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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue
Abbey, Rev. M. H. of W. Charleston Miles, Miss Jennie of Sutton Sutton Thurs 11/19/1894
Abbott, Charles A. of Albany Nye, Miss Jennie L. of Albany Albany Oct 8 10/12/1891
Aiken, John Albee, Bessie of A. J. Albee of Derby Derby last Wed 9/8/1890
Aiken, Samuel of Sutton, PQ Page, Mrs. Edna of Newport Newport Ctr Sept 9 9/14/1891
Ainger, Gordon of Sutton Noyes, Mrs. Arvilla of Sutton Sutton Sept 3 9/7/1891
Ainsworth, Gains M. of Carver, MA Nichols, Miss Frances M. of Ipswich Malden May 6 5/22/1893
Aldrich, Herbert of Dalton, NH Going, Miss Nettie of Brownington Lancaster, NH April 3 4/16/1894
Alexander, Erwin H. of Brownington Going, Miss Amy A. of Brownington W Charleston Dec 31 3/31/1890
Alexander, Myron Allard, Belle Evansville prob last Wed 11/26/1894
Alexander, Myron L. of Brownington Allard, Belle R. of Brownington Barton Land 12/3/1894
Alexander, Wilfred H. of Evansville Gallup, Miss Lucretia of Evansville Barton Landing Nov 25 11/30/1891
Allard, Alfred Root, Miss Josephine Westfield last Thur 12/22/1890
Allard, William T. of S. Barton not named S. Barton 5/12/1890
Allen, Aaron F. of Coventry Folsom, Miss Inez A. of Newport Coventry May 19 6/2/1890
Allen, Clayton S. of Burlington/Irasb Scott, Miss Nellie E. Irasburg 3rd 9/7/1891
Allen, George Jardin, Mrs. Ella St. Johnsbury last Thurs 4/2/1894
Allen, Rev. of Craftsbury not named   8/3/1891
Allen, Robert of Newport Wright, Miss Hattie of Newport W Derby May 30 6/1/1891
Allen, Warren C. of Minneapolis, Minn Belknap, Miss Amy C. of Barton (item) Barton Feb 6 2/12/1894
Allen, Wilber D. of Barton ____ey, Miss Flora B. of Barton Barton Landing Sept 18 9/26/1892
Anair, Jo. Dubey, Aney Greensboro Bend 13th inst 1/18/1892
Anderson, Eugene Drew, Mamie Glover last week 8/14/1893
Anderson, Eugene T. of Glover Drew, Miss Mamie of Glover Glover Aug 9 8/21/1893
Andrews, George of Hyde Park Miller, Miss Emma of Craftsbury Craftsbury recently 3/3/1890
Andrus, Don F. of Derby Scribner, Linnie M. of Rev. Austin Scribner of Montgomery Craftsbury Nov 25 11/30/1891
Andrus, Don F. of Derby (history item) Scribner, Linnie M. of Montgomery Craftsbury Nov 24 12/14/1891
Andrus, Elmer A. of Albany Chamberlain, Miss Myra E. of Albany Albany Nov 27 12/1/1890
Andrus, H. S. of Craftsbury Jones, Mrs. R. S. of Glover Irasburgh Nov 1 11/7/1892
Annis, Alex M. of Albany Eastman, Miss Angie R. of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 25 2/29/1892
Annis, L. K. Brown, Miss Emily of Troy Westfield last week 4/28/1890
Anwell, Joseph of Canada Hartwell, Hattie of Canada Derby April 7 4/13/1891
Arel, Ben not named Lowell 7/16/1894
Armstrong, Elbert P. of Morgan Church, Miss Clemmie of W. Charleston W Charleston Oct 3 10/12/1891
Aseltine, A. M. of West Derby not named W. Derby 11/26/1894
Atwell, William J. of Eden Hodges, Hattie W. of Eden Albany July 3 7/24/1893
Avery, Walter J. of Newport Davis, Miss Flora N. of West Burke West Burke Jan 6 2/2/1891
Badger, David A. of Irasburg LaBounty, Miss Hattie H. of Newport Barton Landing Sept 27 9/29/1890
Badger, Mr. bro of Dr. Badger of Coventry Morse, Flora sis of Rev. C. W. Morse Danville last week 9/1/1890
Badger, Will Allen, Miss Clara of Glover Barton Land last week 10/8/1894
Bailey, Albert W. of Derby Bates, Miss Delia A. of Derby Derby Dec 31 1/4/1891
Bailey, C. D. of Irasburgh Ufford, Mrs. M. L. of Barton Irasburgh Oct 20 10/31/1892
Bailey, George of Ascot Buzzell, Etta of Orford, PQ Derby Sept 6 9/8/1890
Baird, John of Barton Allard, Miss Jesse M. of A. H. Allard of E. Evansville Aug 19 8/25/1890
Baker, Charles Trudeau, Amelia Coventry Friday 11/16/1891
Baker, Ernest C. of Glover Jameson, Miss Myra G. of Irasburgh ST. Johnsbury Jan 14 1/18/1892
Balch, William L. of Boston Emerson, Nora B. of Barton & Boston Boston April 17 4/24/1893
Ball, Frank of St. Johnsbury Jewett, Miss Ella of Wheelock Wheelock June 21 6/26/1893
Barber, Henry A. of Peabody, MA & Glover Buswell, Miss Fidelia L. of Barton Barton June 29 7/4/1892
Barnard, Geo of R. H. Barnard of W. Charleston not named W. Charleston ? 5/9/1892
Bartlett, Allen H. of Danville Sabines, Miss Elfrida M. of Danville Peacham Sept 1 9/7/1891
Bartlett, Ernest of H. F. Bartlett of Newport Ctr not named Manchester, NH Dec 25 1/1/1894
Bartlett, Mr. George of Jay Badger, Miss Iola of Derby Derby last Tues 10/16/1893
Batchelder, ___er E. of Ryegate Whitcomb, Emma of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 13 9/26/1892
Batchelder, Alban B. of Hardwick Hall, Miss L. Etta of Hardwick Hardwick 6/12/1893
Baxter, Arthur E. of Granville, ME Dailey, Miss Addie of W. T. Dailey of Derby Derby Sept 23 9/28/1891
Beals, Frank H. of Minneapolis, Minn Anderson, Miss Carrie M. of Boston Barton Land Jan 22 1/26/1891
Bean, A. I. of Charleston Ross, Miss Delia of Charleston Charleston Oct 30 11/2/1891
Bean, Ai Ross, Miss Delia W. Charleston Oct 30 11/2/1891
Bean, Carl of Westfield Clark, Miss Ella of Westfield Westfield March 20 3/26/1894
Beauclerk, Preston of Irasburg not named Irasburg prob 7/30/1894
Beckwith, Mr. of New York Reed, Ora - grandau of Mr. & Mrs. S. Collins Charleston 11/28/1892
Beede, George A. Ashland, Miss Vic of Burlington Irasburgh Dec 14 12/26/1892
Bell, Walter D. of Newport Hitchcock, Lizzie A. of Dea. M. C. Hitchcock of W Westfield Oct 23 10/29/1894
Bemis, Elias S. of Marshfield Pierce, Kate W. of Brownington Newport March 13 3/26/1894
Berry, Amos G. of Sutton Green, Miss Cora J. of Sutton Barton Dec 29 1/1/1894
Bickford, George Hamilton of New York Holden, Alice A. of John S. Holden of Benn. Bennington Oct 9 10/29/1894
Bigelow, (Charles) Hall, Mabel H. Newport 9/18/1893
Bigelow, Charles Ha( ), Mabel Newport Sept 13 9/4/1893
Bixby, Fred L. of Warren, NH Parlin, Irene of J. G. Parlin of W. Charleston Boston Oct 5 10/23/1893
Blair, Howard K. of Derby Laplant, Miss Lillian I. of Derby W Derby Aug 5 8/10/1891
Blair, Myron J. of Newport Chaffey, Miss Jennie L. of Richford Richford Sept 18 9/24/1894
Blake, Bert C. of W. Derby Newton, Bessie of Coventry Derby Ctr Aug 4 8/10/1891
Blake, Harry T. of Brownington Smith, Miss Mary E. of Brownington Barton Jan 1 1/6/1890
Blake, Israel of NY Bugbee, Miss Mamie of Littleton Littleton, NH Oct 29 11/2/1891
Blake, Orrie of Derby Line Pleasance, Rose Derby 20th 2/29/1892
Blanchard, Henry G. of Newport & Boston Chandler, Mary of Worcester, MA & Derby Newport ? Feb 18 2/22/1892
Bliss, Matthew of Vaughn, Wash Grant, Sarah M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh July 22 8/1/1892
Bliss, Mr. of Washington Grout, Miss Sarah Irasburgh 7/25/1892
Blodgett, Harry A. of Lyndonville Kelley, Miss Rose M. of Wheelock Glover May 2 5/11/1891
Blodgett, Pearl Brainerd, Mrs. Clara of Montpelier St Johnsbury 10/26/1891
Blodgett, S. B. not named Lower Cabot Tues 11/20/1893
Bolton, George E. Phillips, Miss Dienna North Troy 7/7/1890
Bond, W. Arthur of Rock Island Moran, Annie L. of Asa Moran of Derby Derby March 25 3/30/1891
Boyce, David J. Eastman, Miss Mary A. North Troy last Thurs 3/24/1890
Brackett, Harry Jenkins, Miss Carrie Brownington last week 11/16/1891
Bradley, Merritt H(enry). of Derby Harvey, Mrs. Addie of Derby (Mrs. O. D. Harvey) Derby Sept 19 9/28/1891
Brahana, Patrick H. of Lowell Richardson, Mamie E. of Lowell St. J. Ctr May 1 5/14/1894
Branch, Dr Stewart, Miss Martha of Derby Newport Thur 10/19/1891
Brewster, Joseph of Brownington not named Brownington last Wed 7/11/1892
Bridges, Herbert of Craftsbury Bullock, Miss Kate of Albany Craftsbury Jan 1 1/4/1891
Brill, Edward N. of Wheelock Woods, Ella of Eden Sheffield Jan 25 2/8/1892
Brindle, Mr. of Washington, DC Jones, Miss Mabel of Newport Newport 12/15/1890
Brockway, Josiah Powell, Mrs. Sutton last Mon 10/23/1893
Brooks, Chesney P. of Coventry Cole, Miss Mabel C. of Coventry Malden, MA Oct 19 2/1/1892
Brown, Alfred M. Owen, Miss Inez E. of Barton & Worcester, MA Worcester, MA Sept 18 10/8/1894
Brown, Fred A. of Newport Lane, Miss Lucia of Hon. Elisha Lane of Newport Newport 1/29/1894
Brown, George prob of Troy _____, Sarah of Westfield Troy? Last week 8/28/1893
Brown, Marcus of Rock Bottom, MA (item) Marnock, Anna M. of Thomas Marnock of Glover Glover Oct 5 10/24/1892
Brown, Rollin A. of Bakersfield Jones, Emma of Bakersfield Barton Landing June 2 6/8/1891
Brunning, Martin H. Cass, Barbara G. of Barton Barton April 20 4/25/1892
Bruso, George Poronto, Jessie Lowell Sept 25 10/9/1893
Bryant, Henry C. of Holland Farrington, Emma of Holland Holland Nov 5 11/10/1890
Buchanan, F. A. Webster, Miss Cora B. Irasburgh Oct 3 10/8/1894
Buchanan, Frank A. of Irasburgh Webster, Miss Cora B. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 3 10/8/1894
Buck, Edward B. of Newport Parker, Miss Ada A. of Springfield, VT Newport July 20 7/25/1892
Buck, Eugene of E. Charleston Allard, Miss Clara of Barton Barton Thurs 10/1/1894
Buck, Eugene W. of Charleston Allard, Miss Clara of Barton Barton Sept 27 10/1/1894
Buck, Jesse of Iowa & Westfield Bennet, Miss Etta of Albert, N. B. Westfield prob 4/21/1890
