Brookfield Female Seminary
1836 List of trustees and students
Brookfield, Orange Co., Vermont

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Brookfield Female Seminary Brookfield, Vermont 1836
Nichols, Rev. Ammi Trustee
Wilde, Rev. Daniel Trustee
Wheatley, Luther Trustee
Slade, Enoch Trustee
Smith, Joseph G. Trustee
Ingals, W. W. Trustee
Hebard, Hon. William Trustee
Pride, Darius, Esq. Trustee
Bigelow, Seth G. Trustee
Bigelow, David, Jr. Trustee
Edson, Jerah Trustee
Wheatley, Nathaniel Trustee
Allis, Elisha Trustee
Trask, Nancy Principal
Chase, Martha T. Assistant
Students Residence
Abbott, Martha Williamstown
Abbott, Laura L. Brookfield
Adams, Martha M. Brookfield
Ainsworth, Joanna M. Northfield
Allis, Elizabeth Brookfield
Allis, Harriet Brookfield
Averill, Mary Northfield
Bagley, Rachael Brookfield
Bass, Elizabeth Braintree
Bass, Harriet N. Braintree
Bass, Philura Braintree
Bates, Laura L. Brookfield
Bates, Betsy Randolph
Benton, Lovina W. Braintree
Bigelow, Lucy Brookfield
Bigelow, Eliza C. Brookfield
Bigelow, Caroline F. Brookfield
Bigelow, Mary V. Brookfield
Blanchard, Sally Brookfield
Brainard, Clarissa Randolph
Briggs, Betsy Northfield
Brown, Ruth Northfield
Carley, Eleanor A. Richmond
Childs, Philena E. Waitsfield
Childs, Sarah Waitsfield
Clark, Caroline M. Hartford
Colburn, Elmina Brookfield
Cotton, Asenath Brookfield
Danforth, Betsy C. Brookfield
Davis, Jane W. Brookfield
Durkee, Mary A. Randolph
Edson, Betsy Brookfield
Edson, Emily M. Brookfield
Edson, Electa P. Brookfield
Edson, Caroline A. Brookfield
Edson, Lucy C. Brookfield
Edson, Mary Ann Brookfield
Ellis, Harriet M. Berlin
Ensworth, Lucy L. Norwich
Finney, Susan A. Randolph
Flint, Sarah M. Randolph
Graves, Sarah Brookfield
Graves, Judith S. Brookfield
Glysson, Mary E. Williamstown
Hawes, Emeline R. Brookfield
Hebard, Lovina L. Randolph
Hibbard, Ruth H. Brookfield
Hibbard, Sarah D. Brookfield
Hovey, Harriet A. Brookfield
Hutchinson, Ruth Braintree
Kellogg, Mary A. Brookfield
Kidder, Abagail A. Braintree
Knapp, Lucy C. Berlin
Leavitt, Elizabeth J. Brookfield
Loveland, Caroline F. Norwich
McLure, Aurora C. Chelsea
Morris, Huldah W. S. Stafford
Morse, Sarah Brookfield
Munn, Mary T. West Fairlee
Nichols, Maria Brookfield
Nichols, Mary Brookfield
Orcutt, Milliston Randolph
Owen, Alice C. Bethel
Peaslee, Lucy A. Washington
Peaslee, Laura A. Washington
Poor, Mary A. Middlesex
Porter, Elizabeth Northfield
Richardson, Caroline M. Northfield
Sargeant, Mary S. Hanover, NH
Skinner, Emily E. Brookfield
Slade, Laura Brookfield
Smith, Laura Williamstown
Smith, Lucia Williamstown
Smith, Marcia Williamstown
Smith, Julia Randolph
Smith, Phylena Braintree
Smith, Charlotte Brookfield
Sprout, Emily M. Brookfield
Stearns, Diantha Waterbury
Spalding, Caroline S. Berlin
Staples, Julia M. Brookfield
Tucker, Betsy Randolph
Tucker, Mary Randolph
Tuller, Elizabeth Royalton
Wait, Phylenda C. Braintree
Walbridge, Lucinda Brookfield
Walbridge, Mary M. Brookfield
Waldo, Hannah S. Randolph
Waller, Emily A. Bethel
Watson, Harriet Thetford
Wells, Mary Brookfield
Wheatley, Charlotte Brookfield
Wheatley, Sarah E. Brookfield
White, Charlotte Randolph
Whitney, Caroline E. Brookfield
Wood, Augusta Westford

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