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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Transcription of Brigham Academy Alumni
Name Graduated Address
Upton, Warren H. 1880  
no graduates 1881  
Ayers, Eugene 1882  
Hallinan, Stephen L.    
Smith, Fuller C.    
Start, George C.    
Andrews, Hattie K
(Mrs. G. I. Forbes)
Boutell, Mattie D.
(Mrs. F. C. Smith
Start, Ella S.    
Start, Hattie E.
(Mrs. Frank E. Parlin)
Brown, Flora M.
(Mrs. George Hill)
Hill, Charles S.    
Potter, Lee H.    
Sornborger, Charles B.   5411 Roosevelt St., Bethesda, MD
Wedgeworth, Cora A.
(Mrs. John Hawley)
Brigham, Clara S.
(Mrs. C. M. Boutell)
Brigham, Dr. Clarence S.    
Croft, Delmer E.    
Dean, Harold M.   57 Dana St., Providence, RI
Shattuck, Dr. George L. 1886 150 George St., Providence, RI
Sornborger, Merritt E.    
Sturtevant, Ernest A.    
Wedgeworth, L. Agnes    
no graduates 1887  
Fullington, George L. 1888  
Guild, Mabel A.    
Lewis, Dr. Robert E.    
Sherwood, Ingram C.    
Storer, Arthur E.   29 Main St., Yarmouth, ME
Armington, Harry H. 1889  
Start, Dr. S. Gould, Jr.    
Wells, Herman W.    
Doane, Dr. Charles B. 1890  
Guild, Frank    
Kidder, Mary G.
(Mrs. Benjamin Fairbanks)
  Newbury, VT
Marcett, Ellen M.
(Mrs. W. L. Tillotson)
  Bakersfield, VT
Naramore, May
(Mrs. S. D. Adams)
Parker, Eunice M.
(Mrs. J. S. Burt)
Shattuck, Susie C.    
Start, Bessie M.   18 West Wyoming Ave., Melrose MA
Tillotson, Col. Lee S.    
Brigham, Dr. John P. 1891  
Powers, Mabel A.
(Mrs. John P. Brigham)
Coburn, Charles A. 1892 5301 27th Ave. So., St. Petersburg, FL
Curley, Dr. Clarence P.   1325 Ponce de Leon Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Doane, Celia E.
(Mrs. John H. Bennett)
  4 Paul Revere Road, Worcester, MA
Gay, Lewis    
Giddings, Harris D.    
Herrick, Dr. Van B.   59 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA
Hull, Clio R.
(Mrs. C. P. Curley)
Page, Dr. Ernest H.    
Start, Florence E.
(Mrs. V. O. Caruthers)
  723 North Highland St., Arlington, VA
Marcett, Emma Z.
(Mrs. R. H. Gilbert)
1893 111 Santa Fe Ave., El Cerrito, CA
McElroy, Madge E.    
Paige, Sarah S.
(Mrs. Leonard J. Sheldon)
1894 8 Kenwood St., W. Somerville, MA
Powers, Clara A.
(Mrs. N. C. Harvey)
Rustedt, Marian B.   Richford, VT
Stewart, Bessie M.
(Mrs. J. B. Cosgriff)
Allen, Mildred E.
(Mrs. D. W. Paul)
1895 463 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, NY
Austin, Warren R.   Ambassador to U.N., Lake Success, NY
Ballard, Helen A.    
Brigham, Jennie C.
(Mrs. H. A. Churchill)
Brown, Olive M.
(Mrs. Clarence St. John)
  Bakersfield, VT
Coburn, Dr. Irving C.    
Dunham, Dr. Addie F.   331 Harvard St., Cambridge, MA
Hall, Harry J.    
Marcett, Lena A.    
Maynard, Frank B.    
Mead, F. Pearl
(Mrs. R. G. Rees)
  148 Cold Spring St., New Haven, CT
Pierce, Dr. Wallace M.    
Robeistow, Albert    
Scott, Georgia H.
(Mrs. G. B. Clement)
  167 Terry Ave., Billings, Mont.
Sheldon, Jennie F.
(Mrs. H V. Nye)
Sheldon, Leonard J.    
Sowles, Anna E.   8 Remick Terrace, Newton, MA
Austin, Chauncey G., Jr. 1896  
Barnes, Lydia M.
(Mrs. O. B. Wells)
  Essex Junction, VT
Clark, May A. (Mrs.
Frank R. McClellan)
  Randolph, VT
Kelton, Halle C.   114 Fairfield St., St. Albans, VT
Mead, Sadie J.    
Naramore, Bert F.    
Nutting, Carolyn C.   10 Maple Ave., Haverhill, MA
Potter, C. Anna
(Mrs. Leslie Church)
Potter, Lorin W.   14 Waldo Ave., Belfast, ME
Rowley, Lena B.
(Mrs. I C. Weld)
Soule, Dr. Harmon B.    
Stewart, Blanche S.
(Mrs. E. G. Erickson)
  7219 S. E. 28th Ave., Portland, Ore.
Story, Clarence L.   4627 Keswick Rd., Baltimore, MD
Tupper, Herbert G.    
Wells, Blanche M.    
Wells, Rev. Oscar B.   Essex Junction, VT
Campbell, Fred R. 1897  
Carpenter, Silas R.    
Herrick, Allie E.
(Mrs. E. L. Marsh)
  Ritz Hotel, Seattle, Wash
McMann, Charles F.    
Miller, Max M.   Westfield, VT
Smith, Fanny E.
(Mrs. F. C. Rawson)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Sowles, Asa L.    
Start, Dora M.    
Start, Winifred O.    
Wright, Eugene S.   Montgomery Center, CT
Barnes, Anna B.
(Mrs. H. D. Gilbert)
1898 R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Barnes, Bertha M.    
Campbell, Lottie A.
(Mrs. Taylor)
Coan, Charles H.   769 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, NY
Cook, Julia A.
(Mrs. Judson D. Santamore)
Davis, Grace A.
(Mrs. C. H. Coan)
Doane, Dr. Isaac R.    
Eldred, Merritt O.    
Kelton, Fanny C.
(Mrs. Robert Martin)
  8 Chester Rd., Derry Village, NH
Kelton, Prof. Frank C.    
Kirley, Charles J.    
Lawton, Emma H.
(Mrs. Homer H. Vincent)
Leach, H. May
(Mrs. M. O. Eldred)
Merrill, Charles P.   128 N. Willard Ave., San Gabriel, CA
Morse, May D.
(Mrs. Frank Downs)
  Williamstown, VT
Nichols, Louise E.
(Mrs. D. E. Woodward)
Olmstead, Marion P.
(Mrs. E. S. Wright)
  Montgomery Ctr., VT
Parker, Howard H.    
Perkins, Dr. Harry B.   355 Main St., Haverhill, MA
Pierce, Lizzie E.
(Mrs. A. C. Wells)
Rawson, Isabel M.
(Mrs. J. A. Leach)
Rustedt, M. Elisabeth   Richford, Vt
Shanley, Jessie C.
(Mrs. Howard Marston)
  12 Bay St., Claremont, NH
Start, Mabel S.
(Mrs. J. L. H. Carr)
  243-6 Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL
Stewart, Rachel H.
(Mrs. L. E. Hunt)
  121 No. Grant St., Littleton, CO
Wells, Arthur C.   Bakersfield, VT
Wells, Rev. George F.   South Hero, VT
Wells, Dr. Orion V.    
Cramton, Kate A.
(Mrs. Arthur M. Pond)
1899 91 Center St., Richford, VT
Gates, Rhett J.   Franklin, VT
Kenison, Mabel R.