Buck, John B. of Charleston Crandall, Miss Lizzie of Derby E. Charleston Dec 25 1/1/1894
Buck, Mr. of Fairfax Marr, Mrs. Loraine of Irasburg (see 3-13) Irasburgh 5/1/1893
Buck, Myron of Charleston Ellis, Mrs. Caroline of Sutton West Burke Oct 23 10/30/1893
Buck, Walter J. of Brownington Smith, Jennie M. of Brownington Hardwick Sept 22 10/19/1891
Buck, Walter J. of Brownington Smith, Miss Jennie May of Brownington Hardwick Sept 22 11/9/1891
Buck, Walter of Montana & Island Pond Ruiter, Miss Ruth of Charleston W. Charleston Nov 2 11/7/1892
Bugbee, Clarence of W. Burke & Oelwein, IA Keeler, Mame C. of Mrs. Lydia Keeler E. Hardwick July 22 7/27/1891
Bullard, O. H. of Lancaster, MA Brown, Nina L. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Sept 17 9/26/1892
Bullard, Otis of Lancaster, MA Brown, Miss Mina L. of Irasburgh Irasburgh 17th inst 9/26/1892
Bullock, Mr. of Lyndon Br[ainard], Miss Nellie of Newport last Tues 4/3/1893
Burbank, Maurice G. of Brownington Bullock, Miss Nora C. of Morgan W. Charleston July 24 8/1/1892
Burdick, Cassius J. of Burke Magoon, Miss Carrie L. of Newport West Derby Oct 13 10/19/1891
Burdick, Frank of Barton Hawkins, Miss of Lyndon Lyndon last week 3/10/1890
Burleson, Hanson S. of Albany Keith, Miss Lura of Albany Barton Landing May 20 5/22/1893
Burnham, William J. of Texarkana, TX Weeks, Miss Ida J. of Brownington Brownington Sept 24 9/29/1890
Buroughs, Herbert O. of Morgan Buroughs, Cora B. of Morgan Morgan June 16 6/22/1891
Burpee, Herman P. of Burke Jenkins, Miss Carrie J. of Burke East Burke Aug 17 8/22/1892
Burrows, Eugene Kinnie, Alice Brownington 15th inst 1/30/1893
Burrows, Eugene of Brownington Kinnie, Miss Alice W. of Brownington Brownington Jan 22 2/6/1893
Burton, George O. of Derby Carpenter, Gertrude L. of Derby Derby May 27 6/1/1891
Bushnell, E. H. Dr of Jeffersonville Vance, Miss Josie Albany 5/4/1891
Buswell, Dr. A. T. of Barton & Boston Needham, Miss Lizzie M. of Boston engagement announcement 6/26/1893
Buswell, Dr. Arthur True of J. C. Buswell of Barton Needham, Miss Lizzie Marla of Boston Boston Dec 6 12/4/1893
Butlel, Charles A. of Newport (Butler?) Niles, Miss Myrtie B. of Newport West Derby Aug 25 10/19/1891
Butler, Clayton B. of Barton Hitchcock, Miss Ida of Barton Glover May 5 5/11/1891
Butterfield, Harvey W. of Sutton Berry, Ada M. of Sutton W Burke Oct 31 11/9/1891
Butterfield, Nathan of North Troy McMamms, Miss Ethel L. of Nashua, NH North Troy May 30 6/8/1891
Calderwood, Fred T. Longe, Ida A. St. Johnsbury June 29 7/3/1893
Calderwood, W. S. of Greensboro not named - prob of Laconia, NH Laconia, NH prob 12/11/1893
Calkins, Marshall late of Morgan Hunt, Miss Grace late of Westmore Lowell, MA last week 7/27/1891
Call, F. O. of Sutton Junction, PQ Wing, Miss Mabel of Island Pond Island Pond last week 5/12/1890
Cammet, Robert S. of Newport Hunt, Rosa of Jay Newport July 3 7/17/1893
Campbell, John A. of Craftsbury Collier, Miss Minnie E. of Greensboro Albany May 7 5/11/1891
Cappel, Will Stevens, Annie East Charleston 3/30/1891
Cargill, Orrin Webster of Morgan Blake, Miss Alice A. of Morgan Morgan Aug 11/Aug 9? 8/18/1890
Carlin, Charles E. of Newport Berry, Mrs. Ella of West Derby Newport Ctr Nov 21 11/24/1890
Carpenter, E. P. of Waterford Hovey, Miss Mabel of E. L. Hovey of St J St Johnsbury Mon 6/1/1891
Carpenter, Ernest M. Wilmot, Miss Maude of Brighton Barton Landing Feb 18 2/27/1893
Carr, John V. of Craftsbury Hunter, Mrs. Kate L. of Glover W. Charleston Sept 28 10/3/1892
Carter, Joseph of E. Charleston not named NYC recently 1/23/1893
Cass, Frank S. of Albany (item) Hastings, Julia Emma of E. L. Hastings Craftsbury prob Wed 11/20/1893
Cass, Willie Robbins, Anna Craftsbury 6/5/1893
Cassidy, J. B. Keating, Miss Mary Barton last week 2/15/1892
Caswell, I. H. of Stanstead, PQ Marsell, Miss Gertrude E. of Barnston, PQ Sutton Jan 4 1/11/1892
Catchpaugh, Louis of Oxford, PQ Buzzell, Annie M. of Oxford, PQ Derby Oct 3 10/12/1891
Chaffee, Carl E. of Albany Griggs, Miss Katie B. of Holland Albany Jan 1 1/15/1894
Chaffee, Charles C. of Westfield Thompson, Clara L. of Capt. Thompson of Lyndon Lyndon Sept 12 9/18/1893
Chamberlin, Charles of Wheelock Drew, Miss Helen E. of Wheelock Holland Sept 17 9/28/1891
Chamberlin, George (prob of Lowell) Murphy, Jennie Montgomery Feb 5 2/13/1893
Chandler, Bert of Troy Houston, Miss Bernice of Troy Troy Aug 9 8/28/1893
Chaplin, Fred Swett, Inez W Charleston April 30 5/4/1891
Chapman, George A. of Springfield Standish, Miss Eliza A. of Springfield Springfield, MA May 18 5/29/1893
Chase, George N. of Craftsbury Fraiser, Edith of Alex Fraiser Barton ? Wed last 10/5/1891
Chase, Harry Brown, Tinnie Sheffield 2/1/1892
Chase, Harry W. of Springfield, MA Brown, Cynthia J. of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 26 2/8/1892
Cheney, Reuben W. of Craftsbury Udall, Ida A. of Craftsbury Albany Aug 8 8/22/1892
Cheney, Roy of E. Charleston Brooks, Miss Hattie of Morgan Morgan ? Jan 25 1/29/1894
Cheney, Wilmot R. of Albany Pike, Nellie M. of A. F. Pike of Haverhill, NH Haverhill, NH Dec 3 12/15/1890
Chesley, Olin K. of Sheffield Warner, Miss Flora B. of Sheffield Glover July 14 7/16/1894
Chillson, M. H. of Albion Currier, Mrs. Martha A. of Albion & Brownington Albion, Neb March 16 3/27/1893
Clapper, Leon of Westmore Walker, Miss Lois of Barton Brownington Aug 21 9/3/1894
Clark, Dana H. of Brownington Marsh, Miss Annie of Brownington Barton Feb 9 2/10/1890
Clark, Ezra L. of Glover Cook, Miss Carrie A. of Glover Glover Oct 23 10/29/1894
Clark, Henry W. of Johnson Stiles, Miss Edith A. of Irasburgh Barton Dec 26 1/2/1893
Clark, Joseph of Barton Landing not named   8/13/1894
Clary, Jed Austin, Miss Mae of Greensboro Greensboro prob 11/20/1893
Clement, Frank D. of Barton Landing Dodge, Blanche R. of Barton Landing Barton Land Dec 6 12/10/1894
Clement, Leonard M. of Barton Humphrey, Miss Carrie of Barton Barton Oct 20 10/26/1891
Cleveland, Harlan A. of Coventry Taylor, Miss Winifred E. Barton Landing Nov 2 11/7/1892
Cleveland, Walter C. of Idaho Jones, Miss Nettie A. Newport Center last Thur 7/18/1892
Coats, Wesley J. of Brookbury, PQ Brown, Miss Clara of Coaticook Coaticook Oct 29 11/17/1890
Cobb, Sidney C. of Norton Willis, Gertrude E. of Basford, PQ Island Pond 2/2/1891
Coburn, Rodney Swett, Miss Jennie Newport Thursday 2/8/1892
Cochran, C. C. Nichols, Miss of Wolcott Craftsbury 1/1/1894
Colby, Bert Gould, Blanche Brownington 10/20/1890
Cole, ____as Fair( ), Miss Nellie Feb 11 2/20/1893
Collins, William not named Lowell 3/12/1894
Comstock, Clarence Robinson, E. B. Barton last week 10/31/1892
Comstock, Clarence W. of Barton Bryant, Miss Edith V. of Barton Barton Oct 26 10/31/1892
Connal, Peter, Esq. Reed, Mrs. Newport Ctr Thursday 6/26/1893
Conrad, Alexander of Albuquerque, NM Winslow, Miss Isabel of D. A. Winslow Westfield April 14 4/21/1890
Conway, Henry McKenzie, Ann Brownington prob 2/5/1894
Coolbeth, George W. of Newport Sweet, Miss Minnie of Newport Newport Ctr Nov 22 12/1/1890
Corrow, Everett of Coventry Gray, Norah of Coventry Coventry Jan 19 1/25/1892
Cousens, Allen of NYC Wetherell, Miss Emma West Derby 3/12/1894
Cousens, Irwin Adams, Miss Grace West Derby March 1 3/5/1894
Cowen, Bert Norton, Jessie Glover at Laconia, NH 12/26/1892
Cowles, Herbert of Johnson Cheney, Cora of Albany Craftsbury July 7 7/18/1892
Crane, Edward M. of Hardwick Fairman, Carrie E. of Dr. E. P. Fairman of H. Hardwick May 10 5/16/1892
Crane, Hon. W. D. of Newport Grow, Miss Alice M. of W. Derby W Derby Oct 6 10/19/1891
Crane, W. D. of Newport Grow, Miss Alice M. of W. Derby W Derby Oct 6 10/12/1891
Cree, S. G. of Wheelock Harding, Mrs. Carrie A. of Wheelock Wheelock 2/9/1891
Critchett, S. K. of Glover Brooks, Miss Jane of Glover Glover June 1 6/6/1892
Currier, Fred E. of Derby ____mpson, Cora of Dixville, PQ Barton Landing Sept 21 9/26/1892
Curtis, Fred of Westfield Jones, Miss Mamie of Westfield North Troy Nov 29 12/10/1894
Cushing, Cortez Carrow, Miss Emma Westfield 12/11/1893
Cushman, Fred of Charleston Devereaux, Miss Bertha Barton Aug 27 9/5/1892
Cuthbertson, George M. of Greensboro Townsend, Miss Nettie A. of Greensboro Greensboro Sept 27 10/3/1892
Daggett, Charles not named - of Royalton, Vt W Charleston 2/9/1891
Dana, Charles E. of Wheelock Ha(rt)son, Miss Mamie A. of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 4 12/10/1894
Dane, Charles W. of Derby Ritchie, Miss Hattie B. of Derby Derby Line Sept 23 10/20/1890
Danforth, Calvin of Barton Read, Mrs. Nellie of Warwick, MA Barton Feb 13 2/16/1891
Darling, Ezra F. of Derby Abbey, Mrs. Mary A. of Derby Derby Jan 13 1/20/1890
Davis, Alvin M. of Barton Leach, Miss Jennie M. of Brownington Barton 1/9/1893
Davis, Byron Perkins, Henrietta Lowell 7/7/1890
Davis, Hiram of Glover Norton, Miss Bell of Glover Glover Dec 24 12/28/1891
Davis, Silas of W. Farnham, PQ Clifford, Mrs. Harriet E. P. of W. Farnham Derby Feb 12 3/16/1891
Davison, J. C. of Newport Allen, Lucinda Craftsbury recently 5/19/1890
Davison, Port W. Chase, Lydia Craftsbury 6/5/1893
Dean, George A. Blount, Miss Mary E. of Boston Barton Landing Dec 19 12/31/1894
