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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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State Normal School
Johnson, Vermont
History & Alumni Record
1867 - 1941
Pearl, Silas H. Principal 1867 - 1871, died Aug 4, 1873 Plymouth, NH
Styles, Annett L. Assistant Pupil
French, John M. Assistant Pupil
Andrews, Lydia J. Assistant Pupil
Morgan, Lizzie C. Assistant Pupil
Currie, Sara A. Assistant Pupil
1867 - Spring
Caldwell, Mary E. (Mrs. M. B. Dougherty) Johnson, 4 years, deceased
Dow, Helen T. Johnson, deceased
Jones, Lizzie M. (Mrs. S. C. Hill) Johnson, 6 years, deceased
Lougee, Lottie A. (Mrs. Charles B. Clark) S. Royalton, 10 years, deceased
Tenney, Julia M. (Mrs. Julia Corey) Albany, 3 years, Manchester, NH, RFD No. 6
1867 - Fall
Bates, Hattie E. (Mrs. J. C. Everen) Colchester, 10 years, deceased
Belding, Lucia E. Johnson, several years, Poultney
Bingham, Leroy H. Fletcher, 1 year (M. D.) deceased
Gilpin, Abbie J. (Mrs. Harvey Williams) Westfield, 2 years, deceased
Pike, Ellen R. (Mrs. Locke) Johnson, 2 years, deceased
1868 - Spring
Andrews, Lydia J. (Mrs. L. M. Fullington) Johnson, 6 years, deceased
Clark, Maria Craftsbury, 33 years, deceased
Conant, Nellie J. (Mrs. Albert Cass) Craftsbury, deceased
Dutton, Eliza M. (Mrs. L. H. Thompson) Craftsbury, 2 1/2 years, deceased
French, John M. Johnson, 10 years, (M.D.) deceased
Hall, Janette (Mrs. Henry Rossiter) Johnson, several years, deceased
Hodge, Elizabeth (Mrs. W. A. Keese) Johnson, 2 years, Ashburnham, MA
Hodge, S. Dwight Johnson, 1 term, dentist, deceased
Law, Florence M. Cambridge, 10 years, deceased
Page, Julie E. (Mrs. E. P. Tracy) Waterville, 2 years, deceased
Parmalee, Frances Johnson, deceased
Pike, Ruth A. (Mrs. George Courser) Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Putnam, Sarah F. (Mrs. John Scribner) Johnson, 5 years, deceased
Stoddard, Mary J. Johnson, several years, 2nd course, Plymouth, NH, deceased
Story, Helen L. assistant teacher 1877, deceased
Styles, Annett L. (Mrs. S. N. Dix) Montgomery, 8 years, deceased
Walker, Margaret E. (Mrs. Charles A. Barry) Johnson, 8 years, deceased
Whiting, Delevan G. Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Winslow, Edward W. Westfield, 1 year, deceased
1868 - Fall
Butts, Mary A. Johnson, 10 years, deceased
Gilmore, George H. Bakersfield, 7 years, deceased
Page, Alice J. (Mrs. George Bickford) Cambridge, 5 years, deceased
Page, Martha J. (Mrs. W. D. Brown) Johnson, several terms, deceased
1869 - Spring
Bixby, Martha E. (Mrs. Otis B. Church) Underhill, 16 years
Cowles, Abbie E. (Mrs. Charles Nye) Coventry, 19 years, deceased
Frink, Libbie M. Highgate, 13 years, deceased
Fullington, Eugenia M. (Mrs. Daniel Green) Cambridge, 31 years, deceased
Morgan, Lizzie C. (Mrs. H. H. Raymond) Johnson, 23 years, deceased
Morse, Lizzie D. Cambridge, 1 year, deceased
Paige, Marion (Mrs. Albert A. Green) Bakersfield, 10 years
Thompson, Eunice A. (Mrs. W. B. Frink) Colchester, 16 years, Old Ladies Home, Burlington
Waters, S. H. Johnson, 10 years, grad U.V.M., asst teacher under Mr. Perrigo & Mr. Crippen, deceased
Whittemore, Alice J. Belvidere, 4 years, deceased
1869 - Fall
Bailey, Sarah C. (Mrs. Chauncey C. Haskell) Woodbury, 5 years, deceased
Fassett, Annie R. (Mrs. C. S. Palmer) Jericho, 3 years, deceased
Fullington, Mary L. Cambridge, many years, asst teacher under Mr. Crippen, deceased
Hill, Rosa A. (Mrs. McClanahan) Lake Forest, IL, 15 years, (mother of Lady Grenfell), deceased
Hurlburt, Lottie S. (Mrs. George E. Stebbins) Sheldon, 1 year, deceased
Morse, Helen S. Johnson, several years, deceased
Munger, Abbie A. (Mrs. William Dow) Colchester, 9 years, deceased
Munger, Emma E. (Mrs. Sinclair Blair) Colchester, 10 years, deceased
Oakes, Anna L. Johnson, many years, asst teacher under Mr. Mead, deceased
Pennock, Katie E. (Mrs. W. W. Goss) Wolcott, 2 years
Van Vliet, Sarah E. (Mrs. Morton W. Booth) Jericho, 10 years, deceased
Waterman, Carrie Williamstown, several years, deceased
Second Course
Story, Helen L. 1868
1870 - Spring
Bailey, Julia G. (Mrs. O. S. Joslyn) Woodbury, 6 years, deceased
Brigham, Laura E. (Mrs. H. E. Rustedt) Bakersfield, 3 years, deceased
Currie, Sarah A. St. Albans, 12 years, deceased
Davis, Rosie J. (Mrs. John Manning) Peacham, 2 years, deceased
Hawley, Mary A. (Mrs. John Haig) Springfield, 8 years
Heath, Iola E. (Mrs. E. A. Rawson) N. Hyde Park, 16 years, deceased
Joslin, Eldora W. (Mrs. J. E. Crane) Waitsfield, 1 year, deceased
Kinney, Lovisa Craftsbury, 25 years, deceased
Marlow, Kate E. Albany, many years, deceased
Nichols, Helen R. (Mrs. E. L. Maynard) Enosburg, 3 years, deceased
Wells, Lucy (Mrs. Frank A. Morse) Granby, 24 years, deceased
Wood, Lizzie M. (Mrs. F. E. Sawyer) Cambridge, 12 years, deceased
Second Course
Styles, Annett 1868
1870 - Fall
Adams, Sarah L. (Mrs. Eben K. Lord) Eden, 12 years, deceased
Babcock, Henry Alburg, 18 years, deceased
Barnes, Emma C. Bakersfield, 6 years, deceased
Bixby, Cleora J. Underhill, 8 years, deceased
Chamberlain, Lavinia M. Johnson, 20 years, deceased
Jones, Charles P. Johnson, 1 1/2 years, druggist, deceased
Naramore, Fannie A. Underhill, deceased
Terrill, Althea A. (Mrs. Charles Wilder) Hyde Park, 4 years, deceased
Weed, Evagene E. (Mrs. G. A. Stockwell) Westford, 3 years, deceased
Whittemore, Amy A. (Mrs. Willard Ames) Albany, 7 years, West Glover
1871 - Spring
Beede, Abbie A. Albany, 16 years, N. Brookfield, MA
Blatchley, Oscar P. Georgia, 12 years, (M. D.), deceased
Gates, Milly A. (Mrs. Lyman Gilbert) Enosburg Falls, 6 years, deceased
Gosselin, Sarah E. (Mrs. Samuel Rogers) Alburg, 5 years, deceased
Hyde, Ellen (Mrs. H. A. Bailey) Hyde Park, 4 years, deceased
Leckie, Annie (Mrs. W. W. Smith) Jeffersonville, 3 years, deceased
Martin, Elisha S. Williamstown, 5 years, deceased
McGuire, Phebe A. (Mrs. John F. Wilson) Albany, 16 years, Chicago
Munn, Ullie L. (Mrs. Fred Dow) Cady's Falls, 13 years, deceased
Naramore, Fred P. Underhill, 1 year, deceased
Sawyer, Asenath M. (Mrs. J. R. Hill) Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Saxby, Willard H. Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Shepherdson, Daniel R. Fairfax, 1 year, deceased
Terrill, Homer A. Underhill, 6 years
Towle, William Mason Sheldon, 16 years, (Penn State College), deceased
Mead, C. D. Principal 1871 - 1872, at Chicago, IL in 1901
Oakes, Anna L. Faculty Member
1871 - Fall
Ayers, Mina M. (Mrs. Charles S. Walker) Grafton, 13 years
Slayton, Helen E. Stowe, several years, deceased
Second Course
Butts, Mary A. 1868
1872 - Spring
Bracket, Carrie E. (Mrs. F. C. Bingham) Stowe, 6 years, deceased
Buchanan, William D. Albany, 6 years, M. D. from U.V.M., deceased
Carroll, Carrie P. Cambridge, many years, deceased
Kimball, Franc (Mrs. George Harvey) Johnson, 1 year
Lane, Lettie E. Newport, 8 years, deceased
Morse, Minnie C. E. Cambridge, deceased
Mott, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary Gage) Johnson, deceased
Rice, Francis A. Granby, 2 years, deceased
Squires, Uriel H. Fairfax, 2 years, (M. D.)
Story, Addie L. Fairfax, 7 years, deceased
Taylor, Emma S. (Mrs. F. H. Fullington) Barton, 3 years, deceased
Vilas, Emily (Mrs. Stephen Thompson) Colchester, deceased
Winslow, Helen M. Johnson, 1 year, writer, journalist, clubwoman, deceased
Second Course
Babcock, Henry 1870
Perrigo, Harlan S. Principal 1872 to 1875, died May 1920
Waters, S. H. Faculty Member
Rice, Emily J. Faculty Member
Lowry, Kate E. Faculty Member
1872 - Fall
Fairman, Emma Wolcott, 1 year, deceased
Strong, Clara L. (Mrs. J. W. Allen) Lodi, IL, 10 years
Weed, Eolia I. (Mrs. Charles Hackett) Westford, 36 years (Oswego Normal School), deceased
Winslow, Mary A. (Mrs. Mary Hazen) Westfield, 25 years, Shirley, MA
Second Course
Van Vliet, Sarah E. 1869
1873 - Spring
Buchanan, Lizzie M. (Mrs. Burton) Albany, several years, deceased
Connall, Edson N. Newport, several years, lawyer
Fitch, Verona (Mrs. Alfred Baker) Johnson, 20 years, deceased
Mason, Alice E. (Mrs. John Rebstock) Highgate, 6 years, deceased
Woodford, Addie F. (Mrs. Addie Perry) Pompey, NY, several years, Erie, PA
Second Course
Hill, Rosa A. 1869
Mott, Mary E. 1872
Shepardson, Daniel R. 1871
1874 - Winter
Hawley, Lizzie Cambridge, 4 years, deceased
Wheelock, Mary W. (Mrs. B. R. Holmes) Cambridge, 3 years, deceased
1874 - Summer
Hadley, Flora A. (Mrs. Fred Lawrence) Johnson, deceased
Tracy, E. L. Brownington, 5 years
1875 - Winter
Belding, Emily W. (Mrs. Emily Eaton) Johnson, 8 years, Poultney
Bogue, Georgia A. (Mrs. J. B. Booth) Pittsford, 20 years, deceased
Hall, Viola A. (Mrs. C. H. Stearns) Johnson, deceased
Lathrop, Emma J. (Mrs. Clayton Rogers) Johnson, 5 years, deceased
Mott, W. A. Johnson, lawyer, deceased
Newton, Alice M. (Mrs. George Wilcox) E. Fairfield, 10 years, deceased
Second Course
Lane, Lettie E. 1872
Crippen, William C. Principal 1875 to 1881, currently at Canton, PA
Smith, Flora M. Faculty Member
Hitchcock, Alice A. Faculty Member
Barker, M. Ellen Faculty Member
Cleveland, Jessie E. Faculty Member
Story, Helen L. Faculty Member - died 1902
Fullington, Mary L. Faculty Member
Leonard, Abbie E. Faculty Member
Waters, S. H. Faculty Member
Crippen, Mrs. W. C. Faculty Member
1875 - Summer
Buck, Chloe H. (Mrs. C. H. Stevens) Johnson, deceased
Burnham, Ida O. (Mrs. C. P. Jones) Johnson, 3 years, 96 Henry St., Burlington
Cleveland, Orange S. Newport, 13 years, deceased
Hunt, Bertron A. Johnson, 3 years, lawyer, deceased
Works, Nellie J. (Mrs. Clinton Newton) Lowell, 3 years, deceased
1876 - Winter
Bryant, Sarah J. (Mrs. Albert Webster) Coventry, 2 years, deceased
Carpenter, Abbie M. (Mrs. Fred Drury) Johnson, 3 years
Parmelee, Sara B. (Mrs. Frederick Drury) Johnson, 7 terms, deceased
Waterman, Elizabeth (Mrs. W. D. Welch) Johnson, 4 years, asst teacher under Mr. Campbell, deceased
Wheelock, Emogene C. (Mrs. Eugene Curtis) Lowell, several years
Second Course
Fitch, Verona 1873
Fullington, Mary L. 1869
1876 - Summer
Austin, Nellie B. (Mrs. O. H. Wilson) Johnson, deceased
Babbitt, Eveline H. (Mrs. Graham White) Irasburg, 3 years, deceased
Boynton, T. J. Westfield, 3 years, lawyer, 19 Adams St., Arlington, MA
Kinne, Carrie E. (Mrs. Carrie Houghton) Milton, 1 year, deceased
Newton, Rogene B. (Mrs. Charles Sabin) Johnson, 2 1/2 years, deceased
Sawyer, Charles M. 6 years, deceased
Shanley, Hattie Cambridge, 6 years, deceased
Second Course
Burnham, Ida O. 1875
Bicknell, Miss  
1877 - Winter
Alford, Clara V. (Mrs. Frederick Newport) Waterville, 3 years, deceased
Barnes, Minnie L. (Mrs. D. J. Squires) Bakersfield, 1 year
Darling, Grace (Mrs. John Cook) Chicago, 1 year
Fisher, Alexander H. Fairfax
Wilcox, Abbie D. (Mrs. Arthur Hodges) Cambridge, 6 years, deceased
Second Course
Buck, Chloe 1875
Parmelee, Sara 1876
1877 - Summer
Blood, Sarah J. (Mrs. L. D. Melendy) Fletcher, several years, deceased
Clark, Catherine P. (Mrs. R. J. Dougherty) Albany, 6 years, deceased
Hodgdon, Abbie N. (Mrs. Abbie Gaines) N. Troy, 5 years, Meredith, NH
Keeler, Stella E. (Mrs. Frank Ayer) Essex, 7 years
Stoddard, Frederick Rupert Johnson, 4 years, (M. D.), deceased
Southard, Lelia H. (Mrs. Lucius B. Carleton) Cambridge, 2 1/2 years, deceased
Winslow, Bellie M. (Mrs. Gustin) Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Second Course
Boynton, T. J. 1876
Hunt, Bertron 1875
Sawyer, Charles 1876
Waterman, Elizabeth 1876
1878 - Winter
Burnham, John H. Johnson, several terms, deceased
Davis, Lula L. (Mrs. F. N. Cheney) Glover, Barlow, KY
Day, Clara E. (Mrs. Henry Tinkham) Coventry, 5 years, deceased
Fancher, Nelia J. (Mrs. J. J. Marquett) Fairfax, deceased
Holmes, Mary E. (Mrs. Deforest Collins) Johnson, 6 years, 32 Proctor Ave., Burlington
Jenness, Mattie E. Glover, 40 years, 17 Spring St., St. Johnsbury
Sabin, Fannie T. (Mrs. W. G. Andrews) Montpelier, 1 year, deceased
Scott, Joseph F. Eden, 1 year, deceased
Whipple, Nellie L. (Mrs. Leslie A. Rugg) Fletcher, 2 years
1878 - Summer
Christy, Charles H. Johnson, (C. E. from U.V.M.), deceased
Frasier, Abbie E. Albany, many years, deceased
Griswold, George D. Cambridge, 5 years, (U.V.M.), 985 N.W. 5th St., Miami, FL
Hardy, Grace (Mrs. F. W. Comings) North Troy, 6 years, deceased
Hitchcock, Nettie (Mrs. Charles N. Morse) Westfield, deceased
Hyde, Kate Lawrence, MA, 5 years, deceased
King, Jennie A. Fairfield, deceased
Moran, Eva (Mrs. L. J. Church) Bakersfield, 12 years, deceased
Pollard, Flora A. (Mrs. F. O. Smith) Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Whiting, Lucy (Mrs. C. H. Woodard) Johnson, 2 years, deceased
Second Course
Belding, Emily W. 1875
Wheelock, Emogene C. 1876
1879 - Winter
Baker, Charles W. Johnson, (C. E. from U.V.M.) 20 S. Mt. Ave, Montclair, NJ
Ferry, Ida (Mrs. O. H. Robb) N. Hyde Park, 5 years, Antrim, NH
Goodsell, Jennie A. (Mrs. Jackson Reynolds) Isle La Motte, 5 years, deceased
Horner, Maria L. (Mrs. Z. W. Gallup) Johnson, deceased
Leach, Aurie P. (Mrs. N. P. Leach) Sheldon, deceased
Montgomery, Ida J. (Mrs. Charles Wood) Isle La Motte, 15 years, Randolph
Patch, Lizzie M. (Mrs. Lizzie Davis) Johnson, many years, deceased
Pearl, Flora A. Johnson, many years, asst teacher under Mr. Campbell, deceased
Thompson, Mattie A. Hyde Park, publisher & lecturer, deceased
Waterman, Frank Johnson, deceased
Wheelock, Abbie L. (Mrs. C. F. Hulburd) Cambridge, 1 term, Hyde Park
Second Course
Scott, Joseph 1878
1879 - Summer
Bradley, Charles H. Johnson, deceased
Chesley, Emma O. (Mrs. F. E. Wyman) Greensboro, deceased
Day, Carrie M. (Mrs. B. D. Longe) Coventry, 10 years, deceased
Hendrick, George F. Fairfield, 23 years, deceased
Hitchcock, Alice A. (Mrs. A. C. Raymond) Westfield, 6 years, asst teacher under Mr. Crippen, Stowe
Hodgdon, Ella (Mr. E. G. Darling) North Troy, 8 years, deceased
Lawrence, Rebecca M. (Mrs. E. S. Miller) Lowell, 15 years, Westfield
Patch, Anna L. (Mrs. G. B. Hulburd) Johnson, 15 years, deceased
Smith, Inez E. Greensboro, several years
Stone, Sadie D. (Mrs. Charles Jackson) Johnson, deceased
Taylor, Nettie E. (Mrs. Edwin Richardson) Barton, 9 years, deceased
Wheeler, Mary (Mrs. Mary Shelton) Alburg, many years, deceased
1880 - Winter
Cowles, Myrs H. (Mrs. George Glimes) Albany, 4 years, 3054 N. E. Everett, Portland, Oreg.
