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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Abbott, Charles H. of Barton McKenty, Miss Lydia A. of Barton Derby June 27 7/11/1876
Abbott, D. S. of Barton Evans, Mrs. Jane of Sutton Sutton Nov 18 11/27/1877
Abbott, Elden C. of Underhill Powers, Addie E of Troy Irasburg Oct 8 10/15/1878
Abbott, John True of Wallaston, Mass Merriman, Alice Elkins of Rev. T. M. Merriman Fiskdale, MA Jan 24 2/3/1874
Abbott, Oscar W. of Troy Adams, Miss Carrie E. of Troy North Troy Nov 26 12/15/1874
Abercrombie, D. Webster of Newport & MA Brainard, Miss Emma F. of Newport & MA Cambridge, Mass Dec 23 12/31/1878
Adams, Charles of Magog, PQ Carter, Miss Belle of Magog, PQ Derby Oct 28 12/15/1874
Adams, Clarence E. of Troy Gaines, Miss Ann Eliza of Troy Lowell July 21 7/25/1876
Adams, Ethan Allen of Salem Burroughs, Miss Nellie of Coventry Coventry Aug 4 8/10/1875
Adams, Frank W. of Newport Benoit, Miss Lizzie N. of Newport Newport Ctr July 4 7/6/1875
Adams, George T. of Salem Noyes, Carrie E. of Salem Derby Aug 17 8/26/1879
Adams, Myron A. of Derby Carpenter, Clara E. of Chester Carpenter, Esq. of D. Derby Ctr Nov 21 11/23/1873
Adams, Theron A. of Derby Haselton, Miss Lilla of Charleston W Charleston March 22 3/25/1873
Adgate, Dr L. W. of E. Hardwick Fisk, Miss Mary of New Jersey East Hardwick Dec 20 1/1/1878
Aiken, A. J. of Troy Aiken, Mrs. Laura J. of Newport Newport Center Nov 6 11/9/1875
Aiken, Alonzo H. of Sutton, PQ Wright, Annie S. of Jay North Troy Jan 1 1/13/1874
Aiken, Daniel E. of Potton, PQ Peck, Miss Carrie of Potton, PQ Potton, PQ Dec 24 1/7/1873
Aiyr, Philip of Three Rivers, PQ Knapp, Miss Lottia of Portland, ME Derby July 4 7/11/1876
Albee, John M. of Brighton Webster, Miss Oliva of Morgan Island Pond Oct 31 11/7/1876
Alden, Evelyn of Irasburgh Edmonds, Miss Addie R. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Feb 25 3/4/1879
Alden, L. S. of Irasburg Hetherington, Miss Mary E. of NY New York Oct 5 10/12/1875
Alden, S. of Whitehall, NY Jewett, Miss Melvina M. of Montgomery St. Albans Sept 23 9/30/1873
Aldrich, Albert E. of South Troy Huntly, Miss Flora of South Troy Coventry Nov 10 11/17/1874
Aldrich, Daniel of Stanstead Larue, Miss Mary of Magog, PQ Derby June 24 6/27/1876
Aldrich, Shelby S. of Wallingford Chandler, Ella L. of Derby Derby Dec 25 12/30/1879
Alexander, F. W. Bassett, Miss Emma J. of Brownington Barton Landing April 17 5/11/1875
Alfred, Frank E. Esq. of Newport Edes, Miss M. Louise of Newton, MA Newton, Mass June 10 6/17/1879
Alger, C. W. of Irasburg Bailey, Miss Adelia M. of Coventry Irasburg Feb 26 3/12/1878
Alger, Frank of Lowell Brown, Miss Frances of Lowell Lowell Nov 20 11/26/1878
Alger, George G. of Irasburg Huntington, Edna E. of Irasburg Newport Center 3/25/1879
Alger, James H. of Glover Benoit, Miss Nellie of Newport Newport Center Oct 17 10/19/1875
Alger, Rev. N. C. of Merrimacport, MA Jameson, Jennie E. of late Alex Jameson of Irasburg Concord, NH May 1 5/7/1878
Allbee, Don C. of Troy Terrill, Mary A. of Troy Troy Jan 27 2/4/1879
Allbee, Henry R. of Morgan Ruiter, Miss M. Ellen of Holland W Charleston Feb 9 2/15/1876
Allbee, James C. of Holland Leach, Miss Florence A. of Massawippi, PQ Holland 12/17/1878
Allbee, Lemuel R. of NYC Bly, Miss Julia of Charleston Charleston March 4 3/10/1874
Allbee, Veranus M. of Holland Huff, Miss Persis M. of Compton, PQ Holland Jan 24 2/1/1876
Allen, Alonzo Hawley, Cynthia Abercorn, PQ last week 12/24/1878
Allen, Chester of Newport Rogers, Miss Ann Jennette of Newport Newport Ctr May 8 5/16/1876
Allyn, Joseph K. of Charleston Green, Miss Lucy J. of Charleston Charleston Aug 26 8/31/1875
Ames, Luman E. of Lowell, Mass Cleaveland, Miss Etta of Brownington W Charleston March 18 3/25/1873
Anderson, George H. of Greensboro Waugh, Miss Minnie E. of Craftsbury Greensboro March 6 3/26/1878
Anderson, James C. of Albany Heath, Miss Susan of Albany Craftsbury May 27 6/10/1873
Andrews, Charles H. of Westfield Robinson, Miss Annie B. of Westfield Lowell Nov 28 12/4/1877
Andrews, George F. of Holland Brown, Avis L. of Troy Lowell Nov 15 11/25/1879
Andrus, Horace E. of Craftsbury Rockwell, Miss Mina of Troy Coventry Oct 18 10/24/1876
Annis, Elwin L. of Albany Hood, Mary E. of Albany Newport Oct 1 10/8/1878
Annis, Myron A. of Craftsbury Miles, Miss Julia of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 17 2/27/1877
Applebee, J. H. of St Johnsbury Smith, Miss Ella J. of Brownington Brownington Oct 16 10/21/1873
Arms, F. Cortez of Berkshire Webster, Miss Ellie S. of Sheldon Highgate 1/1/1878
Armstrong, Edgar of Brownington Cushman, Miss Jennie S. of Brownington West Derby March 20 3/26/1878
Armstrong, J. C. of St Johnsbury Smith, Miss Catharine of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Aug 27 9/2/1879
Armstrong, John of Dillinton Taylor, Miss Susan of E. Bolton Thompson Mills 18th inst 1/30/1878
Ash, Bishop of Irasburg Prouty, Mrs. Augusta of Littleton Littleton, NH Dec (2)7 1/5/1875
Atkins, John of Westmore Felch, Miss Louise J. of Westmore Brownington Jan 28 2/6/1877
Austin, A. C. of Barton Landing Keeler, Miss Sarah of Moira, Franklin County NY Moria, NY Aug 19 9/1/1874
Austin, Everett S. of Lowell Bennett, Miss Juliette of Lowell Lowell Oct 28 11/4/1873
Ayer, James G. of Stanstead Brown, Miss Emma A. of Robie Brown Stanstead Sept 21 9/28/1875
Babbitt, Lewis F. of Greensboro Cutler, Lelia E. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 26 10/29/1878
Bailey, C. M. of Troy Bisbee, Miss Addie of Potton, PQ Lowell Sept 15 10/2/1877
Bailey, Clark D. of Coventry Nye, Miss Clorinda of Newport Newport Jan 1 1/8/1878
Bailey, Fred B. of Burlin Ward, Miss Addie of Wolcott Hardwick Nov 25 12/22/1874
Bailey, Herbert H. of Craftsbury Patterson, Miss Jennie H. of Greensboro Greensboro March 11 3/18/1879
Bailey, John of Potton Loyd, Miss Mary of Peasley's Corner Potton?? 19th ult 7/9/1878
Bailey, Portus B. Campbell, Delia B. Irasburg May 22 6/3/1879
Bailey, Rawson of North Troy Goodall, Mrs. Nellie N of Wolcott North Troy July 3 7/16/1878
Bailey, Walter Bisbee, Miss Rose of North Troy North Troy 1/7/1879
Baker, Fred H. of Newport Gilman, Carrie of Newport Newport Aug 22 8/28/1877
Baker, Jasper C. of Newport of Hon Luther Baker Goff, Miss Nellie P. of L. H. Goff, Esq. of Richford Richford Nov 27 12/4/1877
Baker, O. W. of Barton Landing Garland, Miss Mae of Barton Landing Barton Land April 18 5/5/1874
Baldwin, Albert of Derby Taylor, Miss Lizzie of Clifton, PQ Derby April 4 4/11/1876
Baldwin, F. W. of Barton Grout, Miss Susan M. of Barton Barton Sept 24 9/30/1873
Ball, Edward S. of Derby Griffin, Miss Jennette B. of Derby Derby Nov 9 11/16/1875
Ball, William Lee of Sherbrooke Haskell, Miss Clara J. of Waterloo Waterloo, PQ Sept 25 10/9/1877
Bancroft, Frank H. of Gardiner Gates, Nellie of A. Gates Esq. of Montgomery Winchendon, Mass Sept 3 9/17/1878
Bannister, Clarence W. of Albany Simonds, Miss Ella M. of Albany Albany Feb 12 2/16/1875
Bannister, Mark Gardine, Miss Emma North Troy Thanksgiving 12/2/1879
Barker, Charles W. of Brownington Berry, Clara L. of Brownington Barton Landing March 12 3/19/1878
Barnard, William M. of Newport Allen, Sarah Ida of J. T. Allen Esq. of Newport Newport May 16 5/19/1874
Barnes, Edson O. of Irasburg Wheeler, Miss Gertrude M. of Chelsea Chelsea, Mass Sept 8 9/21/1875
Barnes, Lewis H. of Boston, Mass Frye, Miss Lizzie E. of Boston, Mass West Derby Aug 18 8/26/1879
Barney, Alvah S. of Charleston Sharon, Miss Rose of Hatley, PQ West Charleston Dec 4 12/14/1875
Barns, Carlos J. of Brighton Rundlett, Miss Flora M. of Holland Derby Line 10/28/1879
Barr, John of Greensboro Rice, Mrs. Mary H. of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 12 11/20/1877
Barrett, John M. of Charleston Spear, Miss Matie E. of Derby Derby Dec 1(4) 12/28/1875
Barry, Charles A. of North Troy Walker, Miss Margaret E. of Manchester Manchester, NH Oct 22 11/19/1878
Bassett, Henry E. of Barton Landing Twombly, Miss Anna Bell of Barton Landing Barton Landing Sept 4 9/14/1875
Bassett, Warren of Brownington Rowell, Mrs. Clara of Albany Barton Landing April 27 5/7/1878
Batchelder, Chas. N. of Newport Cronk, Luthera of Troy Newport Ctr Aug 28 9/8/1874
Batchelder, Eugene Hackett, Etta Holland June 28 7/8/1879
Batchelder, J. W. of Burke Hibbard, Mrs. Mary J. of Barton Barton April 9 4/17/1877
Batchelder, Timothy C. of Stannard Smith, Miss Emma of Stannard Glover Jan 1 1/13/1874
Batchelder, William M. of Newport Kelsey, Miss Hattie E. of Danville Danville Oct 21 10/27/1874
Baxter, Henry C. Major Carter, Miss Emma of Stanstead Derby Line April 24 5/6/1873
Bean, Charles T. of Newport Rowell, Miss Lillian A. of North Troy North Troy Sept 17 9/22/1874
Bean, Ira A. of Barton Bailey, Miss Mattie G. of Craftsbury E Craftsbury May 25 6/18/1878
Bean, John of East Charleston Allen, Mrs. Hattie F. of East Charleston Morgan Ctr June 26 7/10/1877
Beattie, James H. of Brunswick, VT French, Miss Celia M. of Brunswick, Vt N Stratford, NH Nov 30 12/28/1875
Beaubard, Felix of Cowansville, PQ Riley, Miss Emma of Cowansville, PQ Montgomery Ctr Jan 13 1/22/1878
Beaudry, Joseph of St Alexandria, PQ Wright, Miss Abbie of Farnham, PQ Richford Feb 20 3/12/1878
Beckwith, Martin of Lempster, NH Blake, Miss Martha J. of Derby West Derby Nov 15 12/11/1877
Beebe, Hoel S. of Beebe Plain, PQ Morrill, Miss Clara A. of Derby Derby Dec 24 1/6/1874
Beecher, Albert R. of Canada Jenkins, Rocetta R. of Canada Derby Oct 20 10/29/1878
Beede, Hylas of Brownington Cheney, Miss Alice of Brownington Brownington Jan 1 1/7/1873
Beford, Henry of Salem Jondro, Mary F. of Stanstead Stanstead May 5 5/7/1878
Bell, George of Richford Waterman, Miss Lydia of Richford Richford July 4 7/17/1877
Bemis, Alfred C. of Brownington Bathrow, Miss Ella J. of Charleston Brownington Dec 21 12/31/1878
Bennett, Charles H. of Brownington Wilson, Flora M. of Charleston Brownington Nov 17 11/25/1879
Bennett, Freedom of Charleston Dana, Miss Abbie of Charleston Charleston Feb 4 2/11/1873
Benson, Charles H. of Stanstead, PQ Davis, Betsey A. of Stanstead, PQ Newport June 12 6/18/1878
Bentley, George C. of Barton Thompson, Miss Sarah J. of Irasburg Barton Feb 10 3/6/1877
Benton, C. (K). Esq. Graham, Miss Jennie of John Graham Esq. Minneapolis Nov 20 12/15/1874
Benton, J. L. Rev of W Chazy, NY Buchanan, Miss E. M. of D. Buchanan of A. Albany Nov 4 11/9/1875
Berry, B. E. of Barton Young, Miss Emma J. of Magog, PQ South Barton 4/8/1879
Berry, Elijah F. of Brownington Cannon, Miss Clara L. of Brownington Brownington Sept 2 9/16/1873
Berwick, Henry E. of Barton Magoon, Miss Alice E. of Westmore Barton Landing Aug 31 9/22/1874
Betters, John B. of Derby Duhame, Miss Matilda of Stanstead, PQ Derby Feb 8 2/11/1873
Bickford, E. of North Troy Moore, Miss Ruby of Dr. Moore of N. Troy Montreal Oct 9 10/23/1877
Bickford, George of Brownington Marshall, Alma of Brownington Westmore Oct 3 10/22/1878
Blair, Enos J. of Jay Bracy, Miss Minerva of Potton, PQ Newport Ctr Nov 6 11/11/1873
Blair, George D. of Jay Manuel, Miss Zilpha of Jay Newport Ctr Nov 6 11/11/1873
Blair, John of Beebe Plain Corey, Miss Ida B. of Beebe Plain Derby Nov 3 11/6/1877
Blake, Alver of Brighton Andrews, Eva of Holland Holland Nov 8 11/25/1879
Blake, Chauncey of Stanstead Farell, Melissa of Magog Magog Feb 18 3/4/1879
Blake, Rufus P. of NYC Powers, Miss Mary Ann of Salem Derby Feb 1 2/8/1876
Blake, Sylvester S. of Morgan Ainsworth, Hattie Idella of Morgan Holland July 5 7/22/1879
Blake, Truman G. of Derby Ward, Ellen A. of Derby Newport March 15 3/17/1874
Blanchard, Porter E. of Concord, NH Rayleigh, Miss Sadie E. of Boscawen, NH Newport June 1 6/9/1874
Bliss, H. Willis of Glover Cheney, Miss Marion of Glover Glover Sept 15 9/28/1875
Bliss, Willis H. of Glover Randall, Miss Charlotte of Albany Coventry July 4 7/9/1878
Blodgett, E. L. of Ripon, Wisc Pierce, Miss S. E. of Bloomingdale, Ill Elgin, Ill Dec 18 12/28/1875
Boardway, Peter of Charleston Scribner, Miss Ellen of Brownington Charleston Dec 20 12/28/1875
Boden, Benjamin C. of Coventry Norris, Mrs. H. Annette S. of Brownington Brownington Sept 23 9/30/1873
Boden, Edward H. of Newport Parker, Miss Eliza E. of Newport Newport Nov 6 11/17/1874
Bogue, Mr. of Irasburgh not named, of St. Albans St. Albans prob 7/1/1879
Bonett, Reuben D. of Newport Blanchard, Miss Lucina of Mansonville, PQ Newport July 18 7/20/1875
Booth, George H. of Springfield, Mass Rand, Addie L. of Newport Hartford CT Nov 5 11/11/1873
Booth, William H. of Sheffield Drown, Miss Electa E. of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 26 9/8/1874
Borland, John of Glover Mason, Mrs Harriet B. of Glover Glover April 29 5/6/1873
Bowles, Calvin C. of Coventry Dailey, Miss Jennie W. of Coventry Coventry May 1 5/8/1877
Bowles, Phil. P. of Coventry Wade, Lizzie T. of NYC NYC Nov 30 1/23/1877
Bowley, Riley Mason of Newport Woodward, Miss Ida Emma of Newport E Craftsbury March 3 4/9/1878
Bowley, Zadoc B. of Newport Miller, Miss Eliza M. of Newport Newport April 27 5/2/1876
Boynton, Charles S. of Coventry Harvey, Clarissa of Coventry June 18 6/25/1878
Boynton, Edwin Miller, Miss Elzada A. of J. H. Miller of Westfield Lowell Apr 6, 1876 10/17/1876
Boynton, Edwin of Westfield Miller, Miss E. A. of Westfield Lowell April 18 4/25/1876
Boynton, Ozias of Coventry Dow, Miss Mary C. of Coventry Newport Dec 31 1/5/1875
Bradford, George of Sherbrooke, PQ Newell, Miss Ellen of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 28 2/2/1875
Brewer, Edw. of Charleston Danforth, Laura of Island Pond E Charleston March 7 3/16/1875
Brewer, Henry of West Derby Blake, Miss Betsey J. of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ May 19 6/12/1877
