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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Albany Select School 
Fall 1854 
Hovey, Rev. H. N. Trustee (red are hand written   
Paine, John, Esq. Trustee    
Phelps, Seth, Esq. Trustee    
Rowell, Converse, Esq. Trustee    
Fletcher, N. H., Esq. Trustee    
Hyde, Andrew J. Teacher    
Adams, Miss Mary L. Teach Painting & Drawing    
Whitcomb, Jerusha Teacher of Music    
Mills, Libbie Editoress    
Students - Ladies   Students - Gentlemen  
Adams, Ellen G. Philadelphia, PA Clough, Dana J. Irasburgh
Adams, Clara A. Philadelphia, PA Dix, Mahlon C. Albany
Baker, Emma M. Albany Emery, John Albany
Chafey, Lucy A. Albany Fisk, Artemas Jr. Brookfield
Chafey, Louisa M. Albany Freeman, Joseph B. Brookfield
Chafey, Hattie Albany Fletcher, Charles H. Albany
Clough, Diana R. Albany Goss, George Albany
Emery, Martha H. Albany Goss, Albert Albany
Fletcher, Ada Albany Goss, Charlie M. Albany
Haines, Mary A. Albany Hight, John A. Albany
Haines, Martha A. Albany Hight, James G. Albany
Harlow, Mary G. Irasburgh Hight, Wallace B. Albany
Hovey, Mary A. Albany Hovey, Arthur H. Albany
Hovey, Laureatte P. Albany Hyde, Parley Jr. Albany
Hovey, Susan L. Albany Hyde, William D. Albany
Locke, Sarah A. Albany Hyde, Williard R. Albany
Paine, Helen E. Albany Marckres, Alvah Albany
Rowell, Marie S. Albany Paine, J. Wesley Albany
Rogers, Mary A. Albany Phelps, Simonds F. Albany
    Phelps, George H. Albany
Students - Gentlemen   Pierce, Ira Albany
Aiken, Olin B. Albany Putnam, Joseph Albany
Chafey, Jere M. Albany Rogers, Reuben Albany
Chafey, Russell J. Albany Walbridge, Henry W. Albany
Chafey, Martin B. Albany Walbridge, Morris J. Albany
Clough, David A. Albany Johnston, William J. Albany
Clough, Trustum C. Albany Pomeroy, Haze Stanstead
Albany High School
 Fall 1855
Board of Trustees   Instructors  
Putnam, Rev. George Albany Hyde, Andrew J. Principal
Bailey, Rev. Phineas Albany Fletcher, Addie Assistant
Roberts, Stephen, Esq. Albany Tracy, Hattie N. Teach Music & Drawing
Paine, John, Esq. Albany Miller, Samuel Teach Vocal Music
Johnston, William H., Esq. Albany Harrington, E. Teach Penmanship
Hill, Dr. R. W. Craftsbury    
Harding, Hon. John D. Lowell    
Locke, Simon K., Esq. Irasburgh    
Walbridge, John, Esq. Albany    
Darling, Norris M., Esq. Albany    
Hayden, William, Esq. Albany    
Rowell, William, Esq. Albany    
Andrews, Atwood A., Esq. Johnson    
Hovey, Rev. Horace N. Executive Committee    
McClary, Isaac H., Esq. Executive Committee    
Durkee, Horace, Esq. Executive Committee    
Students - Gentlemen   Students - Ladies  
Aiken, Olin B. Albany Darling, Julia S. Albany
Chafey, Jere M. Albany Darling, Delia H. Albany
Chamberlin, Vincent Albany Dewey, Emily J. Irasburgh
Davis, Edson W. Albany Dow, Alvina H. Albany
Dix, Samuel N. Albany Dow, Emma L. Albany
Dix, Mahlon C. Albany Durkee, Mary L. Albany
Dow, Wallace Albany Fletcher, Addie Albany
Dow, J. Albert Albany Hayden, Julia A. Albany
Emery, John Albany Haines, Mary A. Albany
Harding, Carlos B. Lowell Haines, Martha A. Albany
Harding, Albert F. Lowell Hill, Emma A. Craftsbury
Hight, James G. Albany Hight, Amoret A. Albany
Hight, B. Wallace Albany Hovey, Mary A. Albany
Hovey, Charles K. Albany Hovey, Susan L. Albany
Hovey, Arthur J. Albany Hovey, Amanda M. Albany
Hovey, Nelson K. Albany Hovey, Laura E. Albany
Huntoon, Alonzo A. Albany Hovey, Lauraette P. Albany
Hyde, Henry H. Albany Huntoon, Mary A. Albany
Livingston, Alonzo A. Albany Hyde, Julia A. Albany
Marckres, Harvey A. Albany Jenness, Mary W. Craftsbury
Marckres, E. Merrill Albany Jones, Violetta R. Newport
McClary, Ira D. Albany Johnston, Laura A. Albany
McGuire, Daniel W. Lowell Johnston, C. Alice Albany
Merrill, W. H. Harrison Craftsbury Locke, Sarah B. Irasburgh
Miller, Samuel Johnson Locke, Sarah A. Albany
Paine, J. Wesley Albany Livingston, Almira A. Albany
Pearsons, Reuben C. Albany Mason, Ellen D. Craftsbury
Phelps, S. F. Albany Mason, Abby Albany
Phelps, George H. Albany McClary, Flora Albany
Putnam, J. W. Albany Norris, Rachael O. Albany
Putnam, Oramel H. Albany Paine, Sarah B. Albany
Raymo, H. Peter Lowell Paine, Helen E. Albany
Rogers, Cornelius E. Albany Pearsons, Laura E. Albany
Rogers, Jesse B. Albany Pierce, Ellen F. Barton
Thurber, Enos W. Burke Phelps, Betsey G. Albany
Walbridge, Henry W. Albany Putnam, Cloe S. Albany
Walbridge, J. Morris Albany Putnam, Clara A. Albany
Wellman, L. R. Lowell Rowell, Viola Albany
    Roberts, Lydia Albany
Students - Ladies   Roberts, Mary A. Albany
Bailey, Louisa M. Albany Roberts, Sarah R. Albany
Bennett, Lucy A. Albany Strobridge, Margian S. Albany
Cheney, Olivia H. Albany Tenney, Julia M. Albany
Chamberlin, Ruth S. Albany Washburn, Abby L. Guildhall
Collins, Eliza J. Albany Wilcox, Marville E. Albany

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