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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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NEKG of Vermont does not own copyright to the information on this page. Each obituary on this page belongs to the originator. Obituaries are created by the deceased or relatives of the deceased with the help of funeral homes and are published with the intent of informing the public of its content.

NEKG (NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy) of Vermont does own this particular collection, transcription and the presentation of these materials.

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Bath, NH - Diane Irene Filipek ....show

Ludlow, VT - Robert Washburn Jennings ....show

Barnet, VT - Martha Kuehn Roos ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Chalmer Ray Hysong ....show

Pike, NH - Ada May Laauwe ....show

Woodsville, NH - Jane Carle ....show

Monroe, NH - Marjorie Irma Marge Burrill ....show

Rumney, NH Barbara C. Hall ....show

Littleton, NH - Robert Allan Rob Boutin ....show

Newbury, VT Earl Raymond Emerson ....show

Glencliff, NH Everett Lloyd Vincelette, Sr. ....show

Peacham, VT - Jean Berwick ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Theresa Rita Baillargeon ....show

North Haverhill, NH Josephine Josie Inez Vasquez ....show

Woodsville, NH - Benjamin Leslie Skip Elliott, Jr. ....show

North Haverhill, NH Everett George Chamberlain ....show

North Haverhill, NH- Bernard Joseph Murphy ....show

Groton, VT - Marion Etta Darling ....show

West Barnet, VT Virginia Irene Somers ....show

Monroe, NH- Doris H. Bedell ....show

Warren, NH - Bernice M. Lamothe ....show

Barnet, VT - Barbara I. Bowley ....show

Landaff, NH - Preston Leonard Chase, Sr. ....show

Peter James Klimanowski ....show

Warren, NH - Claude Robie Foote ....show

Woodsville, NH - Reita Mae Jones ....show

West Topsham, VT Norman Sebastian Buz Graham ....show

Warren, NH Gerald Wallace Gerry Evans ....show

Wells River, VT Elsie H. Johnson ....show

Essex Junction, VT - Jeannine Mary Hart ....show

Woodsville, NH - Claude Leslie Gadwah, Jr. ....show

East Ryegate, VT - Priscilla (Millette) Darby ....show

Piermont, NH - William Chester Bill French ....show

Woodsville, NH - Robert C. Blodgett ....show

Barton, VT - Mary Elizabeth Bliss ....show

Newbury, VT - Glenda Welch ....show

Corinth, VT - Armon Wayne Thurston ....show

North Haverhill, NH Irving Wayne Thayer ....show

Newbury, VT - Irene Edith Vielleux ....show

Monroe, NH Ruth (Gibson) Emmons ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Evelyn Cynthia Bigelow ....show

South Ryegate, VT Joyce (Lackie) Frost ....show

Barre, VT - Doris Eva (Ricker) Frigon ....show

Woodsville, NH - Roger L. Ruggles ....show

Peacham, VT - John Freeman Thresher ....show

Monroe, NH - Eugene Weston Gene Puffer ....show

Warren, NH - Edward Rowe Lupien, Jr. ....show

Wells River, VT Jean Hooker Lanphere Hollar ....show

Piermont, NH Caroline (Batchelder) Kelly French ....show

Groton, VT - Christie G. Hersey ....show

West Newbury, VT - Raymond Frederick Nickles, Jr. ....show

Newbury, VT - Bruce Wayne Bones Gaylord ....show

Bradford, VT - Melvin Curtiss Benzie, Sr. ....show

Walter Everett Rowley III ....show

Haverhill, NH - Richard Merle Ingerson, Sr. ....show

Monroe, NH Glennis Elaine Nye ....show

East Ryegate, VT - Carol Ann DeMers ....show

Orford, NH - Phyllis Louise Taylor ....show

Groton, VT Ralph Eugene Carpenter ....show

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