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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & date Issue Date
(Blay), Charles A. of Jay Huntley, Miss Olive A. of North Troy North Troy Jan 1(6) 1/24/1871
(Robinson), C( ) of Stanstead Noyes, Lucy of Montpelier Burlington Sept (30) 10/3/1871
Abbott, George W. of Potton, CE Robinson, Mrs Abigail of Hatley, CE Derby Oct 7 10/18/1865
Adams, H. N. of Cambridge Ober, Miss Abby A. of Eden Eden Oct 25 11/7/1871
Adams, Joseph B. of Brighton Baker, Miss Mary of Brighton E Charleston July 11 7/14/1868
Adams, Ransom W. of Newport Hammond, Miss Abby L. of Newport Newport Ctr. Feb 19 2/21/1871
Aldrich, H. of Holland Palmer, Miss C. of Holland Holland Sept 19 9/26/1871
Annis, Nathaniel E. of St Johnsbury Angier, Miss Orpha J. of Troy Coventry July 2 7/14/1868
Avery, Henry of Gatesville, Kansas Farman, Miss Orpha of Lowell Lowell Feb 25 3/6/1866
Ayer, Don C. of Greensboro Williams, Miss L. Augusta of Greensboro Greensboro March 9 3/17/1868
Bailey, Charles A. of Windsor, PQ Parker, Mrs. Elvira L. of Windsor, PQ Charleston Jan 29 2/21/1871
Bailey, George H. of Coventry Owen, Miss Ellen E. of Coventry Coventry Dec 31 1/3/1871
Balch, John of Newport Hazeltine, Mrs Sarah G. of Newport Newport Sept 15 9/17/1867
Barrister, Horace G. of Jay Ovitt, Mary R. of Jay Jay Aug 10 8/22/1871
Barton, John Jr. of Lowell Clark, Miss Martha L of Lowell Lowell March 31 4/10/1866
Bean, Andrew J. Prescott, Mrs Eliza A. Charleston May 11 7/14/1868
Bedell, Moody C. of Westfield Kinsman, Miss Lydia B. of Martinsville, PQ Martinsville, PQ Jan 25 1/31/1871
Beede, Jesse R. of Vermillion, Dakota T. Hovey, Miss Emma D. of Albany, VT Independence, Iowa Jan 10 1/17/1871
Beede, Robert of Albany Dow, Miss Lilla of Albany Albany June 6 6/20/1871
Berry, (Edward) F. Daggett, Lucretia L. of P. Daggett Esq of Cov. Montreal Oct 5 10/10/1871
Berry, W. H. of Greenbush, ME Goodhue, Miss Elizabeth J. of Kent Co., Eng Island Pond April 26 5/2/1871
Bertrand, Thomas Jr. of Magoon Point, PQ Berry, Betsey of Potton, PQ Derby Sept 14 9/19/1871
Bickford, George of Irasburgh Kennison, Miss Augusta of Irasburgh Newport Ctr July 6 7/11/1871
Bishop, Thomas of NY Carpenter, Miss Sarah A. of St. Johnsbury St Johnsbury April 28 5/12/1868
Bliss, A. E. of St Johnsbury Trull, Mrs. Justus of Lyndon Lyndon Aug 15 8/22/1871
Blodgett, John of Ascot, PQ Blake, Miss Louise of Ascot, PQ Derby April 20 5/12/1868
Bo(wd)en, Wm. Esq. Jones, Georgia M. M. of W. E. Jones Esq. Richmond Sept 28 10/10/1871
Bowker, Dr. E. C of Sweetsburgh Call, Miss Dora of Bolton Troy 31st ult 6/13/1871
Brown, E. (H or M.) of Westfield Hoyt, Miss Elvira Jane of Westfield Lowell May 17 5/23/1871
Brown, John H. of Barton Somers, Miss Helen B. of Irasburgh Newport 5th inst 12/12/1871
Brown, Lester A. of Sheffield Pearl, Miss Mary A. of Sheffield Sheffield May 11 5/16/1871
Burbeck, Joseph of Holland Armstrong, Alma of Holland W. Charleston Jan 15 1/17/1871
Burdick, Frederick of Springfield, MA Sartwell, Miss Jennie of T. J. Sartwell Esq. North Troy Oct 4 10/17/1871
