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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Student Residence
McCurdy, Julia A. Charleston
Fletcher, Adalaide Albany
Fitz, Algena Albany
Foster, Jerusha Barton
Gary, Mary J. Barton
Heath, Julia A. Barton
Jillson, Emily Barton
Kimball, Martha A. Irasburgh
Kimball, Elizabeth H. Irasburgh
Lang, Julia H. Irasburgh
Locke, Sarah Irasburgh
Merriam, Henrietta Barton
Mason, Sarah E. Barton
Nye, L. Annette Irasburgh
Pierce, Ellen M. Barton
Paine, Helen E. Albany
Robinson, Marcia A. Barton
Rowell, Jane S. Albany
Skinner, Cordelia Barton
Stoddard, Ellen B. Charleston
Townsend, Lydia A. Burke
Buswell, Joel B. Barton
Beach, Marcellus Glover
Chamberlin, John E. Albany
Cobb, Ellis A. Barton
Drew, Holman R. Danville
Fuller, Moses W. Charleston
Kimball, Hazen Barton
Merriam, Henry H. Barton
Robinson, Charles J. Barton
Robinson, Owen Barton
Smith, Cephas Barton
Stone, James P. Glover
Varney, Moses F. Barton
Webber, Alpha Glover

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