Deblois, Alexander of Westfield Seymour, Bertie Westfield 9/24/1894
Demick, Alfred L. of Holland Bradford, Miss Gertie I. of Holland Holland Nov 8 11/14/1892
Dodge, Curtis Bennett, Miss Ada Newport 3/30/1891
Dodge, Willie E. of Lunenburg Switzer, Eva E. of Lunenburg West Burke Oct 27 11/3/1890
Doty, Will of Wisc. Farman, Miss Alberta of Jewett Farman of Wisc. Westfield ? 1/29/1894
Douglas, Jerry of Craftsbury not named Burlington prob 10/8/1894
Douglass, Elmer J of Albany Hogan, Miss Jennie E. of Albany E Craftsbury Feb 5 2/16/1891
Dow, Dr. Nelson of Sheffield Pierce, Miss Lillian of Ira T. Pierce of Albany Albany Dec 31 1/13/1890
Dow, S. Gilman of Bangor, ME Boynton, Alice C. of Bangor, ME St Johnsbury Dec 8 12/28/1891
Doyen, Charles of Westfield Beane, Edith M. of Westfield Westfield Nov 17 11/21/1892
Drew, Edwin J. of Newport Hardy, Miss Alice of Newport Newport Ctr Jan 2 1/6/1890
Drew, Harley A. of Glover Wright, Miss Emma of Glover Glover May 17 5/21/1894
Drew, Leonard L. of Glover Osgood, Miss Helen E. of Glover Glover Nov 9 11/14/1892
Drown, Burt of Lawrence, MA & Brownington not named Lawrence, MA prob 10/23/1893
Drown, Gilman P. of Lyndon Holmes, Carrie of Barton S. Barton Aug 6 8/8/1892
Drown, Henry A. J. of Sheffield Drown, Mrs. Sarah of Sheffield Glover June 5 6/11/1894
Drown, Sylvester of Newport Center Courtney, Miss Mary Ann of Wolford, Ont Coventry Feb 27 3/3/1890
Drury, Wirt of Northampton, MA Bailey, Katie of Ward S. Bailey E Hardwick 24th inst 8/31/1891
Ducharme, Joseph Gardner, Mary Sheffield last week 11/21/1892
Dudley, John of West Charleston Bullock, Miss Georgie of East Albany Albany Jan 18 1/27/1890
Dunham, Arthur M. of Barton Landing Heath, Miss Etta B. of Barton/Brownington Barton Landing July 4 7/9/1894
Dunham, Bertie of Barton Leland, Tillie of Brownington Barton prob Aug 14 10/1/1894
Dunn, Cha[rle]s E. of Derby Ritchie, Hattie B. of Derby Derby Sept 23 10/6/1890
Dunn, Frank C. of Craftsbury Young, Miss Elvira of Craftsbury Wheelock Dec 12 12/21/1891
Dupont, Albert J. of Derby Morse, Gertrude D. W. Charleston Nov 21 11/28/1892
Durivage, Fred E. of Lowell Powers, Mertie B. of Lowell Lowell Feb 22 2/27/1893
Dutton, David W. of W. Charleston not named Lowell, MA 6/16/1890
Dutton, Ira H. of Craftsbury Scribner, Mrs. Martha M. of Hardwick Craftsbury Nov 9 11/13/1893
Eastman, Calvin H. of Glen Sutton, PQ Watkins, Miss May of Westfield Westfield May 6 5/19/1890
Eastman, Welcome B. of Sutton & St. J Frost, Miss Carrie of St Johnsbury St. J prob 10/5/1891
Eckels, Fred of Sherbrooke Hall, Nellie of Barton Landing Barton Land Dec 20 12/25/1893
Eddy, Rev. Milo Wolcott, Nellie of J. H. Wolcott E. Charleston April 28 5/2/1892
Eddy, Rev. Milo S. of Coventry Wolcott, Miss Nellie H. of Charleston Charleston April 23 5/2/1892
Edmunds, Homer J. of Westfield Hartwell, Edith M. of Lowell Lowell Sept 3 9/10/1894
Elliot, William A. of Jay Jewell, Vienna A. of Jay Jay Jan 17 1/23/1893
Elliott, Clarence of Morgan Devereaux, Miss Etta of Barton Charleston April 20 4/25/1892
Elliott, Lamando J. of Jay Robinson, Mrs. Helen M. of Hyde Park Lowell Oct 15 10/24/1892
Elliott, Wilmer Bryant, Miss Susie Morgan Ctr last week 11/14/1892
Ellis, Charles of Hatley, PQ Bailey, Miss Lydia of Coventry Barton Aug 26 9/8/1890
Emerson, Ed. of Barton Landing Nutting, Gertrude Derby 24th 2/29/1892
Emery, Frank Elsworth of Calais, VT Peck, Mary E. of Walcott E. Hardwick March 21 4/3/1893
Fairbrother, H. D. of Barton Remick, Miss Maggie of Guildhall Concord, NH 6/18/1894
Farr, Charles L. of Sheffield Hansom, Miss Nellie C. of Sheffield St. J Center Oct 24 10/29/1894
Farr, Herbert M. of E. Craftsbury Walbridge, Miss Gertrude J. of Cabot Cabot March 19 3/23/1891
Farrant, Nate of Newport Daggett, Miss Alma Newport Oct 19 10/24/1892
Farrer, Dana V. of Newport Magoon, Miss Estella of Newport Newport Center May 30 6/6/1892
Fellows, Perley E. of Morrisville Spencer, Dora E. of Morrisville Hardwick Jan 29 2/17/1890
Fiefield, Elmer J. Emmonds, M. Nellie Lebanon, NH March 15 4/7/1890
Fisher, Charles W. of Irasburgh Magoon, Miss Anna R. of Irasburgh South Barton Oct 18 10/22/1894
Fisher, R. H. of Denver, CO Batchelder, Mrs. Helen of Albany E Albany Dec 22 12/29/1890
Fisk, George S. of Barton Humphrey, Luella S. of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/4/1891
Fisk, Harry S. of Barton Willson, Florence of Barton Barton March 21 3/27/1893
Fitzpatrick, Edward J. of Capleton, Que. Gauhon, Melvina E. of Thomas Gauhon of Newport Newport Dec 19 12/24/1894
Flanders, Freeman Gray, Elizabeth Sheffield last week 8/20/1894
Fletcher, Col T. C. Small, Miss Bell of Amherst, MA St Johnsbury 10/26/1891
Fletcher, William E. Rash, Ellen Barton June 30 7/7/1890
Flint, Arthur of Troy Bartlett, Ina Derby last Thurs 10/16/1893
Folsom, Fred not named Sheffield 8/22/1892
Forbes, Charlie Heath, Lydia of Lyndon Sutton 7/7/1890
Forbes, William of St. Johnsbury Campbell, Kate of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 2(3) 12/3/1894
Ford, Charles of Barton Landing Berger, Mrs. India Sierra Madre, CA 3/23/1891
Foss, Fred T. of Glover Bickford, Miss Luna M. of Albany Albany Oct 24 10/30/1893
Fox, Dennis H. of Newport Marshall, Lizzie of Westmore Westmore July 3 7/7/1890
Fox, Gaylord H. of Westmore Ovitt, Jennie C. of Jay Troy June 24 7/10/1893
Fox, Henry of Newport Center Williams, Mrs. Emma of Newport Ctr Westfield Sept 10 9/14/1891
Frasier, Carl of Burke Stafford, Miss Celia of Burke West Burke June 20 6/25/1894
French, Carl not named Barton Landing recently 11/30/1891
French, Dean C. Blake, Mrs. E. A. F. of Indiana Barton Landing Jan 28 2/6/1893
French, Mr. ( ) C. of Dorchester, MA Currier, Miss Susan of Newport Newport Thurs 10/23/1893
French, R. C. of Glover McLellan, Miss Hannah of Glover Boston Feb 26 2/22/1892
French, Robert E. of Chelsea, MA McLellan, Miss Hannah of Glover Boston 16th inst 2/22/1892
Friend, Henry R. of Irasburgh Holmes, Mrs. Emogene of Capleton, PQ Barton Landing April 5 4/11/1892
Fuller, Asa C. of Bloomfield Burroughs, Miss Hattie A. of Glover West Burke Aug 28 9/5/1892
Fuller, Frank of Clarksville, NH Hildreth, Gertrude E. of Fisk Hildreth of Derby Derby/W. Charleston Dec 9 12/14/1891
Fuller, John of Coventry not named   11/27/1893
Fuller, Mr. Burroughs, Miss Hattie of Glover Glover 9/5/1892
Fuller, W. N. Robinson, Miss Nellie F. Brownington last week 11/7/1892
Fuller, Willie H. Robinson, Miss Fontenelle F. of Cambridge, MA Brownington Oct 31 11/7/1892
Gage, Sherman A. of Craftsbury McGorty, Miss Emma of Lowell Westfield Nov 7 11/14/1892
Garden, Albert of Lakeport, NH Badger, Ellen of Greensboro Lakeport, NH 2/19/1894
Geer, Arthur of Coventry Wheelock, Bernice of Salem-Derby April 12 4/17/1893
Gelo, Andrew C. of Lowell Blanchard, Bertie M. of Lowell Lowell Oct 27 10/31/1892
George, Colby of Holland Hosmer, Mrs. Olivia of W. Charleston W. Charleston 8/15/1892
Gilfillan, Moses E. of Brownington Skinner, Miss Permelia C. of Brownington W. Charleston April 5 4/24/1893
Gillman, Marshal S. of Lowell Burroughs, Miss Emma F. of Glover Glover Nov 19 11/23/1891
Gilman, Byron E. of Westfield Paul, Lena of Troy Westfield March 11 3/16/1891
Gilman, Frank of Barton Gray, Flora of West Burke Barton Jan 27 2/3/1890
Gilman, John of Hatley, PQ Watkins, Miss Annie L. of Hatley, PQ Newport July 4 7/9/1894
Gilman, Martin D. Smith, Miss Laura Westfield Dec 24 12/28/1891
Gilman, Peter of Sheffield Cutler, Miss Lilla of Sheffield Westmore Oct 8 10/16/1893
Gilman, Thomas Elliott, Miss Estella Morgan Center 20th 4/25/1892
Gilman, Thomas G. of Morgan Elliott, Miss Lavina E. of Morgan Charleston April 20 4/25/1892
Gilman, Warren of Sutton Parrent, Miss Mattie of West Burke West Burke July 7 7/11/1892
Gilmore, James A. of Albany Reeder, Miss Gertrude F. Waterbury Ctr 8/27/1894
Glidden, Almos B. of West Burke Weed, Miss Maria of Melbourne, PQ Barton Dec 6 12/11/1893
Glover, Charles O. of Irasburgh Peo, Jennie of Bakersfield Irasburgh Dec 7 1/15/1894
Goodrich, Albert W. of Lowell Boice, Betsey S. of Craftsbury Irasburgh March 23 3/27/1893
Goodrich, Rea of Bellows Falls Poland, Miss Nanie M. of Sheffield Sheffield May 12 5/16/1892
Goodwin, A. of Newport Aiken, Miss Nellie of G. W. Aiken of S. Troy South Troy June 23 6/29/1891
Goodwin, Bert Robbins, Jesse Craftsbury 8/22/1892
Goodwin, Elmer Remington, Flora Craftsbury prob 11/10/1890
Goodwin, Etney C. of W Charleston Warboy, Miss Lydia M. of W. Charleston W Charleston Sept 5 9/14/1891
Goodwin, John E. of Craftsbury Remington, Flora E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Nov 5 11/17/1890
Gordon, George Ball, Miss Myra of S. Ball of Sutton Sutton last Wed 12/31/1894
Gordon, Lucius of Sutton Duke, Miss Mattie of South Barton St. Johnsbury Feb 17 2/26/1894
Gould, Dr. G. B. (O. B.?) Lawrence, Mrs. M. E. Newport Aug 15 8/14/1893
Gould, Edwin C. of Manchester, NH Rowell, Nellie M. (prob of Barton) Manchester, NH 6/19/1893
Gould, Rev. Charles S. of Derby prob Fay, Miss Nellie of South Pomfret S. Pomfret last Wed 10/16/1893
Gould, William N. of St. Johnsbury Stevens, Miss Clara E. of St. Johnsbury St. J Center 1/16/1893
