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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Hardwick Academy & Graded School Hardwick, Vermont February 1890
Aiken, D. W. President Hardwick
Shipman, Butler Vice President Hardwick
Ainsworth, J. R. Trustee Hardwick
Bridgman, Dorman Trustee Hardwick
Brush, Emerson Trustee Hardwick
Chubb, D. S. Trustee Hardwick
Clement, W. O. Trustee Hardwick
Collier, A. P. Trustee Hardwick
Dimick, J. H. Trustee Hardwick
Eddy, Amos Trustee Walden
Foster, S. H. Trustee Calais
Goss, W. W. Trustee Greensboro
Hathaway, L. D. Trustee Hardwick
Nelson, A. W. Trustee Woodbury
Nelson, J. M. Trustee Hardwick
Philbrook, Adams Trustee Hardwick
Powers, H. W. Trustee Hardwick
Reed, Edwin Trustee Hardwick
Rich, W. S. Trustee Hardwick
Shattuck, I. A. Trustee Hardwick
Titus, I. P. Trustee Hardwick
Tucker, M. E. Trustee Hardwick
Wakefield, A. E. Trustee Hardwick
Wheeler, S. P. Trustee Hardwick
Hathaway, M. V. B. Secretary Hardwick
Perley, Henry Treasurer Hardwick
Swerdfeger, H. G. Collector Hardwick
Andrus, D. Frederick, B.A. Principal - Academic Department
Baker, Miss Elizabeth H. Grammar School  
Lewis, Miss Mary A. Primary Department  
Bridgman, Miss Ida Elocution  
Shipman, Mrs. H. E. Oil Painting  
Blake, Rev. A. B. Painting & Drawing  
Titus, Mrs. I. P. Vocal Music  
Ward, Miss Mary Instrumental Music  
Academic Department Residence  
Blake, John M. Hardwick  
Bridgman, Eddie Hardwick  
Brush, Grace Hardwick  
Bunker, Sherman Hardwick  
Cole, Kate E. Hardwick  
DeFord, Kate M. East Hardwick  
Drenan, Harry F. Hardwick  
Dutton, Edward H. Hardwick  
Gifford, Merton W. Hardwick  
Goodrich, Elmer C. East Hardwick  
Haskell, Dora B. East Calais  
Hill, Ina Hardwick  
Hill, Walter M. Hardwick  
Holton, Douglas W. Hardwick  
Holton, H. Stedman Hardwick  
Lawson, Blanche Woodbury  
Lewis, Mattie C. Hardwick  
Lovejoy, Carrie S. Walden  
Monahan, Florence M. Hardwick  
Montgomery, Annie E. East Hardwick  
Paige, Archie S. Hardwick  
Rich, Cora Hardwick  
Robbins, May Burlington  
Shedd, Jennie A. East Hardwick  
Strickland, Helen M. Hardwick  
Swerdfeger, John Hardwick  
Swerdfeger, Orange Hardwick  
Way, Harry A. Burlington  
Weeks, Mattie L. Hardwick  
Wells, Ernest Hardwick  
Grammar School Residence  
Borland, Lucy Walden  
Cole, Guy J. Hardwick  
Edson, Arthur H. Hardwick  
Folsom, Mabel L. Hardwick  
Garvin, Flossie M. Hardwick  
Garvin, Lela Hardwick  
Gilbert, Zora B. Hardwick  
Govro, Phebe I. Hardwick  
Hall, Edna F. Hardwick  
Hall, Maud Hardwick  
Hathaway, Inez E. Hardwick  
Hebert, Della M. Hardwick  
Hill, J. Bell Hardwick  
Mack, Kate M. Hardwick  
Mack, Ned R. Hardwick  
Morse, Alice E. Hardwick  
Noyes, Lizzie W. Hardwick  
Spencer, Inez Newark  
Still, Carroll W. Hardwick  
Still, Clyde B. Hardwick  
Strickland, Phena S. Hardwick  
Titus, Bessie A. Hardwick  
Trow, Winifred E. Hardwick  
Tucker, Alice B. Hardwick  
Tucker, Iona R. Hardwick  
Wheeler, Theda G. Hardwick  
Williams, Frank W. Hardwick  
Primary Department Residence  
Arnold, Arthur Hardwick  
Arnold, Ralph Hardwick  
Batchelder, Beatrice Hardwick  
Batchelder, Russell Hardwick  
Brush, Maud Hardwick  
Bunker, Harold Hardwick  
Clement, Henry Hardwick  
Cobb, Perley Hardwick  
Cole, Don Hardwick  
Cole, Saxie Hardwick  
Drown, George Hardwick  
Garvin, Belle Hardwick  
Garvin, Willie Hardwick  
Govro, Ina Hardwick  
Govro, Mary Hardwick  
Govro, Sadie Hardwick  
Harris, Charlie Hardwick  
Kent, Carrie Hardwick  
Kent, Jennie Hardwick  
Kibbee, Arthur Hardwick  
Kibbee, Johnnie Hardwick  
Kimball, Hattie Hardwick  
Kittredge, Claude Hardwick  
Lawson, Gertie Hardwick  
Mack, Warren Hardwick  
Miles, Clara Hardwick  
Morse, Belle Hardwick  
Morse, Emma Hardwick  
Morse, Madge Hardwick  
Norris, Bertie Hardwick  
Norris, Lewis Hardwick  
Norris, Sammie Hardwick  
Mead, Carroll Hardwick  
Shattuck, Perley Hardwick  
Shipman, Harry Hardwick  
Smith, Dean Hardwick  
Steves, Peachie Hardwick  
Swerdfeger, Nellie Hardwick  
Titus, Harry Hardwick  
Trow, Gertie Hardwick  
Trow, Grace Hardwick  
Wakefield, Cora Hardwick  
Wakefield, Ida Hardwick  
Ward, Charlie Hardwick  
Ward, Willie Hardwick  
Warren, Lina Hardwick  
Warren, Merton Hardwick  
Warren, Nina Hardwick  
Wheeler, Arthur Hardwick  
Wheeler, Wesley Hardwick  

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