Caldwell, Fred C. of E. Greensboro Smith, Miss Minnie O. of E. Greensboro Wheelock June 20 6/23/1868
Camp, David M. of Newport Oakes, Addie H. of Coventry Coventry Feb 8 2/14/1871
Camp, Ira of Grinnel, Iowa Adams, Mrs. Mary Ann of Stanstead Stanstead Jan 11 1/17/1871
Carter, J. W. of Derby Allen, Miss J. A. of Bolton, PQ South Troy March 21 5/12/1868
Che(n)ey, Lewis M. of Brighton Currier, Alma A. of Brighton Charleston Aug 2 8/8/1871
Clark, Charles of Sutton Chesley, Miss Judith E. of Sheffield Derby June 27 7/11/1871
Clark, George F. of Morgan Blake, Miss Anna M. of Derby Derby Dec 19 12/26/1871
Clifford, Josiah of E. Charleston Whitting, Maria of E. Charleston Holland April 8 4/18/1871
Cochran, C. H. of Albany Sturtevant, Miss Lucy C. of Eden Brownington Oct 4 10/31/1871
Colby, John S. of Chicago, Ill Rutherford, Helen Isabella of J. C. Rutherford MD of N. Newport Sept 14 9/19/1871
Colt, John of Brighton Covel, Miss Ella of Brighton Island Pond Dec 25 12/26/1871
Conn, Levi F. of Salem Sikes, Miss Clara J. of Brompton, PQ Salem 21st inst 10/24/1871
Connal, Michael of Newport Norway, Miss Mary J. of Newport Newport 10th inst 8/15/1871
Cooper, Wm. Henry of Coventry Lathe, Miss Sophia of Coventry Coventry July 3 7/11/1871
Corcoran, John Henry of Salem Rock, Miss Elizabeth of Salem Stanstead Plain 4/25/1871
Courser, L. W. of Troy Olmstead, Miss Jane of Troy North Troy April 9 4/18/1871
Cushing, Moses A. of Charleston Lamere, Esther of Derby Stanstead Plain May 7th 5/16/1871
Daggett, Almon M. of Derby Day, Miss Helen E. of Coventry Coventry Jan 23 1/31/1871
Davis, Byron of Lowell Martin, Miss Jane E. of Lowell Lowell July 25 8/8/1871
Dorson, George E. of Troy Carpenter, Miss Ella of Troy North Troy July 4 7/11/1871
Drown, Sylvester of Newport Harris, Mrs. Alice E. of Newport W. Derby Jan 7 1/17/1871
Duhame, Joseph of Stanstead Bayour, Dina of Stanstead Derby July 22 7/25/1871
Dunham, Norman B. of Barton Wilkie, Miss Elizabeth of Barton Brownington Dec 14 12/19/1871
Dunn, Thomas 2d of Coventry Lathe, Miss Violinda of Coventry Coventry July 3 7/11/1871
Dwyer, Amasa of Salem Ainsworth, Miss Addie of Charleston Coventry May 9 5/16/1871
Dyer, Marshall L. of Island Pond Robinson, Addie G. of Island Pond Island Pond Sept 1 9/5/1871
Eaton, Asahel D. of Derby Barber, Miss Ellen M. of Derby Derby Dec 23 12/26/1871
Edwards, Eben of Laconia, NH Stone, Miss Laura E. of Derby West Derby April 29 5/9/1871
Elder, John G. of Stanstead, PQ Bryant, Miss Sarah L. of B. Bryant of Derby Derby June 16 6/23/1868
Farman, Carlos, of Lowell Sprague, Miss E. Augusta of Lowell Lowell Feb 25 3/6/1866
Farmer, Ladoit Esq. of Brighton Coe, Abigail P. of Brighton Island Pond April 5 4/11/1871
Farnham, John of Springfield Brown, Mrs. C. E. of Springfield Springfield, MA Nov 10 1/3/1871
Farr, C. W. of Newport Joy, Miss Mary E. of Brighton Newport Center Dec 17 12/19/1871
Fergerson, John S. of Montreal Hoyt, Lily of Hon. H(enry) Hoyt of Magog (15th inst) 5/30/1871??
