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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

Special thanks go to Timothy Lane of Needham, Mass
who in 1995 found this booklet in the wall of his old barn.
He was concerned that it went where it would be appreciated
and sent it to the town of Glover.
Thanks go to the Glover Historical Society of Glover, Vt.
for providing this list to NEKG.

Severance, Rev. G. Glover President
Hardy, C. C. Glover Vice President
McLellan, H. Glover Secretary
Dwinell, J. H. Glover Treasurer
Putnam, S., M. D. Greensboro  
Chamberlain, L. A. Barton  
Walworth, D. P. Coventry  
Robinson, L. Barton  
Bickford, H. S. Glover  
Merriam, W. Glover  
Crane, J. Glover  
Chaplin, H. S. Glover  
KcLellan, F. (McLellan prob) Glover  
Clark, C. A. Glover  
Britton, Rev. J., Jr. Lyndon  
Armington, I. St. Johnsbury  
Marston, Rev. C. St. Johnsbury  
Tabor, Rev. L. H. West Concord  
Mallory, Rev. C. P. Ascott, C. E.  
Bemis, W. Lyndon  
Cole, W. B. Charleston  
Severance, Rev. G. Executive Committee  
Bi[ckford], H. S. Executive Committee  
(torn) Executive Committee  
Parker, Isaac A., A. M. Principal  
Cheney, N. Associate, Spring Term  
Parker, Mrs. Sarah A. Preceptress  
Cummings, Royal Assistant  
French, Miss Phebe B. Asst & Teacher of French & Drawing, Spring  
Smith, Miss Lorane M. Teacher of Music  
(Harrington, E. prob) (torn) Teacher of Penmanship  
(torn) Teacher of Penmanship  
Gentlemen Residence Rooms
Allen, Charles P. Irasburgh J. Simonds'
Allen, Edward P. St. Johnsbury Centre D. S. Wright's
Allen, I. Hayden Irasburgh J. Simonds'
Atherton, Andrew C. Essex, NY I. Strong's
Bean, Amos P. Glover A. P. Bean's
Bean, Cromwell, P. Glover A. P. Bean's
Bean, Edwin Hatley, C. E. F. Randall's
Bean, Levi Sheffield S. D. Gray's
Bean, Martin V. B. Glover J. E. Dwinell's
Beckwith, George W. West Burke J. E. Dwinell's
Bickford, Harvey P. Glover H. S. Bickford's
Bisbee, Lewis H. West Derby D. S. Wright's
Bridgman, J. Vincent South Hardwick D. S. Wright's
Blake, Riley H. Sutton F. W. Kimball's
Brooks, George W. Ascott, C. E. F. Randall's
Brown, William C. Barton (torn)
Chase, Elmore West (torn) (torn)
Chase, Van Ness Flet[cher] (torn)
Cook, Martin V. B. Glo[ver] (torn)
Clark, Alfred R. Glo[ver] (torn)
Clark, Franklin C. Gl[over] (torn)
Clark, Thomas J. Glo[ver] (torn)
Crane, A. Martin Glov[er] (torn)
Cummings, Royal Newport D. S. Wright's
Davis, Frederick H. Glover H. Davis'
Davis, Napoleon B. Wheelock S. D. Gray's
Denison, William Glover W. G. D. Denison's
Dexter, William Barton Mr. Dexter's
Folsom, Henry H. Wheelock S. D. Gray's
Fort, James Glover W. Fort's
French, Charles L. Glover C. S. Leonard's
French, Dean C. Glover F. Randall's
French, J. Boardman Glover C. H. Dwinell's
French, Olin L. Glover H. Davis'
French, William Glover F. French's
Gilman, Carlos B. Glover H. L. Gilman's
Gilman, George H. Glover H. L. Gilman's
Goodall, George St Johnsbury East I. Dwinell's
Graham, George East Craftsbury J. W. Aiken's
Grout, Josiah, Jr. St Johnsbury East F. Randall's
Hancock, Charles E. Lowell, MA B. Hancock's
Kendrick, Albert R. West Concord F. W. Kimball's
Hibbard, Charles Glover W. Hibbard's
Humphrey, Gordon H. Glover H. Humphrey's
Ingalls, James O. Sheffield N. M. Scott's
Kenaston, Thomas H. Sheffield I. Strong's
Kimball, Frederick M. Glover F. W. Kimball's
Lamb, Alfred S. Sheffield W. E. Leonard's
Lewis, John J. East Montpelier I. Dwinell's
Little, Walter S. North Montpelier I. Dwinell's
Mason, Dan Glover M. H. Mason's
McLoud, James H. Calais F. Randall's
Metcalf, Simeon Glover J. Metcalf's
Nye, Elbert H. Glover L. H. Nye's
Ockington, Richard S. Stratford Hollow, NH W. Gray's
[Owen], Clar[ence P.] Glover P. Owen's
