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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


Groom Bride Town & Date Issue date
Abbot, Dr. Nicholas of Deer Isle, ME Jewett, Miss Mira St Johnsbury Wed last 8/19/1829
Abbot, Flagg Norris, Mary Barre 13th inst 5/30/1832
Abbot, Moses S. of Herreford, L. C. Ladd, Miss Sopheronia of Herreford, L. C. Lemington 10/28/1829
Adams, Charles Esq., son of Ex-President Adams Brooks, Miss Abby of Hon. P. C. Brooks Boston 9/16/1829
Albee, William Johnson, Miss Lucretia Rockingham 3/3/1829
Aldis, Jotham G. of Claremont Bingham, Miss Sarah of Unity Unity 6/24/1829
Aldrich, George Farnham, Miss Lurana S. St Johnsbury E. Nov 2 11/16/1831
Aldrich, Whipple of Danville Thayer, Miss Orpha of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury? 19th inst 11/25/1828
Alexander, Moses age 95 Tompkins, Mrs. Frances age 105 Bath, ME 11th inst 6/22/1831
Andrus, Dr. Joseph of Roxbury, MA Everett, Miss Eunice of New London New London Sunday 8/26/1829
Annis, Jonathan Cusin, Miss Sutton 1/13/1829
Armington, John Jun. of St Johnsbury Roberts, Miss Armida of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Dec 1 12/7/1830
Armstrong, Aaron of Dr. Armstrong of Hoosac, NY Hawks, Miss Miriam of Hoosac, NY Bennington 19th inst 4/1/1829
Arthur, Richard D. Esq. Dunning, Miss Minerva Ticonderoga, NY Feb 28 4/21/1830
Atwell, Herman Esq. of Boston Barrett, Augusta dau of late Francis Barrett Esq. of B Concord, MA 9/9/1829
Atwood, Moses G. of Concord Silsby, Miss Mary H. of Ozias Silsby of Hillsborough Hillsborough Nov 24 12/2/1829
Ayer, Nathan Hallet, Miss Phila Ann St Johnsbury March 6 3/14/1832
Babcock, Harvey C. Morrill, Miss Abigail Danville 2/8/1832
Bachelder, David T. Leach, Miss Maria Danville 12th inst 11/25/1828
Bachelder, Kingsley H. Knight, Miss Betsey P. Haverhill, NH 2/2/1831
Bailey, Henry of Newbury, VT Ward, Miss Lucy Ann of Capt. Uriah Ward Haverhill, NH 6/17/1829
Balch, Jacob A. of Andover Burton, Miss Huldah of Andover Chester 4/29/1829
Ball, Alexander of Orford Ewin, Miss Sally P. of Ascott Eaton 2/8/1832
Banner, Samuel B. of Montreal Felch, Miss Cynthia of Middlebury Middlebury 2/10/1830
Bar( ), Harmon Kellogg, Miss Leonora Williston Nov 27 12/14/1831
Barber, Elijah Esq. Bushnell, Miss Electa dau of David Bushnell Pownel 22d inst 4/1/1829
Barton, Cyrus Esq. Hale, Miss Hannah Keene, NH 7/8/1829
Bates, Dr. Daniel of Glover Knapp, Miss Sarah Berlin 2/17/1830
Bean, J. M. of Lyme Barron, Miss Elizabeth A. H. of Bradford Bradford 9/14/1831
Bell, Hon. Samuel Smith, Miss Lucy Chester, NH 8/12/1828
Bemis, Samuel of Lyndon Clark, Miss Cynthia Bradford 2/10/1830
Bennett, Jacob Wing, Miss Harriet H. Waterbury 10/5/1831
Bently, Daniel Squires, Miss Sandgate ? 4/8/1829
Benton, Reuben C. of St Johnsbury Fletcher, Miss Almira of Littleton Haverhill 4/22/1829
Berry, Maj. George Towle, Elizabeth H. of Col. Philip Towle of Hampton Greenland, NH 2/24/1829
Bigelow, Milton Morse, Miss Adeline Reading 4/1/1829
Bigsby, William Smith, Miss Louisa Montpelier 5/18/1831
Bigsby, William Smith, Miss Louisa Montpelier 5/25/1831
Bill, Dr. Dyer of Albany Coburn, Miss Ruth Cabot 2/10/1830
Bingham, Charles M. of Weathersfield Cook, M(rs.) Mary G. of Cornish Cornish 11/18/1828
Blair, Robert of Goshen Gore Hooker, Miss Mary Ann of Danville Danville 2/29/1832
Blake, Jonathan Powers, Miss Olive Burke 10/7/1829
Boardman, Stephen C. of Norwich Coit, Miss Bethanah of Norwich Norwich 12th ult 3/3/1829
Boardman, William of Norwich, VT Benton, Miss Mary of St Johnsbury Danville Feb 22 3/2/1831
Bolton, Luther of Danville Wesson, Miss Abigail Barnet 3/17/1830
Boston, John Bedee, Miss Mary Ann of Lyndon Lunenburg March 10 3/23/1831
Boston, John of Lunenburgh Cramb, Miss Lucy Ann of Jefferson, NH Jefferson, NH 1/18/1832
Bowen, Grey of Orange Knapp, Miss Prudence Berlin March 24 4/21/1830
Boynton, Guy Hurlbut, Miss Laura Charlotte 4th inst 2/17/1829
Brackett, Dr. Anson of Haverhill, NH Chamberlain, Miss Mary Lyndon 1st inst 7/15/1829
Bradley, Jonathan Dorr Esq. Crossman, Miss Susan Mina Bellows Falls 9/2/1829
Bradley, Thomas C. of Philadelphia Donnell, Miss Hannah of Biddeford Biddeford 4/29/1829
Brainard, Asa Hazeltine, Miss Sarah Danville 7/13/1831
Brewster, Joseph of Ossipee Moulton, Mrs. Nancy C. of Wakefield Wakefield 9/16/1829
Brown, James of Salem, VT Lathe, Mrs. Anna E. of Salem, VT Salem, VT Feb 4 2/17/1830
Brown, Lemuel Gale, Miss Lucy Lyndon 13th inst 9/30/1829
Brown, Mr. of Barton Fenton, Miss Phebe of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury? 18th inst 11/25/1828
Brown, Richard Fuller, Mrs. Sally Bristol 4th inst 6/3/1829
Brundage, William Barns, Miss Lucretia Williston 3d inst 6/3/1829
Brush, Silas W. Fasset, Miss Charlotte Cambridge, Vt 2/10/1830