Finney, Alfred L. of E. Burke Cushing, Ella B. of Rev. H. P. Cushing of E. Burke E. Burke Dec 12 12/19/1871
Fisher, James A. of Quincy, MA Hubbard, Helen M. of John M. Hubbard of S. Stanstead, PQ May 12 5/19/1868
Forbes, William A. of Charleston Webster, Miss Maria A. of John Webster of Stanstead, PQ Newport July 4 7/7/1868
Foster, Rufus C. of Newark Walter, Miss Delia B. of E. Haven E. Burke Nov 27 12/19/1871
Gardner, Samuel G. of Derby Blake, Miss Martha L. of Coventry West Derby April 29 5/9/1871
Garrett, George of Elkhart Willard, Mrs. Annah of W. Charleston Elkhart, ILL Aug 27 9/5/1871
George, Charles H. of Manchester, NH Young, Miss Cyrena M. of E. Charleston Newport May 5 5/26/1868
George, Daniel M. of Jamaica Toge, Miss Annie E. of Boston, Mass Jamaica Nov 15 11/27/1866
Gibson, Charles O. of Holland Brewer, Ida M. of Holland Holland March 8 3/14/1871
Gilman, George C. of Newport Lane, Elizabeth M. of late Cephas R. Lane of C Coventry June 14 6/16/1868
Gilman, John of Derby Line Norris, Mary of Stanstead Derby March 4 3/7/1871
Gonyer, Edward E. of Island Pond Hobbs, Miss Mary E. of Island Pond Island Pond Dec 4 12/12/1871
Goodwin, Charles O. of Charleston Gray, Charlotte of Charleston Charleston July 4 7/11/1871
Graham, M. M. of Littleton, NH Stevens, Miss Addie L. of Johnesburg, MO & Stanstead Johnesburg, MO Feb 6th 2/14/1871
Grimes, William of Newport Magoon, Miss Lizzie of Stanstead Derby Jan 14 1/17/1871
Hall, (Avery/Aaron?) of Coaticook Smith, Miss (Annie) H. of _______land (Holland) May (26) 5/30/1871??
Harris, Horace E. of Coaticook, PQ Parker, Miss Ella P. of Coaticook, PQ West Derby Oct 2 10/17/1871
Hartwell, Charles of Stanstead Smith, Lydia of Stanstead Holland March 28 4/18/1871
Haseltine, Henry W. of Charleston Joslyn, Miss Eva M. of Brownington Charleston May 30 6/5/1866
Hastings, Holland J. of Townshend Howard, Miss Mary N. of Townshend W. Townshend 18th inst 10/24/1871
Hayward, J. Kilborn of Newport Place, Miss Emeline of NY NYC Nov 11 11/24/1868
Herrick, J. L. of Newport Percy, Mrs. Sophia A. of Newport Newport Ctr March 30 4/4/1871
Hersey, Fred J. of Manchester, NH White, Mary E. of Lowell, MA Newport 19th inst 9/26/1871
Heyward, Charles of E. Jaffery Webster, Miss Mariett of Irasburgh New Ipswich, NH April 9 4/18/1871
Hill, Herbert C. of C(ase)ville Merrill, Julia E. of E. T. Merrill (or Morrill?) Stanstead, PQ Oct 24 10/31/1871
Hill, Lyman M. of Troy Smalley, Mrs. Ellen M. of Osh(ilush), Wisc. South Troy Nov 9 11/21/1871
Hill, Rev. Lewis Jenkins, Mrs. Mary of South Albany Barton Sept 1(4th) 10/10/1871
Hodsden, Carl B. of Brighton Gane, Miss Mary E. of Brighton Island Pond Jan 8 1/17/1871
Holbrook, William B. of Newport Magoon, Miss Alma L. of Coventry West Derby Oct 4 10/17/1871