Govro, George W. of Hartford Searle, Miss Alice M., of Lenoxville, PQ Barton Landing Oct 11 10/20/1890
Graham, Joseph Ransom, Mary E Hardwick 10th inst 8/17/1891
Grammo, Joe Norton, Mrs. John (have eloped----) S Barton 12/28/1891
Grandy, Merton of Newport Miller, Miss Nellie of O. C. Miller of Newport Newport July 27 8/1/1892
Grant, Robert F. of Irasburg Batchelder, Miss Edna S. of Marshfield Marshfield July 7 7/13/1891
Grant, William (maybe of Irasburg) Sullivan, Miss Minnie E. Manchester, NH 9/24/1894
Graves, Willie H. of Craftsbury Hayden, Miss Alice M. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury Aug 23 10/23/1893
Gray, A. Eugene Bean, Alice E. Charleston May 3 6/4/1894
Gray, Aaron 4th wife - not named Sheffield 2/20/1893
Gray, Aaron of Sheffield Joy, Clara E. of Sheffield Sheffield Feb 22 2/27/1893
Gray, Andrew of Brownington Nichols, Miss Lucy A. of Littleton, NH Walpole, NH July 23 8/13/1894
Gray, Dan Stone, Annie of Glover Glover Wed 3/23/1891
Gray, Ernest H. of Holland Smith, Myra I. of Irasburgh Holland Dec 23 3/21/1892
Gray, Gene of Charles Gray of E. Charleston Bean, Miss Alice E. Charleston last Thurs 5/7/1894
Gray, Harry E. of Barton Moore, Mrs. Della L. of Albany Albany Sept 7 9/12/1892
Gray, Hubbard Hammond, Mrs. of Newport Center Coventry last week 11/5/1894
Gray, Orrin of S. Barton & Boston not named Boston?? 1/23/1893
Gray, Rev. G. H. Gray, Miss Eva E. Hardwick Sept 26 10/2/1893
Gray, Rivery H. of Sheffield Chamberlin, Miss Lucy A. of Glover Glover June 21 6/25/1894
Gray, Ulysses S. of Brownington Hanson, Eva W. of Barton Westmore May 5 5/9/1892
Green, David of Albany Green, Mrs. Betsy L. of Irasburgh Newport Ctr July 30 8/8/1892
Green, George H. of Holland Mack, Miss Alice V. of Derby Holland Jan 1 1/27/1890
Green, William Goddard, Jennie Lowell last Mon 2/9/1891
Greenwood, Charles of Lowell Magorty, Florence Lowell ? May 13 5/23/1892
Griggs, Elmer D. of Holland Allbee, Miss Emma of Holland W. Charleston Aug 9 8/15/1892
Grout, Barton F. of Boston, MA & Derby Leslie, Ruth of Montreal, PQ Richford 5/16/1892
Grow, Alfred E. of West Derby Hussey, Miss Daisy M. of Holland West Derby 8/18/1890
Grow, Edward Mills, Miss Angie West Derby last week 5/18/1891
Hackett, Chester A. of Burke Thayer, Lizzie C. of East Haven West Burke Nov 17 11/26/1894
Haddock, Wallace E. of Potton, PQ Page, Miss Myrtie of Potton, PQ Westfield Jan 23 2/13/1893
Hall, Austin of E. Charleston not named E. Charleston? 12/11/1893
Hall, Fred J. of Irasburg Cummings, Miss Helen E. of Coventry Coventry Nov 19 11/24/1890
Hall, Lee C. of Holland Blake, Edith M. of Holland Holland Nov 5 11/10/1890
Hallenborg, Axel W. of Boston, MA Stewart, Miss Emily L. of Newport Newport May 16 5/28/1894
Hammond, Elan of Troy Merett, Miss Ella of Troy Troy Jan 1 1/13/1890
Hancock, James F. of Irasburgh Story, Miss Ina E. of Barton Barton Landing April 20 4/24/1893
Hanford, O. E. of Coventry Greenwood, Miss Nellie Coventry 11/7/1892
Hanson, Wallace of Barton Achilles, Miss Jessie Elsie of Newport Newport May 8 5/19/1890
Hardy, Fred M. of Troy Hacomb, Maud of Troy Troy Dec 31 1/8/1894
Hart, Fred W. of Craftsbury Gilbert, Mabel of Craftsbury Craftsbury April 23 5/4/1891
Hartwell, Warner of Sumner & Lucy Hartwell Gaskill, Miss Sadie L. of W. Burke (item) W. Burke last Wed 8/27/1894
Hartwell, Warren Walter, Miss Hattie W Burke Aug 22 8/20/1894
Hartwell, Warren of Sumner & Lucy Hartwell Walter, Miss Hattie Augusta of Hilaman Walter W. Burke last Wed 8/27/1894
Harvey, N. B. Gage, Miss Carrie of E. Burke E Burke Wed 6/9/1890
Haselton, Guy L. of Barton Landing Dearth, Cora B. of Bath, NH Barton Aug 8 8/13/1894
Haselton, King S. of Concord Miller, Miss Maud of Westmore Canterbury, NH 10/1/1894
Hatch, Walter E. of Danville Matthews, Geneva A. of Asa D. Matthews Barton Land Oct 27 11/2/1891
Hawes, Clarence E. of Irasburgh Chaffee, Miss Ida E. of Brownington Brownington Dec 21 12/26/1892
Haynes, Lewis of E. Hardwick Cass, Maud of Craftsbury Craftsbury 10/15/1894
Healey, Aaron G. of Irasburg Simpson, Miss Lucy J. of Sheffield Irasburg May 12 5/19/1890
Healy, James C. of Troy Drake, Melvina K. of Irasburgh Troy April 28 5/14/1894
Heath, Frank of West Charleston Hanson, Miss Ella of West Charleston W. Charleston April 29 5/14/1894
Heath, George Leland, Ada Derby recently 4/28/1890
Heath, Harry M. of Barton Clark, Miss Lizzie M. of Barton Barton Sept 5 9/7/1891
Heath, Willie J. of Albany Seavey, Carrie H. of A. W. Seavey of Brownington Brownington 12th 1/16/1893
Hildreth, Fred of Newport Ctr. Quimby, Miss Irvie of Newport Ctr Coventry Jan 17 2/9/1891
Hill, B. F. of St Johnsbury Hoyt, Miss Minnie B. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 19 8/25/1890
Hill, James of South Albany not named   10/12/1891
Hill, Mr. Warner, Mrs. Sutton recently 2/12/1894
Hinkley, Albert F. of late E. F. Hinkley Clark, Nettie E. of Mr. F. Clark of Glover Glover June 1 6/6/1892
Hinman, Jason of W. Charleston Taplin, Miss Carrie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury 29th ult 7/3/1893
Hitchcock, Charles of Troy Bailey, Miss Myrtie of Troy Newport March 26 3/31/1890
Hitchcock, Homer E. of Barton Eno, Miss Ida of Barton Barton May 29 6/12/1893
Hitchcock, James of West Derby Corey, Bertha of West Derby last week 9/5/1892
Hitchcock, Stanton E. of Troy Hawkins, Miss Minnie of Derby Derby Aug 8 8/28/1893
Hodgdon, H. S. of Waterbury Magoon, Miss of Craftsbury Craftsbury? Dec 18 12/26/1892
Holbrook, Bert not named Irasburgh 6/19/1893
Holbrook, Edwin A. of Irasburgh (item) Stanford, Miss Carrie B. of Samuel Stanford Irasburgh June 13 6/20/1892
Holbrook, Jesse Stewart, Kate Newport last Tues 10/3/1892
Holloway, Edward O. of Walden Chase, Miss Fanny A. of Stannard E. Hardwick Nov 24 11/30/1891
Holloway, Silas E. of Glover Batchelder, Miss Elnora J. of Greensboro Glover May 16 5/22/1893
Holman, A. D. [prob of Irasburgh] Davis, Miss Julia Colorado Springs Jan 2/8/1892
Holtham, Ellsworth of Sutton Roberts, Miss May of Ashland, NH Ashland, NH last week 12/25/1893
Hood, Thomas of Washington (state) Shannon, Hattie of W. Charleston W. Charleston 9/15/1890
Hopkins, Carroll D. of Derby Putney, Cora L. of Coventry Irasburgh May 5 5/14/1894
Horton, Will of Newport not named - of Som___ Newport 8/17/1891
Houghton, Carl Clark, Miss Emma of Sutton Sutton June 30 7/4/1892
Howe, George N. of Irasburgh ___tory, Lena of Coventry Barton Landing Sept 20 9/26/1892
Howe, Martin of Jericho Hayward, Miss Maggie M. of Burke Burke Oct 30 11/10/1890
Hoyt, Charles J. of Craftsbury Chase, Miss Lydia H. of Craftsbury Albany Jan 7 1/19/1891
Hull, J. C. of Iowa Lunt, Miss Maggie 8th inst 1/25/1892
Hull, Mr. of Iowa Lunt, Miss Margaret, uncle is Chas. Lunt Derby 8th inst 1/11/1892
Humphrey, George A. of Glover (item) Clark, Miss Gratia of A. S. Clark of Glover Glover June 9 6/13/1892
Hunt, Ansel B. Fay, Gertrude E Hardwick May 4 5/18/1891
Hunt, Edgar L. Foster, Mrs. Winona of Kirby Kirby last week 2/3/1890
Hunter, D. B. Downer, Mrs. of Franklin county Greensboro 6/5/1893
Huntley, Russell of Burke Bacon, Miss of Canada St. Johnsbury last __ 1/22/1894
Huse, S. K. of St Johnsbury Powers, DeEtta J. of Sutton West Burke Nov 11 11/16/1891
Huse, Tim not named East Albany recently 3/30/1891
Hussey, Elmer E. of Derby Grow, Mrs. Annie E. of Derby W. Derby March 15 3/16/1891
Hutchins, Bert W. of W. Derby Hall, Cora M. of W. Charleston W. Charleston June 28 7/11/1892
Hutchinson, Ed. of Newport Peavey, Bertha of Emerson Peavey of Morgan Morgan? Dec 25 12/31/1894
Hyland, James A. of Newport Lavine, Annie of Troy Newport Ctr June 11 6/13/1892
Ingalls, Charles of Sheffield Williams, Mary Jane of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 19 1/4/1892
Ingalls, Edmund E. of Dunham, PQ Todd, Diantha A. of Derby Derby Jan 20 1/26/1891
Jackman, Charles H. of Barton Wilkey, Miss Eliza of Barton Barton Landing Nov 24 11/30/1891
Jacobs, William L. of E. Montpelier Blake, Mary T. of Barton Barton Aug 31 9/3/1894
Jacques, David of Westfield Sylvester, Mary of Lowell Westfield? 8/15/1892
Jenks, M. H. of Newport Blake, Miss Jennie E. of W. Derby W Derby Oct 7 10/12/1891
Jennings, George Norris, Kate Brownington & W. Charleston 3/23/1891
Jewett, Herbert of W. Derby Hadlock, Frances of W. Derby Derby Sept 19 10/12/1891
Jewett, Mr. Hadlock, Miss Frances Derby 19th inst 9/28/1891
Johnson, Aaron B. of Troy Townsend, Miss Carrie of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 26 12/7/1891
Johnson, Don C. of Newport Jackson, Miss May A. of Albany Albany April 29 5/5/1890
Johnson, Edward A. of Newport Jackson, Miss Minnie E. of Albany Albany Feb 8 2/16/1891
Johnson, George of Barnardston, MA Davis, Mrs. Lila of Derby recently 11/6/1893
Johnson, Herman E. of Morgan Farr, Lilla B. of Morgan Morgan Feb 17 2/22/1892
Johnson, Mr. (maybe of Newport) ( ), Gertrude M. Manchester, NH 6/12/1893
Johnson, Oscar E. of Albany Hovey, Mrs. Lydia of Albany Albany Oct 22 10/29/1894
Jones, Charles H. of Barton Landing Humphrey, Cora G. of C. W. Humphrey of Barnston Wayville, PQ June 10 6/15/1891
Jones, Edward E. of Pasadena Lukens, Miss Helen B. of Pasadena Pasadena, CA Dec 13 12/22/1890