Burbank, Doctor of Pomfret, VT Ware, Mrs. Emily C. of Danville Danville 4th inst 6/10/1829
Burbank, Harlow Osgood, Miss Rosella Walden 2/10/1830
Burroughs, Thomas Ruggles, Mrs. Persis Newbury, VT Feb 15 2/24/1830
Burroughs, Thomas Jr. Ruggles, Miss Louisa Newbury Nov 19 12/23/1829
Cady, Morris H. of Randolph Mills, Miss Martha of Randolph Windsor Monday last 6/10/1829
Carbee, Henry Robinson, Miss Lavonia Newbury ? Dec 10 12/23/1829
Carlisle, Nathaniel D., Esq. of Bahai, Brazil Delaud, Miss Mehitable B. of Salem Salem 9/9/1829
Carman, Frederick age about 18 Carlton, Mrs. age about 50 Deer Isle, ME 6/9/1830
Caughey, Robert Cahoon, Miss Lucy Brandon 4/8/1829
Chaffin, William Shattuck, Miss Louisa Concord, NH 4/1/1829
Chandler, Stephen of Piermont Gilmore, Miss Sarah G. of Fairlee Fairlee 8/10/1831
Chapin, Luther Chamberlain, Miss Eliza Newbury ? Dec 3 12/23/1829
Chapman, Samuel of Keene Warner, Miss Harriet P. Lebanon 11/25/1828
Chase, Elijah of Claremont, NH Turner, Miss Delia St Johnsbury July 11 7/14/1830
Chase, John of Concord Spaulding, Miss Sally of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 4 1/13/1829
Chase, William C. Gilson, Miss Mary Bradford 10/28/1828
Cheever, Josiah Brunson, Miss Candice Hardwick Jan 1st 1/27/1829
Cheney, George A. of Fort Covington, NY Richardson, Miss Susan of Barre Barre 1st ult 10/14/1829
Child, Augustus of Berkshire Perley, Miss Elvira of Capt. James Perley Berlin June 7 6/16/1830
Chittenden, Capt. Jonas Nichols, Miss Mary Ann Williston May 30 6/20/1832
Clark, Ballard of Stanstead Whitcher, Miss Marietta of Stanstead Stanstead 2/8/1832
Clark, Lewis Barret, Miss Fanny Strafford 3/3/1829
Clark, Rev. William of Wells & Francestown, NH Hurd, Miss Elvira of Newport, NH Fryeburg, ME 3/3/1829
Clark, William May, Miss Electa Derby, VT Feb 10 2/16/1831
Cleason, Anson of Burke Rice, Miss Louisa C. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 30 12/7/1830
Clefford, Erastus G. Sanger, Miss Sabrina St Johnsbury 5th inst 9/15/1830
Coe, Harvey of Newark Kilby, Miss Abigail C. of Burke Burke 4/13/1831
Cogswell, Francis Esq. of Ossipee, NH Marland, Miss Mary S. Andover, MA 7/8/1829
Colburn, Edward of Cabot Dutton, Miss Hannah Hartford 2/16/1831
Colburn, William of Boston King, Miss Naomi of Burlington Williston 5/5/1830
Colby, Dr. Benjamin of York Bryant, Miss Mary of S. (Sturbridge?) Kittery 4/29/1829
Cole, Hiram of Walden Kittredge, Miss Lucy of (Walden?) Danville 12/16/1829
Cook, Benjamin G. Tiffany, Miss Sarah M. Bellows Falls 10/28/1828
Copeland, Capt. Jared W. Croswell, Miss Georgiana Middlebury July 14 7/28/1830
Cotton, Ashley of Hartland Frost, Miss Lydia of Groton Groton, VT 3/31/1830
Craige, James H. Goss, Miss Maria St Johnsbury April 27 5/26/1830
Crane, Reuben Blake, Miss Lucy Sutton 12/2/1828
Crawford, James White, Tirzah Maria Putney Nov 25 12/16/1828
Crawford, Thomas Jefferson of White Mtns. Meserve, Miss Mary of Bartlett Bartlett 2/24/1829
Crosby, Hiram Jackson, Miss Huldah Cornish, NH 6/20/1832
Cross, Charles of Canterbury, NH Hoyt, Miss Rebecca M. 11th inst 3/24/1830
Cross, Timothy of Hanover Kent, Miss Adeline E. dau of Daniel Kent of Salisbury Salisbury Oct 14 10/28/1828
Crossman, John C. of St Johnsbury Newell, Miss Sarah T. of Dover Dover, NH Jan 1 1/18/1832
Cummings, Cyrus Jr. Prouty, Miss Cloe of Charleston, NH Waterford 8th inst 10/21/1829
Currier, John Ripley, Miss Amy St Johnsbury April 4 4/7/1830
Curtis, Hull Barney, Miss Julia D. St Johnsbury May 12 5/18/1831
Curtis, Rev. Otis F. of Irasburgh Wright, Miss Marilla Hanover 7th inst 9/23/1829
Cutler, James Iredell Esq. Tucker, Miss Catherine Geyer of Nat'l Tucker Esq. Bellows Falls last Wed 7/8/1828
Cutler, Rev. Stephen of Montpelier Smith, Miss Mary Jane of Brownington Brownington 14th inst 6/29/1831
Cutts, Hampden Esq. of Portsmouth, NH Jarvis, Miss Mary Pepperel Sparhawk of Hon. Wm. Jarvis Wethersfield 9/16/1829
Damon, Isaac Walkins, Miss Angerline Kirby 2/16/1831
Dana, George Googins, Miss Abigail Peacham March 31 4/7/1830
Danforth, Benjamin of Claremont, NH Briggs, Miss Mary Newbury, VT 1/12/1831
Danforth, John Heath, Miss Susanah Starksboro 6/1/1831
Daniels, Luther of Danville Stearns, Miss Mary of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Dec 2? 12/7/1830
Davis, Pliny E. of Royalton Parkhurst, Miss Louisa of Royalton Brownington May 7 5/19/1830
Day, Ebenezer of Westminster, VT Smith, Miss Emeline Keene, NH 3/19/1829
Day, Hammon of Lunenburg Beede, Miss Matilda of Lyndon Lyndon ? 4/15/1829
Denison, Nathan of Burke Stoddard, Miss Sily of Sutton Sutton 9/8/1830
Densmore, Samuel of Sutton Ripley, Miss Lyda of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 12/2/1828
Dewey, Hon. John Carlisle, Miss Mary P. Lancaster, NH Feb 1 2/15/1832