(Mrs. D. I. Walters)
  R. D. 2, Box 1078, Kent, Wash
Law, William J.   28 George St., Burlington, VT
Leach, John A.   918 Symonds Place, Utica, NY
Moran, Mary E.   Keesville, NY
Norris, Luella P.
(Mrs. E. J. Lord)
  303 Montrose St., Bluefield, VA
Ovitt, Ada B.
(Mrs. Gordon C. Gates)
  Bakersfield, VT
Perley, Theodore W.   R. D. Enosburg Falls, VT
Rounds, Addie L.
(Mrs. Addie L. Smith)
Sheldon, Dr. Daniel F.    
Sowles, Dean H.    
Start, Frank L.   24 Cliff St., Burlington, VT
Wanzer, Thomas N.   Bakersfield, VT
White, Helena J.
(Mrs. H. H. Lannigan)
  Seminole Club, Charlottsville, VA
Barnes, Anna L.
(Mrs. LeRoy A. Greene)
1900 R. D. 1, Richford, VT
Barnes, Flora E.
(Mrs. W. E. Knight)
Blodah, Ella L.
(Mrs. A. O. Boucher)
Clancy, Michael J.    
Coburn, Eliza V.
(Mrs. Charles Montague)
Cowan, Lela M.   Bakersfield, VT
Gates, Gordon C.   Bakersfield, VT
Hadley, A. Maude
(Mrs. F. L. Webster)
Howrigan, William P.   Swanton, VT
Leach, George M.   503 Bellevue Ave., Hammonton, NJ
McNaney, Elizabeth M.   Bakersfield, VT
Parker, Mary T.
(Mrs. F. L. Start)
Perley, Florence E.
(Mrs.  George W. Burke)
  101 Norton St., Bennington, VT
Phelps, Leon M.   1820 E. Thomas St., Seattle, WA
Robie, William C.    
Rublee, Sarah J.
(Mrs. Sarah J. Lowe)
Sloane, Margaret A.
(Mrs. Wm. Brunell)
  641 Somerset St., N. Plainfield, NJ
Soule, Reuben L.   East Fairfield, VT
Stevens, Mamie C.
(Mrs. A. J. Allen)
  Wolcott, VT
Tupper, Mabel E.
(Mrs. Carl Perry)
Wells, Florence L.
(Mrs. W. B. Hyde)
  Bakersfield, VT
White, Emma L.
(Mrs. B. A. Start)
  Bakersfield, VT
Whitney, Halbert E.    
Allen, Asbury J. 1901 Wolcott, VT
Allen, Chester S.   220 E. Avenue, Burlington, VT
Austin, Fanny E.    
Austin, Gertrude M.
(Mrs. M. O. Heath)
  R. D. Fairfield, VT
Brady, Maria J.
(Mrs. L. A. Depatie)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Brady, Rose E.   15 Josephine St., Pittsburg, PA
Brady, T. Frank    
Downey, Gould F.   56 Marshall St., Springfield, MA
Farrand, Amanda A.
(Mrs. Arthur L. Field)
  Hebron, ME
Farrand, Royce H.    
Field, Arthur L.   Hebron, ME
Gates, Don S.    
Giddings, Florence E.
(Mrs. D. S. Gates)
  42 North Pleasant St., Middlebury, VT
Herrick, Dr. Harley S.   North Troy, VT
Houghton, Mabel A.
(Mrs. Russell H. Black)
  Amherst, Nova Scotia
Kirley, George A.   131 Harvard St., Newtonville, MA
Lawton Vesta H.
(Mrs. A. G. Smith)
  83 Messenger St., St. Albans, VT
Learned, Bertha C.
(Mrs. Walter Reynolds)
Lewis, George C.   R. D. Charlotte, VT
McNaney, M. Grace   Bakersfield, VT
Mead, Dr. Harold T.
(Prof of Sciences)
  108 N. Clinton Ave., Trenton, NJ
Merrill, M. Gertrude
(Mrs. C. A. Hull)
  West Berkshire, VT
Parker, Grace D.
(Mrs. W. O. Start)
  18 West Wyoming Ave., Melrose, MA
Patten, Pearl H.
(Mrs. T. C. Bruhn)
  16 Loomis St., Burlington, VT
Perkins, Harley M.   Fenway Studios, 30 Ipswich St., Boston, MA
Perley, Ernest E.   R. D., Richford, VT
Pierce, E. Donna
(Mrs. Willis E. Ross)
Prindle, Jessie E.
(Mrs. G. N. Baldwin)
  R. D., Hinesburg, VT
Sherwood, Guy H.    
Smith, Avery G.    
Start, Pearl R.
(Mrs. Harold Morey)
  Highgate Falls, VT
Story, Leonard L.    
Wanzer, Versa S.
(Mrs. Carlton H. Kidder)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Wheelock, Maud E.
(Mrs. Frank Hoyt)
  9 Wilder St., Keene, NH
Baker, Harrison B. 1902  
Brady, Gertrude A.   15 Josephine St., Pittsburgh, PA
Brady, William E.   Roxbury, MA
Burr, Marjorie F.   412 W. 9th St., Long Beach, CA
Chase, Bertha L.
(Mrs. Frank J. Norris)
  Woodsville, NH
Cutting, Ralph S.    
Doane, Synthia A.   105 Gregory Ave., Passaic, NJ
Durivage, Grace A.   830 S. Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA
Farrand, Eleanor F.
(Mrs. Guy Baldwin)
  Charlotte, VT
Isham, Florence H.
(Mrs. F. H. Frame)
  703 East 12th St., Rolla, MO
Johnson, Harriet A.   Bakersfield, VT
LaFountain, Leon A.    
Locke, Madie P.
(Mrs. Horace Holden)
  412 W. 9th St., Long Beach, CA
Merrill, Mary E.
(Mrs. R. L. Soule)
Morey, Winzola M.
(Mrs. N. P. Carey)
Morse, Bernice I.   Bakersfield, VT
Mosier, Myrtle A.
(Mrs. D. M. Burnett)
Prindle, Leo D.    
Sheldon, C. Edgar   R. D., Franklin, VT
Start, Frank A.   Bakersfield, VT
Stone, Irving H.    
Walbridge, Grace
(Mrs. Bert Jeffords)
Westcott, Sadie J.
(Mrs. N. J. Kiernan)
  17 Tedesco St., Marblehead, MA
Wheelock, Cora B.
(Mrs. P. Garfield Hurlbut)
  51 Brook St., Keene, NH
Allen, William A. 1903 Jackson St., Essex Jct., VT
Austin, Myra E.
(Mrs. W. E. Tillotson)
  Sheldon, VT
Baker, John W.    
Barnes, Gaylord A.   Bakersfield VT
Barnes, Maude L.
(Mrs. H. D. Ovitt)
Bycraft, William M.   115 Ardmore Road, Berkeley, CA
Durivage, Alice N.    
Fairchild, Harold F.   Fairfield, VT
Heath, Madison O.   R. D., Fairfield, VT
Merrill, Guy A.   Gladstone, NJ
Ovitt, Homer D.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Pomeroy, Florence L.
(Mrs. Frank Bemis)
  North Bangor, NY
Rustedt, Henry F.   Richford, VT
Shanley, Bessie M.
(Mrs. George S. Burrell)
  117 Congress Ave., Providence, RI
Soule, Reed W.    
Start, Ina L.
(Mrs. Alson Judd)
  40 Lake St., St. Albans, VT
Stephenson, Helen O.   9 Pine St., Concord, NH
Wellman, Prof. Harry R.   37 Rope Ferry Road, Hanover, NH
Allen, Bessie J. 1904 210 East Avenue, Burlington, VT
Bronson, Alice J.   4518 19th St. N. E., Seattle, Wash
Bronson, Dr. Edith    
Burgess, Clara L.   Barton, VT
Chase, Rev. L. Grover    
Coolidge, Grace E.
