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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Freshman Class
Front Row: Margaret Daniels, Katherine Thompson, Dorothy Glasson, Sybil Burnham,
Rebecca Alexander, Theresa Joseph, Ramona Gates, Pauline Anair, Earline Lyon.
Middle Row: Marion Blay, Genevieve Houston,Lawrence Warner, Kendall Potter,
Mr. Melvin Mandigo, Faculty Adviser, Alden Walcott, Harland Drew, Joyce Urie,
Eulalie Russell.
Top Row: Robert Provencher, Richard Dane, Robert LaBounty, Henry Labrecque,
Cecil Barton, Louis Perron, Leonard Jenne
Class Officers: President: Alden Walcott
Vice President: Lawrence Warner
Secretary: Richard Dane
Treasurer: Joyce Urie
Student Council Member: Alden Walcott
Northeast Kingdom Genealogy

Sophomore Class
Front Row: Gloria Nault, Beverly Nault,Barbara King, Emily Young, Audrey Calkins,
Barbara Young, Grace Urie, Blanche LaMonda.
Middle Row: Hazel Clifford, Wallace Russell, Fay Butler, Mrs. Marion Marsh,
Faculty Adviser, Howard Degreenia, Carl Paquette, Kenneth Anderson.
Top Row: Robert Simpson, Edward Dwyer, Edward Kimball, Kermit Corliss, Earl Randall.
Class Officers: President: Edward Dwyer
Vice President: Earl Randall
Secretary: Grace Urie
Treasurer: Audrey Calkins
Student Council Member: Edward Kimball
Northeast Kingdom Genealogy

Junior Class
Front Row: Carolyn King, Marvis Stanley, Pearl Knowles, Geraldine Glasson,
Betty Comstock, Nona Hadlock, Olive Barker, Ernestine Archambault,
Pauline Rock, Helen Knight.
Middle Row: Genia O'Brien, Arlene Grammo, Grace Hanson, Geraldine Friend,
Dorothy Moore, Janet Brooks, Marjorie Sheehan, Miss Louise Bailey,
Faculty Adviser, Evelyn Daniels, Mary Emmons, Lucille Nault, Julia Renault.
Top Row: Ralph Hutchins, Richard Pierce, Robert Kinsey, Harry LaMonda,
Richard Rossi, Robert Clark, Earl Roberson, Duane Lyon, Leo Perron.
Class Officers: President: Earl Roberson
Vice President: Leo Perron
Secretary: Dorothy Moore
Treasurer: Robert Clark
Student Council Members: Betty Comstock, Robert Kinsey
Northeast Kingdom Genealogy

Senior Class
Wayne Alexander, Billy Anderson, Donald Blodgett, Phyllis Brooks, Ross Brooks,
Rachel Buck, Carol Clark, Mary Cota, Elsie Cross, Clifton Damon, Helen Fisk,
Everett Griffin, Frederick Kinsey Jr., Pearl Knowles, Dorothy LaBounty, Avis Lafont,
Alice LeBlanc, Beverly Massey, Cedric Pierce Jr., Wunnie Scott, Max Underwood,
Marion Urie, Arnold Wakeman, Joseph Warren
Class picture missing

Back row (l-r): Alice Coapland, L. Bailey, E. Isham, M. Marsh.
Front row (l-r): John Chrusciel, Cedric Pierce, Sr., Melvin Mandigo
Northeast Kingdom Genealogy

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