(torn) Glover D. S. Wright's
(torn) Sheffield W. E. Leonard's
(torn) Glover Mrs. Phillips'
(torn) Glover J. Phillips'
(torn) Glover S. Phillips'
(torn) Glover H. Phillips'
(torn) Glover Mrs. Phillips'
Powers, Francis V. St Johnsbury F. Randall's
Roche, Edmund E. Longueuil, C. E. D. S. Wright's
Shaw, Galusha M. Glover Mr. Shaw's
Sherburne, E. Wesley Glover J. Sherburne's
Sias, B. Franklin Glover Dr. Sias'
Smith, Ezra L. Glover D. S. Wright's
Stanton, E. Loomis Glover C. Williams'
Stanton, H. Eugene Glover C. Williams'
Strait, Edgar Fletcher D. S. Wright's
Sias, George Glover Dr. Sias'
Wadleigh, F. Everel Hatley, C. E. F. Randall's
Way, Christopher Sutton J. Hoffman's
Williams, Azro A. Glover C. Williams'
Williams, Charles C. Glover C. Williams'
Williams, Orange S. Glover A. A. Williams'
Wooster, Daniel B. Marshfield D. S. Wright's
Dorion, Charles (?last name missing?) Lyndon G. W. Leonard's
Wright, Henry D. Glover D. S. Wright's
Wright, Riley E. Coventry F. Randall's
Ladies Residence Rooms
Allin, Josephine Guildhall W. Gray's
Allin, Luella A. Guildhall W. Gray's
Banks, Martha M. Westminster L. H. Nye's
Barker, Adelia M. A. Glover W. E. Leonard's
Bean, Harriet S. Glover J. E. Dwinell's
Bean, Mary C. Chelmsford, MA J. E. Dwinell's
Bennett, Emma R. Glover N. Bennett's
Bickford, Emily Glover M. Goodwin's
Bickford, Sarah C. Glover W. Drew's
Brown, Hannah P. Sheffield D. Frost's
Cass, Julia A. Albany M. Goodwin's
Clark, Emily Glover S. D. Gray's
Clark, Marcia B. Glover S. D. Gray's
Clark, Ellen A. Glover N. M. Scott's
Darling, Susan A. Lyndon Mr. Dow's
Davis, Lucy Ann Wheelock W. E. Leonard's
Dow, Delia M. Glover Mr. Dow's
Drew, Eliza M. Irasburgh J. W. Aiken's
Drew, Sophia S. Barton M. Goodwin's
Dwinell, Adelaide J. Glover D. Frost's
Fitz, Flaville B. Albany S. Blodgett's
Foss, Ann Barton M. Goodwin's
Foss, Celenda E. Barton M. Goodwin's
French, Charlotte A. Glover O. French's
French, Harriet E. Glover O. French's
French, Lucy C. Glover O. French's
Gray, Arminda A. Glover S. D. Gray's
Gray, Pamelia L. Glover S. D. Gray's
Grout, Sophronia E. St. Johnsbury East Mrs. Phillips'
Hardy, M. Alice Glover M. Goodwin's
Hariman, Abby N. Greensboro M. Goodwin's
Heath, Helen F. Glover Mrs. Heath's
Hibbard, Anna M. Glover W. Hibbard's
Hibbard, M. Susan Glover W. Hibbard's
Horton, Angenette Lyndon M. Goodwin's
Knapp, Martha M. St. Johnsbury Centre J. W. Aiken's
Leonard, Leonora Glover W. E. Leonard's
Mason, Emily Glover M. H. Mason's
McNeal, Isabel E. Glover J. Hoffman's
Merriam, Clara A. Glover W. Merriam's
Merriam, Hortensia Glover W. Merriam's
Merriam, Josephine D. Glover J. Simonds'
Metcalf, Orpha P. Glover J. Metcalf's
Nye, Ella L. Glover L. H. Nye's
O'Hara, Nancy M. Glover W. E. Leonard's
Phillips, Mary C. Glover J. Simonds'
Ritchie, Margaret Greensboro M. Goodwin's
Sanborn, S. Augusta Glover W. E. Leonard's
Scott, Dorothy A. Williamstown N. M. Scott's
Sherman, Maria Waterbury D. S. Wright's
Simpson, Mary O. Greensboro M. Goodwin's
Smith, Amanda A. Albany I. Dwinell's
Smith, Lorane M. Glover I. B. Smith's
Smith, Mary O. Greensboro W. E. Leonard's
Spaulding, Abby M. Glover M. Goodwin's
Stiles, Anna R. Albany W. E. Leonard's
Strong, Cynthia L. Glover I. Strong's
Strong, Ellen J. Glover I. Strong's
Tabor, Ellen M. West Concord Mrs. Phillips'
Taplin, Annette J. Irasburgh M. Goodwin's
Warren, Elsie Calais I. Dwinell's
Webber, Emma M. Glover S. D. Gray's
Webber, Eliza R. Glover S. D. Gray's
Worthington, Sophia W. Irasburgh I. Dwinell's
Williams, Arville M. Glover A. A. Williams'
Williams, Rosette Glover A. A. Williams'
Willson, Margaret Greensboro W. E. Leonard's
Willson, Mary Y. Greensboro W. E. Leonard's

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