Bridgeman, Osgood D. of Glover Scott, Miss Grace E. of Glover Glover Oct 30 11/4/1879
Bridges, Asa of Craftsbury Osgood, Mrs Laura of Hardwick Albany Jan 18 1/27/1874
Bridges, Lewis H. Swett, Miss Annie R. N Craftsbury June 18 6/26/1877
Briggs, Charles A. of Newport Center Armstrong, Miss Eleanor A. of Newport Center Newport Center July 4 7/8/1879
Brigham, Levi of Lowell Newman, Mrs H. M. of Hydepark Lowell 12th inst 2/18/1873
Brock, Howard L. of Glen Sutton, PQ White, Miss Katie C. of Walden Glover Dec 2 12/16/1873
Brockway, Adna F. of Barton Landing Garland, Miss Anna E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Dec 31 1/13/1874
Brooks, Daniel G. of Morgan Elliot, Miss Lorinda L. of Morgan Morgan Ctr Dec 2(9) 1/7/1873
Browley, William J. of Coventry Philips, Miss Jennie of Montreal Coventry July 19 7/27/1875
Brown, Charles A. of Boston, MA Brown, Florence H. of Robie Brown of Brown's Hill Stanstead July 11 7/24/1877
Brown, Charles E. C. of Dunham, PQ Lorimer, Miss Jennet E. of Stanstead, PQ Derby Jan 15 1/21/1873
Brown, Chester of E. Hardwick Mack, Miss Abbie of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 27 12/10/1878
Brown, Daniel B. of Irasburg Green, Miss Augusta H. of Franklin Franklin Oct 26 11/4/1879
Brown, Fred of Coventry Peters, Miss Fanny of Magog, PQ Coventry July 23 8/1/1876
Brown, George of Westmore Daniels, Miss Rosa A. of Westmore East Burke June 8 6/17/1879
Brown, J. S. of Lyndon Davis, Miss Emma of Lewiston, Maine Lyndon 12/19/1876
Brown, Jacob of Glen Sutton Jones, Miss Nellie of Glen Sutton North Troy Nov 5 11/11/1879
Brown, John A. of Albany Hunt, Miss Flora E. of Albany Newport Jan 28 2/2/1875
Brown, John H. of Barton Landing Hastings, Vic E. of Middlesex Middlesex Aug 27 9/3/1878
Brown, Joseph H. of NH Cobb, Marcia N. of Coventry Coventry May 17 5/25/1875
Brown, Walter L., of Jay Gould, Minnie C. of Winchester Winchester, NH May 13 5/27/1879
Bruso, J. A. of Troy Sabin, Mrs. E. J. of Troy Newport Ctr Feb 21 3/6/1877
Bryant, G. W of Irasburg Pettengill, Miss Kate A. of Albany Lowell, Mass Dec 4 12/9/1879
Bryant, Jonathan of Holland Hill, Mrs Eliza of Holland Morgan Feb 21 3/3/1874
Buchanan, Daniel Jr of Barton Landing Hildreth, A. Evangeline of Barton Landing Barton Landing Feb 7 2/13/1877
Buchanan, Hugh W. of Barton Landing Rogers, Miss Genevieve A. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Nov 27 12/9/1873
Buck, D. C. of Troy Willey, Flora Z. of Troy Troy Jan 1 1/11/1876
Buck, William M. of Island Pond Ladd, Miss M. Emma of Island Pond Barton Landing Aug 21 8/27/1878
Bugbee, Abel G. MD of Derby Reed, Nancy of Derby Waterford Oct 17 10/23/1877
Bullard, Hector N. of Magog Wyman, Viola L. of Barnston, PQ 3rd inst 6/24/1873
Bullock, Benjamin of Stanstead, PQ Rediker, Miss Myra of Stanstead, PQ Newport Sept 26 11/13/1877
Burke, Horace T. of Houston, Texas Safford, Miss Frances V. of Quechee Quechee, Vt Aug 29 9/5/1876
Burnap, Harland P. of Richford McKinney, Emma A. of Richford Richford May 22 6/4/1878
Burnham, A. W. of Montgomery Tichurst, Miss Ella J. of Stanstead, PQ South Troy Oct 3 2/20/1877
Burnham, Dudley J. of Woodbury Farr, Miss M. Etta of Woodbury E Burke Oct 11 10/21/1879
Burns, James of Stanstead, PQ Redwood, Ellen of Burlington, Vt Newport Aug 27 9/3/1878
Burroughs, Archie A. of Morgan Perkins, Miss May A. of Noah W. Perkins Morgan Center Nov 16 11/21/1876
Burroughs, Frank E. of Stannard Weed, Ella S. of Stannard Stannard Dec 21 12/30/1879
Burroughs, Jonathan of Coventry Gladden, Miss Abbie N. of Franklin Newport Jan 21 1/30/1877
Burt, Seaborn of Derby Emrick, Miss Ida R. of Waterloo, PQ West Derby April 20 4/23/1878
Burton, William F. of Charleston Hubbard, Miss Rosalind of Charleston Brownington Dec 9 12/14/1875
Bushey, Edward H. of Newport Fisher, Miss Millie of Newport Newport Jan 1 1/8/1878
Butler, Harmon of Sheldon Nutting, Miss Louise L. of East Berkshire E Berkshire May 12 5/25/1875
Butterfield, O. E. Esq. Morgan, Belle A. Wilmington, VT May 18 5/27/1873
Cady, Julius of Scotland, Ct Whittlesey, Miss Henrietta of Glover Glover Feb 11 3/12/1878
Calderwood, W. S. not named Greensboro 10/31/1876
Calkins, John F. of Richford Parker, Mrs. Rachel M. of Richford Richford Aug 8 8/13/1878
Cameron, James of Glover Vance, Miss Lizzie M. of Albany Albany Sept 6 9/12/1876
Cameron, Warren E. of Hartford Stone, Mrs. Nettie S. of E. St Johnsbury E St Johnsbury Nov 27 12/2/1879
Campbell, Daniel of Marlow Bullock, Miss Maggie A. of Stanstead, PQ Derby Line Jan 22 2/4/1873
Canning, Thomas of Leeds, PQ Reddy, Miss Susan of Westmore Charleston Nov 25 12/2/1873
Cargill, Thomas of Morgan Goodsell, Miss Ella of Morgan Morgan July 21 7/27/1875
Cargill, William F. of Morgan Daggett, Miss Ella C. of Charleston W Charleston May 1 5/8/1877
Carleton, Frank W. of Island Pond Tracy, Miss Mary M. of Island Pond Newport Oct 21 10/23/1875
Carpenter, Isaac of Derby Cole, Miss Anna of Stanstead, PQ Newport May 17 6/10/1873
Carr, John L. of Glover Bodwell, Miss Josie E. of Glover Glover Feb 26 3/4/1879
Carter, William of Middletown Stanford, Lena A. of S. Stanford of Irasburg Middletown, CT Oct 15 10/23/1875
Caruth, Charles of Charleston Bly, Miss Alice of Charleston Derby Line Dec 25 1/11/1876
Cass, John of Stanstead, PQ Hunter, Mrs. Lucy L. of Barnston, PQ Newport July 6 7/11/1876
Cate, Oscar A. Bangs, Carrie V. of (L) L. Bangs of Stanstead Stanstead Feb 19 3/5/1878
Chadwick, James C. of Boston Safford, Miss Annie E. of Newport Boston April 27 5/6/1873
Chamberlin, Aaron of Magog Glidden, Miss Ella A. of Barnston Magog Feb 27 3/18/1873
Chamberlin, Bush T. Badger, Miss Sarah Lunenburg Oct 25 11/3/1879
Chamberlin, Chauncey M. of Jay Giddings, Miss Hattie F. of Waterville Johnson Dec 18 12/26/1876
Chamberlin, R. C. of West Concord Badger, Miss Sarah of Irasburg Westfield Aug 2(8) 9/1/1874
Chandler, A. D. of Derby Rines, Miss Ruby E. of Troy Derby Line Nov 10 1/30/1877
Chandler, Isaiah B. of Hardwick Martin, Miss Cora B. of Calais Greensboro Oct 25 11/6/1877
Chaney, Joseph of Newport Merrill, Miss Kate of Newport Newport Sept 27 9/28/1875
Channell, H. E. of Stanstead Robertson, Miss Mary A. of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ Oct 24 11/5/1878
Chapin, Rev. S. W. of Albany not named Maine 10/9/1877
Chaplin, Richard W. of Lyndon Allen, Miss Althena of Charleston Island Pond Oct 15 10/22/1878
Chapman, George R. Esq. of Vergennes Camp, Genevieve H. of Erastus Camp of M. Montpelier June 20 6/26/1877
Chase, Ralph M. of Magog Demaree, Kate of Barnston Barnston Corner, PQ Oct 11 10/23/1875
Chase, T. Abel of North Troy Wright, Miss Alvira A. of Jay Richford Dec 28 1/5/1875
Chatfield, Frederick of Derby Hyde, Miss Emma of Derby West Derby May 2 5/5/1874
Cheney, John of Brownington Scott, Mrs. Lottie C. of Whitinsville Whitinsville, MA Feb 1(9) 3/11/1879
Cheney, John of Brownington not named Brownington recently 4/8/1879
Chesley, Stephen G. of Sheffield Miller, Mrs. Jane E. of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 28 12/3/1878
Church, John H. of Stanstead Welch, Miss Ida M. of Stanstead Derby Nov 10 11/16/1875
Cilley, Amasa of Craftsbury McIntosh, Miss Margaret of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 14 11/28/1876
Clark, Albert Field, Miss Lizzie of M. S. Field Esq. Sept 16 9/29/1874
Clark, Chauncey W. of Stanstead, PQ Foster, Miss Jerusha M. of Glover Glover July 7 7/14/1874
Clark, F. E. of Westfield Fuller, Miss Abbie A. of Troy Newport Nov 30 1/30/1877
Clark, George F. of Irasburg Hitchcock, Miss Minnie of Westfield Westfield Aug 29 10/24/1876
Clark, George M. of Irasburg Wheeler, Miss Ella of Troy Troy Oct 12 10/19/1875
Clark, H. Allen of Fort Wallace, Kansas Carpenter, Miss Lilla A. of Charles Carpenter Charleston June 9 6/10/1879
Clark, Harry C. of Irasburg Edwards, Miss Alice of Albany Craftsbury Dec 22 1/2/1877
Clark, Joseph H. of Barton Hamblet, Mrs Eliza P. of Barton Glover June 21 7/8/1873
Clark, William M. of Stanstead Brown, Miss Lizzie of Robie Brown of Stanstead Stanstead 25th ult 7/7/1874
Clark, Zenas W. of Island Pond Smith, Miss Alice E. of Island Pond West Derby March 9 3/14/1876
Clefford, Henry F. of Barnston Towle, Miss Alvira of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ Dec 31 2/4/1873
Clendening, J. S. of Newport Crawford, Miss A. E. of Newport Troy Feb 12 2/15/1876
Cleveland, Lester of Newport Campbell, Miss Clara of Newport Coventry Dec 25 12/30/1879
Cleveland, O. S. of Palmyra, ILL & Newport Rogers, Miss Eva of Dixon, ILL Dixon, ILL June 13 7/2/1878
Clough, Henry A. of North Troy Poor, Sarah E. of North Troy Coventry Oct 14 10/24/1876
Clough, Samuel H. of Albany Wells, Edith V. of Albany Albany Dec 11 1/1/1878
Coburn, Charles of Westfield Gabaree, Miss Annie of Westfield Westfield Feb 10 2/18/1879
Coburn, Henry E. of Walpole, Mass Willott, Mrs Frances E. of Boston, Mass Derby July 23 8/4/1874
Coburn, William L. of Troy Buswell, Miss Ada P. of Troy Newport Ctr Sept 14 9/16/1873
Cochrane, John of Lowell, Mass Gardine, Miss Victoria of Troy Newport March 6 3/25/1873
Colburn, Ira M. of Newport Lamb, Clara F. of Newport Newport Ctr April 10 4/16/1878
Colcord, Herbert B. of Franklin Green, Miss Alice S. of Hopkinton, NY Franklin, VT Jan 16 1/30/1877
Cole, A. J. of Newport Welcome, Miss Julia of West Derby Derby Feb 11 2/18/1873
Cole, Chauncey of Newport Dunn, Miss Eve B. of Newport Newport Jan 7 2/6/1877
Cole, Chauncy of Troy Ladoo, Rose of Troy Lowell July 3 7/8/1879
Collins, Franklin of Richford Moffat, Miss Lydia of Richford Richford Feb 7 3/12/1878
Combs, Byron H. of Richford Chamberlin, Miss Addie of Richford Richford Jan 1 1/8/1878
Combs, David of Richford Fletcher, Miss Mina of Richford Richford Feb 23 3/5/1878
Combs, Eli of Richford Call, Miss Susan of Dunham, PQ Richford Nov 14 11/20/1877
Conner, Franklin H. of Irasburg Leach, Miss Julia B. of Irasburg Irasburg July 3 7/8/1873
Conway, Timothy of Coventry McCauley, Alice M. of Coventry Coventry May 20 5/25/1875
Cook, D. S. of West Charleston Houston, Myra of Rev Gerry Houston of Hardwick Glover June 8 6/13/1876
Cook, Joseph H. of Glover Parker, Miss Cynthia E. of Glover Glover Dec 9 12/14/1875
Coti, B. of Potton Martin, Miss Rosalee of Potton 4th inst 11/12/1878
Courser, George of Glen Sutton Brewer, Miss Lizzie N. of Berkshire Berkshire Nov 1(5) 12/2/1879
Courser, P. P. Wilson, Miss Hattie L of Hon. H. C. Wilson North Troy March 4 3/11/1873
Cox, L. M. Raun, Isabella Salem Jan 3 1/11/1876
Crandall, Henry B. of Salem Jenne, Miss Emma E. of Derby Derby June 6 6/13/1876
Crandall, Thomas G. of Brownington Kinne, Viola P. of Brownington Brownington Sept 16 9/21/1875
Critchett, Aaron of Newport Collins, Mrs. Mary M. of Troy South Troy Sept 25 10/3/1876
Crosby, Alvah S. of Compton, PQ Watkins, Fanny L. of Jay Jay May 6 5/14/1878
Crosby, Azro B. of Holland Allbee, Miss Amelia of Coventry Coventry Sept 26 10/3/1876
Cross, Archibald of Broome, PQ Smith, Miss Julia M. of Stanstead, PQ Derby June 21 6/23/1874
Crow, Matthew of Topsham Thayer, Miss Amelia of Stanstead Westmore Aug 19 8/26/1873
Crow, William of Morgan Cowen, Miss Emma of Morgan Morgan Center March 19 4/1/1879
Crowley, Thomas of Albany Marlow, Mary Ann of Albany East Albany Nov 14 11/23/1875
Cummings, Albert H. of Newport Blake, Miss Idella of Derby Newport Center April 19 4/29/1873
Cummings, Merrill S. of Newport Chase, Miss Lovina L. of Troy Irasburg Aug 23 9/15/1874
Cummings, Tarrant S. of Newport Rogers, Miss Mary H. of Newport Newport Ctr 18th 6/24/1873
Currier, Herbert E. of Morgan Batchelder, Miss Clara E. of Morgan Morgan Sept 24 10/10/1876
Currier, William Turcotte, Emma Newport May 1 5/2/1876
Curtis, W. E. of Lowell Watson, Miss Ella of Lowell Lowell Dec 5 12/29/1874
Cushing, Rev. H. P. of East Burke Huntington, Miss D. Grace of Washington Washington Feb 2(6) 3/11/1879
Cushman, Gardner H. of Morgan Warner, Miss Nettie A. of Barton E. Charleston Jan 26 2/4/1879
Cutler, Elijah B. of San Francisco, Calif Cowles, Mrs. Edna M. of Coventry Coventry Oct 16 10/22/1878
Cutting, Chauncy of Barnston, PQ Sanborn, Miss Florence of Barnston, PQ Derby April 2 4/11/1876
Cutting, J. Rood of Newport Scott, Miss Josephine of Newport Holland Feb 26 3/17/1874
Daggett, Chester C. of Troy Nelson, Ella D. of Troy Coventry Sept 9 9/19/1876
Daggett, Emera M. of Holland Herrick, Miss Dora of Salem Newport April 5 4/18/1876
Dailey, Charles F. of Stanstead, PQ Peasley, Huldah E. of Stanstead, PQ Derby Center June 10 7/1/1879
Dalton, William J. of St Johns, Q McClintock, Miss Rebecca of Beebe Plain Beebe Plain June (6 or 8) 6/22/1875
Damon, Burton A. of Richford Aseltine, Clarilla of Albany Richford Jan 2 1/8/1878
Dana, Wm C. of Charleston Allen, Miss Emma of Charleston Charleston April 9 4/14/1874
Dane, Herbert W. of Charleston Flint, Mamie E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing March 8 3/13/1877
Danforth, Christopher of Brighton Whitney, Mrs. Martha of Brighton Morgan Center Oct 7 10/15/1878
Danforth, Scott W. of Island Pond Andrus, Miss Ella of Holland Holland Nov 8 11/23/1875
Danforth, William R. of Brighton Smith, Miss Jennie of Holland Island Pond 4/9/1878
Daniels, John A., of Newport Goss, Miss Martha H. of Lyndon Lyndon Oct 10 10/17/1876
Darling, Alden H. of Albany Clifford, Anna M. B. of Berlin Berlin April 28 5/14/1878
Darling, William H. of Massawippi, PQ Darling, Miss Julia A. of Massawippi, PQ Derby Sept 23 9/26/1876
Davis, Alfred of Holland Pinney, Miss Nettie H. of Holland Morgan Center Aug 22 9/10/1878
Davis, Charles E. of Charleston Grow, Miss Carrie M. of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/16/1877