Holmes, Charles D. of Stanstead Clough, Mamie of C. Clough Esq. of Lennoxville Newport May 9 5/16/1871
Holton, J. B. of Morgan Clark, Miss Alice C. of Charleston W. Charleston Oct 1 10/10/1871
Hovey, Alvin of Albany Clemens, Miss Susan E. of Coral Coral, ILL March 14 3/21/1871
Howard, Samuel H. Esq. of Irasburgh Kendall, Christiana of Amherst Amherst, NH Dec 7 12/19/1871
Howes, George of Montpelier Anderson, Helen Holmes of Montpelier Montpelier March 20 3/28/1871
Hunt, Edgar of Fairfax Babbitt, Miss Julia E. of A. C. Babbitt of G. Greensboro May 4 5/12/1868
Hyde, W. (R.) of Albany Clough, Miss ( ) (E.) of Albany Coventry Oct (1) 10/3/1871
J(ones), Daniel H. of Sutton, PQ L(and)ur, Miss Rosalie of Sutton, PQ Newport Ctr Oct 27 10/31/1871
Jabree, Peter of Troy Martin, Miss Aurilla of Westfield South Troy April 23 5/12/1868
Jacobs, Dan L. of New Haven, CT Allen, Miss Ellen C. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 9 8/22/1871
Johnson, William Henry of Salem Kingsley, Nancy of Salem Derby Nov 1(9) 11/21/1871
Judd, Homer of Sutton, PQ J(ones), Miss Emma E. of Sutton, PQ Newport Ctr Oct 27 10/31/1871
Judd, Loren of Coventry Tute, Miss Ellen of Newport Coventry Dec 10 12/12/1871
Kelley, Levi of Derby Dodge, Miss Clara of Derby Derby May 4 5/16/1871
Kendall, Elam F. of Newport Shelters, Miss Vermela of Newport Newport Aug 1 8/8/1871
Kent, I. Rick of Calais Aiken, Miss Inez R. of Hardwick Hardwick Feb 7 2/14/1871
Knox, Rev. M. V. B. of VT Hill, Miss Nettie of L. Hill of L. Hill Craftsbury Jan 9 1/24/1871
Lane, J(udson) of Newport Williams, Mrs. Nancy of Troy Newport Oct (2) 10/3/1871
Lane, Seymour Esq. of Newport Wheelock, Mrs Mehitable of Newport Newport July 8 7/14/1868
LaPoint, Henry of Eden Chatney, Aurilla of Eden Derby Nov 28 12/12/1871
Lathe, Silas L. of Coventry Woodbury, Miss Jane of Craftsbury Coventry May (19) 5/23/1871
Lawlis, Samuel of Durham, PQ McLauchlin, Mary E. of Durham, PQ Newport July 4 7/14/1868
Laythe, Isaac C. of Sterling, MA B(rown), (E__mia) L. of Sterling, MA Clinton, MA Dec 28 1/3/1871
Levoy, Erwin of Potton, PQ George, Miss A(nsteu)s of Potton, PQ North Troy April 4 4/18/1871
Livingston, Henry M.D. of Ft. Thompson, NY Hoyt, A. E. of Rev. M. Hoyt Yankton, Dak Ter April 2 5/2/1871
Locke, Edwin S. of Barton Bartlett, Miss Emma D. of Sutton Sutton 12th 7/18/1871
Lyon, Charles of Brighton Scott, Miss Laura of Brighton Island Pond June 3 6/6/1871
Lyon, Josiah B. of W. Charleston Wyman, Miss L. Jennie of W. Charleston Brownington Dec 6 12/19/1871
Marckres, Harvey A. of Herkimer, NY Cutting, Amanda R. of C. S. Cutting Esq. of W. D. West Derby June 15 6/16/1868
Marsh, George A. of Potton Skinner, Miss Addie C. of Potton Newport Ctr March 8 3/21/1871
Marston, Charles H. of Derby Fairbrother, Miss Blanche of Newport West Derby May 2(0) 5/30/1871??