Dewey, Joseph L. of Hanover, NH Greenough, Mrs. Betsey Royalton, VT 6/10/1829
Dickerman, William G. Perry, Miss Fanny St Johnsbury Dec 2 12/7/1830
Dodge, Daniel O. of Stowe Simmons, Miss Susan D. of Woodstock Woodstock 9/7/1831
Dow, Josiah Webster, Anna Newbury 6/16/1830
Drew, Elisha E. Clement, Miss Salome Danville March 30 4/13/1831
Drew, George W. Esq. of Danville Douglass, Miss Sophia of Danville Chelsea 6/15/1831
Dunley, William Ballard, Miss Betsey Boston, MA 4/8/1829
Duntley, Amos of Wheelock Orcutt, Miss Anna of Derby Derby 2/10/1829
Dwier, David Bartholomew, Miss Emily Brownington 2d inst 11/25/1828
Dwinnel, Hiram of Tunbridge Cole, Miss Eunice of Royalton Royalton, VT 7/29/1829
Dyer, Capt. Ebenezer L. Cr(o)ss, Miss Mary Portland 4/29/1829
Edgell, Aaron of Lyndon Davis, Miss Marinda Chester 4/1/1829
Edson, Hosea Stearns, Miss Mary Stanstead April 13 4/28/1830
Eggleston, Anson Blair, Miss Catherine Burke 2/10/1829
Eldridge, Julius L. of Stockholm, NY Cowles, Miss Polly New Haven 26th ult 8/12/1829
Emerson, Rev. Ralph Waldo of Boston, MA Tucker, Miss Ellen Louisa Concord last Wed 10/7/1829
Estabrook, John Abbot, Miss Emeline dau of Nathaniel Abbot Esq. Concord, NH 6th inst 7/15/1829
Farley, John Morril, Miss Nancy Danville 9/21/1831
Farmer, Nathan W. Watts, Miss Hannah Charlestown, NH 4/15/1829
Farr, Samuel of Sutton Davis, Miss Thursey of Burke Burke 8/26/1829
Fearing, Andrew C. of Boston Bowen, Miss Aldiborontiphoscophornio of Fall River Fall River, MA 5/6/1829
Fessenden, Nathan of Boston Blake, Miss Maria C. dau of Capt. Levi Blake Swanzey 3/19/1829
Fillmore, Lavius of New Haven McNeil, Miss Alevia of New Haven New Haven 30th ult 8/12/1829
Fisher, Aaron Hosley, Miss Martha Dunstable 6/3/1829
Fisk, Anson Howe, Miss Prudence Guildhall 3/26/1829
Fisk, Erastus Cleaveland, Miss Sarah Bath 4/14/1830
Fletcher, Howard Hoit, Miss Roansey Lyndon 2/10/1829
Flint, Jonas of Sutton Norris, Cyrena of Sutton Sutton 4/18/1832
Fogg, Simeon of Alexandria, NH Holmes, Miss Eliza Newbury ? Dec 3 12/23/1829
Forbes, Capt. Edward or Windsor Pomroy, Miss Abba L. of Windsor Windsor 2d inst 11/11/1829
Foster, Stephen Jr. of Stanstead, L. C. Kimball, Miss Maria Barton Sept 14 10/5/1831
Frederick, Aaron K. Smith, Miss Lydia G. Dover 5/27/1829
Frost, Freedom Cole, Miss Lucy H. Mount Holly May 17 6/5/1832
Frost, Joseph age 26 of Sutton Randell, Miss Dolly age 15 of Sutton Sutton 4/18/1832
Frost, Rev. Leonard of Unity Way, Miss Orpha Lempster 9/9/1829
Frye, Porter of Danville Whipple, Miss Adaline of Haverhill, NH Danville June 16 6/30/1830
Fuller, Dennis of Charleston, VT Buck, Naomi Waterford Oct 16 11/9/1831
Fyler, Barton N. of Bradford Houghton, Miss Harriet of Sutton Sutton Jan 12 1/19/1831
Fyler, Marcus W. Clark, Miss Hannah Bradford 2d inst 7/7/1830
Gaffield, Hollis of Hardwick Shepard, Miss Sally of Hardwick Hardwick 4/1/1829
Gage, George Spencer, Miss Mary C. St Johnsbury 5/20/1829
Gale, Dr. Josiah Bartlett Morrill, Miss Hannah Follansbee Salisbury 9/2/1829
Gale, Mr. Shedd, Catherine Hardwick 5/2/1832
Gardner, Dr. Abiather Thompson, Miss Sarah Pownal 6/3/1829
George, Moses of Walden Wakefield, Mrs. Mindwell of Hardwick Hardwick 4/29/1829
Geyer, Randolph C. of Boston Belcher, Miss Marianna dau of Nathaniel Tucker, Esq. Bellows Falls 7/15/1829
Giddins, J. H. Stevens, Miss Alvira Enosburg 6/5/1832
Gilbraith, John Gilfillan, Miss Isabella Barnet 3/21/1832
Gilkerson, John of Lyman Moor, Miss Sarah Bath, NH 10/20/1830
Gilkerson, Robert Brock, Miss Mary Barnet 3/21/1832
Gilman, Capt. Ezra age 34 Currier, Miss Clarisa age 31, dau of late John Currier Canaan 13th ult 12/2/1828
Gilman, Lewis Shipman, Miss Lucia Ann Hardwick 5/23/1832
Gleason, David Hellit, Miss Ruth St Johnsbury April 27 5/5/1830
Glidden, John of Greensboro Bundy, Miss Lucinda of Hardwick Hardwick ? 4/1/1829
Goodnow, William E. of Oxford, ME Paddleford, Miss Harriet of Colerain, MA Halifax, MA 12/9/1829
Goodrich, John Z. of Lenox Worthington, Miss Sarah of Lenox Lenox 5/4/1831
Gordon, Ira of Bath, NH Tilletson, Miss Mary of Waterford Waterford 11/24/1830
Goss, Emery Aldrich, Miss Caroline St Johnsbury 25th ult 3/19/1829
Gould, Asa Holbrook, Miss Harriet Waterford 4/14/1830
Graves, Ashley P. of Hatfield, MA Lawrence, Miss Mary Ann of Stanstead, L.C. Derby 6/15/1831
Graves, Hubbard Rawson, Clarrisa Lyndon ? 4/15/1829
Gray, Benjamin of Sheffield Sulleway, Miss Lydia of Wheelock Wheelock 12/2/1828
Gray, Ira Libbey, Miss Eunice Sheffield 12/2/1828
Greele, James of Lyndon Clark, Miss Nancy of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury June 10 6/20/1832
Green, Joseph Green, Miss Sabree Strafford 3/3/1829
Guild, Samuel S(te)vens, Miss Roxanna Westminster 11/11/1829
Guy, Chester of St Johnsbury Ramsdel, Miss Roxana of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 31st ult 4/6/1831
