Korean
Blais Gilles M.   Holland Korean
Blais Romeo L.   Derby Line Korean
Blais Russell C.   Derby Line Korean
Blake Herbert L.   Newport Korean
Blake William D.   Newport Korean
Blanchard Albert H.   Newport Korean
Blanchard Ernest M. Jr.   Lowell Korean
Blay Alton R.   Newport Korean
Blay Dean A.   Newport Korean
Blay Paul A.   Newport Korean
Blay Percy E.   Newport Korean
Bly Richard M.   Charleston Korean
Bone Shirley I. S. see: Scott, Shirley I. Newport Korean
Booth Harold E.   Troy Korean
Booth Robert J.   Troy Korean
Borella John L.   Newport Korean
Borright Malcolm S.   Newport Korean
Bouthillier Thomas C.   Newport Korean
Bowen Howard E.   Newport Korean
Bowen Roderick D.   Newport Korean
Brainard Carlton L. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
Brennan Edmund M.   Troy Korean
Brennan Tom L. Jr.   Troy Korean
Brewer Allen J.   Derby Line Korean
Brewer Elwin S.   Derby Line Korean
Brewster Charles M. Jr.   Craftsbury Korean
Brien George A.   Newport Korean
Brien Norbert F.   Newport Korean
Briggs Frederick S.   Newport Korean
Brigham John W.   Newport Korean
Brooks Alton L.   Glover Korean
Brooks Howard E.   Charleston Korean
Brooks Ross W.   Glover Korean
Broome Raymond D.   Charleston Korean
Broome Theodore W.   Charleston Korean
Broome Thomas R. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
Brown Dale H.   Brownington Korean
Brown Howard C.   Greensboro Korean
Brown Kermit K. E.   Derby Line Korean
Brown Philip A.   Glover Korean
Bruno Leon H.   Troy Korean
Buck Charles E.   Newport Korean
Bullis Francis B.   Derby Line Korean
Bullis John D.   Holland Korean
Bullis Selden A.   Newport Town Korean
Bullis William T.   Holland Korean
Burke Bernard A.   Newport Korean
Burlton John H.   Newport Korean
Burns Dean A.   Newport Korean
Buteau Bernard L.   Newport Korean
Buteau David R.   Newport Korean
Cadieux Laurant P.   Troy Korean
Cahill Frank C.   Newport Korean
Camp Edwin G.   Newport Korean
Carbonneau Harry L.   Newport Korean
Carbonneau Robert E.   Newport Korean
Carbonneau Winston A.   Newport Korean
Cargill Clifton C. Jr.   Morgan Korean
Carpenter Carroll D.   Derby Line Korean
Carpenter William H.   Newport Korean
Carter Gary L.   Newport Korean
Carter Leonard K.   Newport Korean
Carter Merriman D.   Jay Korean
Carter Robert N.   Newport Korean
Chaffee Richard E.   Newport Korean
Chainey Paul E.   Charleston Korean
Champagne Dennis N.   Newport Korean
Champagne Lawrence P.   Newport Korean
Champagne Louis A.   Newport Korean
Chaplin Kenneth M.   Troy Korean
Charest Lionel A.   Troy Korean
Chase Mary E. (Fortune)   Craftsbury Korean
Cheney Roland R.   Lowell Korean
Cheney Wayne L.   Lowell Korean
Choiniere Alcide W.   Brownington Korean
Choiniere Leonel D.   Brownington Korean
Chugg John F.   Newport Korean
Clapp Federick H.   Craftsbury Korean
Coalts Ralph H.   Newport Korean
Coburn Duane D.   Troy Korean
Coburn Foster L.   Newport Korean
Coburn George G.   Newport Korean
Coburn John F.   Newport Korean
Codding Ernest M. Jr.   Troy Korean
Colburn Maynard H.   Newport Korean
Cole Calvin W.   Troy Korean
Collier John R.   Greensboro Korean
Collins Oliver D.   Glover Korean
Colt Dale R.   Coventry Korean
Columbia Ronald C.   Newport Town Korean
Corliss Darwood F.   Derby Line Korean
Corneau Nelson E.   Derby Line Korean
Cornell Cleveland E. Jr.   Newport Korean
Corrow Bernard C.   Newport Korean
Corrow Wayne D.   Newport Korean
Cote Maurice L.   Newport Korean
Cote Merle E.   Troy Korean
Cote Raymond F.   Newport Korean
Cote Richard C.   Derby Line Korean
Coutts Kenneth W.   Newport Korean
Coutu Joseph H.   Newport Korean
Couture Leon E.   Westfield Korean
Couture Robert H.   Westfield Korean
Cowles Ross C.   Albany Korean
Currier Joseph A. Jr.   Newport Korean
Curtis Arnold L.   Derby Line Korean
Curtis Dallas E.   Derby Line Korean
Curtis Donald W.   Derby Line Korean
Curtis John W.   Derby Line Korean
Curtis Lawrence R.   Derby Line Korean
Cushing Nelson N.   Troy Korean
Cutting Wayne W.   Lowell Korean
Daigle Conrad H.   Westfield Korean
Daigle Marie B. J.   Westfield Korean
Daigle Yves A.   Westfield Korean
Daley Rudolph J.   Newport Korean
Davignon Ernest J.   Brownington Korean
Davis Albert K.   Craftsbury Korean
Davis Alfred L.   Derby Line Korean
Davis Edward K.   Newport Town Korean
Davis Walter A.   Craftsbury Korean
Dawson Bruce A.   Troy Korean
Dean Donald J.   Coventry Korean
Dean Elwin W.   Irasburg Korean
Degreenia Forrest H.   Greensboro Korean
Demers John C.   Newport Korean
Demers Leo R.   Newport Korean
Demick James A.   Derby Line Korean
DeRoehn Donald E.   Derby Line Korean
Desautels Paul M.   Newport Korean
Desbiens Raymond L.   Newport Korean
Descheneaux Roger J.   Troy Korean
Desjardin Rudolph D.   Greensboro Korean
Deslandes Patrick L.   Newport Town Korean
Deslauriers Gilles G.   Greensboro Korean
Dezotell Darrell A. Jr.   Craftsbury Korean
Dix Raymond A.   Newport Korean
Domina Francis A.   Derby Line Korean
Dore Vincent L.   Newport Korean
Drew Robert R.   Newport Korean
Drown Rodney G.   Charleston Korean
Ducharme Paul A.   Holland Korean
Duckless Harold V   Newport Korean
Duckless Robert H.   Newport Town Korean
Dugan Theodore F. Died in Service Newport Korean
Dunbar George F.   Craftsbury Korean
Dunbar Herbert H. Jr.   Craftsbury Korean
Dunn Harris F.   Newport Korean
Dunn James M.   Troy Korean
Dunn Ronald W. Wounded Newport Korean
Dunn Thomas M.   Craftsbury Korean
Durocher Lawrence D.   Derby Line Korean
Dutton Merle C.   Morgan Korean
Dye Dennis A.   Irasburg Korean
Edmonston Robert F.   Troy Korean
Eldracher Warren G. (?)   Newport Korean
Elliott Olin F.   Troy Korean
Elliott Robert C.   Morgan Korean
Elliott Ruel A.   Glover Korean
Ellsworth Dale J.   Newport Korean
Ellsworth Richard H.   Newport Korean
Ellsworth Rorrest G.   Troy Korean
Emmons James E. Jr.   Newport Korean
Farnham Burce M.   Troy Korean
Farnham Maurice Wounded Troy Korean
Farrar Arthur H.   Newport Korean
Farrar Richard D.   Newport Korean
Farrar Richard L.   Newport Town Korean
Fauchs Henry V.   Troy Korean
Faust Silver   Irasburg Korean
Faust Stephen D.   Irasburg Korean
Favreau Claude A.   Derby Line Korean
Fedele Frank   Newport Korean
Ferrin Kermit E.   Glover Korean
Fifield Ivan S.   Newport Korean
Flanders Charles R.   Newport Korean
Fletcher Herschal J.   Newport Town Korean
Fletcher William A.   Newport Korean
Flynn Wayne T.   Morgan Korean
Fontaine Berte M.   Newport Korean
Fontaine Leo E.   Newport Korean
Fontaine Rene J.   Westfield Korean
Forbes Harold A.   Newport Korean
Forrest Richard E.   Newport Korean
Fortin Armand   Irasburg Korean
Fortin Gerald E.   Newport Korean
Fortin Reginald P.   Derby Line Korean
Fortune Carl R. Jr.   Craftsbury Korean
Foster Earl L.   Glover Korean
Fournier Adrien J.   Newport Korean
Fournier Lucien J.   Newport Korean
French Arthur P.   Westmore Korean
Fugere Aime E.   Newport Korean
Fuller Clifford C.   Troy Korean
Gagne Lucius W.   Newport Korean
Galipeau Reynold J.   Troy Korean
Gallup Donald F.   Brownington Korean
Gardner Ronald A.   Newport Korean
Gardner Ronald F.   Newport Korean
Garrett Edmund J.   Troy Korean
Gaudreau Robert C.   Derby Line Korean
Gauthier Henry A.   Craftsbury Korean
Gauthier Lucien J.   Craftsbury Korean
Gebbie Harry F. Wounded Craftsbury Korean
George Donald O.   Troy Korean
Gilbert Bruce E.   Newport Korean
Gilbert Leo E.   Craftsbury Korean
Giuranne Claire T.   Newport Korean
Glodgett Forest G.   Brownington Korean
Goddard Norman C.   Newport Korean
Godin Reginald E.   Troy Korean
Gonyaw Duane R.   Newport Korean
Gonyea Roger D.   Newport Korean
Goodall Rudolph B.   Derby Line Korean
Goodenough Glayde H.   Newport Korean
Goss Leland R.   Newport Korean
Gosselin Gerard A.   Lowell Korean
Gosselin Lawrence J.   Newport Korean
Gosselin Roger H.   Newport Korean
Gour George L. Wounded Newport Korean
Gour Richard E.   Newport Korean
Goyette George L.   Newport Korean
Goyette Paul E.   Newport Korean
Gratton George L   Newport Korean
Gratton John P.   Derby Line Korean
Graveline Norman E   Newport Korean
Graves James N.   Derby Line Korean
Graves Lee A.   Holland Korean
Gray Douglas L.   Holland Korean
Gray James W.   Newport Korean
Gray Richard F.   Craftsbury Korean
Gray Sherman R.   Newport Korean
Gray Wayne C.   Charleston Korean
Green Robert D.   Newport Korean
Greene Dale   Derby Line Korean
Grenier Alfred N.   Newport Korean
Griggs Dean A.   Troy Korean
Griggs Earl E.   Charleston Korean
Griggs Richard C.   Albany Korean
Grow Gordon H.   Derby Line Korean
Guilbert Richard E.   Newport Korean
Guyette Arthur J.   Newport Korean
Guyette Joseph C.   Newport Korean
Guyette Leo R.   Newport Korean
Haag Raymond A.   Glover Korean
Hagan James H.   Newport Korean
Hall John L.   Charleston Korean
Hamel Ernest P.   Newport Korean
Hamelin Marvin G. Died in Service Troy Korean
Hamilton Alan J.   Charleston Korean
Hammond William S.   Derby Line Korean
Hammond Winston H.   Newport Korean
Haney Charles H.   Newport Korean
Haney Cyril G.   Newport Korean
Hansen Roger M.   Troy Korean
Hardy John S.   Troy Korean
Hardy Maurice A. Sr.   Troy Korean
Hardy Maurice Albert   Troy Korean
Harrison Neil W.   Derby Line Korean
Hart Raymond M.   Troy Korean
Harvey Lee J.   Craftsbury Korean
Haskell Maurice O. F. J.   Derby Line Korean
Hassan Joyce E. see: Wakeman, Joyce E. Newport Korean
Hastings Lawrence R.   Derby Line Korean
Hayward Lester D.   Derby Line Korean
Heath Henry R.   Derby Line Korean
Heath Richard D.   Albany Korean
Heath Robert M.   Derby Line Korean
