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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Graduating Class of 1921
Abar, Esther E. Grady, Mildred I.
Allen, Irene E. Hardy, Leila R.
Barber, Bernice B. Hatch, Vera M.
Basnar, Gladys A. Hogge, Georgia A.
Batchelder, Vivian H. Holmes, Lydia A.
Blake, Ila M. Hovey, Doris E.
Brahana, Rachel A. Lewsey, Edith E.
Breason, Eva V. Libbey, Francena K.
Brewer, Adelaide L. Locke, Lloyd G.
Bullis, Daisy C. McClary, Gordon T.
Burbank, Belle M. McDowell, Verna L.
Carter, Wallace B. McPhee, Thelma L.
Chandler, Harold L. Mayo, Mary F.
Coomer, Maurice W. Page, Dorothy P.
Dane, Laura A. Paquette, Almoza L.
Denonville, Rose D. Perkins, E. Meryl
Dresser, Ethel M. Rook, Rose M.
Duval, Bertha V. Ruggles, Marjorie L.
Farrington, Martha O. Smith, Doris M.
Foster, Erald F. Smith, Edith L.
Gaudette, Lucien C. Snelling, Barbara E.
Gill, McLean J. Vallier, Albert B.
Gillander, Alice M. Wheelock, Julia K.
  Willey, Hazel E.
Post Graduates
Lewsey, Edith E. Lyndonville
Vallier, Albert B. Lyndonville
Seniors               Class of 1922
Allen, Robert T. Thetford
Bundy, Howard C. Sutton
Coe, Eunice H. Burke
Couture, Jennie I. West Burke
Cowles, Chandler W. Lyndonville
Craig, Flora M. Sutton
Daniels, Philip B. Lyndonville
Darling, Velma Lyndonville
Davis, Alton A. Lyndon  
Dexter, Helen M. Lyndon Center
Doane, Paul S. Fairfield
Dorion, Catherine B. Lyndonville
Dresser, Harry T. Lyndon Center
Dow, Laura S. Barnet
Edmunds, William D. Lyndon
George, Edna K. West Fairlee
Gilman, Howard J. Lyndon Center
Gregg, Beatrice R. Weathersfield
Hall, William S. Lyndonville
Hamlin, Lewis W. Lyndonville
Harris, Elizabeth N. Lyndon Center
Hill, Carolyn M. Cabot
Hill, Vernon A. Newport
Hunter, Harley A. Lyndonville
LaBay, Ruby M. Lyndonville
LaLiberty, Edna B. Burke
Libbey, Kermit S. Lyndonville
Liberty, Harry S. Lyndonville
McClure, Leo P. Lyndonville
Martin, Reginald M. Lyndonville
Newman, Kathleen M. West Burke
Orcutt, Reginald F. East Burke
Pierce, Robert K. Lyndon
Rice, Albert J. Burke
Rice, Albion J. Burke
Scallon, Margaret C. Lyndonville
Scott, Frank H. Lyndonville
Sherburne, Donna B. Lyndonville
Silsby, Eunice R. Lyndonville
Simpson, Carl G. Lyndon Center
Underwood, Elsie C. East Hardwick
Walter, Blanche G. Newark
Warden, Mary L. Barnet
Wark, Jay D. Lyndonville
Warner, Bessie R. East Burke
Wetherbee, Revillo A. Lyndon
Wood, Russell W. Lyndonville
Wright, Edward K. Lyndonville
Allen, Elmer J. Greensboro Bend
Ayers, Rockman P. Lyndonville
Bassett, Arthur W. Lyndonville
Batten, Alma E. East Hardwick
Bedard, Louis H. Lyndonville
Bickford, Edith H. Wheelock 
Brigham, Merl S. West Burke
Brown, Edith M. Lyndon Center
Bull, Frank W. Lyndonville
Charland, Norman C. Lyndonville
Coapland, Vivian M. Burke
Corey, Persis E. Lyndonville
Cowles, Albert J. Lyndonville
Croteau, Albertine G. Kirby
Curtis, Anna M. Lyndon Center
Dalbeck, Anna A. Lyndonville
Dane, Elmer J. Sheffield
Davis, Doris L. Lyndonville
Davis, Lila M. Lyndon Center
Eastman, Vida A. Lyndon
Edmunds, Merton W. Lyndon Center
Elliott, Arthur B. St. Johnsbury
Emery, Lloyd M. Lyndonville
Farmer, Edith S. East Burke
Fisher, Lula K. East Concord
Foster, Willis F. Lyndon
Fyler, Bessie D. West Burke
Gould, Annie I. Newark
Grapes, Leone G. Lyndonville
Hall, Beatrice M. St. Johnsbury
