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This compliation of various records of veterans in Orleans County, Vermont was done by
Sandra H. McKenny who has generously donated this listing to
the Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page. The data was obtained from the
Vermont Dept of Veterans, http://www.va.state.vt.us/,
that contains names of the veterans who served during a wartime period
(WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War) from each Vermont township they resided in.
Note that the Korean List was provided by the towns and some towns did not
comply and therefore are missing. The Vietnam list is mostly soldiers that were enlisted
at that time period, not necessarily ones who served in Vietnam itself.
I have indicated the veterans that actually served in Vietnam when the
town noted that fact in their list.
Please Note, the Bartonís Koreanís vets list is missing.

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WW I Veterans      WW II Veterans      Korean Veterans      Vietnam Veterans

Surname Givenname   Township War
Abbott Harold E.   Derby WWI
Adams George C.   Newport Town WWI
Adamson Walter A Wounded Derby WWI
Aiken Percy F.   Lowell WWI
Akin Aubrey W.   Newport Town WWI
Albee Max G.   Troy WWI
Aldrich Fred N.   Glover WWI
Aldrich Ophia R.   Morgan WWI
Alexander Glenn H.   Newport Town WWI
Alexander Maynard R.   Lowell WWI
Allard William O.   Barton WWI
Anair Carroll A.   Greensboro WWI
Anderson Fern A.   Glover WWI
Anderson James M.   Craftsbury WWI
Anderson Melvin C.   Glover WWI
Anderson Roy M.   Craftsbury WWI
Andrews Herbert   Troy WWI
Annis Paul C.   Troy WWI
Ansboro Thomas W   Albany WWI
Arbuckle Ray C.   Craftsbury WWI
Archer Charles F.   Newport Town WWI
Archer Roy H.   Charleston WWI
Arkin Abraham E.   Newport Town WWI
Atherton Roy E.   Greensboro WWI
Aubin Joseph R.   Lowell WWI
Audinwood Charles E.   Derby WWI
Austin Clyde G.   Troy WWI
Austin Lyndon E.   Charleston WWI
Austin Mark R.   Newport Town WWI
Badger Ernest L.   Derby WWI
Badger Harry E.   Irasburg WWI
Badger Merton M   Barton WWI
Bail Louis P.   Troy WWI
Bailey Sherburne J.   Newport Town WWI
Bailey Wilfred   Newport Town WWI
Baird James F.   Troy WWI
Baker Harold D.   Glover WWI
Baker Paul   Craftsbury WWI
Baker William W.   Craftsbury WWI
Baraw Frank W.   Jay WWI
Baraw Harvey D.   Jay WWI
Barber Clyde L.   Glover WWI
Barbin Joe   Newport Town WWI
Barney Gerald B.   Charleston WWI
Baron Walter R.   Craftsbury WWI
Barre Isador S.   Westfield WWI
Barrows William P   Barton WWI
Bartlett George C.   Troy WWI
Bartlett Roland W.   Barton WWI
Barton George G.   Barton WWI
Barton Walter H.   Barton WWI
Bassett George W.   Irasburg WWI
Bassett Walter H.   Derby WWI
Bean Venan H.   Glover WWI
Beck Stephen Wounded Barton WWI
Bedard James B.   Newport Town WWI
Beebe Carrol R.   Newport Town WWI
Belisle Adelard   Troy WWI
Bell Louis C.   Westfield WWI
Bell Milton F.   Westfield WWI
Bennett Cecil L.   Holland WWI
Bennett Clara M.   Barton WWI
Bennett Edwin C.   Derby WWI
Bennett Fred A.   Barton WWI
Bennett Sidney F.   Holland WWI
Bennett Wilmer C.   Barton WWI
Benoit Edward E.   Brownington WWI
Benware Clarence J.   Newport Town WWI
Benway Cecil S.   Newport Town WWI
Bernard Arthur J.   Newport Town WWI
Bernard William M.   Newport Town WWI
Berry Bennie A.   Troy WWI
Bessette Alexford J.   Troy WWI
Bibby Edward N.   Craftsbury WWI
Bickford Herbert J.   Troy WWI
Bickford Howard L.   Glover WWI
Bickford Robert L.   Coventry WWI
Bird Perley   Irasburg WWI
Blake Fred L. Jr.   Newport Town WWI
Blake Roy C.   Newport Town WWI
Blanchard Herbert F.   Derby WWI
Blanchette Edward L.   Greensboro WWI
Blay Elmer B. Died in Service Derby WWI
Blay Ora F.   Newport Town WWI
Blodgett George T.   Greensboro WWI
Boivin Albert W.   Newport Town WWI
Bolton Harry A.   Troy WWI
Bona Angelo   Barton WWI
Bond William E.   Newport Town WWI
Boomhower Herbert C.   Newport Town WWI
Borella Ben V.   Newport Town WWI
Borella Charlie B.   Newport Town WWI
Bosley Clyde E. Killed in Action Jay WWI
Bosley Erwin Killed in Action Jay WWI
Bosquet L. H.   Newport Town WWI
Boulet William J.   Derby WWI
Bowen Willis L.   Newport Town WWI
Bowley Harold C.   Newport Town WWI
Brahana Henry R.   Lowell WWI
Bresson Alfred   Newport Town WWI
Brigham Harry C.   Barton WWI
Brooks Carroll W.   Newport Town WWI
Brooks Charles J.   Barton WWI
Brooks Nary J.   Barton WWI
Broome Thomas   Charleston WWI
Brosseau Albert H.   Lowell WWI
Brouillette John J.   Newport Town WWI
Brown Ira H.   Newport Town WWI
Brown Linvil F.   Greensboro WWI
Brown Warren E.   Newport Town WWI
Bruce Carl R.   Derby WWI
Buck Claude R.   Newport Town WWI
Buck Daniel E.   Irasburg WWI
Buck Earl R.   Newport Town WWI
Buck Malcolm I.   Barton WWI
Buck Pervy E.   Glover WWI
Buck Ralph M.   Newport Town WWI
Buckley Walter W. Wounded Barton WWI
Bull Robert R. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Bumps Charles H.   Albany WWI
Burbank Edgar H.   Newport Town WWI
Burbank George M.   Derby WWI
Burke Ernest E.   Derby WWI
Burnham Ivan W.   Westfield WWI
Burnham John   Greensboro WWI
Burroughs Alva L.   Morgan WWI
Burroughs Fred A.   Morgan WWI
Bushey Clarence W.   Barton WWI
Buskey Albert J.   Newport Town WWI
Button Leon W. Died in Service Craftsbury WWI
Buxton Elby M.   Derby WWI
Buzzell Reginald W.   Newport Town WWI
Calkins Rawson H.   Barton WWI
Cameron Uz   Barton WWI
Camp David M.   Newport Town WWI
Campbell Albert   Albany WWI
Campbell John S.   Barton WWI
Canning Thomas W.   Charleston WWI
Canton Arthur E.   Newport Town WWI
Canwell Fred D. Died in Service Barton WWI
Caron Albert F.   Brownington WWI
Carrick John L.   Barton WWI
Cashmore Li9onel A.   Derby WWI
Cassidy James W.   Barton WWI
Centebar George C.   Albany WWI
Chaffee Charles H.   Greensboro WWI
Chaffee Harold R.   Albany WWI
Chaffee Herbert G.   Irasburg WWI
Chaffee Samuel L.   Irasburg WWI
Chaput Hector R.   Newport Town WWI
Charland George T.   Derby WWI
Cheney Leon C.   Derby WWI
Churchill Ira L. Died in Service Craftsbury WWI
Clapper Henry W.   Barton WWI
Clapper Myron G.   Newport Town WWI
Clark Frank A.   Glover WWI
Clark Harry S.   Derby WWI
Clark Leslie M.   Glover WWI
Clark Simeon O.   Barton WWI
Cleveland Lester L.   Derby WWI
Cleveland Walter E.   Coventry WWI
Clqapper Roy E.   Newport Town WWI
Coates Herbert A.   Newport Town WWI
Coathup William J. Wounded Barton WWI
Coburn Howard G.   Irasburg WWI
Cochron Ralph P.   Derby WWI
Colburn Elvin H. Died in Service Charleston WWI
Colby Wesley C.   Barton WWI
Cole Cecil C.   Craftsbury WWI
Cole Clarence E.   Barton WWI
Cole William R.   Barton WWI
Collier Edward E.   Greensboro WWI
Columbia Percy R. Wounded Derby WWI
Comery Fred   Lowell WWI
Comstock Glenn R. Died in Service Barton WWI
Constantine Eugene J.   Newport Town WWI
Constantine Wilfred J.   Newport Town WWI
Converse Harlow J.   Brownington WWI
Cook George T.   Glover WWI
Coolbeth Daniel R.   Newport Town WWI
Coolbeth Lindell   Barton WWI
Cooper Gerald H.   Derby WWI
Coplan Albert   Newport Town WWI
Corey Richard T.   Newport Town WWI
Corliss Edward M.   Derby WWI
Corrow George P.   Coventry WWI
Corrow Willie E.   Coventry WWI
Cosby Royalston F.   Derby WWI
Courser Harold E.   Troy WWI
Cowles Albert L.   Craftsbury WWI
Cowles Chester F.   Derby WWI
Crandall Harold A.   Derby WWI
Crawford Ernest V.   Irasburg WWI
Crawford Fred B.   Newport Town WWI
Critcher Irving L.   Charleston WWI
Crowe Harris J.   Morgan WWI
Cummings Bert   Greensboro WWI
Cummings Clarence C.   Newport Town WWI
Cummings John L.   Irasburg WWI
Currier Walter F.   Barton WWI
Curtis Justin C.   Newport Town WWI
Cushman Darwin E.   Brownington WWI
Dagenais Elmer J.   Newport Town WWI
Dailey Alec T.   Newport Town WWI
Dailey Claude O.   Derby WWI
Dailey Raymond M. Killed in Action Newport Town WWI
Daley John W.   Newport Town WWI
Daniels Carroll W.   Westmore WWI
Darby Cyril R.   Derby WWI
Davenport James W. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Davidson Elmer G.   Charleston WWI
Davignon Silva   Barton WWI
Davio Eddie J.   Newport Town WWI
Davio Fred F.   Newport Town WWI
Davio Fred M.   Derby WWI
Davio Leo A.   Derby WWI
Davis Bradley N.   Newport Town WWI
Davis Donald C.   Newport Town WWI
Davis Earl W.   Newport Town WWI
Davis Hugh E. A.   Newport Town WWI
Davis Wayne H.   Newport Town WWI
Davison Harrison E.   Derby WWI
Day Ernest M.   Derby WWI
Day Ora A.   Newport Town WWI
Dean Robert G.   Barton WWI
Decoteau Francis W.   Newport Town WWI
Decoteau Fred J.   Newport Town WWI
Decoteau Ruth Y.   Newport Town WWI
Degreenia Albert O.   Barton WWI
Degreenia Freeman L.   Barton WWI
Degreenia George W.   Barton WWI
Degreenia Preston M. Died in Service Barton WWI
Deline John R.   Charleston WWI
Deroche Alex   Newport Town WWI
Deslaurier Wilfred L.   Morgan WWI
Desrosiers Alexander W.   Craftsbury WWI
Dewing Clarence I.   Glover WWI
Dewing Leo E. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Dingman Almon U.   Albany WWI