Davis, F. C. of Newport & Hudson, MA Comfort, Miss Nellie R. of Springfield, MA Weston, MA 12/9/1873
Davis, George F. of Charleston Spencer, Miss Martha A. of Westmore Charleston Jan 1 1/7/1873
Davis, John of Concord Gray, Miss Angus M. of Brighton Island Pond Nov 24 11/28/1876
Davis, Joseph A. of Island Pond Webster, Miss Algia E. of Island Pond West Derby April 4 4/11/1876
Davis, Leroy R. of Richford Thayer, Miss Flora A. of Berkshire Berkshire March 26 4/9/1878
Davis, Thomas of Stanstead, PQ Best, Miss Louisa of Stanstead, PQ Derby April 5 4/13/1875
Davis, Willie E. of Barnston, PQ Bullis, Miss Ida of Newport Center Newport May 6 5/13/1879
Day, Milton P. of NYC Hall, Miss Ella C. of Middletown, Ct Middletown, CT April 25 5/2/1876
Deering, Charles A. of Boston, Ward 19 Smith, Jennie F. of Boston, Ward 19 Boston Sept 30 10/19/1875
Delong, Rev. F. of Bolton Holland, Miss Mary Ann of John Holland Esq. S Bolton, PQ 26th inst 6/3/1873
Demeritt, Horace of Eden Temple, Miss Lorinda of Eden Albany June 27 7/30/1878
Denio, Francis B. Rev. of Andover, MA Holmes, Miss J. Gertrude of Stanstead Stanstead 9/9/1879
Denison, Arthur E. of Norway, ME Wright, Ida E. of late Dr. W. E. Wright of Camb. Cambridgeport Oct 22 11/4/1873
Denning, John H. of Greensboro Frazer, Miss Anna C. of Greensboro Greensboro July 21 7/30/1878
Dewing, Henry A. of Glover Grow, Miss Nellie N. of Glover Glover March 20 4/2/1878
Dike, Albion of Nashua, NH Edmonds, Sarah A. of Irasburg Barton Landing May 17 6/1/1875
Dillingham, William P of Waterbury Shipman, Miss Ellen M. of Rev. I. H. Shipman Lisbon, NH Dec 24 1/5/1875
Dingman, Edwin D. of Potton, PQ Chatsy, Miss Melvina of Potton, PQ Newport Ctr Dec 17 12/22/1874
Dixon, D. Webster of St Albans Howe, Miss Letitia C. of Cambridgeport Cambridgeport Dec 10 12/16/1873
Donahue, John of Eden Grovrow, Miss Della of Albany N Craftsbury Sept 20 9/30/1879
Donaldson, William A. MD of W Burke Hopkinson, Miss Mary L. of Salem Salem May 20 5/26/1874
Douglass, Alexander of St Armand, PQ Woodworth, Mrs. Emily E. of Frelighsburg, PQ West Berkshire Jan 31 2/6/1877
Douney, Frederick Hill, Miss Effie Derby Line Oct 2 10/15/1878
Dow, A. P. of Albany Coonerty, Mary E. of Albany Coventry May 7 5/14/1878
Drew, A. E. Dr. Williams, Jennie V. of A. J. William, Esq. of T North Troy Dec 29 1/4/1876
Drew, Charles F. of Irasburg Wheeler, Miss Addie E. of Glover Troy Feb 28 3/7/1876
Driver, George A. of Charleston Lawrence, Miss Mina M. of Charleston West Charleston Sept 2 9/5/1876
Drown, Addison P. of Wolcott Mitson, Miss Lydia J. of Magog, PQ Worcester Jan 26 2/19/1878
Drown, Charles L. of Newport Center Corse, Miss Nellie A. of Newport Center Newport Center ? Feb 14 2/15/1876
Drown, Hiram of Sheffield Chase, Mrs Mary L. of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 22 10/27/1874
Drown, Lucius A. of Brownington Bickford, Ida F. of Brownington Brownington Jan 1 1/13/1874
Drown, Merrill of Hardwick Stone, Miss Alice H. of Hardwick Hardwick March 10 3/23/1875
Drown, Warner A. of Newark Chappell, Adelia of Newark West Burke Aug 28 10/5/1875
Dubois, Henry of North Hatley, PQ Hartwell, Miss Harriet of Stanstead, PQ Derby April 29 5/6/1873
Dudley, A. J. Esq. of Newport Field, Miss May E. of Newport Newport Jan 8 1/14/1873
Dudley, Joseph L. of Maine Smith, Miss Emma S. of Newport Coventry Jan 20 1/23/1877
Dunham, Henry N. of Brownington Gallup, May M. of Brownington Brownington Oct 23 11/25/1879
Durgin, Aleck of Derby Allbee, Flora of Derby Derby Dec 25 1/22/1878
Durgin, Charles E. of Derby Jenne, Miss Sarah of Derby Derby March 1(0) 3/11/1873
Durken, Martin of Greensboro Richardson, Julia E. of Greensboro Newport Nov 25 11/30/1875
Dustin, Dr. Charles W. of Craftsbury Lyon, Miss Hattie M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 17 12/22/1874
Dutton, Henry H. of Craftsbury Lyon, Miss Jennie P. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 23 2/29/1876
Dutton, Will G. of Brownington Austin, Miss Edna E. of Brownington Newport Nov 13 11/19/1878
Duval, John of Salem Blanchard, Miss Susan S. of Potton, PQ Newport July 4 7/10/1877
Dwinell, Dwight J. of Glover Merriam, Miss Julia L. of Glover Glover June 2 6/8/1875
Dwinell, Fred E. of Glover Grow, Miss Hattie F. of Glover Glover June 4 6/10/1879
Eastman, Charles M. of Waterloo, PQ Bailey, Emma D. of Troy North Troy Jan (1) 1/7/1873
Eastman, E. W. of Holland Ruiter, Miss Mary S. of Holland Derby Dec 25 1/7/1879
Eastman, Herbert of Charleston Chaplin, Miss Nettie of Charleston Charleston May 2 5/9/1876
Eastman, N. C. of Holland Bishop, Miss Minnie I. Of Holland Holland Jan 26 1/30/1878
Eastman, Oscar F. of Springfield, NH Woodward, Miss Roxy of Newport Newport Ctr Aug 22 8/29/1876
Eastman, W. E. of Derby Line Durgin, Miss Sarah N. of Derby Center Derby Jan 7 1/27/1874
Eaton, John S. of Stanstead, PQ Tichurst, Miss Lucy A. of Stanstead, PQ Derby July 19 7/27/1875
Edgerly, Wilber J. of Craftsbury Richardson, Euphie L. of Worcester, VT Craftsbury Nov 27 12/2/1879
Edson, James E. of Lowell Cross, Miss Lucilda A. of Lowell Lowell March 5 3/18/1879
Eldridge, Willard of Albany George, Miss Mina of Albany Albany April 22 4/27/1875
Elkins, Frank S. of North Troy Hunt, Miss Ella F. of North Troy Newport Nov 27 12/3/1878
Elliot, L. H. Rev. of Bradford, Vt Hodgdon, Elizabeth P. of Dea E. H. Hodgdon Campton, NH Nov 30 12/7/1875
Elliott, Charles of Randolph, Mass Calkins, Eveline of Morgan Morgan March 23 4/7/1874
Elliott, Elvin C. of Coventry Kendall, Miss Abbie of Coventry Barton Landing July 10 7/29/1879
Elliott, Joseph M. of Barton Cassidy, Miss Mary of Barton Barton Nov 4 11/9/1875
Emerson, M. D. of Troy Carey, Miss Etta of Troy Irasburg Oct 24 11/27/1877
Emery, Charles of Island Pond Wiggett, Miss Eliza of Island Pond Island Pond 3/6/1877
Emery, Dr. of Troy of Fairfax Troy ? 12/31/1878
Emery, Samuel J. of Eden Spring, Miss Mary of Eden Albany Jan 1 1/4/1876
Erwin, Alex Fletcher MD of Newport Sleeper, Miss Ella E. of Newport North Troy Jan 1 1/7/1879
Ewing, George L. of W Berkshire Bowen, Miss Meranda C. of W Berkshire W Berkshire Feb 14 2/20/1877
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry of St Johnsbury Page, Miss Ruthy B. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury May 5 5/12/1874
Fairbrother, Horace W. of Coventry Kimball, Miss Marcia E. of Barton Barton Landing Jan 4 1/13/1874
Fairchild, Heman of Derby Burbank, Flora Ida of Derby Derby Oct 6 10/21/1879
Fairchild, Truman of Derby Chandler, Miss Emma A. of Derby Derby Sept 6 9/8/1874
Farell, Wyman of Magog Akin, Matilda S. of Stanstead Magog Feb 18 3/4/1879
Farewell, Stillman of Newport Beede, Miss Lura of Newport Newport July 13 8/3/1875
Farman, Franklin of South Troy James, Miss Jennie of South Troy Lowell Aug 8 8/14/1877
Farman, Osmer of Troy Brown, Miss Maria of Albany Lowell Sept 3 9/16/1873
Farman, Warren of Westfield Boynton, Lydia of Westfield Westfield March 25 4/11/1876
Farnum, Lycenia J. of Peru Full, Mrs. Eunice L. of Westfield Westfield Jan 1 1/11/1876
Farrar, Fred F. of Richford Perkins, Miss Nellie of Richford Richford Jan 1 1/8/1878
Farrell, Edward K. of Underhill Brown, Miss Annie M. of Barton Newport Oct 5 10/14/1879
Fellows, John of Craftsbury Ferry, Miss Ruby H. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 28 2/12/1878
Ferrin, M. C. of Holland Robinson, Mrs Sarah of Charleston & Claremont Claremont, NH June 4 6/10/1873
Fisher, Oliver P. of Ottawa, PQ Steele, Anna E. of Cowansville, PQ Richford June 17 6/25/1878
Fisher, William H. of Irasburg Hancock, Miss Emma Ann of Irasburg Coventry Dec 25 12/30/1879
Flanders, Chester A. of Stanstead Merrill, Mary S. of Stanstead Massawippi Feb 18 3/4/1879
Flanders, David of Manchester Johnson, Jennie P. of Thetford, VT Manchester, NH Sept 25 10/8/1878
Flanders, Eben C. of Albany Folsom, Miss Martha of South Barton Brownington July 17 7/22/1873
Flanders, Willard S. of Barton Gallup, Miss Chloe S. of Brownington Coventry July 3 7/10/1877
Fleming, William B. of Lowell Campbell, Miss Nellie E. of Newport North Troy March 4 3/12/1878
Fletcher, Curtis G. of Easton, NH Perkins, Mrs. Lucy J of Easton, NH Westmore Aug 22 9/2/1879
Fletcher, Erastus of Lowell Hill, Mrs. Armeda of Colchester Lowell Sept 19 10/12/1875
Flint, Charles M. of Troy Gaines, Mae A. of Troy South Troy Dec 2 12/14/1875
Flint, Edward P. of Troy Elkins, Miss Mary E. of Troy Coventry Jan 1 1/9/1877
Flint, J. B. of Charleston Dodge, Miss Ella N. of Wm P. Dodge Esq. Barton Landing June 12 6/15/1875
Flint, Willis of Barton Landing Dodge, Miss Etta M. of Wm P. Dodge Esq. Barton Landing June 12 6/15/1875
Folsom, A. Riley Hinton, Miss Emily of Charleston South Barton Dec 30 1/7/1879
Folsom, Charles M. of Barton Davis, Mary E. of Sheffield Barton Aug 16 8/26/1879
Folsom, H. E. Bailey, Miss Clara of North Troy N. Troy ? Last Wed 8/13/1878
Folsom, Herbert of Wolcott Robbins, Miss Mattie A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury March 9 3/12/1878
Ford, Charles F of Barton Landing Ward, Miss Mary L. of Barnston, PQ Barton Landing July 4 7/14/1874
Forest, John L. of Barton Mills, Miss Josephine of Barton Barton Sept 21 9/23/1879
Fort, W. J. of Charleston Barron, Miss Kate M. of Charleston E. Burke Jan 19 1/30/1878
Foss, Fayette I. of Boston, Mass Gray, Abbie J. of L. M. M. Gray Esq. of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 7 12/15/1874
Foster, Asa B. Jr. of Hon. A. B. Foster of Waterloo O'Halloran, Alice Finley of James O'Halloran Esq. of C. Cowansville, PQ July 17 7/24/1877
Foster, Capt H. E. of Derby Kingsbury, Persis O. of Emera Kingsbury, Esq. Derby Jan 25 2/2/1875
Foster, Edwin D. of Charleston Parlin, Miss Ida M. of Charleston West Charleston April 7 4/22/1879
Foster, George F. of Island Pond Dale, Miss Lizzie E. of Island Pond Island Pond Dec 28 1/4/1876
Foster, George M. of Barton Corliss, Mrs. Nettie of Sutton Barton May 1 5/6/1879
Foster, Harvey of Brownington Wright, Miss Abbie E. of Newport Newport Feb 9 2/12/1878
Foster, J. E. of Newport Weeks, Sadie P. of S. Harwich S. Harwich, Mass Sept 17 9/24/1878
Fuller, Angello G. of Bolton, PQ Rollings, Adella E. of Potton, PQ North Troy Dec 2 1/13/1874
Fuller, B. H. of Montgomery Noyes, Miss Carrie J. of Richford Bakersfield Nov 22 11/27/1877
Fuller, Charles J. of Derby Bryant, Nellie L. of Derby Derby Sept 25 10/1/1878
Fuller, Fred of Bloomfield Noyes, Miss Clara of Lemington Island Pond Aug 19 9/5/1876
Fuller, Joseph of Bolton, PQ Bartlett, Mrs. Melissa of Salem West Derby May 11 5/18/1875
Fuller, Warren of Newport Waller, Miss Candace P. of Enosburgh Enosburgh Aug 30 9/14/1875
Gabbie, Thomas W. of Greensboro McLellan, Miss Mary A. of Greensboro Greensboro March 4 3/16/1875
Gaffield, Rufus of Craftsbury Martin, Melissa V. of Newport Albany Nov 13 11/16/1875
Galbraith, W. H. formerly of Newport Dexter, Miss Susie McLeod of Oakland, Calif Oakland, Calif May 28 8/19/1879
Galime, Edward of Newport Bernard, Phoebe of Newport Newport Dec 14 12/21/1875
Garceau, Oliver Jr. of Stanstead Plaisance, Miss Clarinda of Derby Stanstead Feb 25 3/5/1878
Gardner, Charles J. of Potton Rollins, Miss Leora of Potton Newport Jan 16 1/22/1878
Gardner, George A. of Potton Orcutt, Miss Sabrina of Potton Newport Jan 16 1/22/1878
Garfield, G. Frank of Craftsbury Smith, Miss Jennie M. of Craftsbury N Craftsbury 3/27/1877
Gates, Frank P. of Albany Chaffee, Emma J. of Albany Albany June 4 6/11/1878
Gates, Frank P. of VT & NH Greene, Miss Ella R. of VT & NH Sherman, Texas May 8 5/29/1877
Gay, Milo F. of Charleston Berry, Miss Carrie of Brownington Barton Landing Feb 27 3/4/1873
Gaylor, Heman A. of Newport Rowley, Miss Helen S. of Newport Newport Center March 15 3/21/1876
Gayneo, Napoleon of Stanstead Carpenter, Miss Hannah of Derby Newport Aug 18 8/31/1875
Geer, Jackson of Potton, PQ Record, Sarah Fidelia of Potton, PQ Troy May 17 5/27/1873
Geyuer, Joseph of Newark Derusha, Miss Emily of Brighton East Charleston Nov (4) 11/13/1877
Gibb, Charles S. of Derby Foster, Miss Alice A. of Irasburg Newport Dec 25 1/6/1874
Gilbert, George of Westfield Titus, Miss Helen of Jay S Troy July 3 8/3/1875
Gilfillan, Frank L. of Brownington Davis, Lestina B. of Brownington Derby Aug 7 8/14/1877
Gilman, Charles W. of Sheffield Hancock, Miss Mary of Brighton Charleston Nov 5 11/11/1873
Gilman, John of Irasburg Chamberlin, Mrs. Sarah of Irasburg Irasburg April 15 4/29/1879
Gilman, Wolfred M. of Potton, PQ Waterhouse, Ella of Potton, PQ Westfield April 11 4/16/1878
Gipson, Homer of Bolton, PQ Sargent, Miss Cinderilla J. of Potton, PQ Newport July 18 7/24/1877
Glines, Albert N. of Newport Chamberlin, Mary of Newport Irasburg July 31 8/5/1873
Goff, George N. Searle, Mrs. H. J. Richford Sat 10/7/1879
Goin, Frank H. of Meriden, NH Woodbury, Miss Ida F. of Elmore, Vt Lexington, Miss Jan 30 4/7/1874
Going, Loren B. of Brownington Savage, Miss Linda of Eden Lowell 17th inst 3/27/1877
Gonya, Charles of Island Pond Mosher, Miss Ala of Island Pond Island Pond Aug 20 8/28/1877
Goodrich, Charles E. of Hardwick Cass, Miss Julia E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury March 17 3/23/1875
Goodsell, Joel W. of Morgan Burr, Laurilla of Derby Derby Nov 27 12/2/1879
Goodwin, Lewis T of Charleston Bishop, Miss Rosalia of Brighton Charleston Dec 31 1/7/1873
Gordon, Osman of Newark Cheney, Miss Nellie E. of Westmore East Burke Dec 27 1/7/1879
Goss, Freeman E. of Lyndonville Stanford, Emma J. of Derby Line Derby Line May 28 6/10/1879
Graham, Andrew of South Albany Brock, Miss Agnes of South Albany South Albany Dec 9 12/21/1875
Graham, Willie M. of Greensboro Fayer, Miss Katie A. of Glover E Craftsbury Jan 1 1/5/1875
Graham, Willie of Greensboro Foster, Miss Jennie M. of Jonathan Foster Hardwick May 29 6/9/1874