Mc(Down), Francis of Newark Hudson, Miss Celia of Newark (West Derby) April 1 5/30/1871??
McGaffey, Herbert H. of Stanstead Brewer, Inez B. of Holland Holland March 8 3/14/1871
McGoff, Cornellus of Irasburg Ordway, Miss Martha L. of Irasburg E Charleston May 17 7/14/1868
Miller, Charles of Richmond Gardner, Miss Clara L. of Brompton, PQ Island Pond Aug 14? 9/5/1871
Milo, John of Swanton Gould, Miss Mary of Brookfield Barnard May 12 5/29/1866
Mo(rse), H. (F) of Potton, PQ Huntley, Miss Laura J. of North Troy North Troy Jan 1(6) 1/24/1871
Molinali, Prof. Antonio of Montreal Merello, Miss Catherine J. of Montreal Island Pond Aug 14 9/5/1871
Morits, Peter of Newport Bullis, Miss Harriet of Newport Newport Ctr April 4 4/11/1871
Nelson, E. L. of Derby Cheney, Clara of ( ) Cheney Esq. of Derby Derby Sept 10/3/1871
Noble, Henry S., MD of Hartford, CT Chaffee, Miss Edna J. of Canton, NY Rochester March 14 3/21/1871
Norris, John of Derby Place, Sarah of Derby Newport June 10 6/16/1868
Norris, Richard C. of Newport Ingerson, Miss Catie of Newport Newport April 1 4/10/1866
Nye, Van Amburgh of Burlington Ripley, Miss Emma J. of Brownington Brownington Dec 7 12/12/1871
Olin, Stephen A. of Newport Crawford, Miss Melinda J. of Newport Newport Ctr. Jan 15 1/17/1871
Olmstead, John D. S. of Greensboro Haines, Miss Abbie D. of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 25 3/17/1868
Orcutt, Rodney G. of Potton, PQ Baxter, Robina E. of Stanstead Ascot, PQ June 3 6/20/1871
Orne, David J. of Brownington Jones, Mary A. of Potton, PQ W. Charleston April 6 4/11/1871
Ovitt, Curtis D. of Jay Banister, Miss Katie L. of Potton, PQ Jay March 12 3/28/1871
Page, Chester M. of Albany Pearson, Miss Mary C. of Coventry Coventry 12th 7/18/1871
Parker, Geo. W. of Lowell Paul, Miss Philura of Derby Derby Jan 17 1/31/1871
Parker, Richard F. of Coventry Chapman, Miss Melissa C. of Coventry Coventry May 2 5/9/1871
Parlin, Charles O. of Salem Powers, Hattie M. of Swanton Newport Dec 30 1/3/1871
Partridge, Eli B. of Glover Sargent, Miss Fannie M. of Glover Barton July 4 7/14/1868
Paul, W. I. of Stowe Bowley, Miss Kizzie of Newport Richford April 24 5/2/1871
Pettengill, Byron T. of Albany Freeman, Miss Martha L. of Albany Newport Ctr Aug 31 9/5/1871
Pike, Chas. B. of Stanstead Browne, M. Elvira of Salem Salem March 19 3/28/1871
Pinney, Sanford L. of Holland Moulton, Sadie L. of Wm .G. Moulton Esq. of S. Stanstead, PQ Oct (21/31) 11/7/1871
Post, Albert B. of Irasburgh Martin, Miss Angeline A. of Barton Barton 30th ult 12/12/1871
Powers, T. of Troy Flint, Miss Georgiana of Newport South Troy May 4 5/12/1868
Powers, Wilbur A. of Derby Fisher, Leaphy B of Derby Derby Sept 18 9/19/1871
