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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Caledonia County Grammar School Lyndon, Vermont June 1837  
Fletcher, Hon. Isaac President  
Goss, Philip, Esq. Vice President  
Spalding, Dr. Phineas Secretary  
Roberts, Charles Esq. Treasurer  
Chamberlin, Ephraim Esq. Trustee  
Chase, Gen. Epaphras B. Trustee  
Evans, Otis, Esq. Trustee  
Houghton, Silas, Esq. Trustee  
Ingalls, Hon. Joseph H. Trustee  
Kittredge, Moses, Esq. Trustee  
McGaffey, Stephen, Esq. Trustee  
Randall, Job, Esq. Trustee  
Stevens, Henry, Esq. Trustee  
Walker, Benjamin, Esq. Trustee  
Adams, Ezra E., A. B. Principal  
Berry, Miss Betsey B. Preceptress  
Paddock, Miss Julia Ann Teacher in Music  
Adams, James O. Assistant Pupil  
Stevens, Henry, Jr. Assistant Pupil  
Willard, William C. Assistant Pupil  
Gentlemen Residence  
Abbott, Joel W. Warren, R.I.  
Adams, James O. Concord, NH  
Allison, William H. Dunbarton, NH  
Alton, Orin F. Lyndon  
Bean, Johnson Wheelock  
Beattie, David H. Ryegate  
Beckwith, Amos Sutton  
Benton, Jacob St Johnsbury  
Benton, Josiah H. St Johnsbury  
Bingham, Harry Concord  
Blodgett, Lewis F. Derby  
Brickett, William B. Concord, NH  
Brockway, Benjamin F. Sutton  
Brockway, Harrison Sutton  
Brockway, Harrison St Johnsbury  
Brown, Oliver T. Waterford  
Cahoon, Charles M. Portland, ME  
Cahoon, Charles S. Lyndon  
Cahoon, William W. Lyndon  
Carpenter, Amos B. Waterford  
Carpenter, Ira Kirby  
Carpenter, Riley W. Kirby  
Chase, Charles Lyndon  
Chase, Henry Lyndon  
Chase, John B. Lyndon  
Clement, John Holderness, NH  
Crane, Sylvenus Lyndon  
Cushing, Haynes P. Burke  
Cushing, Perry G. L. Lyndon  
Darling, Ferdinand Lyndon  
Denison, William G. Burke  
Deming, Charles Danville  
Drew, William S. Danville  
Dole, Eleazer F. Danville  
Eaton, James M. Danville  
Evans, Ferdinand Lyndon  
Fairbanks, George St Johnsbury  
Fairbanks, Horace St Johnsbury  
Farr, Josiah S. Stanstead, L. C.  
Field, George A. Lyndon  
Flint, Horace K. St Johnsbury  
Flint, Jonas, Jr. St Johnsbury  
Goss, Horace C. Lyndon  
Graves, Samuel St Johnsbury  
Hill, Jewett Sheffield  
Hoyt, Andrew J. Lyndon  
Hoyt, Calvin D. Lyndon  
Hoyt, Charles R. Lyndon  
Hoyt, Francis A. Lyndon  
Holmes, George R. Derby  
Holmes, Horace D. Stanstead, L. C.  
Hubbard, George V. B. S. Burke  
Hurd, Daniel Derby  
Ingalls, Charles Lyndon  
Kimball, Benjamin G. Lyndon  
Kittredge, Charles W. St Johnsbury  
Ladd, Josiah Burke  
Longee, Darius Lyndon  
Lull, James W. Stanstead, L. C.  
McWade, Jerome Lyndon  
Morrill, Ephraim Sutton  
Newton, Freedom Lyndon  
Paddleford, John A. Lyman, NH  
Page, Asa F. Danville  
Pierce, George W. Lyndon  
Pierce, William Jr. Lyndon  
Pike, Henry O. Concord  
Ramsey, James R. St Johnsbury  
Randall, Sayles Lyndon  
Randall, Sylvenus Lyndon  
Richardson, Edgar Lyndon  
Roberts, George W. Lyndon  
Shaw, George E. Burlington  
Smith, William P. Rumney, NH  
Stevens, Henry Jr. Barnet  
Weeks, George H. Lyndon  
Weeks, Hiram Lyndon  
Weeks, John M. Lyndon  
Wells, Loomis Victory  
Wheat, Samuel E. Putney  
West, Edward B. Concord, NH  
Whitcomb, Joel F. Compton, L. C.  
