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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Copied from The Caledonian Newspaper
issue of March 12, 1923

"Interesting find in Barton of Dr. Hall's Normal School Register"
Porter G. Perrin, who is connected with the department of English at Middlebury College, has sent the Caledonian Record a most interesting story of the discovery at Barton of the first register of the old Concord Normal school. The article has a timely interest as well as it is just 100 years ago that the school was established by that pioneer educator, Dr. S. R. Hall. The Caledonian Record considers itself fortunate in being able to present to its readers the following article. March 11 is the exact centennial of the founding of Concord Academy, the first normal school in America, which is to be publicly celebrated next August. The title page of the first record book, recently discovered, reads: The Columbian School was commenced March 11th, 1823 under the Superintendance and principally under the instruction of Saml Read Hall. The following embraces the names and numbers of students each term. (Oct 1923 ??), The name of this school was changed to Concord Academy. The existence of this record book was unknown until two weeks ago when Mrs. E. P. Flint of Barton, a granddaughter of Dr. Hall, was giving some material for a sketch of her grandfather. The book, which seemed one of the familiar account books with sheepskin back, about six and a half by seven and a half inches, had been used as a scrap book and scrawling book by children a good many years ago. Most of the pages were covered by poems by Mrs. Ellen E. Phillips, a daughter of Dr. Hall who wrote under the name "Ada J. Moore". The youngsters had loyally written on the title page, "My Aunt wrote all the pieces pasted in here and a lot more."

When these poems were steamed off the pages revealed a list of the 224 boys and girls who attended the Academy during its first three years. These records occupy only a few pages. In the back of the volume are some "Notes on Education" in Dr. Hall's handwriting. These few notes are concerned with a definition of education, dividing it under three heads, mental, moral and physical. They are stiff and forbidding compared with the more personal lectures which were to be published in 1829 as the "Lectures on School Keeping", the first book on the profession of teaching printed in America. There are also several pages of personal accounts. There is the account between Mr. Hall and Betsy Dean, his landlady. The price of board in 1826 was $1.50 a week each for Mr. and Mrs. Hall. Children's board was apparently a dollar a week, so that the statement in an advertisement of the Academy in the Danville North Star for May 20, 1923.--"Board obtained near the Schoolroom, on reasonable terms", seems true, at least judged by our standards. The accounts were kept in cash, and in kind and were balanced occasionally over the signatures of both debtor and creditor: "Dec 20th, 1826 --Then we the subscribed settled all accounts, both cash and common accounts and found due to S. R. Hall, 15 cents. There is also due to said Hall what he paid for the iron to make the sheetiron stove.---- S. R. Hall. Betsy Dean"

Occasionally Mr. Hall pays a creditor neighbor in tuition of a boy or girl in his academy instead of in cash. He noted arrearages in his church salary ($300.00 one half of which might be paid in grain). In December, 1826, there was still a small amount due from 1824 and a similar amount on 1825. The other side of this story is in the records of the Congregational Society. The warrant for the annual meeting in 1829 contains this item: "To see what measures the Society will take to put the arrearages due to Rev. S. R. Hall in to such a train that he can dispose of them towards paying his debts" The records contain simply the names of the students who attended Concord Academy (at first called The Columbian School and later Essex County Grammar School) during its first nine terms 1823-1825. The names of 224 different pupils are listed. The great majority of the names occur but for one term, though some attended for three or even four terms. This seems to show that the often heard phrase indicating the extent of our ancestors' education - "and a term at the academy" is literally true. The largest attendance, 69 is for the fourth term, spring of 1824: and the smallest, 4, for summer of the same year. The spring terms average 44, the summer 10, the fall 35. The small number of students being because most came from farms and were needed at home during that season.