(Mrs. B. H. Start)
  65 Diamond St., St. Albans, VT
Cowan, Dr. Clyde R.   69 Baystate Road, Boston, MA
Cowan, Golda M.
(Mrs. H. O. Powers)
  Richford, VT
Crowell, Harold P.   East Highgate, VT
Davis, Harry E.   R. D., Cambridge, VT
Dezotell, Joseph L.   Bakersfield, VT
Dow, Benjamin J.    
Dow, Oscar   Waterville, VT
Durivage, Florence E.
(Mrs. C. H. Wheelock)
  Bakersfield, VT
Hathaway, Mabel H.
(Mrs. G. E. Wheelock)
  Bakersfield, VT
Hathaway, Maude E.
(Mrs. E. A. Newcombe)
  North Windham, CT
Jackson, Cassie M.
(Mrs. Leonard Langdell)
  Waterville, VT
Kennedy, Mary F.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Kirley, Arthur J.   27 Avalon Road, West Roxbury, MA
Leach, Carroll R.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Lynde, W. Mayo   82 North Main St., Barre, VT
Maginn, Mabel A.   15 Brown Avenue, St. Albans, VT
McNaney, Katherine M.
(Mrs. G. A. Barnes)
  Bakersfield, VT
Morse, Karl T.    
Nichols, Mary E.
(Mrs. E. E. Perley)
Powers, Harry O.   Richford, VT
Reed, Golda J.
(Mrs. W. E. Brady)
Sherwood, Robert J.    
Stephenson, Lucy E.
(Mrs. F. A. Start)
  Bakersfield, VT
Stewart, Blaine S.    
Tillotson, Noyes D.   1052 Cloverdale St., Seattle, Wash
Tupper, Abigail E.   Bakersfield, VT
Warren, Maude L.
(Mrs. Clarence Day)
  Woodstock, VT
Burnell, Glennah M. 1905  
Chaffee, Kate L.
(Mrs. John W. Lunna)
  Newport Center, VT
Cutting, Charles L.   South St., Barre, MA
Cutting, J. Herman   1954 Columbia Rd. N.W., Washington, DC
Danforth, Grace W.   19 102nd St., Upper Troy, NY
Davis, Lillian E.
(Mrs. H. Bassinger)
Durgin, Dr. Delmer D.   Central Islip, Long Island, NY
Gates, Fanny M.
(Mrs. John Dunlap)
Gates, Mabel E.    
Gover, Laura S.
(Mrs. W. H. Pomeroy)
  Bakersfield, VT
Hinerth, Constant C.    
Hyde, G. Edward    
Isham, Anna J.
(Mrs. H. J. Soule)
  Bakersfield, VT
Lunna, John W.   Newport Center, VT
Marcette, Zora A.   Bakersfield, VT
Marcette, Zoa B.   Bakersfield, VT
Mead, Madge F.
(Mrs. Madge F. Durkee)
  116 North Henry St., Madison, Wisc.
Sinclair, Lee W.   33 Prince St., Northampton, MA
Smith, Luther T.    
Soule, Arthur H.    
Stone, Myrtle G.
(Mrs. Fred C. Varnum)
  Barnet, VT
Wetherell, Rena M.    
Wheelock, Oscar A.    
Chase, Leo L. 1906  
Croft, Harold R.   9 Washington St., Concord, NH
Gibbs, Charles    
Giddings, Jessie G.
(Mrs. Gaylord A. Reed)
  Bakersfield, VT
Gover, Elizabeth H.
(Mrs. J. R. Haile)
  Montgomery Center, VT
Jamison, Louie B.
(Mrs. N. L. Divoll, Sr.)
  Bellows Falls, VT
LaFountain, Dean A.   Montgomery Center, VT
Leland, Warren B.    
McGowan, J. Herbert   227 North Prospect St., Burlington, VT
Nichols, Hervey D.   Orange, CA
Poquet, Leo N.    
Potter, Eliza L.
(Mrs. George MacArthur)
Robie, Fred W.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Sawtelle, Carroll M.   Peterboro, NH
Sheldon, Ernest H.   519 East Monroe St., Little Falls, NY
Soule, Hubert J.   Bakersfield, VT
Stimets, G. Raymond   76 Brookes Ave., Burlington, VT
Story, Eunice M.
(Mrs. H. D. Nichols)
  Orange, CA
Walden, William D.   R. D., Hinsdale, MA
West, Adelaide M.
(Mrs. R. J. Sherwood)
  17 Russell St., Worcester, MA
Whitney, F. Belle
(Mrs. Irving Chase)
Whitney, Wilmer C.   Bakersfield, VT
Barnes, Jessie I.
(Mrs. W. C. Whitney)
1907 Bakersfield, VT
Beals, Mollie M.
(Mrs. George V. Young)
Brady, Anna T.   15 Josephine St., Pittsburgh, PA
Branson, Dr. Anthony W.   Suite 602, Professional Bldg, Hartford, CT
Bronson, Arthur H.   Pine Grove Rd., R. D., Clay, NY
Chaffee, Eva M.
(Mrs. G. C. Stufflebeam)
  Bakersfield, VT
Gover, Jessie L.   19 Hopedale St., Hopedale, MA
Greene, Arthur A.   81 Coney St., Augusta, ME
Lafley, Flossie R.    
Miller, Blanche P.
(Mrs. W. H. Wheeler)
Sherwood, Carrie E.
(Mrs. Charles R. Simmons)
  Worcester, MA
Stanley, Lois A.
(Mrs. H. E. Bartram)
  75 Lake Ave., Melrose, MA
Stephenson, Caddie E.
(Mrs. F. D. Knowles)
  Westfield, VT
Stufflebeam, George C.   Bakersfield, VT
Wells, Prof. Wesley R.   330 Furman St., Syracuse, NY
Beals, Daisy D. 1908  
Bradish, Lou M.
(Mrs. Howard Ayer)
  Morrisville, VT
Diette, Oliver F.   Troy, VT
Farrand, Olive J.    
Gilpin, Eva A.   Barton, VT
Marcett, Maude M.
(Mrs. J. L. Dezotell)
  Bakersfield, VT
Northrop, Hazel E.   Fairfield, VT
Page, W. Willa
(Mrs. Everett L. Wentworth)
  111 Clarke St., Worcester, MA
Ryan, J. Henry   602 East Elk St., Glendale, CA
Stephenson, Mark   Sheldon, VT
Brady, Marion C. 1909 15 Josephine St., Pittsburgh, PA
Brigham, Mary C.
(Mrs. Fred Fletcher)
  126 Hamden Circle, Wollaston, MA
Chaffee, R. Lloyd   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Marcette, J. Armida   Bakersfield, VT
Parker, Robert B.   63 Buell St., Burlington, VT
Stephenson, Louise A.
(Mrs. D. P. Naramore)
  Lowell, VT
Temple, Mabel J.
(Mrs. Oscar Smith)
Austin, Glenn A.
(Mrs. W. L. Carter)
Ayers, Albert P.    
Barnes, Grace P.
(Mrs. L. K. Dunbar)
Barry, Mary E. F.
(Mrs. E. Frank Branon)
  Fairfield, VT
Branon, E. Frank   Fairfield, VT
Bryce, Jennie S.
(Mrs. W. F. Fuller)
  Waterbury, VT
Davis, Laura M.
(Mrs. Walter Murray)
  10 Cook St., Providence, RI
Hyde, Charles H.   R. D., Windsor, VT
Prindle, Prof. Lester M.    
Riley, Horace D.   Sheldon, VT
Washer, Oscar N.   Irasburg, VT
Brahana, May A.