Willard, Charles Lyndon  
Willard, William C. Lyndon  
Wilson, William H. Bradford  
Wing, John A. Lyndon  
Wing, Willard C. Lyndon  
Winslow, Luther O. Sunderland, MA  
Woodruff, Horace E. Burke  
Ladies Residence  
Adams, Mary D. Concord, NH  
Allen, Sally Lyndon  
Bailey, Susan E. Waterford  
Bachop, Jane Barnet  
Bachop, Janette Barnet  
Beckwith, Lodoski Sutton  
Bemiss, Emeline Lyndon  
Bemiss, Laurestine L. Lyndon  
Bingham, Lucy A. Concord  
Bingham, Mary P. St Johnsbury  
Blake, Emily C. Sutton  
Bowker, Caroline Lyndon  
Bowker, Mary Lyndon  
Brown, Sophia Sutton  
Cahoon, Caroline M. Lyndon  
Cahoon, Harriet H. Lyndon  
Cahoon, Mary Lyndon  
Cahoon, Sarah A. Lyndon  
Carpenter, Cloriana Lyndon  
Carter, Susan S. Lyndon  
Chamberlin, Caroline C. Lyndon  
Cobb, Sophia B. Barton  
Cushing, Elizabeth R. Lyndon  
Darling, Sophronia Lyndon  
Dickerman, Julia N. P. St Johnsbury  
Dickinson, Maria M. St Johnsbury  
Doolittle, Susan E. Hatley, L. C.  
Drew, Almira Danville  
Eames, Jane M. Newbury  
Edgell, Julia A. Lyndon  
Edgell, Luvia M. Lyndon  
Evans, Ann E. Lyndon  
Evans, Caroline Lyndon  
Fairbanks, Harriet N. Littleton, NH  
Field, Maria A. Lyndon  
Fletcher, Mary Lyndon  
Goss, Celia A. Lyndon  
Goss, Mary A. Lyndon  
Grannis, Elizabeth C. Stanstead, L. C.  
Greenleaf, Ann E. Brooklyn, NY  
Greenleaf, Catherine D. Brooklyn, NY  
Harris, Mary A. Chesterfield, NH  
Hibbard, Arthusa A. St Johnsbury  
Hoffman, Mary Lyndon  
Houghton, Emily Lyndon  
Houghton, Louisa Lyndon  
Hutchinson, Lucy W. Sutton  
Knight, Juana M. New York City  
Knight, Mary G. New York City  
Leavenworth, Cynthia M. Wheelock  
Mann, Mary J. Barnet  
McGaffey, Judith Lyndon  
McGaffey, Flavia Lyndon  
McGaffey, Laura A. Lyndon  
McKoy, Caroline Lyndon  
Pope, Calista L. Danville  
Pope, Sophia J. Danville  
Porter, Jane A. Concord  
Quimby, Dolly P. Lyndon  
Randall, Sarah N. Danville  
Richardson, Lucy A. Lyndon  
Roberts, Sylvia E. Lyndon  
Sanborn, Mary Lyndon  
Sawtell, Jane Lyndon  
Scott, Mary Burke  
Short, Emeline Seeconk, MA  
Smith, Harriet Sutton  
Spalding, Caroline A. Lyndon  
Stone, Mary B. Lyndon  
Stoughton, Christina St Johnsbury  
Tilton, Martha B. Danville  
Weeks, Betsey Lyndon  
Weeks, Sophia B. Lyndon  
Whipple, Harriet Lyndon  
Willard, Hannah Lyndon  
Williams, Betsey H. Lyndon  
Wilson, Laura Bradford  
Wing, Caroline A. Lyndon  
Wood, Mary A. Waterford  
Caledonia County Grammar School Lyndon, Vermont 1843  
Randall, Job, Esq. President  
Goss, Philip, Esq. Vice President  
Chamberlin, Ephraim Esq. Secretary  
Chase, Hon. Epaphras B. Treasurer  
Chase, Hon. E. B. Prudential Committee  
Goss, Philip, Esq. Prudential Committee  
McGaffey, Stephen, Esq. Prudential Committee  
Roberts, Charles Esq. Trustee  
Ingalls, Hon. Joseph H. Trustee  
Evans, Otis, Esq. Trustee  
Kittredge, Moses, Esq. Trustee  
Stevens, Henry, Esq. Trustee  
Kimball, Lucius, Esq. Trustee  
Sanborn, Beniah, M.D. Trustee  
Brown, Lewis R., Esq. Trustee  
Fletcher, Charles B., Esq. Trustee  
Adams, James O., A.B. Principal  
Adams, Miss Mary D. Female Principal  
Rutherford, Reuben C. Assistant  
Gentlemen Residence Rooms
Allen, Albertus Wheelock Mrs. Peck's
Baylies, Ripley Montpelier G. C. Cahoon's
Bean, Zelotes C. Sutton James Orne's
Bemiss, Alonzo Lyndon Mrs. Bemiss'
Bemiss, Elias H. Lyndon Mrs. Bemiss'
Bowker, John A. Lyndon D. Bowker's
Brockway, Benjamin F. Sutton Athenian Hall
Brown, Hiram A. Danville G. C. Peck's
Brown, Lewis P. Lyndon L. R. Brown's
Cahoon, Charles S. Lyndon Mrs. Cahoon's
Cahoon, George W. Lyndon G. C. Cahoon's
Chase, Charles Lyndon E. B. Chase's
Clarke, Albert W. Lyndon J. Clarke's
