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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Barton Academy
George Matheson MacKenzie Principal & geography & math
Aline B. Sandrin Languages & social studies
Alverton A. Elliott Machine shop
Sally L. Buzzell English & history
Robert D. Leister Science & math & coach (girls)
Janet A. Griffin Home economics
C. Thomas Stefaney Coach & business education
Class of 1956:
Senior class:
George Louis Amyot  
Joanna Marie Bolton  
Janet Elfrieda Brown  
Xavior Fred Corlis  
Marion Rose Darling  
Marilyn Cynthia Davio  
Robert Roland Demarais  
Ernest Fairbrother  
Sandra Phyllis Friend Secretary
Jeannette Rose Gile  
Dorothy Nae Kittredge  
Roger Clovis Leroux  
Ronald Dean Leroux  
Deanna Sylvana Liberty  
Richard Howard Moffett  
Pauline Mary Monette  
Robert Henry Owen  
Phyllis Jane Pudvah Treasurer
Robert Preston Rollins  
Michael Andre Sicard President
Lance Norman Smith  
Margaret Rae Ticehurst  
Neil Clarence Young Vice-president
Junior class:
Norma Ashe  
Marilyn Brooks  
Gerald Cloutier  
Norman Cloutier  
Dorothy Corrow  
Richard Duquette  
Maxine Dwyer  
Frederick Dyke  
Earl Elliott  
Ralph Elliott  
Josephine Grondin  
John Hendy  
Milton Labor  
Jacqueline Laroche  
Emily Lemay  
Patricia Liberty  
Ronald Magoon  
Priscilla May  
Betty Maynard  
Raymond Pelletier  
Bruce Porter  
Jeannine Racicot  
Sherwood Sanville  
Arlene Ticehurst  
Aline Vezina  
Judith Woodard  
Sophomore Class:
Geraldine Allen  
Annette Amyot  
Bruce Ashe  
Beverly Blouin  
Dorothy Bolton  
Bruce Clark  
Ross Clark  
Mary Jane Coomer  
Jeannine Cloutier  
Martha Cloutier  
Rose Mary Cloutier  
Carolyn Davio  
Jacky Desmarais  
Alice Elliott  
Timothy Ellis  
Marie Gonyaw  
Annie Healey  
Dalton Hunt  
Mary May  
Roger Nadeau  
Mary Jane Pelletier  
Yvette Perron  
Dale Porter  
Richard Rives  
Ruth Ann Rodgers  
Joanne Rollins  
Elizabeth Sicard  
Albert Simons  
Gerald Squires  
Louise Squires  
Phillis Ticehurst  
Madeline Valley  
Richard Valley  
Norma Woodard  
Freshman class:
Barbara Kelley  
Kenneth Wheeler  
Libby Lewis  
Ronald Perron  
Glory Ann Coomer  
Randi Pickel  
Yvette Nadeau  
Jeannine Duquette  
Muriel Racicot  
Rebecca Waterhouse  
Roxana Webster  
James Sicard  
Raymond Fairbrother  
Richard Chappell  
Sonny Labounty  
Robert Rockwell  
Michael Liberty  
Frank Larocque  
Rodney Dwyer  

1956 Barton Academy Year Book
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