Dodge Arthur E. Wounded Barton WWI
Doe Alton A.   Barton WWI
Doherty Joseph   Newport Town WWI
Doncaster Vernon R.   Newport Town WWI
Dore Aime   Newport Town WWI
Dow Mahlon C. Died in Service Albany WWI
Ducharme Eugene P.   Irasburg WWI
Duffy William J.   Troy WWI
Dunham Clifton R.   Barton WWI
Dunham Roy E.   Newport Town WWI
Dunn Melvin J.   Troy WWI
Durocher Alfred J.   Derby WWI
Dutilly Joseph A.   Barton WWI
Dutton Howard J.   Barton WWI
Dwyer Earl K.   Barton WWI
Edmunds William E.   Barton WWI
Edwards Archie F.   Barton WWI
Edwards Harry E.   Craftsbury WWI
Edwards Willis B.   Newport Town WWI
Egry D. J.   Newport Town WWI
Elie Wilfred R.   Newport Town WWI
Elliott Erwin C.   Newport Town WWI
Elliott Herbert A.   Newport Town WWI
Ellis Wilbur C. J.   Newport Town WWI
Ellsworth Henry V.   Newport Town WWI
Emerson Lee E.   Barton WWI
Emery Donald J.   Newport Town WWI
Emery Merton D.   Craftsbury WWI
Emond Alphonse J.   Barton WWI
Estey Fred S.   Barton WWI
Farman Parke E.   Lowell WWI
Farnsworth Eben A.   Irasburg WWI
Farr George W.   Craftsbury WWI
Farr Robert H. Killed in Action Craftsbury WWI
Farrant Raymond R.   Newport Town WWI
Farrar Dalton E.   Newport Town WWI
Faufaw Gordon G.   Troy WWI
Faufaw Ray W.   Holland WWI
Fellows1 Percy E.   Derby WWI
Ferrill Max B.   Derby WWI
Ferris Harry J.   Newport Town WWI
Findlay Harold G.   Newport Town WWI
Fisette Oscar A.   Newport Town WWI
Fisher Emerson E. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Fisher Joseph Jr.   Albany WWI
Fisk Earl W.   Barton WWI
Fisk Sidney H.   Derby WWI
Fitzpatrick Bruce L.   Derby WWI
Fitzpatrick Lisle P.   Derby WWI
Flagg Rowley S.   Troy WWI
Flanders Harry A.   Barton WWI
Fletcher Fred B.   Albany WWI
Flint Kenneth B.   Newport Town WWI
Floyd Charles M.   Derby WWI
Fortin Cyrille   Derby WWI
Foster Austin T.   Derby WWI
Foster Stephen M.   Derby WWI
Foster William V.   Newport Town WWI
Fowler Nelson M.   Troy WWI
Fox Floyd M.   Brownington WWI
French Gerald D.   Barton WWI
French Paul K.   Barton WWI
Fuller Frank E.   Newport Town WWI
Gage Harris E.   Craftsbury WWI
Gage Raymond V.   Charleston WWI
Gage Wendell P.   Craftsbury WWI
Gagner Morris G.   Newport Town WWI
Gagnon Oliver   Derby WWI
Gale Alfred E.   Newport Town WWI
Gauthier Ralph J.   Newport Town WWI
George Bernie M.   Albany WWI
George Stewart C.   Newport Town WWI
Gilbert Erwin H.   Craftsbury WWI
Gilbert Fay D.   Craftsbury WWI
Gilbert Ray G. Died in Service Craftsbury WWI
Gilman George Killed in Action Troy WWI
Gilmore Guy A.   Derby WWI
Giroux Leon J.   Newport Town WWI
Gochie Celer G.   Greensboro WWI
Goddard Archie L.   Newport Town WWI
Going Leon E.   Brownington WWI
Goss Quincy W.   Coventry WWI
Gosselin Edward   Newport Town WWI
Gosselin Hector   Barton WWI
Goulding Glenis W.   Troy WWI
Graham Harold W.   Albany WWI
Graham Herbert B.   Albany WWI
Grant Henry F.   Morgan WWI
Gray Alexander B.   Brownington WWI
Gray Bert O.   Holland WWI
Gray Millard A.   Barton WWI
Green Joseph F.   Westfield WWI
Gregory Walter E.   Barton WWI
Griffin Theodore J. Died in Service Barton WWI
Griggs Loys E.   Troy WWI
Guild Francis A. Died in Service Barton WWI
Hackett Earl E.   Derby WWI
Hadlock Haweltine R.   Troy WWI
Hall Albert G.   Newport Town WWI
Hall Clarence F. Died in Service Barton WWI
Hall Harold I.   Derby WWI
Hall Maurice L.   Derby WWI
Hamblet Carl C.   Barton WWI
Hamblet Carlton A.   Charleston WWI
Hamlin Eugene E.   Newport Town WWI
Hardy Albert R.   Barton WWI
Harriman Paul L. Died in Service Craftsbury WWI
Harris Ralph H.   Barton WWI
Hartwell William H.   Holland WWI
Hatch Ralph W.   Barton WWI
Hawes Maynard M.   Barton WWI
Hay Alden K.   Derby WWI
Hay Gordon T.   Derby WWI
Hayford warren C.   Derby WWI
Heath Benjamin P.   Newport Town WWI
Heath Elliott J.   Newport Town WWI
Heath Forest R.   Barton WWI
Heath Guy N.   Newport Town WWI
Heath Winthrop N.   Westmore WWI
Hebert Alexander C.   Derby WWI
Hebert John S.   Derby WWI
Heidger Luther C.   Greensboro WWI
Hemmings Roy A.   Barton WWI
Henrichon Alfred F.   Newport Town WWI
Herrick Byron S.   Derby WWI
Heslin George   Charleston WWI
Hildreth Arthur W.   Newport Town WWI
Hill John P. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Hill Perley J. F.   Newport Town WWI
Hilliard Elmer A.   Barton WWI
Hines Ernest F.   Lowell WWI
Hodgkins Ernest J.   Troy WWI
Hodlock Basil M. Wounded Derby WWI
Howe Earle K.   Derby WWI
Howland Walter F.   Barton WWI
Hughes Walter J.   Barton WWI
Humphrey Harry C.   Glover WWI
Hunchik Paul   Barton WWI
Hunt John C.   Greensboro WWI
Hunt Porter F.   Derby WWI
Hunter George C.   Newport Town WWI
Huntington Vernon C.   Newport Town WWI
Hutchinson Chester   Barton WWI
Hutchinson Maynard A.   Newport Town WWI
Ingalls Harlan D.   Irasburg WWI
Ingraham H.   Glover WWI
Inkel Emery   Troy WWI
Jarry Henry R.   Irasburg WWI
Jenkins L. B.   Derby WWI
Jenkins Merrill L.   Barton WWI
Jenkins Willard F.   Derby WWI
Jenne Harry E. [prob a duplicate typo] Newport Town WWI
Jenne Harry E.   Newport Town WWI
Jenne Howard C.   Newport Town WWI
Jenne Leland O.   Derby WWI
Jenne Raymond L.   Derby WWI
Jenness Carl R.   Holland WWI
Jensen Oscar H.   Charleston WWI
Johnson Herbert L.   Greensboro WWI
Johnson Perley G. Wounded Barton WWI
Johnson William W.   Newport Town WWI
Jones James   Newport Town WWI
Joslyn James W.   Newport Town WWI
K-----? ? [could not read this name] Newport Town WWI
Kahlstrom Lewis S.   Irasburg WWI
Keeler Ernest A.   Craftsbury WWI
Keir Fred C.   Craftsbury WWI
Keirn Clyde   Barton WWI
Keirn Wallace W.   Coventry WWI
Keith Donald B.   Newport Town WWI
Keith Stephen W.   Newport Town WWI
Kelley Charles A.   Newport Town WWI
Kelley Fred H.   Derby WWI
Kelley Ray S.   Troy WWI
Kelton Charles O.   Glover WWI
Kemp Frederick L.   Craftsbury WWI
Kenneson Claude R.   Derby WWI
Kenneson Leon H.   Albany WWI
Kennison Arie C.   Irasburg WWI
Kennison Floyd W.   Troy WWI
Kennison Harold E.   Newport Town WWI
Kennison Howard F. Wounded Irasburg WWI
Kerwin Clarence M.   Barton WWI
Kidder James E.   Derby WWI
Kilborn Robert P.   Derby WWI
King Ralph E.   Barton WWI
Kinncy Albert C.   Greensboro WWI
Kinne Amasa B.   Newport Town WWI
Kipp Walter D.   Newport Town WWI
Kittredge Frank T.   Newport Town WWI
Kittredge Guy T.   Newport Town WWI
Kittredge Maurice G.   Newport Town WWI
Knapp Harry E.   Newport Town WWI
Kneeland Raymond E.   Coventry WWI
Krawdak Fred   Barton WWI
Labbe Henry N.   Newport Town WWI
Labounta Philip   Derby WWI
Laclair Trefley C.   Barton WWI
LaCoss Laurence L. Wounded Charleston WWI
LaCourse Alfred E.   Brownington WWI
Lafarrira George   Troy WWI
Lafont Orrin L.   Glover WWI
LaFountain Merton D.   Newport Town WWI
Lahar Benjamin H.   Newport Town WWI
Lahar Joseph E. B.   Newport Town WWI
Lahue Percy D.   Troy WWI
LaMarche Ernest F.   Westfield WWI
Lamarsh Henry J.   Newport Town WWI
Lamonda Wesley S.   Greensboro WWI
Lane Herbert D.   Newport Town WWI
Lang Clarence A.   Barton WWI
Lanpher Voyle W.   Troy WWI
Lapier Harold H.   Troy WWI
LaPlant William E.   Newport Town WWI
Lapoint Archie   Barton WWI
Larock Emery J. Wounded Brownington WWI
Larue Isadore   Barton WWI
Lathe Hollis H.   Craftsbury WWI
Lavallee Joseph B.   Newport Town WWI
Lawson Carroll b.   Newport Town WWI
Lawson Richard C.   Newport Town WWI
Leavitt Dorian G.   Newport Town WWI
Leduc Joseph A.   Barton WWI
Lee Bernard J.   Barton WWI
Lee Edward H.   Barton WWI
Lee Vermon R.   Barton WWI
Legacy Herman E.   Coventry WWI
Leland Adelbert C.   Glover WWI
Leland Harley A.   Glover WWI
Leland Maurice A.   Glover WWI
Leonard Homer M.   Barton WWI
Lepine Adelard   Newport Town WWI
Leroux Ernest C.   Newport Town WWI
Levaggi John   Newport Town WWI
Libby George A. Wounded Glover WWI
Lippens Edmond H.   Newport Town WWI
Lister Wilmot C.   Newport Town WWI
Litchfield Harold G.   Derby WWI
Little Wilbur H.   Derby WWI
Locke Homer M.   Barton WWI
Lockhart George B.   Newport Town WWI
Long Roy L.   Albany WWI
Longe Harold E.   Irasburg WWI
Lontine Albert J.   Newport Town WWI
Loomis Acanaticous L.   Glover WWI
Lorimer Linus J.   Newport Town WWI
Lorimer Monroe J.   Newport Town WWI
Lothrop George E.   Newport Town WWI
Lothrop Mark D.   Barton WWI
Lowell George E.   Newport Town WWI
Lowell Joseph   Newport Town WWI
Lucas Holmes E.   Troy WWI
Lucier Graham C.   Troy WWI
Lund Harry   Newport Town WWI
Lunderville George P.   Derby WWI
Lunderville Harry L.   Derby WWI
Lunderville Jerry A.   Barton WWI
Lunt Burton L.   Greensboro WWI
Lunt Charles E.   Greensboro WWI
Macie Leo Wounded Irasburg WWI
Macomber Albern M.   Troy WWI
Magoon Austin W. Wounded Greensboro WWI
Magoon Dwight C.   Newport Town WWI
Maloney Elbridge W. Died in Service Barton WWI
Maloney Leo A.   Troy WWI
Maloney Walter G.   Troy WWI
Mandigo Howard H.   Troy WWI
Marcou Levi J.   Glover WWI
Margie Ben   Derby WWI
Marois Joseph F.   Derby WWI
Marsh Edmond P.   Derby WWI
Marsh Edmonds P.   Derby WWI
Marsh Harry H. Wounded Morgan WWI
Marshall Lester N. Wounded Barton WWI
Martell Edgar J.   Barton WWI
