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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Barton Academy & Graded School (printed catalogue) 1895
Bickford, Mrs. C. E. President & Trustee
Baldwin, F. W. Secretary & Trustee
Webster, J. N. Trustee
Stannard, H. J. Principal
Nelson, Miss Laura Teacher - Grammar School
Keating, Miss Kate Teacher - Intermediate
Locke, Miss Jennie M. Teacher - Second Primary
Case, Miss Nellie E. Teacher - First Primary
Burdick, F. G. Janitor
High School - Special Students  
Owen, Julia F. Rand, Nettie O.
High School - B Class  
Baldwin, Henry P. Currier, Charles A.
Bryant, Eugene G. Hibbard, Bertha
Bryant, John E. Mossman, Maude E.
Cheney, Dwight C. Webster, Clarence S.
Comstock, Jessie G. Whitney, Flora L.
High School - C Class  
Barr, Mabel F. Lewis, Bessie E.
Cass, Myrtie Z. Pierce, Fred H.
Gay, Mabel L. Webster, Carroll B.
Wells, Robert M.  
High School - D Class  
Abbott, Carl M. King, Mabel S.
Chase, Cora M. McFarlane, Lena M.
Eldridge, Lou M. Telfer, Julia M.
Jenness, Earle R. Telfer, Nettie E.
Webster, Vera M.  
Grammar School - A Class  
Teacher - Miss Laura Nelson  
Allchurch, Emma M. Person, Bertha A.
Holtham, Jennie F. Robinson, Amos R.
Lewis, Lula M. Stone, Charles B.
Lyman, Ila Tower, Ada J.
May, Frank Ufford, Kate E.
Parsons, Mabel E. Valley, Alice L.
Grammar School - B Class  
Danforth, Henry P. McFarlane, Erwin C.
Duvall, Fred Murray, Elsa I.
Elliott, Grace M. Reed, John G.
Ford, Carl P. Robinson, Blanche L.
Govro, Ina A. Shields, Jennie S.
Graves, Charles D. Shields, Willard N.
Hartson, Ella R. Smith, Roscoe C.
Hubbard, Nathaniel M. Suitor, Henry A.
Grammar School - C Class  
Bean, Frank D. Percival, Fred J.
Clogston, Charles J. Peterson, Mattie F. M.
Kendrick, Nellie E. Powell, Clara M.
Kendrick, Alice J. Powell, Clare R.
Mason, Lyman E. Shields, Archie C.
McFarlane, Mabel F. Tower, Frank B.
Pearson, Erwin A. Ufford, Edna C.
Pierce, Fred D. Williamson, Susie H.
Intermediate - A Class  
Teacher - Miss Kate Keating  
Aldrich, Rufus P. Lowrey, Annie B.
Brooks, John D. Percy, Lisle C.
Brooks, Guy E. Phillips, Ina M.
Devereaux, Edith J. Rand, Ethel M.
Graves, John M. Robinson, Lula B.
Jarvis, Lizzie M. Sylce, Florence
Wilkie, Louise M.  
Intermediate - B Class  
Govro, Sadie A. Nye, Willie F.
Hale, Grace I. Preston, George F.
Hubbard, Abbie W. Smith, Perley M.
McFarlane, Flossie P. Tower, Willie A.
Moore, Claude M. Wilkie, Charles H.
Wilkie, Jennie M.  
Second Primary - A Class  
Teacher - Miss Jennie M. Locke  
Bradshaw, Lizzie M. Kimball, Edith M.
Carpenter, Hattie C. LaPete, Josie M.
Carter, Ethel E. LaPete, Levi
Cheney, L. Vera B. Langevin, Leon
Devereaux, Blanche M. Phillips, Aden D.
Dilly, J. Albert Prime, Lucille
Gay, Edward F. Robinson, A. Glenn
Grondin, Adel M. Robinson, C. Hazel
Grondin, J. Lewis Sylce, Archie W.
Hammond, S. Grace Tower, Charlotte M.
Jarvis, Fred J. Wilkie, A. Emery
Second Primary - B Class  
Brown, Dana W. Labor, Mamie E.
Cass, Burton O. Laroo, Bernie H.
Danforth, Dennis E. Murray, Clinton D.
Hill, Sadie E. Olmstead, George E.
Hill, Eva L. Peterson, Earl W.
Labor, Eugene R. Richardson, Bernice M.
Smith, Bessie A.  
