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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Board of Education of the State of Vermont
Hendee, George W., His Excellency Morrisville
Clark, Hon. Merritt Poultney 1st Dist
Webber, Prof. George N. Middlebury 1st Dist
Ross, Jonathan, Esq. St. Johnsbury 2nd Dist
Ward, L. F., A. M. Westminster 2nd Dist
Buckham, Prof. M. H. Burlington 3rd Dist
Robinson, Rev. William A. Barton 3rd Dist
French, John H., LL. D. Burlington Secretary
Board of Trustees
Hodge, Rev. H. D., M. D. President
Belding, Samuel Vice President
Pike, S. S., Esq. Treasurer
Pearl, Isaac L. Secretary
Dougherty, Rev. James, D. D. Trustee
Chadwick, C. C. Trustee
Caldwell, A. W. Trustee
Waterman, H. A. Trustee
Cristy, R. C. Trustee
Heath, M. O. Trustee
Doane, W. C. Trustee
Waters, S. G. Trustee
Andrews, J. A. Trustee
Baker, T. J. Trustee
Holmes, D. G. Trustee
Hill, J. R. Trustee
Merriam, E. B. Trustee
McFarland, R. W. Trustee
Buck, Orange Trustee
Scribner, Noah Trustee
Austin, B. L. Trustee
Holmes, John Trustee
Wheeler, L. H. Trustee
Knight, L. M. Trustee
Executive Committee of Trustees
Hodge, Rev. H. D., M. D.  
Belding, Samuel  
Andrews, J. A.  
Committee of State Appropriation
Hodge, Rev. H. D., M. D.  
Pearl, Isaac L.  
Holmes, D. G.  
Committee on Care of Building
McFarland, R. W.  
Pike, S. S., Esq.  
Principal of the school  
Pearl, Isaac L.  
Waterman, H. A.  
Belding, Samuel  
Pearl, S. H., A. M. Principal
Foster, Mrs. E. S. Drawing & Painting
Tilson, Mrs. V. H. Instrumental & Vocal Music
Stiles, Annette L. Assistant
Morse, Helen S. Assistant, Fall Term
Andrews, Lydia J. Assistant, Winter Term
French, John M. Assistant, Spring Term
Morgan, Lizzie C. Assistant, Spring Term
Stockwell, George A. Penmanship
Fall Term of 1869 (Graduates)
Second Course  
Story, Helen L. Cambridge
French, John M. Cambridge
First Course  
Bailey, Sarah C. Woodbury
Fassett, Annie R. Jericho
Fullington, Mary L. Cambridge
Hill, Rosa A. Chicago, IL
Hulbert, Lottie S. Sheldon
Morse, Helen S. Johnson
Munger, Abbie A. Colchester
Munger, Emma E. Colchester
Oakes, Anna L. Johnson
Pennock, Katie E. Wolcott
Van Vliet, Sarah E. Jericho
Waterman, Carrie Williamstown
Spring Term of 1870
Second Course  
Stiles, Annette L. Montgomery
First Course  
Bailey, Julia G. Woodbury
Brigham, Laura E. Bakersfield
Currie, Sarah A. St. Albans Bay
Davis, Rosie J. Peacham
Hawley, Mary A. Springfield
Heath, Iola E. North Hyde Park
Joslin, Dora W. Waitsfield
Kinney, Lovisa Craftsbury
Marlow, Kate Albany
Nichols, Helen R. Enosburgh
Wells, Lucy Granby
Wood, Lizzie M. Cambridge
Students - Ladies Residence
Abell, Abbie A. Fairfield
Abell, Villie H. Sheldon
Adams, Sarah L. Eden
Andrews, Lydia J. Johnson
Atwell, Welthy A. Johnson
Bailey, Sarah C. Woodbury
Bailey, Julia G. Woodbury
Bailey, Josephine A. Fletcher
Baker, Charity E. Johnson
Barnard, Clara K. Barton
Barnes, Martha L. Bakersfield
Barnes, Emma C. Bakersfield
Bates, Frankie A. Essex
Beecher, Flora E. Johnson
Belding, Lucia E. Johnson
Belding, Laura A. Johnson
Belding, Emma W. Johnson
Benedict, Ellen M. Underhill
Bingham, Ella L. Fletcher
Bixby, Cleora J. Underhill
Brackett, Carrie E. Stowe
Bradley, Clara R. Johnson
Brigham, Laura E. Bakersfield
Brown, Elizada E. Westfield
Brown, Leonora L. Newport
Butler, Sarah M. Johnson
Butts, Mary A. Johnson
Carpenter, Ellanette L. Waterville
Carpenter, Abbie M. Johnson
Chamberlin, Lavinia M. Johnson
Clapp, Kate M. Colchester
Collins, Addie S. Colchester
Collins, Kate L. Colchester
Currie, Sarah A. St. Albans Bay
Danforth, Alida S. Johnson
Danforth, Ambrosia Fletcher
Davis, Rosie J. Peacham
Farman, Lella A. Westfield
Fassett, Annie R. Jericho
Ferguson, Nancy A. Johnson
Ferguson, Fannie D. Montgomery