Haines, John of Stanstead Cass, Miss Nancy of Stanstead Hatley May 6 5/19/1830
Hall, James of Alstead Marsh, Miss Nancy of Alstead Walpole 3/3/1830
Hall, Nathaniel Kidder, Miss Sarah L. Barnet 8th 1/13/1829
Hall, Taylor G. of Boston Tileston, Miss Abigail Windsor 7/13/1831
Hallet, Freeman of St Johnsbury Fuller, Miss Sophronia of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 3d inst 3/9/1831
Hallet, Marcena Shory, Miss Sally St Johnsbury 10/28/1829
Hallock, Rev. William A. Lathrop, Fanny Le(d)ingwell of Charles Lathrop Esq. Norwich, CT 9/16/1829
Hamm, Otis Willey, Miss Sheffield 2/10/1829
Hannan, Jacob of Compton, L. C. Brown, Miss Mary Ann of Melbourne Derby 3/21/1832
Hardy, Johnson A. Clark, Miss Sybil Bradford 2/10/1830
Harriman, Orin of Craftsbury Rowell, Miss Mary of Albany Albany 5/12/1830
Harrington, Harry of St Johnsbury Locke, Miss Betsey of Kirby Kirby Oct 13 10/21/1829
Harrington, Jubal of St Johnsbury Hill, Miss Arribella of Waterford Waterford 31st ult 1/6/1829
Harrington, Leonard Esq. of St Johnsbury Locke, Miss Rebecca of Kirby Kirby May 31 6/9/1830
Harvey, Alden Haseltine, Miss Polly Barnet 1st inst 1/13/1829
Harvey, Charles Newell, Miss Cloe Burke 2/10/1829
Harvey, Daniel Damon, Miss Sally M. Kirby 2/16/1831
Harvey, Silas of Burke Fisher, Miss Pamelia of Burke Burke 2/1/1832
Hastings, William J. of Craftsbury Rawson, Miss Eliza of Craftsbury Craftsbury 5/12/1830
Hatch, Albert G. Lemmex, Miss Harriet Windsor 7th inst 9/16/1829
Hatch, Chauncey of Hardwick Huntington, Miss Elvira of Greensboro Peru, NY 3/21/1832
Hatch, Leavett Morgan, Miss Lucy Lyndon 10/21/1829
Hawse, Perkins Bean, Miss Lydia Hatley 4/281/830
Hazeltine, Timothy of Barnet Peabody, Miss Maria of Littleton Littleton 17th inst 3/26/1829
Hazen, Allen of Hartland, VT Dana, Miss Hannah of Danville Danville Feb 15 2/29/1832
Heard, Luke of Stanstead Hubbard, Miss Persis of Stanstead Stanstead Dec 23 2/17/1829
Heart, Rev. William Moore, Miss Lydia H. Hampstead, L. I. 5/11/1831
Heath, Benjamin Curtis, Miss Adeline Wheelock 2/24/1829
Heath, Sanborn of Brockfort, NY Spencer, Miss Emily widow of Geo Spencer of Cabot Cabot 2/29/1832
Hemenway, Lewis S. Clark, Miss Maria Orwell 14th 2/3/1829
Hickock, William A. Butler, Miss Polly North Hero 26th ult 8/12/1829
Higgins, John Ide, Miss Elathan St Johnsbury 3/17/1830
Hight, Reuben of Peacham Stewart, Miss Jennet Barnet 3/17/1830
Hill, Daniel Esq. of Waterford Holbrook, Miss Mary of Waterford Waterford Oct 11/24/1830
Hill, Horatio Emery, Miss Clara W. Concord, NH April 25 5/19/1830
Hinman, Walker N. of Rochester, NY Mourdy, Miss Hannah of Brownington Brownington? Jan 8? 3/12/1829
Holmes, Harvey of Hubbardton Harris, Mrs. Sylvia of Salisbury Salisbury 7th inst 6/3/1829
Hopkins, William E. of Fairfax Rage, Miss Sally of Enosburgh Enosburgh 11/10/1830
Hough, Lent S. Smith, Miss Hannah Northfield 8/17/1831
Houghton, Capt. William C. of St. J. Jones, Miss Maria of Burke Burke 12/1/1830
Houghton, Clark Potter, Miss Hannah Barnet March (8) 3/9/1831
Houghton, Hiram of Barnet Danforth, Miss Cynthia P. Danville 5/18/1831
Hovey, Rev. Edmund O. of Thetford Carter, Miss Mary Peacham Oct 5 11/9/1831
Howard, Alexander Cilley, Miss Polly of Orange Topsham July 21 8/10/1831
Howard, Benjamin (W)atkins, Miss Mary Pomfret 11/11/1829
Howe, James F. Holmes, Miss Caroline A. H. Boston, MA 12/2/1828
Hubbard, Benjamin F. of Stanstead, L. C. Nash, Miss Harriet of Williamsburg, MA Williamsburg, MA 11/23/1831
Hubbard, Isaac W. Townsend, Miss Sarah Ann Windsor 7th ult 2/3/1829
Humphrey, Correl of Burke Jones, Miss Laura of Burke Burke 11/3/1830
Hunter, Johnson Morgan, Miss Mehitable Lyndon July 9 8/17/1831
Hurd, Mr. Winters, Miss Lydia Sandgate 4/8/1829
Hurlburt, Eli of Hanover, NH Dewey, Miss Lydia of Hanover, NH Hanover, NH 6/15/1831
Hurlbut, Rufus Goodell, Miss Elvira Barnet 8th ? 1/13/1829
Hutcheson, E. Wells, Miss Virginia Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutcheson, J. Wells, Miss Peggy M. Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutcheson, Jona. Wells, Miss Judith Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutcheson, Richard Wells, Miss Eliza Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutcheson, Theophilus Wells, Miss Martha Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutcheson, Thomas Wells, Miss Sarah Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutcheson, Titus Wells, Miss Mary Saco, ME Dec 24 3/7/1832
Hutchins, Capt. William Witherell, Miss Louisa Montpelier 9/22/1830
Hutchinson, Edwin Esq. Dana, Miss Eunice E. Woodstock 23d ult 11/11/1829
Hutchinson, Joseph of St Johnsbury Ide, Miss Esther of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Dec 12 12/15/1830
Ide, Capt. Hiram H. Hawkins, Miss Frinda St Johnsbury Oct 28 11/4/1829
