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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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FRANKLIN/ST.ALBANS – James Allan Young ....show

Enosburg Falls – Mrs. Biola Josephine Parent ....show

FRANKLIN – Philip Morgan Pierce ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS - A. James Budd, Jr. ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Harry J. Towle ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Marjorie C. Jacobs ....show

ENOSBURG – Edwin Olin Geraw ....show

BERKSHIRE – Marion F. Fortin – Murphy ....show

BAKERSFIELD – Michaella “Micha” Knight Lopes ....show

RICHFORD – Dorothy M. Demar ....show

EAST FAIRFIELD - DEBRA “KIM” MILLER Debra "Kim" Miller ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – P. Arlene Drown ....show

RICHFORD – Ian Scott Paquette Robtoy ....show

FRANKLIN – Morton H. Greenwood, Sr. ....show

ORANGE CITY, FL / LAKE CARMI, VT/ RICHFORD, VT – Harry Joseph Newell, Jr. ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Joyce (Billado) Howard ....show

FRANKLIN / RICHFORD – Lionel Ronald Salois ....show

Enosburg Falls – Kathryn J. Combs ....show

BAKERSFIELD, VT / WINDSOR, SC – Diane E. Murray ....show

FRANKLIN – Carolyn F. Hemenway ....show

ENOSBURGH, VT / EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA – Owen F. Hudson ....show

FRANKLIN – Warren Kenneth Rivers ....show

MONTGOMERY / BARTON – Ralph Watson “Bub” Levis ....show

RICHFORD – Gordon G. Rodger ....show

FAIRFIELD - Gordon A “Sonny” Boomhower ....show

FRANKLIN – George Lionel Prive ....show

SHELDON – Pamela Kane Mayo ....show

MONTGOMERY – Carmi Watson “Sonny” Levis, Jr ....show

SHELDON – Richard J. “Dickie” Churchill ....show

LAKELAND, FL/ENOSBURG FALLS, VT- James F. "Jim" Miller ....show

MONTGOMERY, VT / LAS VEGAS, NV – Barbara Ruth Garrow ....show

RICHFORD – JeanneD’arc Gagne ....show

RICHFORD – Asa G. Wilson, Sr. ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – William A. Boucher ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Dorothy A. Reed ....show

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