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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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NEKG of Vermont does not own copyright to the information on this page. Each obituary on this page belongs to the originator. Obituaries are created by the deceased or relatives of the deceased with the help of funeral homes and are published with the intent of informing the public of its content.

NEKG (NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy) of Vermont does own this particular collection, transcription and the presentation of these materials.

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NEWPORT / RICHFORD - Barbara (Bobbi) Scharff Moore ....show

RICHFORD – Gordon J. “Boob” Carr ....show

Milton – Lyle E. Rushlow ....show

SHELDON – Susan M. Palin ....show

WEST ENOSBURGH – Doris E. Hull ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Joyce E. Read ....show

EAST BERKSHIRE – Michael Amann ....show

SHELDON SPRINGS, VT / DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Robert J. “Jimmy” Jackson ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – Florence Adeline Nolan ....show

FAIRFIELD – Linda Kay Baker ....show

ST. ALBANS / ENOSBURG FALLS – Edward Arnold “Eddie” Garrow ....show

RICHFORD – Rejeanne Marie Solange Desautels ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS, VT – Judith L Derby ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS – William F. Bocash ....show

ST. ALBANS – Margaret Mary Michel ....show

MONTGOMERY CENTER – Mitchell Harland Demar ....show

MONTGOMERY CENTER – Darla Mae Donna ....show

RICHFORD – Leroy Floyd Manosh ....show

RICHFORD, VT – Ethel May (Pardee) Goodrow ....show

RICHFORD – Beatrix F. “Bea” Ruiter ....show

RICHFORD – L. Blanche Lumbra ....show

Enosburg – Phoebe E. St. Martin ....show

FRANKLIN – Madeline Barbara Messier ....show

Fairfield – Traute “Judy” Elfriede Reynolds ....show

RICHFORD – Lynn E. “Buster” Fletcher ....show

ENOSBURG FALLS - Marcel R. Dragon ....show

East Fairfield – Virginia E. “Dukie” Riley ....show

WEST BERKSHIRE – Clayton Randall Abair ....show

ESSEX JUNCTION – Harvey Esco Bruner Jr. ....show

Berkshire - Paul Emile Paradis ....show

Franklin, Vermont - David Happich Breed ....show

RICHFORD – James Julien Fleury ....show

Enosburg Falls -- Barbara Neveu Amor ....show

FRANKLIN – Faith J. Jones ....show

SWANTON - Ernest Eugene Ross ....show

FRANKLIN (LAKE CARMI) – William Lawrence Bonnette, Jr ....show

HIGHGATE CENTER - Douglas “Doug” Wimble ....show

BAKERSFIELD, VT – The Rev. Virginia C. Thomas ....show

Albany, NY/Fairfield, VT - Raymond David Fisk ....show

SWANTON – Geraldine O. Jacobs ....show

EAST BAKERSFIELD – Betty M. Hickey ....show

ST. ALBANS – James A. Ladieu ....show

FAIRFIELD – Raymond “Grump” Alton Sweet ....show

RICHFORD – Margaret F. “Maggie” Rivers ....show

RICHFORD – Joyce “Jo” (Farrar) Fletcher ....show

BAKERSFIELD, VT – Jack E. Goss Sr. ....show

MONTGOMERY CENTER - Denise Watson Stepanek, R.N. ....show

RICHFORD – Eleanor J. Barnes ....show

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