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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Class of 1886 Dewey, Edith White, Leon E.
Hibbard, William S. Young, Henry C.
Class of 1887 Currier, Marion M. Smith, George A.
Class of 1888 Case, Nellie E. Robinson, L. Mae
Hopkins, Nattie E.  
Class of 1889 Baxter, Eva  Keating, Margaret
Dewey, Lena Worthen, Charles W.
Class of 1890 Baldwin, Charles C. Webster, Elmer E.
Keating, William H.  
Class of 1891 Baldwin, Edward G. Miles, Ida M.
Cook, Oscar J. Nelson, Mabel A.
Currier, Florence L. Smith, Nellie C.
Miles, Mabel A. Wiggin, Arthur D.
Class of 1892 No class graduated  
Class of 1893 Danforth, Annie P. Mossman, Gertrude C.
Field, Mary J. Owen, Julia F.
Jenkins, Anna B. Tower, Florence L.
Class of 1894 Rand, Nettie O.  
Class of 1895 Bryant, John E. Mossman, Maude
  Cheney, Dwight C. Whitney, Flora L.
  Currier, Charles A.  
Class of 1896 Austin, Clarence E. Ticehurst, Allen W.
  Cass, Mertie Z. Webster, Clarence S.
  Holmes, William R. Wells, Robert M.
  Ticehurst, Amos M.  
Class of 1897 Abbott, Carl M. Marsh, Cora M.
  Allchurch, Emma M. McFarlane, Lena M.
  Campbell, Margaret J. Telfer, Nettie 
  Campbell, William J. Webster, Vera M.
  Gay, Mabel L. Webster, Carroll B.
  Jenness, Earl  
Class of 1898 Abbott, Lee R. O'Rourke, Ethel F.
  Buchanan, Roy R. Skinner, Roy P.
  Holtham, Jennie R.  
Class of 1899 Baker, Howard M. Pattee, Edith L.
  Bean, Roy P. Smith, Sadie E.
  Drew, Florence Suitor, Henry A.
  Elliott, Grace M. Vincent, Rollo D.
  Hubbard, Nathaniel M. Wright, Annie L.
  Kendall, Wright Webster, Olin W.
  Miles, Verne F.  
Class of 1900 Aldrich, Edith F. Bean, Frank D.
  Graves, Mildred E. Buswell, Arthur W.
  Kendrick, Alice J. Clark, Arthur W.
  Lyman, Mary E. Clark, Walter V.
  McFarlane, Mabelle F. Cook, Leo C.
  Powell, Clara M. Powell, Clare R.
  Thorp, Mabel S. Pearson, Erwin A.
  Ufford, Edna C. Pierce, Fred D.
  Woodworth, Myrtle L. Slack, Elmer A.
Class of 1901 Brooks, Mary B. McFarlane, Flossie P.
  Dana, Blanche E. Nye, William F.
  Graves, John M. Rand, Ethel M.
  Hubbard, Abbie W. Robinson, Lulu B.
  Marshall, Ila B. Sheaff, Charles W.
Class of 1902 Beach, Lennie M. Moxley, Roland R.
  Gilmour, Lina B. Porter, George C.
  Graves, Oney W. Prime, Lucille M.
  Green, G. Leland Randall, James J.
  Hall, Charles L. Ready, Bessie M.
  Kinsley, Lester M. Robinson, C. Hazel
  LaClair, Alice M. Sargent, Lola I.
  McGoff, Edwin C. Sherburne, Burleigh R.
  Merriam, Geo. L. Tower, Willie A.
Class of 1903 Johnson, Eola D. Dewing, Arthur M.
  Johnson, Marie W. Hibbard, Harry C.
  Johnson, Nina M. Wilkie, Emery A.
  May, Fannie T. Wing, Clarence E.
Class of 1904 Baird, Alton G. Johnson, W. C. Jr.
  Bliss, Della R.  Murray, Clinton D.
  Dana, Frank H. Tenney, Alice L.
  Dodge, Mabel C. Ticehurst, Vernon B.
  Drown, Earle S. Wheeler, Lucy H.
  Humphrey, Flora G.  
Class of 1905 Austin, Irvie M. Webster, Grace I.
  Berry, Ella L. Butterfield, Edmund S.
  Colliston, Mary E. Comstock, George E.
  Ellis, Ruth D. Gilmore, John T.
  Folsom, Etta M. Patterson, Harry W.
  Nye, Ina J. Winslow, J. Raymond
  Patterson, L. Bernice  
Class of 1906 Cameron, Doris E. Lewis, Lula M.
  Chandler, Gertrude E. Pearson, Clara E.
  Davis, Grace E.  Rowen, Margaret E.
  Devereaux, Myrtie E. Smith, Minnie K.
  Dewing, Mabel L. Telfer, Mabelle C.
  Hill, Nettie A. Underwood, N. Ray
  Knight, Aldis L. Warner, Lida J.
Class of 1907 Arthur, Mary E. Lee, Bernard J.
  Barrows, W. Parker Nye, Helen R.
  Barron, H. Roy Redfield, Marion G.