Martin Burton L.   Craftsbury WWI
Martin Clarence G.   Barton WWI
Martin Harry H.   Craftsbury WWI
Martin Harvey F.   Westfield WWI
Martin Roland D.   Albany WWI
Mason Alner J. Wounded Albany WWI
Mason Sammie   Albany WWI
Mathews Orvis D.   Barton WWI
Matthews Ellsworth D. Wounded Greensboro WWI
Maurer Elmer E. Died in Service Greensboro WWI
Maxfield Walter A.   Newport Town WWI
Mayo Napoleon E.   Newport Town WWI
McAllister Eugene   Lowell WWI
McAllister George   Lowell WWI
McCarty John T. Wounded Newport Town WWI
McGorty Rollin F.   Barton WWI
McGovern Laurence F.   Derby WWI
McKay Francis A   Troy WWI
McKee James C.   Derby WWI
McKinney Lyndon L.   Newport Town WWI
McLean Clifford M.   Newport Town WWI
McLellan Dean P.   Barton WWI
McLellan Hiram J.   Barton WWI
McLeod Richard A.   Derby WWI
McMasters Robert   Albany WWI
McNamara Harold E.   Barton WWI
McWain Donald M.   Barton WWI
Meacham Harold A.   Newport Town WWI
Mercier Laurence D.   Newport Town WWI
Merrill Hardy A.   Craftsbury WWI
Mertz George A.   Derby WWI
Messer Clifford L. Died in Action Lowell WWI
Messier Wilfred P.   Irasburg WWI
Metcalf Otis L.   Lowell WWI
Metcalf Walter W.   Irasburg WWI
Miles Clyde A.   Irasburg WWI
Miles Elbridge C.   Irasburg WWI
Miles Oscar W.   Glover WWI
Miles Ralph A.   Barton WWI
Miller Carl G.   Westfield WWI
Miller Floyd A.   Newport Town WWI
Miller Harold D.   Derby WWI
Miller John A.   Albany WWI
Miller Ralph E.   Derby WWI
Miller William J.   Glover WWI
Miller William W.   Greensboro WWI
Mills Samuel P.   Newport Town WWI
Mitchell Walter E.   Newport Town WWI
Mitson George W.   Newport Town WWI
Montague Earl O.   Albany WWI
Mooney Arthur A.   Newport Town WWI
Mooney Chester W.   Newport Town WWI
Moore Porter J.   Newport Town WWI
Moore Walter E.   Newport Town WWI
Moranville Charles R.   Irasburg WWI
Morin Albert F.   Newport Town WWI
Morin Arthur A.   Newport Town WWI
Morin Arthur J.   Troy WWI
Morin Bert Died in Service Barton WWI
Morley George F.   Craftsbury WWI
Morrill Leo J.   Newport Town WWI
Morrill Olney S.   Newport Town WWI
Morse Ralph E.   Irasburg WWI
Morse Warren F.   Newport Town WWI
Mossa Fred C.   Newport Town WWI
Mossa William A.   Newport Town WWI
Moulton Lawrence F.   Derby WWI
Moulton Phillip S.   Barton WWI
Mullaney Thomas P.   Albany WWI
Myers Francis H.   Newport Town WWI
Nault William J.   Barton WWI
Neddow Willie E.   Brownington WWI
Nelson Asa B.   Derby WWI
Nelson George E.   Derby WWI
Newcity Benjamin C.   Troy WWI
Nolette Homer J.   Barton WWI
Norton Amos E Wounded Barton WWI
Norton Arthur W.   Newport Town WWI
Norton Garray L.   Barton WWI
Norton Henry M.   Newport Town WWI
Owen Alden G.   Barton WWI
Owen Harry   Barton WWI
Owen Oscar O.   Barton WWI
Page George H.   Troy WWI
Page Dwight A.   Troy WWI
Palin Arthur S.   Holland WWI
Palin Joseph   Newport Town WWI
Palmer Harry E.   Craftsbury WWI
Papineau Joseph   Westfield WWI
Paquin Henry P.   Barton WWI
Parker Paul W.   Glover WWI
Parker Russell M.   Newport Town WWI
Patnaude Theodore L. Killed in Action Westfield WWI
Pelkey George L. Killed in Action Newport Town WWI
Pepin Louis V.   Newport Town WWI
Pepin Moses W.   Newport Town WWI
Perkey Fred E.   Newport Town WWI
Perry Willis C. Wounded Westfield WWI
Petell Leon E.   Derby WWI
Petit Leonard J.   Coventry WWI
Petry Arthur O.   Derby WWI
Pierce Clarence D.   Craftsbury WWI
Pike Murray C. [1st letter missing] Irasburg WWI
Piper Milton S. Wounded Greensboro WWI
Pittcha Louis   Newport Town WWI
Place Irving H.   Newport Town WWI
Place Lysle L.   Derby WWI
Poigny Charles F.   Newport Town WWI
Pope Walter H.   Newport Town WWI
Potter Albert W.   Barton WWI
Priest Henry B.   Glover WWI
Priest John E.   Albany WWI
Proctor Wallace C.   Newport Town WWI
Prue Fred A.   Newport Town WWI
Puffer Edward A.   Troy WWI
Putney Harold A.   Derby WWI
Racine Joseph A.   Derby WWI
Ramsdell Harold G.   Barton WWI
Randall Shepard M.   Barton WWI
Ranger J. R.   Troy WWI
Rankin Charles S.   Newport Town WWI
Rash Elwood F.   Barton WWI
Rawson Edward B.   Newport Town WWI
Raymond Clayton E. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Reed Earl G. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Reed Grant D.   Barton WWI
Revoir Arthur F.   Barton WWI
Revoir Arthur F.   Irasburg WWI
Revoir Clarence E.   Barton WWI
Reynolds Henry C.   Newport Town WWI
Rhodes Cyrus E.   Newport Town WWI
Ricard Remi J.   Newport Town WWI
Richards Bond C.   Newport Town WWI
Rixford Wallace L.   Newport Town WWI
Roberge Joseph   Troy WWI
Roberts Benjamin   Newport Town WWI
Robinson Charles P.   Barton WWI
Rodey Guy W.   Derby WWI
Rogers Erald E.   Newport Town WWI
Rogers Max E. Wounded Troy WWI
Rollins Burton C.   Newport Town WWI
Rollins Carroll C.   Barton WWI
Root Edmund M.   Craftsbury WWI
Root Ernest E.   Troy WWI
Rossi George J.   Barton WWI
Rossi John D.   Barton WWI
Rossier Hardy S.   Newport Town WWI
Rouse George F.   Lowell WWI
Rowell George B.   Barton WWI
Rowell Hugh G.   Barton WWI
Rowell Lewis W.   Derby WWI
Rowell Wellman H.   Newport Town WWI
Rowen James P. Died in Service Barton WWI
Ruiter Carl W.   Charleston WWI
Ruiter Harold C.   Charleston WWI
Russell Leonard R.   Barton WWI
Ryan Bernard J.   Barton WWI
Ryer Teddie O.   Barton WWI
Salls Carroll E.   Derby WWI
Sanborn Homer   Newport Town WWI
Sanborn Lynn C. Died in Service Barton WWI
Sanborn Ernest W.   Glover WWI
Sanders Robert R.   Albany WWI
Sanders Wayne A.   Albany WWI
Santaw Edward P. Died in Service Troy WWI
Sargent Arthur M.   Troy WWI
Sargent Howard D.   Troy WWI
Savage Bernard E.   Barton WWI
Savage Reginald M.   Barton WWI
Sawyer Chester A.   Derby WWI
Schayltz Lemuel J.   Derby WWI
Schultz Frederick   Barton WWI
Scott Alba G.   Morgan WWI
Scott Albert W.   Barton WWI
Scott Nathaniel W.   Barton WWI
Sears Harlan A. [1st letter missing] Irasburg WWI
Seaver Amory D.   Barton WWI
Seguin Albert J.   Newport Town WWI
Sevigny Albert Wounded Troy WWI
Sevigny William E.   Troy WWI
Shackett John   Irasburg WWI
Shafe Herbert F.   Derby WWI
Shampain Albert H.   Derby WWI
Shanty William F.   Newport Town WWI
Sheehan Goerge R.   Newport Town WWI
Sheldon Charles H.   Barton WWI
Sheperd Harold J.   Irasburg WWI
Sheperd Preston G.   Barton WWI
Sherbert Albert H. Wounded Westfield WWI
Sherlaw Heyland E.   Newport Town WWI
Sherman Robert W.   Derby WWI
Shindel Abraham Wounded Newport Town WWI
Shufelt Gordon W.   Newport Town WWI
Shufelt Harris R.   Lowell WWI
Shufelt Leon L.   Lowell WWI
Shugars Thomas E.   Newport Town WWI
Silver Loren V.   Newport Town WWI
Silver Raymond L.   Greensboro WWI
Silver Robert T.   Greensboro WWI
Skinner Preston C.   Barton WWI
Smith Alonzo H.   Newport Town WWI
Smith Charles GT.   Newport Town WWI
Smith Ellis A.   Coventry WWI
Smith Harvey G.   Derby WWI
Smith Henry J.   Derby WWI
Smith Luther T.   Greensboro WWI
Smithers Otis S. Died in Service Barton WWI
Snay Fred G.   Newport Town WWI
Sockol Samuel H. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Somers Henry E.   Newport Town WWI
Spaulding James E.   Charleston WWI
Spillar Elvin C.   Morgan WWI
Spiller Alvin B.   Morgan WWI
Squires Charles J.   Newport Town WWI
Squires Dwight H.   Derby WWI
St. Onge Clayton C.   Troy WWI
Standish Edward D.   Coventry WWI
Stearns Earnest F.   Newport Town WWI
Stearns Harland C.   Barton WWI
Stearns Herbert A.   Derby WWI
Stephenson Pearl B.   Lowell WWI
Stephenson Sanford I.   Lowell WWI
Stevens Frank E.   Barton WWI
Stevens Harley W.   Derby WWI
Stevens Harry D.   Newport Town WWI
Stewart William M.   Troy WWI
Stone George H.   Barton WWI
Stone Sheldon H.   Barton WWI
Storey Carroll Wounded Newport Town WWI
Storey Edward C.   Newport Town WWI
Stratton Alfred E.   Craftsbury WWI
Stratton Carlton W.   Craftsbury WWI
Stuart Tabor E.   Derby WWI
Sweetland Bert   Irasburg WWI
Sweetland Maurice Killed in Action Albany WWI
Sykes Gordon B.   Derby WWI
Sykes Oscar T. Wounded Holland WWI
Sylvester Benjamin   Lowell WWI
Tabor Everett L.   Holland WWI
Talbot Leon   Newport Town WWI
Taylor Clement   Newport Town WWI
Taylor Elijah W.   Barton WWI
Taylor Harley E. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Taylor George   Newport Town WWI
Tencarre Benjamin G. Wounded Barton WWI
Tetreault Thomas B. Wounded Newport Town WWI
Thibeaudeau John   Newport Town WWI
Thibodeau George   Newport Town WWI
Thompson Frank G.   Coventry WWI
Tinkham Charles L.   Newport Town WWI
Tracy Durward L.   Troy WWI
Tripp Albion F.   Newport Town WWI
Trucott Charles H.   Derby WWI
Turcotte Ephriam G.   Holland WWI
Urie Foster J.   Glover WWI
Urie Leslie R.   Albany WWI
Urie Walter R.   Albany WWI
Vance Clyde S.   Glover WWI
Vance Orlo C.   Albany WWI
Vanier Albert J.   Newport Town WWI
Vervella George   Newport Town WWI
Vinton Guy E.   Newport Town WWI
Washer Oscar N. [1st letter missing-prob 'W'] Irasburg WWI
Webb Charles H.   Derby WWI
Wells Clarence A.   Newport Town WWI
Wells Perley L.   Irasburg WWI
Wesotver Earl J. [prob a typo=Westover] Troy WWI
Westover Rogers   Newport Town WWI