Currie, Hattie L. St. Albans, 8 years, deceased
Fuller, Alida P. (Mrs. A. B. Enright) Ellenburg, NY, 25 yrs, asst teacher under Mr. Conant, deceased
Hurlbut, B. F. Georgia, 3 years
Leach, Ruth U. Sheldon, 20 years, deceased
Palmer, Mary J. (Mrs. John E. Eddy) Danville, 8 years, Marshfield
Peck, Homer W. Johnson, 1 term, deceased
Pond, Mabel (Mrs. Arthur Frasier) Eden, 9 years, Springfield, MO
Riddle, Clara M. (Mrs. C. N. Farrington) Johnson, deceased
Rogers, Edward H. Eden, 1 term, deceased
Tillotson, Della L. (Mrs. A. M. Dickerman) Canaan, 4 years, Beecher's Falls, NH
Second Course
Keeler, Stella 1877
Kinne, Carrie E. 1876
1880 - Summer
Bickford, Laura M. (Mrs. S. G. Ritterbush) Johnson, 2 years, Camden, ME
Bullard, Abbie L. (Mrs. C. L. Gates) North Hyde Park, 5 years, Morrisville
Bullard, B. E. North Hyde Park, 2 years, lawyer, deceased
Bullard, V. A. North Hyde Park, 3 years, lawyer, deceased
Corley, Mary Irasburg, 20 years
Fairbanks, Sarah F. (Mrs. Sarah Jennings) Sheldon, 2 years, deceased
Guellow, Ella M. (Mrs. Frank Chaffee) North Hyde Park, 2 years, deceased
Hardy, Bertha M. (Mrs. F. H. Rand) North Troy, deceased
Heald, Mattie E. (Mrs. N. J. Perry) Hyde Park, 5 years, 550 N. Warren Ave., Brockton, MA
Putnam, Nora A. (Mrs. N. G. Wood) Hyde Park, 8 years, deceased
Scofield, Josie (Mrs. F. W. White) Winooski, 2 years, Hollywood, CA
Shonion, Lucy E. (Mrs. M. C. Rowell) Georgia, 1 year, Randolph
Smith, Ella M. (Mrs. Edgar Reeves) Johnson, 9 years, 39 Middlesex Ave., Reading, MA
Soule, Marion E. (Mrs. C. S. Campbell) St. Albans, 2 years, St. Albans
Story, George R. Cambridge, druggist, deceased
Second Course
Blood, Sarah J. 1877
Patch, Lizzie 1879
Bradley, Charles H. 1879
1881 - Winter
Bartlett, Jennie (Mrs. T. M. Edmonds) Island Pond, 7 years, deceased
Batcheldor, Etta Greensboro, several years, deceased
Burnop, Julia F. (Mrs. D. D. Potter) Pittsford, 15 years, deceased
Hayford, Charles F. Johnson, 1 year, (C. E. from UVM), deceased
Heath, Frank S. Johnson
Laraway, A. L. Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Maxfield, Harry Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Newton, Hattie E. (Mrs. B. C. Prosser) Johnson
Soule, Esther L. (Mrs. B. O. Campbell) Fairfield, 5 years, deceased
Tracy, Julia A. Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Second Course
Hitchcock, Alice A. 1879
Hyde, Kate M. 1878
1881 - Summer
Beecher, Alice M. Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Buck, Ida M. (Mrs. L. M. Jones) Johnson, deceased
Burnham, Laura E. (Mrs. O. B. Landon) Johnson, several years, 96 Henry St., Burlington
Collier, Minnie (Mrs. John Campbell) Greensboro, several years, deceased
Corley, Jennie (Mrs. Grant Skinner) Irasburg, several years
Crossett, Meora A. (Mrs. Joshua Sheldon) E. Berkshire, many years, deceased
Gates, Mary L. Montgomery, 20 years, deceased
Gates, Ruby E. (Mrs. Austin Gates) Montgomery, 17 years, deceased
Leland, Louise Johnson, 1 term, deceased
Loomis, Vinnie Georgia, several years, deceased
Melendy, Abbie (Mrs. W. D. Buchanan) Cambridge, 3 years, deceased
Pattee, Mary M. (Mrs. Alexander Newton) Georgia, 4 years, deceased
Perry, Mary E. (Mrs. William Campbell) Hyde Park, 8 years
Stevens, Nella E. (Mrs. James McConachie) Barre, several years, deceased
Winslow, Harrie P. Johnson
Second Course
Leach, Aurie P. 1879
Conant, Edward Principal 1881 to 1884, died 1903 Randolph
Story, Helen L. Faculty Member
Farr, Almena Faculty Member
Barker, M. Ellen Faculty Member
Fuller, Alida P. Faculty Member
1882 - Winter
Blaisdell, J. Ella Orleans, deceased
Chase, Adin B. 1 term, deceased
Cleveland, Florence (Mrs. Carlos Daniels) Georgia, 1 term, deceased
Davis, Charlotte (Mrs. Walter W. Mason) Shelburne, 8 years, Starksboro
Eastman, Emma V. Bradford, 50 years, Bradford
Elkins, Harriet E. (Mrs. Harriet E. Pearl) North Troy, Johnson
Ford, Eva A. (Mrs. I. M. Nealy) Jericho, deceased
Foster, Nellie G. (Mrs. J. H. Sinclair) Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Martin, Agnes L. Georgia, deceased
Morse, Ida (Mrs. D. D. Grout) Waterbury, 10 years, deceased
Norton, Mary A. (Mrs. Frank A. Petty) Fairfax, 2 years, Westford
Partlow, Florence M. (Mrs. E. G. Wilson) Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Patch, Ida C. (Mrs. B. E. Bullard) N. Hyde Park, 13 years, Johnson
Whiting, Solomon D. Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Higher Course
Patch, Anna 1879
Pearl, Flora 1879
Smith, Ella M. 1880
1882 - Summer
Bigelow, Addie A. Stowe, 25 years, Stowe
Revised First Course
Fuller, Alida P. 1880
1883 - Winter
Revised First Course
Bickford, Laura M. 1880
Partlow, Florence M. 1882
1883 - Summer
Boomhower, H. Augusta (Mrs. Arthur Walker) Fletcher, 22 years, deceased
Holmes, David H. Johnson, 9 years, Director of Physiotherapy, PA Hospital, 323 Sagamore Rd., Brookline, Upper Darby, PA
Rankin, Lepha B. (Mrs. Sidney Pike) Georgia, many years, deceased
Stevens, Lillian Walden, 3 years, deceased
Wheeler, Agnes E. S. Burlington, 15 years, deceased
1884 - Winter
Cilley, Nellie M. (Mrs. J. H. Melendy) Fairfax, 2 years, deceased
Decker, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary Stearns) E. Alburg, 30 years, deceased
Dewey, Mary A. Royalton, 43 years, 2nd course Randolph, Royalton
Fletcher, Sarah E. (Mrs. Elvin Bartlett) Hyde Park, 19 years, Island Pond
Kinney, Jennie M. Grand Isle, 12 years, manager of apartment hotel, 835 Sixth Ave., San Diego, CA
MacDowell, A. W. Eden, 5 years, deceased
Patterson, Josie (Mrs. Charles D. Warren) Shelburne, 2 years, deceased
Rankin, Jennie (Mrs. Clark A. Abell) Georgia, 2 years, deceased
Stow, Annibel (Mrs. V. A. Bullard) Morrisville, 1 year, deceased
1884 - Summer
Bodwell, Edwin J. Glover, (Dartmouth Coll 1888) 48 years in public schools as teacher, principal & superintendent, 3921 Walnut St., Oakland, CA
Collins, Kate W. (Mrs. Oscar Sunderland) Johnson, 5 terms, deceased
Ellis, Retta L. Huntington Ctr., many years, 29 Fairfield St., Montclair, NJ
Guild, Mamie J. (Mrs. Thomas S. Richardson) Coventry, 1 year, 2 Dunreath St., Roxbury, MA
Hayford, Emma E. Johnson, 6 years, Johnson
Morse, Nettie B. (Mrs. B. A. Hunt) Waterbury Ctr., 1 year, deceased
Rand, Frank N. Morrisville, 12 years, deceased
Ryan, Emma C. (Mrs. Silas W. Flynn) Fairfield, 10 years, deceased
Sullivan, Brigie E. (Mrs. T. L. Williams) Cambridge, 10 years, deceased
Swan, Anna C. (Mrs. W. B. Locklin) Montgomery, 8 years, deceased
Vaughn, Flora (Mrs. Charles D. Mitchell) Hyde Park, 10 years, 1004 Division Ave., Charleston, IL
Revised First Course
Gates, Mary L. 1881
Campbell, A. H. Principal 1884 to 1895
Story, Helen L. Faculty Member
Oakes, Anna L. Faculty Member
Thompson, Annie J. Faculty Member
Grout, Prof. A. J. Faculty Member
Grout, Grace Preston Faculty Member
Newhall, Louise N. Faculty Member
Winchester, Alice P. Faculty Member
Burr, Viola Faculty Member
Whittemore, Mrs. Clara E. Faculty Member
Campbell, Mrs. Marion Blake Faculty Member
Patten, M. C. Faculty Member
Bruce, Lura J. Faculty Member
Waterman, Elizabeth Faculty Member
Hatch, Emma F. Faculty Member
Pearl, Lizzie H. Faculty Member
Landon, Persis S. Faculty Member
1885 - Winter
Bruce, Lura I. W. Charleston, 25 years, asst teacher in this school, deceased
Chase, Geneva V. (Mrs. E. D. Weage) Cambridge, 8 years, 605 Pedregosa St., Santa Barbara, CA
Gray, Lilla F. (Mrs. Willis Fletcher) Brownington, several years, Lyndeboro, NH
Hatch, Emma F. (Mrs. E. H. Stewart) East Berkshire, asst teacher in this school, deceased
Lepper, Lettie M. (Mrs. F. N. Rand) W. Enosburg, 2 years, Haverhill
McEwen, Marion C. Jericho, deceased
Monteith, George E. Johnson, 1 year, lawyer, deceased
Morse, Ada H. Colchester, 2 terms, 479 Beech St., Manchester, NH
Morse, May J. (Mrs. Wilmer H. Heath) Waterbury, 2 1/2 years, Chatauqua, NY
Percival, Carrie E. (Mrs. Frank Percival) Jericho, 13 years, deceased
Royce, H. Eugene W. Charleston, civil engineer, deceased
White, Lillia A. (Mrs. Frank B. Lang) Craftsbury, 4 years, deceased
Higher Course
Bickford, Laura M. 1881
1885 - Summer
Cowles, Carrie F. Troy, 5 years, 271 Church St., Clinton, MA
Cowles, Effie S. Troy, 6 years, deceased
Gates, Roxa L. (Mrs. Harlan P. Wilder) Montgomery, 15 years, 150 Woodland Ave., Gardner, MA
Jameson, Charles C. Stannard, 4 years, grad West Point 1892, buried Military Reservation
McFarland, Oscar A. Johnson, salesman, deceased
McLaren, Alice C. (Mrs. George E. Fisher) Johnson, 6 years, Lyndonville
Patten, Nancy (Mrs. Arthur W. Hill) Williston, 11 years, 1121 B. St., Eureka, CA
Smith, Ada L. (Mrs. W. R. Connal) Irasburg, 5 years, deceased
Smith, Myra I. (Mrs. E. H. Gray) Irasburg, 37 years, Newport Center
Thompson, L. O. Morrisville, 1 year, deceased
1886 - Winter
Barton, Ida M. Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Davis, Elma A. (Mrs. Charles Clapp) Montgomery, 8 years, deceased
Day, Carrie E. (Mrs. Henry E. Howard) Brownington, 1 term, deceased
Hardy, Lydia M. (Mrs. Peter Moore) North Troy, 4 years, 968 Hilyward St., Eugene, Ore.
Hopkins, Lottie Montgomery Center, 15 years, deceased
McFarland, Hattie C. Johnson, deceased
Morse, Nellie (Mrs. Peter Gifford) Milton, 10 years, 1060 Miner Park, Long Beach, CA
Mullen, Maggie (Mrs. Lawrence Quillinan) Underhill, deceased
Payne, Fanny E. (Mrs. Albert M. Rice) Cambridge, 6 years, deceased
Scott, Katie (Mrs. W. E. Cooley) Montgomery, 7 years, deceased
Smith, Gustin E. North Hyde Park, deceased
Smith, William J. Stannard, deceased
Thompson, Oella Morrisville, 1 term, (grad of UVM) writer, deceased
1886 - Summer
Beeman, Alberta Louise St. Albans, 47 years, (graduate of Mt. Holyoke, MA, Hon. Degree A.M. from Middlebury Coll), deceased
Buck, Nathan A. Johnson, deceased
Crocker, Netta A. (Mrs. Gustin E. Smith) North Hyde Park, 3 years, deceased
Desany, Delia Underhill, deceased
Freeman, Carrie (Mrs. B. S. Fullington) Johnson, 4 years, deceased
Fuller, Carrie C. (Mrs. E. W. Henry) Underhill, 4 years, deceased
Greene, Carrie Waitsfield, several years, deceased
Langdell, Gertie L. (Mrs. J. D. Odell) Johnson, 2 terms, deceased
Nichols, Addie B. N. Underhill, 2 terms, deceased
Pearl, Lizzie H. (Mrs. G. E. Goodwin) Johnson, 7 terms, asst teacher in this school, Ardmore, Okla.
Shedd, Marcia (Mrs. George E. King) Barton, 1 1/2 years, Barton
Ward, Emma L. Johnson, R.N., 25 E. Wheelock St., Hanover, NH
Revised First Course
Beecher, Alice M. 1881 Summer
1887 - Winter
Dillingham, Fred S. Johnson, (M. D.) deceased
Hazen, Iza M. (Mrs. Ira Thorpe) North Hero, 2 years, deceased
Kenfield, Alma Hyde Park, many years, deceased
McLenathan, Harvey H. Johnson, 291 Westminster Ave., Arlington Heights, Boston, MA
Perham, Myrtie J. (Mrs. Daniel Dwyer) Fairfax, deceased
Stoddard, Robert O. Shelburne, (M. D.), deceased
1887 - Summer
Bradley, Walter E. Johnson, Supt Boston Farm School for Boys, deceased
Heath, Walter L. Johnson, 1 year, (M. D.), deceased
Keeler, Mame C. (Mrs. C. L. M. Bugbee) E. Hardwick, 4 years, 2817 Dartmouth Ave., St. Petersburg, FL
Leach, Joseph H. Fletcher, 1 year, farmer, Fletcher
Perham, Bertha Fairfax, several years, deceased
Rood, Mary W. Milton, 1 year, deceased
Smith, Annie Adella Richford, over 50 yrs teaching, Vernon St., Brookline, MA
Sullivan, Margaret Cambridge, 37 years, 74 Edwards St., Quincy, MA
Thorpe, Ira W. Underhill, 1 term, deceased
Tomlinson, Eunice W. Bolton, deceased
Tracy, Hannah (Mrs. Alvin W. Gates) Johnson, 20 years, (Courses at Boston Univ.), 11 French St., Barre
Woodward, Rollin Johnson, Draughtsman Vt. Marble Co., deceased
1888 - Winter
Allen, Viola (Mrs. Martin Sawyer) Craftsbury, 8 years, Craftsbury
Atwell, Lottie (Mrs. Elmer Leach) Johnson, 17 years, deceased
Baker, Lucy A. Johnson, 46 years, Supervisor of Music many years, retired, Whitewater, Wis.
Beecher, Rosalie V. (Mrs. S. J. Macomber) Johnson, 1 year, Johnson, deceased
Ewins, Blanche M. (Mrs. Erwin Stowell) North Troy, deceased
Fletcher, Kate (Mrs. P. B. Northrop) Cambridge, 10 years, deceased
Guild, T. E. Coventry, (M. D.), deceased
Hill, Wilmer W. Johnson, 50 years, 45 years of manual training, retired, 1207 E. 69th St., Seattle, Wash
Larabee, Florence M. (Mrs. N. W. Baldwin) Waterville, 12 years, N. Stratford, NH
Newcomb, Will J. Johnson, electrical engineer in Cuba, Porto Rico & Mexico, now with G. E., 1416 Union St., Schenectady, NY
Norton, Nathan A. Glover, 3 years, lawyer, deceased
Perry, Jennie Florence S. Hero, 3 years, hospital work, Belvidere Apts., Salt Lake City, Utah
Rand, Lucinda F. Morrisville, 6 years, deceased
Robinson, Viola A. (Mrs. Nathan A. Norton) Fletcher, 12 years, Lyndonville
Smith, Sybil (Mrs. William P. Smilie) N. Hyde Park, 6 years, Morrisville
Waters, George Cambridge, lawyer, deceased
Webber, May L. (Mrs. C. Wooster Stevens) Craftsbury, 6 years, deceased
Woodward, Eva M. (Mrs. George Seagraves) Enosburg, 4 years, 15 Crown Ridge St., Wellesley, MA
1888 - Summer
Allen, Cora Belle (Mrs. David Wylie) Craftsbury, 25 years, deceased
Allen, Nellie S. (Mrs. Armour Anderson) Craftsbury, 3 years, Craftsbury
Andrews, Lucia M. Hinesburg, several years, deceased
Austin, Gene (Mrs. R. G. Prentiss) Johnson, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA
Carbee, Julia (Mrs. Irving Knight) East Hatley, Que., several years, E. Hatley, Que.
Daggett, Alma B. (Mrs. Nathaniel Farrant) Newport, 4 terms, deceased
Galusha, Julia (Mrs. Irving Whitcomb) Jericho, deceased
Gay, Maybelle I. (Mrs. E. R. Leavitt) W. Derby, several years, deceased
Hendrix, Eva A. (Mrs. S. W. Jenkins) Westfield, 25 years, postmaster 1912-1939, W. Charleston
Judd, Lill B. (Mrs. Wilbur A. Ferguson) Holland, 9 years, deceased
Patterson, Effie (Mrs. Fred C. Brown) S. Albany, 5 years, Orleans
Rogers, Jessie A. (Mrs. Norman Corey) Richford, several years, Hillsboro Co., General Hospital, Grassmere, NH
1889 - Winter
Beecher, Lillian V. (Mrs. J. B. Ham) Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Benton, Clara Enosburg Falls
Fancher, W. Grant Johnson, 6 years, Supt. Of Essex Co., MA Training School 35 years, deceased
George, Nida E. (Mrs. Andrew Magoon) Stowe, 5 years, Morrisville
Gillis, Florence E. Orleans, 12 years, deceased
Gordon, Minerva (Mrs. Elmer E. Hill) S. Hero, 10 years, deceased
Heath, Edward A. Johnson, (M. D.), deceased
Lewis, Mary A. Hardwick, 44 years, deceased
Maurice, M. P. Cambridge, 9 years, lawyer, deceased
Perkins, Alma (Mrs. Arthur E. Davis) Johnson, 3 years, Johnson
Wheeler, Mary L. Fairfax, 50 years, deceased
1889 - Summer
Allen, Achsa (Mrs. Charles E. Bagley) N. Hyde Park, 6 years, deceased
Atwell, William A. Cambridge, 100 weeks, lawyer, deceased
Balch, Estelle E. Johnson, 7 years, deceased
Beals, Clara L. (Mrs. Frederick E. Fisher) E. Hardwick, 2 years
Cilley, Clara (Mrs. Wilmer Hill) Fairfax, 2 years, deceased
Daggett, Bertha Newport, 5 years, deceased
Farman, Elva (Mrs. Clarence H. Willey) Westfield, 6 years, deceased
Ferry, Julia (Mrs. Jerry Hunt) Cambridge, 10 years, deceased
Goodrich, Ada L. (Mrs. Arthur Brasee) W. Berkshire, 5 terms, deceased
Landon, Persis L. (Mrs. O. A. McFarland) Johnson, 1 year, asst teacher in this school, 250 S. Union St., Burlington
Parker, Hattie (Mrs. E. C. Sherlaw) Johnson, 1 year, deceased
Simmons, Bessie (Mrs. Birney L. Pease) Montgomery, 5 years, deceased
Stevens, Edson M. Eden Mills, 2 1/2 years, electrician to W. E. & M. Co, E. Pittsburg, PA
Stiles, Clara R. Fairfax, 2 years, deceased
Stowe, Etta L. (Mrs. Charles Parker) Milton, 8 years, Milton
Tellier, Katherine (Mrs. Kate Freeman) Westford, 7 years, North Adams, MA
Ward, Carl C. Johnson, 1/2 year, merchant, deceased
1890 - Winter
Bicknell, Abbie (Mrs. W. M. McDermott) Underhill, 3 years, deceased
Bicknell, Jennie (Mrs. Arthur E. Goodrich) Underhill, 5 years, deceased
Campbell, Ina Evelyn (Mrs. Elwin Leroy Ingalls) W. Charleston, 11 years (2 yrs at B. U.), Matron of VT Industrial School, 5 yrs, 144 S. Willard St., Burlington
Gaskill, Sadie L. (Mrs. Warner Hartwell) W. Burke, 5 years, deceased
Gray, Mabel (Mrs. C. M. Griswold) N. Hyde Park, 25 years, N. Hyde Park
Ingalls, Elwin Leroy Berkshire, (A. B. from UVM) School principal, supt of VT Industrial School, supt of public schools, at present State club leader UVM Co-op Ext. Service, 144 S. Willard St., Burlington
Kenfield, Kate Hyde Park, 2 years, office mgr., 53 Oliver St., Boston, MA
Marsh, Eliza A. Sheldon, 7 years, deceased
Smith, Elva W. Burke, 8 years, charge of Children's dept., Carnegie Library, Pittsburg, PA, author
Varney, Alice J. W. Burke, 6 years, deceased
Winslow, Inez Orleans, 30 years, (Framingham Normal School 1 year) retired, Orleans
Gates, Ruby E. 1881
Percival, Carrie E. 1885
1890 - Summer
Barr, Ruth E. Greensboro, 4 years, deceased
Collins, Winifred M. Colchester, 23 years, pastor's asst., 61 Greene St., Burlington
Deyette, Cora L. (Mrs. William Sawyer) Charlotte, 7 years, deceased
Drown, Carroll H. Johnson, (A. B. & M. A. from UVM) teacher, principal, supt. of public schools, 39 years, gardener & fruit grower, W. Boylston, MA
Leland, Lucy L. (Mrs. J. H. Bean) Johnson, 7 years, deceased
Silloway, Bessie (Mrs. O. L. Cheever) Elmore, 10 years, Montpelier
1891 - Winter
Allen, Julia Grace (Mrs. T. E. Guild) N. Hyde Park, 1 year, 1550 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan, MA
Baker, Jennie (Mrs. Olin S. Clark) Johnson, 4 years, deceased
Beeman, Gertrude W. St. Albans, 42 years, retired, 80 Fairfield St., St. Albans
Bennett, Lena J. (Mrs. William A. Cook) W. Charleston, 4 Hill St., W. Somerville, MA
Brooks, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel Smith) St. Albans Bay, 26 years, teaching, Northampton, MA
Davis, Nettie A. (Mrs. Frank L. Dodge) Johnson, 15 years, Johnson
Durivage, Mabel Lowell, 25 years, Federal Director Red Cross Work, Brooklyn, NY, 1918-1937, 2555 5th Ave., Proctor Apt 22, San Diego, CA
Hall, Phila Johnson, 18 years, supervising cook in hospital, 316 29th St., San Francisco, CA
Hill, Mary (Mrs. J. B. Kidder) Johnson, 8 years, Pittsford
Hodgdon, Lucy E. Hardwick, 5 years, Whitefield, NH
Montgomery, Mary Isle La Motte, 25 years, teaching, Isle La Motte
Powell, Blanche A. (Mrs. Parker Collins) Eden Mills, 3 years, deceased
Peck, Mildred A. (Mrs. George Spoffard) N. Hyde Park, teaching, Berlin, MA
Scott, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary Durivage) Isle La Motte, 10 years, 41 Loomis St., Burlington
Vasseur, Catalena (Mrs. Fred Brasseau) Underhill, 15 years, 87 Jackson Ave., Rutland
Wilkins, Abbie (Mrs. Homer Cummings) Montgomery, 5 years, E. Berkshire
Scott, Kate 1886
Davis, Elma 1886
1891 - Summer
Boyce, James W. Burke, 1 term, deceased
Duffy, Maggie M. W. Georgia, 11 years, deceased
Galusha, Ethel (Mrs. Bert Hawley) Jericho, 1 1/2 years, 660 Locus St., Mt. Vernon, NY
Leland, Mary A. (Mrs. Warner J. Morse) Johnson, 5 years, (Montpelier Seminary Art Dept), librarian, 105 Main St., Orono, ME
Lewis, Cornelia 2 1/2 years, deceased
Masure, Olie (Mrs. Joseph O. George) N. Hyde Park, 4 years, deceased
Noyes, Anna W. Concord, deceased
Perham, Mary Fairfax, 3 years, dressmaker, 106 Russell St., Worcester, MA
Rockwell, Maria Alburg, 48 years, retired, Wilder St., Montpelier
Rockwell, Mattie (Mrs. Harry Russell) Alburg, 17 years, (graduate of Bridgewater, MA Normal), Grand Isle
Rogers, Cora St. Johnsbury, 12 Bowdoin St., Worcester, MA
Shipman, Emma C. Danville, 6 years, Christian Science Practitioner, 1514 Beacon St., Boston
Silloway, Edith (Mrs. H. W. Scott) Elmore, 5 years, stenographer, 19 Richardson St., Barre
Vasseur, George J. Underhill, merchant, N. Adams, MA
Hardy, Lydia 1886
1892 - Winter
Bean, John H. Milton, 5 years, (M.D.) deceased
Brown, Cordie Waterville, 4 years, a missionary in China several years, deceased
Cilley, Kate M. (Mrs. Arthur King) Fairfax, Fairfax, deceased
Curtis, Helen Georgia, 5 years, retired, Congress St., St. Albans
Farnsworth, Mary (Mrs. J. E. Bingham) Westford, 30 years, teaching, 3210 S. W. 27th St., Miami, FL
Flanders, Lottie H. (Mrs. Albert W. Esty) E. Coventry, 10 years, deceased
Griswold, Maude (Mrs. Fred L. Gates) N. Hyde Park, 5 years, deceased
Harvey, Nellie May Peacham, 7 years, Peacham
Hunter, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel H. Smith) Ryegate, 6 years, Harwichport, MA
Lanpher, May E. (Mrs. Elmer Dimond) Hardwick, 1 year, deceased
Scott, Jessie A. (Mrs. Jessie A. Lyman) Richford, 8 years, Bernardston Rd., Greenfield, MA
Stiles, Harry O. Fairfax, 2 years, farmer, Johnson
Woodard, Clara Belle E. Peacham, 5 years, deceased
1892 - Summer
Benway, Rogene A. (Mrs. J. E. Berry) Montgomery Center, 30 years, retired, Hanson, MA
Childs, Mabel E. Waterville, 7 years, deceased
Coombs, Eva (Mrs. Frank Bliss) Richford, 4 years, Richford
Dixon, Minerva (Mrs. W. C. Hoag) deceased
Flanders, Hattie (Mrs. Hattie Ream) Coventry, retired, 2322 Whitman St., San Diego, CA
Fuller, Maude (Mrs. W. C. Hopkins) 6 years, deceased
Goodrich, Keokee W. Berkshire, 10 years, deceased
Hall, Edith (Mrs. Elmer Jackson) Johnson, 10 years, 300 N. 25th St., Corvallis, Ore.