  Clark, Everett A. Revoir, Ernest W.
  Conner, Harry R. Salmon, Jennie M.
  Corley, Sadie L. Vance, Grace M.
  Davis, Gordon E. Vance, Mabel J.
  Findlay, Mary M. Williamson, Mary L.
  Hunt, Franz A. Wright, Cora M.
  Katen, Gladys R. Warner, Clayton C.
  Lang, Mildred A.  
Class of 1908 Fisk, Alice C. LaClair, Agnes E.
  Hamblet, Bernice A. Paige, Ina M.
  Huntington, Sara B. Seaver, A. Clemma
  Jerome, Bessie M. Silver, Zora M.
Class of 1909 Buchanan, Bruce R. Leslie, William U.
  Cameron, Gladys  Morley, Margaret T.
  Campbell, Edith E. B. Page, Cordelia B.
  Corley, Frank P. Vance, Clyde S.
  Dow, Howard R. Wheeler, Isa Mae
  Jewell, Carl Henry Jr. Wright, David E.
Class of 1910 Alexander, Hazel D. Graham, Harold W.
  Arthur, Grace M. Hall, Iva Mae
  Bickford, Marion C. Lang, Glendolene M.
  Buskey, H. Dennie Marsh, Alton R.
  Christie, Frances A. Mossman, Cora B.
  Corley, J. Dean Nye, Ruth E.
  Dennison, David P. Plunkett, Gerald J.
  Dewing, Nellie C. Scott, Aftian L.
  Findlay, Maude E. Seaver, Amory D.
  Freeman, Ernest G. Suitor, Pearl E.
  Freeman, Ruth E. Urie, Ethel G.
  Gardyne, Harvey P. White, Blanche C.
  Gilmour, Walter A. Willson, Ernestine
Class of 1911 Cameron, Isabelle M. Phillips, Dora M.
  Davis, Angie L. Wright, Louis H.
  Myers, Harriet C.  
Class of 1912 Brahana, H. Roy Davis, Phillip N.
  Brooks, Burton M. Fisk, Earl W.
  Cassidy, Nellie E. Jewell, Robert C.
  Cooper, Clyde P. McLellan, Hiram J.
  Corley, Marion E. Phillips, George B.
  Corley, Theda M.  
Class of 1913 Ainsboro, Katherine Hubbard, Maud E.
  Campbell, John T. Humphrey, Harry C.
  Chase, Mildred S. King, Ralph E.
  Christie, Gladys E. Lang, A. Slayton
  Cook, George Tracy Leland, Maurice A.
  Cook, Hazel S. McFarlane, Edith J.
  Corley, Ruth H. McFarlane, Helen A.
  Dexter, Alice L. Phillips, Matie L.
  Foster, Maynard E. Scott, Robert D.
Class of 1914 Abbott, Varnum J. McLellan, Hazel
  Burdick, Gustavus W. Orne, Gladys T.
  Calkins, Ruby M. Paige, Harland E.
  Corley, Anna I. Robinson, Lillian M.
  Comstock, Pearl M. Robinson, Pearl M.
  Curtis, Mildred S. Ruggles, Everett H.
  Dow, Flora E. Sears, Doris M.
  Hanson, Mary A. Sears, Verna E.
  Hawkins, Lois M. Underwood, Clara A.
  Heath, Hazel J. Walcott, Ray A.
  Jennings, Beatrice M. Whitcher, Geneva E.
  Kinsey, Fred C.  
Class of 1915 Cameron, Ione M. Phillips, Vera A.
  Carpenter, Orin C. Robinson, Frank E.
  Chase, Elsie H. Skinner, Isadore L.
  Gleason, Ruth C. Thorp, Hazel A.
  Gott, Nellie C. Thorp, John A.
  Hawkins, Lola M. Urie, Mary E.
  King, Julia E. Wheeler, Leonie J.
  Lanou, Emma E. Wilkinson, Mary E.
Class of 1916 Carter, Helen M. Potter, Viva M.
  Cook, Nellie E. Sears, Harlan A.
  Eveleth, Esther Whitcher, Doris E.
  Miles, Hazel S. Wright, Ida A.
  Paddleford, Ruth B. Wilson, Sadie E.
Class of 1917 Barnard, Clara M. Mason, Iva Lillian
  Barnard, Louella H. Metcalf, Walter W.
  Blair, Florence M. Miles, Florence E.
  Brahana, Hazel M. Owen, Amy R.
  Calkins, Rawson H. Parker, Paul W.
  Carpenter, Vera M. Phillips, Gerald C.
  Cook, Hazel S. Prue, Georgia H.
  Dunham, Clifton R. Scott, Margaret A.
  Dunham, Theda M. Sherburne, Daisy M.
  Emerson, Lee E. Sherburne, Rose M.
  Fisk, Marjorie Florence Wakeman, Alice L.
  Gilmour, Albert D. Sinon, Elizabeth V.
  Lang, Clarence A.  
Class of 1918 Brunning, Esther Z. Gray, Greta M.
  Buck, Clemma M. Healey, Cora B.