Graham, Willie of Greensboro Fayer, Miss Inez L. of Glover E. Craftsbury Aug 28 9/2/1879
Graves, Abel of Irasburg Miles, Miss Sarah E. of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 7 9/12/1876
Graves, Charlie of Barton Hubbard, Miss Jessie L. of Barton Barton Sept 11 9/17/1878
Graves, Henry of Albany Tatro, Miss Julia of Albany Albany Oct 26 11/2/1875
Graves, Nathan E. of Albany Bodwell, Miss Hannah of Glover Barton Sept 4 9/11/1877
Graves, Quartus P. of Glover Telfer, Miss Jane D. of Glover Glover Nov 25 2/1/1876
Gray, Abram M. of Barton Morse, Miss Alice of Barton Charleston April 3 4/15/1879
Gray, Almon of Wheelock Barrey, Harriet of Glover Wheelock Sept 8 9/14/1875
Gray, Azro J. of Sheffield Bradley, Miss Josephine L. of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 26 9/8/1874
Gray, Frank W. of Coventry Hancock, Miss Sophronia of Coventry Barton Landing March 29 5/11/1875
Gray, Fred A. of Morgan Cleveland, Mary E. of Brownington Barton Landing March 18 3/25/1879
Gray, Herbert of Barton Wright, Miss Flora of Barton Irasburg March 13 3/26/1878
Gray, Ira of Glover Drown, Mrs. Jane of Greensboro Glover April 25 4/30/1878
Gray, James R. of Ayer, Mass Thrasher, Miss Myra H. of Charles Thrasher Esq. Newport Sept 2 9/8/1874
[Gr]ay, [Wells C. of S. Barton] Gray, Miss Abby A. [of Sheffield]   4/22/1873
Green, Rufus of Barton Hayward, Mrs Sophia of Westmore Derby May 9 5/13/1873
Gregory, Asa R. of Holland Burrows, Miss Mary J. of Coventry Coventry Sept 10 9/23/1873
Gregwire, George H. of Potton Farrar, Miss Lucina of Newport North Troy July 14 7/16/1878
Griffin, Charles H. of Newport Lurette, Miss Elma A. of Newport Newport Aug 7 8/13/1878
Griffin, Henry M. of Sugar Hill, NH Osgood, Miss Emma of Hardwick Hardwick April 7 4/15/1873
Griffin, Henry of Derby Place, Miss Mary of Newport Newport Sept 27 10/2/1877
Griffin, Orlando M. of Derby Brewer, Miss Sarah R. of Newport West Derby Dec 26 1/8/1878
Griswold, Silas W. of Eden Parks, Miss Ida E. of Eden Craftsbury Nov 19 1/2/1877
Gross, Gilbert J. of Brownington Joslyn, Miss Clara P. of Brownington Brownington June 11 6/30/1874
Gross, McIntyre of Richford Leavitt, Miss Mary E. of Sutton, PQ Richford Sept 2 9/12/1876
Grout, D. D. MD of Wolcott Jones, Miss Nettie A of Barre Barre July 2 7/15/1873
Grout, Emmit C. of Concord Richards, Miss Mary E. of Kirby Concord Nov 26 12/2/1879
Grout, Theophilas of Newport Black, Miss Ellen of Galveston, TX Newport Nov 25 12/2/1873
Grow, Orson A. of Brownington Moulton, Miss Emma J. of Brownington Barton Landing Dec 16 12/26/1876
Guild, Ralph of Coventry Adams, Miss Clara of Newport Newport Feb 20 2/27/1877
Gustin, Alonzo of Stanstead, PQ House, Miss Victorine of Troy Newport March 21 3/24/1874
Hadley, Charles P. of Eden Stone, Miss Lizzie A. of Eden Lowell Dec 31 1/7/1873
Hall, Burton T. of Holland Eaton, Miss Rosetta L. of Stanstead, PQ Derby March 29 4/4/1876
Hall, George M. of Holland Allbee, Miss Lizzie H. of Holland Holland Jan 24 2/1/1876
Hall, Henry H. of Stanstead, PQ Auringer, Miss Juliette M. of Stanstead, PQ Derby Oct 13 10/20/1874
Hall, Henry W. of Holland Green, Blanche I. of Holland Holland Oct 19 11/17/1874
Hall, John A. of Blooming Grove, Kansas Miller, Miss Jennie L. A. of Westfield Newport Feb 25 2/26/1878
Hallett, Ephraim J. of St Johnsbury Rice, Miss Emma V. of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 11 1/28/1873
Hamilton, Dr. M. T. of Newport Fuller, Miss Clara F. of Newport Newport Aug 22 8/26/1873
Hamilton, E. H. of Troy & Roseville, IL Morrill, Miss Sara M. formerly of Peacham, Vt Kewanee, Ill Dec 27 1/9/1877
Hamilton, Erskine H. of Kewanee, Ill Gould, Miss Amelia A. of Charleston W Charleston Aug 10 8/12/1873
Hamilton, Herman H. of Richford Frazier, Miss Emma A. of Richford Newport Ctr Oct 29 11/13/1877
Hamilton, James Z of Farragut, Iowa & Troy Miller, Miss Annie J. of James Miller Esq. of IL Neponset, Ill 3/27/1877
Hamilton, M. T. of Newport Porter, Miss Etta of Boston Boston, MA May 24 6/5/1877
Hammond, Oscar K. of Westfield Burleson, Miss Jennie M. of Westfield North Troy April 3 4/9/1878
Hancock, Asa B. of Coventry Stevens, Miss Esther E. of Danville, PQ Derby Oct 23 10/28/1873
Hancock, Darwin of Brighton Gilman, Miss Alice M. of Westmore Charleston Aug 13 8/11/1874
Hancock, Hollis of Coventry Percival, Miss Katie of Coventry Barton Oct 8 10/14/1879
Hand, Ashbel of Clifton, PQ George, Miss Emma of Potton, PQ Newport April 5 4/8/1879
Hanson, Elijah of Barton McClaren, Miss Addie of Greensboro Craftsbury Dec 12 1/6/1874
Hanson, H. H. of Derby Line House, Ella H. of Beebe Plain Derby Line May 1 5/14/1878
Hanson, William G. of Greensboro Whitney, Mrs Fanny P. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Dec 3 12/16/1873
Harding, F. Dwight of Lowell Miller, Miss Fanny M. of Westfield Lowell Dec 2 12/5/1876
Hardy, Charles M. of Patton Morse, Miss Addie of Troy Troy Nov 26 12/9/1879
Hardy, D. A. of Potton, PQ Manuel, Miss Lucy Ann of Newport Newport Ctr March 19 3/24/1874
Harrington, C. Eugene of St Johnsbury Perry, Nina of Fairlee Middletown, CT April 8 4/29/1873
Harris, C. E. of East Burke Morse, Miss Emma D. of St Johnsbury Ctr St J Ctr March 29 4/6/1875
Harris, Elmer of North Troy not named Hyde Park 4/22/1879
Harvey, Charles of Derby Burnet, Miss Elizabeth of Derby Derby Line June 15 6/22/1875
Harvey, Cyrus of Shefford, PQ Peck, Mrs. Sarah J. of Sutton Flat, PQ Newport Sept 22 9/25/1877
Harvey, Henry Flanigan, Mariah J. Newport July 30 8/5/1873
Harvey, Isaiah R. of North Troy Hunt, Miss Ida A. of North Troy Mansonville, PQ June 27 7/10/1877
Hastings, Adin A. of Sherburne, Vt Miller, Carrie H. of East Hardwick S. Walden June 9 6/18/1878
Hastings, Hiram of Barnston Heard, Miss Lora B. of Hatley Massawippi, PQ May 31 6/12/1877
Hastings, Thomas J. of Morgan Colburn, Miss Lovila L. of Albany W Charleston March 12 3/25/1873
Hathaway, M. S. of Calais Shedd, Miss Stella C. of J. H. Shedd Esq. of H Hardwick June 13 6/18/1878
Hathorn, James H. of Londonderry Wright, Miss Emma L. of Coventry Coventry Feb 6 2/11/1879
Hathorn, Ransom E. Wright, Miss Clara A of Coventry Coventry Jan 1(2) 1/26/1875
Hawes, Frank of Danvers, Mass Foster, Miss Harriet of A. T. Foster Derby Line July 26 8/7/1877
Hawkins, Oney H. of Barton Stewart, Miss Rosa of Albany Newport Nov 9 11/26/1878
Hay, Rev. James of Derby Edwards, Miss Elizabeth of J. L. Edwards Esq. Derby June 15 6/16/1874
Hayes, Frederick L. of N. Cambridge, MA Wells, Miss Ida M. of Coventry Coventry April 29 5/6/1879
Healey, Joseph F. of Concord, NH Langmayd, Miss Annie E. of Coventry Coventry Dec 21 12/28/1875
Heath, Cha D. of Barnston, PQ Applebee, Estella S. of Holland Holland May 25 6/23/1874
Heath, George M. of St Johnsbury Page, Miss Eliza A. of Orford, NH West Concord June 25 7/1/1879
Heath, James A. of North Hero White, Miss of Richford North Troy last Fri 5/27/1879
Heath, John P. of Bolton, PQ Manson, Miss Celia E. of Mansonville Montreal Sept 25 10/9/1877
Heath, Justus F. of Waterford, Wisc Brown, Miss Lestina A. of Lowell, Mass Newport Dec 31 1/5/1875
Heath, R. W. Esq. of Mansonville Perkins, Miss Adelaide Louisa of Mansonville Mansonville, PQ Dec 28 1/9/1877
Henry, Hugh Esq. of Chester Ordway, Miss Alice A. of Chester Chester May 1 5/13/1873
Herbert, Charles F. of Coventry Kimball, Miss Jennie formerly of Irasburg Coventry Sept 26 10/3/1876
Heron, John Kennison, Miss Rua C. of Irasburg Westfield Sept 26 10/9/1877
Herring, Samuel A. of Bury, PQ Smith, Estella S. of Eaton, PQ Newport July 2 7/10/1877
Hight, Capt Bradbury Wallace of Albany Snow, Miss Lillie of Council Bluffs C Bluffs, Iowa March 17 4/20/1875
Hildreth, Nathaniel of Charleston Spofford, Mrs. Laura N. of Brownington Barton Landing Jan 12 1/18/1876
Hill, Everett J. of Sherbrooke Goff, Miss Ada B. of Newport Newport Nov 26 12/2/1879
Hill, George R. of Barnston, PQ Morrill, Miss Jessie of Stanstead, PQ Newport Sept 6 11/21/1876
Hill, Orange C. of Warren Cahee, Ida A. of Rochester Hancock Aug 2 8/12/1879
Hill, Thomas J. of Randolph, Mass Piper, Miss Cl(emmie) of Randolph, Mass Boston, Mass Jan 5 1/19/1875
Hines, Samuel L. of Wolcott Smith, Miss Nettie B. of Eden Craftsbury April 29 5/7/1878
Hinkson, Abner D. of Montgomery Wood, Miss Hattie E. of Troy Troy Nov 25 12/9/1879
Hinman, Timothy of Derby Robinson, Miss Ella H. of L. R. Robinson Stanstead, PQ April 25 5/6/1873
Hinton, Thomas of Westmore Hayward, Miss Abbie of Westmore Barton Nov 9 11/12/1878
Hiscock, Joseph H. of NYC Daggett, Miss Katie L. of NYC St Johnsbury Feb 7 2/15/1876
Hitchcock, Alvah A. of Westfield Gilpin, Miss Eva E. of Westfield Westfield Oct 2 10/9/1877
Hitchcock, Charley P. of Troy Doane, Miss Emeroy of Troy Troy Sept 18 9/24/1878
Hitchcock, Elbridge of Westfield Lawrence, Miss Ida of Lowell Lowell Sept 2 10/2/1877
Hitchcock, Russell P. of Westfield Farr, Miss Cynthia of Albany Albany Oct 22 10/27/1874
Hodgdon, Walter G. of Kensington, NH Cook, Miss Georgie S. of Newburyport Newburyport, MA Aug (8) 3/11/1879
Hogaboom, George of Montgomery Wilkins, Hannah of Montgomery Montgomery Dec 25 12/30/1879
Holbrook, Wilbur F. of Newport Gray, Miss Adah F. of Brownington Newport Aug 13 8/21/1877
Holcomb, Cornelius of Potton, PQ Brock, Miss Nettie of Potton, PQ North Troy Feb 8 3/10/1874
Holmes, A. Lee of Stanstead Pierce, Miss Mary W. of Charles Pierce Esq. Boston July 7 7/22/1873
Holmes, Joseph of Waterville Miles, Miss Nora of Albany Wolcott Dec 19 12/24/1878
Holmes, W. R. of Chelsea Colburn, Miss Eva R. of E. Albany Chelsea, Mass 21st ult 4/1/1873
Holsen, Martin B. of Eaton, PQ Ward, Miss Addie of Eaton, PQ Newport Nov 3 11/11/1879
Holt, Timothy of Derby Keyes, Mrs. Maria of Strafford Strafford, VT Nov 25 12/2/1873
Honsinger, Ira J. of Jay Brown, Miss Elizabeth S. of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 23 1/30/1877
Hopkins, J. C. of Barton Landing Perry, Mrs. Abby of Barton Landing Irasburg May 29 5/23/1876
Hopkins, L. H. of Stanstead Drew, Miss Lavinia L. J. of Derby Derby 10th 2/17/1874
Hopkins, Selden of Charleston Hancock, Miss Elizabeth of Brighton Charleston Aug 30 9/8/1874
Hopps, Francis of Bolton, PQ Beard, Miss Lydia of Oxford, PQ Derby Dec 3 12/15/1874
Horn, James E. of Newport Ham, Miss Abbie A. of Bath, NH Newport Ctr Dec 25 1/5/1875
House, Luther J. of Beebe Plain House, Mrs. Nancy of Derby Newport Oct 27 12/28/1875
Houston, Jerome C. of Sheffield Dwire, Miss Abbie of Salem Brownington Feb 2(3) 3/11/1879
Howard, George T. of Boston, Mass McClary, Miss Kate I. of Albany Albany Oct 5 10/13/1874
Howard, Pliny A of Irasburg Ekin, Lillie of Lowell, Mass Irasburg Oct 8 10/15/1878
Hoyt, E. G. of Craftsbury Litchfield, Mrs. Abbie of Newport Newport Center June 5 6/13/1876
Hoyt, George R. of Westfield James, Miss (Luclia/Luelia) A. of Westfield Westfield Oct 30 11/7/1876
Hoyt, L. of Magog Sawyer, Miss of Orford Magog Oct 25 11/18/1879
Hubbard, Austin L. of Stanstead Boynton, Miss Ida A. of Wilder Boynton Esq. of S. Stanstead Oct 7 10/21/1879
Hubbard, Benjamin of Hardwick Sargent, Julia A. of Glover East Hardwick Oct 26 11/5/1878
Hubbard, Lucretius M. Weed, Miss Lucy A. of St Johnsbury Barton Nov 14 11/19/1878
Hudson, George L. of Newark Coomer, Mrs. Naomi of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/7/1879
Hughs, John of Albany Brown, Miss Katie M. of Barton Newport Oct 5 10/14/1879
Hulbert, Almon S. of Berkshire Brewer, Miss Mattie of West Derby Newport Nov 27 12/3/1878
Hunt, Arthur N. of Barton Allyn, Lucyra B. of Charleston Barton Landing March 10 3/13/1877
Hunt, Frank P. of Barton Willey, Emma of Greensboro Newport Sept 18 9/23/1873
Hunt, John A. of Haverhill, Mass Smith, Miss Abbie E. of Lyndon East Lyndon June 3 6/10/1873
Huntoon, Alonzo A. of Hartford, Vt Nye, Miss Ella L. of Coventry Irasburg June 3 6/10/1873
Hurd, Leon D. of Bellows Falls Foster, Miss Julia E. of Newport Newport June 25 6/30/1874
Hurlbert, J. H. of Barnston, PQ Wiswell, Miss Carrie A. of Brompton, PQ Newport Nov 3 11/17/1874
Hussey, John of Derby Belville, Nancy J. of Derby Derby May 16 6/29/1875
Hutchins, Charles G. of Coventry Ovitt, Miss Annie M. of Sheldon Coventry Oct 14 11/5/1878
Hyde, Don A. of West Derby Lyford, Miss Josephine of Troy West Derby Feb 24 3/17/1874
Ide, George H. Rev of Hopkinton, Mass Bowles, Miss Kate E. of Newport Newport April 27 5/2/1876
Ingals, Loren of Dunham Bridge, Miss Mary Jane of St. Armand St Armand, PQ 1/7/1873
Ingols, Willie H. of Charleston Merrill, Mrs. Maria J. of Charleston West Charleston Nov 23 12/14/1875
Ives, Alver E. Ball, Mrs. Ruhamah 7th inst 2/25/1879
Jackman, Dr. Charles A. of Morrisville Cutting, Miss Edna E. of Wm B. Cutting of M. Morrisville Sept 16 9/30/1873
Jackson, M. D. of Walden Dean, Mrs. S. A. of Walden Walden June 28 7/8/1879
Jacobs, John H. of West Burke Carpenter, Miss Mary M. of West Burke West Burke Nov 5 11/18/1873
James, Jabesh of Victory Isham, Miss Josephine of Victory Victory Jan 1 1/12/1875
Jaques, Joseph of Westfield Gaboree, Esther of Westfield Newport Jan 15 1/18/1876
Jenkins, Charles J. Ruiter, Clara A. of Wellington Ruiter of Derby Smith's Mills, PQ May 22 6/10/1879
Jenks, John of Potton, PQ Stacy, Miss Ella F. of Eden, Vt Lowell Sept 7 9/11/1877
Jenne, Corwin R. of Derby Collier, Miss Lenora H. of Derby Derby Feb 8 2/13/1877
Jenness, Charles P. of Barton Hanscom, Viola J. of Sheffield Sheffield March 7 3/13/1877
Jerome, Benjamin F Smith, Frances E Boston Nov 10 11/19/1878
Jerome, George S. of Troy Flint, Miss Nellie of Troy Morrisville Dec 31 1/11/1876
Jerome, Philo B. of Potton, PQ Miller, Miss Amy V. of Potton, PQ Newport Center Dec 25 1/2/1877
Jewett, Frank Bushard, Leoma of Salem Newport Feb 28 2/29/1876