Ide, Jacob 2d of Barnet Knights, Miss Lodosca of Waterford Waterford 5/12/1830
Ives, Warren Esq. of Topsham Ladd, Miss Louisa B. of Newbury, VT Newbury, VT 7/29/1829
Jackson, Daniel Balch, Miss Laura Keene, NH 9/2/1829
Jackson, David Magoon, Miss Sally Wheelock 2/8/1832
Jackson, Rev. Samuel C. of Andover True, Miss Caroline of Wm. True, Esq. Boston, MA 3/3/1829
Jenness, Richard of Piermont Buel, Miss Sybel of Hanover Hanover 4/1/1829
Johnson, David of Newbury Smith, Miss Eliza of Franklin Franklin, NH Feb 9 3/30/1831
Johnson, Franklin P. of Newbury Stevens, Miss Eleanor F. of Newbury Newbury 9th inst 10/28/1828
Johnson, Hiram Kimbel, Miss Sarah Boston 12/14/1831
Johnson, Lt. Edward S. of U. S. Navy Dodge, Miss Emily Providence 9/9/1829
Johnson, Moses of Newbury, VT Pearsons, Miss Betsey of Haverhill Haverhill, NH Dec 23 1/5/1831
Johnston, Spear of Newbury Smith, Miss Susan of Newbury Newbury Nov 9 11/18/1829
Jones, Ebenezer of St Johnsbury Bishop, Miss Lydia of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Nov 16 11/24/1830
Jones, William L. of Burke Hoyt, Miss Lydia B. of Danville Danville 5/4/1831
Judd, Francis Marsh, Miss Rosanna Barnston, L. C. 4/14/1830
Keeler, Silas G. of Brandon Woods, Miss Barcinia Rutland 6/1/1831
Kelley, John Esq. Chase, Miss Mary Plaistow 4/1/1829
Kelly, Silas Stevenson, Miss Jennet Barnet May 26 6/9/1830
Kelly, Willard of Stanstead Way, Miss Aurelia of Derby Derby 1st inst 2/17/1829
Kendall, David Jr. of Craftsbury White, Miss Seraphina of Craftsbury Craftsbury 5/12/1830
Kennard, James of New Market, NH Johnson, Miss Katharine R. Newburyport 11/25/1828
Kent, Rev. Elaphalet of Mississippi Capron, Miss Fanny of Tinmouth Tinmouth 7th inst 9/2/1829
Keyes, Freeman of Newbury Jewett, Miss Emeline St Johnsbury 11/9/1831
Kimbal, John L. of Landaff, NH Meigs, Miss Meroa of Barnet Barnet Feb 3 2/9/1831
Kimball, Ebenezer C. Kinney, Esther Waterford 4/14/1830
Kimball, Seth Haskins, Miss Polly Middlesex 9/22/1830
Knapp, Rolin O. Bishop, Miss Susan Berlin Jan 6 1/19/1831
Kneeland, Willard H. Woods, Miss Cleara Barnet 2/16/1831
Knowlton, John S. C. Esq. Hartwell, Miss Anna W. Littleton 10/7/1829
Lackie, Andrew Johnson, Miss Betsey Danville ? 3/26/1829
Ladd, Calvin P. of Barnet Harmon, Miss Mary P. Coventry Sept 15 9/22/1830
Ladd, Hollis S. Taylor, Miss Elvira Peacham 31st ult 1/6/1829
Lamb, Charles Parsons, Miss Harriet Middlebury 4th inst 8/12/1829
Lamphere, John M. Meader, Miss Mary Ann Wells River 10/14/1829
Lamphire, Shepherd Huntley, Miss Rebecca of Cavendish Cavendish 26th ult 11/11/1829
Lang, James Gilkerson, Miss Nancy Barnet 3/21/1832
Lang, William age 90 Gilbraith, Miss Jennet age 26 Barnet March 10 3/30/1831
Lawrence, Ebenezer S. Ladd, Miss Hannah P. Gilford 14th inst 9/30/1829
Le Bosquet, James H. of Haverhill, MA Rix, Miss Sarah dau of Nathaniel Rix of Haverhill, NH Boston 7/15/1829
Leslie, Myron Esq. of Derby G(illet), Miss Catherine of Wells River Wells River 11/18/1829
Lewis, William M. of Springfield, Alabama Bartlett, Mary dau of I. C. Bartlett Esq. of Bristol Bristol 10/28/1828
Little, Dr. Samuel of Grafton Paine, Miss Catharine of Lebanon Lebanon 10th inst 9/23/1829
Low, John A. Carleton, Miss Eliza of Ebenezer Carleton, Esq. Bath 9th inst 7/22/1829
Lukens, Jacob age 81 Childs, Miss Rachael age 25 Bucks County, PA 11/25/1828
Lyon, Edward of Burlington Lyman, Miss Amoret M. of Burlington Vergennes 4/1/1829
Lyon, Loring of Sturbridge Patch, Miss Cynthia of Worcester Worcester, MA 4/29/1829
Manser, George B. Esq. of Williston Clarke, Miss Mary of Hon. A. Clarke of Dan. Danville 12th inst 6/29/1831
Marden, Joseph of Jefferson, NH Day, Miss Levina of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh 3d inst 1/18/1832
Marsh, Lyndon A. Esq. Swan, Miss Lucy G. of Benjamin Swan Esq. Woodstock, VT 11/25/1829
Marsh, Rev. James of Burlington Wheelock, Miss Laura Burlington 1/27/1830
Marshall, Paul of Plattsburgh, NY Buck, Mrs. Electa of Hinesburgh Burlington 23d ult 2/3/1829
Martin, John M. of Albion, NY Sprague, Miss Martha O. Peacham 25th ult 12/16/1828
Mason, John W. of Craftsbury Scott, Miss Catherine of Craftsbury Craftsbury 5/12/1830
Mathewson, Stephen S. of Lyndon Welch, Miss Prudence of Sheffield Lyndon Dec 26 1/18/1832
Matthews, James of Brownington Aldrich, Miss Saphira of Brownington Brownington 23d ult 5/5/1830
M'Caw, James M. Taylor, Miss Sally Stanstead? 29th ult ? 10/14/1829
McGaffey, John Hawkins, Miss Sally of St Johnsbury Lyndon 6/13/1832
McMellen, Andrew of Fryeburg, ME Dana, Miss Emily E. of Danville Danville 26th ult 12/2/1828
M'Collum, John of Barnet T(uthill), Miss Maria of Peacham Peacham 25th ult 3/26/1829
Mead, Larkin G. Esq. of Chesterfield Noyes, Miss Mary Jane of Putney Putney June 8 7/1/1829