Westover William D. Wounded Troy WWI
Wetherill Robert G.   Newport Town WWI
Wheeler Frank Wounded Lowell WWI
Wheeler Herbert H.   Irasburg WWI
Wheelock Guy E.   Troy WWI
Wheelock Hiram H.   Troy WWI
Whitcher Charles D.   Derby WWI
White William H.   Troy WWI
White Carl S.   Troy WWI
Whitehill Raymond M.   Morgan WWI
Whitney Harry A.   Albany WWI
Wilder Harry C.   Charleston WWI
Wilkie Frederick E.   Barton WWI
Wilkie Maynard H.   Barton WWI
Willard Sidney C.   Derby WWI
Willey Morris E.   Newport Town WWI
Willey Stacey W.   Craftsbury WWI
Willey Clarence e.   Barton WWI
Williams Leo W.   Albany WWI
Williamson William H.   Newport Town WWI
Willis Ralph A.   Westfield WWI
Willows Lawrence A.   Newport Town WWI
Wills Levi M.   Westmore WWI
Wills William J.   Westmore WWI
Wilson Charles H.   Troy WWI
Wilson Clarence E.   Morgan WWI
Wilson Clayton H.   Barton WWI
Wilson Harold L.   Morgan WWI
Wilson Howard R.   Newport Town WWI
Wilson Leon C.   Craftsbury WWI
Wilson Roland E.   Charleston WWI
Wing Benjamin F.   Albany WWI
Wing Gordon F. [1st letter missing-prob 'W'] Irasburg WWI
Winslow George F. Died in Service Derby WWI
Wolcott Charles R. Wounded Charleston WWI
Wood Harold R.   Newport Town WWI
Wood Robert A.   Newport Town WWI
Wood? ? [did not copy] Newport Town WWI
Woodard Harold G.   Westmore WWI
Woodard Raymond C.   Charleston WWI
Woodard Walter H.   Newport Town WWI
Woodbury Howard O.   Barton WWI
Woodcock Justin S. Wounded Coventry WWI
Worth Riley E.   Holland WWI
Wosilesky Daniel Died in Service Barton WWI
Wright Frank Died in Service Barton WWI
Wright Scott A.   Albany WWI
Wright Walter W.   Troy WWI
Young Frederick A.   Troy WWI
Young Clarence G.   Glover WWI

Surname Givenname   Township War
Abel Henry J.   Newport WWII
Abel John H.   Newport WWII
Adams Ananda W.   Glover WWII
Adams Ransom W.   Troy WWII
Adams Ruth C.   Derby WWII
Aiken Wilson P.   Troy WWII
Akin Aubrey W.   Newport WWII
Akin John C.   Newport WWII
Alberghini Lester J.   Troy WWII
Alberghini Roy E.   Barton WWII
Alberghini William L.   Newport WWII
Albrycht Francis   Newport WWII
Alderson Richard Killed in Action Newport WWII
Aldrich Edwin J.   Barton WWII
Alexander Edward S.   Irasburg WWII
Alexander Gordon L.   Newport WWII
Alexander Joseph W.   Barton WWII
Alger John D.   Newport WWII
Allaire Donald E.   Craftsbury WWII
Allaire Norman E.   Craftsbury WWII
Allaire Philip P.   Craftsbury WWII
Allard Neree R.   Barton WWII
Allbee Newland G. Jr.   Derby WWII
Allen David R.   Newport WWII
Allen Donald V.   Barton WWII
Allen George A. Jr.   Troy WWII
Allen George W.   Newport WWII
Allen Howard C. Jr. Howard C. Newport WWII
Allen Howard H.   Greensboro WWII
Allen John G.   Troy WWII
Allen Neal H.   Barton WWII
Allen Richmond C.   Troy WWII
Allen Vergial R.   Barton WWII
Ames Murray L.   Albany WWII
Andersen Stuart J.   Craftsbury WWII
Anderson Billy W.   Barton WWII
Anderson Earl H.   Glover WWII
Anderson Glendon A. Sr.   Glover WWII
Angler Herbert I. Wounded Westfield WWII
Angler Marie E.   Westfield WWII
Angstreich Herbert S. Wounded Newport WWII
Annis Hazen T.   Barton WWII
Aplington Henry II   Derby WWII
Applin George B.   Westmore WWII
Archambault Albert L.   Derby WWII
Archambault Ernest L.   Derby WWII
Archambault James E.   Derby WWII
Arkin Joseph   Newport WWII
Arkin Simon   Newport WWII
Armstrong Gilbert L.   Troy WWII
Armstrong Gilbert S.   Newport WWII
Armstrong Richard G.   Newport Center WWII
Armstrong William C.   Charleston WWII
Ashe Earl M.   Barton WWII
Ashe Harold E.   Barton WWII
Ashner Norman C.   Newport WWII
Atherton Henry V.   Barton WWII
Atherton Paul R.   Craftsbury WWII
Austin Arthur S.   Barton WWII
Austin Burton W.   Charleston WWII
Austin Frances C.   Barton WWII
Austin Richard F.   Newport WWII
Austin Robert O.   Barton WWII
Austin Roger H.   Troy WWII
Austin Warren L.   Barton WWII
Austin William L.   Charleston WWII
Azur George J. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Bacon Alfred R.   Troy WWII
Badger Russell A.   Derby WWII
Bailey Charles P.   Craftsbury WWII
Bailey Clark J.   Barton WWII
Bailey Emera S.   Newport WWII
Bailey Frank W.   Barton WWII
Bailey Kenneth R.   Newport WWII
Bailey Stanley R.   Newport WWII
Baird Emery L.   Barton WWII
Baird Lyle G.   Barton WWII
Baker Alger R.   Craftsbury WWII
Baker Earl W.   Craftsbury WWII
Baker Leon H.   Newport WWII
Ballard Helen A.   Greensboro WWII
Banfield William A.   Newport WWII
Baraw Durward C.   Troy WWII
Barber Cleveland M. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Barber Dean E.   Glover WWII
Barlow Gordon A.   Coventry WWII
Barlow Kenneth F.   Newport WWII
Barnard Orlo E. Jr.   Craftsbury WWII
Barnard Walter D.   Newport Center WWII
Barnett Earle A.   Newport WWII
Barney Earle T.   Barton WWII
Barney Maurice O.   Charleston WWII
Barney Ralph S.   Barton WWII
Barre Maurice E.   Barton WWII
Barrup Wayne D.   Charleston WWII
Barry Richard L.   Brownington WWII
Barter Elson F.   Newport WWII
Bartlett Ralph G.   Newport Center WWII
Bartlett Theodore W.   Newport WWII
Bates Eugene A.   Newport WWII
Bathalon Albert F.   Troy WWII
Bathalon Philippe   Newport Center WWII
Baxter William A.   Barton WWII
Beadle Marvin N.   Newport Center WWII
Beadle Roger H.   Newport WWII
Bean Albie A.   Troy WWII
Bean Donald C.   Troy WWII
Beattie Nelson B.   Newport WWII
Beaudoin Joseph A. Wounded Craftsbury WWII
Beaudry Gaston J.   Irasburg WWII
Beaudry Raymond A.   Irasburg WWII
Beaudry Rene M.   Irasburg WWII
Beaulieu Alfred N.   Newport WWII
Beaulieu Ephrem L.   Newport WWII
Beaupre Pershing Wounded Newport WWII
Beck Charles E.   Derby WWII
Beck Frederick J. Wounded Newport WWII
Beck Gordon A. Killed in Action Derby WWII
Beck Henry H. Wounded Newport WWII
Beck Howard N. Wounded Newport WWII
Beck William G.   Newport WWII
Bedard Paul E.   Newport WWII
Bedard Paul F.   Derby WWII
Bedell Harold L.   Newport WWII
Bedell Walter L.   Newport WWII
Before John E.   Newport WWII
Before Maurice T.   Newport WWII
Before Richard N.   Newport WWII
Before Roland A.   Derby WWII
Before Wayne V.   Newport WWII
Belair Gerard R. Wounded Troy WWII
Belanger Carroll G.   Barton WWII
Belanger Ernest R.   Irasburg WWII
Beldon Raymond W.   Troy WWII
Bell Roland E.   Derby WWII
Bell Sidney   Derby WWII
Belway Theodore R.   Brownington WWII
Bennett Bernard M.   Barton WWII
Bennett Carleton F.   Barton WWII
Bennett Earl C.   Irasburg WWII
Bennett Edwin R.   Newport WWII
Bennett Fred A.   Barton WWII
Bennett John T.   Newport WWII
Bennett Robert C.   Newport WWII
Bennett Robert W.   Barton WWII
Bennett Sherman S. Jr.   Irasburg WWII
Bennett Shirley A.   Newport WWII
Benson Patrick A.   Troy WWII
Benware George Jr.   Newport WWII
Benware Gordon R. Wounded Lowell WWII
Benware Harold M.   Westfield WWII
Benway Cecil E.   Newport WWII
Benway Merle E.   Irasburg WWII
Bergeron Andrew   Newport WWII
Bergeron Eli J.   Newport WWII
Bergeron Euclide   Newport WWII
Bergeron Leo A. M.   Newport WWII
Bergeron Normand J.   Newport Center WWII
Berry George F.   Newport WWII
Berthiaume Jean P.B. Killed in Action Westfield WWII
Besemer Siegfried M.   Troy WWII
Bickford Daniel N.   Newport WWII
Bickford Edwin H.   Barton WWII
Bickford Gardner L.   Troy WWII
Bickford Glendon R.   Coventry WWII
Bickford Herbert L.   Troy WWII
Bickford Owen C.   Glover WWII
Bickford Warren E.   Newport WWII
Bickford Woodrow   Newport WWII
Bigelow Charles F.   Newport WWII
Bigelow Robert S.   Newport WWII
Bird Charles K.   Greensboro WWII
Bird Henry J.   Albany WWII
Bird William H.   Greensboro WWII
Bishop Carroll S. Wounded Derby WWII
Bishop Charles M.   Charleston WWII
Bishop Dean F.   Newport WWII
Bishop Gordon A.   Barton WWII
Bishop Lawrence H. Discharged Newport WWII
Bishop Norman E. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Bishop Ralph C.   Barton WWII
Bishop Wilfred M.   Craftsbury WWII
Blair Earl H.   Newport WWII
Blair Edward W. Wounded Glover WWII
Blais Benoit U.   Derby WWII
Blais Joseph R.   Holland WWII
Blais Joseph S. P.   Barton WWII
Blake Charles F.   Newport WWII
Blake Herbert L.   Newport WWII
Blanchard Earl H.   Barton WWII
Blanchard Harry S.   Barton WWII
Blanchard Howard R.   Barton WWII
Blanchard James B.   Barton WWII
Blanchard Robert M.   Barton WWII
Blay Albert M.   Barton WWII
Blay Allen J.   Newport WWII
Blay Clayton R.   Newport WWII
Blay Frederick E.   Derby WWII
Blay Oscar O.   Derby WWII
Blay Paul A.   Newport WWII
Blay Percy E.   Newport WWII
Blay Sydney J.   Barton WWII
Bliss Lucien B.   Newport WWII
Blodah Donald E.   Newport WWII
Blodgett Donald L.   Barton WWII
Blodgett Jerald H.   Troy WWII
Blodgett Walter F.   Barton WWII
Blood Ray E.   Barton WWII
Blouin Albert C.   Barton WWII
Bly Harley S. Wounded Charleston WWII
Boardman Erwin J.   Greensboro WWII
Boardman Fredie G.   Craftsbury WWII
Bocash Frederick W.   Troy WWII
Boissy Joseph G.   Derby WWII
Boisvert Gerard   Barton WWII
Bond Roy E.   Derby WWII
Bonin Louis A.   Charleston WWII
Borella John L.   Newport WWII
Borella Richard C.   Newport WWII