Jones, Harry C. of Glover Salmon, Miss Jennie E. of Sheffield Barton Dec 31 1/2/1893
Judd, George E. of Battle Creek, Mich Miles, Miss Cora Belle of Hardwick Hardwick July 11 7/18/1892
Kathan, Herbert of Boston & W. Charleston not named Boston 10/9/1893
Keach, Selam L. of Lyndon Boyce, Alma E. of West Burke W Burke Nov 18 11/23/1891
Keith, S. W. of Newport Woods, Miss Anna of Newport Newport Dec 25 1/8/1894
Kelley, Erwin S. of Newark Moulton, Miss Marion I. of Newark W Burke Nov 25 12/1/1890
Kelley, Scott W. of Newark Shorey, Annie M. of Newark West Burke Nov 7 11/26/1894
Kelsey, Edgar of S. Lancaster, MA Miles, Miss Lilla D. of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 1 9/5/1892
Kelton, Charles Phillips, Gertie Glover prob 7/16/1894
Kelton, Charles A. of Glover Phillips, Gertie A. of Glover Albany July 30 7/30/1894
Kenison, Melvin of Lowell Carpenter, Abby of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 25 11/6/1893
Kenneson, Walter S. of Irasburgh Skinner, Miss Edna S. of Albany Albany Nov 1 11/7/1892
Keough, Hugh E. of Chicago Atherton, Miss Bertha of Glover & Chicago Chicago prob 11/13/1893
Kerwin, William B. of Westmore Blanchard, Mrs. Laura E. of Westmore Westmore Feb 12 2/23/1891
Kidder, Benjamin F. Smith, Luella L. Danville 10/31/1892
Killam, J. F. of Springfield, MA & Barton Land not named - prob of Barton Landing   6/18/1894
Kilpatrick, William of Westmore Lowery, Sarah of Brownington Westmore Nov 25 12/14/1891
Kimball, Charles P. of Puyallup, Wash Phelps, Miss Ida of Albany Fargo, Dak Oct 19 10/31/1892
Kimball, Harlon R. of Hardwick Campbell, Lulu M. of Hardwick Hardwick 9/8/1890
King, Chester R. Williams, Ida of William Williams of S. Albany S. Albany last Wed 2/5/1894
King, Ed. Hitchcock, Effie of Barton Evansville 4/17/1893
King, Edward J. of Evansville Hitchcock, Miss Effie of Barton Barton April 12 4/17/1893
King, George C. of Greensboro Field, Mary Bronson of Hardwick Hardwick March 20 3/24/1890
King, George E. of Barton Shedd, Miss Marcia A. of Barton Barton Aug 29 9/11/1893
King, George of Brownington Drown, Effie M. of Brownington Barton Landing June 7 7/3/1893
King, William O. of Albany Bean, Mabel E. of Hatley, PQ Glover March 27 4/10/1893
Kingsley, Edward J. of Derby Ingalls, Miss Mary of Massawippi, PQ Holland March 2 3/5/1894
Kinney, Will of Plainfield, NJ George, Miss Bell of Hon. John H. George E Hardwick 12/15/1890
Kinsley, Ross C. of Lowell Cinnamon, Miss Amy of Eden Johnson Dec 25 12/31/1894
Labay, Fred J. of Barton Landing Cousen, Miss Ella M. of Parker Glen, PA New York City Dec 21 1/2/1893
Ladeaux, Mr. Russell, Miss Lucy of Canada Craftsbury 5/8/1893
Lafrance, Henry C. Armstrong, Miss Ella St. Johnsbury Nov 17 11/26/1894
Lahue, Chester of Barton Jarvis, Miss Jennie of Barton Barton Oct 16 10/22/1894
Landon, Thomas of Irasburg McEwen, Miss Mary Barton Landing Jan 1 1/4/1891
Lane, Harvey H. of Walden Capron, Katie B. of Walden Hardwick June 5 6/16/1890
Lane, Herbert E. Goode, Miss Tessa F. Newport March 10 3/19/1894
Lang, Adelbert J. of Charleston Gardner, Amy of Charleston West Derby May 22 6/4/1894
Lang, Bert Gardner, Miss Amy E. Charleston 5/28/1894
Lapeirre, Frank L. of Brownington Grow, Edah M. of Lorenzo Grow of Brown. Brownington Nov 18 11/30/1891
Lapiere, Horace of Lowell Richardson, Miss Minnie of Lowell Lowell Feb 7 2/23/1891
Laplant, Felix of Westfield Geary, Elma of Westfield Westfield April 9 4/16/1894
LaPlant, Joseph of Westfield Blodgett, Myra of Lowell Westfield Sept 28 10/5/1891
Larabee, Ed. Sweet, Hattie West Derby 4/25/1892
Leach, Orin of Argusville, N.D. & Irasburgh Chamberlin, Miss Cora of Albany Albany Dec 14 12/19/1892
Leavens, Will of Littleton, NH Eley, Maggie of William Eley W. Charleston 3rd 12/8/1890
Leavitt, Fred Ayer, Miss Edith of Craftsbury Craftsbury recently 8/18/1890
Leavitt, Fred D. of Craftsbury Ayer, Eda L. of Craftsbury S. Albany Aug 13 8/18/1890
Leavitt, James D. of Craftsbury Dunn, Miss Emma J. of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 11 2/17/1890
Leland, Henry H. of Barton Grant, Miss Alice M. of Newport Barton Landing June 12 6/18/1894
Leland, Homer P. of Barton Robinson, Miss Ella F. of St. J Barton Landing April 27 5/18/1891
Leonard, Willard C. of Glover Owen, Miss Kate of Glover Glover Aug 27 9/5/1892
Leonard, William J. of Ryegate Crozin, Miss Mabel of Ryegate Barton March 22 3/26/1894
Lewis, Nelson Anderson, Miss Mattie West Glover 10/19/1891
Lewis, Rev. S. G. prob of Marshfield Estelle, Miss Lulu of Newport Ctr Newport Center last Wed 6/11/1894
Liddell, Edgar E. of Barton Ward, Mrs. Hattie of Barton Barton Oct 15 10/19/1891
Lindsay, Richmond P. of W. Derby Shedd, Mabel F. of Derby Ctr Derby 5/18/1891
Little, John Dodge, Clar Lowell June 9 6/30/1890
Little, Stewart E. of Derby Jacobs, Miss Melissa of Holland Holland Feb 28 3/5/1894
Livingston, Alfred not named Coventry maybe 1/12/1891
Locke, Charles C. of St. Johnsbury Griffin, Ida L. of St. Johnsbury Newport Ctr 2/22/1892
Lockwood, Lyman not named Lowell 1/6/1890
Logan, Frank Kimball, Fanny of Geo W. Kimball of Greenfield Greenfield, MA 7/16/1894
Longe, Percy E. Keith, Miss Cora of Irasburgh Barton Landing Dec 15 12/19/1892
Lord, Solomon E. of Irasburgh Badger, Mrs. Rosa of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 29 11/6/1893
Lorrimer, Collin J. of Derby Collier, Miss Ada J. of Derby Derby Nov 25 11/30/1891
Lorrimer, John McKeiver, Miss Newport last week 5/18/1891
Lougee, H. A. of Newport not named Newport prob 7/30/1894
Loungee, H. A. of Newport Silsbury, Miss Charlotte of Lunenburg Lunenburg July 21 7/30/1894
Lovejoy, Colman J. of Hardwick Still, Miss Maria J. of Hardwick Hardwick Sept 13 9/18/1893
Lowrey, James of Thetford, PQ McVety, Elizabeth of Barton Barton April 25 5/1/1893
Lowry, James McVety, Miss Elizabeth of Leeds, Can. Barton last week 5/1/1893
Lumsden, John B. of Stannard Patch, Nettie S. of Stannard Barton Jan 31 2/2/1891
Magoon, Carroll N. of Glover Wilkie, Ina I. of Glover Glover Feb 1 2/12/1894
Marston, James Abbott, Mrs. of Richford W Derby last week 1/27/1890
Martin, Carl of Barton Landing Hogaboom, Miss Gertrude L. of Hyde Park Barton Landing Oct 13 10/10/1892
Martin, James E. of Troy Gilbert, Miss Kate Newport Feb 6 2/13/1893
Marvin, Frank I. Robbins, Miss Gertrude of Derby Derby Dec 29 12/31/1894
Matten, Alfred of Newport Ctr Bush, Mrs. Jennie L. of Morgan Newport Ctr March 7 3/16/1891
Maxwell, George A. of Morgan Wark, L. A. of Morgan Holland Feb 2 2/10/1890
McCormic, William H. of Woodbury Wells, Cora Estelle of Woodbury N. Craftsbury Aug 16 9/8/1890
McCormick, M. C. Wells, Miss of Hardwick E. Charleston Sept 4 9/12/1892
McDougall, Archie F. of Barton Ufford, Miss Nettie A. of Barton Barton 15th inst 3/20/1893
McDowell, A. C. Dr Dwinell, Miss Edith Glover Wed last 11/30/1891
McDowell, William S. of Sheffield Hill, Mrs. Della L. of Greensboro Greensboro June 22 6/26/1893
McEelvy, Robert of Island Pond Cummings, Emily J. of Jotham Cummings W. Charleston March 2 3/7/1892
McFarland, James M. of Coventry Wilkey, Mrs. Clara L. of Derby Coventry Feb 22 3/3/1890
McGorty, John Hines, Ollie Lowell 5/7/1894
McGuire, Henry A. of Albany Twombly, Eva E. of Albany E. Albany May 30 7/13/1891
McKender, Harry of Wilton, IL Urie, Miss Lillia A. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury July 26 8/1/1892
McLellan, Bert Courser, Mary North Troy prob 10/23/1893
McLellan, Frank of Glover Sherburne, Miss Flora I. of Glover Glover Nov 9 11/14/1892
McLeod, Roeey of Glover Smith, Miss Christie D. of Glover Barton July 1 7/3/1893
McMullen, John of NYC Pleasance, Luella of Derby Derby Aug 26 8/31/1891
McNair, G. Hastings of Hardwick Bennett, Miss Bettie R. of E. O. Bennett W. Charleston last Wed 8/8/1892
McQueen, Harley of Newark Allard, Miss Amelia of W. Burke W Burke Dec 17 12/22/1890
McSweeney, Dr. R. M. of Irasburgh not named New York 2/13/1893
Meacham, Mark of Boston, MA Chappell, Miss Alice of West Burke West Burke Dec 21 1/4/1892
Meacham, Roy H. of Newport Center Erwin, Miss Jennie A. of Sheldon Newport Dec 15 12/24/1894
Meade, Rev. Junius E. of Conklingville, NY White, Lillia A. of O. A. White of Barton Barton Dec 8 12/12/1892
Merrill, Horace of Craftsbury Gilbert, Zora Belle of Glover E Craftsbury July 4 7/13/1891
Merriman, Eugene of Stanstead White, Miss Abbie of Prof. Charles White West Derby Tues 6/11/1894
Miles, Frank G. of Irasburgh Temple, Jennie H. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 10 1/15/1894
Miles, Perry O. of Eden Brooks, Miss Etta C. of Barton Barton June 26 7/3/1893
Miller, Alexander S. of Woodbury Thorn, Miss Jessie W. of Woodbury Woodbury May 3 5/8/1893
Miller, Fred L. of Newport Center Kelley, Miss Eva G. of Newport Center Newport June 28 7/9/1894
Miller, George of Eden Clark, Miss Lottie Westfield 11/30/1891
Miller, Herbert Lombard, Miss Ella of Westfield Troy 3/24/1890
Miller, Loomis S. of Derby Hunt, Lucinda L. of Derby Derby Jan 24(or Jan 14?) 2/2/1891
Mills, A. S. of Albany Page, Miss Belle M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh March 1 3/13/1893