  Buckley, Walter W. Marsh, Arline R.
  Burnham, Ruth A. Rollins, Alfred C.
  Chase, George E. Sinon, Bertha H.
  Corley, Marion E. Smith, Maurice D.
  Dewing, Edith B. Smith, Ethel M.
  Drown, Eva M. Stone, Bessie E.
  Elliott, Leslie M. Urie, Phyllis A.
  Emerson, Flora A. Willey, Clarence E.
Class of 1919 Blood, Florence L. Longley, Raymond J.
  Carter, George S. Metcalf, Olive A.
  Clough, A. Mayland, Jr. Nelson, Marjorie E.
  Corey, Ivah A. Owen, Bertha D.
  Drew, Perley R. Salmon, Jean I.
  Eastman, Albert W. Shedd, Hala B.
  Elliott, Hortense M. Thorp, Evelyn M.
  Gardner, Neil M. Watkins, Robert T.
  Hinton, Gladys H. Warner, Elgie M.
  Johnson, Helen E. Wright, Ross T.
  King, Marjorie E. Young, Marion T.
  Leland, Vera I.  
Class of 1920 Clapper, Merrill B. Ryan, Eleanor H.
  Dopp, Edith M. Seavey, Marion M.
  Drew, Ada M. Shedd, Mary A.
  Hibbard, Elsie B. Sinon, Hazel M.
  Huntington, Elsie E. Taylor, Floyd J.
  Martin, Bernice E. Willard, Frances E.
  McGorty, Ralph J. Young, Isabelle
Class of 1921 Bean, Ava M. Hazen, Clarence A.
  Bean, Marjorie M. Kenneson, Mary E.
  Buck, Helen E. Langevin, Florence
  Carter, Harold C. Langevin, Mildred
  Comstock, Leigh P. Larabee, Mildred A.
  Cook, Florence M. Moulton, Leona B.
  Drew, Alice E. Pudvah, Nellie M.
  Drew, Clifton L. Stone, Mary E.
  Emerson, Dorothy M. Walcott, Clyde H.
  Ford, Mildred C.  
Class of 1922 Bean, Lisle L. Magoon, Lois L.
  Bowen, Avis E. Ray, Bernice A.
  Carpenter, Ila Rollins, Grace
  Clark, Gertrude I. Sears, Marion D.
  Clough, Charlena E. Simpson, Gladys V.
  Jenness, Sylvia Tripp, Doris F.
  King, Bernice H. Valley, Roy R.
  Langevin, Florence Whitcher, Ida L.
Class of 1923 Carpenter, Bertha R. May, Raymond O.
  Courser, Esther L. McFarlane, Mildred M.
  Dyer, Harry P. Mossman, Maude E.
  Hanson, Merrick W. Mudgett, Ward N.
  Holbrook, Stanley Pudvah, Harold J.
  Jarvis, Reginald Rowell, Edna A.
  Joslyn, Maryette C. Seavey, Amherst F.
  Kimball, Raymond W. Smith, Earnest A.
  Labor, Beatrice P. Smith, Ray
  Lewis, Freida C. Wakeman, Rolla D.
  Macie, Gilbert H. Warner, Orrell E.
  Martin, Dorothy C. Webster, Marjorie T.
  May, Ralph H.  
Class of 1924 Baldwin, Frederick G. Moulton, Jessie E.
  Chadburn, Gerald C. Sargent, Geraldine E.
  Clark, Don Percy Willey, Floyd G.
  Kimball, Amos Ray  
Class of 1925 Baldwin, Marion Kilgallen, Gertrude
  Bean, Reynold Kinsley, Ellen
  Browning, Marie Knapp, Avis
  Brownlee, Arleen Natole, John
  Cornish, Amelia Pudvah, Chloe
  Cornish, Frederick Smith, Earle
  Gilpin, Ruth Wright, Roger
  Humphrey, Grace  
Class of 1926 Allard, Wilhelmina Kilgallen, Clarence
  Blake, Kathleen Labounty, Lena
  Blood, Ray Lewis, Milton
  Buck, Robert May, Harold
  Burnham, Kate McFarlane, Alice
  Cole, Charles Nute, Dorcas
  Courser, Malcolm Proctor, Grace
  D'Este, Irene Reirden, Stanley J.
  Fairbanks, Leola Swett, Marion
  Gates, Dorothy J. Turner, Miriam
  Jenness, Pearl Wright, Charles
Class of 1927 Bean, Donald C. Holbrook, Alice
  Berry, Kenneth E. Hurry, Wendell M.
  Burnham, Thelma Lahue, Harold J.
  Buswell, Roselind Magoon, Roland
  Carpenter, Dale Pudvah, Alice
  Chadburn, Vera Rives, Wright E.
  Cook, Howard L. Stevens, Kenneth M.
  Davio, Marjorie Utton, Alden C.
  Davio, Irving R. Winget, Leah
Class of 1928 Borland, Joyce V. Proctor, Fletcher J.
  Caron, Bruce W. Ray, Hilda F.
  Clark, Marion A. Sicard, Lawrence A.
