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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Board of Trustees
Thompson, Sumner S. President
Sanborn, Isaac W. Secretary & Treasurer
Morrill, Calvin Howard, Lorenzo
Sanborn, Charles Moulton, Rev. T. P.
Spooner, Thomas Bradley, Sewall
Tasker, Rev. L. B. (deceased) Bigelow, C. D.
Allen, Albertus Ruggles, N. W.
Easterbrooks, H. W. Nickerson, Rev. S. S.
Adams, Rev. D. H. Nichols, H. M.
Prescott, Geo. M. Rogers, Chas., Jr.
Randall, Thomas Harris, A. O.
Pettigrew, Robert Smalley, Rev. E. C. (deceased)
Pearl, Jeremy Stiles, Rev. Horace
Ingerson, Hez. Switser, Francis
  Drown, Horace
Thompson, S. S. Executive Committee
Tasker, Rev. L. B. (deceased) Executive Committee
Sanborn, I. W. Executive Committee
Harris, A. O. Executive Committee
Noyes, Rev. W. L. Executive Committee
Noyes, Rev. W. L. Auditor
Harris, A. O. Auditor
Noyes, Rev. W. L. Examining Committee
Bennett, Rev. W. P. Examining Committee
Putney, C. E., A. M. Examining Committee
Thompson, Miss Ella E. Examining Committee
Baldwin, Miss Adella L. Examining Committee
Brown, John S., A. M. Principal, Teacher of Greek, German & Natural Sciences
Stockbridge, George H., A. M. Teacher of Higher Mathematics, Latin & Astronomy
Abbott, Miss Lillian S. Preceptress, Teacher of French, Botany & Rhetoric
Pendexter, Miss S. Alma Teacher of Mathematics, Latin & English Branches
Folsom, Miss Lelia E. Teacher of Music
Goss, Sanford A. Teacher of Penmanship
Brown, John S., A. M. Librarian
Gentlemen - Classical Residence Room
Fisher, Franklin P. Lyndon Center Mr. A. Morgan
Hutchinson, Charles C. S. Wheelock Mr. A. Morgan
Senior Class
Danforth, Ola H. N. Stratford, NH Mrs. Harvey
Darling, Charles M. Wheelock Mrs. Ingalls
Hume, Alexander Lyndonville Mr. Hume
King, Cortez G. Sutton Mr. Thompson
King, Major S. Sutton Mr. Thompson
Parker, Harland L. Lyndonville Mr. Parker
Middle Class
Applebee, William S. Lyndonville Mrs. Applebee
Baldwin, Deo D. Sharon Mr. Thompson
Bundy, Fred G. Lyndon Mr. Bundy
Gilkey, Ransom E. S. Strafford Mr. Thompson
Gilman, Wilbur F. Lyndon Center Mr. Gilman
Hoffman, Edwin H. Lyndon Center Mr. Hoffman
Morgan, Frank M. Hill, NH Mrs. Harvey
Richardson, Willie H. Lyndon Mrs. Richardson
Shattuck, John F. West Derby Mr. Willey
Junior Class
Allen, Frank Q. Lyndon Center Mr. Allen
Bigelow, Elisha Lyndon Center Mr. Bigelow
Harris, Fred A. Lyndon Center Mr. Harris
Harvey, Wm. Fred Lyndon Center Mrs. Harvey
Marshall, Charles L. West Burke Mr. Pettigrew
Pettigrew, John Lyndonville Mr. Pettigrew
Randall, Sylvanus S. Wheelock Mr. Varney
Gentlemen - English Course
Bartlett, Florian Magog, P. Q. Mrs. Harvey
Berry, Burleigh C. S. Barton Mrs. Harvey
Bowman, Wallace B. Burke Dr. Donaldson
Brown, Oscar J. St Johnsbury Center Mr. Hopkins
Brown, George N. St Johnsbury Center Mr. Hopkins
Clifford, Everett L. Lyndon Center Mrs. Hawkins
Cummings, Willie F. Westmore Mr. Thompson
Curtis, Bartlett N. West Burke Mr. Thompson
Densmore, Harley E. Lyndonville Mr. Densmore
Eastman, J. Willie Lyndon Center Mr. Eastman
Frost, Charles O. S. Barton Mrs. Harvey
Hall, Robert P. Lyndon Center Mr. Hall
Hodgdon, Frank A. Sutton Mr. J. P. Quimby
Hoffman, Charles W. Lyndon Center Mr. Morgan
Hoyt, Joseph Lyndon Center Mr. Hoyt
Mattocks, Euao E. Lyndon Center Mrs. Kent
McVicar, Fred Lyndon Center Mr. McVicar
Miles, Joseph R. Lyndon Center Mrs. Miles
Nelson, Charles T. Lyndon Center Mr. Nelson
Nichols, Stephen D. Lyndon Center Mr. Nichols
Pierce, Elias K. Lyndonville Mrs. Pierce
