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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Hall, Dudley P. Lyndon President
Thompson, Hon. S. S. Lyndonville
Harris, L. B. Sutton
Vail, Theo. N. Boston, MA
Owen, Rev. E. Lyndon Center
Cheney, Rev. O. B., D. D. Lewiston, ME
Bickford, Rev. C. A., A. M. Dover, NH
Sanborn, I. W. Lyndonville Secretary & Treasurer
Ranger, Walter E., A. M. Principal, Latin, Greek and Science
Nason, Edwin F., A. M. Latin, Science and Mathematics
Prescott, Miss Augusta Preceptress, French and German
Woodman, Miss Jennie E. English Branches
Bemis, Miss Mabel C. Instrumental Music
Raynes, Miss Mary Elocution
Woodman, Miss Jennie E. Painting and Drawing
Harvey, Mrs. R. H. Matron
Students - Classical Dept. Residence Room
Junior Class
Cooke, Morton Lenox, MA Mr. Webb's
Dodge, Fred Wilder Lyndonville Mr. Dodge's
Hall, Alice Evangeline Lyndon Ladies Hall, 18
Hoffman, Jennie Campbell Wheelock Mr. Hoffman's
Litchfield, Edna May Newport, CT Mrs. Sherburne's
Nelson, Franklin Boody Wheelock Mr. Ruggles'
Sherburne, May Ella Lyndon Center Mrs. Sherburne's
Preparatory Class
Bemis, Carrie Rebecca East Burke Mrs. Gray's
Milliken, Edward Brown West Derby Mr. Eastman's
Scribner, Myra Austena East Burke Mr. Hubbard's
Smith, Mattie Bemis Lunenburg, MA Mrs. Mattocks'
Stevens, Emma Mandaville Lyndon Mr. Jeffres'
English Department
Middle Class
Cree, Lucius Niles Wheelock Mr. Nichols'
Junior Class
Allen, Nellie Jane Sutton Mr. Gilman's
Badger, Lillian Sarah Lyndonville Mr. Badger's
Barker, Hattie Belle Sutton Mrs. Davis'
Bishop, Alice Margaret West Burke Mr. Bishop's
Brown, Minnie Alice Lyndon Mr. Stoddard's
Buell, May West Burke Mr. Bundy's
Darling, Henry Meshack Sutton Mr. Stoddard's
Gorham, Fred Elmer Kirby Mrs. Park's
Hoffman, Horace Seymour Wheelock Mr. Hoffman's
Houghton, Achsa Eunice Lyndon Mr. Stoddard's
Hoyt, Sarah Esther Lyndon Center Mr. Hoyt's
Hume, Susie Bradley Lyndonville Mrs. Hume's
Ingalls, Jennie Louisa Sheffield Ladies Hall, 21
Rogers, Flora May Wheelock Mrs. Carter's
Sheldon, Martin Ellis Sheffield Mr. Nichols'
Stevens, Esther May Lyndon Mr. Stoddard's
Taylor, Frank Thomas Wheelock Mrs. Sherburne's
Thompson, Hattie Wiley Lyndonville Mr. Thompson's
Walter, Herbert Eugene East Burke Mrs. Gray's
Wilder, Mabel Audree Lyndon Mr. Sherburne's
Preparatory and Unclassified
Allard, Stella Wynania Sutton Mr. Hubbard's
Allen, Gertrude May Lyndonville Mrs. Hume's
Atwood, Simon Drew Sheffield Mrs. Sherburne's
Ball, Frank Woodman Sutton Mrs. Davis'
Baxter, Effie Albertie Lyndonville Mr. Baxter's
Beane, Alton Earl Lyndon Mr. Beane's
Beane, Annie Emma East Hardwick Ladies Hall, 25
Beane, Mabel Esther East Hardwick Ladies Hall, 25
Bemis, Fred Cushing East Burke Mrs. Gray's