  D'Este, Evelyn B. Tower, Marion
  Gilpin, Esther H. Wakeman, Hallie W.
  Lyon, Austin A. Warner, Alice M.
  Merriam, Anna L. Webster, Winifred H.
  Page, Elmer C. Wheeler, Royce F.
  Page, Rachel A.  
Class of 1929 Brown, Frederick H. Hawkins, Marjorie A.
  Brown, Merriman E. Kinsley, Thelma I.
  Burdette, Marcella J. Longevin, Hilda B.
  Chesley, Ruth J. Lewis, Carl W.
  Collins, Rena M. Peck, Katherine A.
  Devereaux, Doris Prescott, Gertrude M.
  Guthrie, Mary M. Sherburne, Glendola E.
  Hagar, Marion L. Smith, Euna B.
Class of 1930 Chappell, Evelyn Marsh, Kenneth
  Cook, Stanley Marshall, Leslie
  Currier, Maynard Merriam, Dorothy
  Drown, Clarence Page, Eileen
  Fairbrother, Vera Peck, Katherine
  Farman, Helen Pickel, Barbara
  Friend, Hazel Ryder, Ora
  Gilmour, Elizabeth Stevens, Murray
  Hawkins, Marjorie Stone, Francese
  Jenness, Ruby Webster, Doris
  King, Veda Webster, Willard
  Lewis, Isabel  
Class of 1931 Brunning, Genevieve Pudvah, Rachel
  Buswell, Elsinore Rowen, Mason
  Conner, Ralph Salvatore, Innocense
  Hayes, Harriet St. Onge, Mary
  LaClair, Marion Scheer, Joseph
  Marsh, Lila Tyler, Viola
  Morris, Althea Utton, Robert
  Pudvah, Janet Whitcomb, Gladys
Class of 1932 Baker, David B. Lewis, Glenn H.
  Barron, Ruth M. Lyon, Annie E.
  Boutwell, Wilber C. Lyon, Milford E.
  Close, Marie F. Merriam, Ruth I.
  Friend, Walter F. Rives, Caroline
  Guthrie, Catherine E. Smith, Elwood E.
  Hinton, Esther J. Smith, Maxwell A.
  Hinton, Ruth M. Squires, Lawrence C.
  Jarvis, Ella M. Stiles, Carleton W.
  Knight, Wayland E. Tillotson, Bethleen E.
  Labor, Dorothy E. Wakeman, Enid C.
  Leach, Maebel C.  
Class of 1933 Bean, Marguerite Hancock, Kenneth
  Boudreau, Arlene Hendy, Helen
  Boudreau, Romeo Jenness, Dorothy
  Bousquet, Irene King, Alice
  Brown, Blanche Larabee, Herbert
  Caron, Louis Lewis, Helen
  Clark, Robert May, Freda
  Cook, Wendell Morse, Esther
  Crowley, Mary Phillips, Alonzo
  Currier, Leonard Plunkett, Olive
  Dyke, Robert Sargent, Curtis
  Goss, Arlene Scott, Harriet
  Griffin, Charlotte Sicard, Simone
Class of 1934 Ashe, Murray Leonard, Hazel
  Close, Ivan Morin, Kathleen
  Damon, Leander Rowen, Beverly
  Drew, Hazel Sargent, Grace
  Dwyer, William Scott, Doris
  Friend, Doris Sinon, Madeline
  Goodfellow, Alice Stiles, Donald
  Hinton, Ruth Webster, Ray, Jr.
  Hodgdon, Mary  
Class of 1935 Bickford, Lillian Mooney, Geraldine
  Burroughs, Natalie Perron, Mamie
  Cloutier, Beatrice Rogers, Raymond
  Demick, Robert Sanborn, Ernest
  Dwyer, Kenneth Scott, Eleanor
  Ingersoll, Dora Sherburne, Roy
  Leonard, Ralph Stevens, Catherine
  Leroux, Georgette Vincent, James
  Lyman, Forest Young, Laurice
  Massey, Theodore  
Class of 1936 Brooks, Dorothy Labounty, Albert
  Burnham, Richard  Larocque, Theresa
  Cassidy, Harriet Nye, Francis
  Choquette, Irene Pelon, Anita
  Cloutier, Lorraine Prescott, Charles
  Girard, Jeannette Prescott, Milton
  Goss, George Pudvah, Bernard
  Griffin, Ruth Ray, Joyce
  Griffin, Wayne Rossi, Madeline
  Heath, Alice Sicard, Rita
  Heath, Stanley Smith, Wayland
  Hovey, Inda Young, Earl
  Krewet, Anna  
Class of 1937 Anderson, Ruth Griffin, Elwin
  Blair, Erward Jenness, Harold
  Connor, Ruth Krewet, Louis
  Cook, June Prescott, Ceylon
  Currier, Walter Toof, Norma
  Gilmour, Wayne Wessell, Walter
  Griffin, Cecil  
Class of 1938 Annis, Geraldine Salvator, Antoinette
  Brow, Raymond Sargent, Stella
  Cass, Helen Schoff, Marion
  Clifford, Alberta Sicard, Jeanette
  Dunn, Donald Stiles, Shirley
  Fahy, Eleanor Smith, Arnold
  Gay, Edith Sylvester, Russell
  Jenness, Kenneth Trenholme, Norman
  Kinsley, Sumner Valley, Sylvia
  Knight, Reginald Wilbur, Norma
  Peck, Robert Woodard, Clayton
  Robinson, Llewllyn  
Class of 1939 Barron, Alsey Betty   Maynard, Pauline L.