(Mrs. Bertholdt Worsthorne)
1911 Troy, VT
Barry, Mabel H.
(Mrs. R. L. Rooney)
LaPlante, Mabel R.
(Mrs. Lorenzo Dow)
  Richford, VT
Stephenson, C. Alice
(Mrs. Robert Crowe)
  Sheldon Springs, VT
Brady, Emma C. 1912 15 Josephine St., Pittsburgh, PA
Brady, Stella M.
(Sister M. Bertille)
  ST. Mary's Convent, Burlington, VT
Brennan, Mae R.
(Mrs. Clarence Roddy)
  Fairfax, VT
Cowan, Lyndon H.    
Deal, Walworth H.    
Dow, Lorenzo L.   Richford, VT
Farrand, Mary E.
(Mrs. Forrest Carpenter)
  East Charlotte, VT
Montgomery, Marion G.   R. D., St. Albans, VT
Beard, James S. 1913 Jeffersonville, VT
Farrand, Grace B.
(Mrs. Kenneth Aseltine)
  Williston, VT
Flanders, Ralph P.    
Grant, Lila B.
(Mrs. N. L. Laber)
  New Haven, VT
Head, Susan G.
(Mrs. Max C. Holmes)
  Bakersfield, VT
Montgomery, Mildred M.   R. D., St. Albans, VT
Pease, George M.   522 S. Gestranda St., Redondo Beach, CA
Putnam, Henry N.   R. D., Thiensville, Wisc
Stearns, Homer F.    
Austin, Ruth E.
(Mrs. William McGrail)
1914 12 Lebanon St., Hanover, NH
Barnes, Wesley M.   487 Kenoak Place, Pomona, CA
Barry, M. Rachel
(Mrs. Daniel D. Steele)
  119 Auburn St., Ithica, NY
Brennan, Florence E.   113 Elmwood Ave., Burlington, VT
Churchill, Gladys A
(Mrs. Henry Wheeler)
  45 Central St., Newport, VT
Cutting, Mabelle F.   518 Ninth St. N. E., Washington, DC
Doane, Lottie M.   Bakersfield, VT
Dow, Sheridan P.   Waterville, VT
Ducharme, Azella M.   117 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT
Ducharme, Phyla M.   East Fairfield, VT
Dunton, Capt. Chauncey E.   East Middlebury, VT
Field, Donald W.   Woodsville, NH
Gover, Clara F.
(Mrs. Russell McNall)
  Greenwich, NY
Head, Sylvia M.
(Mrs. Max Holmes)
Holmes, William J.   Johnson, VT
Hull, Charles H.   53 Bishop St., St. Albans, VT
Hurley, William J.    
Powers, Mildred J.
(Mrs. Raymond Gross)
  92 Woodside Terrace, Springfield, MA
Shattuck, Wilma E.
(Mrs. Donald C. Marshia)
  East Fairfield, VT
Tupper M. Hazel
(Mrs. Bert Green)
  28 Elm Terrace, Burlington, VT
Anderson, Esther T.
(Mrs. G. A. Ordway)
1915 270 Shelburne Road, Burlington, VT
Burleson, Max I.   East Fairfield, VT
Doane, Margaret K.
(Mrs. Walter Dadmun)
  8 Harvard St., Worcester, MA
Germaine, Allen J.   708 E. Marilyn St., Mesa, Ariz.
Greene, Rhoda J.
(Mrs. Clifton Corse)
Marshia, Morton H.   Milton, VT
Maynard, Hazel V.
(Mrs. Walter Jennings)
  181 Belmont St., Everett, MA
Patten, Dorothea H.   Franklin, VT
Pierce, Lois R.
(Mrs. Harold Foster)
  Conway, NH
Rooney, A. Idessa   14 Paxton Rd., West Hartford, CT
Stanhope, Merritt A.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Stephenson, Marion E.
(Mrs. H. B. Palmer)
  2100 N. St., N.W., Washington, DC
Woodward, Arlie M.
(Mrs. W. E. Griffin)
  Colfax, CA
Barsha, Ida E.
(Mrs. George Call, Jr.
1916 R. D., Jeffersonville, VT
Beebe, Idelle M.
(Mrs. H. Lesley Tomlinson)
  Southbury, CT
Brady, Florence M.   15 Josephine St., Pittsburgh, PA
Carpenter, Neal W.   Colchester, VT
Coburn, Wallace H.   Belvidere, VT
Cowan, Marian E.   Montague, MA
Ducharme, Isabelle I.   East Fairfield, VT
Hawley, Raymond S.   Queen City Park, Burlington, VT
Head, Eva J.
(Mrs. Kenneth Wright)
Hyman, Hubert A.    
LaFountain, Viola M.
(Mrs. Clarence Dezotell)
Maynard, Frances I.
(Mrs. Ephraim Read)
  East Fairfield, VT
Montague, Earl J.    
Watson, Florence L.
(Mrs. W. J. Chaffee, Jr.)
  21 Canada St., Swanton, VT
Weston, Bertha A.   Cambridge, VT
Wheelock, Marie R.   17 Claflin St., Newtonville, MA
Winget, Bernice A.
(Mrs. Neal Carpenter)
Burleson, Lou I.
(Mrs. Francis Maginn)
1917 East Fairfield, VT
Chaffee, W. J., Jr.   21 Canada St., Swanton, VT
Clapp, Luke H.   1111 Elmwood Ave., Providence, RI
Dezotell, Delbert C.   17 Laurel Road, Woronoco, MA
Farrell, J. Howard   16 Lake St., Arlington, MA
Gover, Oscar A.   9 Hills Ave., Concord, NH
Green, Lucy K
(Mrs. G. D. Talbert)
  20 Spruce St., Burlington, VT
Maynard, G. Melville   Moretown, VT
McCuin, Guy L.   Richford, VT
Northrop, J. Harmond   Enosburg Falls, VT
Pomeroy, Carl A.   Burgess Road, Bennington, VT
Potter, Ardelle O
(Mrs. Percy McCuin)
  Riverside Drive, Berlin, NH
Potter, Dewey H.   2039 Dickson St., Quebec City, Que.
Sloane, Walter B.   45 Upper Welden St., St. Albans, VT
Smilie, Henry H.   Morrisville, VT
Smith, Anna F.
(Mrs. Frederick Townley)
  Middlebury, VT
Thomas, Evelyn M.
(Mrs. Lorenzo W. Howe)
  81 Williams, Burlington, VT
Vincent, H. Stanley   741 Broadway, S. Boston, MA
Beebe, Ella DeF.
(Mrs. Nicholas Hatson)
1918 Queen City Park, Burlington, VT
Brennan, Francis J.   Far Hills, NJ
Coon, M. Golda
(Mrs. Maurice M. Grodzinsky)
  18 High St., St. Albans, VT
Covell, Doris   3500 13th St., N.W., Washington, DC
Darrah, Fredia B.
(Mrs. George Haskell)
  Lincoln Center, ME
Elwood, Ethel A.
(Mrs. Merritt G. Chapman)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Field, Roy E.   R. D., Wrentham, MA
Fitzgerald, Francis G.   Windsor, VT
Gould, Almeda C.
(Mrs. A. C. Dezotell)
  235 Pine St., Springfield, MA
Hawley, Thelma N.
(Mrs. Wesley Pope)
  Jeffersonville, VT
Hoyt, Katherine
(Mrs. Allen R. Moore)
  59 Oak St., Hudson Falls, NY
Hull, Grace A.
(Mrs. Roy E. Field)
  R. D., Wrentham, MA
Hurley, John E.   Jeffersonville, VT
Hyde, Helen S.
(Mrs. Leo B Breslin)
  39-12 Dinglaston Pkwy, Dinglaston, LI, NY
Martin, Ruth E.