Meigs, Rrenzo Ladd, Miss Selina Lyndon 4/15/1829
Miles, Royal of Barton Leonard, Miss Mariett of Montpelier Glover 2/8/1832
Miller, Col. Jonathan P. of Randolph & Greece Arms, Sarah dau of Capt. Austin Arms Montpelier 26th ult 7/8/1828
Mills, Thomas Ames, Miss Caroline S. Burlington 24th ult 7/15/1829
Mitchel, Rev. Edward Cheney, Miss Ruth Derby 3/21/1832
Moncrief, Peter age 73 M'Matty, Miss Eliza age 19 Adolphnstown, U. C. 2/8/1832
Montgomery, John C. Esq. of Danville Kerr, Miss Debra of Jacob Kerr of Turbut, PA 4th ult 3/3/1830
Moore, John of Barnet Wright, Miss Harriet of Barnet Barnet 10th inst 11/18/1828
Moore, Major Lovel of St Johnsbury Fuller, Miss Lucy of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 14th inst 12/16/1828
Morgan, Amos of Stanstead Morgan, Widow Laura of Stanstead Derby 21st ult 10/14/1829
Morril, Amos C. of Peacham Stocker, Miss Mehitable W. of (Peacham?) Danville 12/30/1829
Morrill, Abel 3d, of Hatley, L. C. McLean, Miss Margaret of Cabot Cabot 14th inst 3/26/1829
Morrill, Samuel Esq. of Worcester Abbot, Miss Hannah of Andover Andover, MA 1/13/1829
Morris, Lieut. Richard H. of U.S. Navy Emerson, Miss Mary P. of Norwich Norwich 19th ult 3/3/1829
Morton, Jeremiah of Athol, MA age 49 Morse, Miss Olive of Putney age 22 Putney 12/2/1828
Morton, Mr. of Wolcott Spaulding, Miss Mary of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 6 1/13/1829
Munroe, Nathan of Seckonk, MA Hall, Miss Cornelia D. of Newmarket Newmarket 5/27/1829
Munsey, Lemuel P. Hanscam, Mrs. Nancy Barnstead 9/30/1829
Neal, John Esq. Hall, Miss Eleanor dau of Joel Hall Portland 11/25/1828
Nelson, Horace Fifield, Miss Eliza Craftsbury 6/20/1832
Nichols, Asa Hitchcock, Miss Eliza La Moille, Hardwick 5/18/1831
Nichols, William age 76 of Ossipee Bushwell, Mrs. Sarah age 62 of Ossipee Dover, NH April 10 4/28/1830
Noes, Mr. Martin, Miss Sally Stanstead ? 29th ult? 10/14/1829
Norris, Justus Kinne, Miss Mary Ann of Waterford Peacham 10/21/1829
North, Charles J. Kendall, Miss Lydia Windsor 3d inst 9/16/1829
Nutter, Josiah of Concord, VT Mann, Mrs. Fanny M. of Bradleyvale Bradleyvale 2/8/1832
Nye, Norman of Brownington Brown, Miss Clarrissa of Barton Barton 3/12/1829
Olcott, Edward Rufus, Esq. of Hanover, NH Burns, Charlotte A. of Thomas Burns Esq. of Gilmanton Gilmanton Wed last 6/24/1829
Packad, Charles Esq. of Brunswick, ME Kent, Miss Rebecca Prentiss of Hon. Wm. A. Kent Concord, NH 11/18/1829
Paddock, John C. of Waterville, VT Lovel, Miss Charlotte of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Oct 30 11/2/1831
Page, John Clough, Miss Sally Danville 12/29/1830
Page, Joseph of Wentworth, NH Peck, Miss Nancy of Lyndon Lyndon 14th inst 4/25/1832
Page, Mark M. of Plainfield Stevens, Miss Betsey Montpelier June 24 7/28/1830
Paine, George Esq. of Williamstown, VT Porter, Miss Martha Olcott of Hanover Hanover, NH 12th inst 5/20/1829
Palmer, Samuel Wilcox, Miss Maria Orford, NH 4/21/1830
Park, Samuel of Lyndon Chamberlain, Miss Mary Ann of Irasburg Irasburg 1/13/1829
Parker, Carlos Hill, Miss Susan Waterford March 16 3/23/1831
Patch, Josiah of Lunenburg Nothing, Miss Elenor of Scituate Quincy Thur last 12/9/1829
Patrick, Samuel Smith, Mrs. Calista Windsor 6th 9/16/1829
Pattison, Everett of Salem, MA Brown, Miss Lavina dau of Philip Brown Esq. Hopkinton 9/2/1829
Pease, George Abbey, Miss Laura Derby 3/14/1832
Peck, Lucius Esq. of Montpelier Day, Miss Martha Barre 5/23/1832
Perkins, Apolos of Lyme, NH Porter, Miss Wealthy Thetford 5/2/1832
Pierce, Ebenezer age 70 Nichols, Mrs. Rhoda age 70 Berkley, MA 8/19/1829
Pike, Benjamin Dedman, Miss Lydia Montpelier 7/29/1829
Pollard, Stephen Lewis, Miss Hannah Brookfield 9/9/1829
Poo, Welton K. of Lyndon Gates, Miss Sophia of Bradley's Vale Bradley's Vale, VT Apr 22 5/19/1830
Pope, John Morrill, Miss Cynthia Danville Dec 29 1/5/1831
Porter, Galen T. Esq. Fletcher, Miss Mary E. Boston 10/7/1829
Porter, John S. of Vergennes Bissel, Miss Emily S. E. of Windsor Windsor 16th inst 11/25/1829
Post, Simeon S. of Montpelier Peck, Miss Parthenia Lebanon, NH 2/17/1830
Powell, Alexander Moore, Miss Mary B. Burlington 2/10/1830
Pratt, Russell W. of Pittstown, NY Hoyt, Miss Lucy of (Pittstown, NY or Boston?) Boston, MA ? 4/8/1829
Prescott, Hiram Evans, Miss Eunice Sutton 1/13/1829
Prouty, Elijah K. of Waterford, VT Loomis, Miss Cynthia of Boston Boston Oct 5 10/21/1829
Quimby, Truman of Lyndon (Gib)lin, Miss Caroline of Strafford Strafford 2/10/1829
Ramsay, Abner of Durham, L. C. Adams, Miss Eliza of Stanstead Derby 11/23/1831
Randall, Mason Nelson, Miss Polly Newbury ? Dec 10 ? 12/23/1829
Randall, Thomas, Jr. Thompson, Miss Sally Danville 3/26/1829
Randolph, John Nichols, Miss Mary Danby 2d inst 5/13/1829
Ray, Dan Round, Miss Orrilla Monkton 4/8/1829