Heidger Terence L.   Craftsbury Korean
Hicks Elwin C.   Newport Korean
Hill Oliver F.   Newport Town Korean
Hilliker Richard M.   Newport Korean
Hisman Carroll V.   Troy Korean
Hitchcock Edward C.   Derby Line Korean
Hitchcock Richard W.   Derby Line Korean
Holden Donald D.   Newport Korean
Holden Robert H.   Newport Korean
Holland Frederick G.   Derby Line Korean
Holmes Chester D.   Charleston Korean
Holmes Lee H. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
Hopkins Richard L.   Charleston Korean
Horner Marcel J.   Albany Korean
Houston Kenneth W.   Craftsbury Korean
Hovey Roland E.   Derby Line Korean
Hoyt William M.   Greensboro Korean
Hull Clyde R.   Brownington Korean
Hull Irving W.   Irasburg Korean
Humphrey John T.   Newport Korean
Ingalls Maurice T.   Albany Korean
Ingalls Perley O. Jr.   Newport Korean
Jacobs Charles E.   Derby Line Korean
Jacobs Conrad J. J.   Derby Line Korean
Jacobs James M.   Derby Line Korean
Jaquish Charles T.   Craftsbury Korean
Jaquish Robert S.   Craftsbury Korean
Jenks Betty E.   Newport Korean
Jenne Edward C.   Derby Line Korean
Jewett Dale R.   Newport Korean
Jewett Elmond   Newport Korean
Johnson Arthur E.   Newport Korean
Johnson Richard C.   Charleston Korean
Johnson Roger E.   Newport Korean
Johnston Gordon T.   Derby Line Korean
Judd Arthur S. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
Judd Harold E. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
Kahlstrom Robert F.   Brownington Korean
Kearney Kevin   Newport Korean
Keement Vincent J.   Newport Korean
Keir Stephen D.   Craftsbury Korean
Kelley Bernard A.   Newport Korean
Kelley Donald R.   Newport Korean
Kelley Roland E.   Newport Korean
Kelly Vivian R.   Newport Korean
Kendall James A.   Newport Korean
Kennison Bernie L.   Irasburg Korean
Kennison Harold A.   Newport Korean
Kennison Raymond H.   Westfield Korean
Kennison Wayne A.   Coventry Korean
Kilby Olin B.   Lowell Korean
Kimball Earl L.   Glover Korean
King Hughbert L.   Holland Korean
Knowles Dale E.   Derby Line Korean
Knowles Leonard H.   Newport Korean
Kuperblatt Rita G.   Newport Korean
Labrecque Leo G.   Newport Korean
Lacoss Richard P.   Newport Town Korean
LaFleur Jean P. ?   Irasburg Korean
LaFleur Richard J.   Irasburg Korean
Lafoe Wessell J.   Newport Korean
Lafont Clyde W.   Glover Korean
Lague Bertrand C.   Newport Korean
Lahar Edmond E.   Newport Korean
Lahar Eugene L.   Newport Korean
Lahue Everett C.   Troy Korean
LaMadelaine Edward C.   Glover Korean
LaMarche Andrew J. G.   Derby Line Korean
LaMarche Rene E   Newport Korean
Lamothe Robert W.   Newport Korean
Lamoureaux Charles A.   Newport Korean
Lamphere Jay F.   Lowell Korean
Landry Theodore E.   Newport Korean
Lanpher Harold A. Jr.   Newport Korean
Lantagne George E.   Newport Korean
Lantagne Joseph C.   Newport Korean
Lantagne Lawrence G.   Newport Korean
Lantange Melvin W.   Newport Korean
Lapage Robert L.   Troy Korean
Lapierre Donald R.   Newport Korean
Laplante Hector C.   Newport Korean
Lasonde Raymond O.   Newport Korean
Lathe Emerson C.   Holland Korean
Lavariere Raymond A.   Derby Line Korean
Leavens William L.   Troy Korean
Leavitt David J.   Troy Korean
LeBlanc George J.   Newport Korean
LeBlanc Leonard R.   Troy Korean
LeBlanc Louis P.   Brownington Korean
Lee Herbert C.   Derby Line Korean
Lee Orland H.   Troy Korean
LeFleur Eugene R. M.   Irasburg Korean
Leonard Kenneth D.   Derby Line Korean
Leonard Raymond R.   Irasburg Korean
Lepage Donald C.   Troy Korean
Lewis Harold E.   Newport Korean
Lewis Richard J.   Newport Korean
Lewis Robert C.   Newport Korean
Lewis Terrence A.   Derby Line Korean
Lippens Harold P.   Newport Korean
Lloyd Richard T.   Newport Korean
Long Albert J.   Albany Korean
Lontine Antonio E.   Newport Korean
Lord Anthony L.   Newport Korean
Lord Edward J.   Newport Korean
Lorimer Rodney D.   Derby Line Korean
Lorimer Wendall A.   Derby Line Korean
Loukes Gerald D.   Newport Korean
Lowell John A. Jr.   Newport Korean
Lucas Thomas F.   Newport Korean
Lucier Norman E.   Troy Korean
Lynch Richard E.   Newport Korean
Lynch Donna F.   Newport Korean
MacFarlane Howard H.   Newport Korean
Macie Arland D.   Coventry Korean
Mackenzie Robert B.   Newport Korean
Mackle Gordon H.   Newport Korean
Magoon Kenneth F.   Newport Korean
Magoon Richard G.   Newport Korean
Mahoney Jerimah P.   Newport Korean
Mahoney John M.   Newport Korean
Mailhot Arthur C.   Newport Korean
Mailhot Roland M.   Newport Korean
Mailloux Louis L.   Newport Korean
Major Raymond J.   Charleston Korean
Maloney Donnal D.   Newport Korean
Manning Howard C.   Newport Korean
Marckres Wayne C.   Albany Korean
Marcotte Roderick L.   Newport Korean
Marsh Herbert M.   Brownington Korean
Mason Roger H.   Albany Korean
Maxwell Lawrence E.   Coventry Korean
McAllister William H.   Lowell Korean
McAllister Winfred F.   Lowell Korean
McCarthy Leo C.   Newport Korean
McCormick Henry C.   Newport Korean
McCoy Dean F.   Irasburg Korean
McKenny Stanley C.   Newport Korean
Menard Armand C.   Craftsbury Korean
Menard Arthur W.   Craftsbury Korean
Menard John L.   Craftsbury Korean
Menard Richard N.   Newport Korean
Merrill Darrell A.   Charleston Korean
Messier Dale T.   Coventry Korean
Messier Roger N.   Newport Town Korean
Metras Moise R.   Derby Line Korean
Meunier Maurice L.   Troy Korean
Millar James D.   Newport Korean
Miller Allan W.   Derby Line Korean
Miller Wayne M.   Derby Line Korean
Mills Robert L.   Newport Korean
Mills Kenneth S.   Newport Korean
Mitchell Robert L.   Newport Korean
Moeykens Julius V.   Newport Korean
Moeykens Merle M.   Newport Korean
Moeykens Norbert E.   Newport Korean
Moeykens Paul A.   Newport Korean
Moffatt Lawrence R.   Craftsbury Korean
Monfette Bernard L.   Newport Korean
Monfette Francis C. Died of Wounds Newport Korean
Monfette Raymond R.   Newport Korean
Monquer George N.   Newport Korean
Montminy Forrest J.   Glover Korean
Montminy Joseph A.   Glover Korean
Montminy Ralph C.   Glover Korean
Montminy Roy F.   Glover Korean
Mooney Arthur R.   Newport Korean
Mooney Gordon J.   Newport Korean
Moore Ronald W.   Newport Korean
Morin Ernest H.   Newport Korean
Morin Henry E. A.   Derby Line Korean
Morin Homer L.   Newport Korean
Morin John C.   Newport Korean
Morin Leo P A.   Derby Line Korean
Morin Maurice H.   Derby Line Korean
Morin Richard A.   Newport Korean
Morin Roland A.   Newport Korean
Morrissette Neil B.   Holland Korean
Morse Everett L.   Coventry Korean
Morse Frank H.   Jay Korean
Mosher Edyth J.   Newport Korean
Mossa Dennis T.   Newport Korean
Mossa William J.   Newport Korean
Moulton Neil A.   Charleston Korean
Muer Frederick M. Killed in Action Newport Korean
Myotte Arnold L.   Newport Korean
Natole John Jr. Died in Service Newport Korean
Nault Harold V.   Newport Korean
Needleman Joel M.   Newport Korean
Neil Omer L.   Newport Korean
Newton Clinton E.   Lowell Korean
Nichols Rodney W.   Charleston Korean
Niles Harry O. Jr.   Newport Korean
Norrie Edson   Greensboro Korean
Norton Robert M.   Newport Korean
Norton Roderick M.   Newport Korean
Ormsbee Francis L.   Newport Korean
Ormsbee Kenneth W.   Newport Korean
Orr Robert F.   Newport Korean
Page Bruce I   Newport Korean
Page Gene F.   Newport Korean
Page Roland N. Died in Service Charleston Korean
Palin Douglas G.   Derby Line Korean
Palmer Morris H.   Newport Korean
Paquin Albert H.   Newport Korean
Paquin Wilfred A.   Newport Korean
Pare Claude A.   Holland Korean
Pare Leo P.   Derby Line Korean
Parenteau Leo L.   Newport Korean
Parker Clarence R.   Newport Korean
Parker Dale D.   Newport Korean
Parmenter Theodore B. Jr.   Troy Korean
Peck Junnie H.   Newport Korean
Pelkey Leonard F. G.   Newport Korean
Percy Newell R.   Newport Korean
Percy Roger W.   Newport Korean
Perkins John L.   Troy Korean
Perkins Raymond C.   Westmore Korean
Perrault Francis A.   Newport Korean
Perron Jacques P.   Glover Korean
Perron Lionel A.   Glover Korean
Peterson Allen R.   Newport Korean
Phaneuf Harold H.   Newport Korean
Phaneuf William D.   Newport Korean
Pierce Ronald D. G.   Newport Korean
Pike James M.   Craftsbury Korean
Pion Louis R.   Troy Korean
Plante Carlton A.   Newport Korean
Plante Donald J.   Derby Line Korean
Plante Emile J.   Derby Line Korean
Plante Gille J.   Charleston Korean
Plante Joseph R.   Derby Line Korean
Plante Roger H.   Charleston Korean
Pluff Ovila E.   Derby Line Korean
Poirier Garard E.   Coventry Korean
Poirier Wilbur A.   Coventry Korean
Pollander Francis E.   Brownington Korean
Pollander Philip F.   Brownington Korean
Pooler Rodney A. Wounded Westfield Korean
Pope Robert W.   Lowell Korean
Poulin Raymond A   Derby Line Korean
Poutre Denis J. L.   Newport Korean
Poutre Fabien C.   Newport Korean
Poutre John P.   Troy Korean
Poutre Paul H.   Irasburg Korean
Powers Richard W.   Derby Line Korean
Prevost Paul F   Derby Line Korean
Priest Leon W.   Troy Korean
Prive Arthur E.   Newport Korean
Prive Richard G.   Newport Korean
Provoncha Stanley D.   Morgan Korean
Provost Leonard S.   Troy Korean
Prue Leonard D.   Newport Korean
Pullan Charles W.   Albany Korean
Raboin Maurice G.   Jay Korean
Rainville Ivin L.   Troy Korean
Reed Donald A.   Newport Korean
Reed Philip J.   Derby Line Korean
Reed Robert J.   Newport Korean
Rexford Norman F.   Irasburg Korean
Reynolds Theodore L. Wounded Newport Korean
Rhodes Edwin P.   Newport Korean
Rhodes Richard G.   Newport Korean
Richardson Philip S.   Newport Korean
Riegel Wallace M. Jr.   Newport Korean
Rivard Maurice R.   Newport Korean
Rivard Norman R.   Newport Korean
Rixford Robert H.   Derby Line Korean