Hodgdon, Corrie (Mrs. Harry Smith) deceased
Hotchkiss, Bertha W. (Mrs. George W. Burgin) Georgia, 15 years, Treas. Dept., Washington, DC
Hurlburt, Gertrude I. 9 years
Kendall, Alice M. (Mrs. Myron S. Chandler) St. Johnsbury, 5 years, 9 Park St., Barre
Kidder, J. B. E. Hardwick, 2 years, Supt. of Marble Co. 50 years, retired, Pittsford
Lang, Isabelle S. (Mrs. Carl W. Bean) W. Glover, 10 years, W. Glover
Lorimer, Belle Newport, 7 years, Bellows Falls
Lunt, Wyoma (Mrs. Albert Lydstone) 12 years, 1377 A Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA
Miner, Bertha (Mrs. Bertha Eaton) Milton, 1 1/2 years, 116 Mower St., Worcester, MA
Morrison, Ethel Ryegate, 10 years, Barnet
Park, Mattie (Mrs. Frank R. McCall) Ryegate, 15 years, 20 Glendale Ave., Delmar, NY
Smith, Lottie (Mrs. Clayton G. Elwood) 5 years
Webster, Maude (Mrs. Ellsworth Atwood) 3 years, deceased
Wilcox, Myra (Mrs. Frank Sargent) Jeffersonville, deceased
Woodward, Jennie  
Yates, Mina (Mrs. Michael Murphy) Hardwick, 4 years, St. Johnsbury
Morse, Nellie 1886
1893 - Winter
Baker, Mary H. Johnson, 44 years, teacher of sloyd in Boston, MA, 50 Norwood St., Everett, MA
Ballard, Cora A. (Mrs. William T. Nickerson) Fairfax, 5 years, 7 Main St., Brockton, MA
Blanchard, Jane M. (Mrs. R. Wilson) Peacham, 7 years, deceased
Burr, Viola G. (Mrs. Hiram Wallace) Sheldon, 7 years, deceased
Gallup, Mina (Mrs. Alonzo Davis) 4 years, Foster, Que.
Hotchkiss, Mary (Mrs. Bert Wood) Georgia, 3 1/2 years, Milton
May, Nellie (Mrs. O. T. Sullivan) Essex Jct., 6 years, 61 N. Willard St., Burlington
Morse, Warner J. Waterbury, many years, (BS & Sc D from UVM & Ph D from U of Wisc.), asst botanist, Vt. Exp. Sta, instr. Botany & asst. prof. bacteriology, Plant Pathologist, Dir., of Maine Ag. Exp. Sta., listed in Who's Who, deceased
1893 - Summer
Balch, Ina Mabel Johnson, many years, deceased
Bicknell, F. G. Johnson, 4 years, lawyer, deceased
Buck, Maud (Mrs. Charles Gorse) Walden, Athens, NY
Chamberlain, Jessie P. (Mrs. Carlton G. Stevens) Craftsbury, 3 years, 123 Tarrytown Rd., Manchester, NH
Davis, Lillian M. W. Enosburg, deceased
Dorr, Henrietta E. (Mrs. Fred Bicknell) Charlotte, 7 years, Windsor
Fletcher, Kittie C. (Mrs. Walter Davis) Johnson, 4 1/2 years, Johnson
Goodnough, Lillian (Mrs. Arthur True) Coventry, 4 years, deceased
Gray, Myra M. (Mrs. Albert J. Clark) Sheffield, 5 years, Sutton
Hodges, S. Eldora Richford, 8 years, teaching, 39 Kenwood Terrace, Springfield, MA
Hosford, Mabel (Mrs. Malcolm Thorpe) Charlotte, 9 years, Charlotte
Kennedy, Elizabeth C. Fairfax, 6 years, (Veteran's Bureau, Div. of Claims) 514 19th St., N. W., Washington, DC
Shedd, Jennie A. (Mrs. G. C. Blossom) E. Hardwick, 2 years, E. Northfield, MA
Sherburne, Cora B. (Mrs. Burton J. Campbell) Glover, 3 years, 135 Hillcrest Terrace, Meridan, CT
Sherburne, Rose (Mrs. J. F. Kendrick) Glover, 8 years, deceased
Stevens, Emilie (Mrs. Charles A. Plumley) Walden, 6 years, 2929 Conn. Ave., Washington, DC
Tevyaw, Belle M. Enosburg Falls, 3 years, deceased
Thompson, Flora M. (Mrs. Gregory St. John) Wolcott, 5 years, deceased
Tracy, Will E. Johnson, 5 years, lawyer, deceased
Wallace, Hiram J. Concord, 5 years, Supt. of Boys' Industrial Club, deceased
Wallace, Winnifred (Mrs. Frank Powers) McIndoes Falls, deceased
Watts, Nellie A. Stowe, 35 years, deceased
Willey, Lena M. (Mrs. Bernie J. Kelley) Waterville, 7 years, deceased
Wiswell, Lucia E. Cabot, retired, Edgemoore Ave., Wellesley, MA
1894 - Winter
Ballard, Ada A. (Mrs. Harry O. Stiles) Fairfax, 1 year, Johnson
Cunningham, Myrtle H. Johnson, 10 years, Johnson
Dodge, Ida M. (Mrs. Julian D. Bell) Lunenburg, 4 years, S. Lunenburg
Gray, Effie (Mrs. Carroll B. Whittemore) N. Hyde Park, 7 years, Eden Mills
Page, Mary A. Jericho, 10 years, deceased
Stevens, Leda B. Walden, 47 years, Barre
Stevens, May M. (Mrs. Lester W. Burbank) Walden, 8 years, Cabot
Sturtevant, Myrtle (Mrs. Myrtle Stephenson) Johnson, 5 years, 140 E. 46th St., New York City
Welch, Nellie Franklin, 8 years, deceased
Whittemore, John H. Sheldon Springs, 1 year, deceased
1894 - Summer
Cass, Mabel E. (Mrs. William B. Weeks) Craftsbury, 6 years, 72 Charles Field St., Providence, RI
Eaton, Sarah M. (Mrs. Ned E. Baldwin) Wolcott, 4 years, Lakemont, NY
Fullington, Angeline B. Johnson, 34 years, 14 Liberty St., Montpelier
Harrington, Beryl M. Cambridge, several years, deceased
Hill, Morris S. Johnson, 1 term, electrician, Johnson
Kimball, Cynthia (Mrs. Cynthia Fiske) Enosburg Falls, 2 terms, stenographer, 43 Florence St., Natick, MA
Maurice, Sarah (Mrs. George Marsh) Cambridge, 23 years teaching, Cambridge Jct.
Messier, Delia (Mrs. Charles L. Rounds) E. Enosburg, 5 years, restaurant owner, 21 Henry Ave., Lynn, MA
Nye, Blanche E. Highgate Ctr., 4 years, linotype opr w/Hartford Times, 219 Farmington St., Hartford, CT
O'Hara, Bessie D. (Mrs. Ellis A. Robinson) Sheffield, 4 years, deceased
Osgood, Bertha M. (Mrs. M. L. Chester) Cabot, 4 years, deceased
Park, Rose A. (Mrs. George G. Nelson) S. Ryegate, 3 years, Woodsville, NH
Rogers, Lucina M. (Mrs. Clark P. Nason) Derby, 2 years, Derby Line
Sheehan, Helen Beatrice N. Craftsbury, 22 years, retired, Hardwick
Vearen, Harriet (Mrs. Fred L. Recor) Stowe, 6 years, deceased
Williams, Josephine S. (Mrs. Frank Chesmore) Charlotte, 7 years, deceased
Woods, Josephine M. Passumpsic, 5 years, with NY Life Ins. Co., 1302 N. St. West, Washington, DC
1895 - Winter
Atwell, Anna L. (Mrs. H. J. Beard) Waterville, 7 years, deceased
Barrows, Alice (Mrs. Mark C. Lovejoy) Stowe, 6 years, Stowe
Barrows, Bertha A. (Mrs. Frank J. Robinson) Stowe, 6 years, Malone, NY
Bigelow, Susie A. Stowe, 39 years, Stowe
Bradley, N. Myrtie (Mrs. James Connors) Fairfield, 6 years, Fairfield
Chamberlain, Mabel (Mrs. Elmer Hurlburd) St. Albans, 1 year, Georgia
Dack, Abbie J. (Mrs. John Wilson) Peacham, 5 years, R. No. 3, Manhattan, Kansas
Hill, A. S. C. Johnson, 3 years (A.B. & M.D. from UVM), 12 Weston St., Burlington
Kendall, Jennie M. (Mrs. Fred Hutchins) Johnson, 2 years, deceased
Leach, Homer J. Waterville, 1 year, (M.D. from Dartmouth), deceased
Martin, Sybil M. Wolcott, 4 years, Wolcott
Pike, Julia M. (Mrs. George N. Bedell) Waterford, 35 years, RFD No. 4, Concord, NH
Streeter, Stephen P. Waterford, 4 years, taught in Boston Parental School, deceased
Wakefield, Florence (Mrs. Elmer W. Edmunds) Westfield, 4 years, Lyndon Center
Wheeler, Cora E. (Mrs. Frank Blodah) S. Woodbury, 8 years, deceased
1895 - Summer
Adams, Alice (Mrs. Frank Adams) Eden, 34 years, teaching, Eden
Atwell, Benjamin F. Johnson, 1 year, 1504 Bridge St., Dracut, MA
Brooks, Fleda Montgomery, deceased
Carpenter, Jennie E. (Mrs. George B. Maurice) Waterville, 8 years, Waterville
Cass, A. Josephine Craftsbury
Chase, Alice B. (Mrs. Clarence E. Kinney) Essex Jct., 5 years, deceased
Coombs, Flora A. (Mrs. Will Rounds) Richford, 3 years, Richford
Dwyer, Etta M. Sheffield, 10 years, operating supervisor & instructor, Vose House, Boston City Hospital, Boston, MA
Hall, M. Emily (Mrs. Herbert E. Huntley) Westford, 2 years, deceased
Hill, Susan C. (Mrs. Arthur Rockwell) Johnson, 7 years, Proctor
Kellogg, Mamie L. (Mrs. Fred Rogers) E. Concord, many years, E. Concord
Newcomb, Bertha A. (Mrs. Bertha Mytis) Johnson, 3 years, 1616 South G., Tacoma, Washington
Rogers, Mabel (Mrs. Pearl Terrill) Johnson, 5 years, 86 Hopkins Pl., Longmeadow, MA
Waterbury, R. A. Principal 1895 to 1896
Blossom, Peter A. Faculty Member
Whittemore, Mrs. Clara E. Faculty Member
Welton, Isabel Faculty Member
Batty, Emma Faculty Member
Filkins, Minnie L. Faculty Member
Eaton, Mary Faculty Member
1896 - Winter
Bicknell, Ernest E. Johnson, 5 years, deceased
Bolton, Evelyn (Mrs. Leon E. Story) Peacham, 9 years, deceased
Cobb, Loula I. (Mrs. Loula Macomber) Westford, 28 years, Westford
Codding, Bertha (Mrs. Bertha Burnham) Johnson, 3 years, Morrisville
Hodgkins, Grace (Mrs. Wortley Needham) Johnson, 5 years, 19 School St., Burlington
Laffo, Carrie (Mrs. Dark) Wheelock, 1 year, deceased
Lewis, Martha L. Hardwick, 1 year, deceased
Macomber, Ida (Mrs. Ida Kimball) Grand Isle, 2 years, Westford
Marr, C. Bell (Mrs. Walter Ellsworth) Fairfax, 1 year, Essex Jct.
Mayo, Clara A. (Mrs. E. M. Harvey) Colchester, 4 1/2 years, Montpelier
Nichols, Bertha (Mrs. Bertha Montague) E. Fletcher, 3 years, Underhill
Patten, Nora (Mrs. Morris Hill) Johnson, 3 years, Johnson
Prince, Anna M. (Mrs. Charles Spaulding) Johnson, 37 years, Hardwick
Wakefield, Emma (Mrs. Leon Durivage) Westfield, 8 years, North Troy
1896 - Summer
Barker, Ella (Mrs. John Moran) W. Enosburg, 11 years, Bakersfield
Bennett, Lillian (Mrs. William B. Foulds) W. Charleston, 15 years, Fairview Ave., Parmus, NJ
Blanchard, Jessie J. (Mrs. D. E. Gordon) Groton, 10 years, 23 Charles St., Wakefield, MA
Boswell, Fannie Richford, 32 years, (BA & MA from Univ of Col.), head of English Dept, La Juanta High School, 220 Cimmaroon Ave., La Juanta, CO
Brown, Elga (Mrs. Foster Kinney) Westfield, 4 years, Orleans
Brunell, Eva (Mrs. Walter Hayward) N. Fairfax, 5 1/2 years, 72 S. River St., Swanton
Buck, Lillian Fairfax, 20 years, Vet Adm Dept., Boston, 11 Hyde St., Revere, MA
Clark, Carrie (Mrs. Edwin H. Prindle) Hinesburg, 3 years, Charlotte
Colby, Effie E. (Mrs. Roscoe E. Lindsay) Lyndon, 33 years, N. Mamouth, Maine
Colby, Harriet M. Lyndon, 42 years, Lyndon
Craig, Mary E. Peacham, 5 years, deceased
Davis, Laura Belle (Mrs. John E. Head) Montgomery Center, 5 years, deceased
Failey, Annie Louise (Mrs. Annie Finnegan) Fairfield, 10 years, St. Albans
Hinckley, Ethel (E. A. Ferguson) Vergennes, 5 years, Bristol
Hodges, Blanche E. Berkshire, 3 years, R.N., 311 West 111th St., NYC
Holmes, Janie K. Johnson, 3 years, Salisbury
Jackson, Ralph Milton, 11 terms, deceased
McNeil, Jennie (Mrs. Lyman B. Whitman) Colchester, 6 years, Colchester
Partlow, J. B. Johnson, Burlington City Light & Power Co., Burlington
Rogers, Inez A. (Mrs. Inez Ryan) Richford, 5 years, Greeley, Col.
Royce, Ellen (Mrs. Ellen S. Kittell) Sheldon, 1 year, Sheldon
Sykes, Ida (Mrs. Frank Moffatt) E. Berkshire, deceased
Thompson, Elva E. Colchester, 2 terms, All States Hotel, 514 19th St., N.W., Washington, DC
Thompson, Lida Colchester, 15 years, deceased
Ranger, Walter E. Principal 1896 to 1900
Ham, J. B., A.M. Faculty Member
Gates, Mary L. Faculty Member
Bass, Lizzie E. Faculty Member
Ham, Sarah Wells Faculty Member
Metcalf, Winifred W. Faculty Member
Carver, Elvira Faculty Member
Burr, Viola G. Faculty Member
Allen, Eliza C. Faculty Member
Dickinson, Alice E. Faculty Member
Darling, Evalyn Faculty Member
Ranger, Mabel B. Faculty Member
Drake, Hortense N. Faculty Member
1897 - Winter
Allen, Gertrude E. (Mrs. Alson Wood) Milton, W. Georgia
Blodgett, Adelle M. (Mrs. Lawrence Ford) Waterford, 16 years, Lisbon, NH
Brown, Ada G. (Mrs. Albert Farman) Westfield, 7 years, Newport
Butler, Jessie M. (Mrs. William Ferris) Johnson, 2 years, 120 El Camino Real, Burlingame, CA
Collins, Delta A. Hyde Park, 38 years (Montpelier Seminary), teaching, Bellows Falls
Ellis, Anna L. (Mrs. Eli C. Kezer) Fletcher, 3 years
Hosmer, Anna M. Lyndonville, 3 years, deceased
Landon, Cora M. (Mrs. Charles Hubbell) Hinesburg, 3 years, Hinesburg
Lang, Martha E. (Mrs. Alex Dwyer) Greensboro, 7 years, Wheelock
McDonald, Nellie M. (Mrs. Charles Martin) Montgomery, 20 years, deceased
Mann, Una P. (Mrs. C. F. Austin) Waterville, 6 years, Waterville
Ovitt, Amanda B. Franklin, several years, deceased
Rooney, Elizabeth M. Fairfield, 36 years, 3 mos., retired, 99 N. Main St., St. Albans
Ruiter, Margaret M. (Mrs. Margaret Kelley) Derby, 12 years, Supt. Of Schools, 15 years, St. Dept of Education
Trumpass, Elizabeth A. Westfield, 21 years, Federal Govt, work since 1918, U.S. Treasury - State Disbursing Clerk, Montpelier
Wakefield, Helen B. (Mrs. Harry Carr) Westfield, 30 years, Allston, MA, Proprietor of Variety Store, Roslindale, MA
Wakefield, Lenora E. (Mrs. Smith Sisco) Montgomery, 25 years, Bradford
Wright, Ruth W. (Mrs. W. A. Young) Westfield, deceased
1897 - Summer
Bacon, Hattie M. (Mrs. Charles Silsby) W. Burke, 3 years, deceased
Barnard, Lula P. (Mrs. Gaines Ainsworth) Belvidere Ctr., 10 years, 24 Gavin Way, Boston, MA
Bashaw, Theodore Richford, deceased
Bell, Ethel B. (Mrs. Elmer E. Lord) Alburg Ctr., 6 years, Alburg
Boswell, Julia deceased
Davis, Jessie E. (Mrs. George E. Griggs) Johnson, 4 years, Rutland
Donovan, Gertrude (Mrs. Gertrude Mayo) Grand Isle, 18 years, Essex Jct.
Dwyer, Anna B. Sheffield, 4 years, 86 Worcester St., Boston, MA
Farmer, Orpha A. Lyndon Center, 20 years, deceased
Fisher, Nellie (Mrs. C. M. McKecknie) Johnson, many years, deceased
Fletcher, Nellie R. (Mrs. Homer Clarke) Hinesburg, 5 years, 42 Franklin St., Claremont, NH
Hodges, Pearl E. (Mrs. Luke Martin) Johnson, deceased
Kelton, Maude Montgomery, deceased
Kirley, Alice Sheldon, 4 years, style fitter, Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco
Leary, James J. Jericho, lawyer, deceased
Lewis, Gertrude (Mrs. H. O. Whitney) Charlotte, 3 years, Essex Jct
Marsh, Susan M. (Mrs. C. D. McGuire) Brownington, 11 years, Albany
Messier, Mary E. E. Enosburg, 5 years, 21 Henry Ave., Lynn, MA
Rockwell, Ethelyn (Mrs. Galvin) Alburg, 4 years, deceased
Rogers, Mabel E. (Mrs. W. T. Morse) Newport Ctr., 15 years, 66 Lafayette St., St. Johnsbury
Rooney, Emma Fairfield, 4 years, deceased
Sturtevant, M. Eva (Mrs. Richard Benson) Johnson, 8 years, 15 Park Drive, Boston, MA
Tracy, Carrie M. (Mrs. Dayton B. Smalley) Johnson, 3 years, Johnson
Tracy, Jennie (Mrs. E. H. Ekergren) Johnson, 2 years, deceased
Warner, Nora (Mrs. George C. Cowling) Sheffield, 4 1/2 years, Danville Rd., St. Johnsbury
Waters, Glenna E. Cambridge, 28 years, 135 Church St., Hartford, CT
Whitcomb, Ruth E. (Mrs. Willard G. Atkins) Jeffersonville, 5 years, Colchester
Williams, Carolyn E. (Mrs. Frank Thayer) Charlotte, 14 years (State Normal at Bridgewater, MA), 1305 S. Main St., Campello, MA
Davis, Nettie 1891
Brown, Cordie Class of 1892 - Winter
Child, Mabel Class of 1892 - Summer
Class of 1898
Brown, Mabel E. (Mrs. W. A. Landon) Lunenburg, deceased
Buck, Mattie M. (Mrs. W. F. Sinclair) Johnson, 3 years, deceased
Campbell, Evelyn M. (Mrs. D. P. Whiting) Johnson, 5 years, Johnson
Carpenter, Glenna E. (Mrs. Glenna C. Kellogg) Cambridge, 5 years, Cambridge Jct.
Chadwick, Lucie L. (Mrs. Byron A. Cameron) Sheldon, 10 years, conducting student's home for Crane Music School, 22 Pierrepont Ave., Potsdam, NY
Chamberlin, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary Reck) Grand Isle, 2 1/2 years, Grand Isle
Dickson, Sara J. Westfield, deceased
Drown, Mrs. Carrie Bullock 7 years, (Stanstead College, Que) deceased
Drown, Josie L. Johnson, 17 years, bank bookkeeper, Johnson
Drown, Melissa E. (Mrs. L. L. Garfield) Sheffield, 447 Park Drive, Boston, MA
Farmer, Ida A. Burke, 5 years, Mary Fletcher Hospital, R.N., Washington, D.C., School for Deaconesses, Nurse, Evangelist in Aligarh, United Provinces, India, 1917-
Flynn, Nellie M. Underhill, deceased
Hazen, Aimee L. (Mrs. Fred Farmer) Alburg, 4 years, E. Burke
Hodges, J. Lee Johnson, Laurel, Montana
Holmes, Ruby M. (Mrs. Norman Brown) St. Albans, 8 years, 79 Lincoln Ave., St. Albans
Holmes, Ruth I. St. Albans, 7 years, deceased
Hopkins, Inez E. (Mrs. Inez Perkins) Cabot, 20 years, substitute teacher & tutor, Northfield
Howard, Ethelyn C. St. Johnsbury, deceased
Jacobs, Clara D. Johnson, deceased
Jamieson, Arthur Garfield Stannard, 14 years, (Mt. Hermon School 1906), Supt. of Schools 1915 - Randolph
Macomber, Maude H. (Mrs. Maude Wilson) Craftsbury, 12 years, Orleans
McCue, Emma J. Cambridge, 40 years, Prin. of Lyman School for boys, Westboro, MA, for 20 years, Cambridge
Nelson, Mabel A. (Mrs. A. W. Morrill) Barton, 2 years, Pike, NH
Newell, Sadie J. (Mrs. Walter Hartley) Danville, 5 years, West Lebanon, NH
Page, Ella O. Danville, 40 years, deceased
Robbins, Amanda L. (Mrs. Amanda Bullock) Craftsbury, 20 years, Hardwick
Sayles, Bessie A. (Mrs. Henry C. Whittaker) Richmond, 4 years, Pres. of Trates Magazine Pub. Co., 45 Carroll St., Buffalo, NY
Saxby, Perley W. Johnson, RR mail clerk, retired rural letter carrier, farmer, law student, Johnson
Seeley, Mina L. (Mrs. Mina S. Rice) Cambridge, 22 years, Essex Jct.
Stevens, Carrie B. (Mrs. F. L. Wells) Johnson, 2 years, Morrisville
Weed, Bessie H. Hinesburg, 34 years, retired, Hinesburg
Whitten, Mabel C. Johnson, 28 years, Johnson
Class of 1899
Ayer, Celon Stannard, deceased
Blake, Sarah (Mrs. Sadie Wark) Sutton, 24 1/2 years, Sutton
Burnham, Madge (Mrs. D. E. Danforth) Sutton, 35 years, Glover
Chaffee, Grace (Mrs. Ralph Fairbanks) Troy, 89 Main St.
