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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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NEKG of Vermont does not own copyright to the information on this page. Each obituary on this page belongs to the originator. Obituaries are created by the deceased or relatives of the deceased with the help of funeral homes and are published with the intent of informing the public of its content.

NEKG (NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy) of Vermont does own this particular collection, transcription and the presentation of these materials.

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Franklin, NH - Harold Libby ....show

Bath, NH - Christine Ann Woods ....show

Bradford, VT - Bernice Sis (Gendron) Piper ....show

Monroe-NH - Marguerite M. Meserve Chamberlin ....show

Piermont, NH - Irma Alice Tullar Waterman ....show

East Ryegate, VT - Kim Schauna Cummings ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Frances Ethel (Bailey) Grassadonia ....show

Bow, NH - Lt. Col. (USAF Ret.) William Saunders Hall ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Russell Burton Page ....show

Wells River, VT - Josephine Mae Stocker ....show

Woodsville, NH – Roy Henry Clough ....show

North Haverhill, NH- Louise Stetson Kimball ....show

Monroe, NH - L. Alton Munson ....show

Monroe, NH - John Holstead Mead ....show

Woodsville, NH - David Thomas Wysocki ....show

Woodsville, NH - Dr. John Albert Bagonzi ....show

Haverhill, NH - Elizabeth Osen Rose ....show

Monroe, NH - Betty Jane (Pierce) Ward ....show

West Barnet, VT - Duane Frank Willey ....show

Concord, NH - Mary Ann Coutermarsh ....show

South Ryegate, VT - Jonathan John T. Ruppert, Jr. ....show

Bath, NH – Robert S. Callender, Jr. ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Willis Andrew Applebee ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Donald Smith Adams, Sr ....show

Newbury, VT – Blanche - Evelyn Oliver ....show

Dover , NH – Vernon Woodworth Dingman, III ....show

Franconia, NH – Frederick N. Paradie ....show

Bath, NH - Reginald Byron “Reggie” Smith ....show

Bath, NH – Isabelle R. Sutherland ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Lorna Marie Prishwalko ....show

West Barnet, VT - Wayne Kevin Achilles ....show

Newbury, VT - Robert Gordon Page ....show

Fairlee, VT - Keith Royal “Goose” Hill ....show

East Ryegate, VT – Merton W. White ....show

Groton, VT - Beatrice Emerson ....show

South Ryegate, VT - Cathrine Mae Cathy (Welch) Williams ....show

Bath, NH - David Stimson ....show

North Haverhill, NH – Florence Virginia Steil ....show

Bath, NH - Philip M. Martin ....show

Haverhill, NH - Jeanette Wolff ....show

Bath, NH - Tina (Berry) Dion ....show

Groton, VT - Sadie Mae Burgin Bruleigh ....show

East Ryegate, VT - Violet Mae DeRusha ....show

Ryegate, VT - Russell Alan Hatch ....show

Benton, NH - Catherine Leona Kitty (Mason) Elliott ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Marjorie Paronto ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Laura B. Golding ....show

Ryegate, VT - Kenneth Edmund John Gray ....show

Piermont, NH - Stanley H. Shorty Wilmot ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Kathleen Mary Kathy Norko ....show

Haverhill, NH - William Bill Oscar Sellinger ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Patricia Alice Driscoll ....show

East Haverhill, NH - Walter Forrest Parker ....show

Lyman, NH - Lorrel Seraphine Butchie Lord ....show

Lyman, NH - Betty F. Fenoff ....show

Woodsville, NH - Roy Wayne Palmer ....show

Newbury, VT - Lawrence ....show

North Haverhill, NH - Lucia Batchelder Davis ....show

Woodsville, NH - Cheryl Ann (Carle) Smith ....show

Woodsville, NH - Mary Margaret Fortier ....show

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