Hall, Florien G. Lyndon
Hartson, Anabel L. Greensboro Bend
Heath, Nora B. Sutton
Hill, Arthur R. Lyndon Center
Kennerson, Carroll W. Lyndonville
Lyon, Elizabeth H. Lyndonville
Meighan, Alma A. Lyndonville
Mitchell, Josephine I. Lyndon Center
Morse, Louise A. Lyndon
Newton, Dorothy A. White River Junction
Norton, Dorothy M. Lyndonville
Norton, E. Guy Lyndonville
Peck, Milton A. Sheffield
Roberts, Wallace A. Sheffield
Shattuck, Gladys C. Newport
Smith, Bradley D. Lyndon Center
Smith, Harvey A. Lyndon
Smith, Robert L. Lyndon
Snell, Erma M. Anson, Maine
Spencer, Doris W. Lyndonville
Stafford, Alice B. Lyndonville
Stearns, Leslie J. Lyndon Center
Wark, Alfred W. T. Lyndonville
Webber, W. Sharon Lyndonville
Whitney, Kenneth B. Lyndonville
Wilkie, S. Blanche Lyndon
Williams, Ruth F. Sheffield
Wood, Richard P. Lyndonville
Wyman, Hiram P. St. Johnsbury
Aldrich, Kenneth C. Lyndonville
Barber, Jennie V. Sheffield
Bean, Fay A. Lyndonville
Bemis, Hortense O. Lyndonville
Blake, Arlene M. Lyndon
Breason, Irene F. Lyndonville
Brigham, Ruth J. West Burke
Brousseau, Joseph J. Norton Mills
Brown, Erton C. Sheffield
Brown, Merton F. Sheffield
Brown, Norris F. Lyndonville
Brown, Rosie V. Wheelock
Bugbee, Gertrude E. Burke
Bundy, Wallace M. Sutton
Butterfield, Ruth H. Sutton
Carter, Adelaide C. Cochituate, Mass
Carter, Jackson D. Lyndon Center
Chesley, Maude G. Sheffield
Clark, Nellie E. Glover
Coe, Bernice L. Burke
Collins, Harold C. Greensboro Bend
Connor, Franklin H. Lyndonville
Cook, Carl G. South Fairlee
Corey, Norman J. Lyndonville
Darling, Beatrice M. Lyndonville
Davis, Gordon M. Lyndonville
Davis, Hazel E. Lyndon
Deos, Althea J. Wheelock
Deos, Ruth E. Wheelock
Dexter, Dorothy E. Lyndonville
Dodge, Fayette B. Burke
Dresser, Harold E. Wheelock
Ducham, Gertrude H. Lyndon
Duval, Lizzie S. Burke
Dwyer, Charles R. Sheffield
Edmunds, Alvah W. Lyndon Center
Eggleston, Edna L. Lyndon
Emerson, Clare H. Lyndonville
Facteau, Flossie M. Sutton
Facteau, Scott R. Sutton
Ford, Gilman W. Sutton
Fuller, Elmore T. Lyndon
Ganyaw, Bertha M. Wheelock
Ganyaw, Harold F. Wheelock
Garno, Irene E. St. Johnsbury
Gilson, Daniel S. East Burke
Goding, Stanley O. West Burke
Grant, Dexter R. Lyndon
Gray, Beda A. Freedom, NH
Hall, Irene G. St. Johnsbury
Hally, Albert J. Lyndonville
Hamlin, Marion S. Lyndonville
Hartwell, Lucille D. Lyndonville
Heath, Carrol E. Sutton
Heath, Ellsworth W. Sutton
Hutchins, Paul W. Lyndon
Jewell, Lucy A. Lyndon
Keniston, Harry A. Sheffield
Keniston, Marion R. Sheffield
Kinsman, John North Thetford
LaChance, Loraine C. Lyndonville
Lanpher, Esperance I. Sutton
LeBoeuf, Hessie U. Lyndon
Libbey, Clarice A. Lyndonville
Lord, Carl M. Lyndon Center
Marr, Alice J. South Fairlee
Marsh, Ellen D. Claremont, NH
Martin, Rupert T. Lyndonville
Martin, Richard Essex Junction
Merriam, Oreana A. Lyndon
Merrill, Thomas T. St. Albans
Nichols, Fred G. Sutton
Peck, Ida M. Glover
Perkins, Leland S. Lyndonville
Phillips, Avis L. Sheffield
Phillips, Leighton H. East Burke
Pierce, Raymond C. Lyndonville
Randall, Floyd G. Sheffield
Richardson, Grace Orford, NH
Rogers, Marjory A. Walden
Root, Marjorie E. East Burke
Ruggles, Velma D. Lyndon
Sanborn, Franklin H. Lyndon
Sherrer, Cedric E. Lyndonville
Shonyo, Howard G. Lyndonville
Simpson, Wendell H. Sheffield
Smith, Dolores L. West Burke
Smith, Harry J. Lyndonville
