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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
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NEKG of Vermont does not own copyright to the information on this page. Each obituary on this page belongs to the originator. Obituaries are created by the deceased or relatives of the deceased with the help of funeral homes and are published with the intent of informing the public of its content.

NEKG (NorthEast Kingdom Genealogy) of Vermont does own this particular collection, transcription and the presentation of these materials.

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Jill Sherndal Jones ....show

Lois A. Bimson ....show

Michael E. Nichols ....show

Phyllis Warner Blanchard ....show

Richard Alan Falconer ....show

Richard Taylor ....show

Rupert F. "Jack" Weston ....show

Stewart C. Smith ....show

Travis N. Gray ....show

Zachary Hartwell ....show

Barbara Ann Brewer ....show

Donald Mechant ....show

Howard S. Reynolds ....show

Lenna Rose Bliss Ranney ....show

Lenna Rose Bliss Ranney ....show

Merril J. Stegen ....show

Muriel Nutter ....show

Raymond R. Brooks ....show

Raymond Delauder Morton ....show

Shirley Ann Rodgers ....show

Wallace Frederick "Wally" Fortier ....show

Amanda L. Dick ....show

Iva Margaret Wood ....show

Kenneth Wilson Merchant ....show

Marcella Pond Lamotte ....show

Mary Bridget Connelly Greenan ....show

Muriel Dale Leland Sherburne ....show

Ruth McNally ....show

Thelma Geraldine Nutting ....show

Verla Ruth Hudson ....show

Vivian M. (Woodward) May ....show

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