Borella William G.   Newport WWII
Boright Eben C.   Newport WWII
Boucher Albert E. Wounded Newport WWII
Bouffard Edmond A.   Newport WWII
Bouffard Gerard A.   Newport WWII
Boulanger Benjamin J.   Newport WWII
Boulanger David G.   Barton WWII
Boulanger Francis J.   Barton WWII
Boulanger George L.   Barton WWII
Boulanger Raymond G.   Newport WWII
Boulanger Raymond L.   Barton WWII
Bourcier Armand J.   Barton WWII
Bourcier Joseph A. L.   Barton WWII
Bourdeau Alfred J.   Barton WWII
Bouthillier Antonine H.   Brownington WWII
Bouthillier George S.   Barton WWII
Boutin Edmond J.   Barton WWII
Boutin Norman M. Wounded Troy WWII
Boutin Vincent E.   Newport WWII
Bowen Dwight W.   Newport Center WWII
Bowen Floyd H.   Charleston WWII
Bowen Gordon E.   Derby WWII
Bowen Gordon E.   Newport WWII
Bowen Harold E. Jr.   Charleston WWII
Bowen Meirle L.   Albany WWII
Bowen Roderick D.   Newport Center WWII
Bowen Therald L.   Newport WWII
Bowman Alden E. Discharged Newport WWII
Brackett Lester M.   Newport WWII
Bradford Beverly M.   Charleston WWII
Bransford Charles W.   Newport WWII
Brault Albert A.   Lowell WWII
Brault Jean P.   Barton WWII
Brault Louis P.   Barton WWII
Bray Howard S.   Barton WWII
Bray Wallace S.   Barton WWII
Breault Homer L.   Troy WWII
Breault Joseph P.   Newport WWII
Breault Thomas W.   Troy WWII
Bresson Frederick E.   Troy WWII
Brien Armand J. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Brien Oliva J. A.   Newport WWII
Briggs Wayne H.   Newport WWII
Britch Roland N.   Newport WWII
Britch Stewart S.   Barton WWII
Brochu Leonel B.   Greensboro WWII
Brodeur Lucien L.   Troy WWII
Brodeur Paul U.   Troy WWII
Brohan Joseph W.   Barton WWII
Brooks Dale W.   Newport WWII
Brooks Hilton H.   Troy WWII
Brooks Lincoln L.   Troy WWII
Brooks Neil W.   Glover WWII
Brooks Paul W. Jr.   Glover WWII
Brooks Ross W.   Glover WWII
Broome Thomas R. Jr.   Charleston WWII
Brouillard Rosario J.   Troy WWII
Brouillette William H. Wounded Newport WWII
Brow Felix H. Jr.   Albany WWII
Brow Raymond F.   Albany WWII
Brow Robert J.   Glover WWII
Brown Arnold G.   Newport WWII
Brown Arthur D.   Newport WWII
Brown Bernard W.   Newport WWII
Brown Clarence S.   Newport WWII
Brown Elwyn L.   Newport WWII
Brown Floyd C.   Barton WWII
Brown Frederick H.   Barton WWII
Brown Gordon L.   Newport WWII
Brown Isaac C.   Newport WWII
Brown Joseph C.   Newport WWII
Brown Karl R.   Newport WWII
Brown Kenneth W.   Greensboro WWII
Brown Lawrence I.   Charleston WWII
Brown Lyle E.   Newport WWII
Brown Romanzo G.   Newport WWII
Brown Sydney U.   Newport WWII
Buchanan Earl W.   Newport WWII
Buck Daniel G.   Derby WWII
Buck Henry H.   Newport WWII
Buck Maurice C.   Charleston WWII
Buck Orland L.   Newport WWII
Buck Ralph N.   Barton WWII
Buck Royce J.   Newport WWII
Buckland Charles G.   Newport WWII
Buckland Forest A.   Newport WWII
Buckland Lee S.   Newport WWII
Buckland Tabor C.   Barton WWII
Bullis Charles O. Wounded Westfield WWII
Bullock Thomas A.   Derby WWII
Burbank Clayton R.   Albany WWII
Burdick John K.   Newport WWII
Burdick Willard S.   Barton WWII
Burgess Kendall B.   Barton WWII
Burgess Walter W.   Newport WWII
Burkewitz Alfred H.   Newport WWII
Burkewitz John W. Jr.   Coventry WWII
Burlton Arthur W.   Newport WWII
Burnett Norman A.   Coventry WWII
Burnham Laura T.   Barton WWII
Burnham Richard H.   Barton WWII
Burns Bernard   Troy WWII
Burroughs Rudolph J.   Holland WWII
Burt Donald A. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Bushaw Nelson O.   Derby WWII
Bushey Alfred C.   Newport WWII
Bushey Durward E.   Troy WWII
Buskey Raymond A.   Barton WWII
Buskey Robert O.   Barton WWII
Bussiere Maurice J.   Newport Center WWII
Butler Arland A.   Irasburg WWII
Butler Bernard D.   Barton WWII
Butler Clayton W.   Albany WWII
Butler Francis C.   Irasburg WWII
Butler George M.   Craftsbury WWII
Butt Lemiah G.   Barton WWII
Butterfield David W.   Troy WWII
Buzzell Hall G.   Newport WWII
Byers Howard W.   Newport WWII
Byers Richard S.   Derby WWII
Cadieux John P.   Troy WWII
Cadieux Roland J. Wounded Troy WWII
Calkins Keith W.   Westmore WWII
Calkins Richard M.   Barton WWII
Calloway Blaine O.   Newport WWII
Cameron Robert M.   Barton WWII
Camley Robert W.   Albany WWII
Campbell Ange E. Discharged Newport WWII
Campbell Jean M.   Newport WWII
Caples Arnold R.   Newport WWII
Caples Edward E.   Troy WWII
Carbonneau Francis D.   Newport WWII
Caron Bruce W.   Barton WWII
Caron Ernest E.   Craftsbury WWII
Caron Paul E.   Greensboro WWII
Carpenter Chester A.   Derby WWII
Carpenter Kendall G.   Barton WWII
Carpenter Raymond P.   Derby WWII
Carpenter Wilma W.   Derby WWII
Carr Jess H.   Newport WWII
Carr Wilfred   Derby WWII
Carroll William J.   Derby WWII
Carter Melvin H.   Newport WWII
Carter Myron E. Killed in Action Troy WWII
Carter Raymond A.   Troy WWII
Carter Sidney O.   Newport WWII
Casavant Andre S. Wounded Irasburg WWII
Case Thomas H.   Newport WWII
Cass Helen G.   Barton WWII
Cassidy Bernard F.   Barton WWII
Cassidy Clyde C. Jr.   Barton WWII
Cavanaugh James A. Jr.   Newport WWII
Cavanaugh John F.   Newport WWII
Celley Murray E.   Barton WWII
Chabot Horanat P.   Newport WWII
Chabot Paul H.   Newport WWII
Chabot Paul L.   Newport Center WWII
Chaffee Carlton H.   Irasburg WWII
Chaffee Clyde L.   Newport WWII
Chaffee Dale E.   Greensboro WWII
Chaffee Edward E. Wounded Newport WWII
Chaffee Edwin E. Wounded Newport WWII
Chaffee Jr. Reuben G.   Greensboro WWII
Chaffee Richard E.   Newport WWII
Chamberlin Harris M.   Barton WWII
Champagne Henry J. Wounded Newport WWII
Champagne Robert F. J.   Newport WWII
Chapdelaine Robert P.   Barton WWII
Chappell Raymond P.   Barton WWII
Charland Bernard H.   Morgan WWII
Chase Linwood E.   Craftsbury WWII
Cheney Erwin D.   Newport WWII
Cheney Francis E.   Newport WWII
Cheney George F.   Newport WWII
Cheney Leo W.   Newport WWII
Cheney Maynard C.   Newport WWII
Chicoine Leo G.   Albany WWII
Chilafoux Henry G.   Barton WWII
Choiniere Raymond W. Wounded Brownington WWII
Choiniere Real J.   Barton WWII
Choiniers Leonel D.   Brownington WWII
Choquette Charles L. P.   Newport WWII
Choquette Joseph H.   Newport WWII
Choquette Paul C.   Derby WWII
Choquette Raymond T.   Barton WWII
Choquette Robert C.   Barton WWII
Choquette Rosaire J.   Westfield WWII
Chugg John W.   Derby WWII
Ciechanowicz Antoni J.   Barton WWII
Clark Allen M.   Barton WWII
Clark Dale W. Wounded Newport WWII
Clark Robert D.   Glover WWII
Clark Robert E.   Barton WWII
Clement Howard R.   Newport WWII
Clement Maurice P.   Greensboro WWII
Clifford Everett P.   Barton WWII
Clogston Marion E.   Troy WWII
Cloutier Raoul J.   Barton WWII
Cloutier Raymond L.   Barton WWII
Cloutier Rodolphe J.   Barton WWII
Coburn Dean F.   Newport WWII
Coburn Herbert W.   Newport WWII
Coffin Robert F. Sr.   Newport WWII
Colburn Albert G.   Glover WWII
Colburn Maurice E.   Barton WWII
Colburn Maynard H   Newport WWII
Colburn Murton A.   Charleston WWII
Colby Carl W.   Barton WWII
Cole Earle I.   Glover WWII
Cole Harry H.   Albany WWII
Cole Howard W. Wounded Greensboro WWII
Collette Albert J.   Glover WWII
Collette Maurice R.   Barton WWII
Collier Craig R.   Greensboro WWII
Collier Durwood   Greensboro WWII
Collier Howard R.   Greensboro WWII
Collins Durward P.   Westfield WWII
Collins Lucien V.   Newport WWII
Collins Otis W.   Newport WWII
Collins Paul F.   Greensboro WWII
Collins Reginald L.   Newport WWII
Collins Robert L. Wounded Greensboro WWII
Collins Wallace E.   Greensboro WWII
Columbia Gordon C.   Newport Center WWII
Columbia Richard W.   Newport WWII
Columbia Ronald C.   Newport WWII
Comeau Stanley A.   Newport WWII
Comtois Albert A.   Lowell WWII
Comtois Arthur   Lowell WWII
Comtois Victor H.   Lowell WWII
Conkendale J. C.   Newport WWII
Conley Dale M.   Barton WWII
Conn Percy A.   Derby WWII
Cook Charles B.   Albany WWII
Cooley Sherrill M. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Coolidge Melvin O.   Newport WWII
Copp Stirling W.   Derby WWII
Corey Alden E.   Newport WWII
Corkins Albert C.   Newport WWII
Corkins Rudolph E. Wounded Newport WWII
Corliss Aubird J.   Glover WWII
Corliss James H.   Newport WWII
Corliss Kermit K.   Glover WWII
Corneau Nelson E.   Derby WWII
Corrow Bernard C.   Newport WWII
Cota Alfred R.   Barton WWII
Cota Russell F.   Barton WWII
Cote Andrew L.   Derby WWII
Cote Evarice V.   Newport WWII
Cote Paul M.   Barton WWII
Cote Raymond N.   Barton WWII
Cotnoir Albert J.   Barton WWII
Cotnoir Horacetus E. Wounded Barton WWII
Courchesne Emile L.   Newport WWII
Coutu Jeanne C.   Westfield WWII
Coutu Marcel R.   Westfield WWII
Cowens Andrew W.   Derby WWII
Cowles David R.   Barton WWII
Cox Ralph E. Jr.   Craftsbury WWII
Cox Robert A.   Craftsbury WWII
Craft Harold J.   Newport WWII
Craig Paul   Newport WWII
Crandall Joseph M.   Newport WWII
Crandall Rowley C.   Newport WWII
Crane John M.   Newport WWII
Crane Robert C.   Troy WWII
Crawford Dennis H.   Newport WWII
Crawford Ernest V.   Barton WWII
Crawford Fred B.   Newport WWII
Crichton Francis A.   Newport WWII
Crichton John A.   Newport WWII