Mills, Emery D. of Johnson Clark, Miss Laura E. of Johnson Johnson Oct 15 10/22/1894
Mitchell, Alfred W. of Barton Landing Randall, Miss Lillian of Albany Barton Dec 2(0) 12/26/1892
Mitchell, Francis Davis, Carrie, sis of Mrs. Walter Avery of Newpt Newport Jan 17 1/29/1894
Mizo, Carl of Newport Labounty, Lilla Lowell last Mon 11/3/1890
Mollander, William of Sherbrooke, PQ Wilcox, Miss Mary S. of Sherbrooke, PQ Newport Feb 6 2/12/1894
Moore, Chester L. of Morgan Lyon, Miss Ette E. of A. W. Lyon of Derby Derby March 19 3/23/1891
Moore, J. W. of Lost Cabin, Wyoming Cook, Mae A. of J. S. Cook of W. Charleston W. Charleston Aug 23 9/5/1892
Moore, John G. of Barton Cargill, Miss Lucy J. of Morgan Barton Aug 4 8/10/1891
Morehouse, Homer C. of Lyndon Carter, Miss Mary O. of Lyndon Barton July 15 7/17/1893
Morehouse, Homer C. of Lyndon Carter, Mary Ona of Dr. A. J. Carter of Lyndon Barton July 15 7/24/1893
Morrill, George N. of Barton Landing Badger, Miss Ina M. Barton April 20 4/25/1892
Morse, Will Bailey, Miss Gertrude South Troy 1/2/1893
Moulton, Charles Gallup, Rose W. Charleston May 18 5/23/1892
Moulton, Eugene D. of Holland ___sell, Miss Hattie of Fitch Bay, PQ Fitch Bay May 16 5/29/1893
Moulton, Henry B. of Holland Bailey, Eva E. of Holland Holland Sept 30 10/6/1890
Moulton, Reuben C. of Pembroke, NH & VT Eastman, Miss Rachel Sutton recently 12/15/1890
Murray, Ed. not named Brownington 3/24/1890
Murray, Walter A. of Barton Field, Mary J. of Barton Barton Land Nov 13 11/19/1894
Nelson, Charlie P. of Barton Lewis, Miss Ella of Glover Barton Dec 19 12/25/1893
Nelson, George G. of East Hardwick Calderwood, Miss Maud of Greensboro East Hardwick July 4 7/30/1894
Nelson, Sammie of Barton not named Minneapolis, Minn 1/11/1892
Nelson, Sidney not named East Hardwick 1/16/1893
Newton, Dr Keith, Alice E Hardwick last week 12/21/1891
Newton, Frederick J. of Albany Vance, Edith L. of Stephen Vance of Albany Albany Nov 17 11/21/1892
Newton, Herbert of N. Craftsbury Woodward, Flora E. of N. Craftsbury N. Craftsbury Aug 16 9/8/1890
Newton, Rev. George J. not named - Brockton, MA Brockton, MA 11/5/1894
Nichols, Ernest A. of Morgan Farr, Bertha M. W. Charleston Nov 23 11/28/1892
Nichols, Mr. of Burlington Adgate, Lizzie E Hardwick 2d inst 6/29/1891
Nichols, S. O. of Brownington not named Littleton, NH recently 3/3/1890
Niles, Charlie Niles, Miss Gertie Coventry prob 5/23/1892
Norcross, Charles of Albany Ayer, Miss Bertha of Irasburgh E. Albany May 1 5/9/1892
Norcross, Irwin A. of Albany Farr, Miss Edith of Albany Albany Sept 13 9/22/1890
Norway, Edwin May, Miss Cora of G. C. May North Troy 21st 9/28/1891
not named Folsom, Miss Carrie South Barton recently 8/24/1891
not named Coe, Miss Lulu W Burke ? Last week 2/15/1892
not named Lamphere, Miss Lizzie of Albany Medford, MA prob 10/31/1892
not named Hitchcock, Nellie of Lewis Hitchcock of Coventry Franklin, NH last Tues 8/21/1893
not named - Florida Locke, Lucy W Burke last week 10/15/1894
not named - Lynn, MA Hoffman, Fanny W Burke 10/15/1894
Noyes, Elmer A. of Newport Hopkins, Miss Addie G. of Derby Derby June 18 8/15/1892
Noyes, John A. of A. Noyes of Newport Phillips, Miss May ____, ME Feb 10 2/19/1894
Nye, Walter of W. Charleston Hildreth, Bertha of W. Charleston Derby Ctr. Oct 21 11/2/1891
Olin, Charles J. of Newport Perkins, Miss Mabel of Mr. D. Perkins Newport Ctr Monday 4/17/1893
Orcutt, Elmer of Derby Twombly, Mary of George Twombly of Morgan Morgan Wed 10/1/1894
Owen, Albert M. of Barton Buzzell, Miss Lena of Barton Barton March 30 4/3/1893
Owen, Burt of Barton Buzzell, Lena of Barton Barton last Thurs 4/3/1893
Page, John of Irasburgh Spring, Lucy of Craftsbury Irasburgh Sept 25 10/16/1893
Page, Orlando Marquette, Adeline Irasburgh March 2(1) 4/2/1894
Palmer, Edwin R. of Burlington Maynard, Miss Eva A. of Burlington Essex Jct June 1 6/5/1893
Paquette, Oliver J. of Plainfield Bennett, Hattie A. of E. O. Bennett W. Charleston 8th inst 10/13/1890
Parker, Fred A. Edwards, Miss Ollie/Olive F. of Derby Barton Landing Sept 19 9/24/1894
Parker, Mort A. of Brownington Marsh, Carrie/Cannie? A. of Brownington Barton Landing Nov 24 11/28/1892
Parsons, Rev. Dwight L. of Dolgeville, NY Paine, Miss Minnie E. of B. F. Paine of Jay Jay Wed (item) 8/21/1893
Patterson, Leslie not named Pompanoosuc last Thurs. 5/28/1894
Pearsons, Harley of Barton Pelow, Jennie Almeda of Barton Barton Sept 23 9/28/1891
Pease, Birney W. of Montgomery Ctr Simmons, Miss Bessie M. of Montgomery Ctr Montgomery Ctr Dec 20 1/1/1894
Peavey, E. N. of East Haven Hopkins, Miss Myrtie of Charleston Barton Landing Nov 5 11/14/1892
Peck, Henry M. of Sheffield Gray, Miss Ada M. of Wells C. Gray of Sheffield Sheffield 11/26/1894
Peck, Robert J. of Long Lake, NY Chase, Mattie A. of Orlando, FL Sheffield Oct 15 10/27/1890
Perkins, Clarence of Newport Ctr & Boston not named Boston prob last summer 2/13/1893
Perley, Edward A. Howard, Emma J. of Henry Howard of Cov. Coventry last Wed 9/18/1893
Perley, Edward H. of Barton Howard, Miss Emma of Henry Howard of Cov Coventry Sept 12 9/18/1893
Perley, Orman F. of St. Johnsbury Stimpson, Myrtie E. of Barton Landing Barton Oct 2 10/8/1894
Persons, S. H. Williams, Miss Minnie sis of F. C. Williams Coventry last Thurs 11/12/1894
Phelps, Harry F. Hadley, Mrs. Elizabeth W. of Keene, NH Keene, NH April 27 5/8/1893
Phillips, Alonzo C. of Glover Crosby, Miss Eudora of Glover Glover Aug 19 8/20/1894
Phillips, Charles A. of Newport Lougee, S. Jennie of St. Johnsbury Ctr. St. Johnsbury Ctr 10/10/1892
Phillips, Harry W. of Sheffield Bickford, Sadie of Sheffield Sheffield March 28 4/6/1891
Phillips, Henry of Glover not named Glover/Hanover 5/1/1893
Phillips, Hiram J. of Glover Hanson, Miss Lula B. of Barton Barton Nov 2 11/6/1893
Pierce, Warren of Westmore not named Westmore 5/7/1894
Pinney, Elmer L. of Holland Bryant, Miss Clara E. of Morgan Center Morgan Ctr Nov 6 11/10/1890
Plunkett, P. J. Allard, Miss Flora E Charleston Dec 22 12/29/1890
Porter, John of West Derby not named last week 9/5/1892
Powers, Evard L. of Troy Norway, Miss Blanche M. of Newport Newport Feb 28 3/5/1894
Powers, Fred I of East Haven Woodward, Mary A. of East Haven West Burke Aug 8 8/17/1891
Powers, George M. of Morrisville Woodbury, Gertrude Frances of Burlington Burlington April 19 4/24/1893
Powers, John H. of Derby McCay, Miss Alice of Potton, PQ W. Charleston Jan 28 2/6/1893
Pratt, T. B. of Sheffield Smith, Miss Lydia K. of T. B. Pratt of E Burke E Burke Oct 18 12/15/1890
Priest, Arthur M. of Irasburg Watson, Miss Emily of Lowell Albany Oct 3 10/12/1891
Priest, John L. Woodbury, Annice E. Irasburgh March 2 4/2/1894
Priest, Samuel of Irasburgh Boutault, Jennie of Barton Irasburgh Sept 24 10/16/1893
Prouty, G. H. of Newport Allen, Miss Henrietta of Rockville, CT W Derby Dec 1 12/8/1890
Prouty, Samuel of Claremont, NH Croft, Miss Mary of Charleston Charleston Sept 11 9/17/1894
Prouty, Samuel of Newport, NH Croft, Miss Mary of Barton Landing Barton Landing last week 9/17/1894
Quimby, Elmore of Lyndon Davis, Mrs. Edna sis of Mrs. Jonas Bruce-Sheffield Sheffield last Tues 11/26/1894
Quimby, Irving E. of Canada McKelvey, Miss Nellie of Island Pond Island Pond 9th 4/14/1890
Randall, Ernest of Vancouver, Wash Merrill, Jennie of Craftsbury Craftsbury 7/25/1892
Randall, Fred A. of Glover Currier, Miss Isabell of Barton Glover Jan 6 1/11/1892
Ranney, Dr. Hall, Miss Sarah Barton last week 10/22/1894
Ranney, Edson A. of St. Johnsbury Goss, Miss Celia J. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Jan 18 1/29/1894
Rash, George A. of Irasburgh Gates, Miss Ella L. of Barton Barton March 5 3/14/1892
Reed, W. D. not named West Charleston 3/24/1890
Regan, Harley of Newport Center Fisher, Miss Rosa of West Derby W Derby Jan 27 2/5/1894
Reynolds, Jerry C. of Albany Gelo, Ella M. of Lowell Lowell Oct 27 10/31/1892
Reynolds, Reuben of Newport Little, Miss Maggie of Newport Newport April 2 4/9/1894
Reynolds, Silas Chamberlin, Dora Jay 2/13/1893
Rice, Dennis H. of Newark Humphrey, Minnie of Burke West Burke Nov 30 12/4/1893
Rich, Henry of Morgan Hutchinson, Miss Ellen W. Charleston 9/26/1892
Richardson, James E. of Greensboro Patterson, Miss Minda J. of Walden Hardwick Jan 7 1/27/1890
Richardson, John F. of Greensboro Kendrick, Miss Mary of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 4 10/10/1892
Rixford, Mr. of Lowell Morey, Etta of Westfield Westfield 19th inst 7/27/1891
Robbins, Adam of Derby Moulton, Mrs. Abbie of Stanstead, PQ Derby last Wed 3/6/1893
Robbins, Charles of Craftsbury Martin, Miss Inez May of Albany Albany Dec 18 12/24/1894
Robinson, Edward B. McFarlane, Miss Katie Barton Oct 27 10/31/1892
Robinson, George B. of Barton Fairbrother, Miss Ella M. of Westmore Barton Jan 16 1/22/1894
Robinson, George W. of St. Johnsbury Randall, Miss Etta C. of Barton Barton Jan 17 1/22/1894
Robinson, Irvin O. of Barton Hunter, Ida F. of Lowell Lowell, MA April 21 7/13/1891
Rockwell, ___in Griggs, Cora Morgan?? July 29 8/7/1893
Rogers, Elmer C. of Newport Center Hager, Miss Nellie R. of Newport Center Newport Center May 18 5/23/1892