(Mrs. Charles Curtiss)
  Williamstown, VT
Messier, Dorothy B.
(Mrs. P. J. O'Connell)
  38 North Spring St., Concord, NH
Moran, Glendon J.   30 Newton St., Hartford, CT
Rooney, Prof. Alban B.   26 University Terrace, Burlington, VT
Rooney, Helena M.
(Mrs. Henry F. Conrad)
  47 Juniper Ave., Mineola, LI, NY
Symons, Lyman T.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Weston, William C.   Conway, MA
Wright, Madeline E.
(Mrs. William Madegan)
  159 Nott St., Wethersfield, CT
Wright, Marjorie R.
(Mrs. Gerald Buker)
  35 West S., Middletown, CT
Boucher, Marguerite E.
(Mrs. Howard Daigue)
1919 R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Burns, Marion S.
(Mrs. Morton H. Marshia)
  Milton, VT
Camp, Eli D.   East Randolph, VT
Cook, Dana H.    
Derby, Flora B.
(Mrs. Neil Creller)
  Frelighsburg, Que
Fish, Eric   200 Bay t., Toronto, Ont.
Gover, Doris I.   98 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT
Hunt, Charles A.   223 S. Main St., St. Albans, VT
Hurley, Mary E.   40 Walnut St., New Britain, CT
Martin, Leora M.   7 Bank Block, Springfield, VT
Maynard, J. Florence
(Mrs. Leonard Pierce)
  R. D., Jeffersonville, VT
Montague, Marjorie M.
(Mrs. Herbert Sheperdson)
  Fairfax, VT
Rooney, Gertrude E.
(Mrs. Arthur Montague)
  Barre, VT
Rooney, R. Evelyn
(Mrs. Joseph McGee)
  14 Lawton Terrace, Ansonia, CT
Urban, M. Lucille
(Mrs. Parson E. Jennett)
Westover, Ina N.
(Mrs. Ina Barnes)
  95 Grand St., Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Dimond, Leland T. 1920 43 Hawkins St., Boston, MA
Dunton, Alton R.   13-05 Ivy Lane, Fairlawn, NJ
Farrell, Hazel E.
(Mrs. Alan Stewart)
  Box 63, Morrisville, VT
Gould, Lillian H
(Mrs. Howard Spalding)
  39 Parkway East, Mount Vernon, NY
Irons, Francis S.   39 Terrace St., Montpelier, VT
Leach, Robert M.   Eden, VT
Martin, A. Richard   27 Camp St., Barre, VT
McCuin, Percy W.   Riverside Drive, Berlin, NH
Potter, Irene M.
(Mrs. Francis Fitzgerald)
  Windsor, VT
Rooney, Loretta A.
(Mrs. Leo Potter)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Shanley, Frank   548 Parkside Ave., Buffalo, NY
Smith, Richard B.   193 Morningside Drive, Bristol, CT
Symons, Mary E.    
Thomas, Albert S.   12 Catlin Ave., Staten Island, NY
Thomas, Edwin S.   Box 106 Waterville, VT
Alvey, R. Lester 1921  
Barrington, Willliam H.   41 Laurel St., Holyoke, MA
Boucher, Luella E.
(Mrs. Max Soule)
  East Fairfield, VT
Bovat, Gertrude G.
(Mrs. Fred Corey)
  Richford, VT
Brennan, Edward T.   St. Albans House, Lake St., St. Albans, VT
Chase, Clyde B.   Stowe, VT
Clark, Ralph H.    
Coburn, Velma M.
(Mrs. Dwight Powers)
  493 S. Union St., Burlington, VT
Eldred, Ernest J.   1184 North Ave., Burlington, VT
Lagro, Guy H.   North Branch, Mich
Minor, Lila M.
 (Mrs. Arlis Thomas)
  R. D. Enosburg Falls, VT
Moran, Guyneth M.
(Mrs. Alcide S. Murcury)
  Bakersfield, VT
Pearson, Doris S.
(Mrs. Claude Wanzer)
  R. D., Colchester, VT
Pierce, Leonard L.   R. D., Jeffersonville, VT
Plumb, Elizabeth A.
(Mrs. Buell Wanzer)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Potter, Kenneth H.   Hyde Park, VT
Rooney, M. Roscola   14 Paxton Road, West Hartford, CT
Shannon, Pearl F.   Jeffersonville, VT
Stephenson, Robert L.    
Weston, Harry B.    
Geddes, Leona E.
(Mrs. Dean Hilliard)
1922 1 Beechmont St., Claremont, NH
Haselton, Helen P.
(Mrs. C. B. Cherrier)
  The Danish Village, Scarboro, ME
Irons, Rev. R. Scott   231 South Union St., Burlington, VT
Keith, Ola K.
(Mrs. Maurice F. Goodrich)
Mark, John B.    
Plumb, Mabel M.
(Mrs. Gerald Maynard)
  Beebe River, NH
Start, Evelyn P.
(Mrs. Allen Irish)
  R.D., Cambridge, VT
Start, W. Parker   29 Clifton Park, Melrose, MA
Tinker, Elsie A.   21 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT
Wagner, Leon E.   119 Grandview St., Bennington, VT
Wells, Lynford L.   10 School St., Newport, VT
Wright, Norah O.
(Mrs. Harry Grodzinsky)
  180 N. Main St., St. Albans, VT
Boucher, Francis E. 1923 Bakersfield, VT
Brady, Kenneth W.   Bakersfield, VT
Davis, Reginald E.   3330 Ridgewood Ave., Montreal, Que
Denio, Ralph H.   19 Farrar St., St. Albans, VT
Jones, Dorothy M.
(Mrs. Homer Dezotell)
  R.D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Lagro, Ethel M.
(Mrs. Ray Wanzer)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Lagro, Kenneth E.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Lilley, Preston H.   R. D. 1., Box 88, Sarasota, FL
McGue, Frances A.    
Moran, George G.   Bakersfield, VT
Northrop, M. Elizabeth   8 Welwyn Rd., Great Neck, LI, NY
Sheldon, Florence M.,
(Mrs. John V. Civitello)
  56 Cosey Beach Rd., E. Haven, CT
Smith, Velma M.
(Mrs. Richard Baxter)
  17 Richard St., Rochester, NY
Start, Myrtle M.
(Mrs. James Kelley)
  6122 Park Lane, Dallas, TX
Sturtevant, Florence A.
(Mrs. Max Soule)
Waite, Frances E.
(Mrs. Harold Flanders)
  31 Rugg St., St. Albans, VT
Waite, Kenneth L.   Sheldon, VT
West, Daemond E.    
Weston, Arthur R.   Greenfield, MA
Abernethy, Grace V.
(Mrs. Cyrus D. Eastman)
1924 Woodsville, NH
Brennan, Margaret L.
(Mrs. Arnold Therrien)
  Bushey Road, St. Albans, VT
Eldred, Rena E.
(Mrs. Gordon Hart)
  R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Joels, John P.    
Lambert, Roy B.   East Fairfield, VT
Linscott, Doris L.
(Mrs. Charles J. Bullock)
  R. D., Milton, VT
Marshia, Meredith L.   13 Congress St., St. Albans, VT
MacBryde, Robina M.
(Mrs. Ross Randall)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
McCuin, Leonard R.   R. D., Waterville, VT
McCuin, Maurice B.   R. D., Waterville, VT
Page, Elbertine O.
(Mrs. Leroy Phelps)
  109 Emerald St., Bridgeport, CT
Squires, Dorothy M.   2 Rock Spring Road, Stamford, CT
Start, B. Beverly
(Mrs. R. A. Regan)
Start, Storrs F.   Box 561, Hatfield, MA
Start, William R.   West Farms, R. D., Northampton, MA
Weston, E. Stanley   79 Canal St., Brattleboro, VT
Winget, Ruth C.   38 High St., Barton, VT
Woodward, Robert E.   10 Lake St., Tupper Lake, NY
Archambault, Lyle B. 1925 14 Hood St., Winooski, VT
Bovat, Dorothy M.