Crichton Oliver W.   Newport WWII
Cross Philip W.   Derby WWII
Cummings Frederick E.   Barton WWII
Currier Arthur J.   Glover WWII
Currier Lawrence C.   Barton WWII
Currier Maurice A.   Barton WWII
Currier Maynard A.   Newport WWII
Currier Norman E.   Barton WWII
Currier Paul J.   Barton WWII
Currier Walter E.   Barton WWII
Curtis Donald T.   Newport WWII
Curtis Roland W.   Derby WWII
Cushing Addison C.   Troy WWII
Cushing Lawrence J.   Troy WWII
Cushing Lyle A.   Newport WWII
Cushing Nelson N.   Troy WWII
Cushing Ronald N.   Troy WWII
Cutler Henry M.   Barton WWII
Daigle Raymond P.   Newport WWII
Daigle Robert F .   Newport WWII
Daigneault Raymond G.   Newport WWII
Dailey Reginald E.   Newport WWII
Daley Rudolph J.   Newport WWII
Damon Arthur J.   Barton WWII
Damon Clifton G.   Barton WWII
Damon Edmond E. Wounded Barton WWII
Damon Gerald C.   Barton WWII
Damon Howard H.   Barton WWII
Damon Leander J.   Barton WWII
Damon Wallace L.   Barton WWII
Dane Irvin A.   Charleston WWII
Dane Oliver S .   Newport WWII
Daniels Ernest J.   Newport WWII
Daniels Joseph W.   Newport WWII
Darby Paul. L.   Derby WWII
Darby Robert W.   Derby WWII
Darling Arnold A.   Craftsbury WWII
Darling Donald A.   Craftsbury WWII
Darling Lee E.   Craftsbury WWII
Darling Loren N.   Craftsbury WWII
Davidson William E.   Troy WWII
Davies Winslow A.   Barton WWII
Davio Donald   Derby WWII
Davio Elroy D.   Newport WWII
Davis Everett L.   Craftsbury WWII
Davis Frederick P.   Newport WWII
Davis Richard H.   Newport WWII
Davis Robert L. Wounded Troy WWII
Davis Roger E.   Newport WWII
Davis Rogers E.   Barton WWII
Dawson Ralph E.   Troy WWII
Dawson Willie A.   Newport WWII
Day Calvin P.   Newport WWII
Day Cyril O.   Newport WWII
Day Howard E. Jr.   Newport WWII
Deaette Howard T. Wounded Troy WWII
Dean Elwin W.   Irasburg WWII
Decker Harry P.   Barton WWII
Decoteau Charles E.   Newport WWII
Decoteau James W.   Newport WWII
DeGreenia Howard E.   Barton WWII
Demers Domique G.   Newport WWII
Demick Paul E.   Barton WWII
Demontigny Joseph O.   Newport WWII
Derusha Harley W.   Derby WWII
Descheneaux Joseph A.   Troy WWII
Deslandes Lucien O.   Jay WWII
Deslauriers Liboire S.   Greensboro WWII
Dewing Maynard E.   Glover WWII
Dewing Winston G.   Barton WWII
Deyormin Harry R.   Barton WWII
Diette Ernest C.   Glover WWII
Dodge Merle A.   Barton WWII
Doe Helen B.   Barton WWII
Doe Quentin M.   Barton WWII
Doe Robert R. Wounded Barton WWII
Domina Andrew J.   Holland WWII
Domina Leonidas C.   Derby WWII
Donley Leo W.   Barton WWII
Dority Norman V. Killed in Action Troy WWII
Douglas Robert J. Wounded Newport WWII
Dow Carlton W.   Newport WWII
Dowland Edward L. Killed in Action Derby WWII
Dowland Robert H.   Derby WWII
Dowland Russell T.   Derby WWII
Downing Carlton R.   Barton WWII
Downing Dalton J.   Derby WWII
Doyen David G.   Newport WWII
Doyle Alton L.   Newport WWII
Doyle Donald J.   Albany WWII
Doyon Alphonse Z.   Derby WWII
Drake Leland G.   Coventry WWII
Drake Philip   Derby WWII
Draper Herbert H.   Greensboro WWII
Drew Charles W.   Newport WWII
Drew Natalie M.   Newport WWII
Drew Patricia A.   Barton WWII
Drew Plinnie E. Discharged Glover WWII
Drew Rolf H.   Glover WWII
Drown Bruce E.   Barton WWII
Drown Carlos D.   Barton WWII
Drown Colin C.   Newport WWII
Drown Ernest W. Wounded Barton WWII
Drown Grosvenor I.   Barton WWII
Drown Lyle G. Jr.   Newport WWII
Drown Lyle G. Sr.   Newport WWII
Drown Richard H.   Troy WWII
Drown Romanzo G.   Barton WWII
Dubois Dean A.   Troy WWII
Dubois Gerard L.   Newport Center WWII
Dubois Keith A.   Troy WWII
Dubois Ralph G.   Barton WWII
Duchesneau Leon A.   Newport WWII
Duckless Kenneth E.   Newport WWII
Dudley Rawlston E.   Barton WWII
Dudley Richard B.   Barton WWII
Duffy Donald R. [KIA]   Newport WWII
Duffy Joseph H. H.   Newport WWII
Dufresne Benoit G.   Greensboro WWII
Dugan Kermit. S.   Troy WWII
Dugan Otley L.   Lowell WWII
Dul Stanley J.   Derby WWII
Dunbar Leonard V.   Craftsbury WWII
Duprey Luther J.   Newport WWII
Duprey Wallace J.   Newport WWII
Duquette Leo J.   Charleston WWII
Duquette Roland J. Wounded Derby WWII
Duranleau Madeline L.   Westfield WWII
Duranleau Robert J.   Westfield WWII
Durgin Lucian C.   Morgan WWII
Durivage George H.   Troy WWII
Durivage Gilbert A.   Troy WWII
Durkin Edward D.   Albany WWII
Dustin Philip A.   Derby WWII
Dyer George B.   Albany WWII
Dyke Robert E. Wounded Barton WWII
Dyott Bruno E.   Newport WWII
Easton Charles D.   Craftsbury WWII
Easton Daniel C.   Craftsbury WWII
Easton Frank B. Jr.   Craftsbury WWII
Easton Penelope S.   Craftsbury WWII
Easton Roger L.   Craftsbury WWII
Eaton Harold G.   Derby WWII
Edgerley Harold F.   Newport WWII
Eldridge David A.   Newport WWII
Elliott Harland   Morgan WWII
Elliott Kenneth J.   Barton WWII
Ellis Gordon E.   Morgan WWII
Ellsworth Forest G.   Newport WWII
Ellsworth Nellie L.   Newport WWII
Emerson John C. Jr.   Coventry WWII
Emerson Urania K.   Coventry WWII
Emery Forrest P.   Glover WWII
Emery Leonard W.   Greensboro WWII
Emery Philip W.   Barton WWII
Emmons James E.   Newport WWII
England Clyde N.   Newport WWII
Essaff Lewis J.   Newport WWII
Fairbrother Dale A.   Newport WWII
Fairbrother Donald S.   Newport WWII
Fairbrother Robert E.   Newport WWII
Farman Williard B.   Newport WWII
Farnham Elwin R.   Troy WWII
Farnham Lynn A.   Troy WWII
Farnham Maurice E.   Troy WWII
Farr Kenneth D.   Albany WWII
Farr Murray W.   Newport WWII
Farrand Dewey G. Jr.   Glover WWII
Farrar Richard L. Wounded Craftsbury WWII
Farrar Stanley R.   Newport WWII
Farrar William P.   Craftsbury WWII
Faust Herve R.   Barton WWII
Faust Honora L.   Irasburg WWII
Fedele Anthony   Newport WWII
Fedele Cosmo N. Jr.   Newport WWII
Fedele John   Newport WWII
Ferland Andre W.   Troy WWII
Ferrill William B. Killed in Action Derby WWII
Ferrin Wendell F.   Barton WWII
Ferris Frances A.   Barton WWII
Ficareo Eugene A.   Newport WWII
Field James I.   Troy WWII
Fields Nelson F. Jr. Newport WWII
Fifield Ivan S.   Newport WWII
Fisher Gordon A.   Newport WWII
Fisher Philip G.   Irasburg WWII
Fisk Earl O.   Barton WWII
Fisk Marion R.   Barton WWII
Flagg Edmund   Craftsbury WWII
Flanders Dale P.   Newport WWII
Flanders Frederick E.   Newport WWII
Flanders Raymond D.   Newport WWII
Flanders Richard W.   Newport WWII
Fletcher Robert L.   Craftsbury WWII
Flinn Harley G.   Holland WWII
Flint Eleanor G.   Newport WWII
Fontaine Adelard E.   Charleston WWII
Fontaine Doloro O.   Derby WWII
Fontaine George E.   Charleston WWII
Fontaine George H.   Westfield WWII
Fontaine Lawrence O.   Charleston WWII
Forbes Reginald W.   Newport WWII
Forcier Fernand J.   Newport WWII
Fortin Albert E.   Barton WWII
Fortin George A. Wounded Irasburg WWII
Fortin Leo   Irasburg WWII
Fortin Maurice J.   Derby WWII
Fortune Raymond C.   Craftsbury WWII
Foster Burton R.   Charleston WWII
Foster Cecil C. Jr.   Newport WWII
Foster Charles E.   Charleston WWII
Foster Earl L.   Glover WWII
Foster Philip W. Killed in Action Craftsbury WWII
Foster Robert C.   Charleston WWII
Fournier Alphonse L   Newport WWII
Fournier Germain A.   Troy WWII
Fox Carroll N.   Newport WWII
Fox Harold C.   Barton WWII
Fox Lawrence L.   Newport WWII
Fox Preston E.   Barton WWII
Fox Reginald G.   Newport WWII
Foy Edward J. ] Wounded Barton WWII
Frechette Roland R.   Barton WWII
Freehart Bernard C.   Barton WWII
Freehart Edgar J.   Barton WWII
Freehart Enos M.   Barton WWII
French Holman H.   Newport WWII
Frey Wilbur T.   Troy WWII
Friend Walter F.   Barton WWII
Friend Wilbur P. Wounded Barton WWII
Fugere Giles H.   Newport WWII
Fugere Louis A.   Newport WWII
Fuller Alward H.   Derby WWII
Fuller Sidney P.   Troy WWII
Gaboriault Aime   Glover WWII
Gaboriault Noella S.   Glover WWII
Gadwah Mervyn O.   Newport WWII
Gage Donald C.   Derby WWII
Gage Leon E.   Brownington WWII
Gagner Henry E. Wounded Newport WWII
Gagniere Joseph A. A.   Derby WWII
Gagnon Augustine T.   Albany WWII
Gagnon Bernard A.   Derby WWII
Gagnon Emile J.   Barton WWII
Gagnon Leonid W.   Derby WWII
Galipeau Robert H. Wounded Troy WWII
Gallant Clarence I.   Greensboro WWII
Gallant Lawrence E.   Greensboro WWII
Gallup Harold   Barton WWII
Gallup Roderick W.   Brownington WWII
Gallup Walter B. Wounded Troy WWII
Garde George H.   Newport WWII
Gardner Adelbert C.   Charleston WWII
Gardner Carroll D. Sr.   Newport WWII
Gardner Cecil M. Wounded Newport WWII
Gardner Clayton H.   Charleston WWII
Gardner Lindon R.   Newport WWII
Gardner Raymond R.   Charleston WWII
Gardner Russell S.   Newport WWII
Gardyne Harvey R. Jr. Troy WWII
Gardyne Robert W.   Newport WWII
Garfield Donald W.   Greensboro WWII
Garrett Adolph E.   Troy WWII
Garrett Ralph R.   Troy WWII
Gauthier Arthur   Newport WWII
Gaylor Bernard H. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Gaylor Frederick J.   Newport WWII
Gaylor Theodore H.   Newport WWII
Gearwar Albert M.   Glover WWII
Gebbie Durward J.   Craftsbury WWII
Gebbie Foster T. Jr. Wounded Greensboro WWII
Gebbie Howard G. Wounded Greensboro WWII
Gelineau Leopold J.   Charleston WWII
