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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Lyndon Institute

Links to more pictures at the end of this file.
Faculty ( picture ) 
Ozias D. Mathewson A.B., A.M., Dartmouth College Principal ( picture )
Amory D. Seaver B.S., University of Vermont Mathematics
Clara A. Eastman A.B., Colby College, Farmington Maine Normal School, English
Theta H. Baker A.B., University Of Vermont, A.M., Columbia University Latin, English
Clayton C. Fisher B.S., Norwich University Chemistry, Physics
May A. Campbell Ph. B., University of Vermont Latin, Business English
Mabel L. Hayes B.S. New Hampshire University Bookeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting
Evelyn Fuller A.B., Radcliffe College French
Robert K. Lewis Dartmouth College History
Mary C. Root B.S. University of Vermont English, Biology
Eugene L. Bulkeley Simmons College Home Economics
Evelyn T. Greene Alabama State Normal College Home Economics
Amy B. Drake Lowell (Mass.) Normal School Normal Training
Louise Wingate A.B., Boston University, North Adams Normal School Normal Training
Graduating Class of 1925          ( H=Honor Roll L=Letter ) 
Alberta Eleanor Bailey  "Bert" Rowley, Massachusetts
Isabelle Maud Batchelder "Batch" Lyndon Center, Vermont
Elnora Elizabeth Beattie "Beat" Lyndonville, Vermont
Irene Marguerite Berube "Bobbie" Lyndonville, Vermont
George Gilman Bickford "Bick" Lyndonville, Vermont
Marjorie Luella Bowman "Bones" Danville, Vermont
Catherine Miller Carpenter "K" Marshfield, Vermont
Maurice Spencer Carr "Abe" H (11 times) Newark, Vermont
Bertha Philbrick Chayer "Bee" H (3 times) Lyndonville, Vermont
Calvin Claire Chester "Mex" L (football) Lyndon, Vermont
Mildred Sara Crofton "Mildred" H (2 times) Concord, Vermont
Agnes Cibbian Davidson "Aggle" Barnet, Vermont
Howard Leo Deblois "Bryon" Burke, Vermont
George Barnard Deyett "Izzy" Lyndonville, Vermont
Evelyn Iola Donahue "Ev" Lyndonville, Vermont
Margaret Ethel Duke "Maret" Lyndon, Vermont
Ralph Wendell Durgin "Turk" L (football) L (track) Lyndonville, Vermont
Harold Fred Farmer "Hap" East Burke, Vermont
Ruth Amanda Folsom "Ruthie" H (2 times) Lyndonville, Vermont
Lula Isabelle Forbes "Lu" Lyndon Center, Vermont
Warner Winfred Ford "Fliv" McIndoe Falls, Vermont
Evelyn Blanche Forsyth "Two Gun" H (8 times) Lyndonville, Vermont
Earl Harris Fyler "Fat" H (11 times) L (football) L (track) West Burke, Vermont
Bertha May Ganyaw "Bert" South Wheelock, Vermont
Leon Harold Gilman "Gil" Lyndon Center, Vermont
Margaret Catherine Godding "Maggie" H (10 times) East Burke, Vermont
Hazel Ardella Goodwin "Goodie" West Burke, Vermont
Hilda Marie Jeffords "Jeff" Hardwick, Vermont
Ivers Nathan Keniston "Skunny" L (track) Lyndonville, Vermont
Arthur Clemens Kerr "Art" L (football) L (track) L (basketball) New Orleans, Louisiana
Raymond Morris Kinne "Lucky" L (basketball) East Burke, Vermont
Anthony Joseph Lavoie "Andy" Lyndonville, Vermont
Greta Marion Leach "Greta" East Burke, Vermont
Hazel Arley LeBoeuf "Shark" H (15 times) Lyndonville, Vermont
Barbara Litchfield "Barb" H (7 times) Lyndonville, Vermont
Ruth Hulda Meighan "Dutchie" H (1 time) Lyndonville, Vermont
Marion Marguerite Murphy "Murph" Lyndon, Vermont
Marion Addie Nelson "Mary-Ann" Barnet, Vermont