Corbett, Laura C. Cambridge, deceased
Farman, Winnifred (Mrs. Fred E. Taylor) Westfield, 3 years, Craftsbury
Gleason, Agnes Richmond, 36 years, Richmond
Guild, Lillian S. Ryegate, deceased
Hadley, Bertha (Mrs. Bertha Metcalf) Johnson, 5 years, 120 Colchester Ave., Burlington
Holmes, Glenna E. (Mrs. Glenna H. Brush) Cambridge, 17 years, Cambridge
Horner, Alton E. Hyde Park, deceased
Lewis, Emma J. Westminster, deceased
Marble, Mary (Mrs. Mary Martin) Fayston, Windsor
O'Brien, Nellie T. Waterbury, 40 years, 45 Liberty St., Montpelier
Powers, Clara Bakersfield, deceased
Sheehan, Anna (Mrs. James McCaffrey) Craftsbury Common, Hardwick
Sheehan, Katherine (Mrs. Martin B. Johnson) Craftsbury, 6 years, Craftsbury Common
Stebbins, Cornelia Lois (Mrs. M. H. Mann) Johnson, 9 years, Waterville
Terrill, Lillian (Mrs. Lewis H. Raymond) Underhill Ctr., 7 yrs, Principal of grammar school, 1 yr supervisor of rural schools, Cromwell, CT.
Wheeler, Hattie (Mrs. Hattie Somerville) Colchester, 1 year, Colchester
Williams, Nellie Cabot, teaching kindergarten, Middletown, CT
Class of 1900
Barnes, Lydia M. (Mrs. Lydia Gilbert) E. Fairfield, 15 years, 373 Angell St., Providence, RI
Barrows, Mary Morrisville, 53 Woodland Rd., Oak Island, Revere, MA
Claxton, Ethel Charlotte, 41 yrs as teacher or superintendent, Supt. of Harris School for Girls, Bellaire, TX
Cummings, Loretta E. Newport
Daniels, Carrie (Mrs. Carrie Bundy) Post Mills
Davis, Ona L. (Mrs. C. H. Swift) Hyde Park, 2414 Ross Ave., Fort Worth, TX
Dickinson, Elsie E. (Mrs. Wood) Jeffersonville, deceased
Dougherty, Rogene M. Alburg, deceased
Dow, Bertha A. Cady's Falls, deceased
Hill, M. Belle (Mrs. Ralph Church) Johnson, deceased
Hodgkins, Josie (Mrs. E. W. Griswold) Johnson, 5 years, Johnson
Johns, Rena J. (Mrs. Robert N. Homes) Charlotte, 10 years, 54 High St., Middlebury
Leland, Sara (Mrs. L. J. Smith) Johnson, 1 year, 355 Pearl St., Burlington
MacNeil, Grace A. Colchester, 37 years, Colchester
MacNeil, Mae Colchester, deceased
Maurice, Mary (Mrs. W. C. Marsh) Waterville, Sheldon
Maurice, Walter C. Waterville (UVM) 11 Overlake Park, Burlington
Morrow, Evelyn May Colchester, deceased
Parker, Minnie (Mrs. R. G. Currier) Johnson, 15 years, Johnson
Rowe, Fannie (Mrs. L. B. Morrison) Peacham, 4 years, 106 Summer Rd., Brookline, MA
Whitney, Gertrude M. Morrisville, deceased
Alger, John L. Principal 1900 to 1904
Ham, J. B., A.M. Faculty Member
Dickinson, Alice E. Faculty Member
Bagnall, Sarah G., A.M. Faculty Member
Darling, Evalyn Faculty Member
Allen, Eliza C. Faculty Member
Carnes, Carrie E. Faculty Member
Gee, Eliza E. Faculty Member
Fisher, Ruth B., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Palmer, Sarah T. Faculty Member
Tilden, Emelyn W. Faculty Member
Tracy, Mary L., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Pierce, A. May Faculty Member
Hibbard, Helen A. Faculty Member
Class of 1901
Bean, Katie Edith Coventry, deceased
Carpenter, Elsie Marie (Mrs. Walter S. Rogers) Cambridge, 17 years, Addison
Corbett, Celia M. (Mrs. William Clossey) Underhill, 12 years, 248 Elm St., Montpelier
Dustan, Ida G. (Mrs. A. M. Watts) Craftsbury, deceased
Ellsworth, Kirk L. Cambridge, 9 years, Dep. Com. of Motor Vehicle Dept., Montpelier
Farr, Harriet N. Westminster, 40 years, Westminster
Fitch, Ellen (Mrs. Lucius Noyes) Hyde Park, 19 years, Hyde Park
Fuller, Mary M. (Mrs. Fred Blodgett) Bloomfield, deceased
Gilbert, Alice Mary (Mrs. Alice Sheehan) Westfield, Postmaster, N. Troy
Gleason, Maude E. (Mrs. Matthew Leary) Richmond, 4 years, 34 S. Willard St., Burlington
Hope, Kate Blanche (Mrs. Herbert Tracy) Montgomery, Berkshire
Labaree, Mary E. Johnson
Leslie, Luella E. Johnson, 40 years, teaching, Oakville, CT
Meacham, Addie E. Brattleboro, deceased
Mott, Stella M. Alburg
Peel, Florence (Mrs. A. B. DeBrune) Greensboro, 8 years, deceased
Prior, Ada E. (Mrs. Joel Boyce) Underhill, 12 years, Underhill
Rooney, Ella Rose Fairfield, deceased
Smith, Rose B. (Mrs. Fred L. Kemp) Craftsbury, 33 years, Craftsbury
Stannard, Ida Belle Lowell, deceased
Thompson, Jennie M. (UVM 1909) deceased
Tracy, Mabel (Mrs. John Elder) Johnson, 9 years, 58 Rutland St., Boston, MA
Waite, Alice A. Johnson
Way, Louise J. (Mrs. Nelson Ranney) Peacham, deceased
Way, Meroe B. (Mrs. Mark Abbott) Peacham, Barnet
Winslow, Harry W. West Burke
Dwyer, Etta M. 1895
McNeil, Jennie 1896
Class of 1902
Ayer, Addie M. Richford, 30 years, (degrees from Columbia University) deceased
Burnham, Herbert A. Sutton, 8 years, (A.B. from Middlebury College), instructor at this school, deceased
Cady, Olive M. (Mrs. M. E. Brewster) Jericho, 5 years, deceased
Church, Lucy A. (Mrs. A. P. Byington) Jericho, 2 years, Jericho
Clark, Gertrude M. (Mrs. A. E. Waldron) Stowe, Northridge, CA
Crowley, Anastatia T. (Mrs. Dan Hurley) S. Burlington, 6 years, Essex Jct.
Eldridge, Luola M. (Mrs. Linton Cox) Hardwick, 2 years, deceased
Flynn, Helen G. M. Milton, 34 years, Essex Jct.
Hastings, Fannie D. (Mrs. C. A. Aldrich) Sutton, 32 years, deceased
Hendrix, Theo. B. Westfield, 27 years, 3 Cedar St., Montpelier
Hurlburt, Maude R. (Mrs. James Baird) Jericho, 35 years, teaching, Newport, Oregon
Jones, Theda M. Johnson, 30 years, deceased
Leary, Mary H. (Mrs. Walter C. Maurice) Jericho, 8 years, 11 Overlake Pk, Burlington
McGowan, Anna E. Fairfield, 10 years, deceased
Martin, Leila E. (Mrs. Ray E. Tenney) Richford, 8 years, 168 Court St., Keene, NH
Martin, Lucy M. (Mrs. Levi A. Lothrop) Albany, 13 years, Orleans
Mitchell, Florence W. (Mrs. E. H. Bashaw) Richford, 2 years, 65 Bradley St., Burlington
Ormsbee, A. May Cabot, 16 years, inspector & embroidery machine opr., Whitefield, NH
Smith, Abner W. Concord, taught a short time, (Ann Arbor, Mich., law school)
Torrey, Marion L. (Mrs. W. E. Flynn) Georgia, 5 years, 136 Main St., Alburg
Tracy, Ellen N. (Mrs. Clarence Bailey) Cornish, NH, 3 years, Charlestown, NH
Graduates of the Higher Course
Bradley, N. Myrtie 1895
Maurice, Walter C. 1900
Page, Orpha Ella 1898
Prior, Ada E. 1901
Tracy, Mabel O. 1901
Barnard, Lulu P. 1897
Ewins, Blanche M. 1888
Farmer, Orpha A. 1897
Lang, Martha E. 1897
McDonald, Nellie M. 1897
Marsh, Susan M. 1897
Ovitt, Amanda B. 1897
Rogers, Mabel E. 1897
Ruiter, Margaret M. 1897
Wakefield, Helen B. 1897
Wakefield, Leonora E. 1897
Class of 1903
Blodgett, Alice C. Cabot, 37 years, teaching, 6 Adams St., Somerville, MA
Blood, Lillian G. (Mrs. H. A. James) Lunenburg, 2 years, 22 Lockwood St., Bellows Falls
Centebar, Martha (Mrs. William Monteith) Montgomery, 3 years, deceased
Chamberlain, Edith R. N. Troy, 15 years, deceased
DeMerritt, Flossie Johnson, 35 years, teaching, Johnson
Douglass, Ruth Winooski, 30 years, Winooski, R.F.D. No. 3
Enright, Mary (Mrs. Vern Powell) Berkshire, deceased
Esdon, Mabel H. Greensboro Bend, 15 years, Greensboro Bend
Gilmour, Lina (Mrs. Clyde Eldridge) Glover, 7 years, Wolcott
Goss, Clara Inez (Mrs. Inez Blodgett) Lyndonville
Hale, Jessie L. (Mrs. Horace Wood) Georgia, 8 years, deceased
Hastings, Althea L. (Mrs. Leon I. Hyde) St. Johnsbury, 9 years, deceased
Hayden, Edith A. (Mrs. George Ballard) St. Albans, 9 years, Milton
Hoyt, Ruth A. (Mrs. F. E. Strobridge) Barnet, 1 1/2 years, Barnet
Kennedy, May R. Fairfax, 20 years, teaching, Milton
Parkhurst, Clara (Mrs. Carroll B. Slayton) N. Troy, 20 years, Home Baking Business, Charlestown, NH
Parris, Maude A. (Mrs. Arthur Skelly) Fairfax, 7 years, Burlington, RFD, No. 2
Pease, Myrtie (Mrs. Guy Murdock) West Bolton, 4 1/2 years, 17 Hamilton St., Saxonville, MA
Reed, Julia (Mrs. Ernest L. Dill) N. Craftsbury, 3 years, Craftsbury
Rogers, Jessie (Mrs. Charles Riddle) Eden, deceased
Smith, Lily A. (Mrs. E. H. Gregg) Morrisville, 14 years (Greely Normal College, Wyoming), Strathmore, CA, R 12, Box 519
Sweet, Eleanor (Mrs. Frederick Blodgett) Huntington, 26 years, Jay, NY
Sweet, Laura (Mrs. Charles Cushman) Huntington, 8 years, 21 Allen St., Barre
Willard, Mary J. (Mrs. S. H. Stevens) Sutton, 3 years, 30 Shaw St., Lebanon, NH
Wilmarth, Roswell Lyndon, 3 1/2 years, deceased
Chadwick, Lucie L. 1898
Trumpass, Elizabeth 1897
Class of 1904
Adams, Mary E. (Mrs. Neil Robinson) Stowe, 2 years, Stowe
Allen, Anna E. Bolton, 38 years, teaching, 491 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA
Atherton, Clara Bell Essex Jct., 35 years, teaching, (B.S. from Columbia University), St. John Place, Westport, CT
Brown, Helen Madge (Mrs. B. G. Sinclair) Belvidere, 5 years, 176 Evergreen St., Providence, RI
Dunton, Eda Mae E. Highgate, 3 years, South Newfane
Dodge, Agnes E. (Mrs. Carl Chickering) Montgomery, deceased
Erwin, Gertrude P. (Mrs. Fay Russell) Fairfield, deceased
Fair, Myrta A. (Mrs. Ed. Withames) Woodbury, deceased
Gates, Celestia E. (Mrs. Fred Greenhagen) E. Berkshire, 6 years, Hat Designer, 127 West 288th ST., NY, NY
Goodale, Mabel H. (Mrs. B. W. Barrett) Cabot, 4 years, E. Montpelier, RFD
Holbrook, Lucia A. (Mrs. Lucia Carson) Newport, 10 years, 3636 S. E. Woodward St., Portland, Ore.
Hovey, Josephine E. (Mrs. Dean H. Perry) Canaan, 30 years, lecturer and composer of music, 43 Nelson St., Barre
Hovey, Ruth V. (Mrs. L. Lynn Cutler) Canaan, 8 years, Certified Culbertson contract teacher, 149 Hillside Ave., Berlin, NH
Jenkins, Alice N. (Mrs. Harry A. Burt) E. Haven, 20 years, Albany
Kenyon, Daisie M. (Mrs. Howard Alger) Huntington, 17 years, Huntington
Lawton, Vesta H. (Mrs. Avery G. Smith) Fairfax, 2 years, 83 Messenger St., St. Albans
Mack, Kate M. (Mrs. R. H. Ferguson) Hardwick, 11 years (Certified from Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, NY), 138 Albama St., Spartanburg, S. C.
McBride, Harriet E. (Mrs. Berlin F. Roberts) Milton, 6 years, Yoncolla, Oregon
McNaney, Elizabeth M. Bakersfield, teaching, 157 North St., Stamford, CT
McNaney, Margaret Grace Bakersfield, 37 years, Bakersfield
Ricard, Pearl A. (Mrs. J. M. Irving) St. Albans, 15 years, 127 So. El Molino Ave., Pasadena, CA
Rogers, Gladys E. (Mrs. P. C. Sinclair) Johnson, 2 years, 86 Hopkins Pl., Longmeadow, MA
Scott, Julia A. (Mrs. Theo. Chase) Riverside, 6 years, 3215 Netherland Ave., Riverdale, NYC
Smith, Sadie R. St. Johnsbury
McCue, Emma J. 1898
Rockwell, Ethelyn M. 1897
Collins, Edward D. Principal 1904 to 1909
Fuller, John Harold, A.B. Faculty Member
Dickinson, Alice Faculty Member
Fisher, Ruth B., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Tracy, Mary L., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Morgan, Bertha A., A.B. Faculty Member
Sawyer, Olive M. Faculty Member
Herrick, Ella K. Faculty Member
Gifford, Alice C., A.B. Faculty Member
Aldrich, Edith V., A.B. Faculty Member
Arey, Bertha M. Faculty Member
Lord, Lena Faculty Member
Briggs, Beatrice Faculty Member
Palmer, Sarah T. Faculty Member
Berry, Alice H. Faculty Member
Class of 1905
Arthur, Ethel F. (Mrs. Francis Tuxbury) Hanover Ctr., NH
Bolger, Helen R. Jericho, teaching, 89 Valley Rd., Montclair, NJ
Brydia, Cora Ferrisburg, deceased
Brydia, Mattie C. (Mrs. Mattie Brydia) Ferrisburg, 200 Broadway, Dover, NH
Corbett, Willard J. Cambridge, auto salesman, 1050 W. Galena St., Butte, Mont.
Fisher, Grace P. Vergennes, 15 years, (Crane Normal Inst. of Music, Potsdam, NY), florist-gardener, Vergennes
Flanagan, Mary L. (Mrs. H. A. Dowling) Richford, 5 years, 57 Bishop St., St. Albans
Harding, Maude E. (Mrs. Leon W. Schultz) Lowell, 13 years, Gilmanton, NH
Harrison, Anne E. Brandon
Hastings, Cora M. (Mrs. Max Goodrich) Essex, deceased
Jaques, Alma L. (Mrs. A. J. Clark) Westfield, deceased
Judd, Louise A. (Mrs. George W. Carr) Canaan
Keyes, Agnes E. (Mrs. Martin Carlton) Barton Landing, deceased
Kimball, Alice M. (Mrs. Harry S. Godfrey) Hardwick, newspaper work, Greenwich Village, NY
Meigs, Mary L. (Mrs. Harry D. Newton) St. Albans, 8 years, Johnson
Nevins, Mary F. (Mrs. William D. Clark) E. Fairfield, 9 years, Registered nurse, 28 High St., St. Albans
Payne, Carrie B. (Mrs. Thomas N. Crowley) Cabot, 4 1/2 years, 222 Lincoln Ave., Rutland
Pringle, Bessie G. E. Fairfield, 32 years, E. Fairfield
Rickard, Nettie Montpelier
Root, Bessie M. (Mrs. Hiram Wheelock) Westfield, teaching, 144 Crescent Ave., Beachmont, MA
Ryan, Katherine M. Fairfield, 20 years, Fairfield
Shields, Mabel A. St. Johnsbury, 3 years, Curator at St. Johnsbury Museum, 57 Summer St., St. Johnsbury
Slapp, Clara A. (Mrs. Fred D. Eldridge) Hardwick, 15 years, E. Hardwick
Taylor, Ada (Mrs. Erwin W. Terrill) Calais, 6 years, Morrisville
Warren, Sybil (Mrs. F. G. Kinsley) Lowell, 2 2/3 years, 15 Liberty St., Montpelier
Dougherty, Rogene M. 1900
Terrill, Lillian R. 1899
Class of 1906
Brady, Gertrude A. Bakersfield, 35 years, teaching, 15 Josephine St., Crafton, PA
Cady, Eva (Mrs. Eugene Metcalf) Johnson, 15 years, Underhill
Daniels, Bertha M. (Mrs. Harrison Wright) Waterford, deceased
Davis, Grace (Mrs. Howard Perry) Westford Ctr., deceased
Drew, Mildred V. (Mrs. F. G. Schwartz) Danville, 13 years, 3478 Eastern Pl., Detroit, Mich.
Farr, Mary V. Westminster, deceased
Gibson, Nettie L. Barnet Center
Gleason, Louise M. (Mrs. Louise G. Humphrey) Lyndonville, 2242 Lewis Ave., Altadena, CA
Greenwood, Maybelle (Mrs. Foster Harvey) St. Johnsbury Ctr., 6 years, Greybull, WY
Hinman, Rosabel (Mrs. James A. Neil) Newport, 2 years, Randolph
Hoskins, Susan E. Jericho Center
Howard, Edith (Mrs. Ernest Lee) St. Johnsbury, 17 years, teaching, Concord
Lawton, Georgiana H. Fairfax, 5 years, cashier in insurance office, 11 Hungerford St., Burlington
Leslie, Caroline Johnson, 7 months, deceased
Levanway, Releaf D. (Mrs. Duncan MacDonald) Milton, 1376 11th St., Hollyburn, British Columbia
Lovie, Christina Clark (Mrs. Charles Leith) Barre, 1 year, 55 Merchant St., Barre
MacKenzie, Mamie (Mrs. Willis Hosmer) Barre, 100 Tremont St., Barre
McCosco, Maude (Mrs. Sidney C. Harding) St. Johnsbury, 11 years, Rochester
Mead, Emma L. (Mrs. F. Freytag) Cambridge, 31 years, teaching, Dansville, NY
Newell, Marguerite E. Lyndon Center
Porter, Anna M. South Walden
Porter, Bertha M. (Mrs. Harry Heath) Johnson, 10 years, 61 Stevens Rd., Needham, MA
Slayton, Lillian (Mrs. Chester A. Clark) Calais, 26 years, 829 Oregon Ave., Palo Alto, CA
Smith, Gladys L. Danville
Smith, Iva (Mrs. McHatton) Johnson, 3829 Burke Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Stanhope, Adeline Berkshire, 9 years, Montgomery
Wellman, Theda (Mrs. E. M. Twombly) Lowell, 5 years, Waterbury
Wilson, Mabel Elizabeth Ryegate, deceased
Wilson, Grace A. (Mrs. Theodore C. Hart) Colchester, 9 years, 95 Maple Ave., Windsor, CT
Wright, Mabelle E. (Mrs. Lyman H. Leach) Stowe, 4 years, Essex Jct.
Class of 1907
Alexander, Dorothy Morrisville
Baker, Sarah (Mrs. Sarah Carll) Morrisville, several years, Concord, NH
Barney, Grace (Mrs. Harry Witters) S. Barre, 10 years, 24 Church St., St. Johnsbury
Carroll, Mary E. Jericho, 25 years, Essex Jct.
Cleland, Bertha (Mrs. E. V. Young) Alburg, 8 years, River St., St. Johnsbury
Doane, Cynthia A. Bakersfield, 28 years, 105 Gregory Ave., Passaic, NJ
Douglass, Muriel Winooski, deceased
Esty, Pearl (Mrs. Fred M. Schontag) Richford, 15 years, Shelburne Falls, MA
Gibson, Florence E. E. Burke, 17 years, postmaster, E. Burke
Hall, May C. (Mrs. Sheldon Crowell) Montgomery, 4 years, Highwater, Quebec
Hastings, Edith (Mrs. Frank W. Weeden) St. Johnsbury, Bellows Falls
MacNeil, Myrtle L. (Mrs. Myrtle Hunt) Colchester, 5 years, 37 Cliff St., Burlington
Manchester, Anna A. (Mrs. Harley Haire) Waterville, 5 years, Johnson
Mansfield, Hilda E. (Mrs. E. F. Humphrey) Johnson, deceased
Marvin, Hortense F. (Mrs. R. E. Palmer) Fairfield, 4 years, 33 High St., St. Albans
Moore, Melissa Charleston
Morrill, Alice M. N. Troy, (B.S. & M.A. from Teachers College, Columbia, Univ.), teaching, Dean, Head of Dept of Education, Castleton State Normal
Nelson, Jessie  
Parks, Florence B. (Mrs. Florence Esdon) Hardwick, teaching, Greensboro
Rexford, Blanche M. (Mrs. Parker) Island Pond, 1017 Hazel St., Fremont, OH
Rooney, Florence S. (Mrs. James A. Hale) E. Fairfield, 11 years, 103 N. Union St., Burlington
Scott, Ella Barre, deceased
Sheldon, Sadie L. (Mrs. Sarah S. Manlove) Lyndonville, 905 8th Ave., E. Duluth, Minn.