Fitch, Verona M. Johnson
Flagg, Frankie I. Randolph
Foster, Julia A. East Fairfield
Fuller, Mary E. Jericho
Fullington, Eugenia M. East Cambridge
Fullington, Mary L. East Cambridge
Fullington, Sarah E. East Cambridge
Gates, Milly A. Enosburgh
Hadley, Flora A. Nashua, NH
Haile, Mary L. Montgomery
Hall, Viola A. Johnson
Hawley, Mary A. Springfield
Heath, Iola E. North Hyde Park
Hill, Rosa A. Chicago, IL
Hodge, Lizzie E. Johnson
Howard, Nellie M. North Fairfax
Hulbert, Lottie S. Sheldon
Huntley, Celia J. Hardwick
Jones, Delia M. Johnson
Joslin, Dora W. Waitsfield
Kalton, Orinda F. Montgomery
King, Addie East Fairfield
Kinney, Lovisa Craftsbury
Lane, Zettie Newport
Leckie, Annie Underhill
Lewis, Emma L. Johnson
Magoon, Alma L. Newport
Marlow, Kate Albany
Martin, Edna M. Barton
Matthews, Luceba E. Johnson
Maynard, Emma L. Enosburgh
McMaon, Anna Johnson
Morgan, Jennie M. Johnson
Morgan, Lizzie C. Johnson
Morse, Helen S. Johnson
Morse, Delia M. Johnson
Morse, Lizzie D. East Cambridge
Morse, Carrie M. East Cambridge
Moseley, Lilly E. North Fairfax
Mossman, Jennie M. Barton
Mott, Mary E. Johnson
Munger, Abbie A. Colchester
Munger, Emma E. Colchester
Munn, Lucinda U. Johnson
Naramore, Fannie L. North Underhill
Newton, Alice M. East Fairfield
Nichols, Helen R. Enosburgh
Oakes, Anna L. Johnson
Page, Martha J. Johnson
Parker, Belle L. Wolcott
Paul, Ada East Berkshire
Pennock, Katie E. Wolcott
Platt, Clara W. Johnson
Porter, Martha E. Montgomery
Potter, Celestia M. East Fairfield
Powers, Mary J. Hyde Park
Prindle, Ida S. Fairfield
Putnam, Fannie G. Johnson
Rice, Edna T. Enosburgh
Ritterbush, Emma F. Johnson
Rogers, Julia H. Johnson
Sallies, Ellen L. Stowe
Sawyer, Asenath M. Johnson
Simmonds, Nettie E. Waterbury Center
Smalley, Martha Greensboro
Stearns, Carrie E. Johnson
Stiles, Annette L. Montgomery
Stoddard, Mary J. Johnson
Story, Helen L. Cambridge
Stratton, Anna E. North Hyde Park
Taylor, Emma S. Barton
Taylor, Mary J. Hyde Park
Terrill, Mary S. Underhill Center
Tillison, Josie H. North Underhill
Tillison, Sarah A. Underhill
Tillotson, Laura E. Belvidere
Titus, Eva E. Wolcott
Tupper, Dezoa N. Bakersfield
Tupper, Julia A. Bakersfield
Van Vliet, Sarah E. Jericho
Waterman, Carrie Williamstown
Weed, Evagene E. Westford
Wells, Lucy Granby
Whiting, Lucy B. Johnson
Whittemore, Amy A. Albany
Whittemore, Alice J. Belvidere
Whittemore, Lydia A. Belvidere
Whittemore, Betsey Waterville
Wilson, Maria A. Morristown
Winslow, Helen M. Westfield
Wood, Lizzie M. Cambridge
Wood, Louise M. Cambridge
Students - Gentlemen Residence
Babcock, Henry Alburgh
Baker, Stillman J. Johnson
Bassett, Henry C. Brownington
Burnham, John H. Johnson
Buzzell, John T. Troy
Clark, Walter S. St. Albans
Currie, James E. St. Albany Bay
Currie, Leslie C. St. Albans Bay
Dow, Fred Johnson
French, John M. Cambridge
Fullington, Fred. H. Cambridge
Hall, Bennett C. Westford
Hall, John Johnson
Ingalls, George F. Eden
Jones, Charles P. Johnson
Jones, Frank W. Johnson
Leach, Justin S. Fletcher
Lewis, Nelson M. West Glover
Manning, Howard Johnson
  North Fairfax
Naramore, Fred P. North Underhill
Oakes, Carlos D. Johnson
Page, Joel W., Jr. Cambridge
Peck, Walter J. Waterville
Riddle, Charles A. Johnson
Robinson, George H. Johnson
Saxby, Willard H. Bakersfield
Scott, Lucius M. Elmore
Scott, Ira A. Waterville
Sheahan, John North Fairfax
Smalley, Joseph Greensboro
Smalley, Wesley Greensboro
Smith, George Bakersfield
Stearns, Charles Johnson
Stinehour, Eddie Johnson
Terrill, Homer A. Underhill
Thomas, Fred L. South Troy
Towle, William M. Sheldon
Waters, Luther A. Johnson
Waters, S. Hahnman Johnson
Winslow, Edward W. Westfield
Worthen, George W. West Charleston

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