Johnson, Alva of Holland Crosby, Miss Jane M. of Holland Holland May 13 5/27/1873
Johnson, Ashley J. of Derby Slater, Miss Alberta G. of Barnston Newport Oct 22 10/28/1879
Johnson, Elhanan T. of Brighton Bly, Miss Helen of Charleston Derby Line Jan 8 1/30/1878
Johnson, Oren L. of Barton Pierce, Miss Myra J. of Barton Barton Sept 20 9/23/1879
Jones, Alfred W. of Barton Hall, Miss Emma L. of Barton Barton July 10 7/171/877
Jones, Edward Stanislaus of Cecil Cty, MD Van Arsdale, Julia C. Willoughby Lake Aug 5 8/12/1879
Jones, Gardner B. of East Potten, PQ George, Miss Clara A. of East Potton, PQ Newport March 20 4/1/1879
Jones, Samuel W. of Barton Young, Miss Lucy E. of Barton Glover Nov 1 11/11/1879
Jones, Wilber H. of Hyde Park Goodrich, Cynthia of Hyde Park Albany Sept 22 10/9/1877
Judd, Alfred A. of Holland Holton, Miss Mary E. of Morgan West Derby Jan 1 1/26/1875
Keeler, Hezekiah of Barnston, PQ Bryant, Miss Ella J. of Barnston, PQ Holland Jan 18 2/1/1876
Keith, Clark M. of Newport Olmstead, Miss Olive M. of Troy Newport Ctr Nov 28 12/2/1873
Kelley, Darius W. of Troy Kennison, Miss Sophia J. of Troy Newport Center Jan 26 2/1/1876
Kelley, Theron H. of Lennoxville Johnson, Miss Lucy L. of O. H. Johnson of H. Hatley, PQ Jan 1 1/9/1877
Kelley, Wilbur F. of St J Center Stanley, Miss Carrie Louise of St J Center St J Ctr Sept 18 9/30/1879
Kelton, Cortez A. of Montgomery Burnham, Mary of Thomas Burnham Esq. of Berkshire Richford Aug 21 9/10/1878
Kendall, Elam F. of Newport Fox, Miss Etta F. of Newport Newport Nov 6 11/20/1877
Kendall, Peleg Redfield of Barton Landing Perry, Miss Helen E. of Amos Perry Providence, RI Jan 25 2/2/1875
Kenfield, W. H. H. of Hyde Park Browne, Miss Late of Craftsbury S Woodbury Oct 14 11/4/1873
Kennedy, David of Granby, PQ Collins, Miss Clara E. of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ Feb 14 3/27/1877
Kennerson, Charles E. of Irasburg Quimby, Miss Amelia D. of Derby Irasburg Oct 1 10/12/1875
Keys, Isaac of Coventry Boynton, Miss Eunice of Coventry Coventry Nov 14 11/21/1876
Kidder, Charles D. of Irasburg Huntington, Miss Laura A. of Irasburg Derby Center Aug 20 8/26/1879
Kilburn, Albion L. MD of Camden, NJ Robinson, Miss May Ella of Philadelphia Philadelphia Sept 15 9/23/1879
Kilburn, Wolcott A. of Newport Perham, Miss Lucy M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 11 11/23/1875
Kimball, [George W. of Barton] Kimball, Miss Ida D.   4/22/1873
Kimball, Joshua of Cabot Lyford, Miss Lois of Hardwick Glover Sept 28 9/30/1879
Kimball, Willie H. of Lowell, Mass Stiles, Miss Jennie V. of Lowell, Mass Lowell, Mass Nov 1 2/20/1877
Kingsbury, William of Derby Stearns, Jennie of L. A. Stearns of Stanstead Derby Line Oct 3 10/10/1876
Knight, Wilder of Westfield Sisco, Miss Ellen of Coventry Westfield Jan 16 1/21/1873
Ladd, Martin B. of Island Pond Morse, Eva L. of Island Pond Barton Landing June 4 6/11/1878
Ladue, Henry H. of Troy Bailey, Miss Ella J. of Troy Troy Dec 10 1/13/1874
Lahai, Francis of Newport Proulx, Mrs. Jane of Newport Newport Nov 2 11/9/1875
Lamand, Felix of Cowansville, PQ Jacobs, Melissa of Cowansville, PQ Richford Dec 31 1/8/1878
Lamb, Asa of Newport Carson, Miss Alzetta of Newport West Derby Nov 25 12/2/1879
Lamotte, Richard of Potton, PQ Plant, Miss Nellie of Potton, PQ Richford Feb 19 3/20/1877
Lane, Seymour of West Derby Davis, Miss Ellen E. of West Derby West Derby Sept 20 9/25/1877
Laplant, Frederick of Compton, PQ Rush, Mrs. Lucy of Charleston Charleston March 11 3/14/1876
Larabee, George W. of Newport Armstrong, Miss Libbie of Newport Newport Ctr Aug 29 8/31/1875
Larose, Charles of Roxton, PQ Fisher, Malerna of Richford Richford Dec 17 1/8/1878
Lathrop, Deforest F. of Lowell Hines, Miss May of Lowell Lowell Feb 26 3/5/1878
Latty, Thomas H. of Bolton, PQ Cooms, Jane of Potton, PQ North Troy July 16 7/21/1874
Lawrence, Amos of N Stukely Burns, Miss dau of S. C. Burns (item) Stanstead ?? Dec 31 1/8/1878
Lawrence, Charles H. of Glover Whitemore, Miss Betsey Ann of Eden Lowell Sept 11 9/21/1875
Lawrence, Henry S. of Newport Caswell, Miss May A. of Lyndonville St Johnsbury Oct 25 10/31/1876
Leach, Frank J. of Irasburg Slater, Miss Nela of Belvidere Cambridge Oct 20 10/27/1874
Lebourveau, Sylvester of Sherbrooke, PQ Willson, Miss Angeline of Sherbrooke, PQ Newport Nov 15 11/21/1876
Lee, Loren of Galloway, N. B. Foster, Miss Anna B. of Brighton Island Pond Sept 3 9/12/1876
Leggett, Frederick A. Shepherd, Kate of New Haven, Ct New Haven, CT March 5 4/1/1873
Leggett, John of Waterbury, CT Telfer, Miss Margaret A. of Glover Glover 11/4/1873
Leggett, William of Waterbury, CT Telfer, Katie C. of Glover Glover Sept 26 10/1/1878
Leighton, Charles W. of Newbury Holt, Ermina P. of Derby Derby Nov 27 12/3/1878
Leonard, Caleb N. of Barton Brown, Miss Freelove O. of Irasburg St Johnsbury March 11 3/20/1877
Leonard, Ora J. of Glover Sherburne, Ella S. of Glover Glover June (2) 6/4/1878
Leonard, Orlando L. of Glover Miles, Nancy O. of Albany Irasburg June 15 6/25/1878
Lewis, Henry Abbott, Miss Ella Newport Thanksgiving week 12/10/1878
Lewis, John S. of Worcester, Mass Thrasher, Miss Sarah W. of Coventry Coventry 4th ult 11/12/1872
Lezer, Lewis J. of Newport Ryder, Miss Lizzie of Newport Newport Feb 25 3/2/1875
Libby, Joseph of Barnston, PQ Clifford, Miss Marietta of Boston, Mass Newport Jan 21 1/28/1873
Litch, Charles W. of Stowe George, Cora E. of Albany Albany Aug 8 8/13/1878
Litch, Milo S. of Greensboro Paddleford, Ella E. of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 30 12/5/1876
Litchfield, Charles O. of Newport Meacham, Miss Mary of Albany Albany Sept 17 9/26/1876
Little, Austus A. of Craftsbury Harvey, Miss Emma J. of Craftsbury Morrisville Oct 23 11/2/1875
Livingston, George of Coventry Boynton, Miss Elmira L. of Coventry Coventry Feb 12 2/18/1873
Livingston, Luke of Coventry Boynton, Lana of Coventry Newport Nov 8 11/13/1877
Lobdell, Rufus E. of Sawyersville, PQ Neil, Miss Martha of St Sylvester, PQ Newport Aug 27 8/31/1875
Locke, Simon K. of Barton Campbell, Mrs. Cordelia of E. Charleston Derby Sept 11 9/19/1876
Lockwood, Truman of Lowell Austin, Ella of Lowell Lowell Oct 15 10/21/1879
Lombard, Rev. I. K. of Holland Chamberlin, Miss Minnie of Coaticook, PQ Morgan Center May 12 6/3/1879
Londerville, Joseph Jr of Stanstead Richardson, Miss Jane Ann of Stanstead Derby May 27 6/1/1875
Longeway, William of Stanstead Cole, Miss Etta E. of Stanstead Derby March 30 4/6/1875
Loomis, Austin J. Annis, Miss Lydia Craftsbury Nov 30 12/5/1876
Lord, Eben K. of Eden Adams, Sarah L. of Eden Johnson Jan 23 2/2/1875
Lorimer, Benjamin of Beebe Plain, PQ Cummings, Miss Ella of Lorenzo Cummings Newport July 1 7/7/1874
Lother, William of Newbury Williams, Mrs. Eliza A. of Craftsbury Newbury March 22 4/1/1879
Love, R. C. of Toronto, Ont Magoon, Miss R. A. of Magoon's Point, PQ Derby Aug 25 9/21/1875
Loveland, Oscar F. of Irasburg Wells, Miss Emma C. of Albany Albany Dec 31 1/5/1875
Loverin, Luke D. of Newport Frye, Susie of Richford Richford March 5 3/12/1878
Lovering, Luke (D.) of Newport Aldrich, Miss Helen M. of Troy Richford Nov 27 12/15/1874
Lower, John of Albany Clough, Arvista of Albany Albany Dec 24 1/1/1878
Lucia, Joseph C. of Newark Ward, Miss Hattie M. of Westmore Newark Oct 2 10/19/1875
Lumsden, G. W. of Greensboro Gabbie, Miss Jeanette B. of Greensboro Greensboro Jan 28 2/3/1874
Lunderville, Frank of Stanstead Kelley, Margaret of Stanstead Derby Center May 27 6/3/1879
Lunderville, Lewis Alex of Newport Marshall, Miss Mary of Newport Newport Nov 12 11/16/1875
Lunt, Charles of Derby Line Wilson, Hattie N. of Lambert, Ont Chatham Village, NY Dec 23 12/24/1878
Lunt, Moses B. of Granville, Iowa Tinker, Miss Ada J. of N. S. Tinker Esq. of Derby Derby Ctr Oct 2(3) 11/4/1873
Lurett, Nelson of Troy Simmons, Mrs. Mary of Troy Troy Nov 6 12/9/1879
Lyman, John A. of South Barton Downing, Miss Ada A. of South Barton South Barton Oct 6 10/9/1877
Lyon, Edson of Charleston Webster, Miss Mary Grace F. of Charleston W Charleston Feb 19 3/25/1873
Lyon, Royal M. of Craftsbury Allen, Miss Mary R. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 2 2/9/1875
Lyon, Sidney L. of Craftsbury Woodbury, Miss Kate G. of Craftsbury Newport March 10 3/16/1875
Mack, Abner of Brownington Ham, Mrs. Comfort of Sutton Brownington Feb 9 2/23/1875
Mack, Henry R. Williams, Miss Louis L. of Warren Williams Hardwick Jan 1 1/11/1876
Magoon, Alexander of Hardwick Chandler, Miss Rebecca of Wolcott Newport Ctr July 4 7/10/1877
Magoon, Daniel M. Smith, Miss Jennie of Bolton, PQ Barton Oct 24 11/11/1873
Magoon, Henry C. of Stanstead, PQ Chalk, Carrie B. of Baltimore, MD Derby Center June 24 7/1/1879
Magoon, John B. of Potton, PQ Allen, Sarah of Potton, PQ Newport May 21 5/26/1874
Magoon, William of Newport Longeway, Miss Annie of Stanstead, PQ Newport May 31 6/25/1878
Magoon, William of Potton, PQ Pushee, Miss Clara of Potton, PQ Newport Dec 25 1/28/1873
Majors, Henry of Newport Osborn, Mary of Augusta, GA June 20 6/25/1878
Maloney, M. J. of St. Albans Goff, Miss Jennie F. of L. H. Goff of Richford Richford Wed last 7/3/1877
Manning, Dexter A. of Clarenceville, PQ Quebeck, Miss Alice of Dunham, PQ Richford Aug 29 9/10/1878
Mansur, Jacob C. formerly of Morgan Ray, Martha A. of Hinesburgh Hinesburgh Feb 7 2/22/1876
Marckres, George M. of Albany Rogers, Maria E. of Albany West Glover July 11 7/24/1877
Marion, P. H. of Fairfield O'Brien, Miss Mollie L. of Marlboro, Mass St Johnsbury Sept 24 10/1/1878
Marr, Marquis of Lowell, Vt Field, Miss Loraine V. of Lunenburg St Johnsbury Aug 13 8/19/1873
Marsh, Harry of Potton, PQ Gilbert, Miss Nancy L. of Westfield Lowell Nov 9 11/16/1875
Marsh, Melvin Shepard, Miss Ruby of Charles Shepard of Coaticook Abercorn, PQ 13th 12/3/1878
Marsh, Zelora of Troy Rogers, Miss Elizabeth of Troy Coventry July 26 7/29/1873
Marshall, Charles N. of Barton McKenty, Miss Nancy of Barton Derby June 27 7/11/1876
Marshall, Henry age 37 Bickford, Miss Helen age 17 Johnson last week 2/2/1875
Marshall, Thomas F. of Brownington Robinson, Miss Marcella of Brownington Brownington Nov 2(3) 12/1/1874
Marston, Jerrie of Glover Williams, Miss Ida L. of Glover Glover Aug 29 9/4/1877
Marston, Joseph W. of Derby Blanding, Miss Florence A. of Derby West Derby Nov 15 12/11/1877
Martin, Earnest M. of Richford Brown, Abbie J. of Richford Richford April 17 4/23/1878
Martin, Edward of Stanstead Blake, Miss Mary B. of Derby Derby Nov 21 12/8/1874
Martin, Hiram L., of Troy Farr, Elma A. of Glover West Glover June 18 7/22/1879
Marvin, Delos R. of Charleston Sawyer, Miss Ada of Charleston Charleston Aug 7 8/12/1879
Marvin, Frederick of Charleston Aldrich, Miss Viola of Charleston West Derby Dec 6 12/11/1877
Mason, Frank Halley, Miss Maggie of Stanstead, PQ Stanstead, PQ Oct 31 11/5/1878
Mason, Wilbur F. of Barton Wilcox, Miss Ellen M. of Albany Barton Landing March 11 3/25/1879
Mastin, C. M. of NY Place, Miss Ella M. of Newport Manchester, NH Jan 11 1/21/1873
Mattison, Richard of Petersburgh, VA Bullock, Phobe of Derby Salem, Mass May 6 6/3/1873
Maxfield, Russell of Goshen, NH Colby, Miss Adella F of Stanstead, PQ Newport Feb 14 2/20/1877
Maxim, George W. of Boston, MA Cass, Miss Emma F. of Barton Glover June 5 6/10/1873
McAllister, John of Lowell, Vt Kelley, Rosett of Lowell, Vt Newport July 4 7/10/1877
McClary, Andrew of Albany Jones, Mrs. Cerilla of Albany Albany Dec 17 12/22/1874
McClary, H. C. of Chicago, Ill Nelson, Miss Flora M. of Woodbury Barton Sept 9 9/14/1875
McClure, William of Jay Estell, Mrs. Sarah of Newport Newport Center Dec 15 12/21/1875
McCoy, John G. of Potton, PQ Jersey, Miss Clara M. of Wm Jersey of Potton Potton Jan 21 1/30/1878
McDonald, Sylvester of Stanstead Flanders, Miss Mina of Stanstead Derby Nov 1(2) 11/28/1876
McFarland, George of Worcester, MA Wells, Miss Mary of Coventry Coventry May 6 5/11/1875
McGuire, James H. of Troy Chafey, Miss Harriet C. of Albany Irasburg Feb 5 2/11/1873
McKay, Norman McDonald, Miss Margaret Derby Line Sept 24 10/8/1878
McKensie, David P. of Island Pond Linehan, Miss Mary E. of Island Pond Derby Dec 10 12/12/1876
McLellan, John H. of Glover Clark, Miss Ada E. of Glover Glover Sept 3 9/8/1874
McLoud, Prof. J. H. of Hardwick Perley, Miss Ella M. of Hon Henry Perley Hardwick Aug 14 8/20/1878
McVicar, Robert Jr. of Lyndon Baldwin, Miss Ella M. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Sept 28 10/3/1876
Mercy, Alfred of Berkshire Reed, Miss Sarah P. of Richford Franklin May 19 7/3/1877
Merriam, William A. of Glover Woodward, Miss Florence L. of Barton Barton Nov 13 11/19/1878
Merriam, William M. of Glover Flint, Miss Oreuna of (Sheffield) Sheffield Dec 15 12/28/1875
Merrill, Alba C. of Craftsbury Crane, Miss Hattie A. of Newbury Newbury Oct 29 11/5/1878
Merrill, Alvah H. of Georgeville, PQ Bassford, Octavia of Georgeville, PQ Derby Sept 11 9/16/1879
Merrill, J. M. of Cambridge Griffin, Miss Minnie of Andover, Ill Andover, Ill June 19 7/8/1873
Metcalf, Burgess J. of Irasburg Mitchell, Miss Lizzie A. of Irasburg Coventry May 1 5/6/1879
Miles, A. Rufas of Albany Grieves, Miss Abbie C. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 10 9/17/1878
Miles, Elias C. of Albany Ames, Miss Eliza J. of Albany East Albany Oct 31 11/3/1874
Miles, Myron W. of Middlesex Bryant, Miss Diana O. of Barton Barton March 7 3/12/1878
Miller, Ara J. of J. H. Miller of Westfield Stevens, Miss Lovisa Berkshire Aug 14, 1875 10/17/1876
Miller, Ara J. of Westfield Stevens, Miss Louisa E. of Enosburg Westfield Aug 14 8/24/1875
Miller, Eugene L. of Albany Wright, Miss Alice A. of Newport Irasburg Dec 20 12/26/1876