Somers, Gladys J. Barnet
Spencer, Pearl M. Burke
Stone, Henry R. Lyndon
Taylor, Marjorie M. West Burke
Thompson, Doris C. Lyndon
Thresher, Ruth A. Lyndon
Webster, Catherine I. Lyndon
Welcome, Clayton W. Lyndon
Whitney, Helen M. Lyndonville
Willey, Madelene E. Wheelock
Wood, Nelson C. Lyndonville
Wright, Lillian M. Lyndon
Austin, Edgar H. Newark
Batchelder, Isabelle M. Sheffield
Bean, Verlie E. Newark
Beattie, Elnora E. Lyndonville
Bedard, Archie A. Lyndonville
Bell, Jennie C. Lyndonville
Berube, Irene M. Lyndonville
Berube, Leo N. Lyndonville
Bickford, George G. Wheelock
Blake, Curtis A. Lyndonville
Bradley, Chauncy Z. Lyndon Center
Carr, Maurice S. Newark
Carter, Arline G. Wheelock
Caswell, Morris J. Lyndonville
Chaffee, Lucy M. Lyndon Center
Charron, Leo P. Lyndonville
Chayer, Bertha P. Lyndonville
Chester, Calvin C. Lyndon
Colby, George A. Lyndonville
Coomer, Byron E. Lyndonville
Cusson, Francis J. Lyndonville
Daigle, Romeo P. Lyndonville
Dalbeck, Axel E. Lyndonville
Dana, Emma E. Lyndon
Deblois, Howard L. Burke
Deblois, Melvin G. Lyndonville
Deyett, George B. Lyndonville
Donahue, Evelyn L. Lyndonville
Duford, Loure V. Lyndonville
Duke, Margaret E. Lyndon
Durgin, Ralph W. Lyndonville
Farmer, Harold F. East Burke
Fifield, Harriet M. Burke
Flanders, Loraina C. Sutton
Folsom, Ruth A. Lyndonville
Forbes, Lula I. Lyndon Center
Ford, Warner W. Thetford
Forsyth, Evelyn B. Lyndonville
Freeto, Roy E. East Burke
Fyler, Earl H. West Burke
Gilman, Leon H. Lyndon Center
Gilman, Nathalie M. Lyndon Center
Godding, Margaret C. East Burke
Goodwin, Hazel A. Newark
Gould, Emily E. Newark
Hinman, Herbert H. Lyndonville
Jeffords, Hilda M. East Hardwick
Keniston, Ivers N. East Burke
LaChance, Rosamond M. Lyndonville
Lang, Edward S. Lyndon
Lavoie, Anthony J. Lyndon
Leach, Greta M. East Burke
Learmouth, Harold G. Lyndon
LeBoeuf, Hazel A. Lyndon
Libbey, Ienza A. Lyndon
Litchfield, Barbara Lyndon
McFarland, Raymond J. West Burke
Mathews, Louise East Burke
Meighan, Ruth H. Lyndonville
Mitchel, Bernard E. Lyndon Center
Morey, Robert C. South Fairlee
Murphy, Marion M. Lyndonville
Nelson, Marion A. Barnet
Percy, Beatrice K. Sutton
Pierce, Donald C. Lyndon
Pierce, Kenneth G. Lyndon
Rice, Claude H. Burke
Rogers, Roy E. Lyndonville
Russell, Elizabeth H. Kirby
Sanborn, Miriam East Thetford
Shattuck, Marion K. Lyndonville
Sidney, Mildred M. Lyndon
Slack, Barbara E. Newport
Smith, Ruth M. Lyndonville
Smith, Kenneth L. Lyndon
Smith, Ruth E. Lyndon
Somers, Emily C. Barnet
Trefren, Howard H. Lyndon Center
Turner, Harold C. Lyndon
Underwood, Dorothy M. East Hardwick
Walter, Raymond C. West Burke
Warden, Robert L. Barnet
Wheeler, Clayton W. East Burke
Teacher Training Class
Baker, Osie C. Lyndon Center
Batchelder, Vivian H. Newark
Berry, Mildred L. St. Johnsbury Center
Blake, Ila M. Wheelock
Cilley, Pearl R. Danville
Craig, Doris M. Peacham
Currier, Marion A. Island Pond
Curtis, Lilla S. Sutton
Deos, Gladys M. Wheelock
Fisher, Lila A. East Concord
Kinsman, Gretchen M. North Thetford
LaClair, Ila M. Sutton
Lang, Ida M. Kirby
Mathews, Edith G. Lyndon Center
Nutter, Elizabeth V. Barnet
Page, Dorothy P. Lyndon
Shattuck, Flora M. Newport
Snelling, B. Evelyn Wheelock
Whitney, Doris E. St. Johnsbury Center
Willey, Marion L. Wheelock

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