The names remind us forcibly of the changes which have taken place in given names during the last hundred years. Jubel Harrington, Coresanda Barnet, Jacinthia Page, Preserved Davison, Lovina Harrington, Orange Heywood, Diantha May, Melissa Melinda, Wealthy Wood, Mindwell Moulton, are specimens. Although this record is slight, it is the most important document bearing on the history of the old normal school, except perhaps, the trustees record book, which is really too fragmentary to give much notion of the real nature of the Academy. The old Danville North Star contains a few advertisement and there are some statements written by Dr. Hall late in life. This record book discovered by chance, dates from the beginning of the school and is its most intimate relic. The following is the list of 224 names contained in the Concord Academy record book, as accurately as the difficult handwriting and unfamiliar names admit. Following each is the number of the term or terms which the student attended. The first term began March 11, 1823, the second on the "third Tuesday in June", the third in the fall of 1823, 4, 5, 6 were respectively the spring, summer and winter terms of 1824, 7, 8, 9, of 1825. These names have more than passing interest because there are many descendents of these students living in the vicinity of St. Johnsbury today.

More info. on Dr. Samuel Read Hall click here or here

Adams, John 9   Johnson, Oren P. 6
Adams, Mercy (Mary?) 7   Kendell, Jerub (?) 6
Allton, Abel 4   Kellog, Jennet 9
Alton, Oren 4   Kellog, Johnson S. 7
Babb (Balch?), Laura 7   Kidder, Thomas 7
Baily, Emiline 7   Kimball, A. A. B. 3
Barnard, Sullivan 9   Kimball, Daniel F. 6
Barnet, Ann Phelps 1, 2, 3, 4   Kimball, John S. 7
Barnet, Coresanda 4   Kinne, Lorin 3
Barnet, D. Emeline 1, 2, 3, 4   Knapp, Hiram 7
Barnet, John D. 1, 2, 3, 4   Ladd, Daniel 9
Bartlet, Charles L. 9   Lawrence, Emily 9
Benton, Reuben C. 3, 4   Lawrence, Mary A. 4
Bingham, Willard 2, 3   Lewis, Calvin 1, 2, 3, 4
Bishop, Elizabeth 3, 4   Lewis, Truman 9
Brackett, Ira 9   Little, Emeline 4
Brackett, William C. 7   Low, Francis 2, 3, 4
Brackett, ____ 8   Mason, Martha 1
Brockway, George 8   Mason, Mary H. 7
Brown, C. 4   May, Belinda 3
Cagery (?), Fanny 1   May, Chauncey 3, 4
Carpenter, Caroline D. 7   May, Dennis 9
Carpenter, Demiah W. 3   May, Diantha 4
Carpenter, Lucius 3   May, Goram 4
Chamberlane, Ephraim 4   May, Lucy 9
Chase, Elmore 4   May, Mary Ann 1, 3, 4
Cheny, Israel 2, 3   May, Preston 6
Clark, Almyra 1, 3   May, Stephen A. 4
Clark, Amanda 1   May, William 9
Clark, Ambrose 3   M'Curdy, Richard 8
Crane, Erastus 7   Melinda, Melissa 4
Cress (?), Emeline 9   Melindy, Lucy 3
Cutler, Henry S. 1, 2, 3   Mellendy, Gardiner 9
Cutler, Isaac H. 1, 2, 3   Miles, Josiah 9
Cutting, Hiram 4   More, Edson 9
Darling, Elisa R. 4   Merrill, Luther C. 7 or 8
Darling, Hines 4   Morrison, Zilpha Lane (?) 7
Dascomb, Elisa F. 4   Morse, James 5