Taylor, Lydia M. (Mrs. Harry Wood) Barnet, 7 years, 435 Park St., Jacksonville, FL
Webb, Berenice O. Newport
Wilcox, Myra C. Pownel, 32 years, (Randolph State Normal), teaching, Bristol
Wilson, Hazel (Mrs. Chester Drake) Colchester, 3 years, Lincoln Highway, Irwin, PA
Class of 1908
Alger, Mary E. (Mrs. C. C. Moody) Stowe, 4 years, 45 Cliff St., Burlington
Barnard, Ethalene (Mrs. Clarence Nickerson) Belvidere, 32 years, teaching, S. Dennis, MA
Billings, Lola (Mrs. George A. Douglas) Stowe, 31 years, teaching, Stowe
Bragg, Grace I. Georgia, 32 years, teaching (BS from NY University), 19 William St., Mt. Vernon, NY
Bragg, Hattie S. (Mrs. Harvey S. Chase) Waterville, 5 years, Windsor
Bragg, Lula M. (Mrs. N. Judson Cross) Waterville, 5 years, Highgate
Brown, Eleanor R. (Mrs. Frank Ellis) Westfield, deceased
Bullard, Ruth A. (Mrs. Earl Benjamin) Burlington, 6 years, Plymouth, NH
Cleveland, Edith (Mrs. Harry D. Bascomb) Georgia, 14 years, St. Albans Bay
Clossey, William H. Waterbury, 31 years, teaching, Principal of elementary schools, 248 Elm St., Montpelier
Crocker, Helen (Mrs. L. P. Holcomb) N. Hyde Park, 10 years, deceased
Doner, Mary R. (Mrs. Mary Whiting) Sheldon, 17 years, teaching, Franklin
Fletcher, Laura (Mrs. Harold Sweet) Johnson, Johnson
Hurlbutt, Vinnie R. (Mrs. F. E. Libbey) Guildhall, 6 years, Huntingville, Quebec
Hutchins, Cora B. North Hero, deceased
Jacques, Lynda (Mrs. Charles Miner) Jeffersonville, 5 years, 445 N. Main St., Barre
Jameison, Louise (Mrs. Natt Divoll) Cabot, 3 years, Bellows Falls
Lamell, Mary (Mrs. Mary Gover) Jeffersonville, 29 years, teaching, Sheldon Springs
Leslie, Edith E. Johnson, 33 years, teaching, (BS from NY University), Director of Training at Johnson Normal School for 12 years, now Director of Training at Eastern State Normal School, Castine, ME
Mack, Abby C. Hardwick, 9 years, assistant librarian at Wilmington Institute Free Library, 907 West St., Wilmington, DE
Meade, Jessie Gladys Cambridge, deceased
Moore, Bessie (Mrs. Bessie Reynolds) Alburg
Newton, Ethel W. Lowell, 33 years, teaching, 35 York Rd., N. Arlington, NJ
Newton, Linnie (Mrs. Linnie Ross) Lowell, 5 years, R.N., 16 W. 34th St., Bayonne, NJ
Niles, Vesta M. (Mrs. John Ridlon) Newport Ctr., 3 years, 47 Bellview Ave., Rutland
Pease, Katherine S. (Mrs. Elliot Orcutt) Wolcott
Peck, Edith (Mrs. Roland Stafford) Johnson, 6 years, Waitsfield
Raymore, Sybil (Mrs. Max Wilson) Jeffersonville, 8 years, Jeffersonville
Reynolds, Geneva H. (Mrs. Geneva Piper) Fairfield, 23 Westminster Terrace, Bellows Falls
Soule, Gladys (Mrs. Harold Fairchild) Fairfield, Fairfield
Thorpe, Iva M. Underhill, deceased
Tomlinson, Edith (Mrs. A. N. Hall) W. Bolton, 27 years, teaching, Morrisville
Whitcomb, Mary (Mrs. Dan Smith) Hyde Park, 16 years, Eden Mills
Higher Course
Morrill, Alice 1907
Chamberlain, Edith 1903
Demeritt, Flossie 1903
Douglass, Ruth 1903
Gilmour, Lina 1903
Sweet, Eleanor 1903
Sweet, Laura M. 1903
Class of 1909
Allen, Mary (Mrs. J. W. Irving) Milton, 3 years, deceased
Blakeley, Grace E. (Mrs. Albert W. Warner) Winooski, 12 years, 101 E. State St., Montpelier
Bolger, Dessa C. (Mrs. E. Wright Fay) Jericho Center, 8 years, Essex Jct.
Cleveland, Ella M. (Mrs. Fred Pattee) Georgia, 6 years, St. Albans, RFD
Colby, Helen (Mrs. Benjamin Ward) Danville, 6 years, Librarian, St. Johnsbury, RFD
Collins, Susan M. (Mrs. S. M. Bathgate) Johnson, 13 years, San Juan, Capistrano, CA
Durkee, Margaret S. (Mrs. John Edwin Best) Sheldon, 28 years, St. Albans, Warner Home for Children
Ellsworth, Ruby (Mrs. Charles B. Stevens) Eden, 7 years, 1 Clapp Rd., Northfield, MA
Fisk, Mabel G. Worcester, 9 years, Sec. & Ass't Trust Officer, First Nat'l Bank, No. 28 Colonial Apts., St. Johnsbury
Fitzsimmons, Sadie E. (Mrs. John G. Splain) Underhill, 16 years, 133 N. Champlain St., Burlington
Howrigan, Mary H. (Mrs. Don C. Marshia) Fairfield, 11 years, deceased
Hunt, Eunice L. (Mrs. Ethan Aseltine) Fairfax, 7 years, 61 Diamond St., St. Albans
Kenney, Alice M. Winooski, 32 years, teaching (BA from Univ of Washington) Hotel Assembly, Seattle, Washington
Ladd, Wilbur H. Ladd's Mill, Que., 6 years, died in military hospital in England July 5, 1917
McCarroll, Marion (Mrs. John LaBombard) St. Albans, 3 years, Enosburg Falls
Parker, Ruby (Mrs. George Young) Johnson, 6 years, Johnson
Patch, Alice (Mrs. John G. Robinson) Johnson, 6 years, Bloomingdale, NY
Peck, Ada (Mrs. John A. Dodds) Johnson, 3 years, Waitsfield
Sanborn, Jennie (Mrs. E. B Gale) Stowe, 4 years, Stowe
Stone, Myrtle G. (Mrs. Myrtie Varnum) Fairfield, 16 years, Barnet
Story, Eunice (Mrs. Hervey D. Nichols) Bakersfield, 8 years, Orange, CA
Tillotson, Gladys (Mrs. Benjamin Sylvester) Lowell, 15 years, Barton
Winchester, Minnie (Mrs. Joseph Lambert) Stannard, 2 years, Johnson
Woodman, Julia (Mrs. Kenneth Hughs) Vergennes, 9 years, Mannsville, NY
Allen, Lyman R. Principal 1909 to 1913
Burnham, Herbert A., A.B. Faculty Member
Bevan, Constance M. Faculty Member
Abbott, Thomas J., B.S. Faculty Member
Broughton, Leila E. Faculty Member
Burnham, Madge E. Faculty Member
Tracy, Mary, Ph. B. Faculty Member
Elliott, Emma G. Faculty Member
Arey, Bertha M. Faculty Member
Newhall, Nina J. Faculty Member
Lord, Lena Faculty Member
Aldrich, Edith V., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Class of 1910
Bell, Mary Pearl (Mrs. Homer P. Stanton) Lunenburg, 2 years, St. Johnsbury
Berry, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary B. Thompson) Richford, 8 years, Richford
Chaffee, Florence S. (Mrs. Carl G. Mudgett) Morrisville, 15 years, Morrisville
Collins, Mary A. (Mrs. Norman J. Donlon) W. Berkshire, 9 years, Farmington, CT
Coveny, Margaret Danville, 30 years, teaching, 87 Hamilton St., Dorchester, MA
Farrow, Ethel (Mrs. Harold Burr) Walden, 2 years, 143 Union St., Springfield, MA
Fisk, Josephine Worcester, 28 years, teaching, 53 Elliot St., Brattleboro
Hayes, Anna M. (Mrs. G. N. Crowley) Charlotte, 10 years, Shelburne
Kent, Mary Beatrice (Mrs. Porter Averill) Barre, 1 year, 232 Parmalee Place, Elizabeth, NJ
Ladd, Flora (Mrs. George Hoyt) Lyndon, 2 years, Lyndonville
Leighton, Mary (Mrs. Homer Kennedy) Wells River, 3 years, Waterbury
Lumbra, Mildred (Mrs. T. J. Abbott) Waterville, teaching, St. Johnsbury
Maurice, Florence A. (Mrs. A. E. Gray) Cambridge, 19 years, teaching, Sheldon
Otis, Sadie H. (Mrs. Roy Colby) Franklin, 17 years, Berlin
Parker, Alice Pearl (Mrs. V. M. Sunbury) 7 years, Lancaster, NH
Patterson, L. Bernice (Mrs. Howard England) Westfield, 6 years, 8 years, Lowell
Ransom, Lorraine (Mrs. Lee McClellan) Jericho, 7 years, deceased
Tillotson, Bessie (Mrs. Bessie Gorman) Waterville, 18 years, 104 Douglas Rd., Belmont, MA
Tyrrell, Leila M. (Mrs. George Birchard) Ferrisburg, 6 years, Shoreham
Wilcox, Corror A. (Mrs. Warren Searles) Newport Center, 7 years, Newport Center
Willard, Ada (Mrs. Fred Keir) Berkshire, 9 years, Craftsbury Common
Class of 1911
Bailey, Agnes E. Montpelier, 30 years, teaching, 115 Orange St., Barre
Blair, Bertha Barnet, 6 years, 18 School St., Randolph
Douglass, Alice R. (Mrs. Howard Mandigo) Richford, 4 years, Boy's Industrial School, E. St. John, N. B.
Drew, Florence E. St. Johnsbury, 37 years, teaching, (B.S. from Boston Univ.) Asst. Prin. State Norman School, Lyndon Ctr.
Fitzgerald, Ellen L. Winooski, 21 years, Winooski
Fitzgerald, Katherine Mary Winooski, teaching, 30 1/2 W. Spring St., Winooski
Foster, Lettie L. Newport, 5 years, 26 3rd St., Newport
Goodell, Zelma (Mrs. Clifton Spaulding) S. Woodbury, 12 years, 2102 25th St., Nashville, Tenn
Griffin, Lelia (Mrs. Wesley Brush) Newport, 8 years, Hillsboro, NH
Lee, Amelia D. Lyndon, 33 years, teaching, 3107 12th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn
Wheeler, Marion (Mrs. Leon Taylor) S. Woodbury, 13 years, 85 Marlboro St., Keene, NH
Willey, May E. St. Johnsbury, deceased
Class of 1912
Ball, Ruth (Mrs. Walter T. Bigger) Randolph, 10 years, (B. S. & M. S. from UVM) 152 Dwight Rd., Springfield, MA
Bundy, Ada C. (Mrs. Ada B. Fredette) Montgomery, 6 years, 8 Stebbins St., St. Albans
Chamberlain, Matie (Mrs. F. Elwin Churchill) Canaan, 3 years, deceased
Clapp, Ruth M. (Mrs. Francis G. Purrington) Montgomery Ctr., 18 years (Courses in Art at Pratt Inst., NY) deceased
Cooper, Ethel S. (Mrs. Harris W. Blackmar) Lincoln, NH, 3 years, 109 Franklin St., Lakeport, NH
Coucher, Katherine M. (Mrs. Leslie R. Barlow) Lyndon, 6 years, 56 Bridge St., Springfield
Derby, Flora (Mrs. Arthur Smalley) Hinesburg, 17 years, Bristol
Dewing, Mabel (Mrs. James Lincoln) Glover, Barre, MA, RFD No 1
Emery, Cleo (Mrs. Edward Derby) Johnson, 7 years, N. Ferrisburg
Forbes, Maybelle A. (Mrs. George Thayer) Sutton, 5 years, Sakonnet Pt., Little Compton, RI
Fuller, Grace (Mrs. E. E. Whitman) Newbury Ctr., teaching, Wells River
Goodspeed, Madge L. Montgomery, teaching (courses at Clark Univ., Worcester, MA) 805 Grove St., Worcester, MA
Goss, Ena M. (Mrs. John H. LaRoche) Irasburg, 2 years, deceased
Grady, Nora Martha (Mrs. Nora Cook) Middlebury, 1 year, Rutland
Guest, Dorothy H. Island Pond, teaching (A.B. from Univ. of Chattanooga), 303 Robinson Apts., Chattanooga, Tenn
Hallock, Helen (Mrs. Maurice P. Casey) Starksboro, 13 years, Huntington Center
LaPlant, Vila M. (Mrs. P. O. Lakken) Montgomery Ctr., 1808 Meridian Ave., Alhambra, CA
Peabody, Sarah J. (Mrs. Ray E. Pratt) Morrisville, 8 years, Swanton
Perry, Lila J. (Mrs. Charles Powers) Cabot, 7 years, Escalon, CA
Pratt, Jessie (Mrs. Anton Benesh) Websterville, 13 years, 2005 Key Blvd, Arlington, VA
Wark, Mildred E. (Mrs. C. H. Goyette) Hardwick, 13 years, Academy St., Barre
Class of 1913
Balentine, Kate Gladys (Mrs. Leon Hopkins) E. Calais, deceased
Bolton, Carrie E. (Mrs. William Buffum) Cabot, 5 years, deceased
Buck, Ethel M. (Mrs. Howard B. Hanks) Bethel, 8 years, Mapleton, Minn.
Currier, Annie I. (Mrs. Berne B. Titus) Topsham, 3 years, proprietor of tourist home, Fairlee
Dickerman, Fannie D. (Mrs. Warren Martin) Topsham, 10 years, asst librarian, Bradford
Edwards, Mabel M. (Mrs. Frank Dunham) Barre, 6 years, 3020 Porter St., NW, Washington, DC, Apt 302
Farnsworth, Helen M. Randolph Center, 1 year, deceased
Flint, Bessie E. (Mrs. Harry Stender) Tunbridge, 4 years, 27 Plum St., Fairfield, CT
Hood, Ola M. (Mrs. Harold Sloan) Chelsea, 6 years, Tewksbury, MA
Kimball, Emma A. Sharon
Lawrence, Doral (Mrs. W. J. Marcette) Waterville, 3 years, Belvidere Ctr.
Ryan, Pearl M. (Mrs. Pearl R. Branon) E. Fairfield, 6 years, Enosburg Falls
Sawyer, Ruth A. (Mrs. Richard Lapoint) Groton, 8 years, Berlin, NH
Shields, Olive E. S. Peacham
Simons, Dorothy S. (Mrs. John H. Quimby) Northfield, 28 years, teaching, 34 Myrtle St., Springfield, MA
Sinon, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret McDermott) Albany, 10 years, 403 W. 42nd St., New York City
Stevens, Mabel I. Northfield, 5 years, credit mgr & asst treas. of electrical co., 36 Lancaster St., Albany, NY
Higher Course 1913
Bartlett, Amy J. Jay, 23 years, teaching, 16 Monmouth St., Springfield, MA
Bates, Beulah C. (Mrs. Arthur Farrar) E. Barre, 14 years, 18 Sheridan St., Barre
Braley, Helen G. (Mrs. Prescott Stearns) Hartford, St. Johnsbury
Cross, Mildred R. (Mrs. Frank Pierce) Swanton, 5 years, 76 East State St., Montpelier
Dutton, Alice M. Hardwick, 90 Shore Drive, Winthrop, MA
Smith, Gladys E. (Mrs. Harry Bingham) S. Royalton, 2 years, Hardwick, MA
Steele, Wilma (Mrs. Bennett Williams) Highgate Ctr., 1 year, Probate Judge, St. Albans
Peaks, Archibald G. Principal 1913 to 1916
Woodward, Harriet B. Faculty Member
Burnham, Herbert A., A.B. Faculty Member
Fay, Alice Prescott Faculty Member
Wakefield, Helen Faculty Member
Elliott, Emma G. Faculty Member
Houghton, Rosalind L. Faculty Member
Siple, Walter H., A. B. Faculty Member
Thayer, Bessie M., B. S. Faculty Member
Hanks, Ruth N. Faculty Member
Jordan, Emma A. Faculty Member
Greene, Ruth F. Faculty Member
Holley, Anna A. Faculty Member
Eastman, Fannie, A. B. Faculty Member
Campbell, Beulah Faculty Member
Leslie, Edith Faculty Member
Class of 1914
Higher Course
Chamberlain, Clementine G. N. Hartland, 4 years, North Hartland
Corliss, Amy L. Swanton, 25 years, 19 Ingraham Lane, New Hyde Park, L.I.
Day, Alberta S. (Mrs. Max Newton) Orleans, 17 Forest St., Arlington, NJ
Folsom, Etta M. Willoughby, 25 years, teaching, Wilmington
Hall, Shirley (Mrs. Gerald Buzzell) Holland, 3 years, 85 Holland Ave., Newport
Riley, Ruth R. (Mrs. H. J. Lantman) Highgate, 5 years, Hinesburg
Smalley, Saidee (Mrs. D. G. Page) Morrisville, 4950 Chestnut St., Boyertown, PA
Lower Course
Barnard, Lucy R. (Mrs. Lucy Bird) Wells River, 8 years, 1928 E. River Ter., Minneapolis, Minn
Bullis, Ola H. 1938
Campbell, Jennie E. Charleston, teaching, 38 Crescent Rd., Longmeadow, MA
Cook, Hazel S. (Mrs. Hazel Davis) Glover, nurse, lying in hospital, Providence, RI
Davis, Rose E. S. Londonderry, Londonderry
Deal, Gladys Highgate Center, deceased
Deal, Gratia Highgate Center, Shelburne Rd., Burlington
Dexter, Alice L. (Mrs. R. A. Miles) Glover, 6 years, Lyme, NH
Dutton, Ruby E. (Mrs. W. S. Joslyn) Hardwick, 7 years, Orleans
Foss, Addie L. (Mrs. George Blake) Hyde Park, Tulsa, Okla.
Hopkins, Mabel Hinesburg, 26 years, teaching, Hinesburg
Hopkins, Maude (Mrs. William Beauregard) Hinesburg, 5 years, Danby
Hubbard, Carrie G. (Mrs. George Stewart) Waitsfield, 4 years, Jeffersonville
Kinsley, Clara (Mrs. Clara Kidder) Fletcher, 9 years, Swanton
Kinsley, Inez M. Fletcher, 17 years, poet, 278 Main St., Burlington, c/o Dr. Lyman Allen
Lance, Mrs. Harriet (Mrs. Lyman Brown) Johnson, 1 year, 314 Fairview Ave., Morristown, NJ
Lovejoy, Ruth (Mrs. Porter) Hardwick, deceased
McCuin, Helen Cambridge, 25 years, teaching, 45 Hollis St., Milton, MA
McDonald, Anna (Mrs. Robert Hall) Sharon, Randolph Ctr.
Noble, Elmira (Mrs. Carson Reynolds) Hardwick, 12 years, 16 Newfield Ave., Hartford, CT
Ober, Rhoda (Mrs. Plumley) N. Hyde Park, deceased
O'Dowd, Susan (Mrs. Clarence Morton) Brunswick, 6 years, 91 Wythburn Rd., S. Portland, ME
Peake, Lois (Mrs. E. D. Stanley) Hyde Park, 24 years, 2 High St., Woodsville, NH
Perkins, Amy E. (Mrs. John B. Dutton, Jr.) Hardwick, 100 Solon Rd., Chagrin Falls, OH
Perkins, Joyce Hardwick, deceased
Perry, Amy T. Johnson, deceased
Rand, Doris J. Johnson, teaching, 160 Marion St., Springfield, MA
Record, Ruth D. (Mrs. Roy Morse) Franklin, 5 year, Savage Hill Rd., Berlin, CT
Reynolds, Julia (Mrs. C. H. Kingsbury) Alburg, 101 Federal St., Springfield, MA
Rooney, Beulah E. Fairfield, E. Fairfield
Slapp, Jeanette Hardwick, deceased
Stearns, Elsie (Mrs. E. W. Dunsmore) 8 years, 18 Hartford Ter., New Hartford, NY
Sweet, Althea W. (Mrs. Leon Andrus) Johnson, 5 years, Johnson
Sykes, Edna L. (Mrs. Ryland Spaulding) Holland, 9 years, Holden Hill, Weston
Thomas, Irma (Mrs. Charles Adams) Hardwick, 13 years, Groveton, NH
Tyndall, Martha Hyde Park, 13 years, (M.D.) 510 E. Broadway, Westfield, NJ
Wakefield, Martha (Mrs. Martha Gray) Montpelier, Middleton Springs
Waldo, Hildreth (Mrs. Hildreth Dunn) Randolph Center, 6 years, Woodsville, NH
Watkins, Vera Hardwick
Whitman, Hester (Mrs. Hester Kittredge) Newbury, 6 years, Wells River
Wright, Laura A. (Mrs. Graton Hanley) Hyde Park, 15 years, Jericho
Class of 1915
Higher Course
Hubbell, Mary E. (Mrs. L. E. Lapalme) Wolcott, 5 years, Morrisville
Lincoln, Gladys (Mrs. Walter R. Buchanan) Canaan, 14 years, S. Ryegate
Lucas, Lila A. Canaan, 20 years, Canaan
Robinson, Catherine (Mrs. Ray R. Allen) S. Hero, 20 years, S. Hero
Stone, Archie W. Johnson, elementary & high schools, 15 years, Supt. School, 1924, Island Pond
Wood, Oscar B. Plainfield, deceased
Elementary Course
Allen, James I. Peacham, 15 years, Mgr of tourist business, 28 Main St., St. J.