Dorothy Ailleen Newton "Dot" White River Junction, Vermont
Donald Chester Pierce "Ding" Lyndon, Vermont
Kenneth George Pierce "K" L (baseball) L (football) Lyndon, Vermont
Philip Reynolds Ransom "Phil" L (football) Casteton, Vermont
Roy Ellsworth Rogers "Peewee" L (football) L (track) Lyndonville, Vermont
Elizabeth Helen Russell Betty Kirby, Vermont
Marion Catherine Shattuck "Maryann" Lyndonville, Vermont
Barbara Erma Slack "Barb" Newport, Vermont
Ruth Elizabeth Smith "Ruthie" H (1 times) L (football) Lyndonville, Vermont
Emily Cowles Somers "Em" Barnet, Vermont
Howard Harvey Trefren "Tref" Lyndonville, Vermont
Thelma Eunice Verge "Thelma" Lyndonville, Vermont
Raymond Cecil Walter "Walt" L (baseball) L (football) West Burke, Vermont
Post Graduates (picture) 
Brown, Erton Clarence Ertie" Sheffield, Vermont
Darling, Beatrice Mabel "Dippy" Lyndonville, Vermont
Emerson, Clare Hight "Lanky" Lyndonville, Vermont
Hillard, Dorothy Chapin "Dot" Sterling, Connecticut
Macomber, Carl Charles "Cuc" Westford, Vermont
Perkins, Leland Sherwood "Perk" Lyndonville, Vermont
Whitney, Helen Marjorie "Hon" "Harn" Lyndonville, Vermont
Post Graduates (not pictured)
  Beane, Carl W. Middlebury
  Folsom, Ruth A. Lyndonville
  Jeffrey, Ernest J. Rochester, NH
  Litchfield, Barbara Lyndon
  Rogers, Roy E. Lyndonville
Seniors  (class of 1926) Normal (Teacher Training) Classes
Bacon, Mary A. Lyndonville Bickford, George G. Lyndonville
Bassett, Walter F. Lyndonville Bowman, Marjorie L. Danville
Bemis, Natalie L. Lyndonville Brown, Erton C. Sheffield
Berry, Howard M. West Burke Carr, Maurice S. Newark
Brown, James B. Lyndonville Chayer, Bertha P. Lyndonville
Bundy, Everett O. Sutton Crofton, Mildred S. Concord
Bursiel, Osmond W. Lyndon Center Darling, Doris South Peacham
Colby, George A. Lyndonville Davis, Ruth I. White River Junction
Cole, Leo H. East Burke DeBrunne, Evelyn M. Greensboro  
Crandall, Inez A. West Burke Doyle, Stella M. Orleans
Cusson, Charles J. Lyndonville Gibney, Kathleen E. Glen Sutton, Que.
Cusson, Francis J. Lyndonville Gilman, Leon H. Lyndon Center
Dane, Eri G. Sheffield Goodwin, Hazel A. Newark
Davis, Warner L. Greensboro Bend Gould, Emily E. Lynn, MA
Dill, Robert L. South Ryegate Gray, Doris E. Orleans
Durgin, Ralph W. Lyndonville Harvey, Anna R. St. Johnsbury
Duval, Merle A. Burke Hendrick, Lillian E. Island Pond
Easterbrooks, Ila M. Lyndon Hilliard, Dorothy C. Moosup, CT
Farmer, Ruth H. East Burke Hoyt, Henrietta C. Ausable Forks, NY
Farrow, Elmer H. South Peacham Hoyt, Marion C. Orleans
Foster, Marjorie A. Burke Humphrey, Grace C. Barton
Fyler, Clara E. Burke Kinney, Christie D. West Berkshire
Fyler, Marjorie B. Burke Knapp, Avis E. Barton
Hawkins, Elmer L. Reading LaLiberty, Edna B. Burke
Hebert, Leo J. Lyndonville Leach, Greta M. Burke
Hinds, Evelyn V. Lyndonville LeBoeuf, Hessie U. Lyndon
Hunter, Evelyn E. Lyndon McPhee, Edythe O. South Peacham
Kinsman, Hester North Thetford Nelson, Marion A. Barnet
McDonald, Margaret P. East Ryegate Porter, Dorothy L. Orleans
Martin, Howard H. Lyndonville Randall, Floyd G. Sheffield
Masten, Ralph W. Lyndon Reed, Katherine B. Enosburg Falls
Merriam, Austin L. Lyndon Runnels, Elnah R. Newbury
Mitchell, Bernard E. Lyndon Center Ryan, James D. Woodbury