Prior, J. of Montreal Collar, Miss Jennie of Ontario, PQ Island Pond June 27 7/11/1871
Prouty, John A. of Newport Wood, Miss Sarah H. of Upton, Mass Upton, MA March 11 3/17/1868
Prowse, William H. of Coral Clemens, Miss Della Ann of Coral Coral, ILL March 14 3/21/1871
Reed, David A. of Albany Chubb, Miss Ora C. of Albany Albany Nov 29 12/19/1871
Reinhardt, Robert B. James, Myra Louisa of Geo James Esq. Montreal Oct 5 10/10/1871
Revoir, Joseph of Charleston Dwyer, Harriet of Charleston W. Charleston Sept 2 9/5/1871
Robbins, Willie S. of Derby True, Clara E. of late Person True of Derby Derby Center March 25 3/28/1871
Rodric, John of St Francis, PQ Lamere, Mary of Stanstead, PQ Derby July 17 7/21/1868
Roundy, Elmer S. of Sutton Dean, Miss Jennie V. of Sutton West Derby Feb 2d 2/14/1871
Royce, Charles of Charleston Boardway, Miss Josephine of Charleston E Charleston July 2 7/14/1868
Rumry, Albert A. of Holland Cargill, Miss Lizzie of Morgan Holland Ctr 2/21/1871
Sabin, William Dudley of Craftsbury Garvin, Mrs. Emily of Craftsbury S. Hardwick June 27 7/11/1871
Sar(twe)ll, William W. of Albany Sweetland, Mrs. Emerancy of Albany Newport Sept 28 10/10/1871
Scott, Daniel P. of Brownington Moses, Mrs Louisa of Coventry Coventry April 15 4/24/1866
Scott, Robert D. of Newport Rexford, Miss Florence E. of Magog, PQ West Derby Oct 5 10/17/1871
Shattuck, Orlo B. of Derby Tisdale, Miss Mary E. of Lyndon Lyndon May 9 5/16/1871
Shaw, Charles N. of Sebago, ME Knowlton, Miss Jessie of late Newton Knowlton, Esq. of Magog, PQ Newport July 4 7/7/1868
Shaw, Jacob of Stanstead, PQ Fletcher, Mrs Elizabeth of Derby Derby Nov 17 11/24/1868
Shedd, Josiah of Derby Durgin, Miss Anne E. of Derby Derby April 9 4/24/1866
Skellen, James of Island Pond Dunlap, Miss Fanny J. of Island Pond Island Pond Oct 10 10/17/1871
Skinner, John E. of Barton Robinson, Mary A. of Amos Robinson Esq. of B. Barton June 29 7/11/1871
Smalley, Elmer A. of Hydepark Blanchard, Miss Carrie M. of Potton, PQ North Troy Feb 23 2/28/1871
Smalley, Rev. E. C. of Brownington Stiles, Miss Mary A. of East Albany Albany Nov 2 11/21/1871
Smith, Homer E. of Newport Olmsted, Miss Mary L. of Monona, Iowa Monana, Iowa March 22 5/2/1871
Smith, John M. of Burke Streeter, Miss Almira of Brownington Derby March 4 3/13/1866
Smith, Joseph H. of Holland Hall, Miss Roxy of Holland Island Pond April 17 4/25/1871
Spear, Marcus D. of Grinnel, Iowa (& Newport?) Beebe, Miss Emma S. of Stanstead Newport Jan 12 1/17/1871
Sterling, Chas. A. of Portland, ME Ladd, Miss Ella E. of Brighton Island Pond Jan 14 1/24/1871
Stevens, Edward G. of Coventry Wells, Miss Alice J. of Coventry Coventry Jan 2(1) 1/24/1871
Stewart, R. P. of Stanstead Brown, Annie S. of R. S. Brown Esq. Malone, NY May 16 5/23/1871