Remick, James Bolton, Miss Mary Danville 10/20/1830
Remick, Page Ward, Miss Laura Brownington Jan 8 3/12/1829
Richardson, Joseph Dana, Miss Lucy Peacham Dec 2 1/12/1831
Rix, John Paul, Miss Mary Stanstead ? 29th ult? 10/14/1829
Rogers, Hanson of Cabot McDaniels, Miss Sally of Peacham Peacham 4th inst 4/15/1829
Rollins, David of Greensboro Thompson, Miss Betsey F. of Walden   5/23/1832
Ronslow, Rev. Geo. W. of Cambridge Parmelee, Miss Ann dau of Rev. S. Parmelee Westford 8th inst 2/17/1829
Root, George W. of Middlebury Corning, Miss Julia dau of Geo. Corning Hartford, CT 18th ult 8/24/1831
Rowel, Nathan of Hatley Leavett, Miss Anna of Compton Compton, L. C. Feb 19 3/14/1832
Rowland, John of St Johnsbury Bugbee, Miss Laura of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Jan 18 1/26/1831
Royce, George Howe, Elmira of Danville Bridgewater 3/31/1830
Russel, Ebenezer Trescott, Miss Matilda Danville April 24 5/11/1831
Russel, Ira of Danville Woodward, Miss Priscilla Peacham 12/28/1831
Russell, Hiram Fuller, Miss Hannah Peacham May 27 6/16/1830
Russell, William of Newbury Heath, Miss Elmira of Newbury Wells River 11/18/1828
Sales, John of Troy, NY Barton, Miss Mary Ann Shaftsbury 3/7/1832
Sanborn, Benjamin of Lyndon Stanton, Miss Abagail B. of Danville Danville 12/1/1830
Sanborn, Ira S. of Peru, NY Ames, Miss Cynthia of Royalton Royalton 2d inst 9/30/1829
Sanborn, Oliver Lyford Sherburne, Miss Mary Hall Concord, NH 4th inst 11/11/1829
Sanborn, Stephen C. of Newbury, VT Stevens, Miss Cassandra W. of Newbury, VT New Chester, NH 6/17/1829
Sargeant, William Hough, Miss Elizabeth Middlebury 6/1/1831
Sargent, Tappan of Stanstead Bagley, Miss Sally of Stanstead Derby June 17 7/14/1830
Satan, Israel Parlor, Miss Grace Matilda, U. C. 14th ult 5/25/1831
Sawyer, Joseph Esq. of Piermont Plastridge, Mrs. Mary D. of Canaan Canaan Nov 23 12/2/1829
Scott, ____ Mr. of Tusaloosa, Alabama Houghton, Miss Stella of Sutton, VT Tuscaloosa, Alabama Aug 10 9/15/1830
Scott, Ezra C. of Provincetown, MA Wheeler, Miss Sophila of Peacham Peacham 31st ult 8/19/1828
Scott, James of Burlington Hawkins, Miss Delia of Georgia Georgia 25th ult 2/17/1829
Scott, Sabin of Craftsbury Towle, Miss Sarah of Craftsbury Craftsbury 5/12/1830
Seavy, Hiram Priest, Miss Susan Brownington 9th inst 11/25/1828
Severance, Ebenezer of St Johnsbury Harlow, Rebecca widow of Capt. Levi Harlow of Boston Lyndon March 7 3/31/1830
Shattuck, Phabius of Danville Smith, Miss Huldah of Danville Danville 29th ult 4/6/1831
Shaw, George B. Esq. of Danville Bigelow, Miss Nancy H. of Keene Keene, NH 7/7/1830
Shedd, Christopher T. Swan, Miss Charlotte K. Woodstock 10/7/1829
Shedd, Gilmon H. Farewell, Miss Adeline Windsor 2/10/1830
Sheldon, Parker of Gardiner Lane, Miss Ruth Merrill Hollis, ME 5/27/1829
Sherwood, Dr. Lemuel Jun. Shaw, Miss Delana Hoosac, NY 9th inst 4/1/1829
Shorey, Miles Woods, Miss Fanny Barnet 7th 1/13/1829
Short, Benjamin S. of Hartland Washburn, Miss Mary of Woodstock Woodstock 3/30/1831
Shory, Leonard Bagley, Miss Rebecca St Johnsbury 10/28/1829
Sias, Capt. William Hall, Miss Chloe B. Danville May 30 6/13/1832
Simons, Lowel of Compton Lebarron, Miss Betsey of Hatley Compton, L. C. Feb 21 3/14/1832
Simpson, Cotton K. of Pembroke, NH Marble, Miss Sarah R. Haverhill, MA 8/19/1829
Skinner, Dr. J. F. Stevens, Miss Sophia Barnet 7/14/1830
Smith, Alpheus of Shipton Ward, Miss Mary C. of Stanstead Hatley, LC 3/17/1830
Smith, Calvin H. of Hinesburgh Stanley, Miss Eunice of Greensboro Greensboro 7/15/1828
Smith, Dr. Orin Knapp, Miss Julia of Hon. Abel Knapp Berlin 12/22/1830
Smith, George Esq. of Wilton Gregg, Miss Grace of Dunstable Dunstable 5/27/1829
Smith, Hiram of Enosburg Gaff, Miss Selinda St Albans 12/28/1831
Smith, Levi Esq. Newell, Miss Cinthia Milton 7th inst 2/17/1829
Smith, Oramel H. Esq. Goss, Miss Mary W. Montpelier 9/22/1830
Smith, William Kenleen, Mrs. Margaret Portsmouth Tues 11/25/1828
Snell, Samuel Aldrich, Miss Sally St Johnsbury 11/10/1830
Spafford, David Crooker, Miss Olive Middletown 5/13/1829
Spaulding, Jason C., MD of Dennysville, ME Frost, Miss Susan H. of Worcester Worcester, MA 6/22/1831
Spencer, William Stimpson, Miss Samantha Brownington 3/7/1832
Sprague, George F. Robbins, Miss Martha Peacham 26th ult 5/6/1829
Sprague, Jesse Elkins, Miss Susan Clarendon 4/8/1829
Stanford, Curtis of Burke Sanborn, Miss Abagail M. of Danville Danville 8/25/1830
Stearns, Daniel Hubbard, Miss Betsy Merrimack 7/22/1829
Steele, David Jr. Southworth, Miss Harriet Lyme 4/22/1829
Steele, Solomon of Stanstead White, Miss Eliza of Dr. Joseph White of Banuff, Scotland Stanstead Jan 25 2/8/1832
Stocker, Samuel of Potton Fullerton, Miss Calista of Potton Potton, L. C. Nov 1 12/1/1830
Stoddard, Jesse W. Benton, Miss Hannah S. Waterford 12th inst 3/19/1829