Roberge Roger C.   Troy Korean
Robert Lawrence P.   Newport Korean
Robert Roland E.   Newport Korean
Roberts Dorio P.   Newport Korean
Roberts Roland W.   Newport Korean
Roberts Sherman I.   Newport Korean
Robillard Hiliare J.   Derby Line Korean
Robitaille Henry J.   Newport Korean
Rockwell Paul W.   Newport Korean
Roderer James J.   Derby Line Korean
Roderer John F.   Derby Line Korean
Rodin James E.   Derby Line Korean
Rogers Charles H.   Newport Korean
Rose Patricia A. S. See: Smith, Patricia A. Newport Korean
Rowell George H   Glover Korean
Rowell Kenneth F.   Derby Line Korean
Rowell Robert L.   Newport Korean
Rowland Duane V.   Derby Line Korean
Roy George B.   Newport Korean
Royer Merle C.   Glover Korean
Royer Rudolph E.   Glover Korean
Rublee Clair D. Jr.   Newport Korean
Rundgren Ernest J.   Coventry Korean
Sanborn Arthur J.   Holland Korean
Sanville Donald J.   Irasburg Korean
Sanville Kenneth E.   Troy Korean
Sargent Gerald W.   Newport Korean
Savage Bruce C.   Newport Korean
Schneider Raymond E.   Newport Korean
Schoff Alson C.   Newport Korean
Scott Clair T.   Irasburg Korean
Scott Shirley I.   Newport Korean
Scott Silas R. Jr.   Newport Korean
Selby Orry A.   Derby Line Korean
Seymour William A.   Newport Korean
Shannon Fred C.   Derby Line Korean
Shattuck Roy K.   Newport Korean
Sherlaw Floyd S.   Newport Korean
Shoff Eddie I.   Charleston Korean
Shover Richard G.   Irasburg Korean
Shufelt Arnold A.   Lowell Korean
Sicard Marcel V.   Derby Line Korean
Simino Dean W.   Irasburg Korean
Simino John A.   Irasburg Korean
Simino Roger D.   Glover Korean
Simino Rollin F.   Glover Korean
Simmoneau Arthur L.   Newport Korean
Simmons Clyde P. Jr.   Craftsbury Korean
Simpson Ernest R.   Newport Korean
Simpson Harry J.   Newport Korean
Sinclair John B.   Newport Korean
Sisco David W.   Newport Korean
Sisco Ralph H.   Newport Korean
Slater Bruce H.   Newport Korean
Slicer Ronald F.   Craftsbury Korean
Smalley Tracy R. Jr.   Newport Korean
Smith Bernard C.   Greensboro Korean
Smith Burton D.   Charleston Korean
Smith Donald J.   Newport Korean
Smith Earl R.   Glover Korean
Smith Harley J.   Newport Korean
Smith Lawrence C.   Newport Korean
Smith Patricia A.   Newport Korean
Smith Richard M.   Newport Korean
Smith Rodney C.   Derby Line Korean
Smith Vernon D. Died in Service Newport Korean
Smith Walter E.   Troy Korean
Smith Walter H.   Newport Korean
Smith Milton A.   Newport Korean
Spates Frank H.   Newport Korean
Spaulding Richard H.   Newport Korean
Spring Warner A.   Craftsbury Korean
Squires Basil J.   Glover Korean
St. Onge Archie P.   Troy Korean
St. Onge Neil C.   Newport Korean
Stevens Rodney G.   Newport Korean
Stevens Royce R.   Newport Korean
Stone Dan L.   Glover Korean
Stone Delbert R. Jr.   Greensboro Korean
Stone Dorman R.   Irasburg Korean
Storey George E.   Derby Line Korean
Sweatt Allen C.   Craftsbury Korean
Swett Dean E.   Newport Korean
Swett Melvin A. Killed in Action Newport Korean
Sykes Earl R.   Derby Line Korean
Sykes Russell M.   Holland Korean
Sylvester Pearley D.   Irasburg Korean
Talbot Claude G.   Glover Korean
Talbot Roger E.   Glover Korean
Taylor Bernard G.   Westfield Korean
Taylor Donald E.   Charleston Korean
Tetreault Charles A.   Newport Korean
Tetreault David A.   Newport Korean
Tetreault Joseph A.   Newport Korean
Tetreault Thomas B. Jr.   Newport Korean
Thayer Donald A.   Newport Korean
Theberge Roger R.   Newport Korean
Thereault Maurice R.   Troy Korean
Therrien Roger J.   Derby Line Korean
Thompson Cerdic F.   Greensboro Korean
Thompson Elwin A.   Brownington Korean
Thompson Ernest G.   Brownington Korean
Thompson Kenneth A.   Derby Line Korean
Thompson Lawrence C.   Derby Line Korean
Thompson Roland F.   Brownington Korean
Thompson Theodore F.   Greensboro Korean
Thompson William S.   Albany Korean
Tice Herbert A.   Derby Line Korean
Tiedeman Clyde G.   Newport Korean
Tiedeman Herbert W.   Newport Korean
Tillotson Charles C. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
Tinker Dale O.   Newport Korean
Tinker Ralph J.   Newport Korean
Todd Deane E.   Newport Korean
Tousley Reine-Yvette C.   Westfield Korean
Trempe Victor E.   Newport Korean
Trucotte Kenneth L.   Holland Korean
Turner Ernest R.   Newport Korean
Turner Graydon C.   Newport Korean
Turner Harold R.   Newport Korean
Tweed Floyd E.   Derby Line Korean
Twombly Harold F.   Irasburg Korean
Tyler Roland A.   Derby Line Korean
Umlah William A. Wounded Glover Korean
Urie Dean H.   Craftsbury Korean
Urie Walther L.   Craftsbury Korean
Vachon Roland J.   Derby Line Korean
Valley Percy L.   Westmore Korean
Valley Roger R.   Westmore Korean
Vancour Carroll A.   Greensboro Korean
Verge Marshall W.   Jay Korean
Viens Louis P.   Troy Korean
Vincent Maurice M.   Troy Korean
Vinton Robert W.   Coventry Korean
Wagner James A.   Lowell Korean
Wakeman Joyce E.   Newport Korean
Waldo Everett A.   Craftsbury Korean
Walker Neil T.   Newport Korean
Walsh Jesse W.   Derby Line Korean
Walsh Terrance H.   Derby Line Korean
Ward John O.   Newport Korean
Warner Boyd E.   Morgan Korean
Warner Bruce P.   Newport Korean
Warner Lawrence L.   Lowell Korean
Warner Winston W.   Lowell Korean
Washington Frank L.   Newport Korean
Waterman Herbert H.   Brownington Korean
Watson Edward A.   Newport Korean
Watson John A.   Newport Korean
Watson Neil V.   Westfield Korean
Watson Roy E. Jr.   Troy Korean
Wells David A.   Newport Korean
Wells Richard A.   Newport Korean
Westover Carroll D.   Troy Korean
Westover Robert J.   Troy Korean
Wetherby Arnold R.   Troy Korean
Wheeler Arthur B.   Westmore Korean
Wheeler George F.   Westmore Korean
Wheeler John H.   Newport Korean
Wheeler Kenneth R.   Newport Korean
Wheeler Merle D.   Derby Line Korean
Wheeler Robert J.   Holland Korean
Wheeler Wayne R.   Derby Line Korean
Wheeler Wayne W.   Newport Korean
Wheeler William R.   Newport Korean
White Arnold W.   Craftsbury Korean
White Clifford M. Jr.   Derby Line Korean
White Lawrence P.   Troy Korean
Wilcox Roger W.   Troy Korean
Willard Oscar R   Newport Korean
Willard Stanley E.   Derby Line Korean
Willey Ernold L.   Newport Korean
Willey Harold O. Jr.   Lowell Korean
Williams Roland R. Jr.   Craftsbury Korean
Willis Clifton D.   Westfield Korean
Willis Orrin M.   Charleston Korean
Willis Richard E.   Newport Korean
Winchester Gordon W. Killed in Action Greensboro Korean
Wood David H.   Derby Line Korean
Wood Laurier L.   Derby Line Korean
Wood Noel B.   Craftsbury Korean
Woodworth Donald W.   Newport Korean
Worboys Earl M.   Newport Korean
Wright Benjamin B.   Derby Line Korean
Wright Ross B.   Brownington Korean
Young Leonard L.   Derby Line Korean

Surname Givenname   Township War
Abbott Barry Lee * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Abbott Frederick K.   Derby Vietnam
Abbott Jane L. see Poginy, Jane L. Newport Town Vietnam
Abbott Jerry D. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Abbott Richard Dean   Barton Vietnam
Abel Henry J. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Abel John H. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Adams Ransom W.   Newport Town Vietnam
Aiken Reginald J.   Newport Vietnam
Aiken Robert Morrison   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Airoldi John H.   Newport Vietnam
Albee Terrill S.   Newport Vietnam
Aldrich William I. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Alexander Jeffrey D.   Newport Vietnam
Alexander Stephen B.   Newport Vietnam
Alexander Stephen Edward   Barton Vietnam
Alger Dale R.   Newport Vietnam
Allard Armand E.   Newport Vietnam
Allard Michael R.   Newport Vietnam
Allen James L.   Newport Vietnam
Allen Rodney D.   Derby Vietnam
Allen Thomas E.   Newport Vietnam
Amadon Gayle A. see Bailey, Gayle A. Barton Vietnam
Ames Terrence L.   Derby Vietnam
Anderson Glendon A. Jr. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Craftsbury Vietnam
Annis Hazen Tewksbury   Barton Vietnam
Archambeault Michael E.   Newport Vietnam
Armstrong Gilbert L. Died in Service Newport Vietnam
Armstrong Leonard R.   Newport Vietnam
Asher Phyllis J.   Derby Vietnam
Ashworth Richard C.   Newport Vietnam
Atherton Larry John   Barton Vietnam
Audet Michael L.   Newport Vietnam
Aulis Arthur A.   Newport Vietnam
Austin Dwane Gordon   Barton Vietnam
Austin Glen Arthur * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Austin Richard Roland   Barton Vietnam
Bailey Dean Elwood   Glover Vietnam
Bailey Gayle A. see Amadon, Gayle A. Barton Vietnam
Baird Robert L. Died in Service Derby Vietnam
Baker Robert Joseph   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Baraw Albert William   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Baraw Frank E.   Newport Town Vietnam
Baraw Roger Fred   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Baraw Virginia A. see Cornett, Virginia A. Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Barber Stephen H.   Derby Vietnam
Barnett Gerald H * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Barney Ralph Stacey   Barton Vietnam
Barrup James Elmer   Barton Vietnam
Barton Barry Roger   Barton Vietnam
Barton Frederick Preston   Barton Vietnam
Barton William Angus   Barton Vietnam
Batchelor John F.   Derby Vietnam
Bathalon Lucien M.   Westfield Vietnam
Bathalon Paul Ernest   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Bathalon Richard E.   Westfield Vietnam
Baxter Leslie John   Barton Vietnam
Beadle Eric George   Barton Vietnam
Bean Ronald E.   Derby Vietnam
Beattie Richard N.   Derby Vietnam
Beauchesne Dennis R. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Beauchesne Donald H.   Derby Vietnam
