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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Board of Trustees
Skinner, Jonathan F. Drew, Thaddeus W.
Barnard, Edward Baldwin, Frederick W.
Drew, Isaac K. Hall, James W.
Cobb, Timothy C. Skinner, John E.
Hall, John G. Rawson, E. E.
Cutler, Orrin Jenness, George W.
Grout, Wm. W. Blake, George H.
Skinner, Richard B. Orne, J. C.
Mossman, Benjamin Drew, Gardner A.
Whitcher, H. O. Webster, Joseph N.
Prudential Committee
Jenness, George W.
Rowell, Guy E.
Baldwin, Frederick W.
Benjamin, Ernest C., A. B. Principal
Jenness, Miss Adnah D. Assistant, Grammar Department
Wright, Miss Nellie L. Assistant, Intermediate Department
Kimball, Miss Helen Assistant, Intermediate Department
Stanton, Miss Carrie E. Assistant, Intermediate Department
Barnard, Miss Clara K. Assistant, Intermediate Department
Powers, Miss Deette J. Assistant, Primary Department
Bickford, Miss Laura A. Assistant, Primary Department
Whitney, Prof. L. A. Music
Academic Department
Classical Course
Student Residence Student Residence
Baxter, Gertrude L. Barton Niles, Emma E. Barton
Bean, Lettie A. Barton Parker, May C. Coventry
Bean, Martha Barton Whitney, Nellie A. Barton
Belknap, Amy C. Barton    
Brown, Minnie E. Barton Farmer, Harvey J. Newport
Gaskell, Helen B. Barton Jewell, Carl H. Barton
Hall, Julia F. Barton Nelson, Charles T. Barton
Mathewson, Lillie B. Barton Robinson, Frank H. Barton
Mathewson, Nellie K. Barton Robinson, Fred W. Barton
Nelson, Lizzie G. Barton Tisdale, Charles H. Barton
English Course
Alden, Clara A. Irasburgh Seavey, Carrie H. Brownington
Baxter, Myra Barton Stanford, Jennie Irasburgh
Belknap, Susie B. Barton Tripp, Ella S. Barton
Berry, Flora Sutton Twombly, Jennie E. Westmore
Bradley, Alice N. Barton Young, Ida A. Glover
Caswell, Minnie A. Barton Webster, Jennie O. Irasburgh
Colburn, Clara Albany Ruggles, Jennie M. Barton
Colliston, Etta S. Barton Ruggles, Ida R. Barton
Colliston, Myrtie H. Barton    
Cook, Mattie A. Glover Baker, Thomas Barton
Devereaux, Alice Barton Baker, Harry H. Barton
Devereaux, Ida M. Barton Bean, Dennison D. Barton
Drew, Kate B. Barton Berry, Charley Sutton
Dutton, Cora E. Lowell Bickford, Selden F. Barton
Dwinell, Myra L. St Johnsbury Burnham, George H. Barton
Elliott, Bertha E. Barton Burnham, Burton P. Barton
Emerson, Nora E. Barton Currier, Elmore D. Barton
Foss, Eva Irasburgh Davis, Roswell C. Barton
Foster, Jennie I. Brownington Drew, Arthur S. Barton
Gilman, Elma Westmore Edmunds, George F. Irasburgh
Gould, Inez B. Sutton Feltus, David Barton
Hanscom, Jennie E. Sheffield Fisk, Clarence K. Barton
Humphrey, Luella Barton Frazier, Thomas Glover
Judkins, Lilla M. Barton Gates, Fred Barton
Lanou, Emma G. Irasburgh Gilman, John Westmore
Lyford, Minnie B. Calais Hunt, Rawson Westmore
Miles, Lida Brownington Jenness, George N. Barton
Mossman, Cora B. Barton Jones, Eddie E. Barton
Murkland, Grace Barton Keating, John Barton
Murkland, Minnie H. Barton Martin, John C. Barton
Nutting, Ella S. Westmore Nelson, Sam B. Barton
Nye, Ida E. Barton Niles, Merton F. Barton
Perry, Ella S. Barton Peterson, Ernest E. Barton
Porter, Minnie Dunstable, MA Rowell, Martin C. Barton
Remington, Hattie J. Barton Skinner, Preston H. Glover
Rothschild, Sarah Barton Twombly, Wilmer Z. Barton
Rowell, Nellie M. Barton Whitcher, Wayland J. Barton
Ruggles, Cora B. Barton Whitcher, George Barton
Grammar School
Bickford, Ethel Barton Arkley, Willie Barton
Bridgman, Maud Barton Baldwin, George Barton
Brunning, Emma Barton Belfast, Jessie Barton
Carr, Rosa Barton Belfast, Henry Barton
Colliston, Minnie Barton Bickford, Harvey Barton
Critchett, Addie Barton Brunning, Martin Barton
Currier, Marion Barton Carpenter, Irvin Barton
Danforth, Minnie Barton Caswell, Willie Barton
Devereaux, Mary Barton Devereaux, Bennie Barton
Duke, Emma Barton Dow, Arthur Barton
Duke, Annie Barton Dwyer, Fred Barton
Elliott, Mae Barton Judkins, Fred Barton
Foss, Emma Barton Keating, Patsie Barton
Foster, Stella Barton Keating, Henry Barton
Hinkson, Helen Barton Lang, Clarence Barton