Prescott, Sumner G. Lyndon Center Mr. Prescott
Randall, Frank L. S. Barton Rev. Mr. Randall
Ruggles, George H. Lyndon Center Mr. Ruggles
Tarao, Henry Madawaska, ME Mr. Tarao
Tarao, Fred Lyndonville Mr. Tarao
Walter, Charles T. Lyndon Center Mrs. Walter
Watson, Joseph E. Lyndon Center Mr. A. Quimby
Wetherbee, A. L. Lyndonville Mr. Wetherbee
Wetherbee, R. W. Kirby Mrs. Park
Wheeler, Charles H. Lyndonville Mr. Wheeler
Whipple, Harvey M. Lyndon Center Mr. Whipple
Wilmot, Willie B. Lyndonville Mr. Wilmot
Winter, Arthur A. Lyndon Center Mr. Winter
Ladies - Classical & English Residence Room
Ainger, Ida M. Sutton Mr. Miller
Baldwin, Adella L. Sharon Mr. Whipple
Campbell, Rosena R. Sutton Mr. Miller
Senior Class
Noyes, Ida J. Landaff, NH Mr. Nichols
Senior Middle Class
Darling, Jennie L. Wheelock Mr. Nichols
Dodge, Ella C. Lyndonville Mr. Dodge
Harris, Carrie R. Lyndon Center Mr. Harris
Hume, Annie T. Lyndonville Mr. Hume
Ingalls, Lillia J. Lyndon Center Mrs. Ingalls
Sanborn, Myra E. Lyndon Center Mr. Sanborn
Junior Middle Class
Allen, Hattie T. Lyndon Center Mr. Allen
Brown, Flora A. Bridgewater, NH Mrs. Harvey
Hall, Sarah E. Sutton Mr. Woodman
Hubbard, Elsena L. Lyndon Center Mrs. Park
Hume, Mary E. Lyndonville Mr. Hume
Nichols, Elva L. Lyndon Center Mr. Nichols
Norris, Martha B. West Derby Mr. Woodman
Park, Laura A. Lyndon Center Mrs. Park
Pearl, Ida S. Lyndon Center Mr. Pearl
Severance, Carrie R. E. St. Johnsbury Mr. McVicar
Junior Class
Eastman, Emma A. Sutton Mr. Willey
Hovey, Mary A. Lyndonville Mr. Hovey
Hume, Emily Lyndonville Mr. Hume
Johnson, Avaline E. Newark Mr. Noyes
Murray, Dora G. Lyndonville Mr. Murray
Sanborn, Martha L. Lyndon Center Mr. Sanborn
Shattuck, Adelle K. West Derby Mr. Willey
Winter, Helen M. Lyndon Center Mr. Winter
English Course
Bigelow, Flora M. Lyndon Center Mr. Bigelow
Carpenter, Ella F. Lyndonville Mr. Carpenter
Curtis, Emma V. West Burke Mr. Thompson
Damon, Rhobe E. Lyndon Mr. Willey
Densmore, Hattie I. Wheelock Mr. Currier
Easterbrooks, Lucy F. Sutton Mr. Densmore
Eastman, Eva E. Sutton Mr. E. Morgan
Eaton, Mary E. Sutton Mr. McVicar
Fisher, Josephine Lyndon Center Mr. Willard
Fletcher, Martha M. Lyndon Center Mr. Willard
Fletcher, Zilpha J. Lyndon Center Mr. Willard
Ford, Lettie S. Granby Mr. A. Morgan
Foss, Nellie E. Lyndonville Mr. Woodward
Harris, Mary E. East Burke Mrs. Walter
Hodgdon, Rena E. Sutton Mr. J. P. Quimby
Horne, Emiletta M. North Danville Mr. A. Morgan
Horne, Marilla R. North Danville Mr. A. Morgan
Horne, Alice A. North Danville Mr. A. Morgan
Houghton, Luvilla E. Lyndon Mr. J. P. Quimby
Houghton, Celia E. East Burke Mr. McVicar
Hoyt, Sadie Lyndon Center Mr. Hoyt
Humphrey, Nellie M. East Burke Mrs. Harvey
Humphrey, Ida H. Newark Mr. Thompson
Jeffers, Julia A. So. Wheelock Mr. McVicar
King, Mary R. Sutton Mr. Thompson
Mathewson, Mercie P. Lyndon Center Mr. Varney
McLellan, Martha Glover Mr. Bradley
Mower, Nellie A. Lyndonville Mr. Mower
Mower, Gertie E. Lyndonville Mr. Mower
Murray, Effie Lyndonville Mr. Murray
Newell, Flora J. East Burke Mr. Varney
Nickerson, Etta E. Kirby Mr. Willey
Rogers, Susie E. Wheelock Mr. Carter
Russell, Nellie A. Lyndon Mr. Willey
Russell, Clara L. Lyndon Mr. Willey
Russell, Flora D. Lyndon Mr. Willey
Smith, Nellie A. Lyndonville Mr. Winter
Smith, Mary B. Lyndonville Mr. Smith
Thompson, Hattie W. Lyndon Center Mr. Thompson
Trefren, Jennie Lyndon Mr. Ayer
Weeks, Carrie E. Lyndonville Mr. Weeks
Winter, Carrie N. Lyndon Center Mr. Winter

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