Beauchesne Joseph H. R.   Derby Vietnam
Beauchesne Nelson F.   Derby Vietnam
Beaudry Lawrence Scott   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Beaudry Marcel J.   Irasburg Vietnam
Beaudry Paulette A. see Thompson, Paulette A. Irasburg Vietnam
Beauregard David R.   Charleston Vietnam
Beauregard Paul W.   Brownington Vietnam
Beck Frederick J. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Beck Joan E.   Newport Vietnam
Bedard Craig S.   Derby Vietnam
Before Richard N.   Newport Vietnam
Begin James O.   Coventry Vietnam
Belanger Andre C.   Derby Vietnam
Belanger Denis P.   Derby Vietnam
Belanger Ernest Armand   Barton Vietnam
Belisle Lucian Edward   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Bengston Robert Jr. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Benjamin Anthony L.   Newport Vietnam
Bennett Danny Earl   Barton Vietnam
Bennett Gary Wells   Barton Vietnam
Bennett Sherry M. see Erickson, Sherry M. Newport Vietnam
Benson Raymond David   Barton Vietnam
Benware Larry G.   Lowell Vietnam
Berthiaume Marcel Roger   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Berthiaume Richard Robert   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Berthiaume Rosaire Homer   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Bessette Raymond R.   Newport Vietnam
Bickford Donald E.   Newport Vietnam
Bickford Gerald H.   Derby Vietnam
Bicknell Douglas P. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Bicknell James C.   Derby Vietnam
Billado David Orroson   Barton Vietnam
Bishop Ormond J.   Derby Vietnam
Blais Daniel J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Blais Paul Andrew   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Blay Stanley J.   Newport Vietnam
Blodgett Russell Waren   Barton Vietnam
Bly Robert D.   Newport Vietnam
Bly William J.   Charleston Vietnam
Bocash Michael Kermit   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Boissonnault Gerald J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Boisvert Robert Morris   Barton Vietnam
Bolduc Michel John * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Bonneau Terry F.   Lowell Vietnam
Borland Harriet Jean   Glover Vietnam
Bosley Charles K.   Newport Vietnam
Bouchard Peter Leon   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Boucher Lawrence A. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Boulanger Thomas A. J.   Newport Vietnam
Bouler Hugh Bernard   Barton Vietnam
Bouler Mona Alice see Cook, Mona Alice Barton Vietnam
Boutah Dale E.   Derby Vietnam
Boutin Paul Andre   Glover Vietnam
Bowen Don W.   Holland Vietnam
Bowen Gerald B.   Charleston Vietnam
Bowen Lance A.   Derby Vietnam
Bowen Merrick P.   Derby Vietnam
Bowen Roderick D.   Newport Vietnam
Bowers James Sherwood   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Bowman Donald Dean   Barton Vietnam
Bradley Bruce C.   Derby Vietnam
Bradley John L.   Newport Vietnam
Brasseur Bernard P.   Irasburg Vietnam
Brasseur Michael P.   Newport Town Vietnam
Breault Allen Matthew   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Breault Mitchell P.   Charleston Vietnam
Breault Roger Paul   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Brien George A.   Newport Vietnam
Britch Francis O. Jr.   Derby Vietnam
Brochu Joseph A.   Derby Vietnam
Brochu Stephen R.   Newport Vietnam
Brodeur Claude E.   Newport Vietnam
Bronson Arnold S. R.   Derby Vietnam
Brooks Douglas Neil   Glover Vietnam
Brooks Roger G.   Newport Town Vietnam
Brooks Ross Wilbert   Barton Vietnam
Brosseau Norman Joseph   Barton Vietnam
Brosseau Paul Andre   Barton Vietnam
Brouillette Roger S.   Derby Vietnam
Brown Blaine F. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Brown Carl Erton   Barton Vietnam
Brown Charles R.   Newport Vietnam
Brown Fred A.   Newport Vietnam
Brown Glen A.   Newport Vietnam
Brown Joyce see Washburn, Joyce Craftsbury Vietnam
Brown Kermit K. E. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Buchanan Earl W.   Newport Vietnam
Buchanan James C.   Derby Vietnam
Buck Douglas E.   Derby Vietnam
Buck Hollis D. Died in Service Newport Vietnam
Bullis Craig A.   Newport Vietnam
Bullis Joseph G.   Derby Vietnam
Bullis Larry C.   Newport Vietnam
Bullis Mary L.   Newport Vietnam
Bullis Judith A.   Newport Vietnam
Burkewitz Carolyn J. see Shores, Carolyn J. Newport Vietnam
Burns Kelvin George   Barton Vietnam
Burns Sue E.   Newport Vietnam
Bushaw Austin T.   Charleston Vietnam
Bushey Daneil A.   Derby Vietnam
Buteau Bernard L.   Newport Vietnam
Butler Glenn L.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Byron Robert C.   Westfield Vietnam
Cameron Andrew David   Barton Vietnam
Campbell David J. A. E.   Newport Vietnam
Caples Richard Clyde   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Carbonneau Franz L.   Newport Vietnam
Carbonneau Leonard F.   Newport Vietnam
Carbonneau Winston A.   Newport Vietnam
Cargill Dwight L.   Morgan Vietnam
Caron Bruce Wendell   Barton Vietnam
Carr Richard P.   Derby Vietnam
Carr Thomas Richard   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Carrier Alfred Raymond   Glover Vietnam
Carrier Delores A.   Barton Vietnam
Carroll Linda M see Sargent, Linda M. Newport Vietnam
Cartee Richard E.   Newport Vietnam
Carter Alex B.   Derby Vietnam
Carter Colin H. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Carter Maurice S.   Derby Vietnam
Carter Richard L.   Derby Vietnam
Carter Richard Sanborn   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Caruso Richard J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Coventry Vietnam
Caslen Mark A.   Jay Vietnam
Caslen Robert L.   Jay Vietnam
Chaffee Mark D.   Albany Vietnam
Chaffee Ronald D.   Newport Vietnam
Chaffee William E.   Albany Vietnam
Chamberlin rodney L.   Newport Vietnam
Chamberlin Terrance Glen   Glover Vietnam
Champagne Dennis N.   Newport Vietnam
Chapdelaine Michael Dean   Barton Vietnam
Chapdelaine Norman R.   Newport Vietnam
Chapdelaine Robert R.   Newport Vietnam
Chartier Joseph Arthur   Barton Vietnam
Chase Roldolph L. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Craftsbury Vietnam
Chase Wayne J.   Irasburg Vietnam
Cheney Francis E. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Chenier John P.   Newport Vietnam
Chilafoe Wilson Everett * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Choiniere Alton Charles * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Choiniere Donald Joseph   Barton Vietnam
Choiniere James Raymond   Barton Vietnam
Choiniere John Michael   Barton Vietnam
Choquette Dennis Raymond * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Choquette Ernest R.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Choquette John M.   Newport Vietnam
Choquette Paul R.   Newport Vietnam
Choquette Reginald A.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Choquette Richard Gerard   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Choquette Robert J.   Newport Vietnam
Choquette Ronald R.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Christian Arthur T.   Derby Vietnam
Ciechanowicz Joseph Earl   Barton Vietnam
Ciechanowicz Robert Wayne * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Cinqmars Albert F.   Newport Vietnam
Clark Richard Allen * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Clark Robert Brian   Barton Vietnam
Clarkson Harold G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Clement Louis C.   Newport Vietnam
Cleverley Allen Bruce   Glover Vietnam
Clothier William R.   Newport Vietnam
Cloutier Regent Everette   Barton Vietnam
Cloutier Rene Atwell   Barton Vietnam
Cloutier Robert Edward   Barton Vietnam
Coderre Raymond M.   Newport Vietnam
Cohen Phyllis J. see Glasgow & Asher, Phyllis Derby Vietnam
Cole Daryl Louis   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Cole Karen A. see Roy, Karen A. Newport Vietnam
Cole Richard Dean   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Collins Oliver F.   Newport Town Vietnam
Collins Paul D.   Newport Vietnam
Columbia Ronald C.   Newport Town Vietnam
Combs Guy Chance   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Comtois Arnold E.   Newport Town Vietnam
Comtois Bernard W.   Newport Town Vietnam
Comtois Claude A.   Lowell Vietnam
Comtois Francis L.   Newport Vietnam
Comtois Paul W.   Newport Vietnam
Comtois Norman F.   Newport Vietnam
Conley David Hunter   Barton Vietnam
Conley Edward Dale * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Conley Larry Gene   Glover Vietnam
Conley Rodney Dale   Glover Vietnam
Conley Thomas G.   Derby Vietnam
Conn Harold Carmen Jr.   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Contois Paul S.   Newport Vietnam
Cook David Charles   Glover Vietnam
Cook Everett Wyman   Barton Vietnam
Cook Mona Alice see Bouler, Mona Alice Barton Vietnam
Corapi Deborah K. see Hill, Deborah K. Newport Vietnam
Cordeau Daniel M.   Newport Vietnam
Corkins Kenneth J.   Derby Vietnam
Corneau Nelson E.   Derby Vietnam
Cornell Amos S.   Newport Vietnam
Cornett Virginia Ann see Baraw, Virginia A. Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Corriveau Pierre A.   Newport Town Vietnam
Corriveau Yves J.   Newport Vietnam
Cota Delbert J.   Jay Vietnam
Cota Merle Eugene   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Cota terry Edward   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Cote Maurice P.   Derby Vietnam
Cote Paul A.   Newport Vietnam
Cotnoir Real M.   Charleston Vietnam
Coulombe Conrad C.   Newport Vietnam
Coulombe Gerald H.   Newport Vietnam
Coulombe Leo R.   Newport Vietnam