  Brooks, Evelyn M. Mason, Glenna E.
  Buck, Ralph N. Nye, William P.
  Fisk, Earl O. Perron, Nellie M.
  Grondin, Bernard F. Pierce, Rachel J.
  Jenness, Earlene M. Shatney, Ida A.
  LaClair, Alfreda M. Simard, John J.
  Leland, Muriel D. Sockol, Reva
  Libby, Bertha M. Stevens, Nelson C.
Class of 1940 Bickford, Lawrence H. Kimball, Paul R.
  Bickford, Owen C. King, Frederick W.
  Blair, Caroline A. LaMonda, Roy H.
  Blair, Rosalind V. Leland, Marilyn R.
  Calkins, Keith W. Locke, Dorothy B.
  Cassidy, Bernard F. Mullaney, Thomas P., Jr.
  Clark, Dale W. Pierce, Leslae M.
  Degreenia, Pearl J. Rollins, Myrtle G.
  Drown, Kermit F. Scott, Margie A.
  Elliott, Florence E. Smith, Howard D.
  Gearwar, Frank L. Vincent, Rosemary K.
  Griffin, Ray E. Wessell, Arthura
Class of 1941 Annis, Hazen T. Kambour, Ruth C.
  Atherton, Henry V. Locke, Roland E.
  Barron, Priscilla L. Martel, Gabrille A.
  Blay, Philemon J. Massey, Emile I.
  Boutin, Arthur Morley, Helene R.
  Boutin, Clement A. Norris, Ruth E.
  Chamberlin, Vivian Robinson, Elizabeth M.
  Cloutier, Dorothy R. Rogers, Rena M.
  Cota, Russell F. Sawyer, Evelyn G.
  Damon, Howard Smith, Margaret L.
  Diette, Yvonne R. Stevens, Bruce L.
  Drown, Anita R. Stiles, Marvin
  Fisk, Florence S.  
Class of 1942 Alexander, Eleanor M. Miner, Joyce E.
  Alexander, Joseph W. Mullaney, Cornelius
  Bickford, Frances R. Perron, Rita D.
  Cassidy, Clyde C. Pierce, Carolyn A.
  Chadburn, Lena M. Robinson, Charlotte E.
  Clark, Wilmer E. Salvator, Marie F.
  Cloutier, Rudolph J. Sawyer, Raymond M.
  Cota, Richard W. Scott, Lillian A.
  Drew, Patricia A. Smith, Margaret F.
  Drown, Bruce E. Sockol, Pearl J.
  Elliott, Kenneth J. Sockol, Goldie
  Gaboriault, Noella S. Stevens, Howard R.
  Grammo, Irving E. Tyler, Ruth M.
  King, Janice P. Underwood, Norman R.
  Kinsey, David W. Urie, Olive A.
  LaMonda, Wayne W. Wakeman, Donovan G.
  Luxford, Katherine D. Whitney, Phillip B.
  Lyon, Alta L. Young, George L.
Class of 1943 Bickford, Marion Lafont, Marion D.
  Brooks, Paul W. Leland, George H.
  Brooks, Wendell N. Minakuchi, Jeanne C.
  Cameron, Elizabeth M. Perron, Donald L. 
  Corlis, Aubird J. Perron, John A.
  Damon, Wallace L. Pierce, Beverly M.
  Eldridge, Helen S.  Redington, Elizabeth 
  Fisk, Marion R. Rock, Paul E.
  Grondin, Mary A. Stiles, Dean F.
  Heath, Raymond G. Tibbetts, Leroy T.
  Hutchins, Joyce L. Tibbetts, Nason H.
  Kambour, Eleanor N. Walcott, Charlotte B.
  King, Donald Lee  
Class of 1944 Alexander, Wayne H. Knowles, Pearl L.
  Anderson, Billy W. LaBounty, Dorothy J. 
  Brohan, Joseph H. Lafont, Avis M.
  Brooks, Phyllis N. LeBlanc, Alice L.
  Blodgett, Donald L. Massey, Beverly E.
  Buck, Rachel M. Pierce, Cedric E., Jr. 
  Clark, Carol M. Scott, Winnie I.
  Cota, Mary L. Underwood, Max E.
  Cross, Elsie M. Urie, Marion A.
  Fisk, Helen L. Wakeman, Arnold L.
  Kinsey, Frederick C. Warren, Joseph
Class of 1945 Archambault, Ernestine Kinsey, Robert E.
  Brooks, Janet M. Knight, Helen A.
  Barker, Olive A. Lyon, Duane C.