Orcutt, Edith C. East Burke Salisbury, Ruth F. Richford
Pierce, Kenneth G. Lyndon Seavey, Laura I. Island Pond
Rice, Claude H. Burke Slack, Barbara E. Newport
Ripley, Hubbard L. Windsor Smith, Ruth E. Lyndon
Rogers, Kenneth A. Marshfield Somers, Emily C. Barnet
Ruggles, J. Frank Lyndonville Stetson, Marion M. Orleans
Sweatt, Vitella M. Lyndon Towle, Marion L. St. Johnsbury
Walker, J. Arthur Barnet Waterman, Marcella O. Island Pond
Walter, Murray G. Lyndon Welch, Joseph C. Groton
Wells, Eleanor E. Lyndonville  
Wilcox, MacKenzie Island Pond
Wilkinson, Alson R. Portland, ME
Wood, Hubert F. Lyndonville
Junior Class (picture)
Abar, Cathryn H. West Burke
Ayers, Jane A. Lyndonville
Basnar, Carl H. Lyndon
Beattie, Harold W. Lyndonville
Belanger, Lois M. Sutton
Berry, Alberta G. Livermore Falls, ME
Berube, Beatrice E. Lyndonville
Boulrisse, Clayton C. Lyndon
Carr, Nathalie M. Lyndon
Charron, Ernest J. Lyndonville
Darling, Scott R. Lyndonville
Davis, Elbert H. Marshfield
Davis, Margaret A. Greensboro Bend
Dresser, Hazel L. Lyndon
Drown, Versal A. Burke
Glass, Paul G. West Brookfield, MA
Going, Laura E. Lyndonville
Greene, Beryl V. Sutton
Greenwood, Charles A. Lyndonville
Harris, Alice G. Lyndon Center
Harris, Carl E. Lyndonville
Hooker, Ila A. East Hardwick
King, Maynard A. Sheffield
McGennis, Caroline S. Lyndon
Mills, Thomas A. Lyndon Center
Moulton, Ruth E. Newark
Mutch, Ronald J. Kirby
Nelson, Paul E. Barnet
Nichols, Clarice E. Sutton
Pelkey, Evelyn D. Lyndonville
Phillips, Lucille E. East Burke
Porter, Hazel A. Lyndonville
Rivers, Clarence B. Lyndon Center
Roberts, Elsa M. Lyndonville
Rood, Abbie M. Burke
Sargent, Martha A. East Ryegate
Shattuck, Harold G. Newport
Simpson, Bernie W. Sheffield
Spencer, Conrad M. Lyndonville
Swash, Kyle V. Marshfield
Tarris, Floyd L. Lyndon
Thrasher, Charles W. Lyndon Center
Thrasher, Doris E Lyndon Center
Urwick, Richard A. Lyndon
Walker, Ruth E. Barnet
Walter, Kenneth M. West Burke
Wheeler, Floy M. Burke
Wilkie, Margaret M. Lyndon
Sophomore Class (picture)
Amadon, Calles P. Lyndon Center
Austin, Oscar J. Lyndon
Bacon, Marshall W. Lyndonville
Baker, Ruth E. Lyndon Center
Baril, Louis G. Lyndon
Berry, Harold C. West Burke
Bickford, Ethera A. Wheelock
Bixby, Chester H. Lyndon
Bixby, Walter R. Lyndon
Breason, Leon A. Lyndonville
Brown, D. Russell Lyndonville
Burt, Marjorie L. Lunenburg
Cass, Alice L. West Glover
Champagne, Irene A. Lyndon
Clark, Marion A. Glover
Coburn, Verne D. Sutton
Cusson, Grace R. Lyndonville
Darling, Alfred B. Lyndonville
Davis, Clara E. Lyndon
Davis, Roland W. Lyndon
Domey, Lillian M. Greensboro Bend
Duford, Leo E. Lyndonville
Duke, Floyd F. Lyndon
Exley, Gratia L. West Barnet
Facteau, Allen P. Sutton
Foster, Ruth D. East Burke
Fuller, Dallas D. Lyndon
Ganyaw, Geneva L. Wheelock
Gour, Evelyn L. Lyndon Center
Grant, Crystelle B. Lyndon
Grant, Virginia B. Lyndon
Grant, Kermit E. Lyndon
Hancock, Gladys M. Newport
Harris, P. Lincoln Lyndonville
Harris, Willard S. Lyndonville
Hayes, Eileen M. Lyndonville
Hebert, Adrian J. Lyndonville
Henderson, Gladys M. Lyndonville
Hill, Aldis S. Newark
Hubbard, Robert H. Sheffield
Hunter, Donald J. Kirby
Jesseman, Erma A. Sutton
Jesseman, Ethelyn F. Sutton
Keough, Beulah R. Wheelock
Laflamme, Diana E. Lyndonville
Lang, George S. Lyndonville