Coulombe Paul J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Courchesne James E.   Newport Vietnam
Coutu Daniel J.   Newport Vietnam
Couture Andre J.   Westfield Vietnam
Couture Jean J.   Westfield Vietnam
Cowles Ross C. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Crawford Jimmy Dan   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Crawford Merrill Leroy   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Crowe Brian G.   Newport Vietnam
Crowe Clifford D. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Crowe Stanley J. Jr. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Currier Brian C.   Newport Vietnam
Currier Bruce P.   Newport Vietnam
Currier Donald E.   Newport Vietnam
Currier Gerald L.   Newport Vietnam
Currier Philip B Killed in Action Glover Vietnam
Currier Raymond Arthur   Glover Vietnam
Currier Timothy G.   Newport Vietnam
Curtis Max M   Irasburg Vietnam
Curtis Paul A.   Morgan Vietnam
Curtis Samuel D. Jr.   Morgan Vietnam
Curtis Warren K.   Newport Vietnam
Daggett Michael L.   Derby Vietnam
Daigle Michael A.   Newport Vietnam
Daigle Norman J.   Westfield Vietnam
Daignault Francis Paul   Barton Vietnam
Damon Karl David   Barton Vietnam
Damon Marvin John * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Damon Terry Michael   Barton Vietnam
Dane Ronald O.   Newport Vietnam
Daudelin John R.   Derby Vietnam
Davignon David Francis   Barton Vietnam
Davignon Gerald Leo * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Davignon Karl Franklin   Barton Vietnam
Davio Elwin R. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Davis Blaine G.   Newport Vietnam
Davis Mark W.   Charleston Vietnam
Davis Martin E. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Davis Richard W.   Newport Vietnam
Davis Ross J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Davis Terrence L.   Newport Vietnam
Dawson David Alson   Barton Vietnam
Day Carole A. see White, Carole A. Derby Vietnam
Day Randy C.   Newport Vietnam
Day Steven P.   Derby Vietnam
Deaette Howard Thomas   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Dean Gary A.   Newport Vietnam
Dean Ray Edward   Barton Vietnam
DeCell Earl Lee   Barton Vietnam
Decker Terrence Lynne   Barton Vietnam
Degre Jean-Roch   Lowell Vietnam
Delandes Roland E.   Newport Town Vietnam
Delong Keith N.   Derby Vietnam
Demick James A.   Derby Vietnam
Dermod Christopher J.   Irasburg Vietnam
Dermody Kevin M.   Irasburg Vietnam
Derosier Dennis L.   Newport Vietnam
Derosier Francis Paul   Barton Vietnam
Desbiens James W.   Coventry Vietnam
Desjardins Roger Emanuel   Barton Vietnam
Desjardins Roland Emile   Barton Vietnam
Desjarlais Gillis Wilfred   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Deskins Gene * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Desroches Jean Pierre   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Dicksion Everett M.   Derby Vietnam
Diette Paul Leo   Barton Vietnam
Dion Dennis P.   Irasburg Vietnam
Dion Ronald   Irasburg Vietnam
Dix Raymond A.   Newport Vietnam
Domina Francis A.   Derby Vietnam
Domina George C.   Newport Town Vietnam
Domina John P.   Newport Vietnam
Domina Robert S.   Newport Vietnam
Domina Wayne A.   Newport Vietnam
Dority Norman P.   Newport Vietnam
Drake Gary A.   Derby Vietnam
Drake Marvin E.   Derby Vietnam
Drake Philip S. Jr.   Derby Vietnam
Draper Reginald R.   Newport Vietnam
Driver Marc S. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Drown Rodney G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Dube Normand A.   Irasburg Vietnam
Duchesneau David Michael   Barton Vietnam
Duchesneau Mark Eugene   Barton Vietnam
Dukett Leon E.   Newport Vietnam
Dumas Valarie J.   Derby Vietnam
Dumont Andre Rene   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Dumoulin Claire F.   Derby Vietnam
Durant Alston Harold   Barton Vietnam
Durgin Robert A.   Morgan Vietnam
Durgin William L.   Morgan Vietnam
Durocher Herbert A.   Newport Vietnam
Dustin George B.   Derby Vietnam
Earp Alan B.   Morgan Vietnam
Edgerley Frederick O.   Newport Vietnam
Ellam Roy I.   Morgan Vietnam
Elliott James Douglas   Barton Vietnam
Elliott Nelson E.   Morgan Vietnam
Elliott Richard H.   Morgan Vietnam
Ellis Richard F.   Newport Vietnam
Emerson William L.   Newport Vietnam
Emmerson Ernest Dutton   Barton Vietnam
Engelmann Carl August III   Glover Vietnam
Erickson Sherry M. see Bennett, Sherry M. Newport Vietnam
Fairbrother Ernest Albert   Barton Vietnam
Fairbrother Keith Richard   Barton Vietnam
Fairbrother Raymond Dennis   Barton Vietnam
Falconer Stephen R.   Newport Vietnam
Fansher Ted R.   Newport Vietnam
Farrand Frank F.   Newport Vietnam
Farrand Thomas   Newport Vietnam
Farrar Richard L.   Newport Town Vietnam
Farrow Barbara D.   Derby Vietnam
Farrow David L.   Newport Vietnam
Farrow Steven S.   Derby Vietnam
Fauchs Bruce Arden   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Faust Joseph H.   Irasburg Vietnam
Favreau Claude A.   Derby Vietnam
Fecteau Paul A.   Newport Vietnam
Fernandez Nancy L. see Parker, Nancy L. Newport Vietnam
Field Douglas S. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Craftsbury Vietnam
Fields Dennis H.   Newport Vietnam
Fitch Richard M.   Newport Vietnam
Fletcher Bruce A.   Charleston Vietnam
Flood Ronald C.   Newport Vietnam
Flynn Urban A. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Fontaine Leonard A.   Newport Town Vietnam
Fontaine Robert George   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Forcier Bernard C.   Newport Vietnam
Ford Steven W.   Charleston Vietnam
Forest Fernand G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Fortaine Suzanne M. see Unnasch, Suzanne M. Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Fortin Bernard J.   Newport Vietnam
Fortin Denis P. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Fortin Dennis L.   Charleston Vietnam
Fortin Gerald N. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Fortin Guy A. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Fortin Ronald L.   Newport Vietnam
Fortin Rosaire R.   Newport Town Vietnam
Fortin Joseph E. G.   Newport Vietnam
Fournier Aime Joseph * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Fournier Dean a.   Newport Vietnam
Fournier John B.   Newport Vietnam
Fournier Norbert G.   Derby Vietnam
Freehart Raymond Leo   Barton Vietnam
Frizzell Michael D. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Gadwah Larry Merlin   Barton Vietnam
Gage Harold T.   Newport Vietnam
Gagnon Paul A. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Gagnon Ronald E.   Derby Vietnam
Garceau Alan J.   Newport Town Vietnam
Gardner Clyde M.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Garfield Donald Carroll * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Garfield Edward B.   Newport Town Vietnam
Garfield Richard W.   Newport Town Vietnam
Garon Bernard R.   Newport Vietnam
Gathercole Layne Robert Jr. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Gathercole Nancy Ann   Barton Vietnam
Gaudreau Michael J.   Derby Vietnam
Gelo Francis E.   Lowell Vietnam
Gentley Robert Edward   Barton Vietnam
Geoffroy Donald A.   Newport Vietnam
Geoffroy Michael P.   Newport Vietnam
Geoffroy Roger R.   Newport Vietnam
Getchell Ronald L.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Gibney Dale A. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Gibney Howard E.   Newport Vietnam
Gile Howard I.   Irasburg Vietnam
Gilfillan Harold Kenneth   Barton Vietnam
Gilfillan Raymond Nye   Barton Vietnam
Gilfillan Willis Elmer * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Girouard Lawrence M.   Irasburg Vietnam
Glasgow Phyllis J. see Cohne & Asher, Phyllis Derby Vietnam
Glodgett Terrance Roy   Barton Vietnam
Goddard Richard L.   Newport Vietnam
Godin Reginald Elmer   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Gonyaw Bernie T. Jr.   Derby Vietnam
Gonyaw Dean E.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Gonyaw Dean Ferdinand * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Gonyaw Dennis M.   Charleston Vietnam
Gonyaw Duane R.   Derby Vietnam
Gonyaw Edward Joseph   Barton Vietnam
Gonyaw Michael R. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Gonyaw Perley J. Jr.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Gonyaw Philip B.   Irasburg Vietnam
Gonyaw Richard George   Barton Vietnam
Goodwin Kerry B.   Newport Vietnam
Gooley Wayne R.   Newport Town Vietnam
Gosselin Paul E. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Gosselin Robert N.   Newport Vietnam
Gosselin Terrence A.   Newport Vietnam
Gour Richard E.   Newport Vietnam
Granai George William Jr.   Barton Vietnam
Graveline Duane E.   Newport Vietnam
Graves Darrell A.   Derby Vietnam
Graves Richard T.   Derby Vietnam
Gray Arnold Henry   Barton Vietnam
Gray James B. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Gray Sherwood A.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Gray Stewart W.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Gray Stuart A.   Derby Vietnam
Gray Brian C.   Charleston Vietnam
Gray Howard C.   Charleston Vietnam
Gray Reginald C. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Green Floyd Carroll   Barton Vietnam
Green Richard E.   Newport Vietnam
Green Robert G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Green Roland H.   Derby Vietnam
Greenwood Maynard J.   Derby Vietnam
Greenwood Michael A.   Derby Vietnam
Greenwood Paul Sarto   Barton Vietnam
Greenwood Robert C.   Newport Vietnam
Greenwood Rockland Nile   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Greenwood George Walter   Barton Vietnam
