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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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RICHFORD – Charles D. “Chuck” Sawyer ....show

BAKERSFIELD – Laura Burgess Doane ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Weltha (Gates) Bingham ....show

RICHFORD – Marcel Albert Martel ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Martha Glenn Tillotson ....show

FRANKLIN – Ronald P. Bocash ....show

EAST FAIRFIELD – Rita Flanders ....show

BERKSHIRE – Deanna D. Carr ....show

RICHFORD – Homer Donald Corey ....show

North Woodstock, NH/Bakersfield, VT Jessica Lynn Brigham ....show

RICHFORD – Ruth Joanna Ruch ....show

FAIRFIELD – Shelby Jean Paradee ....show

BERKSHIRE – Mark Damon Luna ....show

Fairfield, VT – Evelyn A.(Ryea) Gleason ....show

STOWE, VT / RIVIERA BEACH, FL – Ruth A. Musslewhite ....show

RICHFORD - Arthur William (“Andy”) Anderson ....show

RICHFORD – Myrtle M. Bergeron ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Jerry L. Messier ....show

RICHFORD, VT – Huestus Alvin Smith ....show

ENOSBURGH – Elrick Eugene “Bug” Robtoy ....show

EAST ENOSBURG – David Bruce Gross ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Blanche A. Gelbar ....show

CAMBRIDGE/JEFFERSONVILLE – Frances (Thomas) Westman ....show

ST. ALBANS – Diane Starr (Fletcher) Bryce ....show

RICHFORD – Marjorie J. Rodger ....show

RICHFORD – Wilma N. Marston ....show

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