Rogers, Ernest S. of Newport Center Drown, Miss Nula E. of Newport Center Newport Ctr Dec 21 12/31/1894
Rogers, Fred H. Johnson, Miss Ollie E. Hardwick last Tues 6/25/1894
Rogers, John of Troy Bates, Miss Ella of Westfield Newport Ctr Nov 29 12/10/1894
Rogers, Samuel G. of Danville Boyce, Lillian M. of Danville Danville March 22 3/27/1893
Rogers, Wooster D. of Derby Field, Mrs. H. K. of Derby West Derby 8/18/1890
Rollestone, James T. of Craftsbury Tolman, Myra L. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury June 17 6/22/1891
Rood, Arthur of Morgan not named Magog prob 10/1/1894
Root, Mr. Rylander, Mrs. Hattie West Derby 20th 9/25/1893
Rowell, Dr. George B. of Irasburgh not named - of Ottawa, Canada Irasburg prob 9/14/1891
Rowell, Edward E. of Albany Thompson, Miss Inez E. of Woodstock Barton Nov 25 11/30/1891
Rowell, Martin C. of Lowell Scott, Miss Carrie G. of Lowell Lowell, MA April 3 4/14/1890
Rowell, Olin M. of Albany Rowell, Miss Alice J. of Albany S Albany July 3 7/7/1890
Ruggles, Ray B. of West Burke Porter, Nellie A. of West Burke West Burke Sept 3 9/8/1890
Ruggles, Roy Porter, Miss Nellie of M/M Perry Porter W. Burke Last Wed 9/15/1890
Russell, W. L. of Irasburgh not named - MA prob MA prob 11/12/1894
Rutledge, Hibbard T. of Oxford, NH Wilson, Miss C. Jennie of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 21 2/29/1892
Ryder, Albert P. of Westfield Stacy, Miss Lura of Springfield, MA Springfield, MA 10/29/1894
Ryder, Frank E. of Barton Gilman, Katie of Sheffield Barton Nov 26 12/3/1894
Sargent, Richard J. of Glover Drew, Miss ( )a M. of Derby Glover Aug 17 8/20/1894
Sargent, William H. of Glover Woodward, Miss Ella of Glover Barton Landing Dec 29 1/4/1891
Sawtell, Mr. of Stannard Badger, Miss Eliza of Greensboro prob Greensboro prob 10/23/1893
Sawyer, Arthur D. of Derby Nourse, Mrs. Lucy A. of Derby W. Charleston June 8 6/12/1893
Sawyer, Frank W. late of Westfield not named Oakland, CA 7/27/1891
Schofield, J. W. of Lyndon Burt, Mrs. Annie of Richford Irasburgh July 20 7/31/1893
Schofield, Joseph of Lyndonville of Rev. Wm Schofield of Chelsea, NH Locke, Miss Nettie of Wm L. Locke of Irasburg Irasburgh last Thurs. 6/25/1894
Schofield, Will of Irasburgh not named Irasburgh at ? 7/24/1893
Scott, Harry of N. M. Scott of Barton not named   5/30/1892
Scott, Wilbur F. of S. Albany Morse, Miss Annie L. of Glover Albany Feb 7 2/9/1891
Scribner, Charles of Craftsbury Robbins, Miss Alvedie Terry of Craftsbury Craftsbury June 29 7/11/1892
Sears, Frederic M. of Irasburgh (item) Drew, Ina E. of Ira S. Drew of Irasburgh Irasburgh June 1 6/6/1892
Seavey, Charlie of Brownington & Ind. not named Wabash, Ind recently 6/26/1893
Seavey, Homer of Brownington Fuller, Miss Inez of Brownington Irasburg Aug 9 8/25/1890
Seavey, Winfield of Brownington & Chicago not named Chicago recently 7/25/1892
Sedgwick, Dr. William R. of Newington, CT Robinson, Miss Alma of New Haven, CT New Haven or Newington? 7/10/1893
Sessions, Amasa P. of Coventry Robinson, Miss Alfreda L. of Barton Barton March 26 3/31/1890
Severans, Rev. Geo of Royalton Chamberlin, Mrs. Clara A. H. of Mtplr Montpelier May 13 5/25/1891
Shasteney, Simon Brown, Inez W. Derby last week 2/1/1892
Shaw, Kinneth A. of Lyndonville Battles, Miss Mary L. of Sutton Sutton May 20 5/25/1891
Shedd, Lewis of W. Charleston Smith, Mrs./Miss N. M. of Hollis, NH W Derby March 18 3/23/1891
Sherburne, Frank C. of Sheffield Hinkley, Lydia E. of Glover Glover March 19 3/24/1890
Sherburne, Willie L. of Sheffield Brooks, Miss Bertha M. of Sheffield Glover Nov 28 12/3/1894
Sias, Orrin B. of Edward Sias Robinson, Miss Edyth of W. Derby W. Derby Nov 21 11/26/1894
Sikes, Lawrence J. of Springfield, MA Hawley, Mary E. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 9 10/16/1893
Silver, Elmer of A. A. Silver of Derby not named Boston 6/22/1891
Simino, Frank of Barton Laplant, Fannie of Barton Barton Nov 13 11/19/1894
Simonds, Rufus H. of Hartford Seaver, Miss Nettie M. of Union Village Union Village Dec 26 12/31/1894
Simpson, Chester C. of Sheffield Simpson, Miss Julia of Sheffield Sheffield April 7 4/20/1891
Simpson, Herman P. of Sheffield Dexter, Miss Mabel K. of Sheffield Sheffield Jan 25 2/3/1890
Simpson, Wallace D. of Craftsbury Leavitt, Miss Jennie M. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury Sept 10 9/21/1891
Sisco, Ben Stone, Della Troy last week 3/17/1890
Sivwright, John not named Derby 3/21/1892
Skinner, Edwin C. of Barton Ranney, Miss Zaidie E. of Barton Barton Landing Nov 15 11/21/1892
Smith, Albert I. of Brownington White, Miss Eunice I. of Brownington Brownington Sept 22 10/1/1894
Smith, Albert T. of Charleston Sanders, Miss Anna L. of Charleston Charleston March 2 3/6/1893
Smith, Charles H. Cheney, Julia W. Albany 15th inst 11/27/1893
Smith, Charles W. of Brownington Remick, Miss Dora C. of Waterford St. Johnsbury Sept 12 9/17/1894
Smith, Ellis not named E. Hardwick/Amesbury, MA 12/4/1893
Smith, George H. of Newport Libby, Miss Nellie R. of Beebe Plain Beebe Plain Dec 12 12/17/1894
Smith, Homer E. of Norman Smith of St. J. Murkland, Blanche of J. W. Murkland Barton Jan 12 1/16/1893
Smith, J. A. of Brownington Morehouse, Mrs. Mary C. Brownington Oct 14 10/23/1893
Smith, Orrin of Barnston, PQ Mosher, Miss Della of Holland Holland April 4 5/14/1894
Smith, Simon A. of Barton Scribner, Lillian M. of Montpelier Barton Landing April (23)? 4/18/1892
Smith, Walter A. of Irasburg Sanborn, Miss Sarah E. of Lowell Lowell May 23 6/1/1891
Smith, William of Walden Gilkerson, Mrs. Sarah L. of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick Feb 10 2/20/1893
Smith, William P. of Brownington Remick, Miss Chattie G. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Aug 28 9/4/1893
Snelling, Charles H. of Sheffield Page, Ethel M. of Sheffield Glover March 4 3/17/1890
Spaulding, George O. Drew, Fanny of Glover   3/21/1892
Spaulding, Merritt I. of Morrisville Piper, Miss May of Charleston W. Charleston Feb 2 2/6/1893
Spiers, Rev Junius Hoskins, Miss Mabel of Newport Dorchester, MA June 19 6/16/1890
Spiers, William of Greensboro Brown, Mrs. Martha of Greensboro Greensboro June 20 6/26/1893
Sprague, D. M. of Craftsbury Austin, Mrs. A. O. of Thetford Union Village Dec 6 12/10/1894
St(ac)k, Charles F. of Stanstead, PQ Geer, Miss Hattie B. of Barnston, PQ Derby Aug 3 8/15/1892
Stannard, Warner L. of Manchester, NH Grant, Maggie M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Sept 2 9/10/1894
Stannard, Warner L. of Manchester, NH Grant, Miss Maggie of Irasburgh Irasburgh Sept 2 9/17/1894
Staples, Dr. Carrol W. of Lyndon Cook, Miss Bessie of Glover Glover Aug 5 8/18/1890
Stevens, Albert M. of Charleston Stevens, Miss Mae E. of Charleston W. Charleston March 15 3/20/1893
Stevens, Albert of Island Pond Stevens, Miss Mae W. Charleston March 17 3/20/1893
Stevens, C. W. of Walden Webber, Mary Craftsbury 9/1/1890
Stevens, Chester of E. Charleston Hart, Miss Cora Lawrence, MA 6/25/1894
Stevens, Ernest Long, Mrs. of Rock Island, PQ West Derby May 7 5/12/1890
Stevens, Henry E. of Derby Long, Mary A. of Rock Island, PQ Barton May 7 5/12/1890
Stevens, Leonard Grey, Miss Minnie Derby prob Dec 24 12/31/1894
Stevens, Nelson of Derby Heath, Alma of Derby Derby March 31 4/6/1891
Stimson, William of Barton Culver, Miss Effie of Barton Barton Feb 19 2/23/1891
Stone, Arthur Fairbanks of St J. Lincoln, Miss Helen S. of A. J. Lincoln of NH N. Hampton, NH Jan 1 1/13/1890
Stone, Carrol A. of Hyde Park Reed, Ella L. of Eden Troy June 6 6/11/1894
Stone, Mark W. of Westfield Keeler, Miss Ernestine of Morrisville Morrisville March 30 4/4/1892
Story, Carl P. of Newport Robinson, Miss Alice G. of Island Pond Island Pond July 2 7/7/1890
Story, George of Richford Dane, Miss Jennie E. of West Derby Derby Line 5/21/1894
Strait, Edwin of Fairfax Campbell, Miss Emma A. of Hardwick Hardwick March 5 3/10/1890
Studley, Mr., prob of N. Woburn, MA Clark, Keron sis of Henry Clark of W. Glover Glover 8/7/1893
Studley, John W. of N. Woburn, MA Clark, Miss Keron L. of Glover Glover June 27 7/3/1893
Sweet, Amasa P. of Lowell O'Brien, Miss E. of Eden Morrisville Sept 19 9/24/1894
Switser, William of South Barton not named   10/2/1893
Sykes, W. S. of Holland Clapper, Nellie B. of Holland Holland Nov 10 11/16/1891
Sylvester, George A. of Nashua, NH Thompson, Margaret of Judge Thompson of I. Irasburgh Dec 25 1/1/1894
Tatro, Thomas of Coaticook Roy, Miss May of Dixville, PQ West Derby Feb 5 2/12/1894
Taylor, George L. of Morgan Moore, Mertie A. of Morgan Morgan March 11 3/23/1891
Temple, George F. of Bakersfield Giddings, Miss Nellie S. of Bakersfield Barton Landing Feb 8 2/13/1893
Tencare, Benjamin G. of Westbury, PQ Gorham, Miss Lottie E. of Westbury, PQ Barton Nov 26 12/1/1890
Tencare, Robert J. of Barton LaDue, Miss Mary E. of Albany Barton Aug 4 8/10/1891
Thayer, L. E. of Newport Wheatley, Miss Alice I. of Farmington, NH Farmington, NH 10/2/1893
Thompson, John A. of Newport Peck, Miss Lizzie J. of N. Hatley, PQ Newport April 5 4/9/1894
Thompson, John C. of Boston Rowell, Miss Clover of Albany Albany Sept 7 9/18/1893
Thompson, John T. of Boston Kelley, Miss Mertie of Derby Derby Jan 31st 1/30/1893