  Clark, Robert E. Moore, Dorothy J. 
  Comstock, Betty G. Nault, Lucille D.
  Emmons, Mary K. Perron, Leo A.
  Friend, Geraldine F. Pierce, Richard E.
  Friend, Leslie M. Renault, Julia E.
  Glasson, Geraldine D. Roberson, Earl I.
  Grammo, Arlene P. Rock, Pauline H.
  Hadlock, Nona E. Rossi, Richard D.
  Hanson, Grace June Sheehan, Marjory
  Hutchins, Ralph N. Stanley, Marvis
  King, Carolyn R.  
Class of 1946 Anderson, Kenneth F. Paquette, Carl E.
  Calkins, Audrey L. Paquette, Margaret L.
  Clifford, Hazel E. Perron, Blanche R.
  Degreenia, Howard E. Randall, Earle D.
  Gates, Meriden T. Russell, C. Wallace
  Kimball, Edward C. Simpson, Robert A.
  King, Barbara A. Urie, Grace E.
  LaMonda, Blanche L. Young, Barbara B.
  Nault, Beverly B. White, Kenneth J.
  Nault, Gloria P. Young, Emily M.
Class of 1947 Alexander, Rebecca Provencher, Robert C.
  Burnham, Sybil H. Thompson, Katherine G.
  Gates, Ramona Umlah, William
  Houston, Genevieve F. Urie, Joyce E.
  Joseph, Theresa  Valley, Percy L.
  Labrecque, Henry J. Warner, Lawrence O.
  Jenne, Leonard J. (Lizotte) Warner, Margaret E.
  Lyon, Earline G. Walcott, Alden D.
  Muhr, Joseph W.  
Class of 1948 Allen, Ruth M. LaMarche, Rene E.
  Anderson, Ardell Montminy, Roy F.
  Badger, Wayne I. Moore, Marilyn A.
  Clark, Miriam R. Paquette, Theresa M.
  Cloutier, Rita L. Pierce, Dorothy M.
  Comstock, Dean M. Roberson, Beverly L.
  Corrow, Milton W. Royer, Rudolph E.
  Dane, Richard W.  St. Onge, George A.
  Eldridge, Hazel M. Smith, Barbara J.
  Fisk, Harriet A. Sockol, Stanley N.
  Glasson, Pauline L. Taylor, Adelord L.
  Hanson, Dean F. Wakeman, Thelma F.
  Kenneson, Ruth M.  
Class of 1949 Archambault, Irene P. Nault, Lorraine E.
  Bickford, Willard L. Perron, Lionel A.
  Brooks, Alton L. Perron, Louis A.
  Dean, Elsie M. Rogers, Arlene E.
  Dodge, Beatrice B. Russell, Clarice
  Elliott, Kendall C. St. Onge, John J.
  Fuller, Donald T. Tibbetts, Irene P.
  Kennison, John A. Urie, Robert M. 
  LaBounty, Robert F. Warner, Lorraine E.
  Nadeau, Paul Wilbur, Rose
Class of 1950 Benedict, Joy Miller, Claire P.
  Chapdelaine, Phyllis E. Nadeau, Robert
  Chicoine, Edward Perron, Jacqueline
  Crawford, David  Renault, Simeon
  Griffin, Eldon R. Rollins, William G.
  Healey, Sally A. Smith, Arnold D.
  Hutchins, Beverly J. Ticehurst, Carlton W.
  Kimball, Alma Valley, Lawrence
  King, Sherry Valley, Roger
  Leonard, Raymond Warner, Mahlon
  Libby, Clarence P. Whitcomb, Joyce A.
  McIntosh, Robert  
Class of 1951 Anderson, Dean Johnson, Carl J.
  Barrows, Charles Lafont, Lois
  Brooks, Mona LaMadeleine, Ida
  Brown, Horace Leonard, Alice
  Brown, Robert Locke, Melba
  Chapdelaine, Patricia Marcotte, Maurice S.
  Cloutier, Joseph Montminy, Joseph
  Corlis, Arthenea Simons, Lorraine
  Diette, Antoinette Stevens, Dorothy
  Elliott, Dean Urie, Alan
  Elliott, Ruel Uttin, Beulah A.
  Jenne, Richard  
Class of 1952 Alexander, Richard LaBounty, Jeanne 
  Ashe, Malcolm, Jr. Libby, Walter 
  Brown, Richard Montminy, Ralph 
  Chamberlin, Rupert Sicard, Lawrence, Jr.
  Dean, Ruth Simons, Joyce
  Degreenia, Erlene Simons, Shirley
  Fisk, William St. Onge, Yolande
  Gates, Klondola Ticehurst, Alberta
  Ingersoll, Myrtle Urie, Rachel
  Kenneson, Beverly Wakeman, Albert, Jr.
Class of 1953 Ashe, Ronald M. May, Patricia S.
  Brooks, Joyce P. Owen, David R.
  Chicoine, Helen L. Paquette, George J. 
  Corlis, Gaston P. Perron, Joyce L.
  Elliott, Bryce C. Roberts, Richard E.