(Mrs. Howard S. King)
  Fairfield, VT
Chase, Leonard W.   17 Beal St., Potsdam, NY
Davis, Elsie D.
(Mrs. Gerald Roberts)
Hubbell, Stewart M.   R. D., Stowe, VT
Jones, Mildred L.
(Mrs. H. M. Stanley)
  Burpee Hill, New London, NH
Joval, Florence A.
(Mrs. Leon Tessier)
  R. D. Enosburg Falls, VT
LaBell, Ida M.
(Mrs. Wilfred Young)
  Belvidere Center, VT
Raine, Synthia B.
(Mrs. Lawrence Duval)
  North Clarendon, VT
Regan, May E.   20 School St., Montpelier, VT
Stockwell, Dorothy M.
(Mrs. William Spring)
  R. D., Fairfax, VT
Stockwell, Grace E.
(Mrs. Carl Moody)
  Stowe, VT
Wagner, Cora V.
(Mrs. William Teague)
  New Street, St. Albans, VT
Burleson, Wilma A.
(Mrs. William Sinclair)
1926 Mt. Vernon St., Newport, VT
Davis, J. Herman   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Hall, Marion E.
(Mrs. Harold Burleson)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Haselton, Florence E.   101 Ledge Road, Burlington, VT
Hayes, Dorothy B.   Colchester, VT
McCuin, Ethelyn C.
(Mrs. Cecil Shipman)
  R. D., Waterville, VT
Regin, Doris L.   936 Calvert, Detroit, Mich
Tupper, Frederick J.   East Highgate, VT
Young, Audrey R.
(Mrs. Rupert Montague)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Young, Evelyn I.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Archambault, A. Vivian
(Mrs. Donald Bean)
1927 Enosburg Falls, VT
Bovat, Irene L.
(Mrs. Roscoe Deming)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Davis, Leirion E.
(Mrs. Gerald Field)
  Jeffersonville, VT
Davis, Wilder N.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Hunt, Lyle H.   Morrisville, VT
Hyde, Dr. Robert W.   14 Peabody St., Newton, MA
Jones, Charles W.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Jones, Ulmont S.   37 Ware Road, Auburndale, MA
Murcury, Blanche A.
(Mrs. Lyle B. Archambault)
  14 Hood St., Winooski, VT
Nolin, F. Agnes
(Mrs. Lyle Hunt)
  Morrisville, VT
Regan, Rosmond A.   Martin Road, Bristol, CT
Start, Chauncey F.   Bakersfield, VT
Tillotson, Margaret E.
(Mrs. Homer Fairbanks)
  Sheldon, VT
Wanzer, Phyllis M.
(Mrs. Charles Hunt)
  223 South Main St., St. Albans, VT
Brown, Pearl M.
(Mrs. A. Eugene Brockman)
1928 2850 3rd Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL
Durkee, Earle H.   18284 Rosemount Rd., Detroit, Mich
Hale, Mary C. P.
(Mrs. Donovan Morey)
  East Fairfield, VT
Hall, Kenneth R.   Bakersfield, VT
Kittell, Doris M.
(Mrs. Howard Pelkey)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Nicholls, Vera I.
(Mrs. Raymond McNall)
  Fairfax, VT
Ovitt, Hilda M.
(Mrs. Gordon Lumnah)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Simmons, Roaine V.
(Mrs. Jesse LaMarche)
  Box 280, Chartley, MA
Stufflebeam, Major Wilbur H.   802 Duncan St., Killeen, TX
Abernethy, N. Bartlett 1929 8 Summit St., Essex Junction, VT
Haselton, Mary M.
(Mrs. H. C. Young)
  Lower Waterford, VT
Howrigan, Edward J.   Fairfield, VT
Hyde, Irena J.   Bakersfield, VT
Jones, Evelyn M.
(Mrs. Kenneth Fales)
  8 Ludington Court, W. Springfield, MA
Lagro, Clyde A.   R. D. Enosburg Falls, VT
Lloyd, Cleone C.
(Mrs. Harold Murch)
  48 Mark St., Springfield, VT
Morey, William H.   East Fairfield, VT
Nolin, Margaret    
Start, Hazel F.
(Mrs. Harry Jay)
  141 Berlin St., Montpelier, VT
Stewart, Helena M.
(Mrs. Alan Danforth)
  100 Lincoln Ave., St. Albans, VT
Touchette, Corine F.
(Mrs. Fred Arruda)
  78 Miles Ave., E. Providence, RI
Wheelock, Vera M.
(Mrs. W. E Dickinson)
  1135 Wilbur Ave., San Diego, CA
Bonor, Daisy B.
(Mrs. Daisy Regan)
1930 5150 4th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL
Hull, Iva M.
(Mrs. G. Wendell Southard)
  80 Ross St., West Rutland, VT
Paquette, Mildred V.
(Mrs. Clayton Reynolds)
  The Elms, Milton, Vt
Sherman, Marion G.
(Mrs. K. R. Hall)
  Bakersfield, VT
Soule, Carleton P.   Fairfield, VT
Stufflebeam, Howard R.   Bakersfield, VT
Wright, Barbara N.
(Mrs. Steven Cooke)
  Cherry Hill Road, Branford, CT
Constantine, George O. 1931 Newton, NJ
Dufresne, John E.   56 Bishop St., St. Albans, VT
Magnon, Gabrielle
(Mrs. Paul Bondrias)
Osgood, Olive M.
(Mrs. Charles Cassidy)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Squires, Linnie A.
(Mrs. Donald Saxby)
  East Fairfield, VT
Symons, Ruth M.
(Mrs. Forrest Godin)
  R. D., Hyde Park, VT
Dufresne, Florence A. 1932  
Gifford, M/Sgt. Wesley W.   Box 8, Northwood, NH
Lagro, Donald E.   Box 244, Proctorsville, VT
Myott, Marion D.
(Mrs. John Brodo)
  3080 St. James St. W., Montreal, Que.
Pomeroy, C. Lucille
(Mrs. Frank Graves)
  R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Sherman, Laura E.
(Mrs. Alexander McWilliams)
  Hardwick, Vt
Taft, George W.   9 Church St., Essex Jct, VT
Archambault, Dorothea E.
(Mrs. Kenneth Hayes)
1933 Enosburg Falls, VT
Boucher, Catherine J.
(Mrs. Clyde Blair)
  Essex Junction, VT
Constantine, Gordon E.   R. D., Sheldon, VT
Durkee, Josephine H.
(Mrs. William Paterek)
  2101 Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn
Johnson, Margaret A.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Lacross, Carmen L.
(Mrs. Jackson Tupper)
  R. D., Hinsdale, NH
Leonard, John   291 W. Franklin St., Morrisville, PA
Schoff, Florence E.
(Mrs. D. R. Isaac)
  Medina, Texas
Schoff, Harold A.   1 Sunset Terrace, Ansonia, CT
Start, Helen E.   Bakersfield, VT
Stone, Hilda I.
(Mrs. William H. Morey)
  East Fairfield, VT
Symons, Blanche J.
(Mrs. George Schoolcraft)
  R. D., Swanton, VT
Buttolph, J. Lucius, Jr. 1934 518 Palmer St., Frankfort, NY
Buttolph, Thomas R.   Shoreham, VT
Collins, Vail James   Claremont, NH
Crowe, Gwendolyn
(Mrs. Elwyn Davies)
  Sheldon Springs, VT
Elliott, Roderick R.   32 Spring St., Bedford, MA
Mead, Dr. Harvey W.   4615 Limestone St., Columbia, SC
Osborne, Gordon R.   423 Knoblock St., Stillwater, Okla.