Gendreau Marie-Anne E.   Lowell WWII
Gendreau Omer E.   Newport WWII
Gendron Philippe A.   Troy WWII
Gendron Romeo R.   Troy WWII
Geoffrey Armand A.   Charleston WWII
Geoffrey John B.   Charleston WWII
Geoffrey Oscar G.   Charleston WWII
Geoffrey Philip M. Wounded Lowell WWII
George Richard W.   Westfield WWII
Gerry Bernard L. Jr.   Newport WWII
Gervais Jean D. E.   Newport WWII
Gervais Marcel A.   Newport Center WWII
Getchell Richard L.   Barton WWII
Gibney Cecil E.   Troy WWII
Gibney Dale A.   Newport WWII
Gigliotti Fiorino J.   Newport WWII
Gilbert Ernest H.   Newport WWII
Gilbert Lloyd B.   Derby WWII
Gilchrist Charles S.   Newport WWII
Gile John F.   Albany WWII
Gilfillan Betsey H.   Brownington WWII
Gilfillan Eugene D.   Barton WWII
Gilfillan Robert C.   Brownington WWII
Gillfillan Frank D. Wounded Barton WWII
Gilmore Wayne J.   Barton WWII
Gingras William A.   Newport WWII
Gingrass Leopold E.   Newport WWII
Girouard Joseph M.   Irasburg WWII
Girouard Roland A.   Irasburg WWII
Gleason Alfred A.   Barton WWII
Glodgett Ernest F. Wounded Derby WWII
Glover Hayden W.   Newport WWII
Goad Percy L.   Albany WWII
Gochie Verne L.   Greensboro WWII
Goddard Archie T. Wounded Derby WWII
Goddard Gerald C.   Newport WWII
Godfrey Walter T.   Newport WWII
Godin Reginald E.   Troy WWII
Godin Roland   Troy WWII
Gomes Delbert B.   Greensboro WWII
Gonyaw Mahlon H.   Morgan WWII
Gonyaw Marvin M.   Charleston WWII
Gonyaw Roland W.   Morgan WWII
Goodwin Gayland F.   Craftsbury WWII
Goodwin Royal B.   Greensboro WWII
Gordon Eldon D.   Newport WWII
Gorton Forrest J.   Newport WWII
Gosley Wilfred T.   Troy WWII
Goss George W. Killed in Action Glover WWII
Goss Glendon W.   Barton WWII
Gosselin Albert J.   Irasburg WWII
Gosselin Alexander M. Wounded Newport WWII
Gosselin Mathias O. Wounded Irasburg WWII
Gould Jay R. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Goulding John H.   Westfield WWII
Gour George L.   Newport WWII
Gour Harold C.   Newport WWII
Gour Maurice D.   Newport WWII
Gourlay Amedee L. M. Wounded Westfield WWII
Gowdey Philip E.   Newport WWII
Graham Raymond H. Jr.   Barton WWII
Grammo Ervin E.   Barton WWII
Grammo Ronald D.   Barton WWII
Grant Gordon W.   Barton WWII
Grant Robert C.   Barton WWII
Gratton George L.   Newport WWII
Gratton Jean W. H.   Derby WWII
Gravel Charlotte R.   Barton WWII
Graves Barbara   Newport WWII
Graves Ruthmae   Newport WWII
Gray Hoyt B.   Glover WWII
Gray Merton C.   Charleston WWII
Gray Roland D.   Glover WWII
Green Floyd.C.   Barton WWII
Green Roland W. Discharged Derby WWII
Greenwood Glendon I.   Newport WWII
Greenwood Raymond S.   Derby WWII
Greenwood Talcott A.   Holland WWII
Gregory Bernard G.   Barton WWII
Griffin Dale A.   Glover WWII
Griffin Elwin R.   Barton WWII
Griffin Everett R. Killed in Action Barton WWII
Griffin Glendon G.   Irasburg WWII
Griffin Harold D.   Charleston WWII
Griffin Lawrence F.   Newport WWII
Griffin Ray E.   Barton WWII
Griggs Donald C.   Troy WWII
Griggs Harold E.   Charleston WWII
Griggs Harrie A. Wounded Troy WWII
Griggs Ray M.   Newport WWII
Griggs Raymond B.   Charleston WWII
Griggs Raymond W. Wounded Troy WWII
Griggs Richard W.   Newport WWII
Grondin Bernard F.   Barton WWII
Groton Forrest J.   Newport WWII
Grow Archie G.   Newport WWII
Grow Raymond L. Killed in Action Derby WWII
Guillette Andre J.   Derby WWII
Guillette Jean A.   Derby WWII
Guillette Lucien O.   Derby WWII
Guillette Telespore Jr.   Morgan WWII
Gustin Lynas C.   Derby WWII
Guyette Leo G.   Newport WWII
Guyette Merrill E.   Newport WWII
Guyette Wilfred G.   Newport WWII
Hackett Dale O.   Newport WWII
Hadley Robert F.   Barton WWII
Hagan James H.   Newport WWII
Hall Alfred R.   Newport WWII
Hall Clarence L.   Barton WWII
Hall Collins K.   Newport WWII
Hall Edwin E.   Barton WWII
Hall Joshua F.   Newport WWII
Hall Lyman S.   Newport WWII
Hall Richard M.   Troy WWII
Halshuk William A.   Barton WWII
Hamblett Robert H.   Newport WWII
Hamblett Tarlton W.   Newport WWII
Hamel Joseph G.   Newport WWII
Hamel Leon A.   Newport WWII
Hamel Joseph G. A.   Coventry WWII
Hamer Grant A. Discharged Newport WWII
Hamer William A.   Newport WWII
Hamilton Frank W.   Newport WWII
Hamilton James T.   Newport WWII
Hamilton Samuel Jr.   Newport WWII
Hammond Lyle W.   Derby WWII
Hammond William S.   Derby WWII
Handy Raymond D.   Troy WWII
Haney Charles P.   Newport WWII
Haney Wayne E.   Newport WWII
Hanks Maynard L.   Greensboro WWII
Hanson Clarence H.   Craftsbury WWII
Hanson Earl A.   Greensboro WWII
Hanson Guy E.   Craftsbury WWII
Hanson Henry   Craftsbury WWII
Hanson Leo H.   Craftsbury WWII
Hardie Reginald J.   Barton WWII
Hardy Robert A.   Greensboro WWII
Harold William R.   Troy WWII
Harper James H.   Barton WWII
Harris Frederick E.   Newport WWII
Hartwell Robert A. Wounded Barton WWII
Harvey Claire S.   Troy WWII
Hauver Earl A.   Newport WWII
Hauver Elmer A.   Newport WWII
Hauver Raymond H.   Newport WWII
Hayes George L.   Newport WWII
Hayes Richard   Greensboro WWII
Hayward Floyd R.   Derby WWII
Healey Carlton C.   Barton WWII
Healey Milton C.   Barton WWII
Heath Benjamin W.   Derby WWII
Heath Harry A.   Derby WWII
Heath Raymond G.   Barton WWII
Heath Robert H.   Barton WWII
Heath Robert M.   Derby WWII
Heath Wilder W.   Newport WWII
Hebert Joseph M.   Craftsbury WWII
Hedin Carl A. Wounded Westfield WWII
Hemenway Fern H.   Barton WWII
Hendy Anthony E.   Barton WWII
Hennessey Willis G.   Barton WWII
Hewitt Lawrence E.   Albany WWII
Hicks Earl S.   Newport WWII
Hildreth Harry S.   Newport WWII
Hill Elbur R.   Newport WWII
Hill Harlan E.   Greensboro WWII
Hill Howard A.   Irasburg WWII
Hill Jasper E.   Greensboro WWII
Hill Oliver F.   Newport Center WWII
Hilliard Clayton A.   Barton WWII
Hilliard Joseph F.   Newport WWII
Hilliard Marvin E. Killed in Action Barton WWII
Hilliard Maynard R.   Barton WWII
Hilliard Warren B.   Barton WWII
Hilliker Alva S.   Newport WWII
Hilliker John G.   Glover WWII
Hilliker Kenneth L.   Westfield WWII
Hilliker Ronald W.   Coventry WWII
Hinman Carrol P.   Newport WWII
Hinton Alfred C.   Charleston WWII
Hinton Donald A.   Barton WWII
Hinton Russell B.   Barton WWII
Hinton Wayne   Barton WWII
Hinton Wendell G.   Glover WWII
Hitchcock George F.   Barton WWII
Hoadley Hiland Wounded Barton WWII
Hoadley Leroy B. Killed in Action Lowell WWII
Hoadley Orison R.   Barton WWII
Hoadley Orrel E.   Barton WWII
Hodgdon Albert G.   Newport WWII
Hodgdon Allie C.   Newport WWII
Hodgdon Carl H.   Newport WWII
Hodgdon David C.   Barton WWII
Hodgdon Gordon R.   Newport WWII
Hodgdon Isbell E.   Barton WWII
Hodgdon James A. Wounded Newport WWII
Hodgdon Wendell J.   Barton WWII
Hodgeman Marshall W.   Lowell WWII
Holden Blaine S.   Newport WWII
Holden Donald D.   Newport WWII
Holden Everett L. Discharged Barton WWII
Holden Gordon M.   Newport WWII
Holden Horace A. Jr.   Charleston WWII
Holland Francis E.   Derby WWII
Holland Milton A.   Derby WWII
Holland Norman H.   Derby WWII
Holmes Hazen R.   Charleston WWII
Holmes Roscoe A.   Charleston WWII
Holmes Van E.   Irasburg WWII
Hommel Reginald A.   Newport WWII
Hope Paul E.   Barton WWII
Hopkins Richard L.   Charleston WWII
Houle Roger J.   Irasburg WWII
House Orval D.   Barton WWII
Houston John F.   Brownington WWII
Houston Merton M.   Barton WWII
Hovey Roland E.   Derby WWII
Howard Thomas S.   Newport WWII
Hoy Howard K.   Newport WWII
Hoyt Gordon E. Wounded Derby WWII
Hudson Edward J.   Greensboro WWII
Hughes Walter J.   Barton WWII
Hunt Amos   Charleston WWII
Hunt Carlton P. Wounded Troy WWII
Hunt Cecil E.   Newport WWII
Hunt Earl H.   Greensboro WWII
Hunt Helen E.   Newport WWII
Hunt Kenneth H.   Newport WWII
Hunt Kenneth R.   Greensboro WWII
Hunt Marylyn J.   Barton WWII
Hunt Orange C.   Charleston WWII
Hunt Paul H. Wounded Derby WWII
Hunt Percy E.   Brownington WWII
Hunt Richard H.   Brownington WWII
Hunt Robert C.   Newport WWII
Hunt Virginia F.   Barton WWII
Hunt Winston H.   Newport WWII
Hurlbutt William   Barton WWII
Hussey Earle J.   Greensboro WWII
Hussey Leo H.   Greensboro WWII
Hussey Raymond W.   Greensboro WWII
Hutchins Cedric L.   Newport WWII
Hutchins Ralph N.   Barton WWII
Hyatt William H.   Newport WWII
Hyland Cecil E.   Coventry WWII
Imey Keith L.   Craftsbury WWII
IngalIs Claude P.   Newport WWII
Ingalls Harlow D.   Albany WWII
Ingalls Kermit D.   Derby WWII
Ingalls Maurice T.   Irasburg WWII
Ingersoll Arthur E.   Barton WWII
Israelsky Bernard   Newport WWII
Jacobs Arnold V.   Newport WWII
Jacobs Arthur L.   Derby WWII
Jacobs Hughbert J. Wounded Holland WWII
Jacobson Eleanor M.A.   Barton WWII
James Alfred W.   Troy WWII
James Earl V.   Newport WWII
Jarvis Clifford D.   Barton WWII
Jenness Earlene M.   Barton WWII
Jenness Elwin P.   Barton WWII
Jenness Harold S.   Barton WWII
Jenness Kenneth L.   Barton WWII
Jenness Ray A.   Barton WWII
Jerome Clarence D.   Barton WWII
Jewett Clyde W. J   Barton WWII
Jewett Kenneth S.   Westfield WWII
Jewett Raymond E.   Troy WWII
Johnson Alton R.   Newport WWII
Johnson Harry B.   Newport WWII
Johnson Hazen V.   Newport WWII