Thompson, Willie A. of Greensboro Graves, Miss Nancy H. of Glover (Mrs.?) E Craftsbury Nov 25 11/30/1891
Thope, Frank P. of Albany Larabee, Miss Ida M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 4 9/11/1893
Thornton, John C. of Boston Rowell, Miss Clover of E. C Rowell of Albany E. Albany Sept 7 9/18/1893
Thurber, Allison D. of St. Albans Wheelock, Hattie of John P. Wheelock Coventry March 2 3/7/1892
Tideman, George Webster, Dora West Derby last Tues 2/22/1892
Tinker, J. E. of Danville McGuire, Miss Bertha of Albany Albany April 15 4/20/1891
Tinker, John McGuire, Bertha East Albany 4/27/1891
Torrant, Fred J. of St. Johnsbury Sherburne, Mattie G. of Chester Sherburne of G. Glover Oct 24 10/29/1894
Townsend, Benjamin Willis, Mrs. Orrin West Charleston 10/30/1893
Townsend, Charles E. Gilman, Miss Maud E. West Burke July 27 8/8/1892
Tracy, James M. of Belle Plain Collister, Susie of Belle Plain Belle Plain, Iowa Dec 23 1/4/1892
Tripp, Alison of Barton Landing Willey, Miss Lizzie of NH Barton Land last week 10/1/1894
Tripp, W. E. Cobleigh, Annie S. of E. Charleston E. Charleston 6/4/1894
Tripp, Willie Cobleigh, Miss Annie Brownington May 26 6/4/1894
True, Charles Chase, Miss Mary Troy recently 8/11/1890
Turnbull, James G. of Barton McKown, Miss Agnes C. of Barton Brownington Nov 26 11/30/1891
Turner, Augustus W., MD of Boston Murkland, Miss Maud M. of J. W. Murkland Barton Nov 18 11/23/1891
Twombly, Fred E. of Albany Anderson, Miss Mabel B. of Albany Albany Nov 2 11/10/1890
Twombly, George Tripp, Minnie Glover June 13 6/18/1894
Twombly, George R. Tripp, Miss Minnie E. Brownington June 13 6/18/1894
Ufford, William C. of Spokane, WA & Barton Bickford, Miss Ethel L. of Mrs. C. E. Bickford of B. Barton (item) Aug 3 8/7/1893
Urie, Corey W. of Craftsbury Mitchell, Miss Maggie of Greensboro Albany March 8 3/13/1893
Urie, George H. of Glover Buchanan, Miss Aggie M. of Glover Glover Dec 14 12/26/1892
Urie, James N. of Albany Young, Jane A. of Glover (Jennie) E Craftsbury Oct 7 10/12/1891
Urie, John of Craftsbury Sawyer, Miss Nellie of Craftsbury Craftsbury Sept 23 9/28/1891
Vance, Albert of Barton s/o Stephen Vance Clogston, Mabel of C. S. Clogston of Barton Barton Dec 27 1/2/1893
Wakeman, Guy H. of Jay Smith, Miss Cora N. of Troy Troy Feb 26 3/5/1894
Walker, Clinton F. of Albany Harlow, Julia A. of Albany Albany March 23 3/28/1892
Walker, Irvin I. Of Glover Brunning, Miss Emma M. of Barton Barton Dec 12 12/17/1894
Walker, Irwin J. of Glover Barber, Hattie E. of Sheffield Glover March 18 3/24/1890
Wallace, Rev. David of North Troy not named - of Hartford, VT Hartford prob last week 10/15/1894
Walters, George C. of Newark Lowe, Mrs. Louisa I. of Newark Newark May 13 5/25/1891
Ward, James C. of Derby Hussey, Etta E. of Holland West Derby Jan 3 1/11/1892
Warren, Frank not named Mass last week 1/15/1894
Washburn, D. Cuyler Wood, Gertrude M. of Barton Minneapolis, Minn Dec 25 1/8/1894
Waterman, Alfred E. of Holland Brown, Emma F. of Holland Holland Jan 22 2/10/1890
Waterman, Fred of Brownington Joslyn, Miss Ella F. of Brownington Barton Landing Oct 12 10/10/1892
Watson, Charles of Derby Buckley, Miss Julia of Derby Derby July 14 7/21/1890
Watson, Edward of Albany Shute, Orilla of Albany Albany 7/30/1894
Watters, Frank Billings, Mrs. Glover Oct 3 10/12/1891
Way, Dr. George of Portland not named per West Burke 12/26/1892
Webber, Charles E. of Craftsbury Macomber, Miss Carrie N. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury March 29 4/7/1890
Webster, Bert not named of Sheffield maybe last Mon. 3/26/1894
Webster, Eugene P. of Irasburg Santy, Miss Maude B. of Irasburg Irasburg Jan 1 1/20/1890
Webster, Fred Cade, Ellen W. Derby last week 2/1/1892
Webster, Hiram J. of Stanstead Goding, Miss Emma M. of Coaticook Derby March 9 3/16/1891
Webster, Horace Poore, Mary North Troy Tues 10/19/1891
Webster, Joseph N. of Barton Goodnow, Miss Luvia of Cambridge, MA Barton July 7 7/7/1890
Wells, Charles A. of Victory Stebbins, Miss Annie W. of Sutton Sutton Nov 12 11/17/1890
Wells, Franklin B. of Brownington Stott, Jemima A. of Brownington Barton Land Nov 1 11/13/1893
Wells, George H. of Woodbury Hartwell, Eva of N. Craftsbury N. Craftsbury Aug 16 9/8/1890
Wells, Hollis Berry, Mrs. Lucy of Mansonville, PQ Irasburgh Dec 17 12/26/1892
West, Charlie of West Derby Upstone, Mabel of West Derby West Derby Feb 21 2/27/1893
Wetherby, Henry F. of Burlington Chamberlin, Hattie dau of Mrs. L. R. Wellman Greensboro ? 7th inst 4/13/1891
Wheeler, Frank of Barton Landing not named - of Ayer's Flat Ayer's Flat prob last week 2/13/1893
Wheeler, Fred of W. Charleston not named W. Charleston 7/16/1894
Wheeler, Warren of West Burke (or Ward?) George, Mrs. Emily of West Derby West Derby Oct 27 11/2/1891
Whipple, Frank Rice, Miss Sarah Sutton last Thurs 3/26/1894
Whipple, Harvey M. Garfield, Abbie F. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Aug 11 8/15/1892
Whitcher, Fred S. of Barton White, Miss Kittie of Barton Barton April 11 4/16/1894
Whitcher, Samuel of Burke George, Miss Bertha of Burke Burke Oct 24 10/31/1892
White, Carlos C. of St. Johnsbury Spencer, Mrs. Ella J. of Concord St. Johnsbury Jan 1 1/8/1894
White, Ed. J. of Barton Comstock, Miss Alice S. of Barton Barton June 23 6/29/1891
White, Elmer L. of Brownington Allen, Flora E. of Brownington Irasburg Jan 1 1/4/1891
White, Leon E. of Barton Murkland, Miss Cora E. of Barton Barton Nov 24 11/28/1892
White, William H. of St J Stratton, Rosalie A. of Danville Peacham Sept 1 9/7/1891
Whitehead, Henry E. of Stukely, PQ Laplant, Lizzie of Stukely, PQ Troy May 2 5/14/1894
Whittaker, Eugene E. MD of Newport Lane, Miss Clara E. of Newport Burke Dec 17 12/28/1891
Wiggins, Fred of Brownington not named   11/6/1893
Wild, Rev Levi of Royalton Baker, Emily B. of David Baker (11-16 long item) West Glover Nov 4 11/9/1891
Wilkey, Archibald of Barton Gleason, Mrs. Alice of Barton Irasburg Aug 5 8/7/1893
Wilkey, Willis of Barton Landing McCoy, Martha M. of Potton, PQ Barton Landing Dec 13 12/19/1892
Willetts, Edmund O. of Corley, Iowa Collins, Miss Myrtle of Coventry Lowell, MA Dec 11 1/4/1891
Willey, ( )nner D. of Glover ( a)skings, Mrs. Rosa of Hyde Park South Barton Aug 3 8/20/1894
Willey, David Taylor, Lizzie of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 25 1/19/1891
Willey, Silas I. of Greensboro Kilpatrick, Mrs. J. of Guilford, NH Glover June 11 6/13/1892
Williams, Charles of Morgan Ferrin, Miss Edith M. of Holland Derby Line Feb 3 2/8/1892
Williamson, W. A. of St Johnsbury Wilson, Miss Jennie of Barton Barton March 14 3/17/1890
Williard, Ora B. of Barton (item) Danforth, Minnie A. of Henry Danforth of Barton Barton Oct 12 10/16/1893
Willis, Ralph of Albany & Worcester, MA Rogers, Miss Jennie of Worcester, MA Worcester, MA 2/20/1893
Wilmot, William B. of Lyndon Brown, Minnie E. of Barton Barton June 9 6/15/1891
Wilson, Arthur S. of Barton Alexander, Miss Della S. of Evansville Barton Landing Nov 25 11/30/1891
Wilson, Calvin of Derby Smith, Mrs. Nettie (Robert) of Brownington Barton Nov 1 11/6/1893
(W)inch, M. Vern(on) Joslyn, Miss Anna Derby last week 8/20/1894
Winget, John of Barton Landing not named   6/25/1894
Winslow, Ora B. of West Charleston not named Nantucket, MA 4/25/1892
Wood, Edward H. of Westfield Farman, Mrs. Sophia of Westfield Westfield Nov 1 11/10/1890
Woodbury, Clarence of Craftsbury Andrus, Miss Nellie of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 1 1/4/1891
Woodward, Cortis H. of Glover Cook, Mattie of J. E. Cook of W. Glover Glover Jan 1 1/8/1894
Woodworth, Don of Westfield Houston, Miss Blanche of Troy   9/12/1892
Woodworth, Warren S. Wood, Miss Minnie E. of W. W. Wood Westfield ? 1/29/1894
Wooley, George A. of Derby Ryder, Amy A. of Derby Derby Oct 22 10/31/1892
Wright, Harry B. of Grey Bull, Wyoming Carleton, Miss Mabel E. of Melville, Mont. Melville, Montana Oct 19 11/3/1890
Wright, John A. of Laconia, NH Tolman, Sarah E. of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 26 1/4/1892
Wright, Lewis H. of Cumings, ND Gilman, Miss Agnes J. of Glover Cumings, ND June 18 6/30/1890
Wright, Mr. Davis, Miss of Henry Davis Glover prob 9/26/1892
Wright, O. P. of Westfield Lombard, Miss Alice of Hartford, CT Hartford, CT 12/29/1890
Wright, Wilber B. of Manchester, NH Davis, Gertrude M. of ____ver Barton Sept 19 9/26/1892
Wright, William O. of Newport Ward, Jennie Westfield 4/14/1890
Wright, William O. of Newport Hazeltine, Miss Alice of Westfield Albany Dec 6 12/8/1890
Wylie, Arthur of Glover Anderson, Miss Isabel of Glover Barton Feb 6 2/12/1894
Wyman, I. A. of Charleston Moody, Mrs. Jane M. of Burke Sutton Sept 1 9/14/1891
Wyman, William H. of Barton LaPlant, Miss Mattie B. of Barton Barton Jan 12 1/25/1892
Young, D. L. McLellan, Eliza De Moines, Iowa 10/31/1892
Young, Fred L. of Jay Place, Miss Ellen L. of Jay Newport Dec 15 12/24/1894
Young, George of Minneapolis, Minn not named prob of Newport prob Newport 6/18/1894
Young, John of Coventry Gray, Sally of Charleston April 13 4/17/1893

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