Griggs Alan R.   Newport Vietnam
Griggs Paul D.   Newport Vietnam
Griggs Stephen A.   Newport Vietnam
Grondin Michael J.   Newport Vietnam
Guay Michel Jack   Barton Vietnam
Guillette Ernest C.   Newport Vietnam
Guillette Gary R.   Derby Vietnam
Guillette Peter A.   Derby Vietnam
Guyette David Michael   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Guyette Merrill E.   Newport Vietnam
Guyette Steven A.   Derby Vietnam
Hackett Richard L.   Newport Vietnam
Hall Arland Joshua   Barton Vietnam
Hall Blake R.   Newport Vietnam
Hall Dean Wilson   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hall Gary Roy   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hall Jeffrey N. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Hall Neil Gene   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hall Roland E.   Newport Vietnam
Hamblett Ralph F.   Newport Vietnam
Hamblett Timothy A.   Newport Vietnam
Hamel Frederick Lee   Barton Vietnam
Hamel Lawrence Gerard   Barton Vietnam
Hamel Philip Grant   Barton Vietnam
Hamelin Lyle Dean   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hamelin Ronald C.   Derby Vietnam
Handy Richard Kenneth   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hanks Timothy J.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Hanson Herbert A.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Hardin Andree Marie T. see Thibault, Andree Marie Barton Vietnam
Hardy Curtis A.   Newport Vietnam
Harper Winston Willmarth   Barton Vietnam
Harrison Robert N.   Derby Vietnam
Hart Roy Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Haselton John H. Killed in Action Newport Vietnam
Haskins William G.   Newport Vietnam
Hawley Arthur H. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Hawxhurst Bradford Wyman   Glover Vietnam
Hayes Mark J. III   Newport Vietnam
Hazard Wayne Lyndon   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hazard Kermit Dale   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Hazare Dale Carlton   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Heath David N.   Newport Vietnam
Heath Donald C.   Glover Vietnam
Hebert Dennis J.   Newport Vietnam
Hebert Robert O.   Newport Vietnam
Hebert Rodney J.   Newport Vietnam
Hebert Ronald A.   Newport Vietnam
Hebert Terry J.   Newport Vietnam
Hebert William R. Jr.   Derby Vietnam
Hegg Harry L.   Newport Vietnam
Heidger John M.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Henderson Jess W.   Newport Vietnam
Henry Daniel Harold   Barton Vietnam
Henry Thomas Arthur   Barton Vietnam
Herbert Richard P.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Hill Deborah K. see Corapi, Deborah K. Newport Vietnam
Hill Rodney G.   Newport Town Vietnam
Hilliard Brent Maynard   Barton Vietnam
Hilliker Archie L.   Albany Vietnam
Hilliker Stephen H.   Newport Vietnam
Hinton Alan Leo   Barton Vietnam
Hinton Brian Ray   Barton Vietnam
Hobbs Mark Edmund   Barton Vietnam
Hodgdon Bradley L.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Hodgdon Douglas N. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Coventry Vietnam
Holton David Clinton   Barton Vietnam
Hommel Richard Desmond   Barton Vietnam
Hopkins Richard L.   Charleston Vietnam
Horner Robert J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Horton Frank R. Jr. Died in Service Newport Vietnam
Horton James A.   Newport Vietnam
Horton Robert F.   Newport Vietnam
Houghaboom Joanne Elizabeth   Barton Vietnam
Howe Richard F.   Newport Vietnam
Hoy Royce K.   Newport Vietnam
Hoyt Robert Elkins   Barton Vietnam
Hoyt Roderic Kent   Barton Vietnam
Hunter Craig D.   Derby Vietnam
Hussey Dennis L.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Hussey Raoul Dean   Barton Vietnam
Hutchinson Richard R.   Newport Vietnam
Ingalls Marlow D.   Irasburg Vietnam
Ingalls William M.   Irasburg Vietnam
Ingersoll Alan James   Barton Vietnam
Jacobs Arthur L.   Derby Vietnam
Jacobs Daniel R.   Derby Vietnam
Jacques John C.   Westfield Vietnam
Janci Edward W.   Morgan Vietnam
Jenne Roger Harvey   Barton Vietnam
Jenne William A.   Derby Vietnam
Jenness Donald Frederick   Barton Vietnam
Jensen Jerry James   Barton Vietnam
Jensen Malcolm S.   Newport Vietnam
Jewett Richard P.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Jewett Robert W.   Newport Town Vietnam
Johnson Carl Joseph   Glover Vietnam
Johnson Holly L. see Prue, Holly L. Irasburg Vietnam
Johnson James D.   Newport Vietnam
Johnson Richard C.   Charleston Vietnam
Johnson Thomas P.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Johnson Thomas R.   Newport Vietnam
Johnson Wayne M. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Craftsbury Vietnam
Johnson Dean H. * Killed in Action Craftsbury Vietnam
Jones Bruce E.   Newport Vietnam
Jones Edward C.   Newport Vietnam
Joseph Alfred W.   Newport Vietnam
Judd Larry Edwin   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Judd Leo F. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Kahlstrom Douglas MacArthur   Barton Vietnam
Kahlstrom Robert Franklin   Barton Vietnam
Kappeas Nicholas Stephen   Glover Vietnam
Keement Anthony J.   Newport Vietnam
Keir Malcolm B. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Keir Stephen D. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Craftsbury Vietnam
Kelley David K. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Kelley Dean N.   Newport Vietnam
Kelley Dennis R.   Derby Vietnam
Kelley Kimball L.   Newport Vietnam
Kelley Richard L.   Newport Vietnam
Kelley Russell L.   Derby Vietnam
Kelley Michael L.   Newport Vietnam
Kempe Howard Francis   Glover Vietnam
Kennison Donald D.   Irasburg Vietnam
Kennison Gary J.   Newport Town Vietnam
Kennison Terry D.   Newport Town Vietnam
Kerr Merle B   Newport Vietnam
Kilby Dale John   Glover Vietnam
Kilby John H   Newport Town Vietnam
Kilby Reid William   Glover Vietnam
Kimball Ivan Lawrence   Glover Vietnam
Kimball Jesse E.   Newport Vietnam
Kimball Norman James   Glover Vietnam
Kimball Raymond J.   Newport Vietnam
King James R.   Derby Vietnam
Kinne James R.   Newport Vietnam
Kinney Albert D.   Newport Vietnam
Kinsley Brian Elliott   Barton Vietnam
Kipp Douglas Warren   Barton Vietnam
Knowlton Paul b.   Newport Vietnam
Kwiatkowski Timothy   Barton Vietnam
Labor Brian Lee   Barton Vietnam
Labor Charles Carl   Barton Vietnam
Labor James Michael   Barton Vietnam
Labor John Francis   Barton Vietnam
Labor Merrick W.   Newport Vietnam
Labounty Bruno Adolphus, Jr.   Barton Vietnam
Labounty James Kenneth   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Labounty Ronald L.   Charleston Vietnam
Laclair Donald Edward   Barton Vietnam
Laclair Maurice Nelson   Barton Vietnam
Lacroix Antonio J.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Lacross Norman Homer   Barton Vietnam
Ladd Loren R.   Newport Vietnam
Ladd Paul W. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
LaFaille Raymond Armand   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
LaFlam Larry D. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
LaFlam Lee R.   Derby Vietnam
Laflam Loren J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
LaFoe Louis Lyle   Barton Vietnam
LaFoe Richard B. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
LaFramboise Guy A.   Coventry Vietnam
Lafromboise Robert J. P. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Coventry Vietnam
Laitres Patrick J.   Morgan Vietnam
Lalime David L.   Derby Vietnam
Lalime Robert P.   Newport Vietnam
Lamarche George R.   Westfield Vietnam
Lamarre Joseph W. F.   Newport Vietnam
Lamoureux Donald J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Lamoureux Joseph J. M. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Lancaster Royden E. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Landry Odilon Arthur   Barton Vietnam
Langdeau Robert Lionel   Barton Vietnam
Langevin Paul J.   Newport Vietnam
Lanoue Gary Thomas   Barton Vietnam
Lanoue Laurent Denis   Barton Vietnam
Lanoue Normond Oliver   Barton Vietnam
Lanoue Peter Polydor   Barton Vietnam
Lanoue Raymond Gerard   Barton Vietnam
Lanoue Robert John   Barton Vietnam
Lantagne David J.   Newport Vietnam
Lantagne Michael C.   Newport Vietnam
Lantagne Wayne O.   Newport Vietnam
Lapierre Connie Marie   Barton Vietnam
LaPlume Gerard M.   Westfield Vietnam
Laramee Ernest John Paul   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Laroche Kenneth R.   Newport Vietnam
Larocque Michele M. L.   Derby Vietnam
Lauzon Roland A.   Newport Vietnam
Laviolette Roland B. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Lawson Wayne L.   Newport Vietnam
Lawton Ivan F.   Newport Vietnam
Laythe Peter R. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Leach Gary L.   Newport Town Vietnam
Leavitt Charles W.   Newport Vietnam
LeBlanc Allen Michael   Barton Vietnam
LeBlanc Theodore Paul   Barton Vietnam
LeBrun Octave Leo   Barton Vietnam
Leck Charles Frederick, Jr.   Barton Vietnam
LeClair Donald Edward   Barton Vietnam
Ledoux David J.   Newport Town Vietnam
Ledoux Thomas W.   Newport Town Vietnam
Leithead Arthur A.   Newport Vietnam
Leithead Bruce O.   Newport Vietnam
Leithead William H.   Newport Vietnam
Lemieux John Amy   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Lemieux Joseph P. A.   Newport Vietnam
Leonard John R.   Newport Vietnam
Leonard Kenneth D.   Newport Vietnam
Lepage Bertrand J.   Irasburg Vietnam
Lesperance John Frederick   Barton Vietnam
Lessard Robert F.   Newport Vietnam
Letourneau Raymond Oscar   Barton Vietnam
Lewis Libby Roy   Barton Vietnam
Lewis Raymond F.   Newport Vietnam
Lewis Robert H.   Newport Vietnam