Berry, Clarence Milo West Burke Mr. Weeks'
Blodgett, Alice Gertrude Lyndon Center Mr. Blodgett's
Blodgett, Frank George Lyndon Center Mr. Blodgett's
Blodgett, Harry Augustus Lyndon Center Mr. Blodgett's
Bradley, Chester Osborne Wheelock Mr. Bradley's
Brown, Mary Emelia Lyndon Mr. Stoddard's
Bugbee, Clarence Leslie Merwing West Burke Mr. McGaffey's
Bugbee, Elbert Arthur West Burke Mr. McGaffey's
Bullock, Charles Henry Lyndonville Mr. Bullock's
Bullock, Fred Chandler Lyndonville Mr. Bullock's
Bundy, Jennie May Sutton Mr. Prescott's
Butterfield, Florence Meatta Lyndonville Mrs. Butterfield's
Butterfield, Nettie Eliza Lyndonville Mrs. Butterfield's
Carter, Mary Ona Lyndon Center Mr. Carter's
Carter, Yosemite Anna Lyndon Center Mr. Carter's
Chesley, Harry Aldis Sheffield Mr. Gilman's
Clark, Ina Philena Lyndonville Mr. Masten's
Clark, Mertie Belle Lyndonville Mr. Masten's
Davis, Harley Lincoln Sheffield Mr. Bigelow's
Drown, Mary Eliza South Barton Mr. Drown's
Frost, Alvin Milton Lyndonville Mr. Frost's
Gaskell, Fred Grant West Burke Mr. Gaskell's
Gilman, Emma Louise Lyndon Center Mr. Gilman's
Gordon, George Lewis Sutton Mr. Harris'
Graves, Minnie Bell Lyndonville Mrs. Graves'
Hall, Edward Thomas Sutton Mr. Hall's
Hall, Lorenzo Dow Lyndon Center Mr. Hall's
Hopkins, George Henry Lyndonville Mr. Hopkins'
Hopkins, Mabel Fanny Lyndonville Mr. Hopkins'
Houghton, Wallace William Lyndon Mr. Ruggles'
Hoyt, Alanson Thomas Wheelock Mr. Hoyt's
Hoyt, Jo Lyndon Center Mr. Hoyt's
Hubbard, Bertie James Lyndon Center Mr. Hubbard's
Hubbard, George Carpenter Lyndon Center Mr. Hubbard's
Humphrey, Annie Belden East Burke Mr. Stoddard's
Humphrey, Frank Erastus East Burke Mr. Stoddard's
Hunter, Ida Augusta East Burke Ladies Hall, 25
Ingerson, Elena Lyndon Center Mr. Ingerson's
Jones, Hattie May South Wheelock Ladies Hall, 27
Jones, Walter Sheridan East Haven Mr. Allen's
King, James Clark Sheffield Mr. Spencer's
Lee, Louise Gertrude Newark Ladies Hall, 27
Marshall, Willie Woodbury West Burke Mr. Ruggles'
McLellan, Abbie Bradley Glover Ladies Hall, 28
McLellan, Eliza Glover Ladies Hall, 28
McQueen, Ulysses Grant Newark Inst. Hall, 8
Moultroup, Flora Nellie East Haven Ladies Hall, 17
Mower, Gertrude Elizabeth Lyndonville Mr. Mower's
Neagle, Mamie E. West Burke Mr. Neagle's
Nelson, George Carlos Wheelock Mr. McGaffey's
Norris, Arthur Brooks Lyndon Center Mr. Norris'
Norris, Alice Isabelle Lyndon Center Mr. Norris'
Owen, Bernie Wright Lyndon Center Rev. Mr. Owen's
Parker, Joseph Elwin Lyndonville Mr. Hall's
Patterson, Belle Janie Lyndon Center Ladies Hall, 23
Pratt, Lincoln Arthur Lyndon Center Mr. Coocher's
Quimby, Fred Abel Lyndonville Mr. Bigelow's
Ruggles, Albert Ellsworth Lyndon Mr. Ruggles'
Ruggles, Everett Edward Lyndon Mr. Ruggles'