First Primary - A Class  
Teacher - Miss Nellie E. Case  
Brown, Annie B. Martel, T. Joseph
Carter, Mamie M. May, Fannie T.
Colliston, Mary E. Nault, Mary M.
Goodhart, Lavina M. Nye, Ina J.
Goodhart, Leo J. Pearson, Clara E.
Goodhart, Mary I. Rice, Grover E.
Jutras, Mary L. Sargeant, Howard F.
Labor, Bessie E. Vance, Josie E.
Lalonde, John J. Wilkie, Frank H.
Lewis, Walter J. Wilkie, Henry E.
Liddell, Richard E. Williamson, Mary L.
First Primary - B Class  
Allchurch, Alice M. Langevin, Maude
Allchurch, Fred M. Martel, Dolphus S.
Barrett, Leslie P. Martel, Fred O.
Botot, Josephine E. Nault, Arthur
Brown, Vincent O. Nault, Delia
Croteau, Matilda Nault, Edith
Fairbrother, Edna M. Pare, Fred
Grondin, Charles F. Percy, Gardner
Hamblet, Caddie . Person, Earl C.
Hamblet, Carl C. Prime, Hazel W.
Heath, Clyde S. Rock, Levi
Hill, Harry K. Rock, Norman
Huntoon, Philip Standish, E. Gladys
Jutras, Dono D. Suitor, L. Ethel
Labor, Agnes L. Wells, Henry B.
Laroo, Archie S. Wilkie, Harry C.
Lewis, Lula M. Williamson, Harry O.
Non - Resident Pupils  
Abbott, Carl M. Glover
Barr, Mabel F. Barton
Chase, Cora M. West Glover
Comstock, Jessie G. Barton
Devereaux, Blanche M. Westmore
Devereaux, Edith J. Westmore
Eldridge, Lou M. East Albany
Hale, Grace Waterford
Hibbard, Bertha West Glover
Kimball, Edith M. Barton
King, Mabel S. Glover
Lyman, Ila West Glover
Pierce, Fred H. Albany
Sargeant, Howard Barton
Telfer, Julia M. Barton
Valley, Alice Barton
Wells, Robert M. West Glover
Barton Academy & Graded School (printed catalogue) 1896
Webster, J. N. President & Trustee
Seaver, Mrs. H. T. Secretary & Trustee
Pierce, H. C. Trustee
Stannard, H. J. Principal
Nelson, Miss Laura Assistant
Webster, E. Elmer Teacher - Grammar School
Keating, Miss Kate Teacher - Intermediate
Locke, Miss Jennie M. Teacher - Second Primary
Case, Miss Nellie E. Teacher - First Primary
Douglass, Rev. W. E. Superintendent
Burdick, F. G. Janitor
Post Graduates  
Currier, Charles A.  
Class of 1896  
Cass, Myrtie Z. Tichurst, Amos M.
Austin, Clarence E. Webster, Clarence S.
Holmes, William R. Wells, Robert M.
Tichurst, Allen W.  
Class of 1897  
Campbell, Nettie M. Webster, Vera M.
Marsh, Cora M. Abbott, Carl M.
McFarlane, Lena M. Campbell, William J.
Telfer, Julia M. Jenness, Earle R.
Telfer, Nettie E. Webster, Carroll B.
Class of 1898  
Allchurch, Emma M. Williams, Lina B.
Gray, Carrie M. Abbott, Lee R.
Holtham, Jennie F. Skinner, Roy P.
O'Rourke, Ethel M. Stannard, Clarence C.
Perkins, Lena M. Stone, Charlie B.
Persons, Bertha A. Tinker, Frank
Tower, Ada J.  
Class of 1899  
Elliott, Grace M. Danforth, Henry P.
Govro, Ina A. Ford, Carl P.
Hartson, Ella R. Hubbard, Nathaniel M.
Robinson, Blanche L. Reed, John G.
Shields, Jennie S. Sherburne, George M.
Valley, Alice L. Shields, Willard N.
Baker, Howard M. Smith, Roscoe C.
Campbell, Nelson W. Suitor, Henry A.
Grammar School
Webster, E. Elmer Teacher
A Class  
Kendrick, Alice J. Mason, Lyman E.
McCaffrey, Nancy Newell, Ralph
McFarlane, Mabel F. Pearson, Erwin A.
Powell, Clara M. Pierce, Fred D.