Dascomb, George L. 7   Morse, John 7
Davis, Abigail 9   Morse, Samuel 1, 3
Davis, Arvilla F. 4   Morse, Silas 3
Davis, Pike 9   Morse, Thriphena 1
Dean, John H. 9   Morton, Elmira 1
Davis, Roswell S. 6   Moulton, Lucy 9
Davison, Amanda C. 4   Moulton, Mindwell 6
Davison, Preserved 4   Newton, Somoman 3
Dean, Edward R. 7   Neyel, Isaac 6
Dean, Elizabeth 7   Newell, Selim 8
Dean, Harriet S. 7   Nichols, Asa C. 4
Dellesser (?), William 7   Oaks, Emily 2
Dennison, Anda C. 7   Oaks, Phebe 2
Dennison, Nancy C. 7   Orcutt, Alice R. 3, 4
Doyle, Arrabella 7   Paddleford, Isaac 3
Drew, Cyrus H. 4   Page, Caleb 9
Drew, Eliza 2, 3   Page, Henry 4
Edgel, Moses Stedman 2, 3   Page, Jacinthia 4
Emery, Cinthia 3   Parsons, Holland R. 9
Farr, Gilman 9   Peabody, Mariah 7
Fay, Benjamin 9   Peck, George C. 9
Fellows, William 9   Peck, William 4
Fisher, Curtis 6   Pike, Lois 2
Fletcher, Almira 4   Pike, Luther 8
Fletcher, Charles B. 1, 2, 3   Plumley, John 9
Fletcher, Eliot B. 5   Plumley, Lovica 4
Fletcher, Phebe 7   Plumley, Saml 9
Freeman, Caroline 4   Rankin, Henry 9
French, Ezra B. 9   Rich, Alzo (?) 2, 3, 4
Fry, Ebenser 4   Richardson, Isaac 4
Fry, Nancy 1, 4   Richardson, Jonathan 4
Gage, Nelson 7   Richardson, Luther 3
Gibbs, Elijah 1, 3   Rix, Guy C. 3
Goss, Milo G. 6   Robins, Douglas 6
Graves, Elisa 4, 5, 6   Russell, John F. 4
Graves, Nathan J. 1, 3   Sanborn, Alfred 4
Graves, C. Wesley 9   Shorbun (?), Drusilla 4
Gregory, Charles F. 3, 4   Smith, Adeline 7
Hadly, Sally 3   Smith, Jacob 9
Hadly, William 3   Smith (?), Moses B. 9
Hall, Elisa 4   Snow, Asa 8
Hall, William B. 4   Spalding, Betsey B. 3, 4
Hancock, Hartford 9   Spalding, Caroline 1, 3, 4
Harrington, Jubel 5   Spalding, Eppingham W. 1, 3, 4
Harrington, Lovina 7   Spencer, Mary C. 7
Harris, Roxana 7   Stanford, Timothy A. 2, 3, 4
Harvey, Alden 9   Stockwell, Mary 7
Haskell, John E. 4   Stoddard, Jonathan 6
Heywood, William 3   Stone, Frederick 6
Heath, Alice 3   Streeter, Phebe 4
Heath, Lyman 3   Sutherland, David Jr. 7
Heywood, Mary Ann 9   Swinerton, Hannah Hall 2
Heywood, Orange 7   Taggard, Adeline 3
Hibbard, Asa 3   Taggard, Mary 1
Hibbard, Deal F. 7   Thayer, Nancy 9
Hibbard, Electa 1, 3, 4   Turner, Lydia 4
Hibbard, Harry 4   Turner, Oliver 6
Hibbard, Milla C. 4   Tuttle, Sarah 9
Hibbard, William C. 3, 4   Wallis, Elmira H. 4
Hill, Cynthia 4   Walter, Abba 7
Hill, Martha 4   Wetherbee, Georgeanna 2, 4
Hill, Mary 4   Wheeler, Eben M. 7
Hill, Moses 1   Whiting, Zera (?)  
Hill, Roxana 4   Whitten, David 6
Holton, Adolphus 4   Wilder, Otis 9
Holton, Joseph F. 4   Williams, Franklin B. 7
Hudson, Sarah 9   Williams, William 2
Ide, Jacob 7   Wood, Stephen (?) 7
Ide, Olive 3   Wood, Wealthy 1
Jeudevine, Alden E. 2, 3, 4   Write, Laura 8
Jeudevine, Harvey 7   Wyers (?), Mariah 6
Jewet, Calvin 4   Wyman, Roxana 6
Johnson, Benjamin 9   Young, John 7

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