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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Burnham, Charles C. Principal & Teacher in Mathematics
Hall, Rev. Samuel R. Teacher in English Grammar
Wilson, Prof. S. M. Teacher in Elocution & Drawing
Stearns, Rev. Josiah M. Teacher in Geography
Hartshorn, Charles L. Instructor of Vocal Music
Clark, George Recording Secretary
Burnham, Charles G., M.A. Danville
Wilson, Prof. S. M. Bradford, NH
Hall, Rev. Samuel R. Craftsbury
Stearns, Rev. Josiah M. Lunenburg
Gentlemen Residence
Abbott, John A. Newark
Adams, Charles Lunenburg
Ames, Aaron Lunenburg
Balch, Newell Lunenburg
Bell, Franklin Lunenburg
Benton, R. C. Jr. Lunenburg
Brooks, Benjamin B. Dalton, NH
Brooks, Edward P. Dalton, NH
Brooks, James B. Lunenburg
Chamberlin, Hubbard Lunenburg
Chandler, Charles R. Lunenburg
Chandler, George E. Lunenburg
Chandler, James B. S. Lunenburg
Clark, George Lunenburg
Cole, Charles Lunenburg
Cutler, Harris Lunenburg
Cutting, Hiram A. Concord
French, George F. Lunenburg
Graves, Richardson B. Concord
Hartshorn, Charles L. Lunenburg
Hartshorn, Irving W. Lunenburg
Hartshorn, Joel S. Lunenburg
Heywood, Henry Lunenburg
Howe, F. Austin Lunenburg
Kelley, E. W. P. Lunenburg
King, Charles W. Lunenburg
King, Sheldon L. Lunenburg
Lane, William B. Lunenburg
Phelps, Joseph Lunenburg
Phelps, Samuel Jr. Lunenburg
Pond, Eben Lunenburg
Smith, Jared Lunenburg
Snow, B. B. Lunenburg
Stockwell, Albert S. Lunenburg
Stockwell, Alden F. Lunenburg
Thomas, Martin Lunenburg
Whipple, Francis Lunenburg
Woobury, Joseph E. Concord
Ladies Residence
Adams, Lynda Lunenburg
Ames, Harriet M. Guildhall
Balch, Electa Lunenburg
Ball, Elizabeth A. Lunenburg
Barnard, Martha B. Lunenburg
Benton, Almira F. Lunenburg
Benton, Mary E. Lunenburg
Bell, Maria Lunenburg
Blake, Mary J. Dalton, NH
Bowker, Betsey M. Lunenburg
Brooks, Lucy A. Lunenburg
Brooks, Lucy M. Dalton, NH
Brown, Ann M. Lunenburg
Chandler, J. G. Lunenburg
Chandler, Jane E. Lunenburg
Chandler, Mary N. Lunenburg
Cutler, Elizabeth Lunenburg
Cutler, Lucy A. Lunenburg
Cutler, Susan A. Lunenburg
Dewey, Lucia L. Lunenburg
Dewey, N. Maria Lunenburg
Elliott, Sarah E. Lunenburg
French, Annette W. Lunenburg
Glines, Kate K. Lunenburg
Glines, Laura G. Lunenburg
Glines, M. Eliza Lunenburg
Hannam, Lucy P. Granby
Harriman, E. W. Dalton, NH
Harris, Caroline E. Lunenburg
Hartshorn, Jane L. Lunenburg
Haskell, Elvira L. Lennoxville, Canada
Haskell, Miranda E. Lennoxville, Canada
King, Laura A. Lunenburg
Lang, Eliza B. Lunenburg
Morse, Philomelia S. Lunenburg
Olcott, Emily A. Lunenburg
Olcott, Esther Lunenburg
Olcott, Fanny A. Lunenburg
Powers, Fidelia Lunenburg
Rice, Ann J. Lunenburg
Silsby, Martha Lunenburg
Strowbridge, M. L. Lunenburg
Stuart, Susan Lunenburg
Taylor, Elizabeth Dalton, NH
Tenney, Philetta W. Dalton, NH
Wilson, A. Jane Lunenburg
Wright, Annette E. Lunenburg
Wright, Helen A. Lunenburg

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