Miller, Franklin P of Westfield Perkins, Miss Carrie A of Troy Irasburg May 29 6/1/1875
Miller, Hiram O. of J. H. Miller of Westfield Hitchcock, Miss Emma Westfield Sept 21 10/17/1876
Miller, John A. of Littleton, NH Salmon, Miss Lizzie J of Glover Glover July 4 7/16/1878
Miller, Leander C. of J. H. Miller of Westfield Arckly, Miss Hattie Leeds, PQ Sept 21 10/17/1876
Miller, Orson of Troy Darling, Miss Annette L. of Albany Lowell Dec 2 12/5/1876
Miller, William J. of Fitch Bay, PQ Buel, Miss Hattie A. of Fitch Bay, PQ Derby Oct 14 10/19/1875
Miltimore, William Jr. of Glen Sutton, PQ Parsons, Miss Flora of Sutton Flats, PQ Glen Sutton, PQ recently 4/1/1879
Mitchell, John Esq. of Salem & Littleton, NH Lonergan, Miss Julia C. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 19 12/15/1874
Mitchell, Otis E. of Greensboro Downing, Miss Mary of Barton Glover Nov 27 12/2/1879
Mitchell, Reynold of Morgan Wark, Miss Sarah of Morgan Morgan April 9 4/14/1874
Mooney, Henry C. of East Bolton Drew, Mrs. Polly of East Bolton East Bolton 4/22/1879
Moore, B. F. of Morgan Williams, Miss M. A. of Morgan Holland June 30 7/11/1876
Moore, Charles P. of Charleston Chaffee, Miss Esther of Charleston Brownington May 31 6/6/1876
Moore, George of Brighton Wilder, Miss Emma J. of Brighton Brighton Oct 14 10/22/1878
Moran, Marvin E. of Derby Spear, Miss Mae E. of Derby Center Derby Center April 4 4/18/1876
Moranville, Simon of Salem Costelo, Marcia N. of Salem Barton Landing Sept 28 10/5/1875
Morrill, A. J. of Charleston Cameron, Mrs. M. C. of McIndoes Falls McIndoes Falls Dec 5 12/17/1878
Morrill, Charles W. of Macon, GA & EanClaire, Wis. Sturges, Mrs. Jennie C. of Windsor, England March 23 4/8/1879
Morse, Edgar H. of Albany Stewart, Miss Mary F. of Albany Lowell 8th inst 10/10/1876
Morse, Herbert L. of Newport Ridgway, Miss Alcia of Newport Derby Oct 11 10/20/1874
Morse, John A. of Craftsbury Patterson, Miss Ma(tti)e S. of Craftsbury S Craftsbury Jan 12 1/26/1875
Morse, Nathan of Hardwick Brown, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick Oct 30 11/18/1873
Morse, W. C. of Charleston Caswell, Miss Moretta of Troy Newport Sept 7 9/9/1879
Mosher, F. H. of Stanstead Prim, Ella of Stanstead Derby Nov 7 11/17/1874
Moulton, Gilman C. of Sandwich, NH & VT Gilman, Emma E. of Sandwich, NH Ashland, NH March 6 3/16/1875
Moulton, Newman T. of Troy Peabody, Elsie L. of Newport Newport Aug 16 8/21/1877
Mudgett, Alexander B. of Troy Glover, Miss Martha of Troy Troy Oct 8 10/15/1878
Mulgrove, George of Stanstead Cutler, Miss Catherine of Stanstead Stanstead June 23 7/1/1873
Nason, Clark of Holland Hussey, Miss Jenette of Derby Derby July 3 7/11/1876
Nason, John of Troy Chamberlin, Miss Nellie of Troy Troy Aug 31 9/21/1875
Needham, Alton C. of Brighton Bramhall, Annie R. of Brighton Island Pond Jan 17 1/26/1875
Nelson, Hugh M. of Stanstead Longeway, Miss Nancy J. of Stanstead Derby Jan 6 1/13/1874
Nelson, M. J. of Lyndonville Beckwith, Miss Estella U. of Newport West Burke Oct 4 10/5/1875
Nelson, William of Charleston Buck, Miss Myra L. of Charleston W Charleston Sept 14 9/21/1875
Newell, Charles W. of East Burke Moody, Miss Helen of Charleston Derby Aug 30 9/2/1873
Newell, Harley M. of Burke Gaskell, Miss Ella B. of Burke Burke Sept 30 10/7/1873
Newton, Clinton of Lowell Works, Cornelia of Lowell Lowell Nov 19 11/26/1878
Newton, Samuel of Coventry Ranger, Mrs Louisa of Coventry Newport Dec 8 12/16/1873
Nichols, Frank M. of Calais Robbins, Miss Mary E. of Derby Elmore Jan 8 1/15/1878
Nickerson, Rev. S. S. of West Derby Guilford, Mrs. Sarah J. of Starksboro St Albans May 26 6/22/1875
Niles, Irving of Brookfield Knight, Miss Louis of Coventry Coventry Feb 16 2/23/1875
Niles, Smith of Newport Hill, Miss Effie A. of Newport Newport March 7 3/10/1874
Niles, Van D. of Hardwick Thornton, Miss Marie of Hardwick Hardwick Jan 27 2/8/1876
Niles, William E. Kinney, Miss Susie G. Irasburg Sept 15 9/28/1875
Niles, William E. Wheelock, Miss Ida L. Coventry April 17 4/22/1879
Norcross, Charles T. of Albany Comstock, Miss Lilla J. of Albany Craftsbury March 28 4/17/1877
Norris, Emory of Craftsbury Smith, Miss Hattie of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 25 1/6/1874
Norris, William of Barford, PQ Fields, Abbie E. of Hartland, Vt Island Pond April 6 4/20/1875
Norton, John of Magog Burbank, Miss Emma of Georgeville Newport April 23 4/24/1877
Norton, Samuel B. of Stanstead, PQ Brodie, Miss Ina F. of Stanstead, PQ West Derby Aug 21 8/26/1879
Norton, W. H. of Newport McGivern, Miss Alice S. of Newport Newport Nov 2 11/10/1874
Nourse, Horace J. of Newport, PQ Blake, Miss Cora J. of West Charleston Derby Center March 15 3/25/1879
Noyes, E. L. of Hydepark Blanchard, Miss Josie F. of Potton, PQ North Troy Feb 18 3/11/1873
Noyes, Homer B. of Richford Chamberlin, Miss Martha E. of Stowe Richford April 2 4/23/1878
Nye, Frederick S. of NYC of late Judge Nye Willis, Miss Clara J. of N. W. Willis of B. Landing Barton Landing Dec 10 12/16/1873
Nye, Lewis of Coventry Parlin, Miss Hannah of Charleston Charleston Oct 2(6) 11/16/1875
Nye, Lucius S. of Coventry Wilson, Miss Maggie A. of Albion, NY Albion, NY Oct 6 10/20/1874
Nye, Lucius S. of Coventry Dwinell, Miss Irene of Glover W Glover Oct 24 11/4/1879
O'Brien, Albert W. of Eden Hayford, Miss Fanny E. of Johnson Lowell Dec 17 12/22/1874
O'Brien, James of Potton, PQ Baxter, Miss Melissa of Potton, PQ Mansonville, PQ July 4 7/10/1877
O'Rourke, Andrew A. of Newport Stevens, Miss Florence E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 13 12/16/1873
Olin, Charles W. of Newport Brown, Miss Cynthia J. of Potton, PQ North Troy May 23 5/28/1878
Olivier, Charles F. of Sherbrooke (item 5-15) Benedict, Miss Jeanette of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ May 7 5/22/1877
Orcutt, Perley N. of Randolph Sivright, Miss Margaret of Derby Derby June 4 6/11/1878
Orcutt, William B. Esq. of Clinton, MA Wheeler, Miss Katie of Gilman Wheeler Esq. Milford, NH Tues 12/29/1874
Orne, Charles P. Orne, Miss Emma S. of R. S. Orne of Barton Cambridge, MA May 2(3) 6/4/1878
Orne, George W. of Albany Allen, Miss Nettie M. of Hatley, PQ Derby Dec 3 12/9/1873
Osgood, Henry C. of Manchester, NH Rouke, Katie A. of Manchester, NH Derby Ctr Aug 24 11/4/1873
Ostrout, Lewis J. of Westfield Gabaree, Miss Emma of Westfield Troy April 24 4/30/1878
Otto, George H. of Salisbury, Mass Cole, Mary J. of Coventry Coventry July 5 7/10/1877
Page, Charles E. of Lowell, MA Wilson, Ida E. of Fitch Bay, PQ Derby Oct 13 10/21/1879
Page, Clark B. of Craftsbury Gray, Mrs. Sarah of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 23 10/3/1876
Paige, Edward O. of Kingsey Wyman, Miss Eva of Magog, PQ Lennoxville, PQ Nov 18 12/9/1879
Paine, John P. of Newport Prescott, Miss Emma of Charleston W. Charleston Nov (23) 11/28/1876
Palmer, Joseph W. of Coaticook, PQ Nims, Miss Ella F. of Charleston West Charleston Sept 19 9/24/1878
Parker, A. R. of Brownington Wells, Mary E. of Canada Barton Landing May 7 5/23/1876
Parker, Albert of Stanstead, PQ Hall, Miss Myrtie of Derby Newport Jan 22 2/11/1879
Parker, Burton A. of Coventry Sherman, Mrs. Mary of Manchester, NH Newport Oct 10 10/17/1876
Parker, George W. of Barton Landing Parker, Miss Hattie E. of Barton Landing Coventry Nov 21 11/26/1878
Parker, George W. of Brownington McLenathan, Miss M. P. of Brownington Brownington Aug 5 8/14/1877
Parker, H. B. of Lowell Burnham, Miss Georgiana M. of Johnson Johnson April 2(3) 5/4/1875
Parker, Josiah B. of Barnston, PQ Willey, Clara H. of Derby Derby May 15 5/21/1878
Parker, Valentine of Lowell Nye, Miss Nettie of Lowell Irasburg Sept 9 9/15/1874
Parlin, George P. of Charleston Lunt, Miss Jennie M. of Charleston West Derby Nov 25 12/7/1875
Parsons, Robert C. of Rock Island Osgood, Mrs. A. K. of Rock Island Rock Island May 6 5/13/1879
Pattee, John C. of N Stratford, NH Cross, Miss Mira of Colebrook, NH Bloomfield Nov 2 11/11/1873
Payne, Wilson A. of Brighton Doyle, Miss Rhoda E. of Brighton Island Pond Jan 1 1/9/1877
Pearl ?, Frank Dole, Miss Jennie dau of Col. Dole of Danville Danville last Thur 10/16/1877
Peck, H. S. of Burlington Aiken, Miss Selina A. of D. W. Aiken Esq. of H. Hardwick Jan 28 2/2/1875
Peck, Oliver of Sutton, PQ Barnett, Miss Melissa of Sutton, PQ Richford April 19 5/8/1877
Pelkie, Jerry of Glen Sutton Courser, Lucinda of Glen Sutton Glen Sutton, PQ Jan 28 2/4/1879
Peltier, Louis of Newport Prevaucher, Miss Jane of Newport Newport Nov 6 11/9/1875
Peniston, Samuel of St Johnsbury Wilkinson, Miss Lottie O. of Stanstead, PQ Newport Sept 16 9/22/1874
Percy, Clarence E. of Newport Norris, Miss Flora P. of Newport North Troy April 2 4/8/1879
Perkins, Charles M. of Lowell Souther, Sarah L. of Lowell North Troy July 1 7/7/1874
Perkins, Frank Fletcher, Miss Martha niece of Albert Fletcher Lowell Feb 28 3/12/1878
Perrin, Alden E. of Greensboro Pettie, Miss Georgie of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 28 12/10/1878
Pettengill, Albert of Georgia Gelo, Miss Martha of Georgia Lowell Sept 15 9/21/1875
Pettengill, Osmond W. of Newport Center Page, Miss Olive E. of Newport Center Newport Dec 30 1/2/1877
Philbrook, George E. of Greensboro Bush, Miss Lillie M. of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 28 12/3/1878
Philips, John of Waterloo, PQ McNeil, Miss Mary of Waterloo, PQ Troy March 6 3/19/1878
Phillips, Edgar of Franklin Bridge, Eunice A. of St Armand, PQ West Berkshire Feb 10 2/20/1877
Phillips, Frank S. of Glover Drew, Miss Nettie M. of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/8/1878
Phillips, Henry F. of Glover Drew, Miss Emeline S. of Glover Glover Jan 1 1/16/1877
Phillips, Hyman D. of Albany Bashaw, Miss Rose D. of Albany Glover Oct 9 10/14/1879
Pierce, Alfred J. of Charleston Blake, Miss Betsey S. of Derby Derby Feb 10 2/17/1874
Pierce, George of Stanstead Thornton, Jennie of John Thornton M.P.P. Coaticook, PQ Sept 27 10/9/1877
Pierce, Reuben S. of Burke Allard, Novill D. of Burke Barton June 8 6/11/1878
Pierce, Shadrack about 75 not named Vershire Sept 27 10/13/1874
Pike, D. H. of Derby Line Brown, Miss Cindia M. of Robie Brown Stanstead Sept 21 9/28/1875
Pike, William A. of Derby Line Flint, Miss Mary of Derby Line Derby Line Oct 7 10/14/1873
Pinney, Eugene E. of Holland Moulton, Nellie Frances of James Moulton Esq. of S. Stanstead Sept 2 9/9/1879
Pinney, Sumner P. of Wolcott Noble, Miss Carrie H. of Hydepark Morrisville Dec 17 12/23/1879
Place, James A. of Newport Campbell, Mrs. Ellen F. of Albany Albany Jan 23 2/2/1875
Plumley, Charles N. of Barton Boyce, Mrs. Ellen of Morrisville Glover April 20 5/18/1875
Plumley, Hon. Samuel not named Albany 12/5/1876
Plunkett, Robert J. of Hatley, PQ Taylor, Anna E. of Hatley, PQ Derby Ctr Feb 21 3/17/1874
Poland, Joseph Hon of Montpelier Harvey, Miss Julia M. of Montpelier Patterson, NJ Feb 8 2/18/1873
Porter, Adna Calven of Troy Page, Julia Clara of Troy North Troy March 23 4/7/1874
Porter, Windsor R. of Montgomery Darling, Miss Mary R. of Wm. Darling, Esq. of C. Concord Sept 26 9/30/1879
Powell, Chester E. of Eden Herrick, Miss Candace A. of Fairfield Fairfield March 13 4/1/1879
Powell, Col. E. Henry of Richford (item) Bailey, Mrs. Georgianna Reed of Hon. Thomas Reed Montpelier Oct 1st 10/9/1877
Powell, Oscar of Bolton, PQ Wadleigh, Miss Ann of Bolton, PQ Sutton, PQ Sept 18 10/9/1877
Powers, A. E. of Lowell Anderson, Miss Marion of Albany Albany Aug 20 9/3/1878
Powers, George W. of Salem Emery, Eva of Derby Barton Landing Nov 6 12/21/1875
Powers, Harley M. of Burke Fogg, Miss Viletta of Westmore Derby Line Jan 22 1/30/1878
Powers, John of Salem Willey, Miss Mary A. of Derby Derby May 1 5/6/1873
Preston, Charles W. of Barton Knights, Miss Ella of Coventry Coventry Oct 18 10/23/1875
Prince, John of Troy Rockwell, Julia of Troy Albany June 10 6/20/1876
Prindle, John Bennett, Miss Carrie of Glover Glover April 24 4/25/1876
Prue, Charles E. of Newport Ladoo, Lucinda of Troy Troy Aug 31 9/3/1878
Putney, Albert of Hatley, PQ Tyler, Miss Lydia of Hatley, PQ Derby Line Jan 22 1/30/1877
Pyre, O. J. of Newport Magoon, Miss Nellie of Newport Newport Center June 12 6/20/1876
Quimby, Newton of Stanstead Moore, Miss Mary A. of Stanstead Mack's Mills Sept 28 10/5/1875
Ramsdell, Chas A. of North Troy Bickford, Emma A. of Newport Center Jan 13 1/19/1875
Ramsdell, John A. of North Troy Rines, Miss Sarah L. of North Troy Lowell Jan 30 2/6/1877
Rand, Fred. W. Keith, Miss Nellie North Troy last Tues 9/30/1879
Rand, Lucius H. of Stanstead Small, Miss Lucina M. of Stanstead Derby July 1 7/8/1873
Randall, John S. of Bolton, PQ Knight, Miss Elvira M. of Coventry Coventry Nov 22 11/23/1873
Ranney, Charles F. of Lynn, Mass Pratt, Miss Carrie D. of Dea. T. B. Pratt Newport March 18 3/24/1874
Rawson, Fred Clapp, Jessie Montgomery last Wed 3/25/1879
Reece, George of Stanstead Smith, Mrs. Jennie of Stanstead West Derby Nov 13 11/18/1879
Reed, Charles L. of Richford, Vt Welch, Miss Julia A. of Sweetsburgh Sweetsburgh, PQ Dec 25 1/4/1876
Reed, George F. of Barton Messerve, Miss Sarah J. of Wheelock Wheelock Aug 25 8/28/1877
Reed, Luther H. of Westfield Hodgkin, Miss Fanny of Westfield Westfield Sept 20 10/9/1877
Rember, Edwin W. of East Thorndike Reed, Miss Mary A. of Enosburgh Falls Franklin Aug 12 9/1/1874
Rice, Francis A. of Granby Barkley, Lenora B. of Burlington Burlington May 11 5/16/1876
Rice, Oliver S. of Granby Metcalf, Miss Mary L. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH Sept 9 9/15/1874
Richards, John C. of Greeley Wylie, Ellenor A. of Greeley Greeley, Colorado March 13 3/25/1879
Richmond, Willie of Newport Trow, Miss Clara J. of Newport Newport Dec 28 1/6/1874