Lewis, Verne O. Lyndon
Libbey, Orrock G. Lyndon
Mathewson, Marion R. Lyndon Center
Mathewson, Miriam R. Lyndon Center
Merriam, Luella M. Lyndon
Merriam, Rena L. Lyndon
Nourse, Margaret M. Somerville, MA
Page, Blanche Lyndon
Parker, Theodore L. Lyndonville
Phillips, Thelma N. Glover
Quimby, Delbert E. West Burke
Ronan, Anna E. Lyndonville
Ronan, Winifred A. Lyndonville
Roundy, Pearle L. West Burke
Scott, Shirley E. West Glover
Sherrer, Robert H. Lyndonville
Smith, Adna B. East Burke
Smith, Clarice E. Lyndonville
Smith, Esther C. Lyndon
Spencer, Joseph A. Lyndonville
Stimpson, Eliza D. Glover
Trefren, Clara B. Lyndon
Trefren, George S. Lyndonville
Twombly, Ardyce R. Burke
Vancour, Hazel M. Lyndonville
Walter, Charles S. Newark
Watkins, Margaret A. Lyndon
White, Gertrude F. Lyndonville
Willey, Maribe A. Wheelock
Wood, Carroll F. Lyndonville
Freshman Class (picture)
Abbott, Miriam N. Lyndon Center
Aldrich, Dorothy M. Lyndonville
Aldrich, Roy M. Lyndonville
Aubin, David A. Lyndonville
Austin, Elwyn J. West Burke
Bailey, Delwyn G. Lyndon
Barber, Everett W. Lyndon
Beach, Ethel G. Lyndon Center
Beach, Frances E. Lyndon Center
Bigelow, Evelyn G. Lyndon
Brown, Alberta L. Sheffield
Brown, Jennie C. Sheffield
Burrington, Katherine P. Lyndon
Champagne, Roger A. Lyndon
Chapman, Marion L. Sutton
Clarke, Catherine E. Lyndonville
Cole, Elizabeth J. Burke
Dahlbeck, Carl E. Lyndonville
Daigle, Norman E. Lyndonville
Davis, Charlotte E. Sheffield
Davis, Dorothy A. Lyndon
Davis, Evelyn M. Lyndon
Davis, Grace E. Lyndon
Deblois, Harold J. Burke
Deslauriers, Maurice E. Sutton
Dresser, Myron C. Lyndon
Durgin, Doris E. Lyndonville
Duval, Dora M. Burke
Duval, Myrtle E. Burke
Easterbrooks, Guy R. Lyndon
Eaton, Ceylon L. Lyndonville
Edmunds, Arnold W. Lyndonville
Foster, Erma M. Kirby
Gallagher, Herbert C. Lyndonville
Gilmour, Marion J. West Burke
Goulding, Glenis R. Lyndonville
Grapes, Mabelle E. Lyndonville
Greatorex, Franklin A. Barnet
Hadley, Ralph P. Lyndonville
Hancock, Lillian I. Glover
Hayes, Richard C. Lyndonville
Hebert, Francis J. Lyndonville
Hinds, Ralph W. Lyndonville
Hubbard, Lillian M. Lyndon Center
Huntoon, George E. Lyndonville
Hutchins, Virginia B. Lyndon
Keniston, Opal G. Lyndonville
Lanpher, Theia A. Sutton
Libbey, C. Ellis Lyndonville
Lovejoy, Clayton H. East Haven
Lynaugh, Mabel L. Lyndon
Lynaugh, Tinna M. Lyndon
McDowell, Walter O. Lyndon Center
McFarland, Kathleen M. Lyndonville
McFarland, Reginald E. West Burke
McGennis, Louise J. Lyndon
Masten, Velma F. Lyndon
Milligan, Margaret S. East Barnet
Milligan, Marjorie C. East Barnet
Mosher, Gordon W. Wheelock
Mosher, Lawrence A. Wheelock
Moultroup, Homer A. East Haven
Newell, Ruth A. Sheffield
Paris, Murray F. Lyndon
Patterson, Bernice L. Hardwick
Pelow, Delia R. Lyndon
Phillips, Clare A. Sheffield
Roberts, Velma L. Lyndon
Ruggles, Gertrude Lyndon
Russ, Emma J. South Fairlee
Spafford, Nora G. Lyndonville
Spencer, Marion A. Burke
Walker, Robert K. Barnet
Watson, Robert H. Lyndonville
Way, Leighton E. West Burke
Wells, Francis N. Lyndonville
Wheeler, Beatrice A. Burke
Winslow, Ella E. Peacham
Woodward, Bernice E. Lyndon
Wright, William R. Newton Lower Falls, MA
Football Team Basketball Team
Baseball Team Track Team

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