Angell, Bernice (Mrs. Roy Wheeler) Woodbury
Barnum, Katherine (Mrs. E. Henry Powell) Richford, 10 years, 835 Belmont St., Belmont, MA
Blake, Hannah Beryl St. Albans
Bohonon, Ethel E. (Mrs. E. B. Wilkins) Marshfield, 18 years, Reading
Bover, Carolyn (Mrs. W. J. Graves) Waitsfield, deceased
Collins, Helen J. Johnson, deceased
Cooper, Clyde P. Barton, 22 years, VT State Prison Officer, 157 State St., Windsor
Davis, Lois A. (Mrs. Ashley J. Griffin) Hyde Park, 8 years, 24 Del Terrace, Meridan, CT
Draper, Adella (Mrs. Adella Fischer) Richford, 13 years, 49 Davis St., Locust Valley, NY
Gallagher, Margaret Hardwick, 9 years, Asst. P.O. Clerk, Hardwick
Griswold, Harrie S. 1916
Hitchcock, Beth Johnson, 42 Quinton St., Whitneyville, CT
Johnson, Harriet Bakersfield, Plainfield
Judd, Carrie (Mrs. Carl E. Gray) Derby, Island Pond
Lucier, Gladys (Mrs. Fred McGinnis) N. Troy, Waterbury
McFarland, Marion Johnson, 250 S. Union St., Burlington
McKinstry, Grace (Mrs. Winfred C. Hendrix) Woodbury, 21 1/2 years, 208 Elm St., Barre
McLam, Alice A. (Mrs. Harlan Aldrich) Topsham, 20 years, teaching, Wilder
Miller, James B. Johnson, deceased
Murray, Mary Eletha (Mrs. G. F. Denton) Johnson, 10 years, Windsor
Peck, Muriel (Mrs. Earl Joslyn) Johnson, 1 1/2 years, Waitsfield
Perry, Inez (Mrs. Leman Whalen) Johnson, 3 years, 473 N. Warren Ave., Brockton, MA
Richardson, Coral (Mrs. Almaron Brown) Wolcott, 9 years, Waterville
Rouhan, Mamie E. (Mrs. Robert McKenzie) Topsham, 10 years, S. Ryegate
Sargent, Lillian Johnson, 24 years, teaching, Johnson
Streeter, Merle (Mrs. B. W. Blair) Glover, 3 years, Glover
Streeter, Vera E. (Mrs. W. Saltmarsh) Glover, 3 years, Concord, NH, R. D. No. 3
Tebbetts, Ruby E. Marshfield, 10 years, Marshfield
Waters, Gladys Etta (Mrs. Edward Miller) Johnson, 3 years, Johnson
Webster, Jennie (Mrs. Roy Goodenough) Walden, teaching, Walden
Wilson, Grace L. (Mrs. Grace Gregory) Hardwick, 4 years, Springfield
Wood, Mrs. Bertha Isham Plainfield, deceased
Wood, Oscar B. Plainfield, deceased
Wright, Lois J. (Mrs. Lois Harris) Topsham, 5 years, 6 School St., Northfield
Class of 1916
Higher Course
Cartwright, Marion (Mrs. Leslie Dutton) Troy, 15 years, 30 Union St., Old Orchard, Maine
Chandler, M. Glenn (Mrs. Jerry Hutton) Peacham, Groton
Cofran, Elizabeth Derby, teaching, Derby
Currier, Elizabeth (Mrs. John Campbell) Montgomery, 4 years, 10 McKinley St., Montpelier
Edwards, Mabel M. (Mrs. F. C. Dunham) Northfield, 6 years, 3020 Porter St., NW, Apt 302, Washington, DC
Fuller, Elizabeth J. Stowe, 24 years, teaching, 166 Federal St., Greenfield, MA
Gifford, Myrtie Randolph, Northfield
Griswold, Harrie Johnson, 25 years, Johnson
Johnson, Lena M. (Mrs. Vern Howard) Canaan, Colebrook, NH
Otis, Sadie H. (Mrs. Roy Colby) Franklin, 17 years, Adult Ed. Director, 5 years, Montpelier, RFD
Swift, Helen F. (Mrs. Charles Connor) Middlesex, 5 years, Middlesex
Symes, Mrs. Hannah (Mrs. George Symes) Newbury, 1 year, Wells River
Tyndall, Alice E. Hyde Park, 17 years, (M.D.) 510 E. Broadway, Westfield, NJ
Wilder, Lena M. Morrisville, 7 years, Eden
Elementary Course
Armstrong, Wilbur Waterbury, Sharon
Baker, Zelda N. (Mrs. Chesley Deering) Eden, 2 years, Deerfoot Farms, Southboro, MA
Bigelow, Gladys (Mrs. Clyde Randall) Peacham, deceased
Bowen, Edna L. (Mrs. Ralph Paine) Newport Ctr., Crow Hill, St. Johnsbury
Bowles, Grace M. (Mrs. L. A. Broulette) Wilder, White River Junction
Boyden, Nellie A. Cambridge, 2 years, bookkeeper, Cambridge
Brennan, Sara (Mrs. Allan Rugg) Fairfield, Burlington
Bussemy, Violet (Mrs. Joseph Halahan) Connecticut, Oakville, CT
Butler, Loula Johnson, 9 years, Cambridge
Campbell, Beulah (Mrs. Philip Langley) Belvidere, 2 years, 3 Draper Ave., Plattsburg, NY
Capsey, Mabel I. (Mrs. Walter Westover) Canada, N. Montpelier
Carr, Freda (Mrs. Vernon Huntington) Newport, bookkeeper, 349 College St., Burlington
Connor, Edith (Mrs. Walter Shedd) Fairfax, Fairfax
Cowan, Maude E. South Hero, deceased
Davis, Hazel D. (Mrs. Ernest Monihan) Concord, 2 years, Lunenburg
Dimond, Winnefred (Mrs. Winnefred Gallup) Waterville, Wolcott
Doyle, Florence (Mrs. H. Dawson) Northfield, Northfield
Eastman, Bertha (Mrs. Chapin) White River Jct., deceased
Emery, Hattie M. (Mrs. Everett Sample) Johnson, Williamstown
English, Blanche (Mrs. Albert Orr) White River Jct, deceased
FitzSimmonds, Helena (Mrs. Harold Higgins) Underhill, Norfolk, CT
Foley, Mabel R. (Mrs. Arthur Houston) Montgomery, Keene, NH
Gardyne, Dorothy (Mrs. David Dimmock) Montgomery, Falmouth, MA
Gile, Lorey M. Bolton, Newport
Griswold, Inez N. Johnson, 24 years, teaching, 35 Dewey St., Springfield
Haines, Judith Cabot, Barre
Harvey, Alice L. Cabot, 19 Chiende Ave., Glenside, PA
Hatch, Osman P. St. Johnsbury, 20 years, (B.E.) Canaan
Hazen, Grace E. (Mrs. Cecil Stockwell) Hartford, Hartford
Hunt, Helen J. (Mrs. Howard Scott) Johnson, many years, Proctorsville
Hurley, Anna C. St. Albans, deceased
Jennison, Harriet Peacham, 27 years, teaching, North East School, Hartford, CT
Johnston, Marjorie (Mrs. Lewis Holloway) Essex Jct., 519 S. Main St., Wichita, Kan.
Joslin, Evelyn H. (Mrs. Harry Kendall) Waitsfield, 14 years, 73 Bridge St., Springfield
Joselyn, Mildred (Mrs. G. Edwards Wells) Newport, 12 Holland Ave., Westfield, MA
King, Lenna V. (Mrs. Karl Keneson) Concord, 16 years, teaching, E. Concord
Lanphear, Bernice (Mrs. Ernest Clark) Albany, Wolcott
Libby, Glenna (Mrs. Guy B. Welles) Montgomery, 28 Brooklyn Drive, W. Hartford, CT
McCarthy, Isabella (Mrs. Isabella Kent) Berlin, Rochester
McCuin, Madeline (Mrs. Morris Gray) Johnson, 3 years, Newport
Macdonald, Annabelle (Mrs. Francis Leary) Johnson, 22 Bauer St., Worcester, MA
McElroy, Gladys (Mrs. Philip Ryan) Montgomery, Fairfield
McElroy, Mary Montgomery, Montgomery Center
McFarland, Beulah Johnson, 22 years, teaching, 250 S. Union St., Burlington
Magoon, Bernice (Mrs. J. H. Bynes) Topsham, 19 years, 150 East Ave., Burlington
Mears, Dorothy A. (Mrs. Isaac Stanton) Johnson, 16 years, teaching, St. Johnsbury, RFD
Miles, Mary (Mrs. Mary Bronson) Albany, 45 Vernon St., Northampton, MA
Montgomery, Mildred St. Albans, St. Albans
Nye, Eunice (Mrs. Harry Chadwick) Highgate, 19 Lincoln Ave., St. Albans
Olcott, Nila E. (Mrs. Carl Hanson) St. Johnsbury, Box 385 Winsted Rd., Torrington, CT
Page, Alice N. (Mrs. Ben F. Tilton) Danville, 10 years, Morrisville
Perry, Nellie M. (Mrs. Arnold Duffy) Cambridge, Campton, NH
Porter, Reba (Mrs. James Harned) Johnson, Manchester Ctr.
Raycraft, Edith (Mrs. Norman McCleod) Websterville, 153 Carver St., Springfield, MA
Safford, Carrie Lund  
Sears, Doris M. (Mrs. Maynard Alexander) Irasburg, 4 years, Irasburg
Shorey, Mary (Mrs. Robert Harvey) Plainfield, Plainfield
Skinner, Esther (Mrs. Howard Wing) Waitsfield, 577 School St., Lowell, MA
Skinner, Lavonne Waitsfield, 25 years, 35 St. Paul St., Burlington
Slack, Marion (Mrs. R. L. Hunt) Northfield, 2 years, Northfield
Tyndall, Grace A. Morrisville, 20 years, teaching, Morrisville
Wallace, Mary B. Fairfield, Fairfield
Waters, Mary (Mrs. Harvey Heminway) Johnson, 5 years, 33 Clough Ave., Windsor
Wood, Marion (Mrs. Marion Wood) Milton, 10 years, hairdresser, Essex Junction
Goodrich, Bessie Bacon Principal 1916 to 1920
Elliott, Emma G. Faculty Member
Fay, Alice P. Faculty Member
Hanks, Ruth M. Faculty Member
Knowlton, Julia C., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Morse, Marion V., B. A. Faculty Member
Peterson, Anna K., B. S. Faculty Member
Randall, Madeline I. Faculty Member
Scott, W. R. M. Faculty Member
Cram, Amy D. Faculty Member
Stevenson, George Leigh, B. S. Faculty Member
Weisel, Deborah D. Faculty Member
Wingert, Enid Faculty Member
Bleeker, Althea, B. A. Faculty Member
Hendrick, Louisa M. Faculty Member
Woodruff, Caroline S. Faculty Member
Pendleton, Jessica E., B. S. Faculty Member
Campbell, Beulah Faculty Member
Ober, Marjory Faculty Member
Class of 1917
Advanced Diploma
Bristol, Anna A. (Mrs. George Evarts) Vergennes, 2 1/2 years, Vergennes
Coutts, Flora J. Hardwick, 7 years, former State Senator, Box 699, Newport
Fullington, Helen E. (Mrs. Max Ferrill) Johnson, 4 years, Coaticook, Que.
Ober, Margery (Mrs. Chellis Collins) Johnson, 4 months, 387 Park Ave., Burlington
Paine, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret Carpenter) Peacham, 7 years, South Peacham
Elementary Diploma
Berry, Clara B. Waitsfield, 9 years, companion, 47 Nash Pl., Burlington
Burbank, Marion (Mrs. Lewis Wood) Concord, 4 years, Bradford
Cross, Ida M. (Mrs. Henry Natress) Underhill, 5 years, 105 Champlain St., Burlington
Cunningham, Amah Newbury, deceased
Gallagher, Ellen Hardwick, deceased
Goodell, Olive (Mrs. George Dugdale) S. Woodbury, 10 years, 54 Hayden Ave., Windsor, CT
Gover, Clara (Mrs. Russell McNall) Bakersfield, 7 years, Greenwich, NY
Judd, Sadie M. (Mrs. Riley Worth) 10 years, Derby Line
Long, Elsie M. Waitsfield, 23 years, teaching, 73 Bridge St., Springfield
Morrill, Gladys C. (Mrs. Edson Goodrich) Randolph
O'Malley, Helen M. (Mrs. Walter Boyle) Hardwick, 3 years, Gilman
Sherbert, Jennie Johnson, 30 years, teaching, Milford, MA
Smith, Mina E. Lyndonville, Lyndonville
Worthen, Ottobel (Mrs. Elmer Spenser) Bradford, 4 years, New Egypt, NJ
Certificate of Credit
Aldrich, Maria Essex Jct., 67 Lyman Ave., Burlington
Ames, Alice A. Derby, Lyndonville
Austin, Della M. E. Fairfield, E. Fairfield
Barsha, Ida (Mrs. George Call) E. Fairfield, 15 years, N. Cambridge
Beaton, Jessie I. Cabot, 23 years, 34 Pearl St., St. Johnsbury
Beebe, Idelle M. (Mrs. Leslie Tomlinson) Swanton, RFD
Cutting, Maebelle Enosburg Falls, Sec. P.O. Dept., 518 9th St., N. E. Washington, DC
Ducharme, Isabelle E. Fairfield, 18 years, teaching, E. Fairfield
Fairbanks, Mildred (Mrs. George Willey) Greensboro, 4 years, Greensboro
FitzSimonds, Elizabeth Underhill, 29 years, teaching, 6 Hapgood St., Bellows Falls
Frissell, Mary (Mrs. Leo L. Luxford) Newport Ctr., 21 years, Newport Ctr.
Goodrich, Lou L. (Mrs. Ernest French) Hardwick, 221 St. Main St., St. Albans
Haskell, Blanche L. (Mrs. Bernhard Taylor) Norwich, 12 years, 117 Langwere Drive, Wethersfield, CT
Heath, Hazel J. (Mrs. Walter Caffey) Barton, 7 years, Orleans
Hood, Harriet (Mrs. Russell Morrison) Barre, deceased
Hyzer, Lottie (Mrs. Charles Woodbury) Randolph, 1 year, Barre, RD No. 3
Kellogg, Beatrice Plainfield, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Marcette, Zora Bakersfield, 12 years, Bakersfield
Martin, Gladys R. (Mrs. Carlisle Buzzell) Williamstown, 2 years, Williamstown
Mills, Alice M. (Mrs. Howard Waterman) Johnson, deceased
Morse, Linnie (Mrs. Roy Neill) Johnson, 5 years, Johnson
Sears, Verna E. (Mrs. H. B. Priest) Irasburg, 2 years, 57 Newman Ave., Verona, NJ
Sleeper, Nellie M. (Mrs. Day) Sharon, deceased
Class of 1918
Advanced Diploma
Maynard, Francis (Mrs. Ephraim Reed) E. Fairfield, 12 years, teaching, E. Fairfield
Elementary Diploma
Best, Mary (Mrs. Mary Powell) N. Hero, 390 Summer Ave., Springfield
Button, Alice Francis (Mrs. Alice Allen) Chelsea, 10 years, Chelsea
Davis, Margaret Claire (Mrs. Frank Wilson) Danville, 11 years, 145 Chipman St., Waterbury, CT
Emerson, Mabelle (Mrs. Mabelle Haskins) Bradford
Hall, Florence Groton, Lyndonville
Mulligan, Anna Hardwick
Olcott, Nettie Elizabeth St. Johnsbury, 12 years, 71 Portland St., St. Johnsbury
Percival, Bessie Lulu (Mrs. Harold Peck) Jericho, short time, Alvon, W. Virginia
Price, Bernice M. (Mrs. J. K. Summerville) 3 years, 3589 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa, CA
Tassie, Agnes M. (Mrs. Archie Bullard) S. Woodbury, Marshfield
Trefren, Bernice A. (Mrs. Howard Mooney) Lyndon, 7 years, Asst State Supv. Adult Education, 481 Main St., Burlington
Winget, Bernice (Mrs. Neal Carpenter) Lowell, 4 years, deceased
Certificate of Credit
Brill, Mary (Mrs. Charles Cushman) St. Johnsbury, 4 1/2 years, St. Johnsbury, RD No. 1
Craig, Gladys (Mrs. William Nelson) Danville, 2 years, St. Johnsbury
Goodrich, Genevieve Hardwick, 20 years, (UVM 2nd year), St. Johnsbury
Hayes, Dorothy M. Enosburg Falls, 1 year, teaching Sister Crysostom, Burlington
Head, Sylvia (Mrs. Max Holmes) E. Fairfield, deceased
Hendrick, Louisa (Mrs. Ward Joslyn) Sheldon, 4 years, Waitsfield
Morey, Leona (Mrs. Walter Anderson) Hardwick, 3 years, Craftsbury
Patten, Dorothea Harrington Franklin, Franklin
Watson, Florence (Mrs. Jay Chaffee) Bakersfield, 2 years, St. Albans
Class of 1919
Two Year Course
Armstrong, Doris (Mrs. Ernest Steinberg) E. Bethel, 14 years, 174 Wallingford Ave., Athol, MA
Butler, Ruth (Mrs. Harry Hunt) Fairfax, 5 years, 58 Diamond St., St. Albans
Nye, Sadie (Mrs. Henry Boyden) Cambridge, Essex Jct.
Oron, Gladys (Mrs. Arlon Holland) E. Hardwick, 1 1/2 years, Plainfield
Robinson, Pauline (Mrs. Walter Lamb) 1 year, 35 Platte St., Winooski
Truell, Marguerite (Mrs. Charles Paine) Hartford, 20 years, teaching, 97 Maple St., White River, Jct.
One Year Course
McElroy, Helen Montgomery Ctr., 20 years, 60 Interval Ave., Richford
Stone, Bessie (Mrs. Foster Urie) Glover, West Glover
Towle, Ruth M. (Mrs. Alton Pratt) Franklin, 3 years, Franklin
Traynor, Agnes D. (Mrs. Alfred Stratton) Hardwick, 7 years
Class of 1920
Two Year Course
Beverly, Grace Lawrence, MA, 21 years, Norwood, MA
Chapman, Janie Wolcott, 21 years, teaching, 29 Everett St., Melrose, MA
Collins, Mildred (Mrs. Albert Stiles) Johnson, 32 Proctor Ave., Burlington
Flint, Mildred Randolph, Randolph
Hurley, Louise (Mrs. Albert Kitz) N. Hartland, 5 years, 1055 Boulevard, East Weehawken, NJ
Middlebrook, Florence Vergennes, 21 years, teaching, 29 Everett St., Melrose, MA
Partridge, Louise (Mrs. Harold Hazen) Plainfield, 3 years, 435 Ave. D, Forest Hills, Wilkensburg, PA
Sweet, Nellie (Mrs. Roy Chase) Johnson, 20 years, Johnson
One Year Course
Black, Eleanor (Mrs. Bradford Benson) Hyde Park, 11 years, Hyde Park
Cole, Effie (Mrs. William C. Reynolds) Lunenburg, 30 Union St., Greenfield, MA
Darrah, Fredia (Mrs. Fredia Hascall) Waterville
Davis, Alice (Mrs. Willis Sheldon) Johnson, deceased
Domingue, Eva Westford
Grace, Mrs. Belle (Mrs. Leo M. Bellerose) Burlington, 258 Main St., Williamstown, MA
Gray, Ethel (Mrs. W. L. Cassidy) 2 years, Highgate Ctr.
Gray, Mable E. (Mrs. Lucien Benedict) several years, St. Johnsbury, RFD
Griswold, Ilvah (Mrs. Ilvah Clark) Hyde Park
Hunt, Arline (Mrs. Daniel Center) 4 years, Brandon
Huntley, Florence Fairfax
Parsons, Edna Bethel
Rogers, Hope St. Johnsbury, West Newbury
Stearns, Freda Waterville, 20 years, teaching, St. Johnsbury
Wright, Lucy (Mrs. Harry Brown) Newport, 12 years, Newport Ctr.
Johnson Training School 1920 - 1925
Joslin, Miss Mary A. 1920 - 1922
Welch, Miss Lillian assistant 1921
Burges, Miss Ruth assistant 1922
Kelley, Mrs. Margaret 1922 - 1923
Thomas, Miss Anna L. 1923 - 1925
Eppinger, Miss Marie assistant
Class of 1921
One Year Teacher Training
Aiken, Nellie (Mrs. Amos Strong) Morrisville, 7 years, Freeville, NY
Bailey, Bernice (Mrs. Bernice Kaiser) Wolcott, 7 years, St. Johnsbury
Corey, Betty (Mrs. Harry Covey) Charlotte, 2 years, Wilmington
Davis, Sadie (Mrs. Philip Stearns) Johnson, 5 years, Johnson
Griswold, Elva (Mrs. Harry Clark) Hyde Park, 1 year, Hyde Park
Havens, Vera (Mrs. Harold Kellogg) Johnson, 3 years, Rochester, NH
Hemenway, Mabelle Jeffersonville, 12 years, postmaster, Jeffersonville
Jaynes, Ila (Mrs. Frank Ward) Johnson, 2 years, Johnson
Lambert, Rachel Johnson, 2 years, Bennington
Leach, Valma (Mrs. Clarence Tobin) Waterville, 5 years, East Burke
Martin, Leora Cambridge, 20 years, Springfield
Perry, Marcella (Mrs. Robert Barker) Cambridge, 5 years, St. Albans
Richardson, Gladys (Mrs. Leonard Storey) Wolcott, 3 1/2 years, E. Fairfield
Spear, Ruth (Mrs. Donald Whalley) Charlotte, 3 years, Charlotte
Trudeau, Alice (Mrs. James Goodheart) Hyde Park, 4 1/2 years, W. Winfield, NY
Wells, Ina Morrisville, 3 years, deceased
Westman, Marguerite Cambridge, 20 years, teaching, Berkshire
Class of 1922
One Year Teacher Training
Boozan, Alice (Mrs. Roy Sabin) Wolcott, 9 years, Wolcott
Boyden, Ruth (Mrs. Kenneth Nye) Jeffersonville, 9 years, Jeffersonville
Caswell, Dorothy (Mrs. John Rock) Johnson, 1 year, Greensboro
Cristy, Roxanna (Mrs. George Butt) Johnson, 4 years, 34 School St., Orleans
Davis, Amy (Mrs. Warren Fancher) Johnson, 15 years, Morrisville
Davis, Nina (Mrs. Luther Hooper) Johnson, 6 years, Johnson
Elwood, Gertrude 1926
Fisher, Emily (Mrs. George Burleson) Hardwick, 1 year, 6 Wesson St., Lancaster, NH
Fletcher, Helen (Mrs. Solon Bassette) Johnson, 5 years, New Haven
Hooper, Inez (Mrs. Inez Tallman) Jeffersonville, 7 years, Randolph
Jones, Madge (Mrs. Glenn Thompson) N. Hyde Park, 3 years, Johnson
Lambert, Mildred (Mrs. Carmi Courtney) Johnson, 2 years, Johnson
Macomber, Bernice (Mrs. Bernice Cameron) Johnson, 2 years, Johnson
MacCombie, Ethel Morrisville, deceased
Ovitt, Mrs. Shirley Jones (Mrs. George Ovitt) Morrisville, 2 years, 1006 Gage St., Bennington
Raymond, Georgianna (Mrs. Raymond Ellis) Morrisville, 2 years, Woodstock
Scott, Ellen 1926
Tenney, Doris (Mrs. Orin Emerson) 4 years, Hyde Park
Smith, Hazel (Mrs. Dale Neilson) 11 years, Morrisville
Whittemore, Marion (Mrs. Carroll Seamens) Eden, 1 year, 18 Messenger St., St. Albans
Class of 1923
One Year Teacher Training
Burleson, Irene C. Johnson, 1926
Clark, Olive M. (Mrs. Bernard Thayer) Johnson, 6 years, Rutland
Davis, Beth W. 1926
Dodge, Dorothy F. 1926
Elwood, Doris B. Johnson, 9 years, (2nd year at UVM), teaching, Johnson
Fuller, Ada L. (Mrs. Robert Faunce) Stowe, 7 years, Columbia, CT
Leach, Blanche E. (Mrs. Bradley Gould) Waterville, 4 years, Cambridge
Playful, Vera M. (Mrs. Ray Rogers) Cambridge, 1 year, Jeffersonville
Sweet, Ruth J. (Mrs. Leo Stearns) Johnson, 2 years, Johnson
Westover, Katherine C. (Mrs. Harold Crandall) Richford, 5 years, Newport
Williams, Hazel M. (Mrs. Clifton Huckins) Jericho, 5 years, town clerk, Orfordville, NH
Class of 1924
One Year Teacher Training
Dyke, Della 1927
Gilbert, Alma E. (Mrs. Harold Machia) Johnson, 3 1/2 years, 41 Liberty St., Barre
Griswold, Emma Irene (Mrs. John Martell) Johnson, 3 years, Lake Clear Jct., NY
Hill, Clara A. (Mrs. Paul Chase) Johnson, 2 years, 33 Lincoln St., Watertown, MA
Hodges, Florence E. Morrisville, deceased
Leslie, Mildred R. (Mrs. Warren Tinkham) Johnson, 1 year, Johnson
McGue, Francis A. (Mrs. Joseph Henry) deceased
Melendy, Evelyn H. (Mrs. Edward Hanley) Cambridge, deceased
Notomyer, Doris T. (Mrs. Carol Loomis) Johnson, 2 years, Putney
Stratton, Autney F. 1927
Sweet, Esther A. (Mrs. James Parkhurst) Johnson, 15 years, 67 Willard St., Hartford, CT
Thayer, Ruth R. (Mrs. Robert Hubbard) Jeffersonville, 1 year, Cambridge
Waite, Edith R. (Mrs. Harold Flanders) Sheldon, Cambridge
Young, Gertrude V. (Mrs. Charles Simmons) Johnson
Class of 1925
One Year Teacher Training
Badger, Ruth M. 1928
Badger, Verna M. (Mrs. Leonard Atkins) Hardwick, 3 years, Hardwick
Browne, Hilda M. (Mrs. Morris Taft) Johnson, Brookfield
Carr, Ruth M. 1926
Culver, Hazel (Mrs. Raymond King) Jeffersonville, St. Albans
Fraser, Marjorie (Mrs. Guido Barr) Hardwick, St. Johnsbury
Hay, Gwyneth M. Hardwick
Hay, Maybell Hardwick
Hebb, Freda V. Johnson, 1 year, Sec. at Johnson State Normal, Johnson
Hickland, David R. Johnson, 2 years, Pastor of Grey M. E. Church, 4 Prospect St., Caribou, ME
Irish, Mildred R. 1926
Lambert, Helen C. Hardwick
Macomber, Mary B. Johnson, 2 years, Hyde Park
McGinnis, Priscilla (Mrs. Earl Michell) Hardwick, Springfield, MA
Marshall, Isabelle E. 1926
Metcalf, Chloe I. (Mrs. Clyde Playful) Jeffersonville, 2 years, Underhill
Montague, Geraldine (Mrs. Guy Farr) Hardwick, Hardwick
Nelson, Isabelle F. (Mrs. H. R. Little) Barnard, Newington, CT
Rogers, Marjorie A. (Mrs. Fred Woods) Hardwick, 12 years, Bradford
Scott, Ruth E. (Mrs. Leroy Longdell) Johnson, 4 years, Hyde Park
Shene, Marjory H. (Mrs. Walter Shea) Johnson, 3 years, Burlington
Stinson, Mildred (Mrs. Leon Wagner) Johnson, Hardwick
Sweet, Lora Mae (Mrs. Erwin McVetty) Johnson, 1 year, Guildhall
Thomas, Roxanna (Mrs. Philip French) Jeffersonville, Centerville
Westman, Mildred D. (Mrs. Damon Westover) Cambridge, deceased
Whiting, Marion F. (Mrs. Harold Cross) Johnson, 15 years, teaching, Norwich
Bushnell, Almon W. Principal - 1925 - 1928
Thomas, Anna L. Assistant Teacher
Eppinger, Marie Assistant Teacher
Leslie, Edith Assistant Teacher
Class of 1926
Two Year Course
Archambault, Bessie (Mrs. Lawrence Premo) Johnson, 15 years, Johnson
Burleson, Irene (Mrs. Leslie Bishop) Johnson, 3 1/2 years, deceased
Carr, Ruth M. Hardwick, 9 years, Hardwick
Cowan, Marion Bakersfield, 14 years, teaching, Bakersfield
Davis, Beth (Mrs. Lester Adams) Johnson, 9 years, Moscow
Dodge, Dorothy (Mrs. Ralph Clark) Johnson, 10 years, Essex Jct.