Lewis Roland G.   Derby Vietnam
Lewis Russell L.   Newport Vietnam
Leys Robert A.   Newport Vietnam
Liberty Byron L.   Irasburg Vietnam
Liebert Richard C.   Newport Vietnam
Lippens Harold P.   Newport Vietnam
Little Roderick Wilbur   Barton Vietnam
Little Rudolph W.   Irasburg Vietnam
Little Terrence Dale   Barton Vietnam
Little Winston A.   Morgan Vietnam
Lizotte Dennis M.   Newport Vietnam
Locke John B.   Irasburg Vietnam
Locke Sheldon Dennis   Barton Vietnam
Locke Wilbur W.   Irasburg Vietnam
Longley Paul S.   Westfield Vietnam
Loomis Durwood Austin, Jr.   Barton Vietnam
Lord Edward J.   Newport Vietnam
Lorimer Collyn G.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Lucas Arthur H. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Lucas Donald T.   Newport Town Vietnam
Lucas Earl P.   Newport Vietnam
Lucas Francis S.   Newport Vietnam
Lucas James H.   Newport Vietnam
Lucas Michael A.   Newport Vietnam
Lucas Sandra J.   Newport Town Vietnam
Lucas Wayne G.   Newport Vietnam
Lucier Gary R.   Westfield Vietnam
Lumsden Lewis M.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Lumsden Ronald B.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Lunderville John D.   Newport Vietnam
Lunderville Richard J.   Newport Vietnam
Lunna Henry N.   Newport Town Vietnam
Lussier Gerard Gaston   Barton Vietnam
Lussier Maurice P. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Lyon Howard G.   Newport Vietnam
Lyon John P. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Brownington Vietnam
Macie Richard Edward   Barton Vietnam
Major Martial Gerard   Barton Vietnam
Maloney Michael D.   Newport Vietnam
Malshuck Stephen Kimball   Barton Vietnam
Maniatty George S.   Newport Vietnam
Maniatty John S.   Newport Vietnam
Manley Phillip Allen   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Manning Edward Carmine   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Maple Michael C.   Newport Vietnam
Marandola Ronald R.   Newport Vietnam
Marback Wade A.   Derby Vietnam
Marckres Marvin George   Barton Vietnam
Marcotte Brent Duane   Barton Vietnam
Marcotte Russell Vernon   Barton Vietnam
Marquis Denis A.   Newport Vietnam
Marsh Daniel W.   Newport Vietnam
Marsh LeRoy L. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Marsh Louis Ricky   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Marsh Orvin Allen Jr.   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Marshall Jerald P.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Martin Bruce A. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Craftsbury Vietnam
Martineau Gabriel A.   Irasburg Vietnam
Mason Donald M.   Albany Vietnam
Mason James D.   Newport Vietnam
Mason Leroy Joel   Barton Vietnam
Mason Roy L.   Irasburg Vietnam
Mason Terrill Dean Jr.   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Mason Terry L. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Massey Richard P.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Maxwell Charles R.   Irasburg Vietnam
Mayhew Maurice Reginald   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
McAllister Conrad O.   Lowell Vietnam
McAllister Douglas C.   Lowell Vietnam
McAllister James A.   Lowell Vietnam
McCoy Wayne A.   Irasburg Vietnam
McDonald Dean A.   Derby Vietnam
McDonald John H.   Derby Vietnam
McKinney Calvin G. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
McKinney Garth A.   Newport Vietnam
McMullen Danny B.   Newport Vietnam
Meehan Dale Crawford   Barton Vietnam
Meier Roger Alden   Barton Vietnam
Metcalf Donald W.   Irasburg Vietnam
Miller Martin   Newport Vietnam
Millett Robert P.   Newport Vietnam
Moeykens Norbert E.   Newport Vietnam
Moeykens Paul A.   Newport Vietnam
Moffett Richard Howard   Barton Vietnam
Monfette Alan W.   Newport Vietnam
Monfette Alfred E.   Newport Vietnam
Montague Martha W. see Whitcomb Derby Vietnam
Monteiro Theodore L. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Mooney Arthur R.   Newport Vietnam
Mooney Stephen J.   Newport Vietnam
Moore Charles T. J.   Newport Vietnam
Moore Darrell F.   Newport Vietnam
Moore David W.   Newport Vietnam
Moore John E.   Newport Town Vietnam
Moore Lawrence E. Jr.   Derby Vietnam
Moore Michael Enos   Barton Vietnam
Moore-Lamphere John Jay   Barton Vietnam
Moquin Charles Roger, Jr.   Barton Vietnam
Morey Charles J. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Morey Pamela A.   Holland Vietnam
Morin Bernard Lionel   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Morin David K.   Newport Vietnam
Morin Stephan R.   Newport Vietnam
Morley James Gabriel   Barton Vietnam
Morrissette Denis Joseph   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Morrissette Richard Leopold   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Morse Durward Glennie Killed in Action Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Morse Herbert Benjamin   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Morse Robert J.   Derby Vietnam
Mosher Deane F. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Moulton Darald W.   Charleston Vietnam
Moulton David E. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Moulton Douglas I. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Moulton James A. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Moulton Larry G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Murphy Edward P.   Derby Vietnam
Nadeau Gilles A.   Newport Vietnam
Nadeau Jean C.   Newport Vietnam
Nadeau John H.   Newport Vietnam
Nadeau Oscar L.   Derby Vietnam
Nault Ronney Ernest   Barton Vietnam
Nault Roy Ernest   Barton Vietnam
Neil Omer L.   Newport Vietnam
Nelson Robert M.   Albany Vietnam
Nelson Roger A.   Albany Vietnam
Newton Edwin G.   Newport Vietnam
Newton Norman E.   Lowell Vietnam
Niles Harry Oliver III   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Niles Raymond A.   Newport Town Vietnam
Niles Stuart Bryan   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Niles Timothy L.   Newport Vietnam
Norris Robert Lucien Joseph   Barton Vietnam
Norton Charles W.   Morgan Vietnam
Nyberg John M. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Nye Francis Walter   Barton Vietnam
Nye William Terry   Barton Vietnam
O'Connell Patricia A. see Wallace, Patricia A. Irasburg Vietnam
Oliver Michael G.   Newport Vietnam
Olivier Bernard J.   Charleston Vietnam
Ormsbee Francis L.   Newport Vietnam
Ormsbee Kenneth W.   Newport Vietnam
Osterhoudt Katherine F. see Whiteley, Katherine F. Newport Vietnam
Ostrout Thomas E.   Westfield Vietnam
Ovitt Robert J.   Derby Vietnam
Owen William Anthony   Barton Vietnam
Page Dale H.   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Page Gene F.   Newport Vietnam
Page Terry Hazen   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Paine Michael H.   Derby Vietnam
Palin Eugene   Newport Vietnam
Palmer Terrence Morris   Barton Vietnam
Paquette George Edmund   Barton Vietnam
Paquette Raymond Leo, Jr.   Barton Vietnam
Paquin Albert G.   Newport Vietnam
Paquin Albert H.   Newport Vietnam
Parenteau Brian Anthony   Barton Vietnam
Parenteau Gary A.   Newport Vietnam
Parenteau Gerard Bernard   Barton Vietnam
Parenteau Merle G.   Newport Vietnam
Parenteau Michel E.   Newport Vietnam
Pariseau Joseph Albert Alain   Barton Vietnam
Pariseau Joseph Richard Gerard   Barton Vietnam
Parker James Norman   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Parker Jess T. Sr.   Newport Vietnam
Parker Keith C.   Newport Vietnam
Parker Nancy L. see Fernandez, Nancy L. Newport Vietnam
Parker Richard Cavis   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Parks Harold Robert   Barton Vietnam
Patenaude George A.   Holland Vietnam
Patendaude Bernard F.   Newport Vietnam
Paterson John N.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Patrick Glenn Martin   Barton Vietnam
Patrick Paul Arthur   Barton Vietnam
Patten David Arnold   Glover Vietnam
Patterson Frank B.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Paul Norman Dean   Barton Vietnam
Peck Christopher James   Barton Vietnam
Pelkey Leonard F. G.   Newport Vietnam
Penza Donald J.   Newport Vietnam
Percy David Paul   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Percy Donald H.   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Perkins Dennis H.   Derby Vietnam
Perron Alan Larry   Glover Vietnam
Perron Edward Roger   Glover Vietnam
Perron Edward Wayne   Glover Vietnam
Perron Leo E.   Newport Vietnam
Perron Richard Earl   Glover Vietnam
Perron Walter Andrew   Glover Vietnam
Pessig Henry F. F.   Derby Vietnam
Petelle Russell H.   Derby Vietnam
Phaneuf Eugene C.   Newport Vietnam
Phaneuf Harold H.   Newport Vietnam
Phillips Frederic John   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Phillips Gerald Eric   Barton Vietnam
Phillips Gordon Edwin   Barton Vietnam
Pierce Daniel R.   Newport Vietnam
Piette George C.   Newport Vietnam
Piette Omer J.   Newport Vietnam
Pike Andrew M.   Irasburg Vietnam
Place Sidney Carroll   Barton Vietnam
Poginy James E.   Newport Town Vietnam
Poginy Jane L. see Abbott, Jane L. Newport Town Vietnam
Poginy John George   Barton Vietnam
Poginy Peter Raymond   Barton Vietnam
Poirier David Leo   Barton Vietnam
Porter Bruce Edwin   Barton Vietnam
Porter Dean Crandall   Barton Vietnam
Porter Harry A.   Derby Vietnam
Porter Lee I.   Newport Vietnam
Potter Bruce F.   Albany Vietnam
Poulin Yvette Barbara   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Pouliot Laurence A.   Newport Vietnam
Poutre Lee D.   Newport Vietnam
Powers Dale F.   Newport Vietnam
Powers Larry W.   Newport Vietnam
Powers Robert L.   Newport Vietnam