  Emerson, Cynthia M. Sicard, Barbara C.
  Grondin, Helen I. Wilson, Lorraine
Class of 1954 Barton, Frederick Nault, Vivianne
  Bickford, Pauline Paquette, Patricia
  Cloutier, Andre Pickel, Joan
  Hendy, Jean Pudvah, Beverly
  Jenne, Allison Pudvah, Leo
  Kimball, Robert Rock, Carolyn
  Lamadeleine, Richard Rollins, Doris
  Larocque, Beverly Ward, Hazen
  Montminy, Cecile  
Class of 1955 Chapdelaine, Leo G., Jr. May, Fred
  Clark, Dorothy Rives, Marlee
  Cloutier, Ronald Roberts, George
  Collins, Clayton Sicard, David
  Goudreau, Florent Simons, Doreen
  Hanson, Dale Stevens, Reginald
  Kenneson, Eleanor Ticehurst, Louise
  Kittredge, Preston Wilson, Barbara
  Lewis, Jane Wright, Nancy
Class of 1956 Amyot, George Leroux, Ronald
  Bolton, Joanna Liberty, Deanna
  Brown, Janet Moffett, Richard
  Corlis, Xavior Monette, Pauline
  Darling, Marion Owen, Robert
  Davio, Marilyn Pudvah, Phyllis
  Desmarais, Robert Rollins, Robert
  Fairbrother, Ernest Sicard, Michael
  Friend, Sandra Smith, Lance
  Gile, Jeannette Ticehurst, Margaret
  Kittredge, Dorothy Young, Neil
  Leroux, Roger  
Class of 1957 Ashe, Norma Labor, Milton
  Brooks, Marilyn  Larouche, Jacqueline
  Cloutier, Gaetan Lamay, Emily
  Cloutier, Gerald Magoon, Ronald
  Corrow, Dorothy May, Priscilla
  Dukette, Richard Maynard, Betty
  Dwyer, Maxine Pelletier, Raymond
  Dyke, Fredric Porter, Bruce
  Elliott, Earle Racicot, Jeannine
  Elliott, Ralph Vezina, Aline
  Grondin, Josephine Woodard, Judith
  Hendy, John  
Class of 1958 Allen, Geraldine Elliott, Alice
  Amyot, Annette Gonyaw, Marie
  Ashe, Bruce Healy, Annie
  Bolton, Dorothy Hunt, Dalton
  Clark, Bruce May, Mary
  Clark, Ross Nadeau, Roger
  Cloutier, Jeanine Porter, Dale
  Cloutier, Martha Rives, Richard
  Cloutier, Rosemary Rollins, Joan
  Coomer, Mary Jane Sicard, Betsy
  Davio, Carolyn Simons, Albert
  Desmarais, Jacqueline Woodard, Norma
  Dyke, Donna  
Class of 1959 Chappell, Richard Maynard, George
  Coomer, Glory Nadeau, Yvette
  Duquette, Jeannine Perron, Ronald
  Dwyer, Rodney Pickel, Randi
  Fairbrother, Raymond Racicot, Muriel
  Kelley, Barbara Sicard, James
  LaBounty, Bruno Waterhouse, Rebecca
  Lewis, Libby Webster, Roxana
Class of 1960 Amyot, Marie Jenne, Robert
  Bolton, Monica Labor, Larry
  Brooks, Royce LaBounty, Albert (Lynn) "Butch"
  Brown, Sharon Maynard, Patricia
  Brown, Steven Menard, Isabelle
  Butler, Willis "Bill" Pudvah, Charles
  Cloutier, Rene Rockwell, Audrey
  Davio, Francis Rodgers, John
  Durant, Thomas Sheltra, Helen
  Elliott, Alverton, Jr. Simons, Francis
  Forty, Donna Stevens, Charles
  Gray, Hilda Stevens, Larry
  Harper, Winston Vezina, Jeanine
  Kelley, Terrance  Wells, George
  Jenne, Linda  
Class of 1961 Biancardi, Denise Monette, Rachel
  Brown, Carolyn Moriarty, Patsy
  Bussiere, Shirley Niles, Ray
  Cloutier, Bertha Owen, Bruce
  Cota, Shari Pelletier, Richard
  Duquette, Jackie Poginy, Claude
  Dwyer, Larry Porter, Dean
  Emerson, Nancy Pudvah, Paulette
  Frechette, Lucille Smith, Richard
  Harper, Michele Squires, Mary
  Healy, Eddie Stevens, Rowena
  Healy, Margaret Stevens, Ruby
  LaBounty, Priscilla Thompson, Lanny
  Langmaid, Francis Valley, Kenneth
  Leroux, Renee Vezina, Paulette
  Loomis, Gayland White, Beverly
  Loomis, Howard Willey, Sandra
  McKay, Louise Woodard, Emery
Class of 1962 Bickford, Brenda Lee LeClerc, Anita Barbara
  Bussiere, Rachel Claire May, Dorothy Ellen
  Choiniere, Louis Joseph May, William Ralph
  Conley, Royce Dean Moquin, Sharon Anne
  Damon, Terrance Michael Paquette, Raymond Leo
  Elliott, Winslow Farr Perron, Linda Ann
  Engelmann, Carl August Pudvah, Loretta Mae
  Gray, Wayne Frederick Sample, Cecil Andrew
  Hall, Arland Joshua Simons, Janet Lois
  Jenne, Roger Harvey Stevens, Nelson Cheney
  Kilby, Alice Coleen Urie, John Robert, Jr.