Stuart, George of Barnet Rickey, Miss Sarah of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 12 1/31/1871
Taylor, Silas B. of Potton Elkins, Ruth Jane of Capt. Mark L. Elkins Jr. W. Potton, PQ Nov 28 12/12/1871
Telfer, Thomas Jr. of Glover Wilson, Miss Elizabeth S. of Glover Glover Nov 22 12/19/1871
Tibbetts, Daniel S. of Newport Norway, Miss Maggie R. of Potton, PQ Newport Ctr May 5 5/12/1868
Titus, Harry F. of Jay Stone, Mrs. Lucena S. of Jay North Troy Jan 28 1/31/1871
Titus, Henry C. of Potton, PQ Robinson, Miss Emma M. of Brownington Coventry July 2(9) 8/1/1871
Tousley, Frank E. of Major M. J. Towsley Demison, Mary M. of late Rev. N. Demison of VT Mendota, ILL Jan 1 1/17/1871
Towns, S. of Littleton, NH Mosier, Miss E. of Holland Holland Oct 31 11/7/1871
True, George W. of Newport Campbell, Julia I. of Newport Charleston April 20 4/25/1871
Turner, Henry W. of Albany Bumps, Miss Rosina C. West Glover June 10 6/20/1871
Twombly, Cassius M. of Morgan Beebe, Miss Julia A. of Holland Holland Ctr Feb 21 (23?) 2/28/1871
Twombly, John L. of Barton Emmerson, Mrs. Eliza of Barton Barton 2(2)nd inst 1/24/1871
Wakefield, Willis W. of Lowell Hoyt, Miss Ida E. of Westfield North Troy Nov 14 11/21/1871
Walker, Joseph of Potton, PQ Elliott, Miss Abiah of Potton, PQ Jay March 14 3/28/1871
Walter, George P. of Brighton Young, Miss Mary J. of Charleston Island Pond Nov 14 12/12/1871
Warner, C. B. of Barton Woodman, Miss Mary P. of Barton Barton June 7 6/13/1871
Waterman, Noyes F. of N. Troy Raymore, Miss Emma of Eden Stowe Jan 2(6) 1/31/1871
Webster, Prof G. S. Ladd, Carrie K. Middlebury 2( th) 9/12/1871
Webster, Roscoe J. of Coaticook, PQ Somers, Miss Etta of Coaticooke, PQ Newport May 13 5/16/1871
Wells, William H. of Irasburgh Hill, Miss Ellen A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Dec 31 1/3/1871
West, Geo. E. of Derby Line Wright, Miss E(lvira) of St Johnsbury St J Center Jan 12 1/24/1871
Willey, David R. of Newport Woods, Matilda of Greensboro Newport June 10th 6/13/1871
Willey, David S. of Derby Beaton, Miss Ann of Handen, PQ Derby Dec 21 12/26/1871
Willey, William H. of Newport Glines, Miss Louise M. of Lowell, MA Newport Ctr 9th inst 8/15/1871
Williams, Asa A. of Glover Batchelder, Mrs. Louisa of Barton Glover July 30 8/8/1871
Willson, J. E. of Charleston Allbee, Miss Mary Jane of Derby Charleston Dec 27 1/3/1871
Wilson, C. C. of Compton Graves, Miss Dency M. of Compton Newport Sept 23 9/26/1871
Wing, Seth B. of Troy Wing, Mrs. Lutheria A. of Troy Newport May 27 6/5/1866
Wiswell, Frederick of Derby Heath, Miss Abbie L. of Derby Derby Jan 26 1/31/1871
Young, John Young, Miss Augusta A. of John Young Esq. Troy June 3 6/5/1866

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