Powers Stephen E.   Irasburg Vietnam
Powers Richard C.   Newport Vietnam
Pray Carl N. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Albany Vietnam
Pray Gerald H.   Albany Vietnam
Preseault Michael R.   Irasburg Vietnam
Preve Richard G.   Newport Vietnam
Prevost Stanley B.   Newport Vietnam
Prouty Jackson S.   Newport Vietnam
Provencher Terence Raymond   Barton Vietnam
Provoncha Carroll R. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Provoncha Dale D.   Newport Town Vietnam
Provoncha Rodney B.   Morgan Vietnam
Prue Holly L. see Johnson, Holly L. Irasburg Vietnam
Prue Ronald D.   Newport Vietnam
Pudvah Richard Alfred   Glover Vietnam
Queenin John F.   Derby Vietnam
Quintin Theodore Joseph   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Quirion Gilles N.   Charleston Vietnam
Quirion Peter R. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Racicot Maurice Dorius, Jr.   Barton Vietnam
Racine Paul Andy   Barton Vietnam
Rash Alfred L. Sr.   Newport Vietnam
Reed James R.   Newport Vietnam
Regular Robert K.   Newport Vietnam
Reil Albert R.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Reilly Francis G.   Newport Vietnam
Rexford Allen D.   Irasburg Vietnam
Rexford Norman Floyd   Barton Vietnam
Reynolds Gary Asa   Barton Vietnam
Reynolds Silliam T.   Newport Vietnam
Rhicard Janice A.   Newport Vietnam
Rhodes Cecil P.   Newport Vietnam
Rhodes Reginald L.   Newport Vietnam
Rhodes Robert C.   Newport Vietnam
Rice David E.   Derby Vietnam
Rice Kevin Alan   Barton Vietnam
Rice Wayne Burton   Barton Vietnam
Richardson David A.   Lowell Vietnam
Richardson Dwight P.   Lowell Vietnam
Richardson Gary H.   Westfield Vietnam
Richardson James Lee   Glover Vietnam
Richardson Michael Everette   Barton Vietnam
Riendeau Marc J.   Newport Vietnam
Rivard Patrick R.   Newport Vietnam
Rivard Thomas G.   Newport Vietnam
Rivard William C.   Newport Vietnam
Rives Christopher John   Barton Vietnam
Robbins Milton T.   Derby Vietnam
Roberge Claude J.   Newport Vietnam
Roberts Bobby R.   Derby Vietnam
Roberts Kenneth Peter   Barton Vietnam
Roberts Ralph L. III   Newport Vietnam
Roberts Randy L.   Newport Vietnam
Roberts Richard Marcel   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Roberts Stephen George   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Robillard Real A.   Newport Town Vietnam
Robinson Gary Kent   Barton Vietnam
Rocheleau Louis W.   Newport Vietnam
Rochette Philip L.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Rogers Charles H.   Newport Vietnam
Rogers Michael Robert   Glover Vietnam
Rooney Bernard H.   Newport Vietnam
Round William H.   Newport Vietnam
Routhier Daniel Lucien   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Routhier Joseph R. A.   Derby Vietnam
Routhier Raymond O. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Rowden David S.   Derby Vietnam
Rowden Richard S.   Derby Vietnam
Rowe Gary F. J.   Newport Vietnam
Rowe Robert F.   Newport Vietnam
Rowell Allan Maynard   Barton Vietnam
Rowell Jimmy Nick   Barton Vietnam
Rowell Kenneth F. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Rowell Mitchell Lee   Barton Vietnam
Rowell Willard B. Jr.   Albany Vietnam
Rowland Duane V.   Newport Vietnam
Roy Gerard J. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Roy Joseph C. R. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Roy Karen A. see Cole, Karen A. Newport Vietnam
Roy Mariette T.   Newport Vietnam
Roy Paul R.   Derby Vietnam
Royea Harry S. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Royer Lawrence B.   Irasburg Vietnam
Royer Philip Lucius   Barton Vietnam
Royer Stephen A.   Irasburg Vietnam
Ruggles Alvah William   Barton Vietnam
Rumery Frank W.   Derby Vietnam
Rushlow Edward W.   Newport Vietnam
Russ Louis P.   Newport Vietnam
Russell James I.   Morgan Vietnam
Ruthier Raymond M.   Newport Vietnam
Ryan Marvin J.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Salls Erwin E. Jr.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Sample Cecil Andrew   Barton Vietnam
Sanirlle Terrence Allan   Barton Vietnam
Santaw Paul Leonard   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Santaw Wayne Neal   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Santaw Willard Alfred   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Sanville Brian J.   Newport Vietnam
Sanville Gary L.   Newport Vietnam
Sanville Rebecca A.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Sanville Roger D.   Irasburg Vietnam
Sargent Erwin F. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Sargent George E.   Westfield Vietnam
Sargent Lance Edward   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Sargent Larry Arthur   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Sargent Linda M. see Carroll, Linda M. Newport Vietnam
Sargent Duane E.   Westfield Vietnam
Savage Richard P.   Albany Vietnam
Sawyer Raymond Melvin   Barton Vietnam
Sawyer Tom B.   Newport Vietnam
Schayltz Kermit D.   Newport Town Vietnam
Schneider Raymond E.   Derby Vietnam
Schneider Raymond E.   Newport Vietnam
Sevigny Jean Rene   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Shatney James A.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Shatney Louis E.   Irasburg Vietnam
Shaw Edwin Mark   Barton Vietnam
Sheehan Colin Clive   Barton Vietnam
Sheltra Craig D.   Westfield Vietnam
Sheltra Dennis H.   Irasburg Vietnam
Sheltra Gary R.   Westfield Vietnam
Sheltra Lawrence A.   Newport Vietnam
Sheltra Rodney D.   Irasburg Vietnam
Sheltra Wayne A.   Westfield Vietnam
Sheltra Kenneth J. Jr.   Irasburg Vietnam
Sheperd Rex Ornan   Barton Vietnam
Shompany Ernest V. * Killed in Action Derby Vietnam
Shores Carolyn J. see Burkewitz, Carolyn J. Newport Vietnam
Shover George W.   Newport Vietnam
Shover Ronald J.   Brownington Vietnam
Sicard Alan Michael   Barton Vietnam
Sicard Denis N.   Newport Vietnam
Sicard Paul Alfred   Barton Vietnam
Simard Alvin Adrien   Barton Vietnam
Simmoneau Arthur L.   Newport Vietnam
Simoneau Roger C.   Morgan Vietnam
Simons Albert Lloyd   Barton Vietnam
Sisco David B.   Newport Vietnam
Smith Brian D.   Derby Vietnam
Smith Conrad C.   Newport Vietnam
Smith David B.   Newport Vietnam
Smith David Virgil   Barton Vietnam
Smith John O.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Smith Lance Norman   Barton Vietnam
Smith Robert E.   Newport Vietnam
Smith Roy W. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Charleston Vietnam
Smith William A.   Newport Vietnam
Smith William T.   Newport Vietnam
Snider Shermie W.   Lowell Vietnam
Somers Bernard A.   Newport Vietnam
Somerville Joseph C. Jr.   Derby Vietnam
Spaulding Dean H.   Newport Town Vietnam
Spaulding Duane A.   Charleston Vietnam
Spaulding Gerald K. Jr.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Spaulding Richard H.   Newport Vietnam
Spaulding Richard H. Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Spencer Kenneth M. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Spencer Stanley Urban   Barton Vietnam
Spencer Stephen Courtney   Barton Vietnam
Squires Basil James   Glover Vietnam
Squires Jerald Everett   Glover Vietnam
Squires Richard John * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Squires Richard John   Barton Vietnam
Squires Roger Basil   Glover Vietnam
St. Sauveur Gerard B.   Newport Vietnam
Stacey Robert C. Jr.   Westfield Vietnam
Staples Timothy S.   Newport Town Vietnam
Stebbins John B. Jr.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Stetson Nelson C.   Newport Vietnam
Stetson Norman B.   Newport Vietnam
Stevens Carl Homer * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Stevens Danny Kaye   Barton Vietnam
Stevens Jay S. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Stevens Lynn W. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Stevens Martin G.   Derby Vietnam
Stevens Ronald L. Jr. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Stevens Timothy J.   Derby Vietnam
Stevens William G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Stevenson Robert J.   Newport Vietnam
Stewart Earle Edwin   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Stoddard Brenda A.   Craftsbury Vietnam
Stoddard Donald Wayne   Barton Vietnam
Stone Francis I   Charleston Vietnam
Stone Hugh Elwin Jr.   Glover Vietnam
Stone Roderick F.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Stone Rodney G.   Greensboro Bend Vietnam
Sulborski Edward Jr.   Newport Vietnam
Surprenant Michael G.   Newport Town Vietnam
Swanson Lynn Douglas   Barton Vietnam
Sweeney Grant Dean   Glover Vietnam
Swett Bion A.   Newport Vietnam
Swett Stanley M.   Newport Vietnam
Taplin Raymond A.   Newport Vietnam
Taplin Richard H.   Newport Vietnam
Taylor Bernard G.   Westfield Vietnam
Taylor Lynwood James   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Taylor Ronald G. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Tessier Eugene Leon * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Thayer Charles J.   Newport Vietnam
Theroux Fernard A. * Actually served in Vietnam Country Derby Vietnam
Therrien Marcel Joseph   Troy & N. Troy Vietnam
Thibault Andree Marie see Hardin, Andree M. Barton Vietnam
Thomas Henry Earl   Barton Vietnam
Thompson George C.   Newport Vietnam
Thompson Lanny George   Glover Vietnam
Thompson Laurence Erwin * Actually served in Vietnam Country Barton Vietnam
Thompson Laurence G.   Newport Vietnam
Thompson Paulette A. see Beaudry, Paulette A. Irasburg Vietnam
Thompson Richard L.   Derby Vietnam
Tibbetts Elmer Leon   Barton Vietnam
Tice Maurice A. Jr.   Derby Vietnam

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