Ovitt, Wendell H.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Smith, Avis L.
(Mrs. Moses Joyal)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Stalker, Suzanne
(Mrs. Allison W. Slocum)
  2575 S. Race St., Denver, CO
Stufflebeam, Carrie L.
(Mrs. George W. Taft)
  9 Church St., Essex Jct, VT
Stufflebeam, Florence M.
(Mrs. Albert Croft)
  Bakersfield, VT
Symons, Doris A.
(Mrs. Ralph Start)
  R. D., North Clarendon, VT
Wells, Ruth M.
(Mrs. F. C. Baxter)
  9 Wheelock Road, Waltham, MA
Whitney, A. Faith   Suite 23, 46 Mount Fort St., Boston, MA
Archambault, Joyce L. 1935  
Bashaw, Robert W.   R. D., St. Albans, VT
Haselton, Donald R.   Airport Drive, S. Burlington, VT
Haselton, Ida M.
(Mrs. A. P. Gravelle)
  Jericho, VT
Howrigan, Will P.   Swanton, VT
Jacobs, Ronald F.   40 Auburn St., Brockton, MA
Johnson, A. Merrill   East Franklin, VT
Lawyer, Caroline A.
(Mrs. Burton Hale)
  East Fairfield, VT
Leonard, Edith
(Mrs. Ethan Hull)
  40 Maple Ave., S. Sudbury, MA
Martin, Elizabeth S.
(Mrs. Lee Mitchell)
  150 Waterville St., Waterbury, CT
Sherman, Charlotte E.
(Mrs. Leon Bora)
  South Hero, VT
Sturtevant, Eileen A.
(Mrs. Edward Nolan)
  Simsbury, CT
Taylor, Elthema
(Mrs. Henry I. Lawyer)
  Bakersfield, VT
Treadway, Donald   Shoreham, VT
Whitney, W. Harold   R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Bryce, Robert V. 1936 East Fairfield, VT
Charron, Veronica A.
(Mrs. Charles Pattee)
  R. D., Milton, VT
Connor, Jean Kay
(Mrs. Peter Waterman)
  4221 Fourth St., S. E., Washington, DC
Cox, Irene A.
(Mrs. Carl Liimatainen, Jr.)
  Cummaquid, MA
Devine, Hubert J.   Route 4, Box 394, Riverside, CA
Dunlap, George S.    
Gover, Harland H.   100 Malvern St., Melrose, MA
Haselton, Arthur E.   Underhill, VT
Howrigan, Betty Lou   Swanton, VT
Hunt, Orrin E.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Hyde, Katherine V.
(Mrs. Walton Honsinger)
  42 Main St., Winooski, VT
Johnson, Gerald C.   Johnson, VT
Kittell, Robert G.   204 West Grace St., Richmond, VA
Leonard, Archibald S.   36 Queensbury St., Boston, MA
Riley, John L.   152 Canal St., Brattleboro, VT
Austin, Robert G. 1937 947 Pine St., Burlington, VT
Buttolph, Edward E.   Salisbury, VT
Cook, Harvey M.   202 St. Paul St., Brookline, MA
Cox, Amy A.
(Mrs. Lee Bromley)
  272 Pearl St., Burlington, VT
Dunlap, Richard F.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Gregoire, Rachell M. S.
(Mrs. Richard B. Slater)
  32 Albany Ave,. Green Island, NY
Jacobs, Dr. Howard H.   206 N. Main St., St. Albans, VT
Lahue, Paul M.   524 N. W. 9th St., Miami, FL
MacBryde, Harold W.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Maynard, Blanche A.
(Mrs. Landon Gilbar)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Riley, Walter J.   5408 Pinehurst Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich
Stone, Grace A.
(Mrs. Fay O'Connell)
  East Fairfield, VT
Wheelock, Lee A.    
Young, Eleanor M.
(Mrs. Jackson Lawyer)
  R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Baker, Oretta L.
(Mrs. Adelord Gagnon)
1938 R. D., Winooski, VT
Baker, Samuel S.   Barnet, VT
Carr, Ruth L.
(Mrs. Paul Ledoux)
  R. D., Craftsbury, VT
Hyde, Lila E.   Bakersfield, VT
Johnson, Francis H.   R. D. Enosburg Falls, VT
Maginn, Eugene F.   Lyndonville, VT
Martin, Christine S.   152 Church St., Barre, VT
Mitchell, Denver A.   East Fairfield, VT
Ovitt, Phyllis C.
(Mrs. Pershing Dudley)
  East Montpelier, VT
Pomeroy, Wilma H. (Mrs. Ernest Rogers)   R. D., Vergennes, VT
Ross, Luella H.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Touchette, Lute L., Jr.   44 Eastern Ave., Richford, VT
Wells, Robert H.   R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Austin, Beryl A.,
(Mrs. Donald Blanner)
1939 532 Euclid Ave., Rockford, IL
Austin, Lawrence E.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Bashaw, Aurelia M.
(Mrs. Raymond Gordon)
  98 Fairfield St., St. Albans, VT
Boucher, Jeanette A.,
(Mrs. Carl McGowan)
  Bakersfield, VT
Brigham, Albert G.   Bakersfield, VT
Chase, Chauncey H.   150 Waterville St., Waterbury, CT
Cox, Byron F.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Field, Marion E.
(Mrs. Reginald Tinker)
  R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Jacobs, Winifred E.
(Mrs. Raymond Duffy)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Maginn, Neil P.   East Fairfield, VT
Maynard, Rhoda F.
(Mrs. Neil P. Maginn)
  East Fairfield, VT
Moran, Mary H.
(Mrs. Roy B. Lambert)
  East Fairfield, VT
Patch, Philip C.   Bakersfield, VT
Riley, Francis J.    
Baker, Ferne A.
(Mrs. William Arel)
1940 Sheldon, VT
Burt, Arleen F.
(Mrs. Joseph Janowski)
  Chester Depot, VT
Cabana, Edith M.
(Mrs. Leopold Nolan)
  Bakersfield, VT
Doane, Kathryn M.
(Mrs. Richard M. Brown)
  47-A North Fairway, Pullman, Wash
Durfee, Glenn E.   R. D., Vergennes, VT
Lagro, Lincoln S.   9 1/2 Messenger St., St. Albans, VT
Leonard, Natalie   115 Chester St., Waltham, MA
Lloyd, Marilyn
(Mrs. Granville Dressel)
  27 Southview St., Springfield, VT
Maynard, Marie F.
(Mrs. Norman Sleeper)
  Passumpsic, VT
Norris, Darwin   Charlotte, VT
Page, Dorothy R.
(Mrs. Frederick Bengtson)
  Boston Road, Middletown, CT
Paradee, Isabel E.
(Mrs. Merton Mason)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Sloane, Frances E.
(Mrs. George Desmarais)
  Johnson, VT
Smith, Eleanor N.
(Mrs. Earl Kinney)
  Cambridge, VT
Sweet, Glenna A.   24 Monchausn Ave., Bristol, CT
Thomas, Llewellyn E.   45 Edward St., St. Albans, VT
Tillotson, Wendell E.   Bakersfield, VT
Austin, Winona M.
(Mrs. Ralph Underwood)
1941 R. D., Fairfax, VT
Brooks, Margaret M.
(Mrs. John Bruso)
  Fairfax, VT
Cabana, Merrill A.   R. D., Richford, VT
Clark, Donald G.   3 Russell St., Bellows Falls, VT
Connor, Robert B.   Fairfield, VT
Elwood, Mona M.