Johnson Howard R.H.   Troy WWII
Johnson John A.   Newport WWII
Johnson Marion M.   Newport WWII
Johnson Richard C.   Charleston WWII
Johnson Robert G.   Newport WWII
Johnson Roger E.   Newport WWII
Jones Bruce L.   Derby WWII
Jones Carl W.   Greensboro WWII
Jones Robert J.   Troy WWII
Jones Stanley D.   Derby WWII
Jonis William P.   Derby WWII
Jordan Wayne C.   Greensboro WWII
Joslyn Perley F.   Barton WWII
Joyal Wilfred R.   Newport WWII
Judd Alansford J. Jr.   Morgan WWII
Judd Bert H.   Morgan WWII
Judd Carl E.   Derby WWII
Judd Leo F.   Newport WWII
Judd Ralph R.   Troy WWII
Kappeas Nicholas S.   Glover WWII
Keefe David J.   Newport WWII
Keir Stephen D.   Craftsbury WWII
Keir Willard F.   Craftsbury WWII
Keith Clyde H.   Newport WWII
Keith Gerald M.   Irasburg WWII
Keith Gordon   Newport WWII
Keith Richard L.   Newport WWII
Keith Robert G.   Newport WWII
Keith Stephen W.   Newport WWII
Keith Warner S.   Newport WWII
Kelley Darius M.   Newport WWII
Kelley Edmund J.   Newport WWII
Kelley Gordon R.   Newport WWII
Kelley Harold E.   Newport WWII
Kelley Melvin A.   Troy WWII
Kelley Melvin O.   Newport WWII
Kelley Raymond B.   Newport WWII
Kelley Robert W.   Troy WWII
Kelley Roland H.   Derby WWII
Kelley Winston P.   Derby WWII
Kelly Darius M.   Newport WWII
Kelsea Kenneth A.   Newport WWII
Kendall Harley H.   Newport WWII
Kendall Homer W.   Newport WWII
Kendall John   Newport WWII
Kennedy George M.   Barton WWII
Kennison Dean E. Wounded Irasburg WWII
Kennison Harlan E.   Irasburg WWII
Kennison Lawrence E.   Newport WWII
Kennison Melvin B.   Coventry WWII
Kennison Wayne A.   Coventry WWII
Kerr Robert W.   Newport WWII
Kettell Albert B.   Irasburg WWII
Keyes Ora M.   Albany WWII
KiIby George J.   Newport Center WWII
Kilby John G.   Derby WWII
Kilby Olin B.   Newport Center WWII
Kimball Burleigh A. Missing in Action Glover WWII
Kimball Edward C.   Barton WWII
Kimball Jesse D.   Glover WWII
Kimball Paul R.   Barton WWII
Kimball Ralph P.   Barton WWII
Kimball Raymond W.   Barton WWII
Kimball Raymond W.   Glover WWII
Kimball Roland D.   Barton WWII
Kimball Russell C. Wounded Newport WWII
King John C.   Greensboro WWII
King Martin F.   Newport WWII
King Raymond W.   Greensboro WWII
Kinne Herbert A.   Newport WWII
Kinner Richard B.   Newport WWII
Kinney Foster C. Jr.   Barton WWII
Kinsey David W.   Barton WWII
Kinsley Royal B.   Barton WWII
Kinsley Sumner E.   Barton WWII
Kipp Frederick W.   Newport WWII
Kipp Richard F.   Barton WWII
Kipp Stanley H.   Barton WWII
Kiser Donald.L.   Newport WWII
Kiser Rodney F.   Newport WWII
Kiser Ruth E.   Newport WWII
Knapp James E.   Irasburg WWII
Knapp Ralph E.   Newport WWII
Knight Norbert   Barton WWII
Knight Wayland E.   Barton WWII
Knowles Robert P.   Derby WWII
Krewet Geraldine A.   Barton WWII
Labbee Dennis J. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Labounty Albert G.   Brownington WWII
Labounty Edmond H.   Newport WWII
LaBounty Maurice J.   Barton WWII
LaBounty Robert F.   Barton WWII
LaBounty Ruthford H. Wounded Barton WWII
LaBounty Simon   Barton WWII
LaBounty Victor L.   Barton WWII
Labrecque Doris L.   Newport WWII
Lacharite Omer   Newport WWII
LaClair Earl D.   Barton WWII
LaClair Maurice E.   Barton WWII
Lacroix Ernest A.   Irasburg WWII
Ladd Forrest S.   Derby WWII
Ladd Richard F. Killed in Action Derby WWII
Lafleur Jean P.   Irasburg WWII
Lafluer Richard J.   Irasburg WWII
Lafoe Bernie L.   Brownington WWII
Lafoe Vernal H.   Brownington WWII
Lafoe Wesley E.   Brownington WWII
Lafoe Wessell J.   Barton WWII
Lague Albert V. Killed in Action Newport WWII
Lague Anthony CE   Newport WWII
Lahar Andria L.   Newport WWII
Lahar Austin E.   Newport WWII
Lahar Edmond E.   Newport WWII
Lahar Raymond T. Wounded Newport WWII
Lahue Arthur A.   Troy WWII
Lahue Cedric   Troy WWII
Lahue Dale E.   Troy WWII
Lahue Howard A.   Troy WWII
Lahue Ivan E.   Troy WWII
Lahue Lawrence D.   Newport WWII
Lahue Marvin D.   Troy WWII
Lahue Maynard D.   Barton WWII
Lahue Ralph E.   Troy WWII
Lalime George L.   Greensboro WWII
Lalime Robert W.   Newport WWII
LaMarre Roland R.   Barton WWII
Lambert Herman A.   Barton WWII
Lambert Joseph L.   Newport WWII
Lambert Lucien E.   Barton WWII
Lambert Raymond A.   Barton WWII
Lamere Floyd H.   Newport WWII
Lamere Walter J.   Newport WWII
Lamonda Harry F.   Brownington WWII
Lamonda Roy H.   Glover WWII
Lamonda Wayne W.   Glover WWII
Lamothe Leon I.   Newport WWII
Lamothe Maurice E.   Newport WWII
Lamothe Rudolph R.   Newport WWII
Lamoureux Archille E.   Newport WWII
Lamoureux Charles A.   Newport WWII
Lamoureux Conrad S.   Newport WWII
Lamoureux Ephem A.   Newport WWII
Lamoureux Maurice R.   Derby WWII
Lamoureux Roger O.   Derby WWII
Lamoureux Roland H. E.   Newport WWII
Landry Romuald P.   Irasburg WWII
Langdeau George V.   Derby WWII
Lange Oliver T.   Derby WWII
Langevin Harold W.   Barton WWII
Lanou Justin M.   Irasburg WWII
Lanoue Charles A.   Barton WWII
Lanoue Marce1 M .   Troy WWII
Lanoue Rouville S.   Barton WWII
Lanphear Charles H.   Albany WWII
Lanphear Leonard L.   Barton WWII
Lantagne Clarence   Newport WWII
Lantagne Roland R.   Newport WWII
Lapier Kenneth F.   Newport WWII
Lapierre Emile E.   Barton WWII
Laplante Bernard H. Wounded Newport WWII
Laplante Conrad J.   Greensboro WWII
Laplante Fernard A. Wounded Greensboro WWII
Laplante George W.   Newport WWII
Laporte Lucille N.   Newport WWII
Larocgue Joseph J. O.   Derby WWII
Larocke Clifton M. Wounded Barton WWII
Larocque Joseph R.   Newport WWII
Larocque Merrill L.   Barton WWII
Larocque Roland O.   Barton WWII
Larue Robert L.   Newport WWII
Larue William H.   Newport WWII
Lasonde Raymond O.   Newport WWII
Lathe Lawrence E.   Barton WWII
Lavoie Albert J.   Barton WWII
Lavoie Donald J.   Barton WWII
Lawes Leighton F.   Brownington WWII
Lawes Marvin A.   Barton WWII
Lawes Russell E.   Barton WWII
Lawrence Robert C.   Troy WWII
Lawson Dale W. R.   Newport WWII
Lawson Frederick J. Wounded Troy WWII
Lawson Leland M.   Newport WWII
Lawson Milton A.   Newport WWII
Laythe Chester F.   Derby WWII
Laythe Malcolm B.   Derby WWII
Laythe Peyton B.   Derby WWII
Laythe Royce B.   Newport WWII
Laythe Kenneth E.   Newport WWII
Leach Allen W.   Barton WWII
Leach Leroy E.   Newport WWII
Leach Morris A.   Barton WWII
Leach Robert A.   Newport WWII
Leach Walter G.   Newport WWII
Learned William W.   Troy WWII
Leavens Stuart E.   Troy WWII
Leavens William L.   Troy WWII
Leavitt Robert A.   Troy WWII
Lebaron Edison A.   Derby WWII
Lebeau Albert Wounded Irasburg WWII
Leblanc Bernard G.   Barton WWII
Leblanc Gabriel G.   Barton WWII
Leblanc George P.   Barton WWII
Leblanc Joseph R.   Troy WWII
Leblanc Laurent C.   Jay WWII
Leblanc Paul E.   Irasburg WWII
Leblanc Reginald E.   Troy WWII
Leblanc Roland J.   Newport WWII
Leblanc Valerien E.   Barton WWII
Leblanc Wilfred P.   Troy WWII
Leclair Gerald E.   Newport WWII
Leithead Proctor O.   Newport WWII
Leland George H.   Glover WWII
Lemieux Andre L.   Barton WWII
Lemieux Roch A.   Barton WWII
Leno Corcell A.   Barton WWII
Lenton Robert F.   Newport WWII
Leonard Ordeny R.   Coventry WWII
Leonard Ralph S.   Barton WWII
Leonard Roland H.   Coventry WWII
Lepage Alex H. Jr.   Troy WWII
Lepine Adelard   Newport WWII
Lepine Raymond A.   Newport WWII
Lessard Jules B.   Newport Center WWII
Lessard Paul E.   Newport Center WWII
Letourneau Maurice R.   Troy WWII
Lewis Glenn H. Wounded Barton WWII
Lewis Ralph H.   Troy WWII
Libby David E.   Irasburg WWII
Libby Milo M. Wounded Barton WWII
Liddell Harrison W.   Barton WWII
Lilley Edward A.   Craftsbury WWII
Linquist Harold F.   Newport WWII
Lippens Leonard E.   Newport WWII
Litchfield Gordon L. Wounded Newport WWII
Litchfield Mark F.   Newport WWII
Litchfield Milton A.   Newport WWII
Lizotte Clarnece W. A.   Newport WWII
Lloyd Richard T.   Newport WWII
Locke Ralph R.   Barton WWII
Locke Roland E.   Barton WWII
Lomis Durward A.   Barton WWII
Longeway Lyman R.   Coventry WWII
Longley Deforest J.   Troy WWII
Lontihe Ernest W. Wounded Newport WWII
Lontine Aristide L. Wounded Newport WWII
Lontine Floyd L. Wounded Newport WWII
Lontine Raymond J.   Newport WWII
Lord Anthony L.   Newport WWII
Lord Henry N.   Newport WWII
Loungway Alexander   Barton WWII
Lucas Robert J.   Derby WWII
Lucier Kenneth O.   Troy WWII
Lumbra Lawrence J.   Troy WWII
Lumbra Robert W.   Troy WWII
Luna Henry S.   Newport WWII
Lunna Richard C.   Newport WWII
Lunna Robert P.   Newport Center WWII
Lunt Francis A.   Newport WWII
Lurabra Raymond G.   Troy WWII
Lussier Bertrand L.   Craftsbury WWII
Lussier Edward L. Wounded Newport WWII
Lussier Gaston G.   Albany WWII
Lyman Robert S.   Newport WWII
Lynch Edward T.   Newport WWII
Lynch Thomas M.   Newport WWII
Lyon Duane C.   Westmore WWII
Lyon Ernest R.   Newport WWII
Lyon Leslie F.   Newport WWII
Lyon Milford E.   Newport WWII
MacDonald Gordon W.   Greensboro WWII
Mack Gordon E.   Newport WWII
Mackel Adolph   Newport WWII
MacKenzie Robert B.   Newport WWII
Mackle Gordon H.   Newport WWII
Macomber Ashley   Troy WWII
Magoon Alton R.   Newport WWII
Mahoney Jerimiah P.