Riley, Frederick P. of Newport Center Crawford, Miss S. Helen of Newport Center Newport April 27 5/2/1876
Riley, William of Troy Sangrau, Miss Jennie of Westfield W Albany Aug 17 8/26/1873
Robbins, Adam H. of Derby Johnson, Miss J. A. of Holland Holland Jan 15 1/21/1873
Robbins, Augustus D. of Craftsbury Fulton, Miss Delia M. of Manchester, NH Greensboro Dec 21 1/2/1877
Robbins, Orrin H. McEwen, Miss Jennie Craftsbury Nov 9 11/28/1876
Roberts, John of Craftsbury Abbott, Miss Fannie S. of Barnet Barnet Sept 4 9/12/1876
Robertson, Dr. William D. Kent, Miss Alice of Charlestown, MA Stanstead at MA last Thur 1/21/1879
Robinson, Eber C. of Island Pond Stewart, Miss Clara M. of Derby Derby Sept 5 9/11/1877
Robinson, George M. of Westmore Aldrich, Miss Delphine of Huntington, PQ Lennoxville, PQ May 14 5/27/1879
Robinson, Isaac of Stanstead Smith, Mrs Elizabeth of Stanstead Derby July 14 7/15/1873
Robinson, John O. of Derby Chandler, Miss Emma S. of Derby Derby Center July 19 7/22/1879
Robinson, Wallace I. of Barton Reed, Miss Lucy of Barton Barton July 26 8/1/1876
Robinson, Willie G. Richardson, Miss Lillie G. Stanstead, PQ 2d 1/14/1879
Roby, John E. of Newport Laha, Emma of Newport Newport July 13 7/18/1876
Rodgers, Cornelius E. of Albany Tenney, Miss Mary A. of Albany Albany Jan 4 1/12/1875
Rollins, Hiram S. of Newport Olin, Miss Eliza Ann of Newport Newport Ctr Feb 15 2/20/1877
Rollins, Otis B. of Magog Bagley, Miss Flora E. of Stanstead Newport Jan 2(0) 1/25/1876
Root, H. S. Sherman, F. M. Lyndon Jan 17, 1867 1/23/1877
Rowe, Henry A. of Irasburg Howard, Miss Murilla M. of Salem Newport Feb 4 2/8/1876
Rowell, Dr. George B. of Troy Darling, Miss Isadore of Mansonville, PQ Mansonville, PQ Jan 1 1/7/1873
Ruiter, Andrew of Dunham, PQ Davis, Miss Bessie E. of Charleston Derby Oct 15 10/21/1873
Ruiter, Levi of Holland Bishop, Miss Julia of Holland Derby Nov 25 12/2/1873
Ruiter, Thomas C. of Stanstead, PQ Carlton, Mrs. May A. of Stanstead, PQ Newport March 28 4/4/1876
Ruiter, William H. of Holland Danforth, Mary B. of Holland North Troy May 7 5/27/1873
Rushlow, John of Newport Maxfield, Miss Mercy of Newport Newport Dec 28 1/7/1873
Russell, Charles F. of Cambridgeport, MA Person, Sarah E. of Charleston Barton Landing July 13 7/29/1879
Russell, Franklin W. of Irasburg Bill, Miss Ella of Irasburg Irasburg 5/2/1876
Russell, Putnam of Newbury, NH Wellman, Emma J. of Montgomery W Berkshire Oct 22 11/4/1873
Russell, W. of Newport Aldrich, Mrs Rhoda of Newport Newport Ctr April (6) 4/14/1874
Sabin, James T. Esq. of Montpelier Waite, Miss Mary A. of Cambridge Cambridge April 15 4/29/1873
Salls, Melvin W. of Potton, PQ Allen, Miss Katie of Potton, PQ Newport Ctr Nov 23 11/28/1876
Sanborn, Amos H. of Wheelock Stiles, Miss Carrie C. of Albany Albany June 26 7/11/1876
Sanborn, Edward C. of Salem Mignault, Miss Mary Etta of Salem Derby Jan 27 2/1/1876
Sanborn, George of Barton Kennerson, Miss Susie of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 12 10/19/1875
Sanborn, Homer G. of Derby Murray, Miss Lizzie M. of Barton Barton Landing Aug 24 8/27/1878
Sanborn, Lucian of Albany Chamberlin, Miss Diana E. of Albany Albany Oct 3 10/13/1874
Sargent, James M. of Potton Clark, Miss Annette A. of Potton North Troy 5/7/1878
Sargent, Simeon of Potton Courser, Elsie A. of Sutton, PQ Richford March 1 3/12/1878
Sawyer, Abel of Lowell Gelo, Miss Rogene of Lowell Lowell Sept 29 10/9/1877
Sawyer, Amos C. of Charleston Williams, Miss Emma E. of Derby Derby March 4 3/11/1873
Sawyer, Benjamin F. of Charleston Smith, Miss Rosa L. of Charleston Island Pond Sept 10 9/16/1879
Sawyer, Chauncey of Lowell Martin, Miss Maria of Lowell Lowell Feb 4 2/11/1873
Scott, C. W. of Glover Dow, Miss Cora E. of Sheffield Glover March 8 3/12/1878
Scott, Frank A. of Glover French, Miss Martha of Glover Glover Oct 26 11/4/1879
Scott, Q. A. not named Newport & Woodsville, NH 3/16/1875
Searles, John E. of Stanstead Bishop, Miss Clara E. of Charles E. Bishop of H. Holland Sept 25 10/8/1878
Seaver, Clarendon S. of Coaticook, PQ Hall, Miss Lilla of Newport Island Pond Dec 20 1/8/1878
Seaver, Ezra T. Ewins, Miss Almeda A. North Troy Jan 16 1/21/1879
Severance, Albert J. of Stanstead Stolliker, Miss Emma L. of Stanstead Newport Aug 20 8/21/1877
Severance, Mazzini of NYC Bickford, Miss Ella L. of Glover Glover Feb 21 2/29/1876
Shatney, Michael of Craftsbury Miles, Viola A. of Albany Albany Aug 20 9/23/1879
Shattuck, Ira A. of Hardwick Leckner, Miss Louise E. of Wolcott St Johnsbury March 11 3/23/1875
Shaw, Silas of Newport Bush, Miss Julia of Newport Newport Jan 6 1/14/1873
Shedd, John O. of Charleston Ball, Stella M. of Charleston Derby Line Oct 24 11/4/1879
Shedd, Warren of Lowell Sweatland, Flora of Albany Albany 11/12/1878
Sheldon, Augustus C. Esq. of Missouri Cushing, Miss Emma Eliza of Barnston Barnston, PQ Feb 24 3/14/1876
Shepard, Richard (item) Calhoun, Miss Maggie Abercorn, PQ Aug 14 8/21/1877
Sherburn, Wright of Stanstead Smith, Miss Lucy of Newport Coventry Jan 23 1/30/1878
Sherman, Carlos Stone, Miss Clara of Rev. L. H. Stone Castleton July 24 8/19/1873
Shufelt, Leonard of Lowell Brown, Miss Hattie L. of Lowell Lowell Nov 27 12/2/1879
Shurleff, Thomas T. Martin, Carrie Louise of late J. W. Martin of Stanstead Derby Line Sept 30 10/7/1879
Shute, Osman of Craftsbury Doying, Miss Orrilla of Eden Albany July 22 7/30/1878
Sias, Timothy T. of Newport Bullis, Miss Vira of Albany Coventry May 13 5/16/1876
Silsby, Frank W. of Burke Watson, Miss Nancy of Burke Burke Dec 12 12/19/1876
Silsby, Wendell of Westmore Gaskell, Ada Adell of Burke Burke April 11 4/29/1873
Silver, William R. Richardson, Miss Mary Jane of Lowell N Craftsbury March 14 3/19/1878
Silver, William R. Richardson, Miss Mary J. of Lowell N Craftsbury March 14 3/26/1878
Simpson, George T. of Greensboro Gillis, Miss Ella J. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 13 12/23/1879
Simpson, James G. 2d Randall, Miss Clara A. of A. A. Randall Esq. of Craftsbury Albany Jan last 10/10/1876
Simpson, William B. of Greensboro Jackson, Miss Nellie R. of Greensboro Greensboro March 21 4/2/1878
Sinclair, James R. of Lowell Janes, Miss Dora A. of Lowell Lowell Nov 7 11/13/1877
Singer, George of South Ham, PQ Lackand, Mary D. of South Ham, PQ Newport May 23 5/26/1874
Sisco, Geladden of Compton, PQ Hall, Mrs C. Victoria of Bloomington, Ill Holland Dec 12 12/29/1874
Sivright, James of Newport Carroll, Miss Mary B. of Newport Newport Dec 15 12/21/1875
Skinner, Aaron Jr. of Glover Bailey, Miss Candace E. of Compton, PQ Albany April 8 4/14/1874
Skinner, C. S. of Barton Landing Brown, Miss Ella A. of Irasburg Barton Landing June 1 6/8/1875
Skinner, Cyrus W. of Brownington Alexander, Miss Myra P. of Brownington Morgan Center Nov 20 11/26/1878
Skinner, Oscar C. of Barton & Topeka, KS Peck, Miss Lulu O. of Topeka Topeka, Kansas Jan 16 1/30/1878
Slap, Charlie Esden, Lizzie East Hardwick 11/11/1879
Slater, Dwight E. Esq. Spalter,   11/7/1876
Smalley, George H. of Waterbury Hoyt, Miss Viola I. of Lyndonville Lyndon April 7 4/13/1875
Smith, Abnencer of Derby Line Palmer, Miss Caroline of Derby Line Derby Oct 28 11/2/1875
Smith, Addison I. of Barnston, PQ Reed, Sarah M. of Stanstead, PQ Newport May 1 5/14/1878
Smith, Curtis W. of Richford Rounds, Miss Emeroy A. of Capt. L. Rounds of R. Richford Nov 13 11/19/1878
Smith, Edward of Barnston, PQ Yates, Miss Catharine of Waterloo, PQ Derby Nov 1 11/17/1874
Smith, Elisha P. of Newbury Gleason, Miss Elsie of Lisbon, NH Newbury Oct 28 11/5/1878
Smith, Fred E. of Brownington Wheeler, Nellie C. of Brownington Irasburg Oct 2 10/21/1879
Smith, Frederick of Barnston, PQ Rash, Addie of Barnston, PQ Holland Oct 18 11/17/1874
Smith, Henry B. of Brownington Jenkins, Miss Orvila A. of Brownington Brownington Jan 2 1/8/1878
Smith, Henry of Irasburg Caples, Miss Frances A. of Irasburg Irasburg Feb 9 2/29/1876
Smith, Horace W. of Richford Bell, Miss Addie M. of Richford Richford April 18 5/8/1877
Smith, James of Holland Rush, Lizzie of Holland Holland May 6/23/1874
Smith, John C. of Newport Wood, Miss Emma M. of Coventry Newport Jan 6 1/9/1877
Smith, Luman F. of Craftsbury Reed, Juliette of Craftsbury Barton Landing May 22 6/1/1875
Smith, N. E. Olmstead, Miss Mary of Fairfield Richford Thanksgiving 12/3/1878
Smith, Nathaniel L. of Haverhill, NH Rich, Miss Jennie E. of Albany Albany Aug 4 8/21/1877
Smith, Norris of Craftsbury Garfield, Miss Zylpha of Craftsbury Craftsbury Feb 5 2/11/1879
Smith, Ovett N. of Burlington Leach, Miss Nellie of Troy North Troy April 3 4/10/1877
Somers, Homer H. of Irasburg Wiggins, Miss Clara V. of Barton Barton March 27 4/8/1873
Soule, Albert N. of Greensboro Christie, Miss Clara A. of Greensboro Glover March 7 3/13/1877
Soules, F. F. of St Albans, Vt Manson, Miss Martha J. of Mansonville, PQ Montreal Oct 3 11/5/1878
Southwood, William of Sherbrooke, PQ Dupont, Mary of Sherbrooke, PQ East Haven Oct 12 10/22/1878
Spalding, Bedford of Westfield Kittredge, Idella of Derby W Burke Nov 26 12/2/1879
Spalter, Albert Decator of Rumney, NH Benham, Sarah Stondard of Dea. N S Benham Derby May 26 6/1/1875
Spaulding, William of Derby Line Brigham, Emma J. of Rev. Elijah Brigham of N. Newtonville, MA Nov 20 12/2/1873
Spear, Sheldon of Stanstead Richards, Mary of Stanstead Derby Oct 4 10/21/1879
Spencer, Charles E. of Salem Haley, Miss Jennie P. of Salem Brownington March 15 3/20/1877
Spencer, Daniel C. of Salem Warboy, Miss Nellie of Charleston Brownington March 15 3/20/1877
Spencer, Rev. J. W. of E. Charleston Seavey, Mrs. of Brownington Charleston 1/25/1876
St Peter, Charles of Newport Bush, Caroline B. of Newport Newport Oct 2 10/5/1875
Stacy, Harvey of Westfield Stacy, Miss Martha of Munson, Mass Lowell Nov 24 12/1/1874
Stafford, Frank A. of Barton Landing Howard, Miss Louise M. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Jan 22 1/28/1879
Stanhope, Orlin E. of Glen Sutton, PQ Davis, Miss Julia S. of Glen Sutton, PQ Enosburg June 9 6/26/1877
Stanley, George F. of Wolcott Fullerton, Miss Ella F. of Potton, PQ E Craftsbury June 9 7/3/1877
Stannard, Buel W. of Lowell Farman, Julia of Lowell North Troy April 20 4/28/1874
Stannard, Edson B. of Lowell Curtis, Miss Mary L. of Lowell Lowell Nov 16 12/5/1876
Stannard, Hartley D. of Lowell Parker, Miss Hattie M. of Lowell Lowell Aug 5 9/9/1879
Starbird, Hon. E. H. of W. Falmouth Clark, Mrs. Mary J. of Portland Portland March 6 3/30/1875
Sterling, Rev. William M. of Newport Drew, Miss Eva E. of Barton Barton April 16 4/21/1874
Stevens, Albert of Newport Burt, Miss Julia H. of Derby Derby Jan 15 1/18/1876
Stevens, C. P. of Troy Sherman, Miss Annette of Newport Irasburg Oct 2 10/7/1873
Stevens, Fred W. of Coventry Cass, Miss Bertha A. of Coventry Coventry Jan 19 1/26/1875
Stevens, Henry M. of Craftsbury Doty, Miss Emma A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 20 12/3/1878
Stevens, J. R. of Plymouth, NH Moseley, Miss Lillian E. of Canaan, NH Enfield, NH Feb 19 3/4/1879
Stevens, Timothy of Boston, Mass Harriman, Miss Nancy A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan (3) 1/14/1873
Stewart, John G. Jr of Boston Merriman, Miss A. Annette L. of Boston E Stoughton, Mass July 6 7/11/1876
Stickney, Edson M. of Greensboro Gage, Miss Anna M. of Hardwick Craftsbury Nov 18 1/2/1877
Stickney, Joshua of Stanstead, PQ Litchfield, Miss Henrietta of Newport Albany Sept 17 9/26/1876
Stiles, John S. of Newport Bowley, Eunice H. of Newport Barton Landing Nov 30 12/23/1879
Stiles, Justin E. of Newport Quimby, Miss Jennie E. of Newport Albany Oct 22 10/30/1877
Still, Lucian V. of Hardwick Whitcher, Miss Sarah E. of Wolcott Hardwick Nov 26 12/22/1874
Stimson, Lewis W. of Barton Landing Robbins, Mrs. Mary of Boston, Mass Lyme, NH May 17 5/27/1879
Stockwell, Hiram G. of Newport, NH Hugaboom, Miss Florence E. of Hancock, Miss St Johnsbury Sept 20 11/5/1878
Stoddard, A. B. of Newark Robinson, Nellie A. of Westmore Westmore June 2(1) 7/11/1876
Stoliker, L. D. of Stanstead Keet, Edna A. of Stanstead Brown's Hill, PQ Nov 29 12/12/1876
Stone, Charles B. of Barton Burnham, Sarah D. of Hardwick St J Sept 8 9/11/1877
Stone, Frank S. of Worcester, MA Stevens, Miss Sarah S. of Eden Eden May 13 (going to Iowa) 5/18/1875
Stowe, Alonzo of Glen Sutton & Farnham, PQ Doubleday, Miss Frankey of Glen Sutton, PQ Glen Sutton, PQ Feb 25 4/1/1879
Streeter, Charles Jr of Charleston Sawyer, Miss Julia E. of Charleston W Charleston Feb 8 2/13/1877
Streeter, Frank S. of Concord & St J Carpenter, Lillian of A. P. Carpenter of Bath Bath NH Nov 14 11/20/1877
Strople, Robert B. of North Derby Persons, Miss Ella J. of Stanstead, PQ Derby Sept 16 9/22/1874
Studdert, Mr of Stanstead Ruiter, Miss Sarah R. of Stanstead Newport Dec 18 12/23/1873
Sullivan, John R. of Lowell McAllister, Nellie T. of Lowell Newport May 28 5/30/1876
Swartz, L. of Craftsbury Jacobs, Miss Fanny of West Burke New York City April 24 4/29/1879
Sweat, John of Jay Place, Miss Mary A. of Jay Jay May 18 6/2/1874
Sweatland, Henry of Charleston Eastman, Miss Mary of Charleston Morgan Center April 5 4/15/1879
Sweeney, John S. of Charleston Stevens, Miss Rose E. of Charleston Charleston July 1 7/6/1875
Sylvester, (H)orace of Lowell Abal (Aral?), Miss Satina of Lowell Albany Nov 30 11/28/1876
Sylvester, David of Albany Hunt, Olive of Albany Albany Feb 12 2/17/1874
Sylvester, George of Irasburg Chamberlin, Miss Emma M. of Irasburg Irasburg July 2 7/6/1875
Sylvester, Willard of Albany Story, Miss Bertha A. of Irasburg Newport Sept 27 10/2/1877
Tabor, J. M. MD Denison, Miss Mary Emma Burke Sept 10 9/17/1878
Tatrot, Jerry of Jay Valley, Mrs. Amelia M. of Troy Newport Oct 27 11/2/1875