Ufford, Edna C. Powell, Clare R.
Williamson, Susie H. Tower, Frank B.
Bean, Frank D. Willey, Harry F.
Graves, Charles D.  
B Class  
Devereaux, Edith J. Aldrich, Rufus
Mossman, Lula B. Clogston, Charles J.
Peterson, Martha F. Cook, Clinton D.
Phillips, Ina M. Goad, J. Will
Rand, Ethel M. Graves, John M.
Robinson, Lula B. Owen, Aldis M.
  Shields, Archie C.
C Class  
Brooks, Mary B. Wilkie, Jennie M.
Govro, Sadie A. Norris, Claude A.
Hubbard, Abbie W. Nye, William F.
Hubbard, Nellie B. Preston, George F.
McFarlane, Flossie P. Smith, Perley M.
Owen, Belva M. Tower, Willie A.
  Wilkie, Charles H.
Keating, Miss Kate Teacher
A Class  
Carpenter, Hattie C. Robinson, A. Glenn
Carter, Ethel E. Robinson, C. Hazel
Cheney, L. Vera Belle Sheldon, Maude
Devereaux, Blanche M. Tower, Charlotte M.
Grondin, Della M. Brown, Dana W.
Hammond, S. Grace Grondin, J. Lewis
Lowrey, Annie B. Jarvis, Fred J.
Prime, Lucille Wilkie, A. Emery
B Class  
Chappell, Effie Carter, J. Hawkins
Hamilton, Zadah A. Danforth, Dennis E.
Hayes, Agnes Douglass, Bennett C.
Hill, Eva L. Labor, Eugene R.
Hill, Sadie E. Lapete, Levi H.
Kimball, Edith M. Laroo, Bernie A.
Labor, Mamie E. Murray, Clinton D.
May, Fanny Olmstead, George E.
Norris, Maude I. Peterson, Earl W.
Smith, Bessie A. Phillips, Aden D.
Cass, Burton O. Willey, Raymond V.
Cutler, Arthur C. Sylce, Archie W.
Second Primary
Locke, Miss Jennie M. Teacher
A Class  
Brown, Annie B. Vance, N. Josephine
Carter, Maria M. Williamson, Mary L.
Colliston, Mary E. Douglass, Edmund S.
Labor, Bessie E. Lewis, Walter J.
Nye, Ina J. Liddell, Richard E.
Pearson, Clara E. Mitchell, Nelson R.
Sawyer, Maude E. Wilkie, Frank H.
B Class  
Benay, Virginia D. Heath, Clyde S.
Hamblet, Caddie E. Hinman, Howard D.
Prime, Hazel W. Laroo, Archie S.
Suitor, L. Ethel Owen, Oscar O.
Allchurch, Fred M. Rice, Grover E.
Brown, Vincent O. Wells, Henry B.
Goad, E. Perley Wilkie, Henry C.
Hamblet, Carl C. Williamson, Harry O.
  Winslow, J. Raymond
First Primary
Case, Miss Nellie E. Teacher
A Class  
Allchurch, Alice M. Seaver, A. Clemmer
Barron, Ruth M. Barron, H. Roy
Douglass, Alice R. Conner, Harry R.
Keaten, Gladys R. Friend, Walter
Labor, Agnes L. Hill, Harry
Lewis, Lula M. McClure, Edwin J.
Nye, Helen R. Owen, Vernon
  Persons, Earl G.
B Class  
Bedell, Mabel Goad, Samuel D.
Brooks, Lavina Grondin, Charles F.
Hamblet, Bernice A. Grow, Gerald F.
Huntoon, Blanche Huntoon, Philip J.
Jerome, Bessie M. Kimball, Frank
Wells, Muriel Labor, Arthur
Brooks, George Labor, Ralph S.
Carpenter, John Osgood, Ernest
Fisk, Clinton Shields, Arthur
Goad, Joseph E. Smith, Delbert A.
Non - Resident Pupils
Abbott, Carl M. Glover
Abbott, Lee R. Glover
Austin, Clarence E. Irasburg
Baker, Howard M. West Glover
Carter, J. Hawkins St. Louis, MO.
Cutler, Arthur C. Nashua, NH
Devereaux, Edith J. Barton
Goad, J. Will Barton
Goad, E. Perley Barton
Goad, Samuel D. Barton
Goad, Joseph E. Barton
Gray, Carrie M. Sheffield
Holmes, William R. West Glover

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