(Mrs. Russel Ricard)
  Spring Glen Drive, Granby, CT
Howrigan, Harold D.   Bakersfield, VT
Lagrow, Carleton J.   Charlotte, VT
Nolan, Anna I.
(Mrs. Carl Lumbra)
  East Granby, CT
Patch, Waneta S.   Bakersfield, VT
Read, Norma J.   East Fairfield, VT
Rickert, John E.   Box 253, Costa Mesa, CA
Riley, Helen C.   59 Lincoln Ave., St. Albans, VT
Rounds, Luella E.
(Mrs. Merrill Jeffords)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Smith, Carolyn P.
(Mrs. Ralph Williams)
  Enosburg Falls, VT
Brooks, Jack 1942 Fairfield, VT
Chaffee, Charlotte
(Mrs. Alan Leatherman)
  106 King Ave., Columbus, OH
Girard, Philip   Old Biggs Trailer Park, Biggs A.F.B., El Paso, TX
Gonyeau, Ivan   Lake Road, R. D., St. Albans, VT
Knowles, Blanche
(Mrs. William Naramore)
  Lowell, VT
MacGowan, Mildred
(Mrs. Albert Brigham)
  Bakersfield, VT
Maginn, Maxine
(Mrs. Louis Gregoire)
  R. D. 3, Winooski, VT
McLaren, Jean
(Mrs. Robert V. Bryce)
  R. D., East Fairfield, VT
Read, Alberta
(Mrs. Wendell Reed)
  Bakersfield, VT
Riley, Robert   White River Junction, VT
Stone, Frances
(Mrs. Arnold Machia)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Amadon, Mescal, R. N. 1943 248 Main St., Oneida, NY
Austin, E. Lathrop    
Charron, Gyneth E.
(Mrs. Alexander Roberts)
  Fairfax Road, St. Albans, VT
Cox, Betty J.
(Mrs. Robert Fletcher)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Doane, Holden T.   Bakersfield, VT
French, Glenn R.   R. D. Enosburg Falls, VT
Nolan, Leola G.
(Mrs. Ivan Gonyeau)
  Lake Road, R. D., St. Albans
Read, Charles R.   East Fairfield, VT
Reed, Wendell G.   Bakersfield, VT
St. Peters, John E.   Bakersfield, VT
St. Peters, Joseph M.   93 Church St., Burlington, VT
Sweet, Clarabelle E.
(Mrs. John F. Dennehy Jr.)
  24 Monchausn Ave., Bristol, CT
Waldo, Priscilla
(Mrs. Robert Armstrong)
  649 Maryland Ave., Pittsburg, PA
Wells, Esther M.   Bakersfield, VT
Britch, Inez
(Mrs. George Bailey)
1944 128 Federal St., St. Albans, VT
Carr, Elaine
(Mrs. Glenn R. French)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Cutting, Harold   Box 233, Enosburg Falls, VT
Eldred, Leola
(Mrs. Roland Roy)
  138 Church St., Burlington, VT
Elwood, Mary
(Mrs. Gerard E. Parent)
  R.D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Kelley, Grace   68 South Union St., Burlington, VT
Kelley, Lyle   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Taylor, Lila
(Mrs. Merritt Patch)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Tillotson, Marjorie
(Mrs. Walter Rich)
  West Lebanon, NH
Amadon, David 1945 R. D. 1, Eaton, NY
Austin, Sgt, Reginald Wayne   APO 403, Postmaster, New York, NY
Bovat, Rita D.
(Mrs. Bernard Hale)
  165 S. Main St., White River Jct, Vt
Charron, Wanda
(Mrs. Robert Riley)
Cutting, Merrill A.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Knowles, Katherine
(Mrs. Bernard Forbush)
  Alstead, NH
Marshia, Donald W., Jr.   East Fairfield, VT
Maxfield, Joyce
(Mrs. Richard Stratton)
  65 Elm St., Montpelier, VT
Metaver, Rita T.
(Mrs. Frank Dolley)
  5 Fisher Ave., Pennacook, NH
Read, David M.   East Fairfield, VT
Riley, Barbara   59 Lincoln Ave., St. Albans, VT
Stephenson, Norma A.   Lowell, VT
Baker, Roy S. 1946 East Fairfield, VT
Bedard, Dorothy B.   East Fairfield, VT
Burleson, Beverley   East Fairfield, VT
Doane, Harrison M.   Bakersfield, VT
Girard, A. Wilfred H. M.   USS Newport News, FPO, New York
Henry, Esther M.
(Mrs. Raymond Heath)
  184 Church St., Burlington, VT
Kelley, Lorraine A.   R.D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Marshia, M. Ramon   East Fairfield, VT
Nye, R. Fredric   52 Monroe St., Burlington, VT
Snide, Joyce E.
(Mrs. Lincoln Gokey)
  R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Tracy, Burton L.   East Fairfield, VT
Bovat, Theresa L. 1947 Shelburne, VT
Bush, Andrea M.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Cutting, Shirley E.   81 Bank St., St. Albans, VT
Girard, Frank L., Jr.   R. D. 4, St. Albans, VT
McCuin, Donald E.   R. D., Waterville, VT
McLaren, Helen B.
(Mrs. M. Ramon Marshia)
  East Fairfield, VT
Monteith, George H.   810 N. E. 10th St., Oklahoma City, OK
Pelkey, Eleanor F.
(Mrs. Arthur Brouillette, Jr.)
  43 Walnut St., St. Albans, VT
Thomas, Cedric A.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Tracy, Jessie M.
 (Mrs. Philip Marshia)
  East Fairfield, VT
Girard, James E. 1948 R. D., St. Albans, VT
Girard, M. Theresa   Fairfield, VT
Kelley, Pauline   Jeffersonville, VT
Kelley, Paul E.   45 Upper Welden St., St. Albans, VT
Lamonda, Kathleen J.
(Mrs. Arnold Lumbra)
  East Fairfield, VT
Nolan, Frances A.
(Mrs. Hiram Paradee)
  Sheldon Springs, VT
Paradee, Hiram E.   Sheldon Springs, VT
Read, Frank R.   East Fairfield, VT
Roberts, Shirley R.   Maple Hall, 65 Cedar St., Worcester, MA
Vance, Dorothy L.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Allen, Pauline F. 1949 Montgomery, VT
Baker, Shirley M.   R. D. 1., St. Albans, VT
Cox, James B.   Bakersfield, VT
Dufresne, Pauline M.   Enosburg Falls, VT
Gregoire, Theresa A.   348 North St., Burlington, VT
Maynard, John C.   Bakersfield, VT
Maxfield, Audrey
(Mrs. Walter C. Bentley, Jr.)
  1426 3rd Ave., Watervliet, NY
Regan, Rosalie E.   Bakersfield, VT
Rushford, Pvt. Chester A.   Camp Gordon, GA
Rushford, Ula H.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Stone, Eleanor V.   Bakersfield, VT
Stowe, Lorraine M.   Sheldon, VT
Thomas, Waneta I.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Teague, Raymond M.   Bakersfield, VT
Burleson, Mary Lou 1950 R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Burleson, Roy C.   East Fairfield, VT
Burnor, Kenneth J.   Fairfield, VT
Corrado, Michael F., Jr.   East Fairfield, VT
Cosgrove, Thomas A.   Bakersfield, VT
Joyal, Helen E.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Maynard, Pauline A.   Bakersfield, VT
Patch, Gloria J.   Bakersfield, VT
Raine, Vernon A.   East Fairfield, VT
Ramsdell, Wilson F.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT
Riley, Horace C.   East Fairfield, VT
Story, Albert G.   East Fairfield, VT
Vance, Edith M.   R. D., Enosburg Falls, VT

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