Taylor, David of Stanstead, PQ Rediker, Mrs Charlotte of Stanstead, PQ Derby Oct 3 12/15/1874
Taylor, Farmer of Charleston & Melbourne Driver, Miss Mary Matilda of Aaron Driver of Cleve. Cleveland 25th 5/4/1875
Taylor, Felix of Newport Hill, Miss Sarah of Newport Newport 2/26/1878
Taylor, Phillip of Irasburg Phillips, Miss Eliza of Coventry Coventry Nov 26 12/3/1878
Taylor, Rev E. M. Wools, Margaret L. of Col. Wools of Marlow Beebe Plain last Wed 7/31/1877
Telfer, John P. of Glover Skinner, Miss Eliza M. of Barton Glover March 10 3/23/1875
Telfer, William B. of Glover Salisbury, Miss Emma of Barton Newport Nov 6 11/13/1877
Templeton, Dr. C. E. of Irasburg Bogue, Miss Ada of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 12 10/19/1875
Tenney, Herbert M. Rev., of Wallingford, CT Connell, Miss Lilla M. of Plymouth, NH Plymouth, NH April 11 4/17/1877
Terrill, A. N. of Morrisville Whitcomb, Miss Lottie A. of Morrisville Barton Landing Jan 27 2/8/1876
Thomas, Amos of Brighton Vance, Miss Julia of Glover Glover Oct 24 10/29/1878
Thomas, Estes Goff, Miss Bertha M. of Richford Richford 5/14/1878
Thomas, Willie A. of Brighton Parker, Miss Ella M. of Glover Glover Sept 6 9/9/1879
Thompson, Heman H. of Hydepark Cleaveland, Miss Lizzie of Hydepark Albany Jan 7 1/14/1879
Thompson, William E. of Chicopee, Mass Chaffee, Miss Clara O. of Holyoke, Mass Newport Sept 4 9/18/1877
Thorp, John K. of Glover Niles, Eunice of Albany Albany Sept 3 9/9/1879
Thrasher, Benjamin W. of Coventry Daggett, Miss Abbie D. of Coventry Derby Center June 5 6/11/1878
Thrasher, Hollis of Coventry Lewis, Miss Emma C. of Coventry Newport May 9 5/12/1874
Tibbetts, W. Horace of Charleston Persons, Lucinda A. of Morgan Holland Feb 23 3/2/1875
Tichurst, Edwin L. of Stanstead, PQ Mitchell, Miss Margaret of Glover Glover March 24 4/20/1875
Tillotson, George of Craftsbury Wright, Miss Lizzie B. of Greensboro Greensboro Aug 13 8/19/1879
Tinker, E. J. of Beebe Plain Bodwell, Miss Ida A. of Beebe Plain Beebe Plain July 16 8/3/1875
Tinker, Elwin J. of Stanstead Bodwell, Miss Ida A. of Stanstead Beebe Plain June 16 6/22/1875
Tite, Hollis M. of Brownington Crandall, Miss Carrie B. of Brownington Brownington Dec 18 12/30/1879
Tite, William of Barton Wade, Miss Ada of Lyndonville Glover Sept 4 9/12/1876
Tower, Amos M. of Coventry Foster, Miss Nellie E. of Coventry Coventry Feb 10 2/16/1875
Towle, James C. of Berkshire Phelps, Miss Lillian O. of Franklin West Berkshire Jan 10 1/16/1877
Townsend, Abner P. of Newport Scott, Mrs. Louisa of North Hyde Park Coventry May 9 5/15/1877
Tracy, Azro of Newport Dunham, Miss Ella L. of Troy Newport Ctr Sept 30 10/6/1874
Trowbridge, Edmund S. of Newport Larabee, Miss Isabella M. of Newport Newport Jan 1 1/8/1878
Truax, Albert M. of East Bolton, PQ Allen, Miss Betsey of East Bolton, PQ Newport Feb 6 2/13/1877
Truax, George of Glen Sutton Kinney, Miss Alyena of Glen Sutton Berkshire May 23 5/29/1877
Trumpass, William S. of Westfield Goddard, Miss Sarah E. of Westfield Lowell Aug 22 8/31/1875
Tryon, Stephen B. of Magog, PQ McCabe, Miss Loella of Magog, PQ West Derby April 13 4/28/1874
Turner, Elroy F. of Coventry Shaw, Miss Ellen A of Stanstead, PQ Coventry July 24 7/30/1878
Tute, Charles W., of Newport Center Smith, Carrie E. of Boston & Vt Boston April 25 5/20/1879
Twombly, Albert L. of Lyndonville Baxter, Miss Clara R. of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/7/1879
Tye, John of Albany Flanigan, Mrs. Julia of Albany E. Albany May 21 5/23/1876
Upton, J. V. B. of Troy Austin, Miss Lilly of Potton, PQ Troy April 28 5/11/1875
Vance, Samuel I. of Glover Rowell, Belle M. of Albany Irasburg Oct 23 10/29/1878
Wade, William of Magog Alger, Miss Lorinda of Stanstead Derby Line Sept 10 9/29/1874
Wadleigh, John C. of Bolton Patterson, Miss Flora of Bolton Magog, PQ Sept 23 9/30/1879
Wald, Elisha of Magog, PQ Hunt, Miss Julia T. of Stanstead Stanstead, PQ Jan 23 2/4/1873
Walker, Edgar W. of Barton Gould, Miss Mary A. of Barton S Barton Oct 14 10/21/1879
Walker, Homer of Troy Rogers, Miss Annie L. of Troy North Troy Feb 19 2/25/1879
Walker, W Cannon, Widow Brownington recently 3/25/1879
Walworth, D. P. of Coventry Gross, Mrs Harriet A. of Brownington West Burke June 3 6/16/1874
Ward, Orin of Westfield Wood, Miss Letta M. of Troy Westfield Sept 22 9/23/1873
Ward, William of North Troy Brown, Miss Emma F. of Westfield North Troy June 21 6/27/1876
Wardrobe, William L. of Stanstead, PQ Moulton, Miss Martha M. of Stanstead, PQ Newport Sept 18 9/21/1875
Ware, George A. of Irasburg Kinney, Ellen E. of Coventry Newbury Nov 25 12/2/1873
Warner, Clark B. of Barton & Athol Vaill, Adaline T. of Packerville Packerville, MA March 3 3/25/1873
Warner, Damon E. of Potton, PQ Potter, Emma J. of Potton, PQ Coventry July 4 7/10/1877
Waterhouse, Norman D. of Sutton, PQ Wing, Chloe A. of Sutton, PQ North Troy Dec 15 1/13/1874
Waterman, Charles H. of Salem Fuller, Bertha of Salem Barton Landing Nov 29 12/9/1879
Waterman, Erastus H. of Salem Jenne, Miss Mary E. of Thomas Jenne of Derby Derby Feb 9 2/16/1875
Waters, George R. of Concord Shores, Miss Viola L. of St Johnsbury Island Pond Sept 3 11/21/1876
Waters, Henry B. of Newport Leonard, Miss Lucy of Richford Newport Ctr Sept 6 9/12/1876
Watson, Arthur of Stanstead, PQ McDonald, Miss Elizabeth of Stanstead, PQ Derby June 14 6/20/1876
Watson, Charles Miller, Miss May A. of J. H. Miller of Westfield Troy Sept 21 10/17/1876
Watson, Joseph A. of Albany Conner, Miss Julia E. of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 1 1/16/1877
Watson, Wallace W. of Brownington Baker, Mrs. H. E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing March 27 4/1/1879
Wead, Charles K. Prof. of Ann Arbor, Mich Pease, Miss Sarah W. of late Calvin Pease of B. Burlington Aug 13 8/19/1879
Webster, Charles F. of Irasburg Farrington, Miss Emma J. of Irasburg Craftsbury July 1(?) 7/14/1874
Webster, Fred N. of Barton Landing Wood, Miss Abbie E. of Hillsborough, NH Irasburg March 27 4/2/1878
Webster, Pliny L. of Barton Chamberlin, Miss Nellie E. of Irasburg Irasburg Sept 30 10/5/1875
Wedge, Benj. of Lowell James, Miss Emma of Lowell Lowell June 2(3) 7/6/1875
Weed, A. J. of Morgan Burroughs, Miss Lelia E. of Morgan Morgan Center Feb 19 3/4/1879
Weightman, John of Dunham, PQ Piggeau, Mrs. Elizabeth W Berkshire June 9 6/25/1878
Welch, Martin H. of Berkshire Lewis, Carrie L. of Berkshire Richford Jan 26 2/5/1878
Wellman, Leigh R. of Lowell Mustard, Mrs. Emily B. of Lowell Lowell Aug 5 9/9/1879
Wells, Matthew A. of Irasburg Hancock, Miss Eliza of Irasburg Glover Sept 16 9/23/1879
Wells, Samuel E. of Lowell Hackett, Miss Ada E. of Lowell Lowell Dec 27 12/30/1879
Wentworth, Eben G. of Parsonville, ME Hartwell, Miss Grace V. of Barnston, PQ Derby Sept 7 9/12/1876
West, Dwight L. of Newport Kendall, Miss Martha A. of Newport Newport May 10 5/15/1877
Westover, Darwin of Brome, PQ Wilson, Alice of Brome, PQ Richford Jan 2 1/30/1878
Wheeler, [William H.] of Brownington Ba[ll], [Mary A. of Rev. Aaron Ball]   4/22/1873
Wheeler, Charles of Stanstead, PQ Burnett, Lucy of Derby Line Derby Aug 9 8/14/1877
Wheeler, Frank S. of Morgan Page, Miss Lillo O. of Morgan Morgan Feb 27 3/18/1873
Wheeler, Hiram N. of Barnston, PQ Melloon, Miss Abbie of Stanstead Newport July 31 8/3/1875
Wheeler, Samuel J. of Stanstead Sornberger, Miss Aza M. of Barnston Barnston, PQ Oct 15 10/28/1879
Wheeler, Sylvester of Barnston Chase, Emma L. of Magog Barnston Corner, PQ Oct 11 10/23/1875
Whipple, Eugene H. of Newport Estell, Miss Lydia G. of Newport Newport Center Feb 14 2/23/1875
Whipple, John J. of Stanstead, PQ Clifford, Mrs. Betsey of Boston, MA Newport April 2 4/9/1878
Whitaker, Eugene E. of Worcester, MA Spear, Miss Nellie S. of Derby Center Derby Center March 28 4/9/1878
Whitcher, Newell W. of Wolcott Still, Miss Laura A. of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 5 12/22/1874
White, Charles H. of Sutton Tilton, Miss Lorinda J. of Charleston Charleston Jan 1 1/11/1876
White, Frank E. of S Hadley Falls, Mass Smith, Miss Margaret W. of S. Hadley Falls, Mass Greensboro Aug 27 9/3/1878
Whiting, George B. of Johnson Ferry, Miss Lucy A. of Hyde Park Lowell Oct 10 10/16/1877
Whitney, Charles F. of Albany Clark, Miss Nellie J. of Albany Albany Dec 24 1/1/1878
Whitney, James P. of Derby Drew, Miss Linnie M. of Derby Derby Dec 30 1/5/1875
Whittemore, Anson of Eden O'Brien, Miss Eliza of Eden Lowell ? July 9 7/14/1874
Whittemore, Onias of Eden Carpenter, Miss Ellen of Eden Lowell Sept 21 10/1/1878
Wiggins, Allen of Barton Cobleigh, Meroa D. of West Burke West Burke Nov 25 1/25/1876
Wiggins, Daniel T. of Barton Batchelder, Miss Alma of Glover Glover July 4 7/8/1873
Wilcox, M. L. of Holland Todd, Miss Lilla A. of Derby Derby Aug 28 9/4/1877
Wilcox, Ransom N. of Newport Work, Miss Jennie A. of Troy Westfield Nov 6 11/11/1873
Wilkins, Joseph Henry of Craftsbury Magoon, Miss Chastina I. of Albany Albany June 26 7/27/1875
Willard, John E. of Sutton Smith, Mrs Sarah G. of Sutton Sutton June 21 6/24/1873
Willey, Clarence of Troy Martin, Miss Annis of Troy Lowell July 4 7/14/1874
Willey, Curtis Dea of Derby Turner, Miss Emma S. of Derby Derby March 2 3/7/1876
Willey, Curtis of Derby Leland, Miss Flora A. of Ashland, MA Ashland, MA May 5 5/7/1878
Willey, Jewett J. of Wheelock Chesley, Addie of North Greensboro N. Greensboro May 1 5/14/1878
Willey, Lorenzo of Newport Williams, Miss Ida M. of Newport Newport Ctr Nov 29 12/5/1876
Williams, Frank C. of Coventry Burbank, Miss Helen L. of Samuel Burbank of C Coventry May 31 6/5/1877
Williamson, Alonzo H. Jr., MD of Boston, MA Harding, Miss Harriet M. of Brooklyn, NY Newport July 27 8/13/1878
Willis, Alden E. of Lowell Kenneson, Miss Mary of Lowell Lowell Aug 15 8/11/1874
Willis, Frank D. of Plymouth Union Shufelt, Abigail of Newport Richford May 8 5/21/1878
Willis, Samuel C. of Albany Frasier, Mrs. Margaret of Glover Albany May 12 5/22/1877
Wilson, Andrew of Morgan Smith, Miss Lizzie of Charleston West Charleston Nov 11 11/14/1876
Wilson, Charles S. of Derby Colby, Miss Hattie M. of Derby Derby Jan 7 2/3/1874
Wilson, James D. of St. Johnsbury Lumsden, Miss Marietta of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 22 11/27/1877
Wilson, Jason H. of Derby Moulton, Miss Sarah E. of Charleston West Charleston Dec 25 1/9/1877
Wilson, Justin W. of Eden Rogers, Miss Emeroy A. of Eden Lowell Dec 31 1/11/1876
Wilson, Nathan H. of Richford Darling, Miss Avis E of Glover Glover March 28 4/2/1878
Wilson, W. of Richford Buggy, Mrs. Hannah of Troy Lowell 7/27/1875
Wing, Charles of Newport Caples, Miss Jennie of Newport Newport June 6 6/19/1877
Wing, Frank W. of Lewiston Frost, Miss Emma E. of Lewiston Lewiston, ME Sept 21 10/5/1875
Wing, John of Newport Preston, Mary E. of Newport Derby Ctr June 2 6/10/1873
Wing, Louis Fred of Brighton McKelvie, Miss Cola of Brighton Island Pond Dec 2 1/2/1877
Winslow, John D. of Hardwick Miller, Miss Flora E. of Greensboro Woodsville, NH 1/7/1879
Winslow, Orlando of Westfield age 79 White, Mrs. Lucy S. of Westfield age 76 Westfield March 26 4/2/1878
Witt, Charles of Montpelier Allen, Miss Agnes R. of N Craftsbury Hardwick Dec 5 12/14/1875
Wood, Mr. of Barnard Miner, Mrs. Emma of Vershire Vershire Feb 15 2/20/1877
Woodbury, Erwin G. of Craftsbury Carpenter, Miss Manie M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Mar 8 3/14/1876
Woodbury, Lyman E. of Concord Root, Miss Mary of Concord Concord Dec 24 12/30/1879
Woodrow, John B. of Stanstead, PQ Wheeler, Caroline M. of Stanstead, PQ Holland July 12 8/7/1877
Woodward, Isaac O. of Nashua, NH Bryant, Alice of Geo. R. Bryant of Irasburgh Lowell, MA Jan 18 2/4/1879
Works, George of Craftsbury Warren, Mrs of Wolcott Wolcott May 23 6/3/1873
Worth, Henry A. of Stanstead, PQ Courser, Miss Hannah E. of Albany Albany Oct 23 10/29/1878
Worth, John of Irasburg Grant, Miss Mina of Irasburg Irasburg Oct 8 10/15/1878
Worthen, G. W. of San Mateo, Cal Hoyt, Miss M. Jennie of San Mateo, Cal Redwood, Calif June 27 7/23/1878
Worthley, S. M. of Derby Gilbert, Mrs Diana of Derby Derby Line 20th inst 9/29/1874
Wright, Charles O. of Capt. A. Wright of Coventry Magoon, Miss Ella of Stewart Magoon of Coventry E. Bolton, PQ 28th ult 9/3/1878
Wright, Edgar P. of Newport Webster, Miss Lucy E. of Irasburg Craftsbury May 14 5/20/1873
Wright, Frank P. of Westfield Brown, Miss Cynthia of Westfield Lowell May 13 5/23/1876
Wright, Homer of Jay Herrick, Miss Sophia L. of Sutton, PQ Westfield March 12 3/25/1873
Wright, J. F. MD of Barton Landing Spencer, Nora G. of Dea Wm. Spencer of B. Brownington March 17 3/25/1873
Wright, J. Sidney of Holyoke Grout, Miss Carrie L. of Coventry Holyoke, Mass March 12 4/29/1879
Wright, Nathaniel of Jay Aiken, Fanny of Sutton, PQ North Troy Jan 1 1/13/1874
Wright, Orin H. of Dunham, PQ Corkill, Miss Martha M. J. of Farnham, PQ Richford Sept 3 9/17/1878
Wright, Theron A. of Newport Lane, Miss Rucia of Newport Newport Oct 22 10/27/1874
Wylie, Charles R. of Craftsbury Silver, Susan A. of Craftsbury Albany Sept 16 9/23/1879
Wylie, George W. of Minonk, Ill Simpson, Miss Mary E. of E. Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 1 8/8/1876
York, Robert of Brighton Sanborn, Mrs. Abbie of Brighton Island Pond Sept 24 10/2/1877
Young, Francis W. of Irasburg Scott, Miss Emma E. of Newport Derby June 1 6/8/1875
Young, George H. of Greensboro White, Miss Julia J. of Greensboro Glover Dec 11 12/23/1873
Young, George of Greensboro Wright, Miss Mary A. of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 1 10/6/1874
Zeigler, I. G. MD of Braidwood, Ill Merrill, Anna L. of Barton Landing Barton Land May 21 6/9/1874

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