Russell, Eloise Brill South Wheelock Ladies Hall, 27
Scribner, Linnie May East Burke Mr. Hubbard's
Severance, George Irving East St Johnsbury Mr. Ruggle's
Sherburne, Bertie W. Lyndon Center Mr. Sherburne's
Shufelt, Arthur Merton Lyndon Center Mr. Shufelt's
Shufelt, Thomas Nelson Lyndon Center Mr. Shufelt's
Simpson, James Edward Lyndon Mr. Sherburne's
Simpson, Phebe Jane Lyndon Mr. Sherburne's
Smith, May Eliza Woodsville, NH Rev. Mr. Owen's
Spencer, George Peabody, Jr. Lyndon Mr. Spencer's
Stern, Daniel Lyndonville Mr. Stern's
Tarbox, Kate Alice Lyndonville Mr. Robie's
Thomas, Idella Ann Wheelock Ladies Hall, 21
Ward, Aaron North Danville Mr. Sherburne's
Ward, Emma Amanda North Danville Ladies Hall, 23
Ward, Horace Bishop North Danville Mr. Chase's
Watson, Bradbury Amos Sutton Mr. Ruggles'
Wetherbee, Walter Leonard West Burke Mr. Miller's
Wilder, Katie Gertrude Lyndon Mr. Sherburne's
Wishait, Albert Howe West Burke Mr. Gilman's
Wishait, Alice Elizabeth West Burke Mr. Gilman's
Post-Graduate Students
Darling, Jennie L. Lyndon Center Mrs. Carter's
Hall, Mabel Sarah Lyndon Mr. Hall's
Hall, Ella A. Lyndon Mr. Hall's
Pearl, Ida S. Lyndonville Mr. Pearl's
Department of Elocution
Barker, Hattie B. Sutton  
Hall, Alice E. Lyndon  
Hall, Lorenzo D. Lyndon Center  
McQueen, Ulysses G. Newark  
Milliken, Edward B. West Derby  
Nichols, Elva L. Lyndon Center  
Smith, Mattie B. Lunenburg, MA  
Thompson, Hattie N. Lyndonville  
Department of Art
Bemis, Carrie D. East Burke  
Bigelow, Flora M. Lyndon Center  
Chase, Mrs. C. P. Lyndonville  
Drown, Mary E. South Barton  
Hall, Mabel S. Lyndon  
McLellan, Eliza B. Glover  
Nichols, Elva L. Lyndon Center  
Pearl, Ida S. Lyndonville  
Ranger, Mrs. W. E. Lyndon Center  
Sherburne, May E. Lyndon Center  
Stern, Daniel Lyndonville  
Walter, Herbert E. East Burke  
Ward, Emma A. North Danville  
Department of Music
Barnett, Lela Lyndonville  
Bean, Myra Lyndon  
Brown, Nellie Lyndonville  
Chase, Henrietta Lyndon  
Chase, Florence Lyndon  
Dexter, Mabel Sheffield  
Dodge, Addie Lyndonville  
Eaton, Carrie Lyndon  
Gove, Willie Lyndonville  
Graves, Nellie Kirby  
Houghton, Mrs. Lyndonville  
Houghton, Anna Lyndonville  
Howe, Rosa Lyndonville  
Howe, Royal Lyndonville  
Lincoln, Charlotte Lyndon  
McLellan, Mattie Glover  
Newcomb, Bertha Lyndonville  
Newell, Ray Lyndon  
Owen, Bernie Lyndon Center  
Pettigrew, Julia Lyndonville  
Quimby, Maud Lyndonville  
Ruggles, Burleigh Sutton  
Russell, Ella South Wheelock  
Spencer, Lula Lyndon  
Spencer, Willie Lyndon  
Smith, Edith Lyndonville  
Stern, Jennie Lyndonville  
Stern, Clara Lyndonville  
Thompson, Hattie Lyndonville  
Weeks, Carrie Lyndonville  
Wetherbee, Allison Kirby  

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