Elwood, Gertrude (Mrs. George Martin) Johnson, 5 years, Rochester
Hurley, Mary Bakersfield, 14 years, teaching, 141 Walnut St., New Britain, CT
Irish, Mildred (Mrs. Luther Field) Westfield, 3 1/2 years, N. Ferrisburg
Marshall, Isabelle (Mrs. L. A. Miner) Hardwick, 1 year, 828 Jay St., Albany, NY
Maynard, Florence (Mrs. Leonard Pierce) Bakersfield, 10 years, Jeffersonville
Scott, Ellen (Mrs. Donald Manley) Johnson, 4 years, Johnson
Walker, Mrs. Ola H. 1938
One Year Course
Bovat, Dorothy Fairfield, teaching, Fairfield
Brunton, Calista (Mrs. Harold Webster) Richford, 13 years, Island Pond
Clements, Viola (Mrs. Orange W. Taylor) Danville, 2 years, E. Barnet
Labelle, Ida (Mrs. Wilfred Young) Belvidere, 1 year, Belvidere
Lambert, Louise 1928
Mann, Mildred (Mrs. Cecil Thomas) Hardwick, 4 years, Hardwick
Morse, Susan (Mrs. G. Earl Butler) Johnson, 2 years, Johnson
Mudgett, Gwendolyn (Mrs. Gwendolyn Scribner) Johnson, 1 year, Johnson
Nealy, Helen (Mrs. Howard Selby) Underhill, 2 years, Lyndonville
Raine, Cynthia (Mrs. Lawrence Duval) E. Fairfield, 2 years, N. Clarendon
Perry, Eva Morrisville, teaching, Morrisville
Robb, Alexanderina Hardwick, teaching, E. Granville
Russ, Dorris Wolcott, teaching, Morrisville
Schoolcraft, Lillian (Mrs. Stewart Hoyt) Wolcott, 1 year, Wolcott
Stockwell, Dorothy (Mrs. William Springs) Bakersfield, 4 years, Fairfax
Smith, Irene (Mrs. Homer Selby) Richford, teaching, Derby Line
Storey, Ruth Hardwick, 4 years, deceased
Sweet, Dorothy (Mrs. Roger Richards) Johnson, 6 years, Johnson
Taylor, Ardelle (Mrs. Harold Leach) Waterville, 1 year, Waterville
Wagner, Cora (Mrs. W. M. League) Bakersfield, 11 years, teaching, Jeffersonville
Class of 1927
Two Year Course
Ainsworth, Myrtielyn G. (Mrs. Philip Clark) Hardwick, 2 1/2 years, Hardwick
Albiser, Madeline (Mrs. Joseph P. Pratt) Passumpsic, 5 years, 163 W. Main St., Newport
Burleson, Lillian M. (Mrs. Vreeland Demarest) Fairfax, teaching, 521 Teaneck Rd., Teaneck, NJ
Dyke, Della (Mrs. Francis Wetherell) Jeffersonville, 4 years, Jeffersonville
George, Edna K. (Mrs. Earle S. Edmunds) W. Fairlee, 5 years, N. Thetford
Griswold, Ella 1935
Hines, Mary E. (Mrs. Lyman Corriveau) Johnson, teaching, Passumpsic
Jones, Mildred L. (Mrs. Henry M. Stanley) Enosburg, 9 years, New London, NH
Kennedy, Evelyn (Mrs. Morton Kaufherr) Hardwick, teaching, 314 E. Dayton St., Flint, Mich
Manley, Ruth Franklin, (3rd year in summer at UVM), teaching, Newport
Martin, Gladys (Mrs. Harold Cook) Richford, 4 years, Main St., Falmouth, MA
Montague, Rupert J. Johnson, 7 1/2 years, farmer, Enosburg Falls
Mudgett, Helen C. (Mrs. Walbridge Whiting) Johnson, 2 years, Winchester, MA
Olmstead, Clara J. (Mrs. Everett F. Perkins) Greensboro, 13 years, 175 Main St., Montpelier
Sanborn, Ila (Mrs. Floyd Sherlaw) Johnson, 2 years, Newport Center
Stiles, Clara M. (Mrs. Kenneth Hopkins) Johnson, 1 year, Johnson
Stratton, Autney Jeffersonville, 3 years, Danbury, CT
Wagner, Leon Bakersfield, (B.S. from Boston Univ.), assist. prin. Hardwick
Whitcomb, Grace (Mrs. Dawson Kezer) Hyde Park, teaching, Rochester
One Year Course
Allen, Gladys May (Mrs. Willis Reed) Greensboro, 4 years, Craftsbury Common
Batten, Elsie M. (Mrs. Herbert Wallace) Greensboro, 2 years, E. Calais
Blanchard, Marjorie Lowell, teaching, Morrisville
Daniels, Arline Craftsbury, 6 years, asst. librarian, Craftsbury
Gilman, Verlie (Mrs. Verlie Montague) Hardwick, 4 years, Hardwick
Harris, Mary H. (Mrs. James Hanna) St. Albans, 8 years, (3 years at U. of Wyoming), Wyoming
Hayes, Dorothy B. (Mrs. George Nourse) Enosburg Falls, Colchester
Hodgdon, Ivah P. (Mrs. Frank Anderson) E. Craftsbury, 2 years, Barton
Jacques, Leona M. Jeffersonville, Andover Inn, Andover, MA
Langdell, Leroy S. Johnson, 2 years, farmer, Hyde Park
Marckres, Lora H. (Mrs. Bernie Atherton) Craftsbury, teaching, Greensboro
May, Alver E. (Mrs. Harold Garfield) Wolcott, 6 years, 22 Henry St., Bellows Falls
Menard, Edith (Mrs. Lawrence Nichols) Cabot, 3 years, 73 East St., Northfield
Paul, Doris (Mrs. Melville Mason) Stowe, 2 years, Johnson
Payne, Karleen Cabot, 1930
Potter, Doris Wolcott, 1931
Richardson, Elizabeth J. (Mrs. A. J. Hill) Greensboro, 6 years, Greensboro
Regan, Doris 1930
Scott, Georgia 1929
Slicer, Lois (Mrs. John Gebbie) E. Craftsbury, 4 years, E. Craftsbury
Smith, Dorothy E. (Mrs. Douglas Brill) E. Fletcher, 1 year, Jeffersonville
Whittemore, Beulah M. (Mrs. Everett Gould) Eden, 5 years, Parkman, OH
Wisell, Esma H. (Mrs. Watson Pettit) Jericho, 1 year, 179 Loomis St., Burlington
Wisell, Wilma B. (Mrs. Elwood Clark) Jericho, 1 year, Underhill
Young, Audrey R. Enosburg Falls, 1930
Young, Elvina L. (Mrs. Elvina Titus) N. Craftsbury, 4 years, Stowe
Young, Evelyn I. 1930
Class of 1928
Two Year Course
Bicknell, Laura (Mrs. Harvey Gile) Jericho Ctr., 6 years, Richmond
Burleson, Wilma (Mrs. W. F. Sinclair, Jr.) Enosburg, 2 years, Barton
Butler, Frieda Jeffersonville, teaching, Beebe River, NH
Ellsworth, Kathleen (Mrs. Merwin Forbes) Stowe, Lyndonville
Farr, Dorothy (Mrs. Alton Griffin) Jeffersonville, Cambridge Jct.
Hall, Marion (Mrs. Harold Burleson) Bakersfield, 3 years, Enosburg Falls
Hatch, Evelyn (Mrs. Fernald White) W. Kennebunk, ME, 4 years, Kennebunk Beach, ME
Jeffords, Hilda (Mrs. Hilda Demars) Hardwick, Greensboro
Lambert, Louise (Mrs. Maurice Douglass) Johnson, 9 years, Johnson
Langdell, Mary A. (Mrs. Dana Marshall) Johnson, 5 years, Johnson
MacBryde, Robina (Mrs. Randall) Enosburg, teaching, Montgomery Center
Magoon, Mary (Mrs. Donald Graham) Stowe, 10 years, 5 Pine Pl., Burlington
Moulton, Doris (Mrs. John Clement) Stowe, 12 years, Waterbury
Quimby, Naoma (Mrs. James Sanville) N. Craftsbury
Ross, Marguerite (Mrs. Roy Wood) Morrisville, 6 years, Morrisville
Ruggles, Atherline Gorham, NH
Smalley, Mrs. Ruth B. (Mrs. Tracy Smalley) Hardwick, 7 years, Johnson
Ward, Edith (Mrs. George Piper) Hardwick, 4 years, St. Johnsbury
One Year Course
Archambault, Phoebe Glover
Brahana, Marion 1930
Bullard, Arlene (Mrs. Everett King) Greensboro Bend, E. Hardwick
French, Helen (Mrs. Fay Frappiea) Johnson, 1 year, Johnson
Gamblin, Arecca (Mrs. Bernard Urban) Cabot, 2 years, Cabot
Goodrich, Marion (Mrs. J. E. Dwyer) Morrisville, 1 year, R.N. from NE Baptist Hosp., 1432 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, MA
Hull, Mildred (Mrs. Oscar Mudgett) Hyde Park
McCuin, Ethelyn (Mrs. Cecil Shipman) Waterville, 1 year, Waterville
Mallow, Irma 1930
Mashia, Mae (Mrs. Wilfred Rooney) Jeffersonville, 1 year, Jeffersonville
Morley, Alice North Craftsbury
Powers, C. Ruth (Mrs. Richard Lessard) Wolcott, 2 1/2 years, Fairfield St., Oakland, ME
Sargent, Mary 1930
Wilson, Doris Hardwick
Jenkins, Ralph C. Principal 1928 - 1935
Leslie, Edith E. Faculty Member
Wilber, Beatrice W., A. B. Faculty Member
Mann, Lida R. Faculty Member
Cole, Helen R., B. S. Faculty Member
White, Elizabeth, A. B. Faculty Member
Aldrich, Muriel Faculty Member
Hebb, Freda Faculty Member
Brown, Elizabeth, B. S. Faculty Member
Scully, Alice P., B. S. Faculty Member
Barnes, Ruth, B. S. Faculty Member
Crawford, Margaret, A. B. Faculty Member
Pelky, Lauria Faculty Member
Tubb, Margaret, A. M. & B. S. Faculty Member
Camp, Rebecca J., Ph. B. Faculty Member
Class of 1929
Two Year Course
Allen, Helen (Mrs. A. A. Thorburn) E. Hardwick, 2 years, Norwich
Bennett, Kathleen (Mrs. Douglas Young) Johnson, 1 year, E. Berkshire
Courser, Irene (Mrs. Herman Jewell) Johnson, 2 years, Lyndonville
Curtis, Helen (Mrs. Chester Marsh) Sheldon, 10 years, Rutland
Davis, Leirion (Mrs. Gerald Fields) Enosburg Falls, 6 years, W. Enosburg
Dodge, Jennie (Mrs. Harland Rowell) Johnson, 6 years, Hardwick
Field, Irene (Mrs. John E. Dilts) Hardwick, 1 year, New Orleans, LA
Hewitt, Alice (Mrs. Raymond Wilson) Sheldon, 8 years, Capitol Hts., MD
Houston, Gertrude (Mrs. Clifford Whittemore) Morrisville, 2 years, Morrisville
Jackson, Helen (Mrs. Clifford McLam) Hardwick, 4 years, E. Corinth
Labelle, Elsie (Mrs. Lawris Perkins) White River Jct., 7 years, White River Jct.
LaPointe, Doris 1940
Lyon, Katherine Morrisville, 10 years, teaching, Morrisville
Perry, Ethelyn (Mrs. James McFeeters) S. Pomfret, 9 years, Sheldon
Scott, Georgia (Mrs. Roger Jones) Johnson, 11 years, teaching, Johnson
Scott, Hallie (Mrs. David Gilman) Enosburg Falls, 1 year, deceased
Watt, Lorraine Hardwick, 6 years, Danville
One Year Course
Bryson, Queenie Amherst, Nova Scotia, deceased
Fiske, Fremont 1931
Gallup, Helen 1932
Gates, Helen 1932
Gilman, Winona (Mrs. Wendell Greaves) Walden, 5 years, Montpelier
Hale, Mary (Mrs. Donovan Morey) E. Fairfield, teaching, Fairfield
Hooper, Lillian (Mrs. Clifton Allen) Johnson, 2 years, Johnson
Houston, Hester (Mrs. Linford Bowen) Cabot, 3 years, (2nd year at Lyndon Normal), Glover
Kimball, Mrs. Helen (Mrs. Hugh Kimball) Wolcott, teaching in White Mts., Alaska, Juneau, Alaska
Kittell, Doris E. Fairfield, teaching, Fairfield
Laird, Evelyn C. (Mrs. Leslie Shatney) Greensboro, 6 years, Greensboro
Manchester, Mildred Johnson, 1931
Manning, Estelle Hyde Park, 2 years, Ridgefield, CT
Marckres, Alma (Mrs. Neil Goodwin) Craftsbury, 2 years, Craftsbury
Marshall, Pearl (Mrs. Donovan Houston) Hardwick, 2 years, Cabot
Nicholls, Vera (Mrs. Raymond McNall) Bakersfield, 5 years, Cambridge
Nolin, F. Agnes 1933
Olmstead, Jennie (Mrs. Grant N. Clair) Greensboro, 10 years, Stowe
Philippon, Cecile (Mrs. Frank Lefebre) Richford, 2 years, Richford
Shatney, Ethel Greensboro, 1933
Stiles, Pauline 1931
Vance, Silvia 1933
Waterman, Olive (Mrs. Roland Farnham) Waterbury, 2 years, Middlesex
Willard, Esther (Mrs. Alton Kiney) Franklin, 3 years, West Berkshire
Willard, Florence (Mrs. William Adams) Enosburg Falls, Waterbury
Class of 1930
Two Year Course
Blanchard, Melba Lowell, teaching, Newport
Brahana, Marion D. (Mrs. Chauncey Start) Lowell, Bakersfield
Fordyce, Elsie J. (Mrs. James Barcomb) Hardwick, 3 years, S. Barre
Glazier, Ardelle (Mrs. John Campbell) Milton, Milton, 7 years, c/o W. E. Glazier
LaMonda, Doris E. (Mrs. Gordon Loukes) Sheldon, 7 years, 22 Dutcher St., Hopedale, MA
Mallow, Irma A. (Mrs. Prentiss Marshall) Jericho, teaching, Waterbury
Mallow, Jessie A. (Mrs. Burdette Stygles) Jericho, teaching, Jericho
Mitchell, Kathryn (Mrs. Wright Bigelow) Essex Ctr., 3 years, Essex Jct.
Montague, Audrey Young Enosburg, 10 years, Enosburg Falls
Ovitt, Hilda (Mrs. Gordon Lumnah) Bakersfield, 5 years, Enosburg Falls
Payne, Karleen Cabot, teaching, N. Troy
Regan, Doris Bakersfield, teaching, 20 School St., Montpelier
Rivard, Dorilla A. Douglass, MA, teaching, Lyndonville
Sargent, Mary Jeffersonville, 3 years, Colchester
Simmons, Roaine (Mrs. Jesse LaMarch) Bakersfield, teaching, Waterbury Center
Wells, Helen (Mrs. Neil LaBelle) Bakersfield, 5 years, Bakersfield
Westover, Lucinda (Mrs. Glenn C. Mix) Montpelier, 10 years, 22 First Ave., Montpelier
Young, Evelyn Enosburg, teaching, Enosburg
One Year Course
Baker, Ina Morristown
Chase, Irene (Mrs. Carl Scott) Montgomery Ctr., 10 years, Enosburg Falls
Fiske, Nina (Mrs. Albert Provost) New Haven, 404 College St., Burlington
Frazier, Josie Enosburg, Burlington
Mercey, Beulah (Mrs. Oakley Mercey) Highgate Ctr., 4 years, Fairfax
Pendrigh, Hilda Guildhall, Guildhall
Sherburne, Ruth (Mrs. Stanley Keck) N. Pomfret, N. Pomfret
Slayton, Muriel (Mrs. Darwin Nichols) Hardwick, beautician, St. Johnsbury
Class of 1931
Two Year Course
Beauchemin, Antoinette (Mrs. Wayne Ayres) Stowe, 1 year, Stowe
Brown, Sarah M. (Mrs. Malcolm Mudgett) Craftsbury, 3 years, Johnson
Davis, Ada (Mrs. Warren Foss) Johnson, 5 years, Cambridge
Day, Elizabeth (Mrs. A. D. Powell) Jericho, 3 years, Essex Jct.
Dubuque, Marion R. St. Johnsbury, teaching, St. Johnsbury
Fiske, Fremont Groton, teaching, 1218 North Ave., Burlington
Foster, Cathaleen M. (Mrs. Frank Cary) Stowe, 10 years, Stowe
Hinds, Emily (Mrs. Norbert Gillen) Eden Mills, teaching, N. Hyde Park
Hunt, Ethel R. (Mrs. Robert Manning) New Haven, 7 years, teaching, Essex Jct.