Damon, Job Lyndon E. Damon's
Dickerman, Abel C. Lyndon R. Dickerman's
Evans, Albert H. Lyndon E. B. Chase's
Folsom, Frederic Lyndon J. Pearle's
Goss, Butler St Johnsbury P. Goss'
Goss, Horace C. Lyndon P. Goss'
Greene, John A. Lyndon P. P. Houghton's
Grelee, Charles Lyndon J. Grelee's
Harris, J. Edwin Lyndon A. Harris'
Hastings, E. Olcott Lyndon Mrs. Hastings'
Hastings, Joseph S. Troy L. R. Brown's
Hoffman, James W. Northumberland, NH H. A. Webster's
Houghton, Henry A. Lyndon P. Houghton's
Hoyt, Andrew Lyndon J. Hoyt's
Hubbard, Elknah W. Lyndon B. G. Hubbard's
Humphrey, John St Johnsbury S. Houghton's
Huse, Simeon Kirby C. Ingall's
Jenkins, Joel Kirby C. Ingall's
Kendall, A. Orville Lyndon D. Kendall's
Kendall, Henry L. Lyndon D. Kendall's
Kendall, Leonard C. Lyndon D. Kendall's
Kimball, Gordon B. Lyndon L. Kimball's
Kittredge, Joseph Lyndon Chase's Hall
Knapp, Horace H. Lyman, NH D. Kendall's
May, Ethan N. Lyndon Chase's Hall
McGaffey, George W. Lyndon W. McGaffey's
McGaffey, Stephen, Jr. Lyndon S. McGaffey's
Miller, Otis H. Lyndon G. Miller's
Newell, Eleazer Jay, NY Dr. Newell's
Orne, Joseph C. Lyndon James Orne's
Orne, William Lyndon John Orne's
Pierce, Roswell Lyndon J. Butterfield's
Powers, William C. Lyndon Mrs. Power's
Quimby, Horace A. Lyndon W. Paine's
Randall, George R. Lyndon D. Randall's
Richardson, Edgar Lyndon B. Richardson's
Sanborn, Isaac W. Lyndon Benjamin Sanborn's
Sanborn, Jerome B. Sutton B. Richardson's
Shaw, Daniel G. Sutton B. Bundy's
Sherman, Stephen F. Lyndon G. Sherman's
Stone, Charles M. Lyndon C. Stone's
Weeks, Charles M. Lyndon Mrs. Weeks'
Wilder, Bela A. Lyndon J. Bly's
Willard, Charles W. Lyndon Mrs. Willard's
Willmarth, George H. Lyndon C. Ingall's
Wing, Cyrus L. Lyndon Mrs. Wing's
Wing, John A. Lyndon Mrs. Wing's
Wing, Russell W. Lyndon Mrs. Wing's
Woodman, Harrison G. Lyndon Mrs. Peck's
Woodman, William C. Lyndon Mrs. Peck's
Ladies Residence Rooms
Bemiss, Laurestine L. Lyndon J. Welton's
Bowker, Caroline F. Lyndon D. Bowker's
Bowker, Emeline P. Lyndon D. Bowker's
Bowker, Martha J. Lyndon D. Bowker's
Bowker, Mary F. Lyndon D. Bowker's
Cahoon, Caroline M. Lyndon J. Welton's
Chase, Charlotte Lyndon E. B. Chase's
Chase, Emily Lyndon E. B. Chase's
Colby, Lucy A. Lyndon Mrs. Colby's
Fletcher, Rachel Lyndon N. H. Fletcher's
Flint, Catharine St Johnsbury A. Flint's
Hastings, Helen M. Lyndon Mrs. Hastings'
Hastings, Martha H. St Johnsbury Mrs. Hastings'
Hopkins, Urana B. Lyndon C. Hopkin's
Howard, Mary L. Sutton B. Richardson's
Hubbard, Lucenia W. Lyndon B. G. Hubbard's
Huse, Luthera Kirby C. Ingall's
Jacobs, Aurilla Sutton B. Richardson's
Jenkins, Calista Kirby C. Ingall's
Johnson, Mary J. Lebanon, NH B. G. Hubbard's
Kendall, Mary Ann Lyndon D. Kendall's
Ladd, Mary F. New York City P. Goss'
Locke, Mary S. Lyndon W. Locke's
Lockling, Samantha T. Lyndon Rev. Mr. Patterson's
McGaffey, Aurelia B. Lyndon S. McGaffey's
McGaffey, Jane E. Lyndon W. McGaffey's
Miller, Susan E. Lyndon G. Miller's
Orne, Abagail W. Lyndon James Orne's
Quimby, Emily M. Lyndon T. Quimby's
Ready, Susanna Compton, L. C. J. Welton's
Russell, Wealthy W. Kirby C. Ingall's
Sanborn, Lydia J. Lyndon Dr. Sanborn's
Stone, Julia E. Lyndon C. Stone's
Skinner, Emeline Lyndon Mr. Skinner's
Webster, Amanda Lyndon A. Webster's
Weeks, Catherine E. G. Lyndon N. Weeks'
Weeks, Mary J. Lyndon Mrs. Weeks'
Whipple, Harriet M. Lyndon B. Richardson's
Williams, Caroline M. Lyndon B. Richardson's
Willmarth, Louisa Lyndon L. Wilmarth's
Wilson, Laura J. Lyndon T. Brickett's
Wing, Caroline A. Lyndon Mrs. Wing's
Wing, Clara J. Rochester Mrs. Wing's

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