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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Board of Trustees  
McLaren, Horace Greensboro
Gallagher, James A. Craftsbury
Root, Charles H. Craftsbury
Simpson, George W. Craftsbury
Goddard, Dr. A. Marvin Albany
Wilson, James D. Greensboro
Davison, P. W. Craftsbury
Shields, Alex Glover
Merrill, George Craftsbury
Stevens, Henry N. Craftsbury
Dustan, Dr. C. W. Craftsbury
Moodie, Rev. Royal C. Menlo Park, CA
Gallagher, Thomas M. Craftsbury
Graham, Horace F., Esq. Craftsbury
Dutton, Edward A. Craftsbury
Tupper, L. E., Principal Craftsbury
Officers of the Board  
Merrill, George President
Stevens, Henry N. Secretary-Treasurer
Graham, Horace F., Esq. Agent
Simpson, George W. Auditor
Executive Committee  
Dustan, Dr. C. W.  
Gallagher, Thomas M.  
Dutton, Edward A.  
Instructors, 1907- 8  
Tupper, Leland Ellis, A. M. Principal English Grammar, Pedagogics, History, Science
Tupper, Mrs. Laura Chamberlin, A.B. Latin, German
Strong, Miss Gertrude Ethel, Ph. B. Mathematics, Higher English, French
Chapman, Miss Ethel Mae Commercial Studies, Shorthand
Instructors, 1908 - 9  
Tupper, Leland Ellis, A. M. Principal English, Pedagogics, Science
Tupper, Mrs. Laura Chamberlin, A.B. German, Mathematics
Bailey, Miss Mary Hanson, Ph. B. Latin, History, French
Watkins, Miss Grace I. Commercial Studies, Shorthand
Class of 1908  
Clark, Rose M. East Albany
Dutton, Mary C. East Craftsbury
Eldridge, Hazel Albany
Gallagher, S. Renfrew North Craftsbury
Graham, William J. South Albany
Hoyt, Mattie North Craftsbury
Hughes, Theresa South Albany
Johnson, Leo J. North Craftsbury
Miller, Mabel L. Craftsbury
Smith, Etta A. Craftsbury
Williams, H. Hazel Craftsbury
Witt, Lora F. North Craftsbury
Under Classes  
Allen, Richard Greensboro
Anderson, Bernard Greensboro
Anderson, Robert South Albany
Austin, Melvin J. Craftsbury
Babcock, Foster Greensboro
Bailey, Maud Greensboro
Bartlett, Percie Craftsbury
Blake, Marian Eden
Burnham, Harold North Craftsbury
Burnham, Maude North Craftsbury
Cole, Blanch North Craftsbury
Cowles, Lee North Craftsbury
Davis, Goldie North Craftsbury
Dunn, George North Craftsbury
Dutton, Mildred East Craftsbury
Dustan, Mary North Craftsbury
Farr, George Craftsbury
Farr, Jesse Craftsbury
Farrar, Bliss W. North Wolcott
Gallagher, Anna South Albany
Gallagher, Margaret Craftsbury
Gallagher, William Craftsbury
Gebbie, Foster L. Greensboro
Gebbie, Lois L. Greensboro
Gebbie, Mattie Greensboro
Harriman, Neil East Craftsbury
Hathaway, Mabel Greensboro
Hinman, Elroy East Craftsbury
Howard, Merl B. Craftsbury
Hoyt, Mason Craftsbury
Hughes, Fred G. East Albany
Johnson, Bernard North Craftsbury
Keir, Avis J. Craftsbury
King, Katie Craftsbury
King, Pearl Craftsbury
Lathe, Hollis Craftsbury
Lathe, Roscoe Craftsbury
Loomis, Goldie Craftsbury
Loomis, Walter Craftsbury
McLaren, Ruth Greensboro
Miller, Josephine Craftsbury
Pike, Allen North Craftsbury
Pike, Julia North Craftsbury
Potter, Clyde Irasburg
Root, Fred B. North Craftsbury
Ross, Howard Greensboro Bend
Sanders, Doris North Craftsbury
Sanders, Leslie North Craftsbury
Shields, Cora Craftsbury
Simpson, Wallace Greensboro
Spires, Grace J. Greensboro
Stevens, Marguerite Hartford, CT
Stewart, Helen North Craftsbury
Thayer, Myrtie North Craftsbury
Thornton, Gertrude Greensboro
Thornton, Lillian East Hardwick
Tolman, George Greensboro
Tupper, Lelia E. North Craftsbury
Webber, Gertrude Craftsbury
Wheeler, Isa M. North Craftsbury
Wheeler, Vaughn North Craftsbury
Wilson, Harrison Greensboro

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