Stone, Rev. George of Sandgate, VT Lawton, Miss Eleutheria F. Hardwick, MA 10th ult 8/10/1831
Stowell, David Jr. of Derry, NH Porter, Miss Lydia Emeline of Lebanon Lebanon, NH 5/26/1830
Stricland, Horace Baldwin, Miss Susan Orford, NH prob 7/7/1830
Swain, Frederic C. of New London Tuck, Miss Ann D. of Hopkinton Concord 13th inst 7/22/1829
Taft, Andrew Eastman, Miss Sarah Sutton 1/18/1832
Taplin, Horatio N. Walton, Miss Caroline Montpelier 19th ult 2/3/1829
Tarleton, Albert G. Esq. of Haverhill, NH Simmons, Miss Mary Thomas of Dr. Levi Simmons Burlington Oct 22 of St Alb. 11/4/1829
Taylor, Reuben M'Caw, Miss Jane Stanstead 29th ult 10/14/1829
Temple, Willard Hill, Miss Jane Sunderland 4/8/1829
Thayer, George R. M. of Dorchester Wait, Miss Juliana of Montreal Dorchester 3/3/1829
Thayer, Sanford Aldrich, Miss Patience St Johnsbury 30th ult 5/6/1829
Thompson, Calvin of Somersworth Martin, Miss Hannah of Somersworth Dover 8/19/1829
Thompson, D. P. Esq. of Montpelier Robinson, Miss Eunice Hardwick 9/14/1831
Thompson, William C., Esq. of Plymouth, NH Leavett, Martha H. dau of John Leaverett Esq. Windsor 21st ult 11/18/1828
Tice, Isaac T. of Danville Kimball, Miss Mehitable of Haverhill Haverhill, NH 17th inst 3/26/1829
Tinney, Rev. Asa P. of Groton, NH Tinney, Miss Mary Newbury May 22 6/17/1829
Torrey, Rev. Joseph of UVM Paine, Miss Mary Burlington 8/25/1830
Towle, Roby of Pittsfield Nelson, Miss Abigail of Barnstead Barnstead 9/30/1829
Tracy, Capt. Hiram Shedd, Miss Jane E. Wells River Sept 8 9/21/1831
Turner, Edward, A. M. of Middlebury Storrs, Miss Sophronia dau of Col. Seth Storrs Middlebury 9/23/1829
Varnum, John Jr. Robbins, Miss Fatima Peacham 5/23/1832
Virgin, Elisha Smith, Miss Harriet Bath 28th ult 11/18/1828
Walker, Ferdinand L. Randall, Miss Sarah Lyndon March 3 3/23/1831
Waller, Royal H. Esq., P. M. Page, Miss Frances Rutland 2/10/1830
Wallingford, David Jr. Whitcher, Miss Mary Jane Stanstead, L. C. 3/14/1832
Walter, Retus of Burke Howard, Miss Louisa of Burke Burke 11/3/1830
Wardel, John Jun. of Newbury Wheeler, Miss Mary of Hardwick Hardwick 2/29/1832
Washburn, Emory Esq. of Worcester, MA Giles, Miss Mary Ann C. of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury 3rd inst 11/10/1830
Watkins, Everet Lawrence, Miss Tyla Kirby March 17 4/7/1830
Watkins, Stephen of Kirby Meader, Miss of Lyndon Kirby March 17? 4/7/1830
Webster, Abraham Brainerd, Miss Rhoda Danville 4/21/1830
Welch, David of Groton Titus, Miss Dolly of Corinth Corinth 2/24/1830
Wells, Luther Ufford, Miss Sarah Fairfax 4/8/1829
Wells, Robert M. of Hatley, L. C. Chamberlain, Miss Olive A. of Peacham Peacham 1/27/1829
Wells, William of Windsor Forbes, Miss Minerva of Windsor Windsor 25th ult 11/11/1829
Wells, William W. Carpenter, Miss Eliza Waterbury 2/2/1831
Wesson, Moses of Topsham Brock, Miss Phebe Barnet 3/17/1830
West, Hon. Presbury of St Johnsbury Woodman, Esther of late Rev. Joe Woodman of Sanbornton Rochester, NH Jan 17 1/27/1830
Wheat, Horatio N. Dyer, Miss Betsey Royalton ? 2d inst? 9/30/1829
Wheeler, Asaph Gilman, Miss Anna Lyndon 2/10/1829
Wheeler, Isaac of Barnston Clement, Miss Hannah Rosina of Barnston Stanstead 2/8/1832
Wheeler, Otis Kelly, Miss Anna Danby 9th inst 5/13/1829
Wheelwright, William Esq. Bartlett, Martha G. dau of Capt. Edmund Bartlett Newburyport 2/24/1829
Whitelaw, John B. of Newbury Gillett, Miss Caroline of Newbury Wells River 8/12/1828
Whitney, Ebenezer J., Esq. of Hartford, VT Boardman, Miss Amanda S. of Norwich Hartford, VT Nov 23 12/29/1830
Willey, Perkins Vining, Miss Naomi Derby 5/30/1832
Willey, William Jr. of Glover Wiggins, Miss Salley Barton 13 inst 10/26/1831
Williams, George P. of Kenyon College, OH Edson, Miss Elizabeth dau of Gen. Joseph Edson Randolph 10/7/1829
Williams, Thomas of Danville Ames, Miss Mary of Peacham Peacham 3d inst 12/9/1828
Wing, David of St Johnsbury Dimick, Miss Cynthia of Canton Canton, NY Feb 23 3/19/1829
Wing, Lewis Hallet, Miss Sabrina St Johnsbury Aug 29 9/7/1831
Winslow, Dr. Thomas of Chelsea Baxter, Miss Harriet Sharon 5/23/1832
Woods, Calvin of Kirby Harvey, Miss Freelove A. of ST Johnsbury St Johnsbury Dec 21 12/28/1831
Woods, Riley Thurston, Miss Lydia Barnet 3/26/1829
Woodward, Edward T. Mears, Miss Phebe Peacham 1/27/1829
Worthly, Jesse of Bradford Ainsworth, Miss Laura Corinth 2/17/1830
Wright, Horatio N. of St Johnsbury Hammond, Miss Orpha of St Johnsbury St Johnsbury Feb 14 2/22/1832
Wright, John A. Hebard, Miss Amanda Brookfield 12th inst 3/26/1829
Wright, John Esq. Prescott, Miss Susan Groton, MA 6/3/1829
York, John B. of New Durham Wentworth, Miss Lavina of New Durham Brookfield ? 9/9/1829
Young, James Mears, Miss Mary of Danville Stanstead April 13 4/21/1830

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