Class of 1963 Boisvert, Robert Moriarty, Dawn
  Brooks, Kay Nye, Sharon
  Choiniere, Alice Paquette, George
  Conley, Rodney Perron, Richard
  Darling, Raymond Porter, Eleanor
  Dwyer, Sandra Rash, Rachel
  Elliott, Anne Rives, Christopher
  Gathercole, Nancy Rives, Pamela
  Hayes, Sandra Rodgers, Barbara
  Kelley, Sandra Stevens, David
  Kimball, Norman Urie, Caroline
  Labor, James Willey, Laurence
  Leroux, Richard Woodward, Stanley
  Masten, Sandra Young, Roy
Class of 1964 Caron, Alfred Joseph LeClerc, Henry Allen
  DeCell, George Raymond Leroux, Claire Laurette
  Elliott, James Douglas Marcotte, Gary David
  Gaboriault, John Claude Owen, Penelope Ruth
  Gaboriault, Solange Raymonde Owen, William Anthony
  Hall, Blake Russell Perron, Lillian Louise
  Holcomb, Stanley Michael Perron, Marlene Joan
  Jenne, Susan Harriett Perron, Rachel June
  Kenneson, Corrine Nellie Provencher, Mary Ella
  Kilby, Dale John Pudvah, John Richard
  Kimball, Phyllis Norma Simons, Grace Ellen
  Labor, Charles Carl Urie, David Stanley
  Larocque, Francis Dean Urie, Gail Martha
  LeBlanc, Robert Roland Woodard, Lance Brian
Class of 1965 Borland, Kenneth James Poginy, Peter Raymond
  Brooks, Donna Lee Rash, Nan Charlene
  Brooks, Sandra Jeanne Rodgers, James Allen
  Brown, Carl Erton Rollins, Mary Lou
  Cloutier, Robert Edward Sicard, Judith Marie
  Cook, David Charles Sicard, Paul A.
  Gonyaw, Dean Ferdinand Smith, Patricia Ann
  Harper, Woodrow James Smith, Sharon Lee
  Healey, Nancy Yvonne Stevens, Danny Kaye
  Hinton, Brian Roy Stevens, Nancy Jean
  Kinsley, Brian Elliott Stone, Lois Jane
  LaClair, Nancy Ann Swift, Donna Kay
  Mason, Simone Elaine Urie, Bonnie Lea
  Menard, Rita Margaret Urie, Katheryn Jane
  Perron, Cynthia Mae Vezina, Alice Pauline
  Perron, Donna Lynn  
Class of 1966 Archambault, Irene Paquette, Theresa
  Barton, William Patrick, Glenn
  Bengston, Robert Pellerin, Marsha
  Berge, John Pelletier, Robert
  Berry, Marlou Perkin, Caroline
  Billado, Sandra Perron, Andre
  Boutin, Michael Perron, Edward
  Breton, Pauline Racicot, Paulette
  Choquette, Dennis Renault, Jennifer
  Cloutier, Aime Renault, Lorraine
  Currier, Raymond Rock, Leonard
  Elliott, Barbara Spring, Sondra
  Fournier, Aime Urie, Steve
  Gaboriault, Rosaire Valley, Donna
  Hobbs, Barbara Vezina, Charles
  Kimball, Ivan Vezina, Suzanne
  LaBounty, Theresa Vigario, Linda M.
  LeClerc, Gene Vigario, Linda  
  Meehan, Donald Whitcomb, Esther
  Mossa, Rose White, Jimmy
  Nye, William Willis, Susan
Class of 1967 Babcock, Ray Everett Gonyaw, Ruth Ann Brooks
  Billado, David Orroson Gray, Donald Robert
  Borland, Harriet Jean Kilby, Reid William
  Boutin, Paul Andre King, Evelyn Mary
  Brooks, Douglas Neil Labor, John F.
  Brooks, Faylene Una Larocque, Carroll Robert
  Chapdelaine, Katheryn Julia LaClair, Richard Earl
  Colby, Suzanne Louise LaMadeleine, Ronald Albert
  Conley, Edward Ale LeBlanc, Elaine Marie
  Cota, James Arnold Patten, Bruce Gordon
  DeCell, Judith Lynn Phelps, Sherri Elaine
  Diette, Paul Leo Poginy, Paul Roger
  Doyle, Cheryl Linda Smith, Dale Philip
  Doyon, Elizabeth Mary Paul Smith, Melanie Lindberg
  Drown, Brian I. Spring, Bonita Jeanne
  Forty, Constance Marie Stevens, Carroll Howard
  Gilfillan, David F. Stevens, Howard Lussier

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