Kneeland, Joyce L. Johnson, teaching, Hardwick
Lake, Audrey V. (Mrs. Harry Blanchard) St. Albans, 6 years, St. Albans, Box 56
Lanpher, Margaret P. (Mrs. Ralph Mudgett) Hyde Park, teaching, Hyde Park
Leach, Eleanor M. (Mrs. Reuben Leahy) Jonesville, 6 years, 66 Central St., Claremont, NH
Locke, Daisy B. (Mrs. Willard Wheeler) Johnson, teaching, Holland
Lovejoy, Alma M. (Mrs. Roger Miller) Hardwick, 5 years, teaching, Wolcott
Lowell, Madge E. (Mrs. Raymond Hale) Craftsbury, 5 years, Craftsbury
McCuen, Mazie E. (Mrs. James Foster) Stowe, teaching
Manchester, Mildred (Mrs. Hiram Hoag) Johnson, 6 years, Johnson
Payne, Grace L. Manchester Depot, teaching, Manchester Depot
Potter, Doris M. (Mrs. William S. Hill) Wolcott, 5 years, Hardwick
Ryan, Margaret F. Craftsbury, 9 years, teaching, Craftsbury
Sargent, Lona B. Jeffersonville, 2 years, Jeffersonville
Spaulding, Lloyd C. Stowe, teaching, Bennington
Stiles, Pauline M. (Mrs. William Cook) Johnson, 5 years, Cambridge
Walbridge, Elsie M. (Mrs. Orville Walbridge) Cabot, 14 years, Williamstown
Weston, Bertha Cambridge, 22 years, teaching, Milton
Young, Mable J. N. Craftsbury, 20 years, (3rd year at UVM) teaching, Bellows Falls
Class of 1932
Bailey, Clara (Mrs. Stanley Huse) Northfield, 1 year, Randolph
Baker, Pearl B. Orfordville, NH
Banks, Ruth A. (Mrs. J. Eric Anderson) New Bedford, MA, 4 yrs sub teacher, 92 Carrol St., New Bedford, MA
Bearor, Vera (Mrs. Fred Holbrook) New Haven, 3 years, Brattleboro
Coan, Thelma (Mrs. Lynda Adams) Morrisville, 7 years, Stowe
Conant, Evelyn C. (Mrs. Evelyn Squires) Randolph Center, 1 year, Randolph Center
Crafts, Emma Fairfax, teaching, Isle La Motte
Dimick, Mabel (Mrs. Thomas Green) E. Hardwick, 4 years, E. Hardwick
Eldred, Lena (Mrs. Eugene Rich) Belvidere, 1 year, Belvidere
Fletcher, Adella (Mrs. T. S. Delaney, Jr.) Randolph Center, teaching, Randolph Center
Foss, Marion H. (Mrs. Wesley Hearst) Wolcott, 4 years, Morrisville
Gallup, Helen Franklin, deceased
Gallup, Mary (Mrs. Leland Goodrich) Franklin, 2 years, Enosburg Falls
Gates, Helen M. (Mrs. John Foss) Wolcott, 6 years, Wolcott
Glidden, Marion (Mrs. Milo Toof) Franklin, 8 years, Franklin
Graves, Jessie M. (Mrs. Roger Purvee) Waterbury Ctr., 2 years, Windsor Mfg Co., 145 State St., Windsor
Hill, Myrtle E. Shelburne, teaching, Starksboro
Labor, Bessie L. Orleans, teaching, Canaan
Lyon, Lois W. (Mrs. Chester Rivers) Morrisville, 4 years, 10 Stowell St., St. Albans
Manchester, Emma (Mrs. Kenneth Davis) Johnson, teaching, Waterville
Marckres, Avis (Mrs. Robert Johnson) Craftsbury, 6 years, Lake Nelson, New Brunswick, NJ
McGrath, Aileen E. Weymouth, MA, (B.S.) teaching, 29 Wachesett Rd., N. Weymouth, MA
Morey, Elizabeth (Mrs. Griffith) Craftsbury, Brattleboro
O'Halloran, Helen E. Weymouth, MA, (B.S. in Ed., Bridgewater, MA), teaching, Weymouth, MA
Patrick, Edna (Mrs. Frank Palmer) Richmond, 2 years, Richmond
Pulaski, Nellie 1935
Rowe, Irene J. Marlboro, MA, teaching, Marlboro, MA
Ryan, Alice C. Craftsbury, teaching, Craftsbury
Scribner, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Cedric Scribner) Stowe, Stowe
Seaver, Marguerite (Mrs. Reno Mazelle) Waitsfield, teaching, Waitsfield
Shatney, Ethel E. (Mrs. Maurice Nelson) Greensboro, 6 years, Albany
Smith, Jennie G. East Whatley, MA, teaching, S. Deerfield, MA
Spaulding, Izola (Mrs. Willard Blaisdell) Fletcher, 3 years, Enosburg
Spaulding, Madeline (Mrs. Warren Chase) Fletcher, 8 years
Swinyer, Greta I. (Mrs. Howard Stufflebeam) Cambridge, 6 years, Cambridge
Tatro, Arlie B. (Mrs. Claude Lambert) Johnson, teaching, Wolcott
Towle, Edna M. Morrisville, teaching, Washington
Towle, Elna M. (Mrs. Charles Silloway) Morrisville, Bradford
Warren, Beatrice (Mrs. Franklin Cooley) Stowe, 452 N. Avenue, Burlington
Warren, Katherine Eden, teaching, Eden
Young, Daisy N. Duxbury, 1 year, Waterbury
Young, Doris (Mrs. Thomas Harvey) Craftsbury, substitute teaching, Cabot
Class of 1933
Two Year Course
Allen, Barbara H. (Mrs. Barbara Viele) Wolcott, teaching, Wolcott
Anair, Evelyn B. Hardwick, teaching, Hardwick
Belville, Bernetta F. (Mrs. George Joyal) Graniteville, 6 years, Washington
Bown, Muriel E. (Mrs. William Scott) Monkton, teaching, Bristol
Brooks, Margaret L. (Mrs. Harlow Pickett) Waterbury, teaching, Moretown
Brown, Helen F. St. Albans, teaching, St. Albans
Calcagni, Clorinda (Mrs. Horace Duke) Hardwick, 5 1/2 years, East Calais
Cameron, Ruth A. (Mrs. George Sawyer) Waitsfield, 3 years, Waitsfield
Coan, Iris E. 1935
Cole, Mrs. Natalie Hackett (Mrs. J. D. Cole) Pomfret, 3 years, S. Royalton
Collins, Marion L. (Mrs. Wendell Hoisington) Johnson, Johnson
Dana, Estella W. (Mrs. Lewis Maloney) Waitsfield, 5 years, Randolph
Dana, Ila M. 1939
Davis, Dorothea M. (Mrs. Roger Terrill) Morrisville, Bradford
Davis, Ruby V. (Mrs. Roland Whiting) Johnson, 3 years, Johnson
Demars, Hazel I. Greensboro, teaching, Greensboro Bend
Eldridge, Marion (Mrs. Marion Walker) Wolcott, 5 years, Nanuet, NY
Fargo, Doris E. (Mrs. Bernard Kew) Huntington, 5 years, Waterbury
Glazier, Blanche E. (Mrs. Herbert Wilkins) Milton, 4 years, Fairfax
Hemingway, Alena E. Swanton, teaching, Swanton
Hines, Madge C. 1935
Hines, Margaret S. 1935
Hodet, Ruth E. St. Albans, teaching, St. Albans
Holmes, Eleanore (Mrs. Justise A. Littel) Johnson, 7 years, S. Glastonbury, CT
Jennings, Grace M. St. Albans
Jensen, Olive E. (Mrs. Olive Jensen Wood) Concord, MA, 5 years, (State Teachers Col., Fitchburg, MA), Putney
LaMonda, Josephine (Mrs. Howard Wells) Greensboro, E. Craftsbury
Lloyd, Cleone C. (Mrs. Harold Murch) E. Fairfield, Springfield
Miller, Helen L. Websterville, teaching, Websterville
Mills, Isabelle E. Johnson, NYA supervisor, Johnson
Minott, Mary Alice (Mrs. Lynwood Sweet) Waterbury Center, 5 years, Johnson
Moody, Ardith F. (Mrs. Paul Seaver) Stowe, Montpelier
Niven, Catherine M. Websterville, teaching, Websterville
Nolan, Feirn Agnes E. Fairfield, teaching, Georgia
Norris, Natalie E. (Mrs. Natalie Whitney) S. Barre, 4 years, 32 Hartness Ave., Springfield
Osgood, Olive M. Bakersfield, teaching, Bakersfield
Peake, Evelyn L. (Mrs. Glenn Coan) E. Hardwick, Stowe
Potter, Ruth M. (Mrs. Earl Gray, Jr.) Hyde Park, 4 years, N. Hyde Park
Prue, Mildred H. (Mrs. Manuel Douglass) Richford, 6 years, Richford
Soule, Ruth M. (Mrs. Jackson Benoit) Sheldon, 4 years, Enosburg Falls
Squires, Linnie E. Fairfield, teaching, Fairfield
Stanhope, Beth A. Richford, teaching, Sanford, ME
Taylor, Catherine J. Richford, teaching, Washington
Thayer, Jennie M. (Mrs. Rene Monette) Newport, 5 years, Barton
Thayer, Lillian (Mrs. Everet Cargill) Newport, teaching, Newport
Teague, Loretta R. E. Fairfield, teaching, Fairfield
Therrien, Veronica (Mrs. Homer Desorcie) Swanton, 5 years, Highgate Ctr.
Vance, Mary Augusta (Mrs. Paul Towne) Cambridge, Montpelier
Vance, Silvia E. Cambridge, teaching, Milton
Warren, Anita I. Hardwick, teaching, Hardwick
Washburn, Emma M. (Mrs. Emma Campbell) Bethel, 7 years, Bethel
Westman, Margaret D. Cambridge, teaching, Berkshire
Wheatley, Barbara (Mrs. Erwin Davis) Randolph, 1 year, Springfield
Class of 1934
Two Year Course
Atkinson, Doris (Mrs. Charles Dudley) Northfield, 3 1/2 years, E. Montpelier
Ayers, Winona E. (Mrs. Elmer P. Hoffman) Waterbury Center, 3 years, Middlesex
Badger, Bessie P. Greensboro Bend, teaching, Leicester
Baker, Laura M. (Mrs. Greydon Sargent) Brookfield, 2 years, Johnson
Brown, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret Saari) Barre, teaching, W. Berkshire
Carleton, Katherine (Mrs. Clarence Hartshorn) Warren, 3 years, Warren
Chase, Pearl I. Albany, teaching, Irasburg
Clark, Rachel M. (Mrs. Clifton Foss) Stowe, Stowe
Cook, Drenna (Mrs. Henry Symonds) Hardwick, 3 years, Wolcott
Dunn, Mary E. (Mrs. Max Brown) Craftsbury, 5 years, Craftsbury
Fortin, Lois E. (Mrs. Fenton Miller) St. Albans, teaching, Enosburg
Foster, Bessie (Mrs. Raymond Wiltshire) Stowe, 5 years, Morrisville
Fowler, Ruth E. Stowe, teaching, Hyde Park
Gould, Doris E. (Mrs. Arthur Johnson) E. Montpelier, Hartford, CT
Gould, Jennie L. (Mrs. Allen Witham) E. Montpelier, Hartford, CT
Hall, Lucy E. (Mrs. Abe Sobel) Hardwick, in executive office of Brooklyn College, 255 High St., Brooklyn, NY
Jimmo, Bertha M. (Mrs. Paul Remick) Underhill, 2 years, Lindy Ave., Claremont, NH
Jones, Genevieve 1935
King, Marjorie E. Underhill, teaching, Underhill
Lamson, Ruth E. (Mrs. Bradford Lane) Williamstown, teaching, E. Montpelier
Locke, Edwinna Waterville, teaching, N. Cambridge
Maxwell, Marie Sheldon, teaching
Morey, Enna M. (Mrs. Percival Bates) Wolcott, teaching, Stowe
Roberts, Elizabeth Northfield Falls, teaching, 9 James St., Barre
Robinson, Ruth (Mrs. Keith Lombard) Milton, 3 years, Milton
Sullivan, Barbara (Mrs. William F. Cunningham) St Albans, 4 years, St. Albans
Thomas, Phyllis I. (Mrs. Robert Titus) Jeffersonville, 3 years, Morrisville
Varney, Ruth A. (Mrs. Marsena Greenslit) Warren, 5 years, Warren
Whiting, Alice 1940
Class of 1935
Three Year Course
Coan, Iris E. (Mrs. Frank McNall) Morrisville, teaching, Waterbury
Jones, Genevieve (Mrs. Lester Judd) E. Barre, Enosburg Falls
Merrill, Mrs. Ella Griswold N. Hyde Park, teaching, Thetford
Pulaski, Nellie S. Deerfield, MA, 4 years, (B.S. Worcester State Teacher's College), teaching, 77 Magazine St., Needham, MA
Two Year Course
Bell, Eunice Esther (Mrs. Jonathan Gates) Jeffersonville, 2 years, Jeffersonville
Bombard, Evelyn (Mrs. Gordon Cassavoy) St. Albans, 2 years, Plainfield
Clow, Elaine R. (Mrs. Roland Lyford) Hardwick, 5 years, Greensboro
Conger, Marion G. (Mrs. Lester Bates) Georgia, Waitsfield
Delaney, Bernadette St. Johnsbury, teaching, E. Berkshire
Dodds, Alleen N. (Mrs. Edward Eurich) Waitsfield, 4 years, Brandon
Hinsdale, Gladys Burlington, teaching, Waterbury Center
Jewell, Marion (Mrs. Robert Bora, Jr.) Bristol, 4 years, Charlotte
Johnson, Marguerite Enosburg Falls, teaching, Enosburg
Labor, Marjorie Orleans, teaching, Orleans
Landry, Annette Swanton, teaching, Swanton
Magoon, Evelyn Graniteville, teaching, Barre, Trow Hill
Manchester, Mrs. Marjorie Erwin (Mrs. Henry Manchester) Waterville, 3 years, Johnson
Mann, Gwendolyn 1940
Mann, Helen J. Waitsfield, teaching, Tunbridge
Mann, Marguerite Waterville, 4 years, student at Nazarene Col., Wollaston, MA, Waterville
Peck, Sarah I. Hardwick, teaching, Marshfield
Ralph, Elsie M. (Mrs. Loren Lombard) Hardwick, 3 years, Springfield
Reidy, Mary E. Weymouth, MA, (B.S. in Ed., Bridgewater, MA), teaching, Weymouth, MA
Ryan, Madeline Craftsbury, 5 years, teaching, Craftsbury
St. John, Eva L. (Mrs. Harold Martin) Worcester, 4 years, Worcester
Strait, Charlene H. (Mrs. Otis Kinney) St. Albans, 3 years, Williamstown, MA
Sumner, Mrs. Beatrice Tracey Worcester, teaching, Worcester
Vondle, Irene M. Stowe, teaching, Huntington
Warren, Frances M. (Mrs. Ronald Beaupre) Hardwick, 4 years, Burlington
White, Dorothy M. Greensboro, teaching, Greensboro
McClelland, D. W. Principal 1935 -
Leslie, Edith, B.S. Faculty Member
Mann, Lida M., B.S. Faculty Member
Wilber, Beatrice W., A. B. Faculty Member
Scully, Alice P., B. S. in Ed. Faculty Member
MacLean, M. Estelle, B.S. Faculty Member
Beveridge, Eliot P., A.B., A.M. Ed. M. Faculty Member
Smith, Alice R., B.S., M.A. Faculty Member
White, Frances C., A.B., M.A. Faculty Member
Lord, Alice W., A.B., M.A. Faculty Member
Speakman, Nadine, B.S. in Ed., M.A. Faculty Member
Stone, Bertha L., B.S., M.A. Faculty Member
Tempero, Howard, B.S., M.S. Faculty Member
Batchelder, Bernice A., B.S., M.A. Faculty Member
Tracy, Mary, A.B. Faculty Member
Russell, Helen A., B.S., M.A. Faculty Member
Sichel, Elsa Keil, B.S., M.A. Faculty Member
Doranchak, Stephney J., B.S., M.A. Faculty Member
Paul, Joan Faculty Member
Hallock, Gertrude Faculty Member
Scanlon, Mildred Faculty Member
Wartainen, Aini Faculty Member
Heath, Evelyn Faculty Member
Field, Marion Faculty Member
Callahan, Catherine Faculty Member
Grondine, E. Dorothy Faculty Member
Camp, Rebecca, Ph. B. Faculty Member
Warren, Verma M. F. Faculty Member
Hebb, Freda Faculty Member
Class of 1936
Three Year Course
Holmes, Bessie (Mrs. Ralph Cyr) Stowe, 2 years, Springfield
Hovey, Laura E. Hardwick, teaching, Morrisville
Long, Edith (Mrs. Carlton McEnaney) Waitsfield, 2 years, Franklin
Two Year Course
Abell, Elaine D. Fairfield, teaching, Enosburg
Baraw, Homer N. Troy, teaching, N. Troy
Buker, Shirley 1940
Burnham, Luella (Mrs. Wayne Mack) E. Montpelier, E. Montpelier
Corliss, Elizabeth Swanton, (State Normal School at Castleton 1940) Huntington
Davis, Kenneth Johnson, 3 years, town clerk, mail carrier, garage proprietor, Waterville
Eldred, Marjorie Helen (Mrs. Clarence Tatro) Enosburg Falls, teaching, Franklin
Griswold, Perley Johnson, 3 years, third year 1941, Johnson
Labelle, Anne M. Hartford, teaching, Hartford
Levesque, Ronald 1940
Marshall, Eloise Waterbury Center, teaching, West Danville
McKenna, Elaine K. Montpelier, teaching, Northfield
Newton, Elizabeth Georgia, teaching, E. Barre
Pattee, Edith A. Georgia, teaching, Irasburg
Pease, Dorothy M. Middlesex, teaching, Lower Waterford
Poland, Florence (Mrs. Howard Turner) Waitsfield, 4 years, Middlesex
Rushford, Margaret Hyde Park, teaching, Highgate
Slayton, Evelyn R. (Mrs. Leonard Ayers) Stowe, 1 year, Stowe
Smith, Kathleen S. Sheldon, teaching, Waterford
Thurston, Murdena Groton, teaching, E. Montpelier
Class of 1937
Three Year Course
Bouchard, Irene D. (Mrs. Vincent Rushford) St. Albans, 1 1/2 years, St. Albans
Lee, Rowena E. Boston, MA, 2 years, works at Historical Library, Montpelier
McCallum, Ruth Janet St. Albans, teaching, St. Albans
Tillotson, Bethleen (Mrs. Cleon Kelley) Lowell
Two Year Course
Adams, Merritt Belvidere, 1 year, Fairfield
Booth, Dorothy (Mrs. James Bray) Milton, 3 years, St. Albans
Braman, Margaret (Mrs. Henry L. Williams) Washington, teaching, Northfield
Braman, Ola M. (Mrs. Harold Woodbury) Washington, teaching, Berlin
Burbank, Rebecca M. Hyde Park, teaching, Garfield
Cuthbert, Eleanor (Mrs. Eleanor Field) W. Bolton, teaching, Groton
Davis, Corella (Mrs. Dean Davis) Hyde Park, 3 years, Morrisville
Garrand, Hope Milton, teaching, Milton
Geake, Rachel I. (Mrs. John Stone) Barre, 2 years, Barre
Hunt, Irene M. (Mrs. Arthur Tatro) New Haven, 1 year, Franklin
Hutchinson, Anna Williamstown, teaching, Williamstown
McDonough, Teresa Swanton, teaching, Swanton
Maloney, Margaret Hyde Park, teaching, Essex Ctr.
Morse, Bernice Bakersfield, 27 years, substitute teaching, Bakersfield
Newton, Ruth (Mrs. Clayton Hall) St. Albans, 3 years, Long Beach, CA
Phelps, Leota G. (Mrs. Charles Pillsbury) Moscow, 2 years, Burlington, RFD
Richard, Martha S. Franklin, teaching, Franklin
St. Marie, Eugene Troy, (B.S. from Clark Univ., Worcester, MA), teaching Newport Ctr. HS, Newport
Shannon, Pearl F. Cambridge, teaching, Orleans
Shatney, Almy W. (Mrs. Renee Perron) Greensboro, 3 years, Glover
Sunderland, Joyce St. Albans, teaching, E. Franklin
Tatro, Teresa M. (Mrs. William Grant) Wolcott, teaching, Wolcott
Class of 1938
Three Year Course
Bilodeau, Mary Jane Johnson, teaching, Barre
Blodah, Barbara E. Cambridge, teaching, Randolph
Drown, Ruth A. Greensboro, teaching, Orleans
Field, Marion E. Newport, teaching, Johnson
Haley, Joan M. Derby Center, Quechee Falls
Kimball, Geraldine St. Albans, teaching, Orleans
Rushford, Magdalen I. Hyde Park, teaching, Highgate
Sinclair, Gertrude E. Lowell, teaching, Newport
Smith, Belle T. Morrisville, teaching, Lyndon
Walker, Mrs. Ola Bullis (Mrs. E. W. Walker) Johnson, 9 years, Johnson
Two Year Course
Beers, Anna Bristol, teaching, Jeffersonville
Bennett, Nadine (Mrs. Howard Farr) Williamstown, 2 years, E. Randolph
Combs, Marjorie E. Berkshire, teaching, E. Berkshire
Cox, Irene (Mrs. Carl O. Liimatainen, Jr.) Enosburg Falls, 2 years, Hyannis, MA, Box No. 236
Fresn, Doris Milton, teaching, Milton
Laforet, Eleanor Swanton, teaching, Highgate
Lamson, Arline (Mrs. Kenneth Wakefield) Randolph Center, Randolph Center
Leach, Marion (Mrs. William Webb) Fairfax, Fairfax
Locke, Orlina Johnson, teaching, Belvidere Corners
Parks, Margaretta (Mrs. Arthur Lambert) Swanton, Johnson
Perry, Thais Rutland, teaching, Wolcott
Sample, Madeline Williamstown, teaching, Williamstown
Saxby, Mary W. (Mrs. Gerard Pilon) Johnson, 3 years, Johnson
Sunderland, V. June E. Rochester, NH, teaching, Roxbury
Sweet, Phyllis (Mrs. Christy Jewett) Johnson, 1 year, Johnson
Thomas, Shirley Jeffersonville, teaching, Jeffersonville
Class of 1939
Three Year Course
Breault, Beatrice G. (Mrs. Wendall Jones) Troy, teaching, Johnson
Dana, Ila M. Waitsfield, 9 years, teaching, Randolph
Dodge, Myrlin W. Barre, teaching, Plainfield
Dunton, Hester R. Enosburg Falls, teaching, Washington
Fay, Margaret A. Hardwick, teaching, Hardwick
Hines, Natalie G. Morrisville, teaching, Morrisville
Lyon, Caroline M. Morrisville, teaching, E. Barre
McLaine, Evelyn M. Warren, teaching, Orleans
Newton, Phyllis M. (Mrs. Robert Gagnon) Marshfield, 1 year, Bradford
Two Year Course
Corse, Ardelle B. (Mrs. Wesley Spaulding) Jeffersonville, Fletcher
Haylette, Doris I. Underhill, teaching, Montgomery
Joslin, Alberta (Mrs. Harold Stafford) Waitsfield
Landry, Simone Swanton, teaching, Richford
McAllister, Gertrude Richford, teaching, Chelsea
Poland, Geneva Worcester, teaching, Moretown
Pope, Annis Lowell, teaching, Troy
Rogers, Alice Waterbury, teaching, West Enosburg
Stokes, Elene (Mrs. Chandler Brigham) Hinesburg, 1 1/2 years, Orleans
Stone, Gertrude (Mrs. James Despot) Enosburg, teaching, Johnson
Tancreti, Edith Windsor, teaching, Hartland
Wanzer, Avis Enosburg Falls, teaching, Fairfield
Wanzer, Florence (Mrs. Hubert Beard) Enosburg Falls, 1 year, Johnson
Whiting, Rachel Franklin, 1 year, third year 1941
Class of 1940
Three Year Course
Buker, Shirley E. Moscow
Cox, Amy A. Enosburg Falls
Eddy, Frances B. Hinesburg
Field, Beulah M. Hardwick
Gibbs, Mary L. Stowe
Levesque, Ronald R. Littleton, NH, 3 years, draftsman, 99 Barker St., Hartford, CT
Limoge, Grace L. Morrisville
Mann, Gwendolyn E. Waterville
Newton, Marian E. Georgia
Viencek, Jennie H. Morrisville
Whiting, Alice M. Waterville
Two Year Course
Brooks, Marjorie L. Waitsfield
Burbank, Christine A. Walden Heights
Clark, Ina M. Fletcher
Conant, Florence B. Randolph Center
DeLong, Leona V. Warren
Gauvin, Dorothy L. Barre, 140 Beckley St.
Kinney, Esther H. Enosburg Falls
Lamarche, Jeanne M. Westfield
Lunna, Grace M. (Mrs. Charles Holmes) Newport Center, Johnson
Morse, Madeline G. Lowell
Parah, Lillian M. Fairfax
Parker, Gretchen P. Lowell
Perry, Laura M. Randolph Center
Ratte, Rita A. Fairfax
Shephard, Harriett C. Stowe
Silver, Beverly L. South Barre
Taylor, Alice R. Lowell
Thebodeau, Dorothy M. Morrisville
Towle, Altha E. Enosburg Falls
Class of 1941
Three Year Course
Barnes, Louise P. North St., Montpelier
Batchelder, Charlotte A. Montpelier
Belville, Adena A. 152 Elm St., Montpelier
Breault, Stella J. Richford
Conger, Helen G. Richford
Dewey, Lillian M. Stowe
Ellis, Jean M. Poultney
Griswold, Perley J. Johnson
Huard, Mrs. Helen C. Johnson
Lace, Doris M. Johnson
Mable, Frances R. Hyde Park
Newton, Elizabeth B. Georgia
Ovitt, Leora L. Enosburg Falls
Ovitt, Phyllis C. Enosburg Falls
Porter, Ruth E. Cambridge
Thomas, Ruth E. Woodbury
Whiting, Rachel H. Franklin
Two Year Course
Baker, Merilyn H. Fairfax
Baraw, Mildred T. Johnson
Breault, Rita Y. Troy
Dashner, Evelyn M. Washington
Duranleau, Madeline L. Westfield
Field, Marion E. Bakersfield
George, Gwendolyn M. South Barre
Harris, Faye E. Hyde Park
Hill, Doris S. Shelburne
Hill, Dorothy E. Greensboro
Jewell, Marjorie A. Bristol
Kennedy, Jean G. 16 Clark St., Barre
Morse, Fay E. Lowell
Newton, Rebecca R. Georgia
Peno, Elaner C. Fairfax
Pitman, Priscilla E. South Barre
Powers, Barbara H. Johnson
Raymo, Henrietta C. Fairfield Center

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