Hopkins, Ida Barton Lang, Eddie Barton
Hunt, Minnie Barton Laparl, Felix Barton
Keating, Mary Barton Laparl, George Barton
Keating, Kate Barton Lemear, Fred Barton
Kimball, Hattie Barton Peterson, Halvor Barton
Leland, Della Barton Robinson, Herbert Barton
Ramsey, Mamie Barton Rothschild, Willie Barton
Robinson, Alma Barton Rowell, Orra Barton
Rowell, Bessie Barton Smith, Fred Barton
Smith, Effie Barton Smith, Homer Barton
Stott, Maggie Barton Smith, Arthur Barton
Tucker, Louisa Barton Taylor, Frank Barton
    Ufford, Willie Barton
    Whitcher, Fred Barton
    Willis, John Barton
Auger, Ellen Barton Robinson, Mae Barton
Baxter, Eva Barton Seaman, Susie Barton
Beede, Ida Barton Stott, Jemima Barton
Bowen, Nellie Barton Whitney, Carrie Barton
Boyce, Annie Barton Williams, Susie Barton
Brown, Annie Barton Wilson, Jennie Barton
Carr, Lizzie Barton    
Coliver, Nellie Barton Barton, Henry Barton
Currier, Lilla Barton Connor, Deane Barton
Damon, Alice Barton Critchett, Charlie Barton
Danforth, Ella Barton Drown, Fred Barton
Dewey, Edith A. Barton Ferny, John Barton
Dewey, Lena Barton Freeman, Leile Barton
Foster, Ethel Barton Freshett, Fred Barton
Glazier, Minnie Barton Gilman, Frank Barton
Goche, Ella Barton Glazier, Eugene Barton
Gott, Ellen Barton Hartson, Chauncey Barton
Hagan, Victoria Barton Hopkins, George Barton
Hopkins, Sophia Barton Hopkins, Nattie Barton
Hunt, Sophia Barton Jondro, Charlie Barton
Jondro, Clara Barton Keating, John Barton
Joslyn, Maud Barton Kugelman, Levi Barton
Keating, Mary Barton Legendre, Thomas Barton
Keating, Nellie Barton Morin, Lucian Sherbrooke
Keating, Nora Barton Neault, Charlie Barton
Laclair, Lizzie Barton Neault, Fred Barton
Legendre, Mary Barton Neault, Henry Barton
Lemere, Rosa Barton Nelson, Fred Barton
Marco, Emma Barton Perry, Jessie Barton
Marco, Olive Barton Pearson, Harley Barton
Murkland, Cora Barton Robinson, Homer Barton
Niles, Margie Barton Simano, Albert Barton
Paris, Emma Barton Simano, Prosper Barton
Peters, Mary Barton Smith, George Barton
Robinson, Alice Barton Swartz, Lafe Barton
Baker, Ellen Barton Brown, James Barton
Balch, Ana Barton Brunning, Adelbert Barton
Barton, Mary Barton Busha, Joseph Barton
Barton, Anna Barton Busha, Lezer Barton
Beede, Stella Barton Busha, Peter Barton
Belfast, Mabel Barton Busha, Claffas Barton
Busha, Addie Barton Busha, Joe Barton
Busha, Mary Barton Busha, Narsa Barton
Busha, Mary 2d Barton Busha, Lewis Barton
Culver, Effie Barton Busha, Axtif Barton
Danforth, Alice Barton Colliston, Fred Barton
Dodgies, Beatrice Barton Critchett, Harley Barton
Foster, Winnie Barton Damon, Leon Barton
Gilman, Nellie Barton Decent, Charlie Barton
Hammond, Mae Barton Deroucher, Levi Barton
Hitchcock, Phebie Barton Fairbanks, Leon Barton
Hitchcock, Ella Barton Freshett, Jack Barton
Hitchcock, Delma Barton Hall, Pliny Barton
Jondro, Minnie Barton Hartson, Harry Barton
Keating, Maggie Barton Hitchcock, Van Barton
Labie, Effie Barton Hitchcock, Homer Barton
Laban, Luva Barton Jewell, Francis Barton
Laban, Nancy Barton Keating, Willie Barton
Nault, Emma Barton Keating, Walter Barton
Massey, Belle Barton Keating, Willie Henry Barton
Murkland, Blanche Barton Labie, Joseph Barton
Murkland, Maud Barton Lemere, John Barton
Paradice, Carrie Barton Lampro, Henry Barton
Paris, Mary Barton Leland, Eddie Barton
Ramsey, Lillian Barton Martel, Antoine Barton
Rawson, Mary Barton Morin, Eugene Barton
Sheppard, Rosina Barton Peters, George Barton
Sheppard, Nalvino Barton Peters, John Barton
Simano, Mary Barton Robinson, George Barton
Simano, Mary Louise Barton Rothchild, Levi Barton
Skinner, Gertie Barton Rowell, Guy Barton
Smith, Nellie Barton Simano, Prosper Barton
Spring, Victoria Barton Simano, Maxim Barton
Varney, Avie Barton Stott, Willey Barton
    Stott, Alexander Barton
Aldrich, Walter Barton Ufford, Frank Barton
Alexander, Charlie Barton Valley, Henry Barton
Arkley, Ransom Barton Webster, Elmer E. Barton
Baldwin, Charlie Barton Whitney, George Barton
Bowen, Avie Barton    

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