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NEKG NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy

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NEKG General Info

        Cemeteries of Quebec, Canada
        Many have links to Maps and
        tombstone transcriptions.

NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy
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The NEKG site is dedicated to free genealogy. This means these listings may be freely used for personal research use only. Membership is NOT required to browse and view our records. The NEKG site now contains over 850 documents that were transcribed from various sources, such as census, town directories, church records, cemetery tombstones, newspapers, town reports and school records. One of the member benefits is the ability to search these records. The NEKG team is constantly looking and adding new records, so please visit us again and check the link "See What's New". Should you have any material that could be used here, please make a copy and donate it to the NEKG site. If you have any questions about if it can be used, please email either or . Also view our "Message Board" to see what other researchers are requesting help on.

Vermont Vital Records
from the
Northeast Kingdom

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